Season 2 Episode 1

In My Time of Dying

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on The CW

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  • Perfect, for me

    The one thing that has had me from the start of this series is the depth of the action--the pure, raw emotions that invoked, the reality of the main characters in what is obviously not our familiar reality. Jensens and Jared and Jeffrey did heartbreakingly well in this episode, which was something between a finale and a premiere. That they waited for John's death until the end of this episode, after all that, was...effective.

    The characters are of course brilliantly developed by this point. "We've just started being brothers again," as Sam said to Dean's prone body, but you can feel their bond, the core foundation of the show. You get to see Dean yell at his father--too bad his father can't hear, and Dean doesn't remember (although maybe it's better that way? I don't know, I like passion)--about how much he has done for this family. You hear John tell Dean exactly all about that. You see another fight, and the last peace, between Sam and John. I wish Sam had gotten better last words, though. And the supernatural connection between the brothers was amazing. Dean was typically funny, and Sam had real rawness, especially talking about the smashed impala. I can't wait to see more of Bobby. They need him.

    The other characters? Well, perfect actor for Mr. Gold (yellow-eyed demon). The shots and lighting of him were inspired. The deal between Mr. Gold and John show how deeply John loves his children, and is soul-stirring. Then the Grim Reaper was amazing. I was too wrapped up in the show to be my normal analytical self and realize who she was. I found the sandbox thing a little weird, but "Tessa's" acting was phenomenal.

    I've been using a lot of strong words for this, but I love this episode. A large part of it may be personal, as I have had a loved one die, and Dean's fighting, Sam's constant unpreparedness and stubborn hope mixed with despair, then John's breaking forgiveness, that... that struck a chord down deep. And maybe you need sorrow to understand the masterpiece that they constructed here. I am speechless.
  • Amazing, Emotional Start to Season 2!

    I started watching Supernatural on DVD recently, and let me tell you, I'm impressed. It's a great t.v. show, but this episode has to be the best one of the series to this point. It's powerful, suspenseful, funny, surprising, and heart-breaking. Jensen Ackles and Jeffery Dean Morgan are just superb actors. It made me so sad to see Dad go. Can they bring him back from the dead in a season or two please? How about some flashbacks? Maybe in spirit form? It makes me sad to think Morgan's character is gone for good. When I first started watching this show, I thought perhaps I might develop a little crush on Sam, but my heart only goes pitter-patter for Dean (the character, not the actor), and I think, in part, it's because of Jensen's ability to convey the depth of emotion hiding behind Dean's smirking yet manly façade. It's just . . . wow. I'm a big fan.

    What else did I love about the episode? The plot, the writing-everything really-but in particular, I loved the Ouija board scene and other bits of humor throughout the episode. Most of all though, I loved how surprised I was that John (Dad) made the deal with the demon who killed his wife in order to save his son, in the process, sacrificing not only his own life, but the object he needed to avenge his wife's death (which had been his life's pursuit). That act just showed the depth of his love for his children, which is what made it so terribly heart-breaking to watch. I'm left terribly intrigued by the fact that the audience doesn't get to hear what John whispers to Dean before he dies. You know it's about Sam and that it's something that utterly shocks Dean. I can't wait to find out the secret that Dean now feels compelled to hide from Sam. I get the feeling that Dean now feels the need to protect his little brother now more than ever. Can't wait to watch the rest of this season!
  • About the same as Smallville this week

    After the series finale, I was expecting a better season premiere. This episode was predictable and boring. I knew that something was going to happen to John Winchester before it happened in the episode and I had figured out what the demon was before they did. I felt bad for Sam that his father said goodbye to Dean but he did not get the chance to do that with him. It will be interesting to find out what the demon wants with Sam and other people like him and how their father's death will impact both of them and their relationship.
  • Great way to kick off season 2!

    Immediately picking up where season 1 left off, the Winchesters are now hospitalized due to the injuries they suffered at the car accident. The entire episode then takes place at the hospital with various different things going on at the same time. It's neat how the two situations that were happening simultaneously end up connecting by episodes end. We have of course John's never ending hunt for the demon, and then Dean's battle for life against a reaper. It's never happened before, but two different supernatural beings are dealt in the same episode, and it did a great job of incorporating the two concepts into one. The ending was a bit predictable but it was still pretty emotional.
  • One of the Winchesters is hovering between life and death. So many questions are raised!

    Man! If this is any indication of what season 2 is going to be like, this season will be intense! And, all I can say is "Bring it on, Kripke!"

    I can't sing the praises of Jensen's acting enough. Dean made me both laugh and cry tonight. Jensen is such a good actor!

    And Jared has improved so much since the pilot episode. So many great scenes in this one. And, a lot of neat camera angles. That shot when Sam found John? Amazing!

    Loved the ouiji board scene. Dean's reaction to Sam bringing out the board was so funny. However, I now have the image of Dean at a slumber party in my head. Not that I'm complaining about that image...

    And, Dean looks like he's going to go dark side this season.

    Have I mentioned this season looks like it'll be intense!
  • R.I.P John Winchester

    So the episode starts off in the car with John and Dean out cold. Sam threatens to shoot the man that crashed the truck into the Impala. Fast forward to the hospital and John and Sam look fine, John has a sling on but Sam is ok. As for Dean, well he might never wake up. Sam wants to find someone to heal his brother like he did in "Faith" but John doesn't look interested. So Sam goes off alone. Dean "wakes" up and is roaming around the hospital but no one can see him. He is yelling, clicking his fingers at some girl and just angry. Then he goes back to his room and figures it out. He's a "spirit", kinda. He's alive but in a coma and Dean is disconnected from his body.

    Then enters Tessa, she's in "spirit" form to. How lucky Dean has someone who's in the same position. The he is pulled away by another spirit attacking him. Sam is in the room and hears Dean yelling. So Sammy goes off and gets a Ouji board to comunicate with Dean. He then finds out there is a Reaper in the it after Dean? Yes! So Sam says he will find a way to get Dean out of it and goes to tell his dad. But he isn't there....he's off summoning the demon. John wants to give the demon the Colt for Deans life, Yellow Eyes wants to make the deal sweeter..he wants John! So John says yes so long as he can see that Dean is alive. Dean is trying to get to this Reaper and he's reading John's journal over Sam's shoulder and runs off. Tessa is the Reaper (obvious) and he tells he he isn't going. So while all this is going on with Dean and Tessa, John is making the deal with Yellow Eyes. Just in time too cos it looked like Dean was going. Flikering lights, black smoke and Tessa is now Yellow Eyes! Dean wakes up (he can't remember anything) and Sam is happy, John comes in and Sam and him get into a fight. Sam goes to get coffee and John whispers something in Dean's ear. Next thing John is dead and Sam and Dean are left to wonder what happened.

    Good episode, don't like that John died and that Yellow Eyes has the Colt. But at least Dean isn't dead!!!!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural its the season 2 opener and it takes place after the crash and there in the hospital and one of them is being stalked by a reaper and the other may have to sacrafice himself to save them both this was a good season 2 opener and that is i why i love this show its very intense and it has alot of exciting moments and that is why i gave this ep a 9 instead of anyting lower i think its show season 2 is going to be very promising and that is why i gave what i gave it
  • A great follow-up to the amazing Season 1 finale.

    I always grow worried when a show is forced to make the season premiere that follows up a season finale that was superb and well-made. Supernatural had a great Season 1 finale that had a little bit of everything (along with an incredible ending).

    Upon watching the premiere, I was very pleased. It didn't put off anything until ten episodes down the line (something that, as much as I love the show, Lost does quite a lot). The yellow eyed demon is still just as interesting as ever, and the plot with John making a deal with him, Dean's life for the Colt (and John's soul?), was great. I think one of the parts I was pleasantly surprised about was the discussion between the Reaper and Dean. It was a break from the physical battle that usually occurs between Dean and the supernatural and focused on the mental/emotional. Overall, a great start to Season 2.
  • An awesome start for Season Two.

    With Season One ended on a huge, breathtaking cliffhanger, I was deeply excited for the Season Two premiere and - at the end of the episode - I was anything but disappointed, because "In my time of dying" wildly surpassed even my highest hopes.

    For Classification, I chose "Exactly why I watch this series" and - whilst this is a pretty effective summary of my feelings - I still want to elaborate this concept a bit further, starting from the most evident thing about Supernatural. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are awesome: they always deliver a solid performance and, from time to time, they reach levels of perfection. In this episode, when Sam tells Dean not to let go, because they had just started being brother again, I couldn't help but feel a huge lump in my throat and my eyes itching. And when Dean thanks Sam for not abandoning him, there's a sincerity in his look that completely won me over. Furthermore, they were joined by the always top-notch Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays, this time around, a less scruffy and harsh, more tender and loving John Winchester. His farewell speech to Dean is perhaps the most powerful moment of the series so far, and maybe the second one at all, after Dean's speech in "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2".

    But Supernatural is not only about the acting, and there isn't a single production value which isn't perfect: the direction (always effective, very atmospheric even if - and this is the only minor quibble I can found about this episode - not suspenseful as other times), the cinematography (Serge Ladouceur really deserves an award for his spell-binding, shadowy work on the show), the art direction, the costumes. Everything right up till the writing: from Eric Kripke to the occasional standalone scribe, Supernatural writing staff is one of the strongest, cleverest and most talented staff I've ever seen on a show. Moreover, they not only concoct each week an astonishing script, but they also had interwoven a mind-twisting, thought-provoking, epic mythology made of the very stuff of which every grand tale, from Ancient Greek to Joyce's Ulysses, was made: a thoroughly, enthralling and cathartic journey in the heart of darkness of mankind, where nothing is only black or white, but where the meaning is concealed in the shades of gray, the same shades - us - where the heart-shattering battle between good and evil is fought.
  • The best conclusion to the best cliffhanger, and one of the most riveting combination of performances. R.I.P John Winchester.

    No matter how much I talk about this episode I can't possibly cover everything I want to say, it was outstanding. Dean is dying, his head injury is too severe and the doctors can't do anything, he may never wake up (where's McDreamy when you need him?!), that was devastating for Sam, he forgot about revenge, he forgot about killing YED, all he wants now is his brother back. John looked nonchalant at first, he seemed way too calm for a helpless father watching his son die! Turns out he had a plan, it wasn't about killing the demon or getting Dean any help, no he was about to bargain with the damn thing, he was gonna give up the colt and his entire quest for his son, but alas, it wasn't gonna be that easy, he had to sacrifice himself as well, and he did it in a heartbeat.
    All the while Dean was having an out-of-body experience, a reaper was after him but he didn't want to die, he didn't want to leave his family, until the reaper gives him the harsh truth: if he doesn't go with her it'll only be a matter of time before he becomes an earth bound angry spirit, the same thing he hunts. That idea terrified him, and I think he was about to let go when … well, the rest is history.

    My favorite scene: Sam walks into his brother's room after he couldn't find any way to help him, he starts talking to him looking all over the room knowing Dean is a spirit, but then he looks at his brother, his body, and it hits him: Dean is dead! That was heart wrenching, the way he asked him to keep fighting "we're just starting to be brothers again" …
    This episode was Jared's biggest oppertunity to shine so far, and he sure did, astonishing performance.

    Comes in a very close second: John walks into his son's room, Dean is alive and well, and he gives a goodbye speech only no-one knows it is a goodbye speech, he tries to avoid fighting with Sam and sends him to get coffee, then talks to Dean, tells him how proud he is of him, and then whispers in his ear, tells him something we're never allowed to hear, but Dean's face says it all, he looked downright horrified! Wonder what it was that scared him so much.

    John is dead, the boys don't know why or how yet, and we don't know what John told Dean …
    "Storm's coming, and you boys, your daddy, you're smack in the middle of it …"
  • A death in the family.

    This episode was sad & hard to watch because their father dies which goes along through the rest of the season. Dean going around the hospital, nobody seeing him was comical genius! My favorite part is when Sam is playing with the Oigi board, that was hysterical! Dean's attitude definitely made this episode brighter, that girl that was actually the reaper was unexpectedly nice to Dean & I liked that abut her. The unexpected part was their father making a deal with a demon, Sam dropping the coffee was a powerful scene. A great unexpected cliffhanger with a secret that his dad told him which could be revealed later in episodes. Awesome season opener!
  • Dean faces death.

    This is a fantastic episode!

    Dean is injured in the accident, and is being chased by the grim reaper. He has to fight to stay alive. It was a sad episode. I loved when Sam tried to communicate with Dean with the ougi board. I like the composition of sad and funny in that scene.

    It was heartbreaking when Dean came to grips with his fate. I'm glad he lived but his Dad sacrificed his soul for his son, and, of course the colt. Papa Winchester had his faults but he did give up his life and his afterlife for Dean. Maybe the other crummy things he did when the boys were little balances out.

    This episode was a masterpiece, and made me care lots more to the show than ever before.
    I liked season 1, good popcorn material, but thats it. I thought that the show wasnt creepy enough, and the characters werent deep enough... but! Here comes season 2 premiere, and it blew me away. If this is just a one time thing, whatever. Still, it was worth watching the entire show for.

    The whole Dean storyline with the Reaper was excellent. I was always wondering why are there "evil ghosts"... or, an even simplier question; why are there ghosts? Now we finally get our answer: they refuse to move on.

    John dying was the ultimate punch of the episode, but the events leading up to it were pretty amazing too. Mr Demon is creepy as ever, and this episode really re-established my interest in Sam. I felt that the writers dragged out his "speciality" too long, but now... wow. Bring the rest of the season on.

    A true masterpiece, deep character interactions, excellent writing and directing, acting and cinematography.
  • Amazing Season Two Premiere.

    I have decided that this is my favorite episode of the entire series. This decision probably came around my fourth time watching it. And we're well into season 3 now so it's improbable that I'm going to change my mind. Here are my reasons:

    It completely lived up under the pressure of filling in the cliffhanger season 1 finale. Usually with a intense, nail-biting finale, the premiere is kind of disappointing. At least that has been my experience with other shows. It's different than all other episodes. There is no real big bad causing all the problems in this ep. I mean perhaps the yellow-eyed demon indirectly caused the crash. But the thing that puts Dean in danger is time and his own failing health. The final scene between the reaper and Dean. It was written perfectly, the reaper pointing out that Dean will become an angry spirit if he stays almost made me cry. And I never cry.

    John giving his life up for Dean. We get to quell the nagging feeling that maybe Sam was the favorite and that maybe John really does think of Dean as tool and not as his son. Pretty sure John would give up his life to save either of his sons in a heartbeat, this ep proved that.

    The final scene between Dean, Sam, and John. Completely heartbreaking without being over the top. Overall the episode was written superbly and acted even better. There are so many other reasons this episode is amazing that I can't articulate. It just makes me happy, and sad, and angry, all at once. Pure television gold.
  • it was a wonderful eppy!! I luv it.... I started 2 cry at the end.... snif!

    Sam ( Jared Padalecki ), Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) and John ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) were left for dead after the Demon plowed a semi into the Impala.they are rescued and taken to a hospital

    Now, one of the Winchesters ( dean ) hovers between life and death as the surviving family must face an old and powerful adversary. in this eppy, john show us how much he loves his sons.
    personally,i think it is one of the most tearjerker episode, full of brotherhood and fatherhood. the episode was written by his creator Eric Kripke, and directed by Kim Manners
  • Fantastic episode!One Of My Favourites on season two!

    Fantastic episode!One Of My Favourites on season two!Its really sad that john die and that dean now know that have to paint more attencion to sam!Its really cute that sam try so hard to look a solution for dean, and in that episode we see the diffence in the relashonship of Dean/Sam about and the first episode of season 1 and this one.I Love the scenes of the actrice that make the reaper she is lovely!
    Now the demon have the colt by make the deal with john and the demon gets the soul of john poor john he go to hell!!
  • The boys are in the hospital as a result of the accident, where a new trouble awaits. One one the Winchester's gives the ultimate sacrifice for another.

    This episode starts off where the last one finished. All the Winchester boys get rushed off to hospital. Sam is the least beat up from the accident with just a few bruises and scratches. John wakes up but Dean is in a coma. Dean, while in a coma, has an out of body experience. His spirit is just wondering around the hospital, unnoticed by anyone. Dean's spirit see a Reaper and thinks he needs to hunt it before it gets him. Sam asks John about what the yellow-eyed-demon meant about having a plan for him and the children like him. They hav a fight, where Sam accuses him of being selfish and being more worried about hunting the yellow-eyed-demon than his own son, and John blames Sam for them being in that predicament in the first place because he didn't kill the demon when he had a chance. Sam senses Dean's spirit and goes to get a luigi(?) board to communicate with him. Dean tell Sam about the Reaper. Sam goes to talk to John about this only to realise he was gone. Dean reads about Reapers in his dad's journal about reapers and figure out that the other girl is the reaper. She tries to explain that when your time is up, your time is up and you have to accept it. And that if he wanted to stay he could, but he could never go back into his body, he would always be a spirit and one day could become what he hunts, an angry spirit. John summons the spirit and makes a deal with it. He trades the colt, the bullet and his life to bring Dean back. The yellow-eyed-demon accepts and Dean wakes up. John gets to say good-bye to him and he attempts to make up with Sam. Before he left he whispers something in Deans ear. John walks into the next room and hands over the colt. Sam finds his body just lying on the floor. Doctors try to ressusetate(?) him, but they fail. Time of death is 10:41 a.m.
    The acting in this episode was brilliant. It was a very serious episode and all the actors really pulled it off without it looking all soap opera-ish. It was an excellent opening to season 2.
  • Dean and Sam, along with there father, enter the hospital where new danger awaits.

    This was a great season 2 premiere. After the accident, the two brothers go to the hospital. A reaper is killing dean, and john must somehow find a way to save dean. After an argument between sam and john, john summons the demon, and asks him to bring back dean. Dean returns, but john must give up his life for dean. The demon takes johns soul, and the colt. Now sam and dean are on there own and must find a way to get back the colt, and stop the demon once and for all. They feel really bad about john.
  • Dean is near death while Sam and John try to find a way to save him.

    This picks up where the cliffhanger episode from season 1 left off, with the Winchesters battered in the Impala, and only Sam is still conscious. He manages to scare off the demon who was driving the semi that hit them by threatening to use the Colt.

    The rest of the action takes place primarily in the hospital, where Dean is out of his body and trying to figure out what is attacking him and killing the people in the hospital. Like all Dean-centric episodes, this is one of my personal favorites. Dean fights like hell to stay alive. I also like the conversation Dean has with death. Sam's devotion to keeping the Impala for Dean is heartbreaking. You know that he will do whatever it takes to help Dean, but he won't do as much as John, apparently. The tension between the two men is still in this episode as the two of them fight with each other. Dean is still there in ghost form trying to get them to stop. He manages to get them to stop even while near death by smashing a glass of water "Dude, I full on Swayze'd that mother."

    I must also say that Sam bringing a Oujia board to try to communicate with Dean was great, although their conversation wasn't encouraging as they realize that he is being hunted by a reaper, which you cannot defeat. John's deal with the demon made me want to kick him. I don't know if it is out of character or not, but I really hated that choice on John's part. I still haven't decided if this was a good choice or not, but time will tell.

    The big secret of the first half of this season is "what did John whisper to Dean?" The horror on Dean's face is palpable, but we don't find out what John said for a long time. Sam picking a fight with his dad is so typical of them, but I love that John diffuses the argument. It leaves Sam looking very confused – as if it was the last thing in the world he expected to happen.

    The poor Winchesters. Life is rough for them.
  • SPOILERS: Very Grim Indeed

    I always knew that Dean just had to survive seeing as though Jenson Ackles had signed on for the full season. Spoiling the season for myself aside, it was just marvellous seeing Sammy looking all broken and sad. The episode was brilliant. I loved the idea of Dean being on the "other side" speaking to Sam and dealing with his possible impending death. The Grim Reaper was really well portrayed and I'm glad that she (he, it?) wasn't that easily defeated and that it took an unholy alliance to do so.

    All in all, I was super pleased to see Dean back but I was pretty sad that we lost John at the end of the episode. I wasn't really prepared for that.
  • Touching, dark and extreme! A great season opener... A good acting and a perfect camera and photography along with a touching story that really gets the audience.

    The most notable thing that we see in the episode is the photography and the camera jon. You can see the image of the moon in the darkness at the beginning, and the dark theme trough the whole episode with the clear color theme of the hospital (almost all Dean's scenes) Even the exterior scene with Sam and Boby has a clear/palid color theme to make us feel bad and lose our hope. I think that the photography is very notable in this episode.

    The camera in the episode was so great! I loved the barely effects we see in there: Have you notice the scene when we are seeing Dean talking, then the camera goes down and we see Dean in the bed and all in a one shot!? The same thing is done in the Ouija scenes (Great scene I may add). Those kind of things are so special! We can see trough the episode strange filming with original effects (When Dean is going downstairs, or the slow-camera when Dean touch the Reaper...) Want more? Let's talk about that scene after Dean almost die (when the Reaper is above him) when he is talking with Sam and the camera spin around them and when the camera goes out Dean is not longer there. It's like first the ghostly plane and then the real plane. The scenes were so cool! And that was helped by the acting, the scene when Sam and his father are fighting is cool! The Reaper was very believable! And kinda scary... And the ouija scene was so plain original! The reaper thing... I mean the reaper playing the "cute girl" was not so good! Made the reaper less scary! Anyway, I loved what the reaper said about how the spirits gets angry! I was so great writing in there... Anyway, I don't get a thing, why the reaper is different to the one we saw before?

    The story was very simple so I think that is the thing that make the episode a little... less say "not-special" Anyway, it is a season opener so I think that the episode has to be different! A great season opener! :D The final thing was so strange, I don't get it! The girl was a illusion created by the reaper, just Dean could see it, so I don't get how was posible the Demon possesing her?! :D Anyway, it was a good final, a great sacrifice for a son.

    The writting was cool and the acting too. Dean did it great and Sam too. I liked Sam so much here, he was very touching!
  • The best series yet!

    After the Winchesters big car crash with a demon, they are all taken to hospital. Sam comes out fine with just a few minor cuts and bruises, and John escapes with a broken arm. It is Dean they are worried about. His life hangs in the balance, with severe internal injuries and major blood loss. There isn't much chance he will pull through. However Dean's spirit walks around the hospital and finds out that there is something going around giving and taking life. He discovers that they are dealing with a reaper. With the reaper about to take Dean's life, John decides to summon the Yellow-eyed-demon, and make a deal. Dean's life for his, and might I add the colt as well. A few short moments after Dean wakes up fine, Sam finds John on the floor dead, and the colt gone.
    A great season opener answering a lot of questions from the last season, and leaving us hanging for the next episode.
  • A very exciting season opener!

    After the Winchesters big car crash with a demon, they are all taken to hospital. Sam comes out fine with just a few minor cuts and bruises, and John escapes with a broken arm. It is Dean they are worried about. His life hangs in the balance, with severe internal injuries and major blood loss. There isn't much chance he will pull through. However Dean's spirit walks around the hospital and finds out that there is something going around giving and taking life. He discovers that they are dealing with a reaper. With the reaper about to take Dean's life, John decides to summon the Yellow-eyed-demon, and make a deal. Dean's life for his, and might I add the colt as well. A few short moments after Dean wakes up fine, Sam finds John on the floor dead, and the colt gone.
    A great season opener answering a lot of questions from the last season, and leaving us hanging for the next episode.
  • This is one of my favorites. The way it was done, I felt like this is the best episode, in my opinion.

    I felt like this episode is one in a million.

    Basically, the whole episode is mainly focussed on Dean.
    The Reaper is coming for Dean, but Dean, he's out of there. He doesn't want to die....not until the near end, anyway. When he accepts what is happening to him.

    Near the beginning, when the doctor tells Sam that Dean may not wake up, I laughed at what Dean had to say. "Screw you Doc, I'm waking up!" That was one of my favourate quotes in the episode.

    The spirit board bit also left me chuckling. Poor Sam, he was worried that Dean might take the micky out of him for doing the board. Which he sort of did. "God, I feel like i'm at a slumber party." That was my other favourate quote.

    When he knocked that glass, or vase, off the side of the table, i'm like 'Go Dean!' And that did shut up both John and Sam from their arguing. I guess all the arguing really p***ed off Dean, leaving him to ponder what happened in his wake.

    When I saw what happened to Dean's car, I was shocked. Yeah, I knew that the car got some hammering, but half the car was totalled. And Sam's laptop didn't even make it :( .

    When John was sitting by Dean's bedside, Dean was so stressed out. And scared, to say the least. He didn't want to die. He was asking his dad to save him. That made me feel really sad. I felt so bad for Dean. But I got a little freaked when, soon after, a rumbling was heard. Dean was about to exit his room when this ghost or spirit-like creature whizzed passed him. I never expected that!

    I'm surprised that Sam's hair hasn't gone white yet. Firstly, he see's Dean being resussitated, then he learns that the Reaper is after his brother, then he watches as his dad dies. It was no picnic for Dean neither. Nearly died, fighting off the Reaper, and then thinking about dying. Nearly choosing to go with Tessa (The Reaper) and then his dad sacrifices his life for Dean.

    This has got to be the best episode!
  • In the aftermath of the accident, the Winchesters have to deal with more stuff than just the Yellow-Eye-Demon. A deal is made and a life is saved.

    I think this episode was awesome!!! I was glued to my seat the entired episode. Filled with angst from the top to the bottom. It definitely change things around but It was for the good I'm sure. Im gonna miss Papa Winchester, hopefully he'll still get some appearances because we need a reminder of this now legend. Dean scared me a couple of times and he made me laugh too. I guess that's just the magic he has. I absolutely love him to death. Sammy was being Sammy, always a rebel when it comes to agree with his father decisions but we also got some great brotherly love and that's always appreaciated.
  • Dean is going to die and only another Winchester could save him.

    I actually enjoyed this episode. It was great. The acting was very emotionally attached between characters and made the episode a whole lot more interesting to watch. I liked it when Dean tried to get Sam to pay attention to him and make the Winchester men stop fighting and he knocked that glass over. Lots of great jokes were passed in this episode. I was laughing when I wasn't crying. Lol. Just kidding. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki act very well with eachother. I don't think anyone else could have passed it off any better than those two. I'm hoping that more episodes in Season 3 will be as great as this Season's emotions.
  • The bad moon is already well-risen, and we see the aftermath thereof; Supernatural does E.R.

    Watching the recap at the beginning of this episode, I realized again what I love about this show – it handles things in just the right way. I love the treatment of how the truck slammed into the Impala mid-sentence. I love the creepiness of the juxtaposition between Creedance Clearwater Revival and a homicidal demonic possession. I love the logical nature of the villains and the emotional depth of the protagonists.

    The most pivotal sequences I enjoyed from this episode are the debate between Dean and the Reaper and the haggling between John and Yellow-Eyes. Sometimes a show just has to be blatant about characterization, and I thought it was good to hammer in that Dean is a warrior. That phrase has echoed through my head while I’ve been watching season one, and it is certainly his archetype. He is a warrior. It’s necessary to remind us of that every so often because his character is also so family-oriented and ‘nurturing,’ if you will – which seems contradictory to the stereotypical soldier. The bargaining between John and Yellow-Eyes, to me, was like watching two chess masters; each anticipating the other's moves, hoping that they’re able to hide a trick up their sleeve that will prove to the other’s undoing. Great fun.

    Really truly, only one thing bothers me from this episode – when John is saying goodbye to Dean, he whispers in his ear (this is the farthest I’ve seen so I really don’t know what he says yet). What could he have said? The only possibilities I can think of are either a) that he got Yellow-Eyes to possess the Reaper, or b) the “truth” he knows about “the children.” The former seems too incredibly tasteless and tactless even for John, yet the latter seems like something that no one could possibly say in the short whisper he was allowed. We shall have to see.
  • Supernatural rocks!

    it was a real good episode to start the season, the season 1 finale was really awesome and the beginning of the season 2 didn't dissapointed me, dealing with the inminent death of dean for sam and an encouter with the reaper made this episode one of the best...and i think it was a good idea to kill mr winchester for a while so the brothers could keep hunting by themselves...
  • After the car crash the Winchesters land in the hospital, where Dean condronts a reaper and John attempts to summon the demon.

    This episode is a fine example of why I watch this series. It has a classic plot and really sets up the rest of the season. I swear it almost brought me to tears by the end. Really, it was very touching and left off with a great questio: what did John tell Dean? It also left us wondering what Dean would do if he found out why John died. The plot for this was well thought out and the lighting was spectacular. I also loved the new opening for the tital, especially the pentagram in the A at ending.
  • This episode shows what happens after the car crash.

    Sam is the only one alive. The possessed person walks up to the car buy Sam pionts the colt to him. The demon sais he wouldn't want to waste the last bullet but Sam sais 'how much you wanna beat' or something like that. The demon gets out of the person's body. They go to a hospital. Dean dies and meets a reaper. John summons the demon and makes a deal with him. The colt and his life for Dean's life. The reaper is aobut to kill Dean for good when the demon comes and sais "hey kid it's your lucky day" Dean comes back alive. Then Sam runs to to John's room and sees him dead. Then, Dean runs in. The screen goes black and one of the doctors say" time of death 8:45"(or another time). John is dead...
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