Season 4 Episode 3

In the Beginning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2008 on The CW

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  • Another masterpiece. The first trilogy of Season Four is, without a single doubt, outstanding!

    As a brief introduction, I can't help but say that from a speculative point of view I've dissected this episode in every single possible way, assuming that Dean's actions influenced the past and then assuming that - even without his interference - things would have turned out the way they did; I concentrated on the details of every possible scenario (why didn't John recognized Dean? And why didn't Azazel either?), and I've come to my personal conclusions, which I'll explain at the end of this review.

    The most important thing to say about perhaps the most mythology-intensive episode ever is that it is simply gorgeous. Although I missed Sammy, I can understand why - from a storytelling perspective - it was better if Dean went on this trip down memory lane alone, since the whole episode, although focused on Dean and his emotions, in the end is about the road down which Sam is headed. The script by Jeremy Carver - so full of little details, pop-culture nods at fashion and music and cinema back in the '70s, puns and wisecracks on time-traveling cliches - is simply astounding and the direction by the great Steve Boyum - a master in making bright, colorful environments look like ominous places where very bad things happened -, already oozing atmosphere from every frame, is enriched by the most beautiful orchestration ever heard on Supernatural, which rewrites Azazel theme with a stunning complexity and with new, foreboding textures. And let me say that Jensen Ackles performance in this episode is absolutely amazing! The scenes between him and Samuel Campbell - Mitch Pileggi! A legend! - are simply awesome, and the two of them have such a chemistry that I would have thought that they were best pals. They are incredible actors and I was glad that Mitch Pileggi went to portray the patriarch of Dean and Sam's family. A spectacular choice.

    As for my interpretation of the mythology: it made awesomely sense that Dean was actually sent back in time by Castiel, because thus the writers achieved to explain: 1. Why Azazel killed all Mary's old acquaintances (he was sure that Mary didn't know about Dean and Sam, but he couldn't know if Dean told anyone about Azazel's plan), 2. Why Azazel was betting on Sam (having met his brother sent back in time by Angels, he had to know that Sam was the one) and 3. Why Azazel pursued Mary with such a stubborness, while he didn't seem to bother much about the other Special Children's family. This interpretation though leads to some unanswered questions: A. When Castiel brought Dean back in the present, what happened to the Colt? In Season One, we see that Daniel Elkins has it, but how did he regained it? B. Why John didn't recognized Dean from his past? I can assume that Azazel erased his memory somehow when he brought him back, or that his memory had simply blurred out the last couple of days.

    Anyway, these are details and the final sentence is that this episode is a masterpiece.
  • Pretty damn good

    Supernatural Season 4 Episode 3 In The Beginning
    Castiel sends Dean back in time to 1973, where he meets his parents when they were young. Dean convinces Young John to buy the Impala. He also discovers Young Mary was a hunter, and Yellow Eyes is around doing deals.

    As I say in the title, the episode is pretty damn good. Is great. Having Dean back in time to stop Azazel (a.k.a Yellow Eyed Demon) from doing a deal with Mary, to give him "permission" to walk in thier homes and bleed in Sam's mouth. He almost succeeds, and the watchers would like to have seen it, but if he had succeeded then they would never had become hunters, and we wouldnt have seen the series we love. Pretty damn good episode.
  • We're three weeks into the new season and still Eric Kripke's love-spawn refuses to step even a quarter of an inch out of line.

    What was I saying about 'best damn thing on TV?' We're three weeks into the new season and still Eric Kripke's love-spawn refuses to step even a quarter of an inch out of line. Instead, it sets about writing some of the most cohesive, enjoyable and rewarding scripts in its entire run and then transforms them from page to screen in devastatingly terrifying, and yet beautiful, fashion. 'In the Beginning' is no exception; in fact, it's perhaps the perfect example, given that it locates itself so firmly in the show's over-arching mythology. This is a story that fandom has wanted to see played out for eons and the episode doesn't disappoint: Ackles excels yet again, and arguably even more so than in previous weeks, bringing a crushing believability to the part of a man who is given the chance to uncover the secrets of his parents' past. You feel every morsel of his joy, pain and sorrow as he realises how wrong he was about his mother and father's roles, and how he simply cannot prevent the inevitable. The scene he has with his future mother, in which he begs her not to go in Sam's room on that fateful day ten years on, is absolutely harrowing and it's virtually all down to Jensen's thoroughly convincing portrayal. Let's spare a moment to acknowledge the genius of the script too: the dialogue is superb, the pace is absolutely spot on and the characterisation of the figures in the Winchester past is strong enough to make you care about all the players instantly. And hell, let's not forget that we get Castiel (best recurring Supernatural character since Bobby), the Yellow Eyed Demon AND the legendary Mitch Pileggi all in one episode. They don't come much better than this.
  • castiel transports dean back in time to when his parents fall in love.

    great episode, very revealing! dean is tranported back in time and meets young john winchester and mary campbell, his parents! they have just fallen in love and dean realizes that he may be able to alter the future. dean also meets mary's parents, his grandparents, and realizes that demon hunting was the family business on his mother's side. all three campbells are hunters. mary, however, wants to quit and live a normal life. she believes she can w/john winchester. the yellow-eyed demon makes a return appearance. he's been collecting on deals he has made w/several of the campbell's neighbors and friends. dean's grandfather samuel becomes possessed by old yellow eyes and kills john. mary makes a deal w/the demon to bring john back! the demon's promises to come back in 10 years to collect payment. of course the price is sam! castiel knew that dean would not be able to change his destiny but wanted him to know what happened. castiel warns that sam is on the path that the yellow eyed demon laid out for him and that if dean won't stop him, he will. i really enjoyed this episode a lot. it explained so much amd it makes complete sense how john got into the demon hunting business in the first place, mary's influence. one of the best eps this season.
  • Review

    Dean is transported back in time and is shocked when he lands in Lawrence, Kansas. However, that shock turns to amazement after he runs into a young John Winchester and Mary who have just fallen in love. Castiel informs Dean that he must "stop it", but Dean has other concerns when Azazel is apparently making deals in the area. Mitch Pileggi guest stars as Mary's father, Samuel. Dean also finds out why Azazel came after his family years ago. It's because Mary made a deal with the yellow eyed demon in exchange for John's life. Mary's mom's name was Deana and the dad's name was Samuel. Sam and Dean were named after them. Samuel was killed by the yellow eyed demon and then possesed by him. Deana died trying to kill Azazel and save Dean's life. Dean couldn't stop it because Mary already made the deal by the time he got away from Azazel. Supernatural goes all back to the future for a episode and its great. It was so good to see Dean go back to the 50s and sort stuff out. ends with a great cliffhanger. This episode focused 100 percent on Dean which was a nice refreshment.
  • The episode has Dean being sent back in time to when his dad was much younger.

    The episode has Dean being sent back in time to when his dad was much younger. I really enjoyed the jump back in time, it was something we haven't seen before and it was refreshing to see. Things take a twist for the interesting when we find out who Dean and Sam's mom really was. What I loved early on about this episode is that even though the brother's mom is dead, they still found a way to complete some back story on her and make things a little more clear. In the episode we find out exactly why things happened the way they did for Marry, and for once things were cleared up on exactly how things began with this show. This has to be my favourite episode so far, as it had such an amazing feel to it, especially at the end. The whole episode was a big juicy present for the fans as it clears up a lot of questions and tickles at what is coming. We don't get to much information into what Sam and all the other psychic kids are used for, but I have a feeling the following episodes will slowly start unveiling what the big plan behind it all was.
  • Back in time.

    This episode was pretty good. The angel shows Dean the past to see if he can stop Azazel, but at the end it turns out he can never stop that from happening. And it also turns out that Dena & Sam's mom was a hunter. That was unexpected. I like how it all pieces together. Dean's mom made a deal with Azazel. Well I'm happy he's dead anyway. It looks like Ruby changed her mind about leaving. In her one scene she goes somewhere with Sam. What are they up to? Dean's fight with Yellow Eyes was suspenseful. And the fact that it was a to be continued just took the cake!
  • Finally! We learned the past of Ma and Pa Winchester!

    I must say, first off, that I thought it was a little weird that Sam only got like half a minute of screen time. It brings back memories of No Exit where he's shoved out of the way to make room for Jo. But still, this was an awesome epiosde! I loved the idea of it, and I was so happy to hear we would finally be getting to know John and Mary before Sam and Dean and get a few answers. One thing: I KNEW IT! I guessed in like Season 2 that Mary was a hunter. It just fits! And man, was she badass! I absolutely loved the episode, though I do think they could have done a little more with it. But thanks for the answers Kripke!
  • Truly a tearjerker episode. It was wonderful and amazing episode!

    I can't even put my review in words. This episode was flawless, it's not even funny. I loved that Castel sent Dean, sort of in a "dream", to the 1970's. I loved it when Dean pulled out his cell phone and asked his dad where he could get service. Great casting with Matt Cohen as John Winchester. He's great on South of Nowhere(guilty pleasure) and was surprised to see him on Supernatural. I agree with Samuel, Mary was lookin' good! I loved how they revealed a lot of stuff about Mary's past and their family. Samuel and Dean bonding, it was perfect. I also like that we got more info on the yellow-eyed demon and it's origins. Dean should have shot when the yellow-eyed demon was holding Mary. I still can't believe Mary made the deal again! Even though after the fact Castel said that you can't alter destiny. Going back, I loved it when Dean said, "Look into my eyes you son of a *****, I'm the one that kills you!" I wanted to cry when Dean told Mary "Can I tell you something. On November 2nd 1983, don't get out of bed. No matter what you hear or what you see. Can you promise me that?" I thought it was a very touching moment. This is what makes Supernatural a must watch program!

    10/10. Perfect episode.
  • Dean goes back to the 70's and meets his younger parents...

    Absolutely brilliant episode! I personally was marvelling at how they worked all the plot together with Mary Winchester being a hunter and making that deal with yellow eyes. I was surprised to find that their mother was the one who actually started all this demon business! I just LOVED how John wasn't the tough hunter and it was in fact their mother, Mary. So very original and clever. When John was killed I was like WTF?! but then she made that deal and I realised what was going on! Yellow eyes was going to come back in ten years time to bleed into baby Sam's mouth, Mary WOULD in fact interrupt (yellow eyes told her that if he wasn't interrupted, nobody would be hurt)but of course, Mary comes to rescue her baby and gets killed. Before she gets killed she says "It's you!" And she's suddenly realised who it is and remembers the deal she made. This was great, as she said this in the PILOT, 3 seasons ago! It was awesome how Kripke worked it in to season 4 so cleverly.

    Anyway, I LOVED this ep. The grandpa was funny and his name was Samuel lol and the grandma was DEANna haha, get it?! Smart, eh? But it was terribly sad when Mary said she didn't want her kids growing up with the same lifestyle as her. I really felt for her and Dean right there. You could see how much Dean loved his mother =(

    Great episode! Best of the season so far by far.
  • I feel so in the loop, now.

    Gotta say, mary being a hunter wasn't something that I could have ever imagined, ever but, what the hey, it works. This episode finally answered a bunch of questions stemming from season 2 and 1, so that's great to know that my questions didn't go unanswered. It was a bit weird to see this Twilight Zone episode... and at first I was a bit upset like, another time traveling plot? But how else would they tell the story, plus I was pretty entertained in this episode, alot of action and tragedy. Mostly tragedy. You know that the "10 years later" is going to happen and yet... you still hope for the opposite. Ah well, adds to the plot, I suppose. As a side note... I could never see John as such a sweet and naive character... or ever looking that clean-cut and good. Glad he didn't buy the shaggin' wagon, though. I also happen to trust this angel for not much reason... even though he's kind of a jerk sometimes and has evil-looking wings.
  • A Winchester family tree investigation.

    Mama Winchester was a hunter. The green-eyed demon started with the Winchester before the night that Sam was mixed with Demon. I like this new twist.

    It looks like Mama Winchester was the first one to make a deal with a demon, followed by John, and then finally Dean. Too bad Mama Winchester didn't listen to future son and stay in bed that night.

    I wasn't crazy about the scene where future Mama Winchester was making out with dear possessed dead daddy. The whole scene was incestuous for me, but I think that was the level of revulsion the director may have been going for.

    Now Dean has to pull Sam back from the dark side. I hope Dean is able to convince Sam to vanquish Ruby (there is a human girl in there) I don't like Sam's ends justifies the means mentality. It's making him less human, and dare I say demonic.
  • Mary's secrets finally laid bare and an old friend comes to visit.

    Season 4 is everything that season 3 wasn't. Talk about starting off strong! The first three episodes have been amazing, some of the best of the entire series! This episode has answered some of the longest outstanding questions of the series: why the Winchesters and what was Mary's secret. The truth is better than anything we speculated about and it explains everything.

    Just wonderful to meet the young John Winchester and Mary Campbell and see how it all began. Don't you just love the complexities of time travel? Dean created part of his own history - Dean convinced John to buy the Impala (did Dean actually change that? The story is very different from 'Origins' which said that John got her after Mary's death), Dean got the Colt which Samuel didn't even know was real, would Mary still have met YED if Dean hadn't intervened? Following that train, if Dean was responsible for drawing YED's attention to Mary, that means that it is Dean's fault that YED chose Sam. Or did it happen anyway, just slightly different, even if Dean wasn't there? Things like did Samuel and Mary go to Liddy's house originally, and if Mary didn't meet YED there, how did she meet him because we know she still made the deal to bring John back? But then, Liddy was Mary's friend and she could have innocently mentioned it the next day and Mary put the pieces together? It's impossible to know when we don't know the original history to compare to.

    To think, we always thought Dean inherited his fighting skills from John – Mary was a Hunter!! How awesome is that?! Turns out that Dean and Sam come from a long line of Hunters, 3rd generation – but from Mary's side of the family, not John's! John is the civilian here! Mary is extremely cool and her dad, Dean's granddad, is great, Mitch Pileggi is perfect. He reminds me a lot of Dean. Pity Dean didn't know him growing up, they'd get along. Even Samuel calls it 'the family business'. I like Deanna too - seems smart, tough women run in the family. A delightful touch to find out where Dean and Sam's names came from – Mary's mother Deanna and father Samuel. Though Dean is named after his grandmother…

    Dean finally gets to spend some quality time with his mother and discovers how alike they are and Dean warns her about the night she dies… but we all know how that ends up. Sam once said that Mary wouldn't have wanted this life for them – he was more right than he knew. They are adorable together, mother and son, even if Mary didn't know who he was, she (look at the way she looks at Dean when he said goodbye), John and Samuel both felt the connection – he's family. One of the best scenes is Dean saying goodbye to Mary, acting all shy and sweet and his mother staring into his eyes. She confides in him even when she's not known him for a day! Dean getting all emotional when Mary says she didn't want this life for her children and then Dean's heartbroken warning about the night she dies. Jensen delivers and breaks your heart every time, that's why we love him, his ability to show Dean's softer side without appearing weak or silly. He is so awesome!

    Though John rarely talked about Mary, he never mentioned she was a Hunter – she didn't tell him, since he didn't know what killed her (and had he known of the deal, he would have immediately realized) and had to learn Hunting from scratch. What must Mary have thought when Dean disappeared? Who did she think he was? How did Mary explain her parents deaths? To the police but especially to John? Who can blame Mary for giving up Hunting and wanting to forget everything about it – but that forgetting got her killed. The only troubling part is that Azazel showed up almost 10 years to the day Mary made the deal. Did she not know about the usual demonic-10-year rule or did she just get careless over so much time?

    Castiel visits Dean in the car and points out the consequences of changing history – Dean has already lived that alternate history, he knows what it costs and it's not fair to ask him to make that decision twice. Was this question a test of his character since Castiel knew Dean couldn't change anything?

    Bobby once said "What is it with you Winchesters? You, your dad, just itching to go down the Pit." Now we can add 'your mom' to that growing list as Mary actually started the whole thing rolling, being the first of the soon-to-be Winchester family to make a demon deal – had a heart attack when he snapped John's neck! The 'other generation' YED talked about really was Mary, nice to have that confirmed, though I thought maybe it would be another generation of psychic kids, YED did mention that.

    Castiel's motive for sending Dean back are obvious, he wanted Dean to see the Big Picture, know all the info, and see just how bad things are so that Dean can do what he was chosen to do - stop Sam, the only person who could without killing him. When he said Dean had to 'stop it', he wasn't talking about what happened in 1973, he was talking about the present. YED's plan didn't end when Dean killed him, he had a bigger plan which Castiel & Co seem very worried about – which means that Sam's dark destiny is everything we fear it to be. That even with YED dead, Sam's growing darkness will make him the demon leader, the Antichrist, who from Castiel's fears, will bring about the Apocalypse.

    Last thoughts:
    - "Mom's a babe… I'm going to Hell… again." His mother's gorgeous when she's older, how could Dean ever doubt it?!
    - Dean in a priest outfit again! Yes! He and Samuel picking the same outfit! They really are family. When Dean walks away, that reaction of Samuel's was practically Sam!
    - Loved Dean's demand to meet Samuel – "You've heard of him?" "Clearly not enough." Since everything Dean knows about his grandfather comes from John… who didn't know Samuel was a Hunter.
    - Proof how spoiled the boys are in the present – Dean's blunder over 'the Web' and his "By mail?" They always use the internet for research, this is how they do it in the Old Days!
    - When Samuel asks for the Colt and Dean freezes then pushes it away – it's the exact reaction he had when John was possessed and Dean pulled the gun away.
    - YED goes off on his 'better than mother's milk' rant, adding 'makes you big and strong' – boy, he was right with Sam!
    - When Dean disappears at the end, the Colt is left behind with Mary… just as Dean said it would be. Not to mention, he didn't use a bullet so the number of bullets left is still right.
    - There are several moments that just get to you – Dean's heartbroken warning to Mary, Mary's face as she stares at Dean after making the deal, and the deeply sympathetic look on Castiel's face as he put his hand on Dean's shoulder. I'm starting to think Castiel's getting a soft spot for Dean… but then again, who doesn't?
    - Casting is spot on for Mary and John – combine the two and you get Dean: John's eyes and nose, Mary's hair and mouth.
    - Dean's wearing his dad's leather jacket again, the first time it's made an appearance in season 4, Sam must have kept it somewhere, that's really sweet.
    - Speaking of Castiel – he's been mentioned before - in 'Red Sky', in Sam's ritual at the end, Sam starts with reading angels names and the second name he says is 'Castiel'!!
    - Didn't actually miss Sam, it was nice to see Dean doing his own thing and since this is pivotal to what's coming, it was actually refreshing. No doubt the next episode will make up for Jared's absence.

    It's been a while since they did a two-parter – looks like next week we pick up with Dean catching Sam red-handed… at whatever it is he's doing. Castiel's warning to Dean will surely put the pieces together for Dean – a warning about Sam's destiny means Sam's using his powers; the only person who could teach him is Ruby and therefore: your little brother's been lying to you, boy! I don't know how much Dean will let himself speculate on this but even if these things don't occur to him, he's about to walk straight in on Sam and there will be war. Worst case scenario – Sam's using his powers and Ruby's there – can you imagine Dean's reaction? He is going to go ballistic. Not to mention how incredibly hurt Dean'll be – it really was his dying wish that Sam not go down this path. There's not even a word for the trauma that is coming – this could be make-or-break time for Dean and Sam's relationship. It was only a matter of time – Dean knows Sam's been sneaking out and he's about to find out why.

    The latest in a line of great episodes, one that gives so much information and answers, introduces us to the extended Winchester/Campbell family and lets us see an old friend again – YED. The writers are on such a roll and from the streamlined and focused storyline, have a very clear idea where this is going. Season 3 was very aimless in the beginning as if it didn't know exactly where it was heading, season 4 has no such problems. You can already feel the future catastrophe building and from Castiel's words, maybe season 4 really will end with Dean having to kill Sam. This is going to be the best season yet.
  • This episode was one of the best ever!

    This episode was one of the best ever!In this episode we find out that Dean goes back in time and meets his younger mother and younger father. He also finds out that his mom is the hunter, not his father, John. His mom takes him to her house where he meets his grandfather Samuel, and his grandmother Deanna (where Sam and Dean got their names). Deanna asks him to eat dinner with them and Samuel says that he doesn't trust other hunters, and Dean says that he doesn't trust other hunters either. Then we find out that Samuel doesn't like John and Mary wants to run away with John. Meanwhile Azazel, the yellow eyed demon, has possesed Sameul and kills himself and Deanna. Then he kills John and Mary has to make a deal with him. It's a really sad, touching, and revealing episode, also it is to be continued so I'm excited! This episode was amazing if you ask me!
  • Prodigal of Evil

    In The Beginning-Dean gets transported back in time and ends up in Lawrence, Kansas, where he crosses paths with a young version of his parents, who have just fallen in love.

    Ahh, it's always good to know that after yet another mediocre episode of Smallville that Supernatural's episode is there redeem my Thursday nights...and what an episode it was! "In The Beginning" is not only the best episode this season so far, but one of the best of the series in my opinion. I mean the episode only features Sam for only a minute yet the writer managed to pull off the episode very strong. I think it was actually great idea it's refreshing to see brothers taking separate journeys, which is obviously becoming the theme of the season. Castiel sending Dean back in time not only brings some truly touching moments but shocking revelations.

    Jensen Ackles gives another stellar performance as Dean is forced make some tough decisions when he runs into his parents and grandparents in the past. He just nails every scene from when he meets dad's younger self to when he thinks his mother is hott and hilariously delivers the line, "I'm going to hell...again." But the best scene comes when after we find out Dean's mother was a hunter, she tells him how she would hate for her children to be involved in that life. It's a truly heartbreaking scene with terrific performances by Jensen and guest star Amy Gumenick (Young Mary Campbell). The rest of the guest stars also wonderful with Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Campbell) and Allison Hossack (Deanna Campbell).

    The return of Yellow Eyes, of course, was excellent, especially since we get to find out more about his fascination Mary and the Winchesters. The twists were so well written and unexpected like after Dean telling Samuel the truth about him just as Samuel reveals his Yellow Eyes. Then there truly disturbing and tragic scene where Mary is forced to make a deal with him after the fact he killed her parents and John. It's just so sad how it couldn't have happened any other way and even more sad how Dean just couldn't prevent it. Usually, time travel episodes involve learning some melodramatic lessons about the hazards of time travel and changing the future but Castiel sent Dean back in time knowing that he wouldn't be able to change the future, even though he gave hem the idea he could. The episode ends on a truly haunting note as Castiel warns Dean that Yellow Eyes had an end game that involves Sam and that if Dean doesn't stop Sam, his brother will most likely be killed one way or another. The end game development is just another really intriguing storyline that I can't wait to be explored for the rest the season. "In The Beginning" is a truly emotionally engaging episode which gives Dean a lot more depth and pushes the ongoing storylines of the season in a stunning way.
  • Dean gets sent back to 1973 adn finds out probably more than he wanted to with regards to his mother's family history...

    Firstly this episode had one of Dean's best lines ever - 'mom's a babe....and I'm going to hell. Again.' Delivery and facial expressions where just perfect Jensen!

    Anyway, lots happening in this episode. Loved the start so obviously a homage to 'back to the future' the 'hey Winchester' line especially. Loved the Sonny and Cher moment.

    Best moments 1. John and Dean and the Impala. Dean talked his dad into getting the Chevy that he loves and adores. Sweet.

    2. Dean's face when he realises that his mother is a hunter. Like how he holds back in the fight with her too. 3. The moment with his mum, asking her what John is like, the emotion when his mum reveals that she doesn't want this life for etiher herself or her family, asking her to stay in bed on that night. Quite heartbreaking.

    4. Dean's face when he realises that he's too late and his mum had already made the deal and sealed his brother's and by way of that his own fate.

    I really liked this episode, although I never was one of the people that needed a back story on Mary or John it was nice to get a little peek at their world and the casting was superb, especially the young John and the young Mary, blends well with JDM and SS versions of the characters, Mary in particular was great.

    Bigger questions though in my head that those that this episode answered.

    1. Didn't Dean change the past by going to the Walsh's? Didn't look like Grandpa and Mary were going there until he did?

    2. How did Mary explain the dead bodies of her parents to John? I do have a thought though that she blamed Dean...there was a 2nd car so someone was obviously there and it seems the logical thing to do. 3. What did Mary think Dean was? Perhaps he is the angel that she spoke to his younger self about.

    4. She had her 2nd child on the night of the 10th anniversay of the deal, why didn't she do something to protect them all? Why didn't that ring alarm bells with her? Maybe she did but relaxed as time went on?

    5. The big one! If Castiel and his friends are going to take care of Sam if Dean doesn't or fails to stop him, then why did they need Dean in the 1st place? Why not just stop him without raising Dean and risking the possiblity that Dean would stand with rather than against his brother?

    I love this show, it drives me crazy with questions, the only thing on the TV at the moment that manages it. So thumbs up. My take on this last turn of events.

    I still believe that Dean is getting played. Azazel wanted to rule the underworld yes? Sam can now destroy demons without even having to touch them? I don't think Azazel ever wanted the seals open, I don't think he wanted Lucifer to rise and have to bow down to him. So if Sam's destiny was to stop that, why do the angels want him to stop what he is doing, when they appear to have the same aim? Castiel bothers me. (I love the character). Why didn't he warn Dean about the witnesses if it was so important to bring Dean back to stop Sam? Was it a test? Again if they can stop Sam why do they need Dean back at all? Why not leave him in hell? I still believe (and I'm probably totally wrong here) that Dean is the one that is going to have to be stopped and that Sam is the only one that will be able to do it and that is why Castiel wants Sam out of the picture, break the bond between the brothers. I don't know I just feel that is the way it is gonna go. I think that Castiel is not what he appears to be at all and that he has an all together different agenda to that which he is revealing to Dean. (and us)

    I need to watch and see.

    Another last little though, Dean sleeps a lot more in this season and Sam manages to sneak out without waking him, unusual? He also, apart from the very start in the gas station and the time travel bit hasn't eaten or drank anything on screen? Sorry just stuck me as odd. Roll on next week for hopefully some brotherly angst.
  • A glimpse of a forgotten era, takes us back to the time and place we'd all been thinking of secretly, of Lawrence Kansas, 1973. Awakening on a worn bench amidst the town where his parents met, Dean Winchester finds himself transported back in time.

    Our first clue to his mysterious whereabouts is unveiled when Dean inadvertently sits down inside a café, next to a young John Winchester. Hearing the name Winchester uttered in reference to the "stranger" sitting next to him, sends as much as a shiver up my spine as must've Dean's. Simultaneously, Ackles mastery of facial acting creates both an eerie sense of déjà-vu while leaving the viewer agape with the impossible. Many of the scenes in this episode are both agonizingly tender, but at the same time hilarious in a way that can only be Supernatural. Particularly, as any fan of classic cars will note, the origin scene involving the impala is a gem that simply cannot be missed. Amidst a used car-lot lies the very object of Dean's affection, something that is as synonymous of Supernatural as are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, lies Dean's metalicar. Dean's intervention in helping his father buy the impala almost bade me to tears, due to the emotional void that the impala fills within my heart because I honestly believe this to be the crowning moment within the episode. Some of the other revelations contained in the episode are a little more surprising to me, especially the turn of events revealing to us that Mary Winchester (Campbell) was a hunter. Naturally, the episode is touching on another level for all long-time fans of the show (despite Jared's noted absence) because it carefully touches on the importance of family to myth arc of the series. After all, what would Supernatural be if it wasn't for our beloved Winchester brothers (& Dean's awesome metalicar)? Dean's short interactions with his maternal grandparents, although implausible without the means of time travel, offer up another moment worthy of the Supernatural hall of fame. It was simply breathtakingly hilarious to witness Dean's subtle look of horror & confusion when he learned that he was named after his maternal grandmother Deana (haha, if only Sam could see this one). Therein the date alone lays a subtle, clue into one of the more devastating secrets unveiled in this episode of Supernatural origins. In my mind, almost as soon as the YED (Azazel)'s evil nature was revealed to be at work in the episode, I knew something bad was coming. Given that Sam's birthday was a mere ten years later on May 1st, 1983 I immediately realized something was amiss here. After all, the date-1973 is a huge clue, foreshadowing the jaw-dropping secret behind the tragedy which was revealed in the series pilot. But the circumstances of this unholy deal were what shocked me the most, because I had never seen John's (prior) decease in 1973, coming by a long shot. All in all, this episode is a well-crafted masterpiece for which both the awesome cast & crew of Supernatural can be credited. Although, I'll admit that I didn't see too many particularly note-worthy cinema-graphic details in the episode, it's still one that'll forever remain emblazoned in my memory. Episodes like this serve as a good reminder for where the core of this show truly lays, and also add a disturbingly eerie, thought-provoking layer to the show's myth arc.
  • Dean travels back in time to when his father and mother were young and in love. Little does he know that his arrival is part of a much bigger picture.

    A quick minute on Sam, he is going out at night's with Ruby while Dean is sleeping and hunting.

    I have a whole new-found respect for John Winchester, while he was always a bit of a stubborn hard ass, who did ultimately love his boys, it was a bit humbling to see him as guy who just returned from war and wanted to marry a woman whose family did not approve. What though was not to approve? He was a well-mannered, war hero who seemed to have a bit of money. Well it seems that it is not that he was not worthy, but just that he could not be brought into the family business. The biggest reveal is that Dean and Sam are actually third generation hunters, both their parents were hunters and their maternal grandfather and grandmother were pretty experienced hunters. So with this reveal, Dean now realizes that he is here to stop Azazel from killing his mother a few years later. As it turns out, Azazel was making deals with people for their children to build his army. Now after he kills Samuel and Deanna, he goes after Mary, but he kills John instead, and that is when Mary makes the deal, John's restored life for Sam's soul.

    Of course this is now going to weigh on Dean heavily, he failed to save his family, again. What is interesting, do we think that John learned what he knew about hunting from his wife? Did she tell him about her life before him especially since her family was gone?

    Now what I do think is that Mary remembered Dean's warning and went looking for Azazel on November 2, 1983, thinking she could stop him and he killed her, thus beginning the saga.

    Now it wasn't until I watched the episode twice, I noticed Dean's odd reaction to learning his grandmother's name, Deanna, was Dean named for her or was he possibly named after himself, having met his parents and going by the alias Dean Van Halen, it was an odd occurrence.

    Another entertaining moment, was Dean convincing his father to buy the Impala instead of a VW bus, good call.

    The episode was well-written and planned. It offered a really interesting history into the Winchester family. And a bit of a warning of what is to come, and we are all left wondering if Sam can be trusted?
  • This episode answers a lot of questions about the link between the YED and the Winchesters.

    This episode was awesome!!! I can't believe this is the second epi out of three so far in season 4 that I've given the score 10! It certainly looks good for the rest of the season... :D
    I loved this episode, I think it was about time that we got some background information, and it was really interesting to know that the YED had more in mind than just the army. It's going to be interesting to find out what that's all about...
    I loved that Mary and her family was hunters, and John was this ordinary guy who "still believes in happy endings". John and Mary make a lovely couple, and I can totally understand why she agrees to take the deal the YED offers in order to get the future she wants. I almost cried when she tells Dean that her worst fear is having her own children raised as hunters like her... Jensen did a fantastic job! And by the way, it was about time that he learned that Sam was off doing his own thing. I can't wait to see what happens next!! :D
  • Very good episode. Nice to see the history.

    WOW. This was cool. Dean being sent back to see how it all came to be. I've seen around the net that some think Dean caused the deal. The angel was showing him that the deal was meant to be. If Dean had not been there, the deal still would have been made, just in a different fashion.
    Excellent episode. Very cool that it was Mary's family that was the hunters. Dean got to see where they came from, it's never mentioned in the series (or at least not in a major way) if they know any of their family from either parent. Obviously, they don't know Mary's parents... but what about John's? Curious.
    And what is up with Sam? Guess we'll all keep tuning in to see.
  • I don't know what to say..

    wow...i had to start with this word coz i can't find any words to describe how amazed i was and still am after watching this incredible episode...i have to thank eric kripke the writer for this episode...he's an absolute genius...but first i have to be grateful for god coz he gave this amazing talent to the talented jensen ackles and then i have to thank jensen coz he gave us such an awesome hour of watching this wonderful performance...thanks jensen..this episode with lots of other great supernatural episodes should make this show number one in how come it's being so ignored likt that's happening in purpose...again wow.
  • this was amazing

    this episode is the most revealing ever in the whole last we knew what mary did and why she knew the yellow eyed dimon , i was so excited while watchigng this episode cause every line in it gives you a new information that u don't know and you start finally in collecting the dotts and understand and fill the empty and blank spaces in the previous seasons and to know the whole idea of the show and this makes you appreciate the master mind of eric kripke and how he realy has the idea of the whole seasons in hs head good work kripke
  • We learn more about Mary's past.

    All have to say is that its about time that we get to know more about Mary Winchester. The story of the episode itself was awsome. I liked Dean's reaction to meeting the version of his parents. So now we know that Mary was the hunter in the begginng then John. I wonder if he ever knew that part of her before the fire. It was neet to see Dean hunting with his mom and her family. Now that we Azazel's story in all this it was neet to see Dean and Azazel together before he knew that Dean was the one that kills him. I'm beginning to get worrried about Sam's future with the path that he's taking. All in all this was an enlightening episode great job guys and bring on the next episode.
  • ...

    oh, yeah! this was the craziest episode ever, and guess what - I really, really loved it. It was perfect. Finally, we found out why Dean and Sam's mother died - she was in wrong place. She had been told not to disturb yellow eyed demon, but as we know - she did it. And now Dean, and we also know why she made a deal with it. Guess what? It was worth it. I think you, guys, agree with me. I can't wait to watch next episode, to see what Dean will do with Sam question and to see what the hell Sam is doing all this new season.

    Ok. I am in absolute awe of the writes that delivered this gem of an episode. Where the heck were they for the last 2 seasons?! I am now gleefully shifting my rating of the show back to a perfect 10 – where it truly belongs, once again.

    I am loving the overall direction of this series, now that it FINALLY has one. Many loops were tied up from all 3 seasons, and the writers did a darn good job of making it look like they knew what they were doing all along. Very, very special writing. The guys at "Heroes" could learn a thing or two from this. Actually – so could the actors, but that is another essay in itself.

    *Overall story: We all know that this series will never survive without both brothers in it. And Castielle's words set them on a potential collision course. Is this the final season? And YED (yellow eyed demon) making a reappearance took me back to the good old days of nearly invincible demons in Season 1.

    *Dean: How he bonds with his dad, mom and grand parents was very sweet – especially when he warns Mary about the future, while unsuccessfully choking back the emotion. Also broke my heart to see him hear that the life he is living is the last thing his mother ever wanted for him and Sammy. He is still finding it hard to interact well with the angel Castielle, and their chemistry is mostly hilarious.

    *Sammy: We have not seen enough of him recently, and the writers are encouraging doubts about what he is playing at.

    *Motives: Why does Castielle use Dean in the first place? Is he really what he says he is? Also, are demons good? Demons have been shown to love each other before (Sin City episode), and Ruby's entire premise is to help Sammy (exactly why is still not clear). She also doesn't kill people totally randomly, and hates witches. What are her intentions? More importantly, what are Sammy's goals with her?

    And dammit – what is YED's "end game"?!

    A storming episode, resurrecting a fantastic show to its groundbreaking stature. Oh, and it also sets up the rest of this season very nicely. I drool impatiently at the prospects.
  • This episode was really revealing ! We finally learn how Mary knew the Yellow Eyed Daemon ! It was really a shocker : who would of guess that Mary and her family were hunters ?!

    This must be one of the best episode I ever seen. I was actually waiting for this episode for a very long time and it reached above all my expectations. I can only praise the genius of Eric Kripke who comes up with awesome episodes every time.

    This episode was really revealing ! We finally learn how Mary knew the Yellow Eyed Daemon ! It was really a shocker : who would of guess that Mary and her family were hunters ?! Seriously this episode was pure candy :
    - We got to see John and Mary when they were young.
    - We learn were Dean and Sam got their names from (seriously learning that Sam got his name from his grandfather Samuel was not a shocker but learning that Dean got his name from his grandmother Deanna was REALLY funny) - We got to see John buy the lovable 1967 Chevy Impalla
    - etc.

    This episode was also really funny. The allusions from "Back to the Future" were so funny especially the meeting between Dean and John (it was the same way Marty McFly met his father when he goes in the past).
    The fight between Dean and Mary as well as the YED/Samuel vs Dean moment (when Dean says he is the one who kill him) was pretty cool to see too.

    As awesome as this episode was, it was also very heartbreaking. The Dean/Mary scene was so sad. Learning that Mary was afraid that her children would be raised in this life and seeing Dean trying really hard not to cry, was a tearjerker. Jensen's performance was worth an Oscar. The end scene was shocking too. When Castiel said to Dean that he had to stop his brother or they will, my mouth fell open. I hope that Sam will not fall on the dark side but again it would be really cool to see Dean vs Sam.

    I can't wait to see what's coming next. I am also eager to see what Dean went through in Hell. I guess I'll just have to wait and keep on watching lol.
  • Great episode! From the moment Castielle said 'I'll show you' to Dean i knew this was going to be an amazing episode. And i was right! This explode explores what took place back in 73 when the parents were still alive. The revelations are shocking!


    The beauty of this episode is that it so perfectly ties up the shows story. It's almost as if every word and action throughout the whole 3 seasons of the show were planned for this episode. And man o man was it one hell of an episode.


    REVEALS: O Mary was actually a hunter O Mary basically sold Sam's destiny to YED to save John's life. O Although YED died, his plan may still be in action. O If Sam doesn't stop this psychic path of his then the Angels will stop it for him.

  • Castiel sends Dean back to 1973 to witness the cause of his life's course.

    And Revealing. I can honestly say, as a Supernatural fan from day one who owns all the seasons and watches them often, this episode has to be my favorite ever, no contest. It's as if the past 3 seasons have been wrapped with a bow and given to us, explained in full. What they have now, is to make sure Sam doesn't go rogue so that the angels have to step in. They wrapped up 3 seasons of questions and are ready to head toward whats next, while tying it in perfectly. A-freaking-mazing. Just when I thought it couldn't get better...thank you very much, Mr. Kripke. You've done good.
  • With a touch, Castiel sends Dean back to 1973 Lawrence, Kansas, where we find that Mary was "hot" and John just bought a '67 Impala.

    So many questions...and finally a few answers! "In the Beginning" brings the viewer to 1973, Lawrence, Kansas, where Mary is "hot" and John purchases a '67 Impala.

    There's much debate about why Sam was only in about 2 minutes of the episode, and quite frankly, I don't think it's worth my addressing. So what? Who cares? The whole episode turned out to be ABOUT Sam (well, the big picture anyway), and let's face it, Season 2 was all about Sam, so I'm not disturbed at all that the brothers were split up for the episode.

    While the episode was entertaining and highly pivotal as far as plot points and understanding of the overall arc, it was not the best written, nor best acted installment of Season 4 thus far.

    I had high hopes in Mitch Pileggi as a guest star, and his performance just seemed to fall a bit short. Possibly due to his previous work, or his typecast character (he will always be Agent Skinner of the X-Files), I didn't really feel he did the part of Mary's father justice. Nor was I impressed with his portrayal as the YED. It felt forced and unnatural. What a shame indeed.

    Castiel's constant coming and going and overly enigmatic "You must stop it" was a bit melodramatic. And, in the end, it turned out that Dean couldn't stop it. Much like the Trickster in last season's Mystery Spot teaching Sam the lesson that the inevitable will occur, Dean was futilely lead down a path only to have Castiel taunt him with "you can't change destiny".

    The sole purpose for this episode was not plot progression, character development or even "monster of the week" entertainment. Its one reason for existence was to placate the fans an finally reveal some answers to our many questions. It was certainly must see TV for any Supernatural viewer looking to understand the YED's motives, how Mary played into it, why and how Sam was "chosen" and how John came to be the man we, the audience know, from a humble, love-sick marine just having returned from service.

    I'd have to say the best part, or at least the scene that got the biggest emotional reaction out of me occurred at the very end, when Castiel confronts Dean (now back in the proper fluid of space a time). The YED had a master plan (one that we, the viewer thought we knew, but apparently it is something far more sinister); Sam is part of the plan, and if Dean doesn't stop Sam from going down the path towards evil and corruption, the angels will step in to do so. The look on Dean's face-- Oh, you SO did not just go there and threaten my brother-- was absolutely perfect. And a solid note on which to end the episode.
  • Dean goes on a blast from the past.

    I loved Jensen in this episode. I really felt the emotion when he figured out where he was and who he was talking to.
    I'm very surprised that the actors for Young John and Mary Winchester looked very similar to the Old John and Mary Winchester. That was a very nice casting selection.
    I'm finally glad to know what Mary was hiding! I sorta figured she sold her soul, but not in the way that it happened. I'm noticing that everyone in the Winchester family sold their soul when a member died. Mary for John, John for Dean, Dean for Sam...
    I STILL can't get over that Mary--the sweet mothering Mary--was a hunter! I started tearing up at the scene when Dean was in the bedroom talking to his Mom. "Can I ask you a question?...What is he (John-Dad) like?" "He's everything a hunter isn't."
    Or when Mary said..."I want a family. I want to be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of? The very worst thing? Is for my children to be raised into this like I was. I won't let it happen."

    Sorry for the Quoting spree. It was such a good episode! Great job to EVERYONE!!!
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