Season 4 Episode 7

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on The CW
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Sam and Dean meet Castiel and his fellow angel Uriel, who warn the brothers to avoid intervening in a town where a witch is attempting to summon the demon Samhain, opening one of the Seals.

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  • Worst episode of Supernatural to date.

    When I saw this pitiful episode, I found myself questioning for the first time why I watch this show. Never before has Supernatural made me wish I had an hour of my life back.

    The villain reveal was utterly predictable. The writing missed several opportunities-- Dean and the astronaut could have been so much funnier and so could the masoleum party. The mythology was completely wonky, from the Samhain myth (couldn't someone have at least taught Jared Padalecki how to pronounce the word?) to the portrayal of the archangel Uriel-- acting snotty, dubbed a simple angel and in several cases deferring to Castiel. If they wanted a bad guy for an angel they should have gone with a more ambiguous one that they could scapegoat without throwing perfectly good mythology out the window.

    Of course, Supernatural isn't exactly known for its accuracy-- they've always had a tendency to take a myth and twist it to their needs-- and maybe I could have overlooked that, if they'd given me something interesting to watch. This bit with the seals has become a way of justifying the boys wandering around and hunting things and half the time they don't even make sense-- "Unleashing a big bad demon will help end the world!" Uh-huh. Because there aren't nine million of the things running around Earth already, this one is locked under a seal and breaking it will help end the world! It's nearly as bad as "There are hundreds of seals but you only need sixty-six and no one knows which ones Lilith is going to break, which is our way of saying we're making up the seals as we go along because no one on the writing staff can really be bothered to think that far ahead." Oh, I forgot, this demon is special! So special he was still dead by the end of the episode just like all the others and didn't even do much in the way of destruction before he got axed! Yep, definitely deserving of being locked behind a seal, which a couple of witches are popping open for fun!

    Ugh. I'm mad on behalf of pagans, I'm mad on behalf of Christians, and I'm mad on behalf of Supernatural fans. After suffering through Jo, and Bela, and Henrikson and Meg returning as ghosts pissed off for reasons that make little to no sense and contradict both their deaths and their characters, THIS is what they give us as their Halloween episode? Butchered mythology, bad writing, and nothing in the way of suspense? Pathetic.moreless
  • A nice Halloween Special. Sam and Dean try to stop a local witch from breaking one of the 66 seals by letting out Sam Hain, the demon of Halloween.

    This was a nice opportunity to for Character development. For example it was heartbreaking to see the look on Dean face when he saw his brother exercise the demon. It felt as if despite his efforts he is still losing his brother in a way. Also the fact he didn't say anything afterward meant he might have in some sense given up talking to him about it. Also it was nice to know that even angels had their character development in this episode. They introduce Uriel, an angel who thinks little of humans and seems to care even less. However on the side,we learn that Castiel, despite being a angel, has doubts of his own. I just thought it was touching that,even though Castiel is trying so hard to follow orders he still has compassion for Dean.moreless
  • It's Halloween and another seal is about to being broken.

    There are many things that I like about this episode, starting from the title, 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester', which is quite awesome with its length and gentle nod toward episode two, 'Are you there, God? It's me, Dean Winchester'. Then there's the writing, by Julie Siege, previously a story editor on the show, which can be both quite humorous (Dean shouting "Astronaut!" was priceless) and very dark and disturbing (the death scenes are gruesome, and the description of Samhain's rituals are bound to send more than one shiver down the proverbial spine). Finally then, the atmosphere, which was constantly gloomy and unnerving, with loads of gore and skeevy details, as Dean would put it, was so thick and scary that it is effectively one of the most frightening episodes of the entire season.

    About the whole season, I have to add that it is really nice how the writers blended lighter, standalone episodes with arc-oriented ones, mixing them to concoct a very coherent, and yet extremely diverse, season, all focused on the different - and diverging - paths of Sam and Dean. Like in this episode, we not only see Sam using again his powers, against Dean (and the Angels' advise), but also the brothers' different reaction to the Angels themselves, and to their black-and-white kind of vision:: particularly interesting, and really important to understand what lies afoot, is Sam's flickering faith when he realizes that Heaven and Angels (Uriel, an amazing strait-laced, judgmental, nazi-like, resentful Angel) are very different from his ideal, the ideal he was praying to. Another interesting thing to note, in hindsight, is that the Angels'plan was clear from the very beginning of the season, that's saying not to actually prevent the breaking of the seals but to use and manipulate Dean and Sam in believing it.moreless
  • Awesome ep

    Sam and Dean investigate the death of a man a couple of days before Halloween. Another death makes them go suspicious. Castiel appears with Uriel and reveal that a witch is trying to resurrect Samhaine, another demon, and this is another seal.

    This Supernatural episode was pure awesome. It was great with all the "Seals being broken" and "freeing Lucifer from Hell" stuff. The episode was full of action, suspense and drama. It was great, this was the first appearance of another angel, Uriel, and Castiel is back. The episode was amazing, is rlly great. Supernatural Season 4, Angels vs Demons, is rlly getting cool.moreless
  • I'm starting to sound like a broken record but the facts don't lie: this is another home run from a show at the very top of its game.

    Hallowe'en is Supernatural's very own Christmas celebration and this episode's narratalogical gravitas does not disappoint. The 66 seals rear their appetising little heads again as Sam and Dean are tested in their efforts to prevent the resurrection of the demon responsible for the very tradition of All Hallows Eve. There are twists and turns galore here as first the obvious suspects are laid to waste, then the culprit is executed by his victim, who turns out to be an accomplice, and then Castiel and new-found angel friend Uriel (who is, brilliantly, a complete ass) show up and threaten to obliterate the entire town. Every step of this roller-coaster ride is as riveting as the next and it never lets up thanks to a corker of a script and some damn fine acting from all involved. It takes a great deal of talent to make something as fantastical as a skirmish between angels and demons convincing, so kudos to all involved for making it seem like the most believable, and life threatening, scenario imaginable. I'm starting to sound like a broken record but the facts don't lie: this is another home run from a show at the very top of its game.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Sam is killing Samhain, his nose starts bleeding and the blood reaches his chin. However, in the next shot his face is clean and he starts bleeding all over again.

    • When Sam is researching in the hotel room in the beginning, he picks up the Goldthread to inspect it when he is flipping through books, and keeps it in his hand when Dean comes in. When he starts to tell Dean about the hex bag, one shot shows the Goldthread in his hand, and the very next, he picks it up from the hexbag, without having put it back.

    • When Sam and Dean ask the victim's wife how many razor blades were found she says "two on the floor, one in his stomach and was stuck in his throat." When you watch the scene where the victim spits out the razor blades, there are two on the floor but a third one is heard falling on the floor. So there should have been found at least three razor blades on the floor.

    • Trivia: When Sam tells Dean that Luke Wallace's and Jenny's deaths are linked to some spell ("Three blood sacrifices over three days...") he shows him a book. On the book an illustration can be seen. It's a Gustave Doré drawing (one of the most famous Dante's "Divina Commedia" illustrators), which represents Dante and Virgil in Hell, talking to the damned soul of the heretic Farinata Degli Uberti (see Dante's Inferno, canto 10).

    • Sam and Dean come out of their hotel room to find the Impala splattered and splotched, most likely by the astronaut boy who got no candy. However, when the brothers leave the house after having driven directly there from the hotel and the school in the middle of a crisis, it is perfectly clean.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Sam: What about you? Find anything on the victim?
      Dean: This Luke Wallace--he was so vanilla that he made vanilla seem spicy.

    • Sam: Once he's raised, Samhain can do some raising of his own.
      Dean: Raising what, exactly?
      Sam: Dark, evil crap and lots of it. They follow him around like a friggin' Pied Piper.
      Dean: So we're talking ghosts.
      Sam: Yeah.
      Dean: Zombies.
      Sam: Mm-hmm.
      Dean: Leprechauns?
      Sam: Dean...
      Dean: Those little dudes are scary. Small hands.

    • Dean: Yeah, well, if you were a six-hundred-year-old hag and you could pick any costume to come back in, wouldn't you go for a hot cheerleader? I would. Mmm.

    • Sam: We'll stop this witch before she summons anyone. Your seal won't be broken and no one has to die.
      Uriel: We're wasting time with these mud monkeys.

    • Dean: I mean, come on, you're gonna wipe out a whole town for one little witch. Sounds to me like you're compensating for something.

    • Castiel: The decision's been made.
      Uriel: By a mud monkey.
      Castiel: You shouldn't call them that.
      Uriel: Oh, that's what they are... savages. Just plumbing on two legs.
      Castiel: You're close to blasphemy.

    • Dean: (fighting a zombie) Bring it on, stinky!

    • Dean: I'm telling you, both of these vics are squeaky-clean. There was no reason for wicked-bitch payback.

    • (Dean eating Halloween candy)
      Sam: Really? After that guy choked down all those razor blades?
      Dean: It's Halloween, man.
      Sam: Yeah. For us, every day is Halloween.
      Dean: Don't be a downer. Anything interesting?

    • Dean: Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody.

    • Dean: Well, are you gonna figure out a way to find this witch, or are you just gonna sit there fingering your bone?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music: Just As Through With You (Nine Days)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 10, 2008 on Channel Ten
      Denmark: January 4, 2009 on TV3
      UK: March 1, 2009 on ITV2
      Sweden: April 26, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Norway: May 7, 2009 on FEM
      Portugal: June 1, 2009 on AXN
      Spain: October 12, 2009 on AXN
      Germany: December 14, 2009 on Sky Cinema Hits
      Poland: March 26, 2010 on TVN7
      New Zealand: March 31, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: June 25, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: May 24, 2011 on Sub
      Slovakia: March 21, 2013 on Markiza


    • Title
      Referencing It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown which originally aired in 1966, and is the Charlie Brown Halloween special. While the rest of the Peanuts gang celebrate Halloween, Linus waits in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin to appear.

    • Dean: Umm, I'm Agent Geddy, this is Agent Lee.
      Referencing Geddy Lee, lead vocalist for Rush. Lee joined Rush in September 1968, replacing Jeff Jones. The singer was born Gary Lee Weinrib in July 1953.

    • Dean: Agent Seger, FBI.
      Dean uses the alias of Bob Seger, rocker primarily with the Silver Bullet Band and made it big with Night Moves, and later Old Time Rock & Roll.