Season 4 Episode 7

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on The CW

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  • Worst episode of Supernatural to date.

    When I saw this pitiful episode, I found myself questioning for the first time why I watch this show. Never before has Supernatural made me wish I had an hour of my life back.

    The villain reveal was utterly predictable. The writing missed several opportunities-- Dean and the astronaut could have been so much funnier and so could the masoleum party. The mythology was completely wonky, from the Samhain myth (couldn't someone have at least taught Jared Padalecki how to pronounce the word?) to the portrayal of the archangel Uriel-- acting snotty, dubbed a simple angel and in several cases deferring to Castiel. If they wanted a bad guy for an angel they should have gone with a more ambiguous one that they could scapegoat without throwing perfectly good mythology out the window.

    Of course, Supernatural isn't exactly known for its accuracy-- they've always had a tendency to take a myth and twist it to their needs-- and maybe I could have overlooked that, if they'd given me something interesting to watch. This bit with the seals has become a way of justifying the boys wandering around and hunting things and half the time they don't even make sense-- "Unleashing a big bad demon will help end the world!" Uh-huh. Because there aren't nine million of the things running around Earth already, this one is locked under a seal and breaking it will help end the world! It's nearly as bad as "There are hundreds of seals but you only need sixty-six and no one knows which ones Lilith is going to break, which is our way of saying we're making up the seals as we go along because no one on the writing staff can really be bothered to think that far ahead." Oh, I forgot, this demon is special! So special he was still dead by the end of the episode just like all the others and didn't even do much in the way of destruction before he got axed! Yep, definitely deserving of being locked behind a seal, which a couple of witches are popping open for fun!

    Ugh. I'm mad on behalf of pagans, I'm mad on behalf of Christians, and I'm mad on behalf of Supernatural fans. After suffering through Jo, and Bela, and Henrikson and Meg returning as ghosts pissed off for reasons that make little to no sense and contradict both their deaths and their characters, THIS is what they give us as their Halloween episode? Butchered mythology, bad writing, and nothing in the way of suspense? Pathetic.