Season 4 Episode 19

Jump the Shark

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on The CW

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  • This was really a substandard outing for the Winchester boys, in fact it might be the worst. Which is really disappointing considering the overall quality of season four.

    I'm quite baffled as to how so many people have rated it so high. Sam and Dean seemed to be very out of character, the plot lacked tension and made irrational leaps, and the writers seemed to ignore the giant plot hole the episode fell into near the end. I have a pretty stout sense of suspension of disbelief but it was out of line for the writers to expect the audience to believe that after an entire season of Sam honing his demonic skills he'd just lie there and let himself get cut on by the lamest baddies of the series to date. I hope the creators and production team seriously rethink giving these two writers another episode. After an entire season of building intensity and pace this episode really sucked a lot of the momentum out of the plot. While the episode didn't jump the shark for the season it sure as hell flopped as a stand alone story.
  • The long lost Winchester

    This was a tragic episode. The main premise, of course, being the long lost half-brother of Sam and Dean. This not only impacted them on the level of how to deal with a new sibling, but also made them face yet more startling revelations about John. This was one of those eps that could be considered filler yet not. Because while it did not focus on any of the main arc for the current season, it did bring more insight to overall mythology of the series regarding the boys' father and family history, which has always been an important component of the show.

    Obviously, we are privy to meet the long lost half-bro of Sam and Dean: Adam. And foot note here, I thought this name for him was pretty interesting given the whole religious tone of the season with the angels and all. But aside from that, while the brothers get to meet their, well, "new" brother, we also get some old fashioned Sam and Dean in the mix of the ep here. Meaning, Sam being the one ready to welcome Adam into their midst, while Dean is the ever-so-reluctant one ready to douse the poor boy with holy water and use silver to repel him, thinking this is once again a demonic trick. And actually, Dean was right. At first......

    Hence our ghost story for the week. Eww! Ghouls! We've seen so many rarely-heard-of creatures and spirits before on the series (rakshasa, shtriga, to name a couple), but this ep introduced ghouls - simple, popular, everyday kinda things - and still managed to turn it into something frightening. And nasty! The ghouls portrayed here were scavengers, feasting on human flesh and blood and, according to Sam, evidently rank way low on the spook chain of the supernatural order. They take the form of the dead, as evidenced by Adam and his mother coming to prey upon Sam. So Adam had been dead the whole time, the tragic thing being that the bros never got a chance to meet the real him.

    And as tearfully sad as that is, in some ways this is not a bad thing. First, it removes the stigma of having an "extra" Winchester in the mix that, by all counts, right now is not really needed. Which leads me to my second reasoning: Sam and Dean have enough on their plates for themselves - actually, TOO much - without having to worry about yet another family member in peril. Sam said it all when he was talking to Dean: "He's a Winchester. He's already cursed". Therefore, Dean was right when they burned Adam's body at the end by saying he was in a better place. I mean, the boys know and live the horrors of what they do and by what Dean meant was that Adam would be better off not being subjected to the evils the bros face every day. But that's the beauty of the twisted irony of the events that happened here: Adam was already subjected to it by being killed by the ghouls in the first place, and Dean and Sam were ultimately too late to save him, making the sitch all the more tragic. God, I love it! I really would've enjoyed seeing more of Adam, believe it or not, but like I just said, right now it's just not needed.

    Even more tragic were Dean's reactions to Adam's existence. He realizes that Adam had more of a normal life with John than he or Sam ever had. Did you see his reaction to the fact that John had taken Adam to a baseball game? How absolutely sad was that? There were obviously some very strong hints of jealousy from Dean here over Adam's privileged "normal" life, and I gotta say who can blame him? Still, it was an interesting dynamic between Dean and Sam over Adam's life. Sam was ready to accept Adam as their brother whereas Dean was reluctant at first, and it even went as far as Sam mentioning calling in a favor with Castiel to bring Adam back to life, but it was ultimately Dean who did right by letting him stay dead, keeping him out of harm's way. If they had given in and somehow brought Adam back, then it would've gone against everything they stand for, really. How many times have these boys played the martyrs, not only for themselves but for each other, and then bearing the consequences after the fact? Dean realizes they can't do that any longer so he conveniently - and smartly - does the right thing this time.

    Dean makes the remark at the end that he gets why Sam and John are so much alike, practically the same person. He's not wrong. What I got from this was how ready Sam also was to intro Adam to the world of demon hunting, and even giving him the 411 on if he's got any connections to the normal world (friends, girlfriends, etc.) that he is to cut them off, to stay detached if he wants to pursue this. Looking back, John did the exact same thing to Dean and Sam. However, in Sam's case he obviously rebelled and took off, but after everything he's been through he does a complete 180 and becomes his father. Adam simply wanted revenge for his mother's disappearance. Who said he was ready to stay in the fight for good? But Sam utilizes John's psychology here that it is never over, that it is a life, you're in it for the long haul, kiddo. And I believe that this is what Dean meant about Sam and John being so much alike. But also let's not forget that John has shown signs of wanting normal things, too. As evidenced in season 1's 'Salvation', John told his boys that he wanted normal things for them too. And because John mostly started just wanting revenge for Mary's murder, it ultimately became a lifestyle to him. So it's no wonder that Dean breaks the cycle here, because he realizes what this was headed for.

    As for John, well....what can I say? Yet another shocker from him. Yet actually, it does make sense. I mean, Sam was right here: John most likely got lonely out on the hunt, met a woman, and...well, now we know the rest. So in that respect it's understandable. But still, it had to be a huge slap in the face with this realization, especially given the fact that while poor Sam and Dean were somehow fending for themselves John was having these special father/son moments with Adam elsewehere. The only logical reason I can think of why he never told Dean and Sam is the fact that perhaps John felt there was at least one child of his that he could keep from this lifestyle, thereby subjecting him to Sam and Dean would somehow be a bad influence. John, sweetie, I love you dearly, but sometimes you could be such an ass! Bits and Pieces:
    - It's so nice to see the boys doing ordinary things in the middle of their hunts. Sam brushing his teeth on the side of the road was just cool to me.
    - It's also cool to see they still retain their brotherly ways, like playing "Rock, paper, scissors" again.
    - One thing that did add a tad of current continuity was when the ghoul of Adam's mom commented on Sam's blood tasting different.

    This ep is definitely a perfect 10. Like I said, it was tragic. Next ep looks like we get a closer exam on Castiel. I'm really looking forward to that one.
  • This episodes tells us a lot

    Unlike many I loved the episode.
    I think it tells us a lot about Sam and Dean and finally John seemed like a real person that had a real life (just like his boys), women included.

    John never wanted this life for his boys and when he was provided a third change, he took it and had Adam live a normal life. Unfortunally, he was wrong about not training his youngest son. When Sam and Dean meet monsters they are able to deal with them, Adam wasn't and so he got killed painfully. Poor guy!

    We also see that Sam has become more like his Dad. He now sees that the best way of keeping someone save is to teach him how to take care of himself. Dean on the other hand doesn't get this until the end of the episode. We also get to know that Sam's tired of being the youngest. He knows a lot and wants to share his knowledge. While Dean doesn't want anyone to be cursed with this life, Sam is eager to get some help, to pass on the legacy.

    Jeolousy turns into pity. Sam and Dean may never have had Adam's life but they are still alive because of what their Dad taught them.
  • Or 'the episode that had Supernatural fans crapping themselves in the fear that their show would be forever ruined'.

    Or 'the episode that had Supernatural fans crapping themselves in the fear that their show would be forever ruined'. I guess 'Jump the Shark' was a snappier title. It's fitting, of course, that Dabb and Loflin choose to name their second episode of the season after the phrase given to the moment that a television show abandons its credibility and is no longer as good as it was, since it shows an awareness of the danger inherent in what they're doing here. The inclusion of a third Winchester brother veers dangerously close to the lamentable concept of 'retcon', re-writing the mythology of the show to suit a desired narrative twist (in most cases, something that acts as a last ditch effort to pump shock and surprise into a show), and when poorly handled, it spells disaster for everyone. Thankfully, this highly talented writing duo, who have an excellent handle on the motivations of the Winchester brothers (something that was a stand-out characteristic of their earlier episode, 'After School Special'), avoid this problem by handling the issue delicately and logically, presenting the viewer with something that is completely believable and ties in well with the history already established within the show. Another brother does not denigrate John Winchester's character in any way as he was without a partner, and his reasons for not informing his other boys are painfully obvious. It's a deft touch to have Adam Milligan be unaware of the concept of 'hunting', to show another side to John, a side that is able to be a standard dad and shows a considerable amount of compassion, given that he clearly wanted to spare the kid from the life that the rest of his family has had to lead. This, in turn, leads to some fantastic emotional interplay between Sam and Dean as they grapple with how to deal with their new brother and Jensen and Jared both rise to the occasion yet again. It's almost a shame that Milligan is written out of the show so fleetingly. I understand that this is the most sensible course of action, since the disturbance of the central storytelling structure is what cripples so many shows (two's company, three's a crowd... I'm talking to you, Scooby Doo - Scrappy?! Please!), and that this is executed in the best way possible by incorporating the kid into the supernatural element of the hour, but there's a whole wealth of possibility that is lost by laying him to waste. Plus, Jake Abel does an excellent job of displaying shades of Winchester determination, allowing you to believe him as the brother, while also making the character considerably different to Sam and Dean. And he's rather hot. Still, credit to Dabb and Loflin for surprising us all here: the knee-jerk critics bemoaned the transformation of a two into a three and they are proved wrong. The level-headed determined that, given the episode's title and the show's track record, this would turn out not to be a third Winchester brother and that things would be okay and *they* are proved wrong. Adam Milligan exists, he lived, he is a reality for Sam and Dean. And in that, the writing staff give us the best possible outcome of this most dangerous of plot devices.
  • well how can put this, it was sad. really horrific.

    I absolutely hate this episode because well there brother dies and that is just not cool. the whole time, i was clinging to the couch chanting, "God please dont let Adam die." I Cant Believe They Wrote Him Out!. its really cool though the fact that they wrote in that character. am sad he died so soon. woow that demon sure did murder him, it was too brutal and omg what they were doing to sam was beyond words. I know sam is crazy but those demons were crazier. I just wish there was a way they could have kept the character around a little bit longer. OMG it was sad. I am seriously cryig justwriting about it.
  • A new angst-ridden chapter in the Winchester family history.

    This episode opens a can of worms with a ton of emotional baggage for the boys to deal with. We knew John had secrets but we never imagined they included another son. Any fears that Adam would ruin the story effortlessly laid to rest… like every other time we thought Kripke 'jumped the shark'.

    Adam didn't know John was a Hunter and his mother never told him. It's easy to see why John would do that, after what happened to Mary, then trying to keep Dean and Sam safe, knowing what the lives of Hunters are about and what happens to their families, who can blame John for keeping Adam out of it. Perhaps John saw Adam as a chance to make up for his mistakes with Dean – as awesome a Hunter as Dean is, John was well aware of how damaged Dean was. Then there's Sam, the son who tried (and failed) to have the normal life that Adam already has. Maybe John was trying to make right the mistakes he made with Sam by deliberately giving Adam the normal life that Sam craved. Makes you wonder if it was John's choice to keep Adam in the dark, or did his mother feel as strongly too? Unfortunately ignorance didn't save Adam and his mother. The protection backfired because Adam didn't know what's out there so there was no inkling of danger.

    This episode illustrates how much Sam has changed since Jessica's death. He and John had already started to air their differences before John died and now Sam is singing John's tune. Like Dean said, he always tried to be just like John but it's Sam who is. We've seen bits of this before, this just brings it all together. Listening to Sam with Adam is like listening to John. Also gives Sam a chance to step into Dean's big brother shoes and he immediately takes Adam under his wing, even as Dean is emotionally distancing himself. He is also the one who more easily accepts Adam is even possible, again showing his change in perspective, his new understanding of John and his motives. "Sometimes the girl is grateful…" Look at Dean, how many girls does he sleep with in a month?! And remember Ben?

    The moment I heard about this episode, I knew that Dean would be the one who would be most upset by Adam. He worshiped John and to find out that John's been keeping a secret (especially one this important) and it's also about the thing that's most important to the Winchesters: family. Add to that how sensitive Dean is about Mary and there was no way that Dean would easily accept Adam, even when he believes Adam is real. This doesn't stop Dean's natural big-brother protectiveness and even though he distances himself, he still acts to protect Adam, without hesitation. This episode also addresses Dean's 'daddy issues' – before John died, Dean wouldn't hear a single word against John. After, Dean slowly started admitting that John wasn't perfect and became increasingly able to admit John was a bad father in so many ways. I've got the idea that finding Adam and all that John did for him has repaired some of the damage to Dean's mental image of John. His words to Sam at Adam's cremation definitely gave me the impression that he's managed to drop some of that old baggage about John. Sam was John's favorite, Dean accepted that long ago and as much as it must hurt to realize that Sam is more John's heir than he is, Dean has grown into his own man in the last couple of years and he must know he is no longer just a reflection of his father. I think this is a very healthy experience for Dean, gives him a clearer perspective where his father and brother(s) are concerned.

    John has, yet again, caused serious psychological and emotional damage to his boys – how many times did John forget their birthdays or Christmas, yet apparently remembered Adam's? He took Adam fishing and to a baseball game, things his other sons could only dream of. If Adam had not died, there is plenty of room for jealousy and there are already flashes of it here. It didn't have time to blossom because they were working the job and didn't have time to really absorb everything before finding out that Adam was dead, when it no longer matters anyway. It's hard to be jealous of Adam's normal life when Adam will never see his 20th birthday.

    Adam is a Winchester through and through, that much is obvious. Like his natural shooting ability – Dean told Jo about the first time John took Dean hunting and he did the same thing. Adam would have accepted Hunting more easily because he doesn't have all the baggage that the boys have – both about Hunting and John – and Adam wouldn't really have understood completely what Hunting was all about, and certainly didn't get the chance to find out. Dean mentions to Sam that his speech is the same one that John gave Sam right before Sam bailed, perhaps concerned that Adam might take off too. But Sam was raised with John and had their entire history of bitter confrontations, which Adam didn't have. He would find it far easier to deal with the truth than Sam and Dean ever could have.

    It's yet another tragedy in the Winchester family, to find out they have a little brother then to find out he was brutally murdered before he could even meet them. They met him, in a way, but he never got to know them. The Winchester curse strikes again, Adam and his mother die because of a legacy they weren't even really a part of. I really liked that Dean insisted on the Hunter's cremation, Adam did deserve that, even if only because he was family. John would have been proud of his boys that they tried to protect their newfound brother. We were a bit worried that the introduction of a third Winchester brother would ruin things but as usual, Kripke does the remarkable: reinforces a family story that was already rock-solid.

    Very tense section when Sam's bleeding to death and Dean has to take on the Adam-ghoul. Sam can only watch as Dean fights, not crying out to him even as his blood pools in the bowls below. It's a chance to see the old Sam-protective Dean we haven't seen in a while.

    The introduction of Adam could have really rocked the boat but it was done so that we get Adam – and all the angst and situations that come with that – but because he died before the story began, we don't have to deal with the long-term consequences of him being around indefinitely. Nicely done.

    The only objection I have is the casting of Adam – not only does he bear little resemblance to either of the boys, or John, but he has neither the strength, charisma or physical build of Jared, Jensen or Jeffrey. Couldn't they have cast him better?

    A really heartbreaking episode, very strongly written with excellent character work and still manages lots of action and angst. The new writers bring fresh perspective and have brilliantly become part of the team, they show an outstanding knowledge of the characters involved (particularly the most difficult: Sam and Dean) and effortlessly join excellent writers (especially Sara Gamble, the person who has always portrayed the boys the best). Very impressive, emotional and makes a perfect addition to a long line of powerful character and family episodes.
  • Sam and Dean discover they have another brother named Adam. Immediately they figure something is up and go to investigate. ****SPOILERS****

    After a long break, Supernatural returns with what should have been a great episode. Consensus is that this is a bit disappointing, probably due to a lot of hype and high expectations. Still, all in all, a pretty good episode which shows the continuing role reversal between Sam and Dean. ****SPOILERS FOLLOW****

    Sam and Dean receive a call on one of John's old cell phones from a boy named Adam. His mom is missing and he needs John's help. Dean says John died two years ago and when asked how he knows John, Adam responds "he's my dad". Their immediate response is suspicion and they arrange a meeting with the boy. Sam finds proof that Adam seems to be legit, good home, no father though. An entry in John's journal states that he was in Adam's home town about nine months before Adam was born. Adam tells his brothers a believable story about his background, how his parents met and how John came to see him after he found out about him. Adam's mom has disappeared and Adam needs help. It seems the first time John was in town, there was a series of grave robberies. They stopped and now have started up again. They search Adam's house and find where his mom was taken from and evidence of injury or death. Adam wants to know what's going on and Sam tells him that the family business is demon hunting, despite Dean's objections. Adam wants to help. Dean says no, there has to be a reason their dad didn't tell him about their profession, Sam thinks that Adam needs to know everything. Dean heads off to find whatever it is that took Adam's mom. Sam and Adam hunker down at the house, demon proofing it as Sam explains what it is to be a demon hunter and a Winchester. Dean heads to the cemetery and a discovers a secret tunnel. He follows it discovers several bodies in a secret chamber, including Adam's mom and Adam himself! Back at the house, Adam's mom, Kate, appears. Sam tells Adam to kill her, she's not human. Adam says he knows and knocks Sam out. Sam awakens to find himself tied up and Adam and his mom are feeding on his blood and he realizes that they're ghouls. Dean manages to escape the chamber and bust in, Sam warns about the ghouls and Dean blasts "Kate's" head off. He and "Adam" struggle and Dean angrily smashes "Adam's" head in.

    As Sam and Dean burn Adam's body, Sam suggests that Dean asks Cass to call in a favor and bring Adam back. Dean says no, that Adam is going to a better place. Dean tells Sam that he's becoming just like their dad. Sam takes it as a compliment while Dean remains silent.
  • Dean and Sam find out that they aren't the only Winchester boys.

    I admit that I was kinda worried when I heard that they were going to introduce a new Winchester brother to the show. I couldn't imagine how the writers were going to pull this off without ruining the momentum that they has been building with the current story arc. I should know better than to doubt Kripke and his crew.
    They managed to bring in a new brother in a believable way. We know that Dean had some fun on the road, even briefly entertaining the idea that he left a little something behind. Sam had a romance or two while on a hunt so the thought that John had another kid that Sam and Dean didn't know about wasn't that far fetched. They're hunters after all, not monks. I get that after years on the road and teaching his boys how to be hunters, maybe as they got older he wondered if he was doing the right thing for them - but it was too late. He raised them to be hunters and exposed them to a life where the only way to keep safe from danger would be to teach them how to defend themselves. Years later he finds out that one of his hunting trysts resulted in another child. By now the kid is 12 and John might have seen it as his do-over. He came into Adam's life kinda late and he knows that he can't be around much. He ripped out the journal entries, partly to protect Adam and perhaps because he considered his time with Adam a separate part of his life. There's also the possibility that Adam's mother knew what John did and told him outright that she didn't want her son being a hunter and if John wanted to get to know him, he wouldn't let Adam know what he really did for a living. So now, with John gone and no prior warning, Dean and Sam have to deal with the idea that they have a brother. A brother that got to have the kind of relationship with their dad that they wish they did. A brother that, up until now, had a normal life filled with possibilities while they had their lives mapped out for them. It was interesting how Dean and Sam reacted to the news. The days of Sam yearning to have a life away from hunting are long gone and he seemed eager to bring Adam into the fold. It was interesting to see him as the older brother, teaching him how to handle a gun and shoot, probably the way that Dean once told him. For Dean, who never truly entertained the idea of a life that didn't include going into the family business and who dragged Sam back into it when Sam was in college and thought he had left that life behind wanted to keep Adam out of it. He was willing to do whatever it took to find out who killed Adam's mom so that Adam wouldn't have to go the vengeance route and get suckered into the family business.
    The family reunion had a very unpleasant turn and no happy ending. The Winchester duo didn't become a trio and they found out that it was too late to get to know their brother. They did honor him with a hunter's funeral, and it was nice of Dean to do that. He also seems to be starting to believe in his place in all of this. He said that Adam was in a better place, which he would never have said before. He would have said that he didn't know what happens to souls after they leave the earthly plane - it was above his pay grade. He also seems to be stepping outside of the shadows of his father finally. After a number of episodes in which we see Dean fractured under the weight of all that he had been through coupled with what he is told is his destiny, it's good to see the old butt-kicking-Sam-protecting Dean back in action. With him admitting that Sam was more like John than he could ever hope to be, it frees him from being under John's shadow and he can do what he needs to do now. At least, I hope.
  • he is a good actor jake abel, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry.

    he is a good actor jake abel, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry.
    he is a good actor, but i found that he didnt fit in the role of the son and brother of dean and sam ,sorry. i think for the role they should the use somebody more charismatic,to be more real and catch with the role. because the father and the 2guys, are very charismatic,posture , attitude , and charme.
    sorry this actor wasn t good for this role , nobody believes that could really be the son of john or the brother of the two. they should the find some one more in the same profile.

    but the episode was great (just this upset me ),

    i love the show
  • We find out about John's secret past-a past he didn't want Sam and Dean to know about.

    Jump the Shark was an episode that was alot about John Winchester-without even having him in the episode. Adam Milligan seemed like a decent character-a brother worthy of Dean and Sam. I enjoyed watching Sam take on the role of the big brother, and Dean being hesitant about accepting who Adam said he was. I was surprised when Dean found the bodies, first of Kate, then of Adam, and then for Sam to say that they were only ghouls. As I watched Sam begin almost bleeding to death, I prayed for Dean to go and help Sam instead of bashing up the ghouls. The conversation between Sam and Dean at Adam's funeral hints that there's something more to come about what Dean was saying about how alike John and Sam were. I think this was a decent episode, and the show didn't, thankfully, jump the shark.
  • Disappointing after the previous two awesome episodes. Last week I said that I was amazed by the level the writers could uphold even after 4 seasons. But after this last installment I might have to go back on my words, unfortunately.

    I'd like to quote Dean to explain my feelings about this last episode; "I swear I'm gonna loose sleep over this one, why do I already feel like this is the one that got away?"

    So after much concideration I decided that throwing in a half-brother isn't all that strange. As Sam said, John wasn't celibate and one got passed the goalie. Though why John was such an ass about it, I can't quite figure out. He left his two children, who he had dragged in his screwed up search for revenge, to go to a baseball game with his illegitimate child? It doesn't stroke with my vision of him.

    Then we see Sam's arms being deeply, deeply cut. Next scene we're at Adam's funeral. Some tell me it's to express the difference between Sam and Dean in this season, while Dean get beat up and send to ER Sam isn't, I say it was not deliberate and just a writer's mistake, how much it pains me to even say that.

    The funeral, though I might agree with Adam 'deserving' it. The speech however was totally off. I have no idea what message Dean was trying to convey. He said he wanted to be his father, he said Sam was like their father and Sam sees this as a compliment but Dean says maybe... I feel the writer's were trying to tell us something but I still have no idea what. I did like Sam in this episode, mainly because we have seen little character development of him lately, only that he's getting worse and slipping away. He is obviously very jealous and angry of what his life has become but I don't see why he wants to drag someone else in a life that he so obviously despises? That's not the Sam I have come to know and to love. The only thing that might make this episode important in the series is the dynamics between the brothers. We again saw a Dean-storms-in-to-save-Sam's-ass scene which is great, we haven't seen enough kick-ass Dean this past year. But on the pther hand I feel that Dean has a cold shoulder towards Sam and that he in turn no longer cares what Dean thinks, even the 'family comes first' bits felt flat and empty.

    Though I appreciate Kripke &co not taking the easy way out of this impasse between the brothers, I feel like it could have been better.
    As I said before I feel like this is the one that got away.
  • No Shark in Sight!

    Jump the Shark-Sam and Dean are on a hunting trip when they receive a call from an Adam Milligan, who is trying to find John Winchester. They discover that Adam was conceived 19 years ago when his mother fell in love with John Winchester. Now when seeing the preview for "Jump The Shark", you may think it's appropriately titled. I mean...introducing to a thrid brother into the series is pretty jump the shark worthy. But showing how genius both Eric Kripke and his team of writers are, "Jump the Shark" is an ironic title as the episode is far from it. The introduction of brother #3 Adam Milligan actually brings up some unburied emotions and issues that the Winchestor boys have about their father. I loved Dean and Sam's reaction to the thought of their father having another son was completely in their characters with Dean thinking it's some demon in disguise and Sam being own to the idea of another brother.

    Both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were so touching throughout when dealing with Adam and the secret relationship their father had with him. Of course, Dean being jealous was hilarious and justified as Adam got to see a side of his fatehr that Dean and Sam never did. I loved how Dean became protective of Adam once the truth hit him and how he wanted to respect his father's wishes. Then there's Sam wanting Adam to embrace the family business, which I enjoyed watching as Sam was trying to bond with Adam. It was just cool watching Sam being the big brother for once and Jared was just wonderful during his scenes with Jake Abel. Speaking of him, Jake does a fine job as Adam, he had this subtle innocence yet charm about him and you feel bad for the guy being in the middle of all of this. The revelation of Adam being a ghoul all along is both shocking because I actually started to like the guy and hard-hitting as we find out that the real Adam was in fact Dean and Sam's brother. The scene of Adam and his fellow ghoul feasting on Sam is another Supernatural peak on the gruesome department. Not to mention, watching Sam literally bleed to death really freaked me out! The episode ends on a sad moment with Dean and Sam burying Adam like a hunter. It's also a cool development with Dean saying that his father and Sam are a lot alike and it's why their relationship was always rocky. It's a great end to a family themed episode. "Jump the Shark" is a stellar episode that explores the Winchester family dynamic in a touching way and adds some shocking, heartbreaking twists to the table. What more could you ask from Supernatural?
  • One word: amazaing!

    His guys! this eps it's really a jumping the shark!

    1°- I first moment I thougth dean was in jelous, but sam it's really angry because his dad never bring a good lives for dean and sam. By the away dean realizes is jonh not superhero he's a human been and sometimes peopleo do mistakes , but jonh it's not terrible man, he wants adam has a chance that dean and sam never have: a normal life!

    2°´So goluns, I think the boy hunting this things in the first seasson I think so. But I known it that golun's adam is not real, because in frist moment when adam called to dean ,adam didn't remind the voz by jonh, so something is wrong

    3°- So sam seems with jonh and dean seeems with his mom

    so guys, see you later!
    kiss cau
  • Jumping the shark was never so awesome!

    Any episode that threatens to introduce a long-lost third Brother Winchester is treading on thin ice from the get-go. I distinctly recall the hue and cry when the first inklings of this episode were strewn across the internet by distressed fangirls. They shouldn't have been worried. How many times have the earliest spoilers turned out to be woefully devoid of context?

    I knew that all would be well once Sam and Deam met with Adam at Cousin Oliver's, passing by the Fonzarelli Water Skiing poster on the way to the table. The episode was filled with references to past "jump the shark" moments, and the writers used the expectations of the audience to pull off some wonderful twists.

    The interesting thing is that the existence of Adam shouldn't come as a surprise, if one thinks about it logically. The life of a hunter lends itself to sowing wild oats, so to speak, and if Dean is a reflection of John, then where else would Dean learn the ropes? We've already seen one episode where Dean thought he had fathered a son on the road, so the odds were favorable for more Winchesters out there.

    As always, the action is a catalyst for character exploration, and we get to see just how much the brothers have changed over the years. In particular, this is episode says a lot about Sam and how hardened he's become. Sam looks at Adam and sees himself, the younger brother who thought he could escape the legacy of the Winchesters, and he feels like he was fooling himself to ever believe he could live a different life.

    Sam is being very selective in his interpretations of things, especially given what we know. It was Azazel that made it impossible for Sam to leave his old life behind, and that had more to do with Mary than John. Sam may not know that, but Dean certainly does. But more to the point of the episode, this isn't about the facts, it's about how Sam is choosing to view his life and his path. Sam doesn't see a way out, which is a dangerous place to be, psychologically.

    Meanwhile, knowing that John had another son makes it even worse, because John apparently gave Adam the kind of life that Dean wishes he could have had. Dean admits that he spent his entire childhood trying to emulate his father so John would give him approval. That meant giving up any notion of a normal life, as we've seen. Adam never had that problem, and it forces Dean to realize that John was perhaps the wrong role model.

    Looking at it from John's perspective, he already had tried to raise Dean in his image, and it didn't work out at all. John wasn't disappointed in Dean, but he was sorry that Dean never had the chance to make other choices. That complicated his relationship with Sam, because Sam wanted out, but John didn't know how to handle that. Along comes Adam, and John has another chance and learn from his mistakes. I doubt that John ever thought that Sam and Dean would run into Adam.

    Because Adam served a purpose in terms of exploring how the Brothers Winchester have changed, and how it still all ties back to who they were and where they came from, his purpose was short-term. So it makes sense that he would be dead at some point in the story. Making him dead before the story even started, yet still factually the son of John Winchester, was the perfect way for the writers to have their cake and eat it, too. It allowed this story to stand on its own, while still pertaining to where the Winchesters are, and more importantly, where they are going.
  • Filler but good filler

    This was more of the classic hunter v. monster type of episode that often gets labelled filler and i would say appropriately so this time. not that it was bad. it was pretty good. but a bit of a come down after last episode's celestial heights of artistry. But it's back to basics with flesh eating monsters, and a hunt that starts and ends in one episode. this episode could be switched to almost anywhere in the season and would fit in unobtrusively. I found that the 'son of john' angle was less interesting that i had originally thought, but it did stir up a few interesting conversations and reflections between D and S. looking forward to next one! but dreading the end of the season!
  • ANother great one for the Supernatural team! This is what I love about this show: it has the guts to take the road that makes sense for the overall story and not the one that leads necesarly to a happy ending or the popular one.

    This ep took me by surprise a little not because of what happened, but because of how it made me feel. I was a strong believer that a new Winchester bro would mess up the balance of the show, I actually still believe that, but it also made me sad finding out the new brother had died. As I think about it, Sam is right. The new brother either would of have become a hunter, either he would of have been killed. There couldn`t exist any middle way, like saving him and letting him live a normal life. Winchesters can`t lead normal lives. On another note, Sam`s charachter development, I believe, is complete. This ep is the first one in which there seemed to be nothing left of the old Sammy. I love this show.
  • Dean and Sam get a call from Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. They go to Wisconsin to check it out only to end up on another hunting trip. Something is eating dead bodies and making specific people disappear. They walk into a trap.

    This was a rather dark episode. All of the scenes with Dean crawling thru tight spaces were a little hard to take. Of course Dean really has been to HELL and back so after that a crawl space maybe isn't so bad.

    Great twist in the end. Not Demons or anything like that but Ghouls. I am not sure we've seen Ghouls before? Sam sure seemed to know what they were immediately once he caught wind of what they were up against. Of course by then Sam was tied to a table and Dean was trapped in a crypt.

    So Adam really was their brother but they obviously never got to meet him exactly. He did seem awfully ok with the things that go bump in the night etc...

    We got to see some pretty intense stuff with the ghouls hacking up Sam and then when Dean came in and killed them. I loved how Sam said "they're ghouls" and Dean goes "Oh, head shots!" Very nonchalant.

    I'm glad the boys are back. Just two episodes left till the end of the season. They look like they are going to be great.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Sam and Dean find a young man who claims to be their long lost half-brother... but is he really?

    Sam and Dean recieve a call on John's phone from a young man named Adam, who claims to be John Winchester's son. Sam and Dean arrive, and then discover that Adam's claim appears to be true. They also discover that Adam's mother is missing, and there have been mysterious grave robberies in the area, which resemble a case many years earlier, which John had previously investigated. After the monster attacks Sam and Adam, they deduce that the creature is seeking revenge on the Winchester family, and that Adam is the next target. Sam and Adam barricade themselves inside Adam's house, while Dean continues searching for the monster, and he makes a shocking discovery, which I will not mention here- it'll ruin the suprise.

    We get back to the Winchester family drama, and yet again, the writing staff has outdone themselves. I enjoyed every second of this episode, in part because Supernatural is back after yet another hiatus. I also liked the storyline; at first, I was not thrilled with the prospect of another Winchester brother (to me, there will always be only two Winchester brothers), but I enjoyed the premise of the episode, and after the truth about Adam was revealed, I found myself close to tears- losing a family member is never easy. This was one of the better episodes that I have seen, and I cannot wait for the next episode- should be interesting!
  • I love the show, but this is the first episode I can say really disappointed me. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    It's back after another break, and as always, I couldn't be happier. The episode started innocently enough, but then it got strange. And by strange, I don't mean as in the case, I mean as in another brother. I saw the previews, but never did I imagine it would happen. Shockingly enough, the brother's reactions were very different then I would have thought, and the characters felt really different in a bad sort of way. Sam and Dean just didn't feel like Sam and Dean. But soon we find out that this "brother" really is something else, which was trying to lure in John to get its revenge on him. I was a bit shocked though, the brother was really a ghoul, but apparently was telling the truth. Sam and Dean had a brother, but he was killed by the ghoul. I don't know why, but I really didn't like this episode, probably one of the poorest episodes of the show. I hope that this doesn't mean the show is getting worse, probably just a hiccup, and I am pumped for the next episode. Overall a poor episode, nothing really happened, and I felt Dean and Sam were out of character.
  • Sam and Dean meet their long lost brother, or do they??

    I have been rather busy these days. New job, packing up and moving to a new state. Even though I still follow this show vigourisly, I haven't had time to log on and share my opinion but after I heard about the third brother storyline, I made an exception!! This episode had me hooked from start to finish. I was a little edgy when I first heard about a possible third Winchester but i knew it would all work out in the end. In this episode, we are introduced to Adam, Johns third son whom Sam and Dean never knew about. I loved Deans first reactions about Adam and how Sam was ready and willing to start training him to become a hunter. We are also introduced to a new type of baddie, the ghouls, who make shapeshifters look like puppy dogs. I was really sad when Adam was revealed dead. I wasn't expecting him to be a real winchester and it was too bad Sam and Dean never got to meet the real Adam. My one big complaint about all this was what is up with Sam always getting knocked around by the minor baddies. He's got enough juice to take on Lilith and Alastair but still gets his butt handed to him by ghouls and ghosts. The comment the ghouls made about Sams blood was interesting though. Can't wait to see all that pan out. Overall, a very interesting episode and as I said before it was too bad about Adam. Who knows, maybe in the end, the Angels will bring him back as a thank you to Dean for fighting the Apocalypse. It could happen!! Talk to you guys later!!
  • Eric Kripke is a God!

    Talk about a sick and unexpected twist. This is why I love this show. Kripke knows how to keep us coming back for more. Ghouls? Gruesome! Many fans were freaking out about introducing a brother in to the mix. Think soap opera cheesy. But I knew there had be something else going on. Kripke does not do cheese. He certainly delivered a great episode tonight. It was brutal and sad but perfect Supernatural. My son is going to have a hard time getting in to his bed for the next few nights.

    Let's hope all that demon blood got drained out of Sam.
    (wishful thinking)
  • The boys discover a long lost brother... and emotions ensue.

    okay I liked the kid... sorry but I did. Totally diggin on the fact that the mom was a nurse... for my own personal reasons...tchihihihihi

    Dean you throw scissors because you KNEW Sammy was gonna throw paper and you wouldn't have him risk a damned thing no matter what! If you could help it. Ahhh trust in Krip to give it to us both ways... uhhhh... anyway... on a pleasantly positive note... I'm glad there really were no 'tells' until the 11th hour, way to keep us hooked... who wrote this ep?... ahh newbies... anyway, it was well done. ... now that all is said and done... though I did expect (as did most of us) some kind of supernatural headeffery... I'm glad that Adam turned out to be their brother... and I'm glad he's not going to be a regular character... it would seriously screw with the dynamic of the show. Now on another note... Nevermore and I were talking last night about the possibilities and potentialities of it all and while we both agreed that it was entirely plausible that john could certainly have had a bastard son, and both of us were uncertain as to what this could mean for the boys... I don't think that either of us believe that Krip would sledgehammer us with this. So for that I'm grateful. We also talked about the role reversal between Sam and Dean, she said that (esp given the commercial) it wasn't surprising that Sam would kinda take the kid under his wing while Dean would try to deter him from hunting. Again I simply agreed, of course for the sake of literary symmetry. Loved how Dean got out of the underground crypt... a little gymnastics sweetie... mmm you can do giants on my bar any time. :D ahem anyway... *scrathes head* I have to say I got really pissed at John... taking this kid to ball games, spending time with him, trying to give him 'normal' when all he did (and I'm sure he knew it which is probably why he tried so hard to keep Adam out of it) was F*** up the lives of his first two boys... I couldn't help but get completely irate on behalf of our beloved boys. Seriously made me want to B***H smack John left, right, up and down! And I LOVE that Dean called Sam on his similarity to John, something that we all knew... I also find it more than just a little interesting that now Sam 'takes it as a compliment' where Dean is beginning to understand that he has his own destiny that has very little to do with how many ways he emulated john. anyway...uh... so while this ep was good, and really well done with delicate matter I'm looking very much forward to next weeks' ep *pouts* I want my Cas... BRING HIM BACK! As always my beloved boys, beautifully done... Jensen, you did a great job, as always, knocking it out of the park with the looks of stolid determination, hurt and contemplative resignation. (I feel for your girl, she must have great difficulty reading you sometimes, wondering who is the man and who is the actor). Jared, you handled the surprises and turnaround very well, though I have to wonder sometimes... just how much Sam really feels and just how adept he is at compartmentalization... OOOH speaking of which... LOVED IT when the chick Gouhl said, "His blood tastes different!" Awesome and wonderful little bit of detail! Woulda been good though to see Sam closer to having bled out... or used his power to slow the dripping... something tiny just to hint to us fans... course... that's just me... whatever. Thanks to Krip and Krew. and yes, Special Love to my boys.
  • wow can I say wow sam and dean find out adam was there brother turned out it was a goul that killed their real brother sam was almost eaten he lost so much blood the lady said his blood tasted different because he has demon blood wonder what will happen!!

    wow can I say wow what an episode sam and dean find out that adam was their brother even though it turned out it was a goul that had actually killed their real brother if Dean and Sam see john in spirit would they ask him about adam. The lady goul said sam's blood tasted different well that is because Sam has demon blood thanks to yellow eyes and Ruby can't wait to see what happen next to the winchesters only two more episodes until the big season final can't wait to see the final and even though it will be along wait until season five begins its worth the wait!