Season 3 Episode 12

Jus In Bello

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on The CW

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  • Great episode! Loved every minute!

    This felt like a good mix between Gunfight at O.K. Corral and the sprinkler scene in Constantine. Honestly the entire series shares similar themes with westerns. The action in this episode was right on; it had great energy and a nice rhythm. And the mass exorcism was genius.

    Henricksen is one of my favorite characters. He's strong, brave, and definitely sexy. I love how he remained calm and took control of the situation while the other members of the law freaked. I was sad to see him go of course, but the writers seem to have a good sense of when to kill off a character. I couldn't imagine them being able to use him again (except as a spirit in the 4th season, but I'm still not sure I liked that).
  • The boys are finally captured by the intrepid FBI agent.

    Assault on Pricint 13 meets X-File. An exceptional episode with excellent acting, writing, and plotting. This season is getting better and better every episode. The producers are not batting greater then 500. I will miss one of the actors who is killed in the one of the last scenes. There is a new kid (!) in town, Lilith, and is she a little dickens. The ending was unexpected, which is exactly what the seres needs more of. I can only hope that the series will progress on equal footing with this episode. I do miss Bobby, have him guest more often.
  • The Virgin.

    This episode was so amazing. I loved this episode. Bella & Ruby were in this episode. Bella sucks! I cannot believe she sold them out. I thought we weren't going to see Bella again but we did. Ruby again livened up the episode with her quirky remarks. Sam & Dean in jail again. I'm glad this is the closing episode with the whole jail sequence. Lillith is introduced. The beginning of the end. I really liked how at the end, everybody died so now the jail sequence is over forever. I can't wait till the next episode. The episode before the writers strike.
  • This episode was awesome!

    Jus In Bello is my favourite episode. You would think it would be a bit like Folsom Prison Blues, with it mainly being about the brothers trying to break out, with a spirit or demon tossed into the mix. But it's a hell of a lot different. It's about them unwillingly being taken in, due to being set up by Bela, the jerk who stole the Colt. While they are there, not one, not two, but thirty demons wait for them outside. When Ruby shows up on the scene, she reveals to Dean what Tammi revealed to Sam in Malleus Maleficarum, that there was a new leader rising among the demons that wanted Sam dead.
  • Series classic.. Almost like Croatoan from Season 2 with even MORE intensity.

    What can I say about this episode that hasn't been said? This is an absolute gem of an episode, one that contains a little bit of everything, but most of all, a drive forward on the season plot. Sam and Dean end up getting screwed over once again by Bela, which ultimately leads to Agent Henricksen finding them and arresting them. However, things take an unexpecting turn after a slew of demons raid the prison they're being held, resulting in an epic standoff.

    This episode has great structure, a great plot, and some new questions: Who is Lilith? Based on the final scene of the episode, she's one hell of a villain for the brothers to face. Also, seeing Ruby step up as help for Sam and Dean was interesting. This episode seemed to almost set the following episodes in place.

    There really isn't any criticism to be given about the episode. Twists and turns, good acting and superb writing.. this episode really did have it all.
  • Lilith's first appearance

    Once one knows what Lilith's plan was all along, one can't help but feel awe considering how subtle and clever the writers were. For Sam to really believe that he was destined to stop Lucifer's rising by killing Lilith, and - more important - that he was the only one capable of such a feat, Lilith had to go a great length to convince him so, to attentively cover her tracks and dissimulate her real intentions by letting even her minions believe that Sam Winchester must die. So she convinced Bela to stole the Colt and, after Sam and Dean were captured by Agent Henricksen, she sent her hordes laying siege to Monument Police Station, Colorado, to set up the masquerade of her wanting Sam's intestines on a stick (Ruby's words, not mine): if Dean were to be killed, good, since he was bound to hell anyway. The plan is clever and labyrinthine enough to be believable for a demonic entity whose mind is surely twisted and perverted (see "No Rest For The Wicked", 3.16, for confirmation). The episode - thanks to Sera Gamble's script, always witty and rich, and Phil Sgriccia's direction (he is just perfect for direct action-packed episodes) - is incredibly intense and very emotional. Sam's slow but stead change is clever portrayed in his agreement with Ruby's plan (a made-up plan, I'm pretty sure), while Dean - after realizing what his end is going to be - is starting more and more the reveal his deeply human side, his moral compass and his compassion. The end of the episode, with Little Lilith come to the prison, is just plain scary. "Jus in Bello" would have been an awesome end of season (due to the writers' strike), but fortunately for us we still have four episodes to go!
  • I liked this episode well enough, but thought it didn't live up to the hype.

    I'm a huge fan of this show, and heard all the hype about this episode long before I saw it, but I felt it was a little overrated. I had major problems accepting the plot. Why was it such a big deal Nancy being a virgin? And if it was such a big deal, wasn't it a little fortuitous that the only spell Ruby knew to save the situation involved sacrificing a virgin and hey presto there a virgin was? And even with Sam behaving all out of character I didn't buy his being keen on Ruby's idea. War or not, it's not okay - kids, don't do sacrifices. Still, like I said, for me this episode followed on the heels of a lot of hype and 'Mystery Spot' which I thought was fantastic, so it had too much to live up to. I wanted to give it an 8, but I loved Dean's sheriff/deputy quip and the bit with Lilith at the end, and Henricksen in this episode was just outstanding.
  • Agent Henricksen captures Sam and Dean, but a large group of demons surround the small jail to try and kill the brothers.

    Wow! What a great episode! This kind of action is the reason I watch the show. This episode is the best supernatural episode yet. We get our first look at Lilith in this episode, and I was pretty shocked to discover that Lilith is only a little kid, but of course, she's a demon, but she's still evil. The only problem I have with this episode is Ruby. I like the character and all, but they could have gotten a better actress to play her. When the brothers were fighting all of the demons at once was so cool, and original. I hope that more of the supernatural episodes are like this one.
  • Must see television

    Amazing episode. Eat this Heroes. Eat this everything. Seriously, Supernatural with such little budget pulls off an episode like this - and not even for the first time - im amazed.

    This had it all. Suspense, excitement, character development, humor, ACTION and twists.

    The seasons' darker than the first two, and this is very obvious now. The war has kicked in full gear and that means lots of people dying. I was sad to see Henriksen go, just as Gordon in an earlier episode. I was also surprised how they just killed off everyone in the end, that was really surprising(and good!)

    The action scene was one of the best ever, I was seriously in suspense there, ver well executed.

    Ruby was awesome too, she's just a great characte.r I love her so so so so so much more than Bela. Kate Cassidy is so sweet.

    Lilith - now thats another story. Anyway, time to cut it short; I've the next episode to watch!
  • Fantastic episode, really wonderful!

    I loved this episode so much. It's definitely one of my all time favorite episodes. I love the action and the fighting the demons and the humor in some scenes. And my all time favorite scene, which I pretty sure everyone loved, is when we saw Sam and Dean pull down their shirts and we saw they had tattoos. One scene I liked was when Henrickson realized that Sam and Dean were telling the truth about what they do. In my opinion, this is the best episode this season. I loved Dean's comments. Like "But you did not shoot the deputy." Or the one about them being so awesome and having a contract on them. Dean's comments are always funny and great. Overall, this episode was extremely well written and all of the actors did a fantastic job.
  • This is the episode where they introduce Lilith short intro but you get the big picture.... that little demon whore.

    Well this one was a personal favorite. Well crafted and plotted. Kripke is a genious! Another amazing episode i really liked this episode it showed great promise, it introduced Lilttle a demon who wants Sam dead because she wants to be "Queen" and lead every demon in hell as well as those on earth that are possesing human beigns., etc. So this is when they introduce her, a very short intro but enough to show how powerful and dangerous she is, all from a little girl who seems so inocent, but really is not. This is a demon war where Dean and Sam are in a police station because Hendrikson arrests them after finding them. and Hendrikson finally realizes that the brothers arent bad at all and are acutally a helping hand.
  • This is why I watch Supernatural!

    This is why I watch Supernatural! After season 1 I was wondering how the writers would keep this show from getting dull. After season 2 I thought the same thing. I dont know how but this just keeps getting better and this episode is one of the best so far. Sam has learned that a demon name Liluth wants him dead cuz she thinks he wants to lead the demon army. After being caught by the FBI agen hendrickson in Colorado some of Liluth's followers come after Sam and Dean. Hendrickson finally realizes there are demons and releases the brothers to try and stay alive. They succeed and Hendrickson lets them go and is going to report to the FBI that they are dead so they won't be chased anymore by the FBI. After Sam and Dean leave Liluth learns that the boys have slipped away and kills Hendrickson among others. This episode had humor, action and another twist in the plot that just keeps getting better each episode. If you do not watch this show you should start from episode #1 and see them all. You will not be disappointed.
  • As perfect as it gets!

    The only thing wrong with this episode was a tad less combat in the police station than I personally would have liked! Other than that, as perfect as possible!

    Awesome setup leads to an awesome middle act and a splendid finale. Right from the off, its action, action and more action as the bros. get captured. You can rely on their wit to make the best of the situation as one problem slips aside for a very, very dangerous one to replace it!

    As usual the witty remarks and banter lighten the dark mood and cuts all character with a refreshing light of realism, removing any hint of cliche.

    I honesty got sucked into this episode a lot that I got alot of predicts wrong as to how the plot would unfold. To that end I say dont bother trying to forsee, just sit back and expect, magic, murder and mayhem to paint themselves on the screen for your exclusive entertainment. A series classic and one of the very best examples of this show.

    A definite DONT miss!
  • Yikes it's a creepy little girl!

    Yikes it's a creepy little girl! Seriously, after you've had a huge all out fight with demons, partnering up with some of the two best hunters in the galaxy, and then a random little girl comes up and asks for them, you run. You run like hell and don't look back. But I guess thats also why Nancy was a virgin receptionist.
    On the plus side, we got an exclusive sneek peak at the bad attitude our new big baddie posseses. And all it cost us was a couple of FBI agents? Now THAT is what a call a good day.
    Also, Sam and Dean have new found freedom, know the name of the baddie, and of course, Deans still standing.
    SO it all sounds good, right? *scoff* well, ITS SUPERNATURAL. And I think thats all you need to know when it comes to thinking there's a happy eneding. The way i phrased it was... wrong. There actually was a bit of a cliffhangar.
    Hendrickson saw the light: Even though it took a monster being crammed down his throat till he finally opened his eyes. I thought it would be greta to have an inside man. But Lilith AKA Super B!tch had to have her way.
    And we also have the misfortune to discover that Bella has the Colt beyond a shadow of a doubt. Not only ta=hat, she also seems to know EXACTLY what to do with it. And for once it doesn't include pawning it off to the highest bidder.
    All in all? I think the series has OFFICIALLY begun.
  • This episode was epic.

    I am just blown away with how much Supernatural is delivering lately. This episode reminded me of "Dawn of the Dead" or something, it made me realize that when they said "war" it was really going to be war. I appreciated lots of things that happened in this episode. The ending with the revealing of Sam's replacement was amazing, I totally didn't expect it and it got me by surprise, I was ready to drop my jaw. I also like the humor in this episode, which Dean delivered once again, he just can't fail to make me laugh out loud. I might give this show the award for the season.
  • Satisfying enough.

    Sam and Dean are finally arrested after breaking into Bella's apartment to find the colt. She turns them in and the FBI agent Hendrickson finally catches up with them much to his satisfaction. It certainly is exciting and looks probably the most impressive so far. When the demons are swarming the prison it looks fantastic and genuinly shocking. There are even explosions that look real enough and the special effects are at an all time high in this episode. I do like the whole set up as well and it reminds me slightly of 'Dawn of the Dead' where there all trapped in the building and surrounded by zombies, which are replaced by demons in this version. I think what Supernatural as a show tend to borrow ideas from famous horror films but do it in there own style. There are good moments of suspence and the action is exciting and well filmed. The humour is there but is handled well and kept to a bare minimum so that the seriousness of the situation seems real. How they exorcise the demons is also clever and well thought up and is a decent climax to the episode. It's a shame everyone had to die in the end but it makes you realsie that the new leading demon means buisness! Ruby seems a little to keen to sacrifise herslef but is now proving to be more of an ali to the brothers instead of an enemy. It is an impressive episode overall with spectacular speacial effects, exciting action scenes and a good development on the storyline. If only more episodes could be more like this instead of going stupid on the comedy side of the show. This episode had just the right balance and thats what made it good. I hope the writers realsie that we want to see more episodes like this and that they should cut back on the humour just a tad.
  • Could have been the penultimate episode of the season

    Wow wow wow wow wow!!!

    What an episode! The special effects were superb and the sound effects were astounding. Back to the was a dark eppy, very good premise, well thought out with a fantastic ending raisng the question and mystery that is Lillith.

    It starts when FBI Agent Henricksen finally captures Sam and Dean, but is caught in the middle when a horde of demons descends on the small-town jail to eliminate the brothers and the workers of the holding cell fight for their lives as the realisation of their predicament hits home. An unexpected face returns in the form of Ruby, who is kickass by the way, comes to save them all with a plan none of them like. Love her attitude and isn't Bela a piece of work? Possession is bad for the soul...
  • This episode should be rated between 9 and 9.8 because its been the best episode so far in Season 3.

    I just loved this episode with Dean and Sam, and Ruby. i liked when Dean says to Sam we need to talk. Then dean says Im not letting a sweet innocent girl who hasn't even been laid die. I really like Ruby the demon compared to Bella the rich **** I would really like to see Sam and Bella and Dean and Ruby. I think that Ruby and Dean would be good because she's tough like him. While as Sam is better with Bella. Like in that episode where Sam is dreaming of Bella coming to the hotel and making out with him.
  • New demon around! And what a demon!

    Excellent episode!!
    I "loved" the new demon, Lilith...They did a great job putting her as a little girl...even more scary!!
    I'm curious to know what's Bella going to do with the Colt, if she wont sell it! Either she is a hunter or she works for one! There is no other reason!

    I think one think didn't make sense...they didn't want anyone to be killed, right? So, they opened the doors and started to shoot people! Okay, they were demons, but damaging the body, will kill the people too! The best was take Nancy's heart out, just like Ruby said , only one death(and we saw in the end it was what should have done!)

    Will the show really going to end?? It's soo good right now!!
    I cant wait to see the next episode...Lost only returns on april 24 as well! that's so bad!
  • Fantastic eppy!!

    I loved this episode. For one, Agent Hendrickson was back on the scene, and after a personal experience getting possessed he is made a believer of te supernatural. Dean and Sam are set-up by... wait for it... Bela. While looking for the Colt they are caught and arrested. While waiting to be transported and arraigned, the jail is targeted by an army of demons. All hell breaks loose after Dean is shot, Ruby gets all cranky about the boys' supposed incompetence after she learns the Colt is gone and a virgin almost has heart cut-out of her chest. Unwilling to sacrifice a innocent person Dean proposes another plan, different from Ruby's. In the end though, the boys go with Dean's plan to stand and fight and then perform a mass exorcism. This plan would have worked perfectly because it involved no deaths but when one demon escapes, he goes to tell Lilith, the new big bad demon who wants the Winchesters dead. And when Lilith shows up, a LOT of innocent people die... actually everyone died. Can't wait to see what happens with Lilith, and whether she'll get her hands on our boys. But this episode was flat-out awesome, lot's of revealing.
  • So... demons and jail and Lilith, oh my!

    I loved this episode. For one, Agent Hendrickson was back on the scene, and after a personal experience getting possessed he is made a believer of te supernatural. Dean and Sam are set-up by... wait for it... Bela. While looking for the Colt they are caught and arrested. While waiting to be transported and arraigned, the jail is targeted by an army of demons. All hell breaks loose after Dean is shot, Ruby gets all cranky about the boys' supposed incompetence after she learns the Colt is gone and a virgin almost has heart cut-out of her chest. Unwilling to sacrifice a innocent person Dean proposes another plan, different from Ruby's. In the end though, the boys go with Dean's plan to stand and fight and then perform a mass exorcism. This plan would have worked perfectly because it involved no deaths but when one demon escapes, he goes to tell Lilith, the new big bad demon who wants the Winchesters dead. And when Lilith shows up, a LOT of innocent people die... actually everyone died. Can't wait to see what happens with Lilith, and whether she'll get her hands on our boys. But this episode was flat-out awesome, lot's of revealing.
  • So... demons and jail and Lilith, oh my!

    I loved this episode. For one, Agent Hendrickson was back on the scene, and after a personal experience getting possessed he is made a believer of te supernatural. Dean and Sam are set-up by... wait for it... Bela. While looking for the Colt they are caught and arrested. While waiting to be transported and arraigned, the jail is targeted by an army of demons. All hell breaks loose after Dean is shot, Ruby gets all cranky about the boys' supposed incompetence after she learns the Colt is gone and a virgin almost has heart cut-out of her chest. Unwilling to sacrifice a innocent person Dean proposes another plan, different from Ruby's. In the end though, the boys go with Dean's plan to stand and fight and then perform a mass exorcism. This plan would have worked perfectly because it involved no deaths but when one demon escapes, he goes to tell Lilith, the new big bad demon who wants the Winchesters dead. And when Lilith shows up, a LOT of innocent people die... actually everyone died. Can't wait to see what happens with Lilith, and whether she'll get her hands on our boys. But this episode was flat-out awesome, lot's of revealing.
  • What an interesting, exciting episode. I loved the desperate siege mentality, these are the sort of situations in which the Winchester brothers show their quality. And I also loved the use of Deans wonderfully inappropriate moments of levity!

    Shades of FPB with the brothers capture, but instead of them engineering it so they could work on a case, Bela was behind it. Even though Bela did give Dean and Sam up to the Feds, you can see the writers are opening up her storyline slowly and trying to make her character more sympathetic. She obviously has a reason for taking the colt, other than wanting to sell it! Probably to avenge someone and/or redeem herself, something she has to do on her own. We still don't know exactly what crime she committed to make herself a target in RSAM. Whatever her reasons she felt the need to take Dean and Sam out of the picture while she does it, and she knew that nothing short of capture and incarceration would stop the Winchesters from coming after the colt. It is a pity she is so proud and closed off emotionally, she could do a lot worse than including Dean and Sam in her plans. I can see her needing their help (again) somewhere down the track (and maybe, with her access to ancient supernatural artifacts, she may be able to help them out as well, hopefully with no strings attached!)

    It was also great to see Agent Henrickson again, so completely cocky and sure of himself (kind of a 'Dean' version of a G-man!) At last he has captured two of his most elusive adversaries ('The most dangerous criminals you've ever laid your eyeballs on! Think Hannibal Lector and his half-wit little brother!') Pity he could only manage it by having them served up to him on a silver platter, even bigger pity that they are the good guys! It was also fun to see Peter DeLuise as FBI Deputy Director Steven Groves, (loved him in 21 Jump Street!lol! he is involved in so many projects, in front of, and behind the cameras, writing, producing, directing most notably StargateSG1 and Atlantis, KyleXY, Jeremiah and many others! that it is a real joy to see him do a guest spot on Supernatural) pity he didn't last very long though. Except for hindsight (watching a second time his comment about the brothers being a major pain in the ass, made even more sense than being just a throw away line before I knew he was a demon) I had no idea he was possessed and it really shocked me when he shot Dean! Poor baby, that shoulder always takes a pounding! (BUABS anyone? Youch!) Loved Sams ability to recite the exorcism ritual off-by-heart. Once the Devils trap was opened and the horde of demons escaped both he and Dean would have known learning these rituals would come in handy. Being the A grade student he is it would have been much easier for Sam to memorise them than Dean. Even though Deans motivation is strong, you have to remember that he hasn't got the study training that Sam has or the extra motivation of the specific demonic threat that he feels is aimed squarely at him. Of course, Dean is in just as much, or more danger, (the anti-Sam demons have shown they are willing to kill him and the ones who are pro-Sammy would also want to kill him and get him out of the way!) You can really see how heavily his possible demonic connections are weighing on Sams mind by the skill and determination with which he recalls these words.

    I loved Deans reaction, when he and Sam realise the demons are after them. Even though they are in big, big trouble, severely outnumbered, trapped like rats, he can still see an upside, the look of delight on his face when tries to cheer Sam up a little is gorgeous 'It's like we got a contract on us. Think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's 'cause we're so awesome.'!!!lol! yes Dean, you are sooooo awesome! Love how the writers use his cute, confident humour to ease the tension. You know that Dean doesn't want Sammy to worry, after all the horror they have both been through, it is very sweet that he still feels so protective of his little brother! And you can see Sam is feeling the same way about Dean, especially when Henrickson is taunting them. At first Sam slouches back pretending not to be affected, but when Henrickson starts in on John and Sam knows this is Deans achilles heel, he rises to back up Dean. Also liked their entrance to the station earlier. Dean, of course, notices the pretty girl (and her name), and after seeing her fear, he tries to ease her mind in the short time it takes to walk past. And Sam sees something even more interesting, taking note of the rosary she carries. When he mugged her later on I was as surprised as Dean, I thought he lost himself a possible ally by tricking her like that, but when I saw why he'd done it I could have slapped my forehead.'D'oh! Liked the shades of 'Salvation', using the rosary to bless the toilet water (not as impressive as the water tank, but just as effective!) It worked well in the 'Magnificent Seven' when Dean used it on 'Lust' as well. But to me the 'Salvation' moment will always be the best! (Gee, I still miss John so much!, he was awesome too Dean.)

    Poor Henrickson having a demon all up inside him and all! I guess this was the only way a hardass like him could be convinced the supernatural world exists, experiencing the violation first hand! Once again its time to exorcise the demon, Sam's strength, silver tongue and A-grade memory combining with Deans brute force and determination. And straight afterward one of my favourite moments of the episode. The most wonderfully inappropriate opportunity for Dean to shine! Loved his little exchange with Henrickson. Poor Agent Henrickson dazed and in shock, realising what he had done 'I shot the sheriff' and Dean just can't resist 'but you didn't shoot the deputy' OMG!! Classic! I still have a little laugh each time I think of that moment and see the cute slightly embarrassed look on Deans face! SO perfect! So Dean! And the look on Sam's face was classic too! Heehee poor baby, he is exhausted and they are all in deep 'you know what' and still Dean can find the fun, (he has to, or it would get to him as well, humour is a great defence mechanism and can clear the mind of all those bad thoughts and make way for some reasoning) This is exactly why Sam needs Dean (among many other reasons!) otherwise he would be swamped in a mire of horror, pain and death. This is exactly why we need Dean!(like I said among many reasons!) Then Ruby appears, gee, the gangs all here this ep (only missing Bobby, and I'd take him over Ruby any day) The fact Sam didn't mention the new demon power rising in the west to Dean is another example of how worried Sam is about his possible connection to the demons and what could be his destiny. He doesn't want Dean worrying about him again, like he did in Season 2 when Azazel was after him, Dean has enough on his plate as it is. Plus he probably doesn't want Dean to think he is a 'freak' either and Sam doesn't want to entertain that thought either.

    You can see Sam has made a connection with Ruby, buying into her offer to sacrifice herself to save him,(and as a consequence also, Dean and the humans inside and outside the police station, except of course for Nancy!) He was ready, reluctantly, to go along with her plan even though it meant killing an innocent person. You could see he was wrestling with his conscience, looking to Dean for some kind of approval. Luckily he has Dean as an unflinching moral compass (as far as hunting goes anyway!) Dean is horrified that Sam would even think of agreeing. Of course Rubys plan has its merits and logic, the good of the many outweighs the good of the few (or in this case one!) very 'Scarecrow' of her! But if Dean and Sam had succumbed to this ruthless possibility how would it have changed them. Once you go down that path, playing God, choosing who should live and who should die, where does it end? Dean, and the Sam of old, would never consider giving into such a plan (especially when it is put on the table by a demon) And luckily for Sam, Deans resolve never wavered. His concern for Nancy was very real and his surprise at her status was very funny! Dean: (laughing) Nobody's a virgin! (slowly everyone turns to look at Nancy)
    Dean: No.. No way! You're kidding me, right? You're..?
    Nancy: What? It's a choice, okay!

    Then he got all protective and chivalrous and very sweet……

    Dean: Nobody kill any virgins!

    Dean: I'm not going to let that demon kill some poor sweet innocent little girl, who hasn't even been laid. If that's how you win wars, I don't want to win. Hmm…… this line and a line from Deans conversation with Henrickson 'Honestly, I think the world's going to end bloody. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices. I choose to go down swingin'.' Really make me think, especially in relation to the name of this episode Jus In Bello (Justice in War)

    Found this interesting explanation on the net: (The rules of jus in bello (or justice in war) serve as guidelines for fighting well once war has begun. Some maintain that morality does not exist in warfare, and therefore object to just war theory. War is hell, the argument goes, and one is entitled to do whatever is necessary to ensure victory for one's own side. Just war theory, on the other hand, sets forth a moral framework for warfare and rejects the notion that "anything goes" during times of war. Belligerent armies are entitled to try to win, but they cannot do anything that is, or seems, necessary to achieve victory.[1] There are restraints on the extent of harm, if any, that can be done to noncombatants, and restraints on the weapons of war.[2] These restraints aim to limit war once it has begun.) How can these ideals be held to when you are fighting a war against creatures who have no such conscience? Is it possible for Dean and Sam (and the other hunters) to win the war against the demons without losing their humanity and honour in the process? How could they live with themselves if they abandon these rules and would they even want to? Or can Dean and Sam win the war and still hold on to their principles, using their wits and heart? Will their humanity and love and loyalty to each other be the very thing that gives them the strength to defeat the evil they face? Will God give them the strength or send someone to help them? Did he send Ruby? Even though she is a demon, did God give her the strength to hold on to her humanity for just this reason, to help Sam and Dean? Or was she sent by someone else? Is Ruby being a demon going to be what helps them win this battle? She knows what lengths and horrors demons are capable of, she has seen hell! Will she have to be the one to make the hard decisions when Sam and Deans humanity gets in the way? Woah! Too many questions, but very interesting to think about! Sorry guys, getting mega side tracked! Anyway back to the episode! where was I ..oh yeah Dean! And his protectiveness towards Nancy, he is a true champion!ahhhh! And his idea turned out to be so much more than just 'Open the doors, let them all in, and we fight.' It was very smart, yeh Dean! His plan was very full on, just like Dean, brave, a little reckless(but he has faith in himself and the fact that he is doing the right thing!) and very clever! He loves a good fight (he'll go down swingin') and obviously it is a lot easier to kill a possessed person than a defenceless one. He can see the sense in it, it is kill or be killed. Not just standing by and letting an innocent human sacrifice herself. Especially when he would feel partially responsible for bringing the whole mess down on her, himself.

    All his life he has been taught to protect people from evil, it is one of the main reasons he is a hunter, and continues being a hunter even after all the pain he and his family has endured (there are countless examples of this, but one of the most poignant are the events played out in 'What Is And What Should Never Be! Still one of THE BEST eps ever!)

    Sam on the other hand tends to lead with his head rather than his heart and can see the merit in Rubys plan. It also helps that he is petrified of what he may become, so the prospect of killing all those demons outside and avoiding any more frightening revelations and/or confrontations, along with saving with saving most of the innocent people, is very tempting. Luckily his loyalty and trust in Dean is stronger than any of these other concerns. He has great faith in his big brother. A fact which annoys Ruby massively! I guess we have to take Rubys offer at face value, she seemed sincere, however heartless. (she certainly hasn't got all the good human traits working for her as yet, but then she is a demon and has endured many years in hell, so you wouldn't expect her to be all sunshine and roses! And a lot of humans aren't all that nice either!) But I'm not sure whether I totally believe she was ready to die. This could have been a test to see how far Sam was willing to go, whether he was ready to let go a little of his humanity to get the job done. Therefore making it easier for Ruby to chip away at it, until he is eventually ready to take his place leading the army of demons! She was severely pissed at Dean for ruining her plans. Maybe just because she can't fully comprehend Deans objections, she sees his inability to accept the logic of her plan as a weakness, or maybe because she can see the faith Sam has in Dean and she realises he has the ability to continue to frustrate her efforts.

    This makes me think of Mystery Spot (which originally came after Jus In Bello in the airing schedule) Even though she asked for Deans help in MM, because she saw and appreciated his ruthless killing of Tammi, she is sick of Deans honourable side and the influence he has on Sam. Not that Sam is not honourable, but he is confused and fearful which makes him vulnerable. And if Dean wasn't in the way, or the idea he could be saved wasn't something Sam was clinging to, Sam would be more open to her influence. If this is the case the sooner he is dead the better for her and she would want to break Sams resolve to save Dean. She could have easily persuaded the Trickster to help her. He would enjoy killing Dean (returning the favour from Tall Tales) as well as the challenge and malevolent mischief involved in messing with Sams mind. Or if it wasn't Ruby, any other demon would have revelled in Sams pain. But I think the demons who want him dead would not be so subtle, they just want him dead. But maybe a broken Sam is as good as dead because he would be vulnerable.

    Even though at the end of the episode we see Ruby all self righteous, practically oozing 'I told you so'. There are no guarantees her plan would have worked much better. She said, strike quickly, leave no one to call for reinforcements, as if it was one of the demons outside (maybe the one who got past Nancy) that let Lilith know where they were, but before Ruby had even arrived, the demon possessing Henrickson (and to a lesser extent the one possessing the FBI Deputy Director) told Sam he had gotten the word out about their location. Lilith knew where they were and was on her way before Ruby even thought up her plan! And there is no indication that Lilith would have shown any more mercy had they gone through with Rubys plan, in fact she probably would have been even more ruthless. The only difference would have been that Dean and Sam would have both been eaten up with guilt. And once you start abandoning hope and whats right, it is easy to convince yourself that other reprehensible acts are necessary for the 'greater good'.

    The worst thing about the ending, apart form the horrible deaths of course, was that now Sam and Dean are left with doubts about the course of action they took. Will they take more notice of Rubys suggestions in the future and can they trust her motives. Even if she is serious about wanting to save Sam, there is still the question why? If she wants him to take his place leading the demon army, she will definitely want him to renounce all his human goodness and embrace a more ruthless, selfish attitude. Also where does this leave Dean? If he keeps getting in the way, will she care if he dies? She wanted Dean to help her toughen up Sam, but instead he is an anchor for his conscience.

    I know killing Henrickson at the end made the horror and senselessness of what happened even more devastating, but I can't help feeling a little jipped. He would have made one damn fine hunter! And from the way he spoke to Dean, I definitely thought that was where he was heading (maybe Lilith sensed that too?) Once Henrickson found out the truth, he and Dean had a nice bonding moment (like soldiers before a battle) and we could see how similar their outlooks on life and personalities were.

    Liliths appearance was interesting (has Eric had a bad experience with spooky little girls, they seem to be a recurring theme, 'Provenance', 'AHBL 1', 'TKAA'?) I know it is not a new concept to juxtapose the image of a sweet innocent girl with the fact that she is actually all encompassing evil, and there is a reason it is a popular choice, because it works so well! And whats the deal with the white eyes? Does this mean she is even more powerful than ol' yellow eyes? From the impressive way she destroyed the police station I'd say the answer could be yes! Also could Lilith be the big bad that holds Deans contract? Now that is a scary thought!

    Hopefully the mojo bags Ruby gave the boys will do the job she has promised. Of course she wants to keep Sam alive until he is ready for who knows what. And Dean could still be useful, even if she doesn't care that much about his life, she knows he will always be wherever Sam is and she doesn't want to have to confront Lilith until Sam has embraced whatever power he has. He must have some heavy duty power coming for a demon as powerful as Lilith to see him as a threat.

    Just one more small (or maybe not so small thing) did you notice the way Dean looked up at the end of the episode. Like he was looking up to God. As if to say, what do we have to do to win this war? After HOTH he has proof of Gods existence and this little look seemed to be a confirmation of his belief! And his hope for some assistance!

    Oh and I didn't mention the tatts, very cool and very smart, just hope that breaking the skin and rupturing the tattoo (similar to how Bobby burned and broke the binding lock in BUABS) isn't a way for a demon to get inside them! Woah! The rest of Season 3 and the upcoming Season 4 promise big things, can't wait! (heres a couple of slight spoilers I just found on the net, next ep coming up is apparently called Ghostfacers and brings back our 'ghostbusters' from Season 1 'Hell House', and then ep. 14 is called Long Distance Caller, also heard some very disturbing hints about the finale, it takes place on Deans last day and to say I am freaking out is a bit of an understatement! Won't say anymore, not that I know that much anyway, but check out Supernatural Spoilers if you want to know more.)

    Until we get the remaining Season 3 episodes, I will have to satisfy my Supernatural cravings revisiting some older eps. I think I am up to 'What Is And What Should Never Be' in my umpteenth replaying of Season 1,2 and 3. Woohoo! As I said earlier, still one of my absolute favourites, better get out the tissues too, this one always makes me cry! (I might have to buy them in bulk just in case the finale does what I am dreading! My mind is working overtime at the moment and I have the tears in my eyes to prove it! OMG!)

    This was seriously like the most amazing SPN episode i have seen so far! OMG it was soo hardcore! and FREAKING hilarious. LOVED IT!!!!! The part where hunricksen says "i shot the sherrif..." and this dean said "but you didnt shoot the deputy.." OMG i KNEW he was gonn say that! but ruby seriously suckes at acting. she tries to be witty and cynical, but it's just not working out. and i effing HATE bella for stealing their colt in a time of need! And lilith is a CLASSIC evil person. like a small, cute, little girl, is the exorcist all over again!
  • Bela tips off Henrickson and cathces up with Sam and Dean. While locked up sworm of demons come for the Boys. Ruby try's to help, but the Boys figure out their own way and battle it out with the deamons with the help of Hendrickson.

    This epsiode is now on my top favorites list of this season. Bela tipping Henrickson, then finding and locking up the boys. Bela is in deep with the Winchester Boys now. I loved the whole story line. The fact that the boys finally got Henrickson on their side was pretty cool. In a way Dean and Henrickson had a lot common. I rolled with laughter when Henrickson said I shot the sherrif. Then Dean went but you didn't shoot the deputy so funny. Ruby trying to fix the problem but the boys wouldn't go for it. The characters in this episode were awsome. Nancy was hilarious. The ending wasn't what I expected but now we know there's a new player in town. All in all this episode was amazing. Great work guys.
  • We see old faces and new ones.

    High impact episode. Bela has the colt and has the boys in cuffs! Agent Hendrikson is tipped to the boys' where-a-bouts and finally catches up with Sam & Dean. Small town USA is forced to house "the most dangerous criminals you've ever laid your eyes on". The station is then attacked by demons. The most we've seen at one time so far. Agent Hendrikson finally realizes that Sam and Dean are not the bad guys and teams with them to take down the demons. Lots of action, one mass exorcism, a few new tattoos and the introduction of Lilith. Once again another great episode!
  • About the last episode of supernatural

    All I can say is just wow and I say it again wow!!!!
    JIB was amazing...and gave us awesome insights into teh episode...but it also left alot of questions behind...which i am dying to find out about.....
    Sooner rather than later i hope!!!
    The way Sam is changing is quite revealing..i mean really revealing!!!
    I hope that Sam's humanity though stays intact:)
    Dean on teh other side because of Sam's transformation is looking to be more and more humane than before....I hope he gets out of his deal....cos the loss of Dean in this awesoem series would truly be unimaginable well as crippling..
    So yeah...I am waiting for the next episode..
  • FBI AGENT - I shot the Sherrif, DEAN - But you didn't shoot the Deputy - remember the song - the wit the shows still got it.

    Sam and Dean are arrested and held in a small town jail, a number of demons get word of this and have taken over the bodies of a lot of the local town folk and plan to raid the jail and kill the brothers so a seige begins until the brothers convince the jailers to let the demons in and turn jail into a death trap for them.
    After the shoot out ends and the brothers have gone back to their motel, another super powerful demon comes back and destroys the police station and its occupants. Look for virgin scarifice and her latter comment.
  • When Agent Henrickson finally captured Sam & Dean, things looked very grim. But that was nothing compared to what's coming.. demons and lots of them too. And thanks to Bela, the boys were "Colt-less".

    Awesome episode!

    I love the part when Henrickson was possessed. Dean's response "But you didn't shoot the deputy" to Henrickson's "I shot the sheriff" was hilarious. The look on Sam's face was priceless! It was great to see Henrickson working together with Sam & Dean. And just when I thought the boys had a great ally, bang! he's dead. The whole group of them in the station, wiped out by Lilith, the new demon-leader. The ending twist was totally unexpected. I thought they were all going to be alright. It was a bit sad, really, to see Hendrickson gone. He wasn't a bad guy and it would be great to have someone in the FBI helping the boys.

    I can't wait to see what's next.
  • Catchin' up with our old friend agent Henricksen and some (a lot) demon-dudes!

    This episode has everything. It is absolutely fabulous. The shock when the brothers get caught by agent Henricksen, hopelessness thinking about brothers being in jail with no idea how to get out knowing that they have pretty big issues with law, and then again you get shocked when demon possessed FBI guy starts shooting at brothers. Although this is a very, I mean very, serious episode, Dean's comments are just great, they make you smile, even laugh. Pity though that Sam isn't very talkative in this episode. I don't hate RuBella, but I just don't like them, especially Bella. It was quite revealing that Ruby offered to sacrifice herself for the boys. And of course horror movies classic – little evil girl, I just love the idea and Lilith is especially evil. I really liked her line – Excuse me I'm looking for two boys, they are brothers - one is really tall and the other is really cute. Hah, you got me there! But Sam is cute too!!!!!!!!!! So overall I could just say that this one was mind blowing episode and I really enjoyed it. See for yourself!
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