Season 9 Episode 21

King of the Damned

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2014 on The CW

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  • Ichabod Crane, Prince of hell

    Brilliant episode! Crowley is back! Abaddon brings Crowleys son from the past into the future, prepare for some Ichabod Crane moments!
  • Dean rules!! This was a great ep! And glad dean killed abbadon!

    And I wished dean killed Crowley too. And who didn't like this ep are crazy! And I hated abbadon and loved the way they ended her. And seeing dean like that was awesome. He's the main reason to watch!
  • Disappointing anti climax to the Abaddon storyline arc!

    I sure hope she isn't actually dead as that was just pathetic!
  • Surprisingly lame. What a let down.

    Let me get this straight. Abadon can shoot Crowley with a gun, but she doesn't think of doing the same to Dean? Is there a law that monsters and demons can't use guns or other similar weapons on humans? Of course not. But for the sake of any supernatural type show, we have to find a way for humans to kill the bad guys, so we can't let them use weapons. I get that. So ignoring that, why can't Abadon simply snap Dean's neck? There was no indication that the mark of Cain gave Dean any special powers to offset Abadon's telekinesis powers. She is able to pin him up against the wal without a probleml. So at that point, even just a simple burst of a blood vessel, would have killed Dean. And even if the blade gave him some protection, once he loses his grip on the blade, he should even be pretty much Bantha Fodder. And at the least, she could use her powers to toss the blade well out of his reach, once he dropped it. But no. He eventually gets the blade, and slowly peels himself from the wall. She had plenty of time to disappear right then. But no! She still continues to stand there, to try and control Dean. It was so stupid. I kept telling myself that it had to be a ruse, that she's not really dead. Or that someone was making sure that Dean wouldn't die. maybe Metatron wrote the plot, to help Dean kill her. Help us out, writers. Give us something to explain how easily and lame this fight was, even compared to some of the fights in the filler episodes, against much more lamer bad guys. What a let down.
  • The Awesometacular episode is finally here!!!!!!!!!

    An Amazingly astonshing and intense storyline out all the season 9 episdoes so far. I think the writters are finally back to awesomeness. I mean brining back crowley's son and introducing him as the prince of hell and Casteil as the Angel Commander. GOD CAN IT GET MORE AWESOME. I really hope we explore alot about Gadreel in the future (hopefully he doesnt die before that), he should be more in the future episodes. I never really felt boring at any point of this episode it kept me excited and pumped the whole time, and surprisingly after a long time the episode exceeded my expectations and mesmerized me. OVERALL IT WAS A BRILLIANTLY EXECUTED AWESOMETACULAR EPISODE!!!!!! and i wish to see more Cain and Dean.
  • Rehashing the already rehashed....

    This storyline is played out. It's a cliche of the Supernatural Universe, one the current writers keep rehashing over and over again.

    Yes, Sam drank Demon blood and kept it from Dean. It changed him, he couldn't see it, he and Dean fought.

    Sam went through the trials, it was nearly killing him, Sam couldn't see it, Dean could, they fought.

    Dean has the First Blade, it's changing him, Sam sees it, Dean can't or likes it and won't admit it, they're going to fight about it.

    Abaddon, just like Dick Roman in Season 7, is so quickly dispatched with the Cain Blade that it makes the viewer wonder why the Winchesters ever saw her as a threat in the first place. Seriously, that's how the writers chose to have her killed? I'll admit, the effects were great and her actual death was astounding for broadcast TV, hats off to the CG effects people, it looked better than anything I've previously seen on Supernatural. It's just a shame that such a pivotal character to this season's story arc is defeated in all of 3 seconds. I get that Dean got wind of the trap and flipped the table on Abaddon, but come on, she practically turned and waited with arms wide open for her demise. The writers for this show seriously need to take a class in about everything. It's just awful. We've all seen mere mortals put up a better fight than a supposed Knight of Hell.

    I wish when I came here I had positive things to say about the way this show is going, but I don't, so I can't, so instead I rant.

    I give this episode 3 stars. Not a complete turd like "Bloodlines", but not that great either. And the Crowley son ploy is another rehash. Seriously, throw out everything that's been done and take us in a new direction. Lazy writing and a rehashed plots begets jaded fans.
  • Here lies madness

    This was a very enjoyable episode. And teh ending was chilly. If I was Sam I woudl grab the blade first chance I got and hide it somewhere far far away.

    I was a little surprised how underwhelmingly Abadon' s arc concluded. I was never that big a fan of hers and all what surounded her but her demise felt a little rushed. It felt as a ploy to further Dean's spiral to madness and that is just lazy.

    Speaking of Dean. I wonder whether his powertrip will translate into the next season. Because there definitely isn't enough time in this season to solve it.

    I'm also not sure what exactly is Castiel's game. I can't say I particulary like their decissions regarding his arc lately. He felt manipulative and insicere this episode and it goes against most of what they built the character with and it's a shame to see. I really hope this isn't a rehash of season six cause that woudl piss me off big time.

    And I feel rather sorry for Sam. First the angelic posession and his brother's betrayal and now the Marc of Cain and where they took one tentative step towardthe beginning of healing they are now taking leaps back. It hurts to see.
  • Mark of Cain all the way!!

    Very interesting episode with Dean finally killing that Abaddon bitch!! Was so cool to see Dean all superhuman and Jensen really pulled it off!
  • Wow, that was surprisingly lame!

    This episodes was less of a story and more of a sequence of events. Crowley "was" the only funny or interesting part about the episode. Everything else was just lame, for lack of a better word. For some reason, Abbadon gives the blade to Dean. Dean shows up, puts knife in Abbadon, episode over. Nothing interesting at all. Nothing with the blade, nothing with Crowley, not even a fight scene.

    The main reason i still watch the Supernatural.

    No Cas and definitely not the Winchesters.

    It seems to me Cas turned into a businessman and Winchesters turned into Evil guys.

    It might be me but i consider Crawley the only interesting character.

    Again, no serious plot, the main villain just die, no twists or super human efforts.

    Definitely better than previous joke. That would'nt be difficult to achieve anyway.

    In this Superserious Supernatural, i'm going to choose the Funny guy, Crawley.

    List of funny guys not to see in ages:

    - Death

    - Bobby

    - Charlie

    - S. Mills (the funny sheriff who made jokes with the brothers, not the super serious extra-sensitive as now)

    - Cas (the funny Cas, not the human Cas)

    - Kain. I hope this guy shown again in the end, otherwise another waste of an interesting character.

    - Trickster.

    - Garth. Yes, turning him into wolf and forget about. Not smart for series funny-meter.

    - Hard rock. Yes, its not a "funny guy" but it's missing more and more. It seems writers don't listen to it.

    Sadly to say this, but i think Supernatural ended with Season 6.

    I consider Leviathan villains a lot more interesting than anything came after Season 6.

    They were funny characters, there was humor in it as in Satan's season.

    Too much serious stuff injected into Season 7 and beyond and the funny stuff gradually removed.

    GOOD JOB as Dick Roman would said.


  • That was awesomee

    That was awesomeeThat was awesomeeThat was awesomeeThat was awesomee
  • King of Hell without a Queen

    This is a very good is getting so the way the mark of Cain is changing really seeing where this is going but I don't expect Castile to be around long and I think that Sam is getting more Angelic with each many round Now the King Crowley has a .