Season 9 Episode 21

King of the Damned

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 06, 2014 on The CW

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  • Surprisingly lame. What a let down.

    Let me get this straight. Abadon can shoot Crowley with a gun, but she doesn't think of doing the same to Dean? Is there a law that monsters and demons can't use guns or other similar weapons on humans? Of course not. But for the sake of any supernatural type show, we have to find a way for humans to kill the bad guys, so we can't let them use weapons. I get that. So ignoring that, why can't Abadon simply snap Dean's neck? There was no indication that the mark of Cain gave Dean any special powers to offset Abadon's telekinesis powers. She is able to pin him up against the wal without a probleml. So at that point, even just a simple burst of a blood vessel, would have killed Dean. And even if the blade gave him some protection, once he loses his grip on the blade, he should even be pretty much Bantha Fodder. And at the least, she could use her powers to toss the blade well out of his reach, once he dropped it. But no. He eventually gets the blade, and slowly peels himself from the wall. She had plenty of time to disappear right then. But no! She still continues to stand there, to try and control Dean. It was so stupid. I kept telling myself that it had to be a ruse, that she's not really dead. Or that someone was making sure that Dean wouldn't die. maybe Metatron wrote the plot, to help Dean kill her. Help us out, writers. Give us something to explain how easily and lame this fight was, even compared to some of the fights in the filler episodes, against much more lamer bad guys. What a let down.