Season 8 Episode 11

LARP and the Real Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2013 on The CW

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  • Agree with Karone4824 Completely

    I didn't like all the lesbian stuff and I did fast forward repeatedly, but I really enjoyed Dean in this episode. And I always enjoy Sam.
  • Humorous episode and Charlie's return

    I just finally caught this episode last night and really enjoyed it. It was great seeing Charlie back again and the setting was fun too. I've been to a couple of medieval fairs and this reminded me of them. The way the story played out with the entrapped fairy causing all the havoc under the control of Gerry was fun and made some sense too. But some of the best if brief scenes were Dean's reactions to Charlie's liaisons with the other women! Only Dean could do those and make them so funny and just right.
  • It's ok to laugh every once in a while

    It's nice to see these kind of "filler" episodes. It didn't give anything new to the series but at least they mentioned the bigger events going on. It doesn't all have to be so serious and dark. This episode was fun and it was nice to see the guys goofing around a bit.

    The story wasn't all that good but when is it ever when it's a filler? Anyway, laughed like crazy, enjoyed the "vacation", now let's go back to the main story.
  • Whew, Proof, that the new season isn't all bad.

    This episode was actually pretty good. Which was a good surprise. Sam and Dead WERE the Sam and Dean that i know and love. Although I am pretty confused about Charlie. I thought she was the one who Dated Chuck, kidnapped Sam, and was in the original Larping episode. Was she always the same person in the Leviathan episodes. Somehow I dont remember this being the case.
  • ....

    Guys, chill out, this is one funny episode, I mean its not that great but its good, besides, I dig Charlie in this one, and come on, you've gotta love the boys demons,angels and Leviathans asses are dark and cool which is the show is really all about,but I'm pretty sure this episode wants to lighten up the mood a isn't the first Larping episode you know....
  • Not so much.......

    I love this show but not this Ep. Nuff said!
  • Stop complaining and support our demon slaying brothers!!!!

    Ok first i am a diehard supernatural fan so i might be jock riding a lil bit. To all of you whiners complaining saying the show needs to end Do us all a favor and TURN YOUR CHANNEL!!!!!! This show offers variety in spades i tend to favor the more dark episodes as well but that doesn't mean cancel the show because a season has a sense of humor! Who says there is only one type of fairy? I mean they have faced numerous things some more than once and it's never the same person. The one complaint (very small one) i have is the reuse of a extra that i've seen killed in every season so far. I am eefering of course to the vin diesel wannabe that seems to pop up every season since season 1. Has anyone else noticed this lol
  • LARP and the Real Girl

    Ok first off it was nice to get a bit of a more fun episode after last week's episode with Castiel's complicity in killing a fellow angel needed some time to breathe. Garth is now acting as the full Bobby, only more preemptive and tactical, which is kinda cool. But first off I do completely agree that these fairies are nothing like the season 6 fairies were at all. I mean did the writers' even check that episode, which is a pretty darn good one, and make the fairy here just like *eh she's human now no need to explain just gloss over it* But either way this is a serious hindrance in my liking this episode because they're usually good about keeping up with the monsters, no they can't get away with the argument of these being DIFFERENT types of fairies because they never acknowledged that there are many different types before. But anyway other than that I did enjoy this episode, the medieval phantom killings like the drawn and quartered bit with the horse was cringe-worthy as well as the oozing blood thing but above all ti was good to have Felicia Day back who has great buddy chemistry with Dean. Seeing Dean dress up and mozy about with in his gear and being referred to as a handmaiden was really quite cool. The reveal of the fairy master being the one who was the Queen's main right hand was an unexpected one since he'd been much of the comic relief for the episode so far and Charlie stabbing the book was pretty cool to save her make out buddy fairy before she takes her captor off to face a "fairy tribunal" for his crimes. Sam and Dean doing their "genre mashup" was also cool and how their badges are easily seen as phony. Even in the tent looking at the other victims Sam talking to Galomdrial and her thinking it's all part of genre mashup was a nice twist even though her offering Sam to come to her tent later was a little forward was a nice change for him the sad sap that he is now without Amelia. But Charlie decides to stay and not run while Dean acknowledges how big giving up Amelia was to Sam which is big of him having given up on Lisa and Ben. Their decision to let loose and have some fun and joining Charlie's army, destroyed thanks to fairy binder dude (who bought the book on Ebay interestingly enough), to fight the Shadow Orcs, the Elves, and the other tribes for the crown or whatever. The guy with the frisbee getting in the way of Dean's Braveheart speech was pretty chuckle worthy too before hailing into battle before the end credits rolled thanks the brave people who participate in the "dangerous" activities of LARPing. Decent enough episode, but they should totally look back at their notes on their own creatures because these inconsistencies are a little worrisome for long time viewers.
  • Rewriting continuity alienates your fanbase STOP IT!

    Just like the title says stop re-writing continuity to fit your storytelling needs! First it was the Angel screaming leads to natural disasters nonesense from last weeks yawner, now it's fairies. They're 5 foot 5 lesbians who would rather spread love and rainbows through the cosmos than be some witches puppet. That's not what fairies are in the Supernatural universe! The Fairies of Supernatural were invisible winged creatures the size of horseflies that punish first born men that act like jerks towards people. Now if they're able to suddenly transform themselves into full size humanoids then at least have a scene of exposition to explain this. Without it you are throwing loads of continuity out the window.

    That wasn't the only thing I loathed about this episode far from it. No "LARPing" was a silly episode that exists only because Felicia Day is a guest star, except instead of putting her into the world of Supernatural, the writers decided to put Sam and Dean into the world of "The Guild". For those who dont know of this series, "The Guild" is a webseries developed by Miss Day herself and the main themes that she uses are online gaming and larping. I'm not against Larping in fact we've had a couple of good episodes dealing with the subject mainly "The Real Ghostbusters". What sets that epsiode apart from this one is terror! "The Real Ghostbusters" is a magnificent season 5 episode with Sam and Dean trapped in a hotel with legions of fans that happen to read books based off of their lives, although they believe them to be fiction. A convention was set up and Sam and Dean the guests of honor so to speak. This episode not only had scenes of dread and horror and Sam and Dean had to protect a bunch a geeks from being massacred by real life ghosts but this episode brilliantly illustrates just how crazy fandom can get and especially how uncomfortable some actors can be while attending such a show to promote their current project. Also by incorporating fanboys as the ones to save the day really plays off the imaginations and fantasies all fans have while role playing as their favorite characters that they could make a difference or at least escape their menial existances for awhile. This made for a really remarkable fun scary episode.

    This episode had none of that while it tries to be clever and witty LARPing deteriorates into self parody. It's sad because this episode had real promise going into it, the episode starts out scary with two gruesome deaths that showcase some actual gore besides the usual blood spatter on the wall effect no we see torn limbs and a man puking up blood all over a police precinct. What we get from then on is a fluff piece a comedy that forgets what this show is a freaking horror show! IF this show's best ideas involve lesbian make-out sessions, and a black shrouded figure with deer skull for your creep and entertainment factor then I'm afraid it's time to end this show once and for all. Without horror you've missed the entire point of what this show is and I'm afraid so has the producers. I understand this show is nothing without it's comedy and family drama but for the past 2 years that seems to be all this show has been focusing on. This is writers fatigue at the worst possible time.

    This is the 8th year we have tablets that could bring about the end of demons, and demons have a tablet or soon will about killing angels this shold have roller coaster ride tension all over it. The stakes have never been higher to complete this mission everyting from the past 8 years is riding on the boys finally casting those hellions back into the pit from whence they came, but we dont see that at all this year instead it's brotherly quarels that make absolute no sense and the same gags over and over. How many times must Dean be caught with porn on his laptop? Yeah we get it he's perverted ENOUGH!
  • I'm giving up on this show. And I should've already done it.

    It's like the writers no longer respect their audience anymore. Besides the fact that larping and blairwitching supernatural is a terrible idea, the plot was too dumb and obvious. And this kind of dumb writing has been plaguing this show for too long. I mean, I could excuse one bad episode now and then. But this season got worse, with a few good episodes like the tenth, and the rest is just trash. IDK WTF these writers think when they write these scripts, they must be teenagers, IDK. I'm only giving it 2.0 because it had some humor in it, but that didn't save this GARBAGE.

    complete garbage the few minutes looked good but after that to the end just horrible

    that idiot lesbian smooching(thou it was hot) was a idiot try to get more teen viewers

    and what was that Braveheart thing in the end

    this episode was even worse than that you know what episode

  • LARP and the real girl

    LARP and the real girl was very awesome and extremely entertaining episode of supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun and interesting. the action and magic were outstanding and it was cool to see a familiar face. it was interesting to see how everything played out and to learn who was behind everything. it was a awesome to see Sam and Dean in costume and playing along at the end. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next.
  • And that's why we love Supernatural.

    Fun-ness. Magic. Escaping your boring reality, and a lesbian being fought over by men in chain mail... This episode had it all including Dean, in full make-up, performing the bat- No Spoilers. This episode brought us back to the child-like hope and fun that motivates the Winchesters while they're saving the world. Everything they do is gritty and dirty, but their motivation is pure. The episode reminded us of all of the cool stuff out there besides angels and demons, and it showed a fun respect for the whole LARPing community :D
  • So funny!

    So hilarious and so much fun! Loved Dean and Sam in the end when they joined the LARPers!
  • loved it!!

    made me go back and watch 'the girl with the dungeons and dragons tatoo'. great episode, this one - hope we see more of charli soon!