Season 8 Episode 11

LARP and the Real Girl

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2013 on The CW

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  • LARP and the Real Girl

    Ok first off it was nice to get a bit of a more fun episode after last week's episode with Castiel's complicity in killing a fellow angel needed some time to breathe. Garth is now acting as the full Bobby, only more preemptive and tactical, which is kinda cool. But first off I do completely agree that these fairies are nothing like the season 6 fairies were at all. I mean did the writers' even check that episode, which is a pretty darn good one, and make the fairy here just like *eh she's human now no need to explain just gloss over it* But either way this is a serious hindrance in my liking this episode because they're usually good about keeping up with the monsters, no they can't get away with the argument of these being DIFFERENT types of fairies because they never acknowledged that there are many different types before. But anyway other than that I did enjoy this episode, the medieval phantom killings like the drawn and quartered bit with the horse was cringe-worthy as well as the oozing blood thing but above all ti was good to have Felicia Day back who has great buddy chemistry with Dean. Seeing Dean dress up and mozy about with in his gear and being referred to as a handmaiden was really quite cool. The reveal of the fairy master being the one who was the Queen's main right hand was an unexpected one since he'd been much of the comic relief for the episode so far and Charlie stabbing the book was pretty cool to save her make out buddy fairy before she takes her captor off to face a "fairy tribunal" for his crimes. Sam and Dean doing their "genre mashup" was also cool and how their badges are easily seen as phony. Even in the tent looking at the other victims Sam talking to Galomdrial and her thinking it's all part of genre mashup was a nice twist even though her offering Sam to come to her tent later was a little forward was a nice change for him the sad sap that he is now without Amelia. But Charlie decides to stay and not run while Dean acknowledges how big giving up Amelia was to Sam which is big of him having given up on Lisa and Ben. Their decision to let loose and have some fun and joining Charlie's army, destroyed thanks to fairy binder dude (who bought the book on Ebay interestingly enough), to fight the Shadow Orcs, the Elves, and the other tribes for the crown or whatever. The guy with the frisbee getting in the way of Dean's Braveheart speech was pretty chuckle worthy too before hailing into battle before the end credits rolled thanks the brave people who participate in the "dangerous" activities of LARPing. Decent enough episode, but they should totally look back at their notes on their own creatures because these inconsistencies are a little worrisome for long time viewers.