Season 4 Episode 1

Lazarus Rising

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2008 on The CW

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  • Season Premiere Extraordinaire

    Although I witnessed this episode a few years back, I just stumbled upon this and felt the need to give my input on it, as usual. I'd like to start off by saying that I absolutely adored Castiel's introduction as a new character and it made for phenomenal character development in later seasons and episodes. The way that Castiel [played by actor Misha Collins] was first portrayed really brought a sort of dark and mysterious sense into the show. Though I undoubtedly enjoy the way that Cas is thought of and all the struggles he's being faced with, it really surprised me that he'd be a reoccurring character. But, you know, the good kind of surprise. This episode's problematic challenges and questionable decisions brought a whole lot of light into season 4 as a whole.
  • Aniexty levels

    First of I would love to explain the positive about this episode. Right I love the fact that the supernatural concept and themes went deeper in the mythology of religion. Now we have Angels. The character Castiel is fresh and unique, very compelling too watch. Ruby is back which is nice. But with a different appearance which made me hold my personal opinion on her because I actually adored "Katie Cassidy" as Ruby. The negatives. Right I began with Dean digging out of his own grave would have been more dramatic, his anxiety levels should have been so high that he would end up traumatized, instead of reading rude magazines and getting chocolate bars. That really pissed me off, so unrealistic. The emotional connection between the characters was disappointing. Especially Dean and Sam reaction. I felt that Bobby and Dean was a little more emotional then Sam. It could have loads of potential of being beautiful. But my personal reference thought that it was wasted and rushed. Good start but could have been better.
  • Dean is touched by an angel.

    I kept hoping that it was all a dream and that Dean really was still in hell. He got off way too easy and without any repercussions. His death in Season 3 was made not only cheap but pointless. They took all of Season 3 to have Dean and Sam deal with Dean dying and then just popped him back in in the first scene of this premiere. I hated this episode, it was by far one of the worst I've seen. And I hate the whole "God has a plan for you" angle. When did Supernatural become 7th Heaven?
  • Dean comes back to life!

    I had some serious issues with this episode. First and foremost would be this line "Oh, I almost forgot." ...
    About the Impala! No! Dean does not forget about his car. The only thing he could possibly care about more than his car, would be Sam, and even then his car sometimes takes priority. One of his dying wishes was for Sam to take care of it! So that bothered me.
    The other was Dean telling Bobby he was the closest thing he had to a father.
    1.) If manly-man Dean Winchester suddenly started spouting sentimental stuff like that, yeah, I'd think he was a shapeshifter too.
    2.) The phrase "hero worship" is pretty much defined by Dean and his dad. Dean loved his dad more than the Impala. And this line makes it seem like his father's not even on his mind anymore. It just seems a little OOC.

    And Sam was completely off. I know he's changed a lot but this wasn't right at all. Dean somehow gets out of hell, with a hand print seared into his arms, demons apparently have some devious plans for him, Sam saw him ripped to shreds, and oh yeah, he was dead for four months, and the first night they're back together. Sam leaves him alone, and sleeping, with no one to keep watch. Dean was dead for four months. No matter how much Sam's changed, Dean always came first. He couldn't let Ruby handle the demons? You'd think he'd want to spend every second with him.
    There were many other things like that you could pass off as saying "The character is changing." but it's too much and it just seems wrong. No Sam moments of "I'm just glad you're back" or anything. The episode where Dean came back to life, is the same one where they only have maybe 3 or 4 scenes together? It just seems wrong.
  • The best season premiere ever!

    "Lazarus Rising" - written by series creator and executive producer Eric Kripke and directed by the dearly missed master Kim Manners - is, to make a long story short, the best Supernatural season premiere ever. Everything it does, it does perfectly. From the murky, grim cinematography to the ominous editing (the glimpses of Dean in Hell are so sinister and suggestive that they always make me quiver), from the top-notch acting (Jensen Ackles delivers one of his best performance to date and I can't stress enough how great an addition was Misha Collins as Castiel) to the solid script, full of biblical allusions, pop-culture references and archaic prose (the line "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" is iambic), from the shocking teaser where the unsettling direction (strange camera angles, long dollies), the doomful orchestration and the frantic editing make the joint a fearful scenario to the scenes where Castiel tries to speak with Dean, with breaking glasses and interferences and burning whistles, everything is just spot on and the final discovery of what really dragged Dean out of Hell is awe-inspiring: not only Castiel's first appearance is damn atmospheric and exciting, but his revelation - "I'm an Angel of the Lord" - shatters the entire Supernatural mythology and rewrites it from scratch, subtly intertwining every detail together. I can't really imagine a better start for Supernatural most mythology-oriented, epic season. A masterpiece.
  • One word: Kickass!

    I have been waiting so long to see this ep since No Rest for the Wicked aired and it was everything I hoped it would be. I dont know how to describe what made this episode - what makes this series so great. I love the new theme of religion, Dean is as sarcastic as ever and he even has a boss he doesnt even believe in. The way Dean got out of Hell was superbly done as well and the introduction of the season arc was done flawlessly and Im excited as what is to come of the whole 'rising from the dead' plot.

    One thing though: in the UK, the adverts on ITV2 are so f@*?ing long. They're literally bordering on 6 minutes. The wait is excruitiating as this show is so awesome. Arrgghh!
  • Review

    Dean wakes up in a pine box, four months after he was torn to shreds by the hellhound. He rejoins Bobby and Sam, and they find a psychic, Pamela Barnes, to find out what pulled Dean out of hell and what it wants in return. After Pamela goes through a terrible ordeal to take a peek at it, Dean resolves to summon it himself. This was the first episode of the new season it didn't dissapoint I loved how Dean came back and Sam and Bob thought he was a demon lol that was so funny. I think this season could be the best yet.
  • Supernatural kicks its fourth season into gear in pant-wettingly grandiose fashion with this absolute gem of an episode.

    Supernatural kicks its fourth season into gear in pant-wettingly grandiose fashion with this absolute gem of an episode. Eric Kripke's script is a masterpiece of viewer manipulation, taking us on a roller coaster ride of emotive response that stops off at 'how did that happen?', 'what the f*!k?', 'oh my God!', 'is that really?', 'I don't believe it!', 'please, no!' and 'oh my sweet Lord yes!!!' for roughly equal amounts of time but never once allows us to catch our breath before wrenching on to the next big 'moment'. Kim Manners' direction is equally formidable; his careful manipulation of pace and tone in the earlier stages of the episode, when we find ourselves questioning Dean's reappearance and, indeed, Sam's apparent changes, is absolutely magnificent as it manages to simultaneously convey an overwhelming sense of mystery and establish a suitably eerie undercurrent of dramatic tension. Kudos also to Jensen Ackles for perhaps his greatest (and notably, most subtle) performance in the show to date and also to the production staff as a whole for the wonderfully unsettling cinematography, lighting, framing and editing. Hands down, one of the show's best ever episodes. Easy. Even the new title sequence is bloody magnificent.
  • Wow!

    I think this season's premiere will serve as a excellent springboard for the rest of the season. I was actually surprised that they revealed who resurrected Dean so quickly. I liked the twist with Dean's resurrection. Kastel being an angel. I definitely didn't see that one coming. Now onto Ruby. Kris being Ruby wasn't much of a shock. I have a bad feeling about Ruby mentoring Sam. He still doesn't know what her agenda is. I think that may end up being one of the worst things he could have done. The Winchesters are not telling each other things already and that never turns out well. Despite all the revelations in this episode, I felt like something was missing but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I hope in subsequent episodes we will find out what Dean went through while he was in hell, what Sam did in those four months and how he and Bobby dealt with Dean's death.
  • dean gets saved by an angel who works for god

    The writers definitely took the easy way out with this episode. I was looking forward to seeing hell, and the escape, but they just took him out and said it was god. Proving the existence of god in a show such as this morphs the reality. Now I don't know why anything prior has happened and why if god is so powerful he doesn't just kill the bad thing on the spot. The premise of hell being a physical place with physical beings was plausible because of the demons and the physical entryways. But creating divinity into reality completely changes everything. Why do any bad things exist of god can just smite them, and why worry about death if god can bring you back. Once you prove the existence of god, life becomes meaningless, so every time they get into a predicament, or are about to die, I'll just think hey god can bail them out. And who cares about the mother dying, or anyone dying for that matter because they are truly 100% with god. God controls life and god controls time, so this is all just crap. I'd like to see how the writers pull themselves out of this hole!!!
  • Dean gets out of hell because God has a plan for him..

    I always think it's a shame when shows like this touch the subject of God. Whichever way you go with it, people are going to be disappointed. The people who do believe in God will be upset if you say he doesn't exist and the people who don't believe will be upset if you say he does exist. I think shows like Buffy or Dead like me handled it much better in simply saying "we dont know". I myself am not a religious person, so this storyline does not appeal to me. I think they should just leave it up to our imagination. Supernatural used to be one of my favorite shows but this episode kind of ruined it for me.
  • Sam and Dean are back on the road and kicking demon butt once again.

    Excellent way to start off the season, we get a lot of questions asked that will no doubt fill a lot of episodes this season to be answered. I love how we automatically see Sam on the defensive with how or why Dean is back and than the eventual reveal of who behind it. Bobby is also back and just as good as ever. Its also the first time I enjoyed the recap, with AC/DC playing in the background, awesome. The episode itself starts off slowly and kicks into high gear midway. 4 out of 5 stars for this episode.
  • After the long wait, the show I have come to love and enjoy is finally back, and it starts with a bang.

    After the long wait, the show I have come to love and enjoy is finally back, and it starts with a bang. The episode was very exciting but also very confusing as well. I would explain myself, but for the sake of people reading this, I won't spoil it. Sam does have an interesting and scary new power now though, which made me worry what future Sam will have. That and he seems to lie a lot more now, because someone makes a surprise entrance into the new season. The end of the episode provides more shock and confusion then I have seen in the past, I wasn't sure what to believe anymore. An awesome start to the season, but also a big change in the feel of the show overall. A character who I won't name is back and I don't really like the feel of the character yet, maybe I will later, but for now I wish that character was like before.
  • Dean dug himself out of his grave....who would have thought!

    He digs himself up.
    What an opening! Seeing Dean dig himself out of the grave was creepy funny!
    You could immediately tell that hell didn't do anything to change his personality...when he picked up the porno magazine at the gas station! Go figures!

    The fact that they found Sam with a woman, Kristy, was sooo unbelievable! Sammy! with a woman? Didn't see that one coming! I think that she is Ruby in disgiuse. Anyway only time will tell!

    Now the introduction of Castiel was awesome! He is so hot and an Angel to boot...that makes his even more appealling!

    When Dean asks why he was brought back to life, and Castiel said that God commanded it! i was like what the...???
    Dean an angel helper? who would have thought!
    All in all, it was an awesome episode as usual!!!
  • I knew he'd be back but couldn't wait to see how.

    Dean, back from the hothouse but not really free. More of a pardon or parole but with the everlasting threat of hell hanging over his head. If it was any other show, it probably wouldn't have worked, but the supernatural writers know just how to make it work. You go guys. Bobby, was hilarious, the whole holy water thing had me cracking up. Sam and Dean reuniting afterwards was classic as well. I love you, I miss you, I can't believe we're together again; okay that's enough, no more chick flick type of deal. It was great. And no, I can't see Sam or Dean having to pay for "it," ever.
  • Brilliant opener for Season 4! Lazarus Rising is everything that is wonderful about Supernatural!

    Okay breath Raelynne………whew that's better….OMGOMGOMG!!!! Holey 'is this going to be the best season of Supernatural yet' Batman or what?!!! I know its very early days yet, but it is shaping up that way. Don't misunderstand, EVERY season of Supernatural has been amazing to me, setting the tone for the series, exploring some wonderfully interesting ideas as well as taking us all on a crazy, scarifying ride! But OMG!!! Eeeeee!!

    Lazarus Rising was everything I thought it would be and much more! Just perfect and very satisfying for all of us die hard Supernatural fans who could see where Eric has been heading and have been eagerly anticipating this seasons direction. I'm not saying that it is predictable though, just intensely satisfying (mmmmm and I'm not just talking about all those Dean close ups either, but mmmmmyumm yes, he is looking mighty fine *sigh* all shiny and new!) There I was freaking out wondering how Eric was going to get Dean out of Hell, and how he would look after 4 months being dead and Eric just went and pulled out the big gun, no problemo, gotta love a man who knows how to get the tough jobs done! Thanks Eric, very cool!! Great recap and woohoo!! More Acca Dacca!! 'You shook me all night long' great song choice guys!! And it was a pretty comprehensive catchup which suited the lyrics perfectly. Hopefully it managed to inform and pick up some new fans as it rolled along.

    Loved the first shots of Deans eyes and the hellish noises, great scene, well shot, edited and great sound effects. In fact the whole look of this ep. is exactly what I love about Supernatural, dark and gritty, loved it soo much! Nice touch with the lighter, not surprised that he would be buried with it. Not only was it one of Deans favourite possessions, small enough to pop into his pocket, but Sam would know it would be exactly what his brother would need if he WAS able to bring him back to life. (thank God Bobby didn't get his way and have him salted and burned, but even if he had surely that would not have been a problem for you know who! Like Dean said even buried normally he should have looked like a Thriller video reject after four months!) Speaking of four months I'm going to give Eric the benefit of the doubt that there would have been just enough stale oxygen left in the coffin after that length of time to ignite the flame and for Deans first gasping breaths. (Even if there wasn't I'm sure God would have made sure there was enough anyway) anyway Dean didn't linger once he was aware what had happened. Man, you have to admire Dean, I know it was purely a survival instinct, but to not panic completely, showed (or reinforced for all those who 'know' Dean) how amazing this character is (hehe will count how many times I use the word amazing later! Sorry, but whattareyagonna do?)

    As a HUGE Buffy fan I enjoyed the similarities (and differences, note Buffys wonderfully kitsch 'She saved the world a lot' well tended headstone compared to Deans simple anonymous cross and hidden grave) between her resurrection & Deans. However as we know it was Willows magic, bordering on and later fully embracing the dark side!, which wrenched Buffy away from a well deserved place in heaven, whereas Deans resurrection was a well deserved (and overdue!) rescue from the torment of hell by God (via his messenger Castiel) loved the whole 'hand of God', man this ep. seriously rocks! Eeeeee!!

    Was eagerly awaiting the new intro as well and it definitely does not disappoint, Well done guys! A mass of fluttering, clashing wings, a precursor to the upcoming battle between good and evil? (Angels vs demons, good vs Evil, Dean and Sam vs Lilith, Dean vs Sam? Egads!!! No way jose!) Love the ominous sound of the unsheathing and clang of a sword and the deep roaring noises at the end, very evocative, intensely cool!

    Loved how after being completely freaked out Dean manages to pull himself together and seek out the closest source of water, food and communication. He is so damn cool! Great supplies, water, chocolate & Busty Asian Beauties Mag. Fun ongoing reference, very cute, wonder if Eric will ever add a real busty asian beauty to the mix?

    Loved Castiels attempts to 'talk' to Dean, and that later on Castiel gives away the fact that Dean is special, just not the sort of special that can understand or tolerate his true voice. Shows the awesome power of an angel, who can practically destroy a gas station, simply because he is trying to communicate. Very effective visuals as usual.

    Deans unsuccessful attempts to call Bobby and convince him he is alive were short and bitter sweet, you could hear the pain in Bobbys voice and the anger he still feels that Dean is dead and that he couldn't stop it. Their face-to-face reunion was gorgeous and funny and very moving. Jensen and Jim always have such wonderful scenes together (eg AHBL2!!! Amazing!). Loved Dean trying to convince Bobby he was himself. "You're the closest thing to a father I have. Awww, it was beautiful and so sad when Dean sees all the empty bottles and realises how devastated Bobby had been when Dean had died. Of course no time for sappy sentiment but in the usual succinct Supernatural way the point was very clear. Dean 'What's the deal with the liquor store, your parents out of town or something' and his quietly understanding reaction to Bobbys answer '..the last few months ain't been all that easy'.

    Loved Bobbys gradual acceptance, after the final holy water stunt! Hehe! It was obvious that he was fighting his own inner battle between hope and logic. Their hug and the expressions on their faces were perfect. Thank you Jensen, thank you Jim. I always love your interpretations of these characters and the chemistry you create between them.

    Loved the way Dean finds Sam, shades of 'Born under a bad sign' which in a roundabout way is pretty apt, considering Sams 'close' relationship with one particular demon. Nice Star Wars ref. Wedge Antilles, hehe and pretty apt as well when you know this particular Star Wars character was an ordinary human, orphaned in his teens who became a legendary starfighter pilot and HERO! - "I am Wedge Antilles. I survived the Battle of Yavin. I survived the Battle of Hoth. Hell… Just a couple of weeks ago I blew up the Death Star during the Battle of Endor. The reason I'm still breathing when a lot of other good Rebel pilots aren't? Maybe it's because I'm better. Or maybe I'm just lucky." (okay the geek in me has escaped!!!!!!! Yeeeehaw!!).

    How right and at the same time wrong was Deans answer 'Are you kidding me? What don't I know about that kid?' to Bobbys question 'How'd you know he'd use that name? OMG! Dean you do know Sam so well and yet you still have some major surprises to come to terms with!! Eeee!!!!

    Gotta love Dean going all protective big brother when he questions Bobbys actions after he died. 'Bobby you were supposed to be looking out for him' and Bobbys sad excuse, he tried but both he and Sam were having a terrible time accepting Deans death.

    And then Sams reactions to Deans resurrection were even more emotionally charged. Especially when we find out later all the things he has been doing since Dean died and what he is hiding from him. After all the months fruitlessly trying to find a way to bring Dean back Sam is amazed and delighted to have his brother back. The tearful look of complete happiness on Sams face was so gorgeous, after the obligatory moments of disbelief of course. After all as Sam says later he had tried everything to bring Dean back so to see him standing their 'looking fantastic' would have been a shock to say the least. Their first hug was so emotional it brought tears to my eyes. The looks on Dean and Sams faces as they held each other were just….*hard to find the words…just feelings* …beautiful. So real, great work guys! Thanks!

    And just so we didn't get too mushy Christy/Ruby comes out with our first gay reference for Season 4! "Are you like together? Hehe. Interesting to see a beautiful woman in Sams room. I'd heard vague rumours about Christy but at first I didn't know she and Ruby were one and the same. Did Ruby, hear or sense, it was Bobby (and Dean?) at the door and get the whole 'morning after…' scenario ready for when she opened the door…or have Sam and Ruby really gotten a LOT closer in the past four months? If so did he know Ruby was possessing Christy when he first met her? I guess that story will be told sometime in the future, can't wait to hear it.

    Liked, or maybe appreciated is a better word, Sams quick thinking, casually calling Christy, Cathy as she was leaving. I wonder how long he will keep this secret (and the secret of what he has been up to in the past four months with Rubys help) from Dean. As well as the wondrous disbelief and total joy of seeing Dean alive, you can also see a quiet desperation, and guilt, in Sam as he wonders how he will tell Dean the truth and what Deans reaction will be. He hates to disappoint his big brother and hates to be made feel like a freak!

    Love the deceptively simple dialogue which reinforced each character, bringing nice little humorous touches and the continuing religious nods sprinkled throughout. Eg Bobby 'How you feeling?' Dean 'A little hungry' hehe

    'Do you remember hell'….negative response……'Thank God for that' (Yes I'm sure you can, until maybe God wants you to remember something?)

    'You're preaching to the choir' Dean to Bobby.

    ''Besides the Church Bells in my ears, ………' Dean to Bobby after Castiels second attempt at a conversation.

    'A pile of questions and no shovel' from Sam, but it sounds a lot like something Dean would say doesn't it, does this show Sam's newfound tougher attitude, along with…'Started to hunt down Lilith for some payback' with Bobby replying 'Who do you think you are your dad?' And Sams heartfelt confession to Dean 'I tried everything, that's the truth. I tried opening the Devil's Gate, Hell, I tried to bargain, Dean, but no demon would deal, all right. You were rotting in Hell, for months, for months, and I couldn't stop it. So, I'm sorry it wasn't me, all right. Dean, I'm sorry.
    And the quiet way Dean responds, so full of love for his little brother 'It's okay, Sammy. You don't have to apologize, I believe you.' Dean knows how overwhelming all this has been for Sam and slips back into his protective big brother role easily. Sam IS in need of protection, but he has also changed a lot while Dean has been away. Man, Sam needs to be honest with Dean, no matter how much Dean will hate the truth he loves his lil bro more than anything. Dean is going to need every inch of that love to be able to work through these changes. Of course God knows Dean is the only one who has the capacity and will to do this. (and on a grimmer note maybe God knows that Dean is the only one who would have a chance going up against Sam…..aaaargh!! ..)

    I also loved the moment Sam handed the amulet back to Dean. Of course Sam would have kept this reminder of his brother close to his heart. It meant so much to him, and to Dean, on that Christmas, so many years ago and then also through all the years since then, and then their last Christmas together was so moving!! he would never have let it out of his sight. AND he was hoping he could save Dean so that one day he would be able to return it. It must have been a wonderful moment for him to be able to give it back and a wonderful moment for Dean as well! OMG! Soooooo gorgeous. Pure Supernatural genius and surprise, surprise (not!) Eric did the writing for this ep! Of course he always handles the finales and openers, among other amazing eps. And it is also no surprise to find Kim Manners as director, he is my favourite Supernatural director EVER, he always brings great heart to his eps. And they both bring out the very best in Jensen and Jared. Eeeee!

    After the two emotionally charged reunions we settle into the investigations. Almost like old times..yeah! Of course all three men are suspicious of why and how Dean has been delivered from hell in one piece and by whom. Deans reunion with the Chevy was almost as moving as the previous two! And very cute and very, very funny! Loved Sams delighted tone as he asks Dean if he wants to drive and throws him the car keys, he knows how happy Dean will be to get back behind the wheel. And he is! The delighted look on Deans face as he greets his baby, 'hey sweetheart, did you miss me' Yeah! (oh yeah) Hes back even with all the uncertainty and pain to come, this moment is perfect and then perfectly hilarious!! This first scene in the chevy is so cute and so is the flabbergasted expression on Deans face when he sees the ipod jack and questions Sam 'What the hell is that?'
    Sam 'That's an iPod jack.'
    Dean 'You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up.' Sam 'I thought it was my car' Gotta get an avatar or clip of the next look Dean gives Sam it is classic! A confused kind of doubletake OMG! How gorgeous! And I almost died from happiness and fangirl delight when Dean started up the car and 'Visions' from Jason Manns began playing. Eeeeeeeee! Knowing (well sort of,…. you know what I mean) his and Jensen's close friendship, the subsequent look of disbelief on Deans face and his actions towards the music, were priceless. And Sams hapless look and little shrug was too innocently cute for words as well. What a lovely scene, thanks for indulging us fans Eric, its always fun and much appreciated.

    Then the next scene in the car was back to business and just as wonderful in its own dramatically charged way with Dean asking Sam how he managed to get away from Lilith when she had been all set to kill him. Hearing that Sam is for some reason immune to Liliths powers worries Dean and he asks if Sam has been using any of his 'freaky esp stuff' Of course this disapproving attitude from Dean is exactly what Sam is afraid of and he gets defensive and lies flat out to Deans face. His remark that it was practically Deans dying wish for him not to use his powers, so he hasn't, is really very sad. It shows how much Sam knows he will be hurting Dean when he finds out the truth and how guilty he feels about it. It also shows resentment, Dean left him alone and he has tried to make the best out of his new life and now Dean is back he feels he has to justify his actions. Plus the whole power thing and its connection to Azazel would be playing on HIS conscience anyway.

    Loved the introduction of Ramones loving, rock chick, psychic Pam and loved her demonstrative greeting of Bobby. The little lift with the hug was inspired. The look, and noise, of appreciation she gave Dean and Sam, and Bobbys reaction to it, was very funny. The scene was a wonderful way to give Dean and Sam some common ground. Reinforcing Deans lothario personality and hinting that Sam may not be as gunshy as we have seen him in previous seasons, that he has moved far enough along from his grief at losing Jessica and then Madison to indulge in 'a spot of romance' or even some down and dirty s…………. Maybe that is one aspect of Deans personality that Sam embraced after his death?

    Loved the flirtation between Pam and Dean…. Dean 'So who's Jesse?' (after seeing "Jesse Forever" tattooed on Pamela's lower back)
    Pam 'Well, it wasn't forever.'
    Dean 'His loss'.
    Pam 'Might be your gain.'

    Dean 'Dude, I'm so in'.
    Sam 'Yeah she's gonna eat you alive.'
    Dean 'Hey, I just got out of jail. Bring it.'
    Pamela to Sam 'You're invited too, Grumpy.'
    Dean to Sam 'You are not invited.' ('scuse me time for some mind boggling!!!)

    And Oh to be Pams hand! 'I need to touch something the demon touched'
    'He didn't touch me there!' hehe….the mind continues to boggle! Lol!
    When Dean gave Pam his upper arm complete with 'demon' hand print you could see the questions in Sams mind. Although it is not a huge secret, he is wondering why Dean did not show him the mark. It would annoy him that Dean is not being totally honest or trying to protect him from the truth. But it may also make it easier for him to justify keeping his secret a little while longer.

    The easy, sexually charged repartee and then the almost innocent beginning of the séance (Deans almost childlike peek at the others when they had their eyes closed) was a great contrast to what the séance built up to be and the eventual burning out of Pams eyeballs. Great work from the special effects crew, ending with the graphic image of Pams bloody eyesockets and her pitiful cries.

    I felt really bad for her and hope that her character will make another appearance. She seemed to have a pretty strong character, if she can get over the sight of Castiels true form without losing her mind completely she could prove a very useful ally. Surely that experience would have a galvanising affect on her psychic ability.

    There was no malice in Castiels actions, he repeatedly whispered his name to her and warned her not to try and sneak a peak at him. Maybe if she had known he was an angel she would have heeded his warning. It is hinted at in some biblical lore that looking on the true face of an angel (or of God) would be overwhelming for a human being. That is why when they come as messengers it is in human form and not their awe inspiring blinding visage.

    Just a silly little note 'Pam Barnes'? Is that a sly nod to the TV show Dallas, Pamela Barnes Ewing, and her on screen hubby Bobbys infamous return from the dead? Thank God(!) we didn't get the 'this whole past four months was a dream' scenario!! heehee! Eric would never sink that low! And plus our handsome leads are Texans as well so Dallas/Texas….okay, okay I know VERY silly note but, hey, its what I do! :P The diner scene with the three demons was very interesting. They would have heard rumours about Sam, and of Liliths fear of him, and would naturally be wary of him. And now Dean has been raised from Hell and they know only something immensely powerful could have pulled that off, so they don't want to mess with him. Even Dean slapping 'Flo' around didn't evoke a response. But I loved the dialogue and her attempt to find out what the hell is going on. 'Dean to hell and back, aren't you a lucky duck, what makes you so special?' and Deans initial response was pure Dean 'I like to think its my perky nipples'……(hmm… nope… cant get that image out of my head and don't wanna try, guess I'll have to run with it..weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)……um sorry ….back to business….. the following ' I don't know' from Dean is also pure Dean, the sceptical insecure Dean that needs to have a little more faith in himself. We do dude, now its your turn, but don't change too much, your humanity is what throws those demons off and makes you so damn interesting to watch.

    Once again Dean 'the smarter older brother' hehe, don't roll your eyes I'm just quoting the bard!, embraces this turn of events taunting the demons, even though once outside the diner he shows how he is just as freaked out as they were! I wonder if Sam was worrying about whether he would have to reveal his new talent then and there, and how far would he have let things go before he was forced to expose himself.

    And I hate to see Sam sneaking out to meet Ruby. Anything that comes between the brothers is NOT GOOD!! Sam seems to be keeping more secrets from Dean than visa versa. Very Scary! (But on the bright side deeply moving, dramatic scenes are bound to follow! Eeeee!) And we find out that Christy is in fact Ruby! Even if Eric hadn't had the budget problems and had to let Katie Cassidy go, it would still have made sense for Ruby to change bodies. This way Dean and Bobby have no idea who she is, for the time being anyway. It will be interesting to see flashbacks of the past four months to see how she got back to Sam and how she was able to manipulate him into teaming up with her.

    Since he would have been devastated at losing Dean and ready to cling to anything that gave him a reason to carry on, I'm sure she wouldn't have found it too hard to find a way in. Accessing his powers would have been something Sam struggled with, knowing how deadest against it Dean was. But the fact that he has found a way to send demons to hell and save their human hosts in the process would have made it worthwhile to him. At least he is using his power for good. Still it will be interesting when Dean finds out!

    Ruby seems a little softer, whether it is simply the new actress's style or the fact that Ruby knows she has made headway with Sam or because of the events that have happened in the past few months, I don't know. Her assertion that she will not come between the brothers sounded very heartfelt, but I'm sorry I just can't trust her. Maybe its just because she is part of a secret that Sam is keeping from Dean and I hate them having secrets or maybe I'm still suspicious of her master plan. She certainly seems more compliant though, probably because she knows what power Sam has inside him and she has decided to follow him (at the same time as leading him?)

    I wonder what affect Sams increasing awareness of his powers is having on Lilith? I'm sure she would be getting majorly pissed off with both him & Ruby! Especially when she knows Sam is somehow immune to her powers. (still think God has a hand in this particular development)

    Then back to the hotel and Castiels second attempt at a pow wow, holey moley turn it down dude! Great effects guys, poor Dean, luckily Bobby turns up. But I hate how both brothers are lying to each other now, doing things behind each others back that they know the other would disapprove of…grrr…I know its been four months and you've both been through your own kind of hell, Deans being the ACTUAL hell, hell! But you have to get together on this, that's the only way you will get through it alive.

    But I guess the tension is necessary for the drama, yada yada yada! And the two resulting scenes are certainly worthwhile. Sams visit to the diner is very enlightening. Sam finds that Deans saviour has paid the demons a little visit, finding them dead with their eyeballs blown out. And courtesy of the one surviving demon we find out that 'it's the end, we're all dead' whether she means EVERYONE or just all the demons is not clear, but since demons are selfish and have no interest in humans other than to possess them or torture and kill them, I'd say she means demons. We also find out the BIG secret when Sam proceeds to send her back to hell simply with the power of his mind!! Woohoo Sammy very impressive, cool new power….now that could come in very handy, I wonder what else he is, or will be, capable of. Oooh Dean is gonna be one unhappy camper!

    Back to Bobby and Dean, they sure did a thorough job with the decorating! Nice work from the art department! This whole scene is one of my favourites. Love the little bit of waiting time and Dean and Bobby's tense but comfortable (if that makes sense?) little exchange and then Castiels appearance was very affective. Deans meeting with Castiel was very well done and very interesting. We were told, in a previous interview with Eric that we were going to be getting some new creatures in Season 4 and I knew an Angel (or Angels?) would be among them considering the theological lean to the major storyline, but until Dean and Bobby had shot Castiel several times and used the demon killing knife to no effect I wasn't sure he was one of them. It makes so much sense though when you do a little research (which for me comes AFTER the big reveals, I hate to ruin the suspense with spoilers)
    ..oh and btw so far the only info I have found regarding Castiel is that he is the Angel of Thursday (and presiding spirit of Jupiter), which makes sense, in the US anyway, because Supernatural airs on a Thursday…hmmm wonder if Monday has its own angel? (for us Australian viewers…… edit: just googled and found out that the Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Monday) and perhaps Eric didn't want to use a biggie (or Archangel) in a recurring role?...sorry, now I'm just being facetious.

    I'm still hoping Mary is an earthbound angel or had some kind of connection with angels. Especially when we had her telling young Dean that angels are watching over him and the reference to archangels in 'Houses of the Holy'. No matter what Dean says he thinks, you can't have Hell without Heaven, Demons without Angels (they are two sides of the same coin, well in most lore that is) Maybe that is where Ruby wants to head, some kind of redemption for past sins? Naaahhh!

    Anyway it makes sense that an angel would pull Dean out of Hell. Dean has fought evil all his life. I was wondering why God let Dean go to hell in the first place, but he did knowingly make a deal with a demon so I guess he had to pay the price. The way Dean faced his fate would have contributed to the reason God decided to drag him out of there, that and his past deeds. God knows he has the fortitude to face challenges nobly and unselfishly. And most importantly God knows he has incomparable knowledge and influence with Sam. I also wondered why God waited so long to drag him out, but perhaps in the scheme of things four months is nothing to God! Or perhaps God left him in hell so that he would learn something about the enemy he would be facing? (if he can bear to remember!) Or that everything Dean had to endure would go towards his eventual awakening and acceptance of his destiny. Also Dean will need to accept the existence of God and Angels so that he can accept Sams destiny. Or perhaps he will be pitted against Sam at one point? Eeek!! That is soo not the way to go, Dean and Sam are stronger together.

    Castiel is an interesting character and I'm not surprised he is a cutie as well, I mean who would buy an ugly angel! Misha Collins is a honey, with an intriguing intensity. His quizzical expression when he was trying to comprehend Deans self doubt was very telling. He knows that God has faith in Dean, that Dean has the strength needed for Gods work and can't quite understand the humanity in Dean that is insecure or unsure. Of course Castiel is totally sure of his place in the scheme of things, totally sure of God. Deans scepticism would be particularly annoying when they both have jobs to get on with. He probably sees human weakness as an unavoidable inconvenience that he must endure when working with them. I love the relationship between Castiel and Dean. An Angel with unshakeable faith and purpose, juxtaposed with Dean whose faith has been battered and bruised by everything that has happened in his life. Still Dean does have a strong resolve and purpose which is even more admirable when you think of what he has gone through…….and oh god….ahhhh sorry Dean Winchester meltdown…….I soo love this character!!!! Lol!

    Of course Angels do not suffer from human frailties and even though they are supposed to be understanding, perhaps the warrior or Archangels on the frontlines have a more black and white approach to the world of humans. Not having time to indulge our human weaknesses. The war they are fighting is serious business. Perhaps that explains Castiels lack of remorse as far as Pam goes. I didn't see any malice in his reaction afterwards, just a quiet sort of resignation. He HAD whispered his name to her and warned her not to look, perhaps he thought she should have known who he was? And he seemed completely at ease, happy even, with the fact that he had possessed a human (even though all those gunshot wounds and knife wound almost certainly mean that his host would be dead once he leaves his body) ' A devout man, he prayed for this!' Kinda arrogant Cas ol' boy, but maybe he feels that the end justifies the means? Not exactly a 'Michael Landonish' type angel, eh? Pretty scary, I'm glad they're on our side, or humanity as a whole anyway. But does this make the individual less important. Kind of makes you feel like pawns on a chess board, doesn't it? Like I said pretty scary!

    Loved Deans totally irreverent reaction to his rescuer, so totally Dean, I love how cool and sceptical he was. Dean 'Who are you?'
    Castiel 'Castiel.'
    Dean 'Yeah, I figured that much. I mean what are you?'
    Castiel 'I'm an Angel of the Lord.'
    Dean 'Get the hell out of here. There's no such thing.'
    Castiel 'This is your problem, Dean, you have no faith.'

    Not exactly the reaction Castiel was expecting (especially not after his experience with his 'vessel') but totally in keeping with Deans stance on Angels throughout the series. Although I think even in the beginning it was not that he doesn't believe they exist, its more that he doesn't want to think that they can exist and not have done something to save his mother and all the other innocent people he and his family have tried to save. The way Castiel said ' I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition' he sounded like he expected Dean to fall to his knees and praise him, but Dean was too concerned about Bobby and angry that Castiel had hurt his friend to do that, he only managed a sceptical 'Thanks for that' He was probably too worried about the price he would have to pay for his resurrection.

    The final scene was wonderfully intense, these two beings, one so sure, the other wracked with pain and disbelief. Dean 'Look, pal, I'm not buying what you're selling. Who are you really?'
    Castiel 'I told you.'
    Dean 'Right. And why would an angel rescue me from Hell?'
    And Castiel trying to point out that 'Good things do happen, Dean' and Deans pained 'Not in my experience' OMG Dean!! Just want to give you big hug! (heehee I kinda always want to do that!) Loved Castiels question, which after a realisation became a statement ' What's the matter Dean?, … don't think you deserve to be saved' And Dean still refuses to believe his own worth 'Why'd you do it?'
    Castiel 'Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.' Oh Yesss!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Totally amazing episode. Can't wait for more and thanks to Channel 10. A double ep first up was a brilliant way to start and the eps played so well together. If Lazarus Rising asked and subsequently answered the how and by whom, questions of Deans resurrection then the second ep. 'Are You There God? Its Me, Dean Winchester' began to answer the 'why now?' question. But I will keep the reviews separate, its been a little hard not to refer to the second ep. here, they almost seem like a double episode. There are so many questions, answers and possibilities within both episodes as well as some wonderful trademark Supernatural moments. Loved Lazarus Rising, humorous, scary, suspenseful, moving and revealing. It is a totally amazing way to start what is shaping up to be an awesome season. Practically reeks of awesome (nods to Kylz!)

    And a huge thank you to Kylz and Lammie for holding my hand as we watched the first two episodes, love you guys!
  • Dean pulls a Buffy and makes it back for another season!


    Damn cold! Nothings working. No cure. Ah, but, sure, a little Supernatural should help, at the very least. Right?

    After flying through season three at an Olympic pace, I'm finally catching up to the latest season - the buzz has been deafening. I feel Dean's pain.

    Now, I'm not a fan of Eric. OK, that's harsh! But I generally find his scripts lack a certain edginess so easily noticeable in others on-board his staff. Perhaps he adds some input into each script, ala Joss Whedon, but whenever he's the main with the reins, I often find the brothers at their least interesting, and the stories rather snail-like.

    Thankfully, though, we can chuck all of that negativity out the window, because he delivers a razor-sharp script with this premiere. Brava.

    I actually thought that Dean's escape was just one big, noisy mislead. Ten minutes in and I was still convinced it was some sort of daydream and he was still in hell. Or that hell was allowing him to believe he had escaped only for it to be an illusion. No such thing, but it would have been cool...

    See, for the majority of the episode I was a little annoyed by just how easy Dean was slotting back into place. It wasn't until the holy intervention towards the episode's end that I suddenly, ahem, saw the light; and it gathered all of those dangling strings together for an intriguing revelation.

    Meanwhile, Sam has seemingly embraced his inner Jedi - mega cool! Jared has definitely bulked up for this season and it's good to see him show off a bit of a badass side. Like he kept saying in season three, he'll have to become more like his brother in order to keep the world a safer place. And I'd be happy to see the back of his mopey ways, wouldn't you? ---- quick rant ----

    I have always been baffled as to why this show never allows for more main characters. First Meg was killed off, then Jo was randomly written out along with her mother, not to mention Bella. And, grr, they've re-cast Ruby!

    Katy was amazing as Ruby - sexy, funny, sassy and eveeel. Now, though, she's being played by an actress who, while pretty, is failing to ignite the character with the sexual flare that made her so watchable in the first place. Her line delivery is a little off and there's just no spark. When you compare her to the Ruby who took on both Dean and Sam in last year's finale, it's a little disappointing to see such a great character become so...average.

    ---- End Rant -----

    Overall, an enjoyable episode that is looking to take the season in a very new direction. Hrrm, I wonder....

    With Sam embracing his inner Darkside and Dean being groomed as some sort of holy warrior, will this season focus on Winchester VS Winchester? That would make for some seriously interesting storytelling. Maybe the war that has been foreshadowed all this time is between to the two brothers?

    Whatever the case, the good guys are in town...and they're scarier than the bad guys. Fallen angels, anyone? Who knows?! Bring on next week!
  • Dean's back!!! :):)

    I really cry on the Season 3 final but now im happy except for one thing... 4 months!!! 4 months Dean was in Hell!!!
    That's must be scary poor Dean thanks to Castiel that rescue him from that horrible place the thing its now as Lucifer its about to walk on Earth God needs his best "soldiers" by the way Sam its crossing a dangerous path maybe that's why Castiel resurrect Dean in the first place Im watching the episodes on Internet i only watch one episode so far but im downloading episode 2 & 3 now Far for see one episode i think its to hurry if i have to score the new Season but so far good start Kripke
  • Dean comes back from the dead!

    Dean is rescued from hell, digs his way out of his grave, reunites with Sam and Bobby, and sets off to find out about who or what pulled him out of hell.

    Ever since I watched the season three finale "No Rest For The Wicked, I had been dying to see how and if Dean would escape from hell, and "Lazarus Rising" certainly does not disappoint. I was riveted from the very first minute. I liked the fact that an angel was finally introduced(the scene with the the light and the shadows of the wings was one of the best introductions that I have ever seen). After the "Houses Of The Holy" episode, I was hoping the the writers would revisit the idea of a higher power, and they did, in wonderful fashion. I think that the reunion between Sam and Dean could have been better, but it is still a wonderful scene, and Dean's reaction when he sees what Sam has done to the Impala("you were supposed to take care of her- not douche her up") is classic. Overall, I think that this is one of, if not the best episode of "Supernatural" ever!
  • Dean is back from the dead!


    I died, went to hell, saw Dean, was ressurected, and managed to see the second minute of the Season 4 premiere of Supernatural!
    First off, let me say that Jensen Ackles had alot of hot moments in this episode. I didn't know dying and coming back to life made a person hotter! Go figure!
    Secondly, I was glad at least someone showed a little remorse for Dean dying when it showed Bobby. Yes, they said that Sam was torn up to but his first scene was in a motel room with a girl (Ruby)! I thought that Sam would go off on a drinking benge or something! But no, he decided to train with Ruby to become a better psychic.
    Now, I have argued alot about this with people but I think that Sam didn't show as much concern because I really don't think he cared. He isn't the same Sammy from Season 1 and I'm afraid I have jumped off the "Go Sammy!" train and got a permanent ticket on the Dean train. Sorry Sammy :(
    ANGELS FROM THE LORD!? Thank goodness Kripke has come to his senses! I was tired of Demons and monsters. Why not throw some good in there too? Besides, Angels always have something up their sleeve and I'm sure this will turn into a great plot line.
    Great job Cast and Crew! And big humongous hugs to Kripke and the ever so fabulous Jensen ;)
  • Season 4 starts off with a bang!!

    WOW!!! What else can I say..?? Kripke has done some of his best work, and I can't begin to tell you guys how happy this episode made me. I didn't really care for the way season 3 ended, and I was worried what was going to happen to the series if Dean was in hell... But no worries, now he's out and allright..!! :) It is such a clever move to have him yanked out of hell by an angel, because off course there have to be angels if there is demons. How can they believe in hell and not believe in the Devil? And how can you believe in the devil and not believe in God? Great twist!! :)
    I just couldn't believe when Sam showed us his new "trick"!! It seems like a good thing that he now has the power to kill demons, but I'm not fully convinced... I hope there's more to come on this..!! :)
  • I think revealing is a very delicate way to put...insane. Eric Kripke out did himself.

    We should have realized it. If demons are real than why not angels? I loved the angle of Dean being the one to be pulled from the depths--I mean Sam already has so much going for him (sending demons to hell with his mind--I think enough's said). Anticipating this episode, I feared that the writers had cornered themselves--I know that I watch Supernatural for more reasons than the exciting story lines--but soon into the episode I knew that I had nothing to be afraid came together perfectly. I loved the brothers together once again... I just wished that they included more scenes from hell. I'd loved to see what happened down below. On that topic, my favorite part of the episode is certainly one of the funniest. I loved Bobby's smooth attempt to figure out if Dean's a demon. My only problem with this episode was the new girl who plays Ruby/Kristy? I prefer Katie Cassidy...she had much more life to her than Genevieve. As for the storyline, I can't wait to see what else the writers will come up with. From a glance at this episode you'll know that it's going to be an explosive year.
  • Dean is back from hell,what else do I need to say!

    Dean is back from hell!This was a perfect way to start a new season !When we saw Dean get out of the groud,I thought it was either a dream from Sam or a trick from hell to Dean,to make him think that he was out but he wasnt..but no! he was really out! Then he looks at the paper and we understand that its been 4 months.So my first thought was: Sam did it,he sold his soul to save him.i was quite relieved that he didnt..

    Im a big Bobby fan (after Dean and Sam of course!) so i was happy to see him hug Dean,after he tried to kill him!And the reunion between the made me cry because weve been waiting for this moment for months!

    I like that they brought God and angels in there,it gives an other color to the show.And that angel is so cute!

    I cant wait to see what happens with the boys this year!
  • Dean digs himself out of hell with little but questions that no one seems to have the answers to, until...

    I got spoiled for this ep and in spite of my trepidations it was done... WOW! Someone had let slip a side the whole Dean/Castiel thing at the end... and of course we knew Dean was gonna dig himself out in the first five mins they showed at comicon. The panic, the panic... the dry scratchy throat... was all palpable, that opening scene was incredibly powerful, and it looked quite painful... it LOOKED like being born, which I do supposed might well have been the point. Dean grabbing the Busty Asian Beauties mag... ahhh Dean will Always Be Dean... nice to know that some things are constant. What I was really curious about was how Bobby and Sam would react. Perfectly I should have known... then just when you think it's all done SPLOOSH holy water up the nose! Did that sting as much as I think it would have Jensen? Cause wow! Brain Burn! Then Sam's reaction... that first moment standing in the doorway was perfect, I could almost feel Sam heart screech to a halt in his chest and his breath catch in his throat, and I could almost feel Dean's heartbeat pick up just a bit... nerves I'm sure... and then Bobby breaking a sweat, wondering how it's going to go... really visceral guys! The fact that Sam didn't get her name right was kind of a giveaway that it was actually Ruby... (knew from being spoiled though that she and sam had been working together yadda yadda and YES KNEW Sam would have started using his powers THANK You! )

    I am curious though... ARE Sam and Ruby having an affair? Cause though I wouldn't mind seeing it, it would be waaaaay too telling for his character... but then again... nah, he said he didn't trust her... don't mean he wouldn't do her though... hmmm interesting. Nuff about that... Like I said though I got spoiled on the whole Castiel being the angel who rescued him thing... which ticks me off to no end... (the spoiling not the rescuing). That whole end scene was played so much better than it read in the side. It was done with incredible delicacy and no preaching... Thank You for that... I do have to say that I am enjoying the fact that Dean is now an 'instrument of God'. And I am a proponent of balance so it's going to be interesting to see how "the other half" is portrayed. I think this season is going to be by far the best... especially in terms of growth of the boys, I can't help but wonder if they'll face off or if Dean will try and rein Sammy in once he finds out he's using his powers... All in all... I'm sorry this is so. broad stroke but I have to run... Welcome Back Kast and Krew... Thank You as always for all your hard work. And always, special love to the boys. Can't wait to see what's to come this season.
  • If Dean's new destiny is true, then this war just became Armageddon.

    This has been the longest wait ever!! Now, down to business… The biggest concern with how Dean died was how to bring him back – not only would his savior have to drag him out of Hell but simultaneously restore his ruined body. Add to that, Dean's resurrection takes place four months after his death. There was always a fear that the writers had written themselves into a corner but just minutes into this episode, you know you have nothing to fear.

    Dean's resurrection is awesome, I absolutely loved the entire opening sequence. Dean waking up (Sam buried him with his favorite lighter and even cleaned him up and redressed him!), digging his way out of his own grave and then the breathtaking overhead shot of the flattened forest which completely gives you perspective of how much power was required to yank Dean out of Hell. Of course Sam didn't do the usual cremation – he thought he could bring Dean back. Not a pleasant way to wake up!

    Our first reunion is Bobby, who naturally thinks that Dean is a demon, shapeshifter or revenant and it's cool to see Bobby's still got his moves, it's a fantastic scene. Hysterical when Bobby throws holy water in Dean's face and Dean just calmly spits it out! Watch how Dean doesn't ask immediately about Sam, probably afraid of the answer, especially after Sam's number doesn't work. Note that Dean automatically assumed that Bobby would look after Sam when he was gone but didn't get as angry as I expected him to. In fact, Dean is calm throughout, that fiery dangerous temper absent. Maybe Hell was cathartic.

    But we're all waiting for the Winchester Brothers reunion and it's as wonderful as we imagined it would be. Sam's first reaction mirrors Bobby's, but with considerably more rage and pain. Very funny when Kristy opens the door – Sam's turned into Dean! Half dressed girl, doesn't remember her name…

    Now the question is: was the girl Ruby even then? My first instinct is no – Sam and 'Kristy' are just too genuine in their awkward reactions. Plus there's Kristy's reaction when she opened the door and saw Dean – she didn't even blink, there was no reaction at all. On the opposite side of the argument – as Sam said goodbye, his eyes flicked to the right, in the direction of Dean and Bobby. Hard to decide either way. Though later in the diner, Sam didn't even blink when he saw Ruby. Though Sam's expression when he closed the door was typical Sam: embarrassed, goofy, expecting Dean to torment him – felt real. After that though, Sam's behavior is off, he adjusted a little too quickly to Dean's return, acting almost normal despite the fact his brother just rose from the dead (again)… as if he was thinking that Dean's return had created complications and was figuring out how to deal with them. Sam's turned into a very smooth liar, he didn't used to be able to lie to Dean. Our sweet, innocent and overly emotional Sammy is dead and gone.

    Dean and Bobby naturally think it's Sam who brought Dean back and loved that scene, you feel Sam's distress that he couldn't get Dean out of Hell, then his guilt that someone else succeeded where he failed. The scary part is Sam admits that he *did* try to make a deal but failed, even tried to open the Devil's Gate! Bobby makes an excellent point – if it wasn't Sam, then who or what did it? And thinking about it, if Sam didn't make a deal, there's no reason on Earth that evil would want Dean back, we know what they feel about him – hate and fear. Loved that Sam kept the necklace, didn't bury Dean with it, kept it as a reminder of his big brother – so very perfect. Dean doesn't remember Hell, which is a blessing, but the fact that he had flashes when he looked in the mirror means that he'll probably have nightmares soon. Though I should stop calling it Hell – according to Dean's New Friend, he was in Perdition.

    Our third reunion is adorable – the Impala. Amazing how in four months Sam has made it his car, even later taking the car without hesitating. "Dean, I thought it was my car." He might have a little problem adjusting to her being Dean's again! Nice nod to the pilot since Sam has always complained about Dean's old-fashioned music and upgraded to an Ipod! Humor aside, I actually find that disturbing. When someone you love dies, you don't care about the future, you find it hard to make decisions, getting through every day is a mission, it takes months for that lethargy to wear off and to start caring about living again – Dean's only been dead four months, and we know how close they are, and Sam's modifying the Impala and already is in the mindset that she belongs to him?

    Dean wants to be filled in on what happened after he died and Sam's hurt reaction, "It was practically your dying wish!" is wonderful… of course, Sam was lying through his teeth at the time so the moment quickly loses it's charm. This was the moment to tell Dean the truth and Sam lies, and lies damn convincingly! It really was Dean's last wish, that Sam not surrender to the power inside him, Dean practically screamed his feelings on the subject: fighting with Ruby and stealing the knife, his heartfelt 'Eye of the Tiger' speech, his pleading with Sam right before the Hellhound showed up… and the little brat goes ahead and lets Ruby train him?! Ok, I'm pretty angry with the kid about that.

    Makes you wonder how much influence his six months in 'Mystery Spot' had to do with his change of direction – he'd already lived his life after Dean's death one way without much success, maybe he realized there was a different way that would not only get him revenge but get tangible results too.

    The psychic scene is very funny, Dean's "I just got outta jail, bring it!" and Pam suggesting a threesome! But the humor doesn't last long – Dean's rescuer doesn't make a good impression – exploding windows, burning eyes and demons talking about him like he's the devil himself! Pam was really careless, it was obvious from the first that this was nothing to mess with but she treats the whole thing like a party trick and got burned – literally - because of it.

    The scene with the demons was excellent! They try to intimidate but Dean quickly realizes the truth – they're scared to death. They are just as freaked out as we are and are frantically trying to find out who or what brought Dean back. Once Dean figures this out, he's Mr Fearless – how many people you know who will slap a demon twice?! Good to know even after being dead for four months that Dean is still the Iceman. That boy has style!

    Sam has this nasty habit of sneaking out (he left Dean alone on his first night back?!) and he doesn't take Ruby's knife… and we soon find out why: he doesn't need it. Sammy's been learning some new tricks. I don't know what's worse – that he's embracing his demonic powers or that he's lying to Dean about it with a straight face. Ruby's back but I'm disappointed – I loved the actress who played her with such fire and sarcasm, so I gotta say I'm not impressed by the new actress. She just doesn't have the strength to play such a tough character. If it's true about Dean's new destiny, then this could put a fresh spin on the potential brother-vs-brother battle we've been anticipating for two years. Sam's fighting fire with fire, killing innocents without hesitation, not even really trying to save the possessed human (no exorcism, just checking the pulse after), he's already on the downhill slope to the dark side. Every step will become easier. How soon before it occurs to him that he could *make* other demons help him for the greater good? Then hello, here's our demon leader! Talking to Ruby, there's no impression of remorse, it's more like it was practice! Note the smile at the praise – excuse me, you just *killed* someone! Sam just became seriously freaky! If this is a glimpse of his power, then Sam could either be an awesome ally or a horrifying enemy. To add to this unsettling train of thought, both Dean and Sam lie to each other on the phone. Since when do these two lie to each other?!

    Dean's decision to face his mysterious savior is a bold one and despite how dangerous, it's smart too. Make a stand on home ground, fully prepared and gamble with the idea that this thing brought Dean back so probably won't kill him easily. Though to be safe, Dean should have left Bobby out of it.

    The setup in the barn is impressive, every wall and piece of floor covered with every protective symbol there is. Not to mention all the weapons. Doesn't even slow our boy down though. As our favorite demon once said, "You think something like that works on something like *me*?" When all the attacks fail and Bobby tries brute force… your first though is that Bobby is about to join the trail of dead or maimed bodies in it's wake… then it just gently puts Bobby to sleep. Playing devil's advocate for a second, no pun intended, let's say it's lying – that gentle act immediately lowers Dean's defenses and falls in line with his explanation about the burned eyes being more accidental than deliberate. Let's face it – his entire explanation could be bull… but I really hope it's not, because it is just too cool and I'll be really disappointed.

    Castielle announces calmly that he's an angel (phenomenal casting!) and Dean's ambiguousness over the subject after 'Houses' vanishes – no such thing. Kinda ironic that their chosen savior is an atheist! Nice wings! Great explanation about the exploding windows – the whole 'voice of God' rap – very convincing, as is his detectable regret about hurting Pam. Who can blame Dean for being skeptical, all Dean has ever seen is death and evil, good has never intervened and nothing good has ever happened to their family. Dean, yet again, is told to his face that Dean believes he doesn't deserve to be saved – is there anyone who *doesn't* know about Dean's poor self esteem?!

    Let's assume that Castielle really is an angel – he must be high level because his power is *serious*!! He's going to be one hell of an ally!! And it raises an interesting dilemma for Dean – hard to stay an atheist when God himself has pointed His finger at you and said "You work for *me* now!" Should be fun!

    The series has always focused on the dark, and again and again the Winchesters have seen nothing but evil with no end in sight. No real force of good has ever intervened, leaving Sam to once comment "There's so much evil out in the world, Dean, I feel like I could drown in it." In that same episode, 'Houses of the Holy', Sam admitted wishing that there was some greater good looking out for them, taking an interest… Sam, you just got your wish.

    Actually makes perfect sense that given now that supernatural evil just got a major toehold in this world, that supernatural good would have to take a counteraction (even if they are a little late in the game) – and what could make more sense than choosing someone who is already involved in the war and has proven over and over to be a formidable force for good? This opens up a whole new world and just turned the war into an epic battle – truly evil versus good, we're talking actual Armageddon.

    Since we found out about Sam's destiny, the idea has always been there that Sam could embrace his dark destiny and Dean will be forced to stop him. This idea is now starting to look like fact – Sam is using his powers, even if it is apparently for good for the moment, and with Dean's new destiny… when Dean finds out what Sam's doing, it's not going to be pretty or subtle, they will come into direct conflict and if Sam refuses to back down (we all know the stubbornness of the Winchesters, especially when they think they're right), the two brothers might indeed become enemies. Dean's always been in Sam's shadow but for the first time, Dean could turn out to be the more important of the two – Sam might have demons rooting for him, but Dean has a god behind him.

    Last thoughts:
    - Don't like the new ?raven? title, it's more annoying than anything else. Loved the demon title last year but the new one is different.
    - Really miss 'our' Ruby, she was great. Dean's body got brought back, we couldn't swing that for her too?

    The episode shifts from what we expect – Dean's resurrection, reunion, and questions – to an answer that changes *everything*. This episode blasts the best of the others out of the water, brilliant in every aspect, so critical to the series mythos. I can honestly say it never occurred to me that it would be Good that rescued Dean, we automatically assumed that since evil was responsible for his going to Hell, that would be the solution too. I have to admit I'm shocked and delighted by the turn of events. Supernatural has never gotten stale or boring, there's always a surprise waiting in the wings and this turns the entire series in a fresh and exciting direction. This all hinges on it being true, of course, but if this is anything to go by, this looks to be a truly spectacular season.
  • Dean is rescued by a cosmic force!

    Angels are among us?

    This is an interesting twist. I mean the boys have been resisting the ideal of heaven for about three seasons now. It was time that they, especially Dean, had some light in their life.

    Casstiel seemed very creepy for an Angel. I'm not sure he's the typical idea of an angel, but I give SPN huge props for thinking outside the box. The angel has black wings, and possess innocent people. I wonder what work that Dean had to do. I hope it involves reigning Sam back in. I don't think the road he is on is a positive one.

    What I had a problem with is the new girl playing Ruby. I want the old Ruby back. She was sassy and powerful. This new girl seems barbie doll sweet. Since when does she get so domestic. Ruby's whole character seemed to change. If they are keeping Ruby around, and switching out bodies, they need to keep her character consistent.
  • this episode was amazing. a very good premiere. the only problem i had was the brunette being Ruby. thats not right. either you have the original, or you don't have her at all

    this epsiode was awesome. my only problem was the ruby thing, but i will get over it. okay, i thought it was funny how bobby and sam tried to kill dean, hilarious, also i liked how the girls eyes burned. i cant believe they had sam lie, being all like, of course i wasn;t using my powers it was ur dying wish! LIAR! i thought it was kinda cool what he did, though. Dean is hottt and samm isss still too. i thought that the angel thing was awesome. im happy now that dean can now say that he saw an angel, cuase he never believed. so this thing better really be an angel. lol. this was a really good premiere. i give it an A+. a 10/10. a 100% anything you can say that means s most exxcellentt, i say it. THANK U CW for the AWESOME seriesss!! is all i have to say
  • Super episode from Supernatural.

    I have to say, I have been craving new episodes of Supernatural all summer. And it was a long, long TV-less summer. So, when reading this review keep in mind that I may not be completely unbiased.
    That being said, this episode totally rocked. It was even better than I thought it could be. It was awesomeness personified, with a few slight exceptions. One, when Dean lifted up his shirt to see if he was still torn up, we could have focused longer on his bare chest. Right, ladies? Two, who buries someone in jeans and a t-shirt, even if Dean did look ruggedly hot? Third, this episode was only an hour. After a boring summer I could have used more Supernatural.
    OK now, stop reading if you don't like wild theories, even though I'm pretty sure that this won't spoil a single thing for anyone. I'm thinking that the first burst of sound that Dean heard, the one in the convenience store, was kind of a warning from Castiel (or is it Castielle? Angels are really not my thing usually). Note that it happened right after Dean had stolen the porn and broken into the store's cash. Perhaps we might see Dean being persuaded to change his ways, although we all know that Dean as the bad boy is pretty damn sexy.
    Can't wait for next week, happy viewing to you all!
  • totaly awsome but who ordered a "new Ruby?"

    Ok I love this episode and I can't wait what will happened this season since we go into a new direction and I can't wait what's up with thise whole Angel and God story the end gave me the chills was jaw droping

    anway I do have one question HTF order a new Ruby don't get me wrong I love that Ruby is still around but that she gets replaced by another actress is so NOT working for me .... I need my Ruby be played by Katie not that that new actress is bad but she just can't play Ruby the way Katie did ..... She can play Ruby all she wants but for me its not Ruby anymore
  • What a fantastic start the the 4th season of Supernatural

    I can't even begin express my excited at this episode I was overly impressed! First of all Dean's return - how we all wondered, Sam? Daddy Winchester? A demon? Ruby? Well the plot thickens and Dean's faith will really be tested this season as we learn that he was brought back by Castiel, an Angel. In my opinion I think he's telling Dean the truth, but the I have a feeling that the God he's talking about is not the same God Almighty - Creator of Heaven and Earth he's leading Dean to believe.

    It's obvious how tortured Dean is by the whole ordeal, he may not remember exactly what happened to him yet, but he's going through a lot. But Dean being Dean is covering it up by being his old quirky self. The scene at the beginning where he goes into the abandonned shop and he takes supplies from the shelves and then see's the 'Busty Aisan Beauties' magazine on the shelf, grins, then adds it to his supplies I grinned with delight, that was our first glimpse at the old Dean we all know and love! I loved Dean's reunion's with Bobby and Sam, their distrust of who and what he really is, was really funny! Sam was brilliant this ep, he's clearly a darker character now and that will make him more interesting, and he's acting a lot like dean at the minute especially when it comes to women it would seem.

    And another surprise, Ruby is still alive, although in another form and she's been training Sam with his 'powers' the scene where he exorcised that demon with his mind was really cool. Sam thinks he's doing the right thing and I'm still wondering what Ruby's true intentions with Sam are, shes a demon she doesn't just want to help him save people, she has some darker motives there most definitely and I want to know when they'll be revealed.

    Overall a fantastic episode an easy 10 out of 10

    Best scene: Dean being reunited with his beloved Impala and seeing the iPod installed there "I told you to take care of her not douche her up!" brilliant! :D
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