Season 6 Episode 21

Let It Bleed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

March 15, 1937, Providence, Rhode Island A writer is working on a manuscript in his home as a storm rages outside. As he tries to finish it, his study door opens. The writer draws a gun and moves to the door, but doesn't see anyone outside. He retreats back inside and locks the door, and then pours himself a drink. A figure smashes in through the window and the writer says that he didn't know. As he falls back in a burst of blood, the blood falls on his manuscript... written by H.P. Lovecraft. The Present At Bobby's house, Sam and Dean go over Samuel's files, and Bobby confirms that Castiel stole the journal of Moishe Campbell. Fortunately, Bobby kept a copy. Moisha refers to Lovecraft, who wrote about portals that gave access to Purgatory, and something that occurred don March 10, 1937. Ben Braeden is at home reading while Lisa is in the living room with her new boyfriend, Matt. A demon smashes through the window and grabs Lisa, and another one comes up and breaks Matt's Ben hears them, locks himself in his room, and calls Dean. Dean tells him to get to the window and jump, and promises that he'll be there as soon as he can. However, after a few seconds, Crowley picks up the phone and tells Dean he's abducted Lisa and Ben. He tells Dean that he's holding Ben and Lisa until Dean and the others back down. Dean tells Bobby and Sam of Crowley's threat, and Sam insists on helping him find Lisa and Ben. Dean tells Bobby to continue the research on Lovecraft, and then performs the ritual to summon Balthazar. He's less than thrilled at being summoned, and already knows that Crowley is alive. However, he doesn't know that Castiel has made a deal with Castiel. Dean appeals to his decency, but Balthazar leaves. Sam suggests they call Castiel but Dean refuses. Bobby poses as a journalist meets with a Lovecraft fan with a large collection of the writer's correspondence. He asks him about what happened to Lovecraft on March 1937, and the collector asks if he's working with someone else, and describes Castiel. The collector explains that Lovecraft had a dinner party on March 10, a party of worshippers in a demonic cult. They were preparing to open a portal to another dimension, but apparently nothing happened. However, the collector discovers that the letters relating to the party are missing. Bobby realizes that Castile is responsible and quickly leaves. He calls Sam and tells him what he learned, and confirmed that every guest died or disappeared within a year. He's going to chat with one the son of a maid who worked there, who has been in a mental ward since the night of the party. Dean is busy torturing demons with the knife when Sam comes in and warns him that his brother is running on the edge of exhaustion. When Sam tries to get him to relax, Dean tells him to back off, insisting that if Ben and Lisa are hurt, it's all on him. Sam goes outside of the junkyard they're using as their temporary base and calls to Castiel, asking him to bring back Ben and Lisa. He gets no response and walks away, unaware that Castiel is invisibly watching him. Castiel goes to confront Crowley, who cheerfully admits that he exploited a loophole in Castiel's order to avoid hurting Dean and Sam. When Castiel warns him not to hurt Lisa and Ben, Crowley refuses and says that if Castiel breaks their deal, he'll never find Purgatory. Before he can pursue the matter, Castiel gets a summoning from Balthazar. He meets with his friend, who asks if he's allied with Crowley and doesn't believe Castiel's denial. Castiel explains that working with Crowley is the means to an end, but Balthazar asks if Castiel plans to suck up the power of all the souls to win the civil war in Heaven. Balthazar warns that the energy could destroy Castiel and much of the planet, and Castiel asks if he's with him or not. After a moment's hesitation, Balthazar agrees to assist him, and tells him that he learned of Castiel's plan from Sam and Dean. At the mental hospital, Bobby meets with the maid's son, an elderly man who explains that Castiel talked to him earlier. He claims that the spell that night failed and asks if Bobby believes in monsters. Bobby says that he does and that he'll believe what the man says. The old man says that something invisible came through the portal, and he only knew about it because it possessed his mother, who subsequently disappeared. After that, each guest was murdered. Bobby offers his condolences about the mother, and her son admits that Bobby is the only person who ever has. He then shows Bobby a photo of his mother, Eleanor. Bobby stares at it in shock. Dean prepares to torture another demon, unaware that he's broken the Devil's Trap holding it. The demon blasts Dean back and then grabs his throat, but Castiel arrives to smite him. Dean angrily insists that he didn't need the angel's help and asks why he's there. Castiel insists that he didn't know about Crowley's plan, but Dean doesn't believe him. The angel asks Dean to trust him, insisting that he's the Winchesters' friends. He asks if anyone else has ever done so much for Dean, and asks Dean to trust him. Castiel promises that he will find Lisa and Ben, and asks Dean to stand behind him the one time that he's asking. Dean refuses, pointing out that Castiel is doing the same thing as Crowley, and Castiel departs without a word. Bobby goes to a cabin with a warded door and meets with Ellie Visyak. He tells her that he knows she's Eleanor, Lovecraft's maid, and points out that she lied about her age... by about 900 years. Bobby asks why she's there and what she's doing, and Visyak says that she likes it on Earth and has spent the last 75 years trying to keep Purgatory sealed away. Bobby warns her that Castiel is looking for her and he'll figure out who she really is eventually, so he wants Visyak to tell him how to open the door to Purgatory. She refuses to let Bobby help despite his warnings, saying he's just a man. Sam is at Bobby's, drinking, when Balthazar teleports in and says that they need to talk. They call in Dean, and Balthazar explains that he doesn't believe that Castiel can handle the energy. Balthazar reveals that he's found and Lisa and Ben, but Crowley has angel-proofed the building. He teleports them as close as he can and leaves. They kill the patrolling demons and split up to search the place, but demons quickly capture Sam and knock him out, and then go to check on Lisa and Ben. Dean lures them out and disposes of them, and then unties Lisa and Ben. However, the demon inside Lisa reveals itself, threatening to kill Ben with a knife. She explains that Crowley knew Dean might find them, and then lies and briefly claims that Dean is Ben's real father. The demon admits that she lied about that, but tells Dean that it can tell what Lisa is thinking, and that she hates Dean and Ben. Dean tells Ben that he'll be fine, and then throws holy water into Lisa's face. They struggle and Dean tries to cast an exorcism ritual, but the demon stabs Lisa's body. She dares Dean to exorcise it, killing Lisa, and Dean hesitates and then finishes the ritual. Lisa collapses and Dean tries to call Sam for help, but Sam is still unconscious. Ben freezes up, so Dean slaps him and tells him to grab a shotgun and the demon-killing knife and cover him while he carries Lisa out. Ben shoots one demon and they find Sam locked up. Sam takes the gun and they get out, and he steals a car and drives for a hospital. The next day, Dean and Ben sit at Lisa's beside. Dean apologizes but Ben gets up and leaves. Castiel appears in the room and Dean tells him that Lisa will be dead by midnight. The angel explains that he came for Lisa and heals her with a touch. Castiel insists that he meant it when he said he was sorry, and Dean thanks him. However, he says that it won't change anything. As Castiel goes, Dean asks him to do one more thing. Lisa wakes up and finds Ben at her bedside. Dean watches from the door as Ben explains to his mother that they were in a car crash. They have no memory of who Dean is. He claims that he's the guy who hit them and admits that he lost control for a minute. Dean tells them that he's happy that they're okay and their lives can get back to normal. Lisa says that they're okay and that's what important, and Dean agrees. Outside, Sam starts to condemn Dean for wiping Ben and Lisa's memories, and Dean tells him that he'll break his nose if he ever mentions them again. After a moment, the brothers drive off. Visyak leaves her cabin and finds Castiel waiting for her. He grabs her and teleports away.