Season 6 Episode 21

Let It Bleed

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 20, 2011 on The CW

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  • Wait, what?

    The only reason to erase Lisa and Ben's memories of Dean was to remove them and their implications from the story and it was a lazy and incredibly lame way of doing it.

    It makes absolutely no sense from a safety standpoint because if you go after someone via their family it doesn't matter if said family likes (or even remembers) your true target, as only your target's feelings towards them are of importance.

    Also if you factor in that now -when a demon or monster comes a knocking; the best they can do is call 911. they are seriously worst off but at least Lisa can now get her freak on with other guys in the mean time right? but oh wait -wasn't she already doing that? lol

    Like I said -lazy and lame.
  • Those who are left behind

    It seems as if there will forever be another person left behind in this show. Why do they always have to get rid of the love intrest? We want somebody good for Dean and Sam! Sam had a slight fling with Ruby but everyone knew that would end badly. And now Dean looses Lisa. I found this entire episode a dreary hot mess. It was very good because of the main plot moments and just a tiny bit of love and cheer, but this episode will always have a spot on the most depressing list.
  • 621

    Good installment of Supernatural. I liked that they finally tied together the Lisa & Ben story line. They're reappearance this season was quite random and I'm sure wasn't loved by most fans.

    Dean and Sam vs. Castiel and Crowley? In attempts to keep purgatory closed, Sam & Dean race to find out information on a writer who was known to have opened another dimension.

    The cold opening was good, the final scene was heartbreaking but definitely needed, and the cliffhanger was okay. I guess this means that Castiel is one step ahead of the Winchesters.

    Looking forward to what I hope is a great season six finale after a so-so season, here's hoping.
  • How come Dean doesn't know Lovecraft?


    I loved the episode and I believe the season is on its way to have a great finalle. However, I don't get it: How come Dean doesn't know Lovecraft? Ok, I can understand that he's never read any of Lovecraft's books. But being a horror movie fan (as stated in some episodes), Dean would have known about Lovecraft. And since he likes Metallica, he must know "The Call of Ktulu".

  • Man On A Mission

    Let It Bleed-When Crowley tries to get to Dean by abducting Lisa and Ben, the Winchesters turn to an unexpected source for help. Meanwhile, Bobby learns of another visitor from Purgatory.

    In Part 1 of Supernatural's 2 part finale, we see Dean race against time trying to save Lisa and Ben after Crowley kidnaps them. While Lisa and Ben have relatively been the most uninteresting part of this season, they still provide a lot of depth for the character of Dean and how much he's grown. For over a year, he was a husband and father to both Lisa and Ben and it's not surprising that the moment their in trouble he feels an obligation to do whatever it takes to save them. Over the years, it has been a pleasure to watch the writers develop Dean from the mocho, tough guy older brother to the soft hearted, level headed man he is now. It's also good to Jensen Ackles becoming comfortable about showing off that softer side as well. He gvies a great performance in this episode showing Dean's overwhelming concern and desperation to track both of them down. Crowley's upduction of Lisa and Ben was well directed nad full of suspense. You also got to love Crowley taking the time to make a crack at Dean's awkward situation with Lisa being "the ex lady friend" and Ben being "the not son".

    We also get more from the aftermath of Dean and Castiel, which continues to pull at the heart strings, especially seeing Castiel to pursistent to show Dean no matter how much he doubts him, he's still willing to help him no matter what. The scene where Cas saves Dean from the demon and heals Lisa at the hospital were beyond saddening, Misha and Jensen just nail their scenes together everytime. If that wasn't bad enough, they put Dean through the emotional ringer when he goes after Lisa and Ben in the warehouse. The twist with Lisa being possessed and ultimately killing Lisa was shocking and the look on Dean's face couldn't be more heartbreaking. The sight of Ben shooting demons while Dean carries Lisa bleeding to death really was a striking sight, not to mention extremely dark, even for Supernatural as we see Dean hitting Ben and forcing him to kill to lead the way to safety. The way the story concludes is definately one of the saddest scenes of the series as Dean asks Castiel to wipe Lisa and Ben's memory of him. You kinda know it's coming but it doesn't make it anyless hard hitting and the sense of loss in Dean's eyes is captivating. I also loved the exchange between Sam and Dean in the car with Dean threatening to punch Sam in the nose id he even mentions Lisa and Sam again.

    Bobby's sub-plot with investigating the HP Lovecraft's death lead to shocking development with Eleanor's return and her being a monster from Purgatory. It's an intriguing twist considering she's a monster who never posed a threat and ultimately became a close friend of Bobby. Although, I'm surprised the moment that Bobby finds out he slept with a monster wasn't given a big pay off. It would have been hilarious and it's a pretty big revelation which could have benefitted from that. The only real downside is Belthazor. While it seems the writers are trying to give the character some depth, Belthazor just doesn't seem to fit in the story arc anymore. He's decision to help the brothers never really feels genuine and considering he's been such michevious character all season, it seems like a pretty big development for him and I would have rather have had him have some selfish request in return. There just seemed like no real reason for Belthazor to help the brothers and mostly felt like a plot device to get the brothers from point "A" to point "B". Overall, a great first part to this finale and Part about an ending!
  • Let It Bleed

    Let It Bleed was truly a perfect episode of this season of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because there were many obvious yet subtle circumstances through out the episode. It was funny how after learning about the Lovecraft connection Ben was reading related material, and the next scene where Lisa is dating Matt, who is definitely different than Dean in many ways, and when they have surprise visitors things get interesting. I liked how Castiel, Balthazar, and Crowley all interacted with the Winchester brothers. This was a great set up for the season finale. I was left wanting to watch more and I really look forward to watching the next episode of Supernatural!!!!!!!
  • Crowley resorts to drastic measures to get Sam and Dean to stop.

    The first part of the Supernatural finale is definitely the weaker one, but it actually works itself into a satisfactory ending, one that surprised me.

    Most of the episode is dedicated to two different things: one is having Dean tie up the loose ends involving Lisa and Ben and the other is having Bobby look into a possible connection between H.P Lovecraft's death and the Purgatory that Castiel and Crowley are trying to open.

    During a season where the balance between stuff that's interesting and stuff that isn't, as well as where the mythology arc sort of lost its focus, this isn't necessarily the best recipe for a great episode, but we do a good one out of it all. I must say, I really enjoyed watching the way tensions continued to build between Dean and Cas. Dean seems to be furious and blinded towards Castiel's intentions, even though it's clear Cas is doing this to stop Apocalypse from occurring. This episode once again shows a.) the love that Cas still has for the brothers and b.) Dean's fury at Cas.

    The Lisa and Ben characters were never that well fleshed out and seemed like an easy way for Dean to potentially leave the show, but the way that the writers got the characters written out of the show was fantastic and emotional as hell. Kudos to them.

    Overall, it was a filler-ish episode but a good start to the finale.
  • wow excellent first half awesome can't wait until next season of supernatural wonder what will happen lisa ben too bad dean ask cas to erase their memories who knows how long that will last what if something else comes after them again great first half!!!

    Wow can I say wow great first half of the hour of supernatural can't wait for the second half of supernatural hour and next season gonna keep an eye out to see when they will announce season seven opening night fantastic job to Jared,Jensen, Misha, and Jim can't wait until next season looking forward to it go supernatural you rock. To Jared and Jensen take some time off until you have to go back filming both need to rest you've earned it take it easy this summer. Well thats about it for this review will get to the next one shortly.
  • Let It Bleed...

    "Let It Bleed" brought us back to the real world after the semi flashback episode "The Man Who Would Be King" laid out exactly what this season has really been about. Bobby and the boys - less than pleased with Castiel's plan to open up Purgatory - set out to stop him after he and Dean's heart-to-heart puts the parties firmly at ends with one another.

    Having nothing but the journals of the Campbell family to go on, the search for answers about Purgatory is accidently narrowed down for the Winchesters by Castiel, when he steals one of them he deems to be crucial. Bobby - being particularly paranoid - had already made a copy of it however, allowing he and the brothers to see exactly what Castiel was after. The journal in question details that its author had gone to visit horror writer H.P Lovecraft with the suspicion that he, along with several acquaintances, had opened up a gate to another dimension; specifically; Purgatory.

    Whilst the hunters discover these revelations, Crowley hatches a plan to distract Dean from trying to stop Castiel; he kidnaps Lisa and Ben, Dean's former family of sorts. Rejecting Crowley's offer of their safe return in exchange for stopping the pursuit of his and Castiel's plan, Dean and Sam then set out to save the mother and son whilst Bobby continues the search for answers about the journal's content.

    The brothers call on Balthazar and try to appeal to any sense of decency within the disgruntled Angel, and whilst the news of Castiel's plan shocks his number two, he refuses to help our heroes. Dean then proceeds to torture his way through a series of Demons trying to get a location on Crowley, whilst Sam prays to Castiel for help but he goes unanswered. After he hears the prayer, we see that whilst the brothers don't trust him, Castiel had no knowledge of the kidnapping plan, but also can't do anything to stop it. After Castiel meets with Balthazar to confirm the brother's story about dividing the souls, Balthazar - not as sure about the plan as his leader - decides that helping the brothers might be worth pursuing. After he reveals the location of Lisa and Ben, Sam and Dean head off to save them, and whilst they are successful, Lisa is wounded in the process. Just hours away from dying in the hospital, Lisa is saved when Castiel shows up and touches her. Although still intending to go ahead with his plan, Castiel grants Dean a favor after feeling guilty about the consequences of his actions - he replaces both Lisa and Ben's memories of Dean so that they have never met him. Although he loves them, Dean walks away from his "family" to keep them safe. On Bobby's end, his investigation into H.P Lovecraft reveals that a friend from his past; Elle - a purveyor of all things ancient - is not quite as human as he once thought. When he goes to see her, she reveals that she was a monster released from Purgatory by Lovecraft, but that she has no intention is causing problems after taking a liking to life on Earth. Refusing Bobby's offer of protection from Castiel - who is almost certainly on her trail - the episode concludes with the Angel finding the target of his pursuits. As "Let It Bleed" was technically the first part of a two-part finale, it is hard to make conclusions about it as an episode. It served both as a set-up episode and a standalone in parts, and its quality could be enhanced or diminished by what comes after it. As both episodes aired back-to-back, I will know in about an hour whether the build up was provided with a fitting conclusion, but taken by itself, "Let It Bleed" was more than acceptable viewing. The Lisa and Ben story line has finally been laid to rest in a perfect way for Supernatural, and Castiel vs. the Winchesters is now at the heart of finale.
  • In For the Kill (Spoilers Ahead)

    Crowley targets Lisa and Ben to get Dean to back off and he thinks that Castiel may be in on the plan also. The brothers turn to Balthazar and tell him of Castiel's teaming with Crowley which he isn't surprised about but he is surprised to hear about his plans with purgatory and which he confronts Castiel about and we finally learn that the souls turn Castiel into a nuclear reactor that could blow up a lot of the world. Exciting stuff involving the legendary HP Lovecraft and a gate to the other side and Bobby's old flame who gave them the sword to kill the dragons recently turns out to be a peaceful monster from purgatory who is willing to stop Crowley from opening it. In the end Balthazar finds Lisa and Ben and Lisa is possessed by a demon and stabs herself but Dean manages to get her to a hospital after and Castiel heals her. The writing for Castiel's knowing he made a mistake allying with Crowley shows but that he is willing to stick with it is the true test of his resolve to kill Raphael, and the decision to wipe Ben and Lisa's memories of himself was selfish and also beautiful even though they may still be in danger in the future. But it's a good way to get them in the background since Dean needs to go on a new path following this season.
  • Crowley snatches Lisa and Ben to try and keep the Winchesters out of his hair. He obviously hasn't read The Demons Guide to Defeating the Winchesters yet.

    Crowley and Cas are getting close to purgatory, the boys are getting close too, having stumbled upon some H.P. Lovecraftian connection, so what's a wannabe King of Hell supposed to do? Divert his enemy's attention of course, so natch he snatches Ben and Lisa in the hopes that this'll throw Dean off his trail. This guy's not real smart is he? Truly though we got to see that Dean has come a long way, (I honestly didn't see Lisa as having been possessed, though it makes perfect sense...), in his willingness to sacrifice his history with the two of them (by having Castiel erase their memories of him, apparently his last decent act but I'll get to it). So good on you Sera for writing Dean a little personal character growth, it was also good to see the torturer come back out to play, though the breaking of the seal for the demon to get the upper hand is a little bit boring at this point. You'd think the boys would use paint that doesn't smear or rub off so easily. Maybe that'll be the lesson they learn next season. All in all a fine ep. Not great, but definitely not bad. Thanks as always, to Kast and Krew for their hard work! It's good to see the actors are still bringing their "A" Games to the table. Special love as always to Jensen and Jared.