Season 6 Episode 12

Like a Virgin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on The CW
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When Sam emerges from his coma with no memory of the last year and a half, Bobby and Dean decide not to tell him what he did while his soul was missing. The brothers go to Oregon to investigate mysterious disappearances that appear to be the work of dragons.moreless

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  • Like A Dragon, Slain For Very First Time!

    Like A Virgin-When Sam emerges from his coma with no memory of the last year and a half, Bobby and Dean decide not to tell him what he did while his soul was missing. The brothers go to Oregon to investigate mysterious disappearances that appear to be the work of dragons. Okay, trying to ctach up with the Supernatural reviews so bar with me. During the long, nail biting winter hiatus, I wondered how Sam would re-enter the picture after his nerve wrecking re-ensoulment (that's not even a word is it?) Anyway, I'm glad that it didn't take long for Sma to wake up and I was a heartwarming moment to see the "real" Sam reunite with Dean and Bobby. Having the old Sam back was long over due considering his souless self, while fascinating at first, really took a turn for the untolerable at the end of the first half of the season. Jared switches back to the old Sam with ease and it feels good to have the noble, kind hearted Sam again.

    Dean and Bobby's reactions are also great. I makes sense for Bobby to not open his heart back to Sam so easily as Dean does. I mean Sam did try to kill him, even if it wasn't really wasn't him, at least not spiritually if that makes sense. Dean is right not to tell Sam about everything that he's done in the last year since it could cause a break in the wall. Sam definately knws right away that Dean and Bobby are heading something, so of course he goes to Castiel. Speaking of Cas, he's only in two scenes this episode, but both are solid. The first where Castiel tells Dean what Sam's soul felt like when he touched it and the next when Castiel tells Sam the truth. The way Cas goes in for a awkward hug just as Sam sits down to reject was great, as well as shows once again while Cas has his issues with the brothers, he considers them close friends, even family. The scene where Sam confronts Dean about what he's done and asks for forgiveness just shows how vastly different the "new" Sam was this season. We haven't seen Sam open up like this, at least sincerely, in a while and it was good to see a genuine brother moment where Sam wasn;t forcing feelings.

    While Sam getting his soul back and trying to find answers was great to see, it's really a sub-plot to the brothers on a case, trying to hunt down dragons who've been kidnapping virgins. While it there were various funny scenes that came with the plot (The girl with the purity ring, Dean trying to pull the sword out, even destorying part of it by accident just to get it out) I even enjoyed seeing Kim Johnston Ulrich("Passions") as Dr. Visyak aka Bobby's old flame. But when it comes down to it, the dragons themselves were pretty lame. We're told they're look like large, bat-like creatures yet they look like average joes with long nails who can heat stuff! It feels like an empty demon plot, which only gets some pay off in the final few minutes. The cuting back n' forth from Bobby's writing of the dragon diary to the dragons unleashing some new evil threat by sacrificing a virgin girl was quite brillaint. So we have a new Big Bad on out hands and the Mother as they call her has me intrigued. Where does she fit in the huge mythology that Supernatural has creafted? What's her agenda? We'll see! All and All, a decent episode of Supernatural with some nice Sam movement plot, a weak main plot but an awesome ending.moreless
  • It's a good one but it didn't add much

    This episode added nothing to me but the joy of the brothers reunion and everything regarding the their relationship. It didn't serve the season's story. Also I didn't quite like the idea of dragons but it didn't bother me either. So, to me, it was a complete filler episode.

    Though, there where some other things I liked about it. I Like the whole fighting scene with the dragons, how it is planed out and the dragons' unusual use of fire. It was so good. I also have to bow for both Jensen and Christopher Lennertz, the composer, for the brilliant hilarious sword scene. I wish to see Sam in a comedy scene like that. Writers, if you see this, please I need to see a crazy funny Sam even for once.

    I'm know that if I have thumbs down, it will be for this ;) Even though the hug scene was emotional enough, sadly Jared ruined it for me. I felt as if he was squeezing himself for emotions. It felt phony to me. But the scene where he finds out that he was for a whole year without a soul, absolutely made it up. Actually Jared was great the entire ep.

    Having soulful Sammy after this long feels like summer breeze with puppy-dog eyes and everything, but still, I missed soulless Sam.

    It's good to know that Cas really like Sam and not just helping him for Dean's sake.

    Finally I just want to thank Jared, Jensen and Jim for their brilliant performance along with every one in the staff.moreless
  • Great Episode...but..

    This episode has been by far the BEST episode of this season so far ( Weekend At Bobby's at a very close second). It had humour, excellent one-liners, rock music, and that oh so sweet brotherly hug we've been waiting for from the beginning of the season.Did anyone else see Jared's vains pop out when he hugged Dean, lol a bit alarming, but still sweet. However, this episode was so so so AWESOME. The only problem with it was that I felt like this episode was really..well I don't know the word for it, but it felt like everything was being pushed in and crammed, I know that if it was season 1-5, it would feel normal, but season 6 was very continous and the endless episodes didn't really go anywhere. Okay, I'm going to stop my complaining now, either way this episode was great. Even after a sort of bumpy and jumpy first half of the season, Supernatural may be gaining it's name back and it's Awesomeness. Keep up the good work SPN CREW(:moreless
  • SOOO good to be back

    Soo good to be back, the week extra wait was worth it, not only do we've got old Sammy back, it also finally feels like the Supernatural i know and loved for the past 5 seasons again, the hug when the brothers reunited was stuff of gold, i know i cheered.

    All was well, but not for too long as Castiel spills his beans to Sam, and the classic reaction of Sam is that he has to fix it, that how we know him, but this does mean he will go and scratch the wall, im curious how this will unfold, will Sam go bad again later this season if he keeps scratching?

    The case of this week i never expected, DRAGONS? Or better said weredragons, cause later on we see them walking around human and all, a bit vague, but doesnt matter cause this all builds up to the introduction of The Mother of All, presumably this seasons big bad. Not sure wat to expect yet, my guess is Mother of All is Mother of all monsters, as the vampire earlier on made the comment about avery monster having its mother, very intresting.

    The introduction and the name The Mother of All made me think aboutThe First from buffy the vampire slayer, hmmm, anyway cant wait to see how this unfolds.

    All in awesome episode, mostly for giving us 2 things we needed very hard this season, the old Sam back, and a clear big bad this season in the form of Mother of All, add to this some great funny moments (Dean trying to get the sword out of the stone with the music on the background was hi-la-ri-ous), some great rock and the Supernatural we know and love is back, just hope they will keep going strongmoreless
  • With Sam's soul firmly housebound, the brothers head off on the Tolkeinesque (btw thanks for the shoutout writers! that was awesome) dragon entranced with shiny baubles (gold) and of course something a little more meaty, Virgins.moreless

    Tonight's ep was a solid installation, esp where the boys and their personal arcs are concerned. ***possible spoilers though I don't know for sure***

    I am wondering which incarnation of Lilith/Lamashtu/Lilitu they're going to use, that's, of course, IF they want to try and stick to some kind of genuine mythos. Can't use Tiamat, she was the dragon who Marduk slew to divide the heavens and the earth... it'll be interesting to find out what they do. I hope. (Meta eps aside).

    Loved that Sam asked Castiel, who would naturally not lie. And that he was okay with knowing there were things he was going to have to atone for. S'good to have Sammy back, just wondering how long it'll take before he breaks... if the Ptb's let him. I still wouldn't mind seeing him in a straight jacket, having lost most of his "it" to a universal connection that leaves him a conduit for Dean's monster hunting. Though of course I'm sure the show would never take it that way. Still, what a mythic/gothic wonderful tragedy it would be... ahh well. Perhaps my creative writing teacher was right. Nobody's gonna wanna read... sorry "see" that.

    To Kast and Krew, beautifully done! So happy to have y'all back! Dawn... don't pre-empt our boys. Please. Special love and thanks of course to Jensen and Jared. Great work boys. Thank you!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Two dragons take the girl to the cliff where they open the door to Purgatory. When Eve rises up out of the pit, the second dragon has disappeared.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Bobby: Like my daddy always, said, "Just 'cause it kills your liver don't mean it ain't medicine."

    • Bobby: You two enjoy catching up, okay? (walks away)
      Sam: What was that?
      Dean: One part age, three parts liquor.

    • Sam: Well, looks like those other two missing girls both baked cookies for the Lord.
      Dean: What is that? Code?

    • Dean: Penny's diary.
      Sam: Did you steal that from her room?
      Dean: I love that you even ask me that.
      Sam: And why wouldn't I?
      Dean: No reason.

    • Dean: (reading a diary) "I've decided I'm going to give Stan my most precious gift."
      Sam: Wow, that sounded really creepy coming out of your mouth.
      Dean: I think I delivered it.

    • Sam: So, what, you think Batman tried to rape her?
      Dean: Well, he does carry a lot of rage.

    • Sam: So what kind of thing likes virgins and gold?
      Dean: P Diddy?
      Sam: You know, it's comforting.
      Dean: What's that?
      Sam: I die for a year, came back, and you're still not funny.
      Dean: Shut up. I'm hilarious.

    • Dr. Visyak: Bobby Singer. Tell him something for me next time you see him.
      Dean: Umm.
      Dr. Visyak: Actually, just kick him in the jewels. That's more poetic.
      Dean: No love lost between you two, huh?
      Dr. Visyak: Just the opposite.

    • Dr. Visyak: So, you want to know how to kill it?
      Dean: That's right.
      Dr. Visyak: Well, you need a blade.
      Dean: Uhh, okay, what kind of blade?
      Dr. Visyak: One forged with dragons' blood.
      Dean: So you need one to kill one, but you got to kill one to make one. How's that work out?

    • Dr. Visyak: I have one in the basement.
      Dean: You have one?
      Dr. Visyak: Finding it took two decades, countless hours, and some really bad sex with an Eastern European ambassador, but, yeah.

    • Castiel: Sam, it's so good to see you alive.
      Sam: Yeah. You, too. (Castiel extends his arms) Umm, look, I would hug you, but...
      Castiel: It would be awkward.

    • Dean: You rocks think you're so smart. (plants C4) All right, welcome to the 21st century.

    • Dean: Ugg, God. Just when I get used to a smell, I hit a new flavor. Dude, we have been here for hours. There is nothing. I think the lore is off. Hey, what if, uh, what if dragons like nice hotels?

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  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Title:
      Referencing singer Madonna's second studio album, and the 1984 title track of said album. The album is considered the defining moment in her career. The song, written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, is high on sexual innuendo and became her first number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100.

    • Dean: Let T-1000 walk around, hope he doesn't open fire?
      Referencing the 1991 film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The Terminator that can change forms is the emotionless T-1000, played by Robert Patrick, who is the antagonist of the film.

    • Sam: So, what, you think Batman tried to rape her?
      Referencing the Caped Crusader, created by Bob Kane in 1939. The DC Comic Book heroes have been seen in many TV shows and movies since, both live-action and animated.

    • Bobby: To who? Hogwarts?
      Referencing J.K. Rowling's famous school for magicians, as seen in her Harry Potters novels. Hogwarts is the school where Harry Potter and his friends study their magic.

    • Bobby: Hey, how's Memento doing over there?
      Referencing the 2000 film about a man, Leonard Shelby, who suffers from anterograde amnesia and can't retain new memories. The film starts with his murdering a man, and then uses alternating narrative tracks, one in reverse chronological order, to depict the events leading up to the murder.

    • Dean: I'd remember if I ever read The NeverEnding Story in there.
      Referencing the 1984 movie based on the German novel (1979) by Michael Ende. The movie chronicles Bastian Bux, a boy reading a box about the land of Fantasia being consumed by The Nothing. Only Bastian and a young boy-hero, Atreyu, can save Fantasia from destruction.

    • Dean: That they live in Middle-Earth?
      Referring to the works of J R R Tolkien, the creator of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, set in the mythical land of Middle Earth. Frodo is the protagonist of the series, a hobbit. Hobbits are relatively short hairy humanoids who prefer eating and drinking to becoming involved in the greater affairs of Middle Earth.

    • Bobby: All you need to know is where Godzilla is holed up.
      Referencing the most famous of giant Japanese monsters, who made his screen debut in Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1954). Originally a parable on the dangers of nuclear war in the aftermath of the World War II bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Godzilla spawned three separate movie series where he battled aliens and other giant monsters, and appeared in two TV cartoon series, several comics, and an American remake in 1998.

    • Bobby: Da Vinci Code.
      Referencing the famous 2003 mystery/detective novel by Dan Brown, based on conspiracy theory involving Christian religion. Despite being denounced as an attack on the Roman Catholic Church by several church denominations, it became a worldwide best seller and spawned a movie in 2006.

    • Bobby: Ask Cloverfield, I'm pretty sure he's got that page.
      Referencing the 2008 movie about a giant monster that attacks New York City. The movie documents the attack in the form of a handheld camera used by fleeing citizens used to document what is happening. Like the dragon in this episode, the monster itself is never clearly seen (except for one or two brief scenes).