Season 6 Episode 5

Live Free or Twihard

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on The CW
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During a fight with vampires, Dean is bitten and transformed. To obtain a cure, Samuel tells Dean to get the blood of the vampire that bit him. However, the vampire alpha is part of the pack that Dean must infiltrate.

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  • Well this was a dumb episode... really.

    All this vampire stuff, is just getting too much out there and this episode seemed to one of them.

    Yea dean gets turned into a vampire, but not really much of the spotlight..

    what was most important in this episode, was Sam`s reaction while dean was being fed blood by the vampire. The guy just stood there and even smiled a couple of times, while the vampire fed dean its blood.

    I think this is gonna be a good season, and I also feel that Dean might be fighting a lone battle this entire season.

    not sure, if the funny side of supernatural would be shown a lot here this season.

    but lets wait and see.moreless
  • Well, something is seriously wrong with Sam. Now that's official!

    This episode starts with can i put it! Their humor can never really fall flat. The Die Hard 4 and Twilight crossover name is epic. Robert and Kristen? Seriously? Jensen does an awesome job. The action sequence with the vampires is also amazing. The developing arc gets me excited. Alpha Shape-shifter and vampire; what's next? Werewolf maybe? But the most important thing is what is with Sam? In no way he lets Dean turn into a vampire even if there is a potion. Hell makes Dean shattered, now it's time too see what is it's impact on Sam even though he came back right after falling into pit.moreless
  • This is no place for bad poetry...

    They can still do it: this episode was an impressive demonstration of Supernatural's finest, an emotional roller coaster ride. There was action, horror, the splattering blood, sorrow and the light moments with references to the Twilight franchise, or making fun of it (and I couldn't agree more).

    The story: Dean faces imminent death when he is forced to drink vampire blood during a hunt, turning him into a vampire. That's before Samuel shows up to tell Sam and Dean about a cure. The catch: they need the blood of the vampire that turned Dean. Dean infiltrates the nest, while Samuel and Sam take care of other ingredients. Before Dean takes out the other vampires in the nest on his own (bad idea to vampire hunter inside), he receives a vision from the father, the first vampire called Alpha (a surreal, disturbing vision of young female twins and probably the father Alpha). In the end, the vampires are dead and Dean is cured, but left with two important revelations: Alpha is recruiting an army, but more importanly: hunters don't scare them anymore. And then there is Dean's vision during the healing process: He sees Sam watching him get turned, with a vicious smile on his face. Sam is not playing straight with them which Dean already guessed, but knows for sure now.

    That's one of two important Sam moments in this episode: he, the smiling bystander when Dean is turned and when he pretends not knowing about the cure when Samuel is certain they talked about it weeks ago. Samuel and Dean fight to save lives, to save their lives, but Sam has his own secret agenda, at least for now.

    In the end, Dean has to realize that he probably lost Lisa and Ben because he wanted to say goodbye before he knew about the cure and scared them off. He tells Sam at least he can always count on him, who answers, "of course, Dean." Well, that's a lie.moreless
  • seriously, why you giving it a 10?

    You are all delusional, imagining something wonderful on the grave of something terrible. This episode was a total failure of supernatural. We were told the alpha would be in this episode, it wasnt but a mention and its gone. If you think about it, other than a little more revealing on how sam is not sam, nothing happened in this episode. possible spoilers ahead.

    If they knew there was a vampire cure, why wasnt it mentioned earlier??? Because it was made up on the spot and is very silly. You would think they would have used the cure earlier on some other characters in the show, but what do i know. This episode is a 6 at best and all you die hard fans are mindfully willing this episode to be better. Any episode that even shows lisa, sucks. terrible actor, terrible director.moreless
  • Live Free or Twihard

    Live Free or Twihard was an excellent episode of Supernatural. The begining was especially fun to watch, as it played off of modern pop culture and how bad movies have become in the vampire genre. I thought that there were some interesting plot twists, and surprising revelations about Sam. This episode was full of action, touching drama, and humor. I really enjoyed watching this story unfold and think that the season is headed in a surprising direction. I can't wait to see what happens next. There was a lot of character insights in this episode and they gave clues to what might happen.moreless
Joseph D. Reitman

Joseph D. Reitman


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Charlie Carrick


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Mitch Pileggi

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    • Sam: I should come with you.
      Dean: No. Dude, you reek. You're like a walking hamburger. I got to do this solo.

    • Sam: Vampires?
      Dean: These aren't vampires, man, these are... these are douche bags.

    • Vamp Poseur: What the hell are you doing?
      Dean: Open your mouth! Take those out. Take 'em out! Ohhh, for the love of... what are you, 12? Are you wearing glitter?
      Vamp Poseur: I only do it to get laid, man.
      Dean: Does it work? (Vamp Poseur shrugs) I'll be damned.

    • Dean: Lisa, I can't bring this crap home to you.
      Lisa: You're talking about your work?
      Dean: I'm talking about my life. It's ugly, and it's violent, and I"m going to die, soon.

    • Robert: You must be starving.
      Dean: Uhh...
      Robert: (offers a blood bag) Here you go.
      Dean: I'm okay. I killed so many people on the way over here, so...
      Robert: Yeah, uh, about that, company line is we just don't kill people anymore. But you got to tell me what that's like.
      Dean: Yeah. Yeah, first chance I get I'll show you myself.
      Robert: Sweet.

    • Boris: And these are the best days in the last six hundred years to be a vampire. Dracula, Anne Rice, please. These stupid little brats are so horny, they've reinvented us as Prince Charming with a Volvo. They want a promise ring with fangs, so I give it to them.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Title:
      References the vampire-themed Twilight series. It is a set of four novels by Stephanie Meyer, the first being Twilight, which was released in 2005. The first book was made into a film in 2008 with the rest of the series following: The Twilight Saga: New Moon, 2009, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 2010, with the final installment yet to be released as of the time this episode aired. The saga follows the life of Bella Swan when she moves to Forks, Washington to live with her dad and falls in love with Edward Cullen who she discovers is a vampire. Characters Kristen and Robert are named after Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the actors who portray the main characters in the movies.

    • Title:
      Referencing the 2007 action-adventure movie Live Free or Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis as New York City police officer John McClane. The movie is the fourth in the Die Hard franchise, and made 12 years after the third film, Die Hard with a Vengeance.

    • Dean: News flash, Mr. Wizard--vampires pee.
      Referencing Don Herbert, who rose to fame as Mr. Wizard, the creator and host of four science-based educational TV series. He first appeared on the air in 1951 and after the initial show was canceled after 547 episodes, went on to produce three similarly-themed television programs.