Season 6 Episode 5

Live Free or Twihard

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on The CW

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  • Well this was a dumb episode... really.

    All this vampire stuff, is just getting too much out there and this episode seemed to one of them.

    Yea dean gets turned into a vampire, but not really much of the spotlight..

    what was most important in this episode, was Sam`s reaction while dean was being fed blood by the vampire. The guy just stood there and even smiled a couple of times, while the vampire fed dean its blood.

    I think this is gonna be a good season, and I also feel that Dean might be fighting a lone battle this entire season.

    not sure, if the funny side of supernatural would be shown a lot here this season.

    but lets wait and see.
  • Well, something is seriously wrong with Sam. Now that's official!

    This episode starts with can i put it! Their humor can never really fall flat. The Die Hard 4 and Twilight crossover name is epic. Robert and Kristen? Seriously? Jensen does an awesome job. The action sequence with the vampires is also amazing. The developing arc gets me excited. Alpha Shape-shifter and vampire; what's next? Werewolf maybe? But the most important thing is what is with Sam? In no way he lets Dean turn into a vampire even if there is a potion. Hell makes Dean shattered, now it's time too see what is it's impact on Sam even though he came back right after falling into pit.
  • This is no place for bad poetry...

    They can still do it: this episode was an impressive demonstration of Supernatural's finest, an emotional roller coaster ride. There was action, horror, the splattering blood, sorrow and the light moments with references to the Twilight franchise, or making fun of it (and I couldn't agree more).

    The story: Dean faces imminent death when he is forced to drink vampire blood during a hunt, turning him into a vampire. That's before Samuel shows up to tell Sam and Dean about a cure. The catch: they need the blood of the vampire that turned Dean. Dean infiltrates the nest, while Samuel and Sam take care of other ingredients. Before Dean takes out the other vampires in the nest on his own (bad idea to vampire hunter inside), he receives a vision from the father, the first vampire called Alpha (a surreal, disturbing vision of young female twins and probably the father Alpha). In the end, the vampires are dead and Dean is cured, but left with two important revelations: Alpha is recruiting an army, but more importanly: hunters don't scare them anymore. And then there is Dean's vision during the healing process: He sees Sam watching him get turned, with a vicious smile on his face. Sam is not playing straight with them which Dean already guessed, but knows for sure now.

    That's one of two important Sam moments in this episode: he, the smiling bystander when Dean is turned and when he pretends not knowing about the cure when Samuel is certain they talked about it weeks ago. Samuel and Dean fight to save lives, to save their lives, but Sam has his own secret agenda, at least for now.

    In the end, Dean has to realize that he probably lost Lisa and Ben because he wanted to say goodbye before he knew about the cure and scared them off. He tells Sam at least he can always count on him, who answers, "of course, Dean." Well, that's a lie.
  • seriously, why you giving it a 10?

    You are all delusional, imagining something wonderful on the grave of something terrible. This episode was a total failure of supernatural. We were told the alpha would be in this episode, it wasnt but a mention and its gone. If you think about it, other than a little more revealing on how sam is not sam, nothing happened in this episode. possible spoilers ahead.
    If they knew there was a vampire cure, why wasnt it mentioned earlier??? Because it was made up on the spot and is very silly. You would think they would have used the cure earlier on some other characters in the show, but what do i know. This episode is a 6 at best and all you die hard fans are mindfully willing this episode to be better. Any episode that even shows lisa, sucks. terrible actor, terrible director.
  • Live Free or Twihard

    Live Free or Twihard was an excellent episode of Supernatural. The begining was especially fun to watch, as it played off of modern pop culture and how bad movies have become in the vampire genre. I thought that there were some interesting plot twists, and surprising revelations about Sam. This episode was full of action, touching drama, and humor. I really enjoyed watching this story unfold and think that the season is headed in a surprising direction. I can't wait to see what happens next. There was a lot of character insights in this episode and they gave clues to what might happen.
  • Suck on This!

    Live Free or Twihard-During a fight with vampires, Dean is bitten and transformed. To obtain a cure, Samuel tells Dean to get the blood of the vampire that bit him. However, the vampire alpha is part of the pack that Dean must infiltrate.

    This week, Supernatural sinks it's teeth into the vampire mythology and pretty much makes fun of the teen vampire phenomenon thanks to Twlight, Vampire Dairies and True Blood. While I'm all for parody, especially anything that makes fun of that idiotic, horrible Twilight franchise, the episode is a mixed bag in that department. It feels like the writers didn't know if they want to do a straight parody or their own spin of the vampire mythology. While there are some good Twilight in-jokes, they're few and far in between. Not to mention, Supernatural's spin on vampires wasn't really my cup of tea. The multiple sharp teeth are just weird and was anyone scratching their head when Dean had that vision of the Alpha and the little girls, talk about an acid trip!

    The vampires just seem like nothing more than demons who like to hiss and moan, then make comments like "you're pretty" to anyone that cares, meh! Joseph D. Reitman as Boris was nothing special, especially the character himself. I mean all he does turn Dean, hit on him a couple of times for good measure, then gets his head cut off. As a matter of fact, Dean kills a whole nest worth of vampires with ease. I know he was technically a vamp himself during that time and has been in tougher fights, but that just made the vampires seem like weak monsters. The only interesting developments this week were Dean seeing that the Alpha vamp is trying to build an army and aren't afraid of hunters like they use to be. The biggest of all of course, was Sam watching Dean get turned and not doing anything to stop it. I was shocked and couldn't believe Sam would do that! We knew Sam wasn't the same since he's been back from the cage and has been really "off", but the way he watched and that grin on his face was so cold and menancing, I wasn't prepared for the fact that Sam might be evil...or is it even Sam at all? The episode felt like it was set up just for that chilling development and the fact that Dean saw it during his cure shows things are gonna get very intense between the brothers very soon and I can't wait. As for "Live Free or Twihard", it's a deent effort I guess. Certainly have been funnier parody episodes from the series, "Monster Movie" anyone?
  • 605

    You know the show has jumped the shark when one of the main characters becomes a vampire for a day. This episode felt like a low-budget slasher film set in the 80s rather than an entertaining original drama on the CW. The writing was absolutely atrocious, and I found myself wondering these were actually the characters I grew to love over the past five years.

    This series did show some improvement in the last episode, but we didn't see anything new here. Vampires have been on this show since season 1, but now for some reason the vampires seem like a big joke, and I know those fangs are not the ones we usually see on SPN.

    The only good thing about this episode was the Dean finding out that Sam was going to let him die, but that's about it. I'm also impressed that they actually are having a successful arc this season with evil Sam here. Other than that, this was a mediocre episode of Supernatural.

    Other than it's successful attempt to make fun of the Twilight Saga, this episode just had bad writing, an unoriginal plot, and just not the same Supernatural from the earlier seasons, and it shows.
  • Something's not feeling right.

    I really didn't like this episode. It's the first episode I've really disliked in a long time, as I've been hopelessly addicted to SPN for ages and I practically worship every episode.

    Plus points:
    The plot was quite good, the acting was amazing of course (particularly Jensen, that must've been hard!) and the props/makeup departments were on overdrive! This was well produced and well written, as we'd expect from Supernatural. The Twilight mickey-take was hilarious as expected, and this episode added more intrigue as to what on earth is wrong with Sam (!!!), which is my main concern right now, so that was fine by me :)

    Minus points:
    While watching, I had a really bad feeling about this episode. This is wierd, and it sounds like I'm just making it up so I can complain about something, but I honestly watched the whole thing and I couldn't wait for it to end. And this is Supernatural, possibly the best thing ever to grace television, that we're talking about. Something I look forward to constantly. Samuel's also my least favourite recurring character since Ruby. I think it's probably Sam's indifference that's really getting to me (after more than half a decade of falling in love with his adorable personality, to see this change is scarier than any monster we've seen on our screens) so not the episode at all, but I'm done with this story arc. I want the brothers back.

    In conclusion, this is a cleverly done, action-packed episode which will keep you on the edge of your seat, but from a fan's point of view it was horrible to watch due to the storylines that developed, and I think that the fan's reactions are sometimes more important than good props and lighting.
  • Vamps suck

    I don't really like supernatural episodes that deal with vampires, but this one was the exception. It did a fairly good job of advancing the series (and I did like the fun that it poked at the Twilight series by having Robert kill Kristen). First, we find out that Sam does indeed have a problem. He's willing to let his own brother risk killing his family and friends presumably to get a hand in the vampire nest and catch the "Alpha Vamp." 9 to 1 says it has something to do with his return from hell. Second, the monster thing takes a sharp turn. If the second episode left any questions unanswered, this one confirms it- monsters mean a HECK of a lot to the two Sammys and they aren't ready to share the deets with Dean just yet.... Rather, they intend to leave him in the dark (literally) until the mission is accomplished. Dean's slaughter of the vamps was the high point in this episode and was deserved in my book (I mean, come on, where do they get off, killing and eating a cute, defenseless [yet amittedly stupid] girl). Now we know that there IS a cure for vampirism (Gordon would have killed for this info a few seasons back), at least as long as the target hasn't been a vamp for too long. We also get to find out that there is an Alpha Vampire, that he's building an army, and that vampires (maybe other monsters too) are no longer scared of the few (after the Apocalypse thing), the proud, the hunters.
  • Dean gets turned into a vampire while Samuel comes to help Sam turn him back.

    I really wasn't expecting much from this episode to be honest. Supernatural has done countless episodes that have no connection to the overall plot of the show and are simply 40 minutes of screen-time dedicated to some harmless supernatural fun. However, what started off as a Twilight parody quickly turned into a True Blood-esque account of vampires. Dean is turned into a vampire after they investigate a bunch of girls who have gone missing, and it's up to Sam and Samuel to try and save him and turn him back into a human.

    However, along the way, we're given some good laughs via Dean as he contemplates the merits of new Vampire literature (the subtle jabs at Twilight are great, as are the lines involving Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison). About ten or fifteen minutes into the episode, though, we're thrown into an eerie world where the Alpha Vampire has organized numerous vampires to begin a recruitment process. Dean's journey into the vampire lair shows just how powerful different creatures are getting, and it seems that the Alpha's of each creature are going to be the focus of the season. And I have no problem with that.

    In the background of it all is Sam's strange behavior that has existed since the beginning of the season. Sam has seemed strangely distant and hasn't shown much emotion, especially when it comes to killing people. Usually, he was the one with the morals, but lately, Dean's been the brother who seems to have a problem with killing innocents. It should be interesting to see how this plot develops. That look that Sam gave Dean as he was being turned can't mean anything good.

    Either way, this was a pretty good episode that surprised me.
  • What is happening with sam?

    After that came eps doubt. Since returning ja sam is no longer the same and Dean felt it already comes to the end of eps confirmed in the revelation of the vision of the dean. Sam left his own specific brother being bitten, but why? and satisfaction that he did this until grandpa Samuel found it odd, does not return 100% sam? Found in other well thought the eps, Dean became a monster and poor lisa, now she see firsthand that his life is no bed of roses, mabey once and for all she understands that the dean is not for her, not counting the time nor the the dean said farewell not only one who loved like I should thank you a favor, it only proves that the dean wanted to have a family and nothing else. And the monsters are rebelling and with all force, which will be coming around? kiss cau
  • Just like our culture loves vampires: pretentious and artificial

    Dean's vampire transformation episode could've been a hell of an outing. I've always enjoyed Supernatural's vampire episodes particularly the hunting aspect particularly Gordon from Seasons 2-3 but this episode tilted a little too much and while I see it's a total pre teen dream version statement on how we've devolved vampires from killing monsters to almost cuddly humane puppies, I give this episode some props for mocking the cultural Vampire Diaries type phenomenon. Dean's comment on the Twilight ish book in the girls room, "This is a bestseller, seriously?" was awesome and something is funky with Sam but it's kind of overshadowed by the fact that this episode was sort of bland but did however offer some clever commentary and Winchester action.
  • Now, that was not bad ...

    After two good episodes in row, I'm delighted, that Supernatural might be getting back on track afer all. We've got prove now that Sam really is behaving strangely and that it's not just an impression in Dean's head and yes, maybe not very much apart from that has happened ... so what? Not every episode can hold some epic revelations or developments. I had a great time watching it anyway. It made fun of all the ridiculous vampire flicks that are so very popular right now and some of it was a real feast for the eyes, very surreal, especially the scenes at the vampires' nest and Jensen Ackles was great as ever. Here's why I didn't score it a 10 though: I still don't like that -- again -- there seems to be something wrong with Sam, that -- again -- Dean can't be sure if he can trust him (obviously he can't) and that -- again -- what you get back from the dead isn't what you had before ... IMHO this is getting a bit old ...
  • Did Sam go too far?

    Good script by a new writer; drama and humor, fast paced, and finally, a dangerous Dean (even though he was a vampire). Hope this means the Dean/Lisa boring story is gone and dangerous Dean stays. Sam, Sam, Sam. First Sam uses Dean as bait with the baby, now he watches and enjoys seeing Dean turned into a vampire all to get to the alphas. Classy, Sam. Who cares what Sam's mystery is. I want to see dangerous Dean hunt uber-jerk Sam. What a hunt that would be.

    Oh, and Grandpa, Dean is a Winchester. Sam is the one who has sleezy Campbell soup blood. I want to see Dean telling Grandpa that he is a Winchester in a script.

    I liked the episode. It doesn't have the same 'feel' that SPN had in the past, and I miss that. But I believe that is because there is no brother bond this season, which leads to a lack of the old chemistry between the J2s that was the 'spark' that made SPN so special in years past.

    I don't know anything about Twilight or Vampire Diaries, but I liked the way SPN spoofed the current vampire fad. Cleverly done. Also liked the lighting, the set designs, and the noir feeling of the episode.

    Jensen Ackles continues to carry this show and shines in every episode. Can't speak to how Jared is doing, as I watch whatever other actor is on the screen with Sam at the time, because I don't like this new Sam at all...and I certainly don't care about his 500th mystery or whether or not Sam is 'evil'...again. The show had better come up with some really good reason to excuse Sam's behavior, bad choices, whatever, yet again. It's going to take something good and unexpected to sell me on Sam's character ever again because I do think that they took Sam too far this time, and I certainly hope we are done with the boring Dean/Lisa/Ben thing for good and that dangerous Dean is here to stay.

    I did like how the episode ended with Dean beginning the 'hunt' to find out what is going on with Sam, as this way the viewers will be along on the hunt with Dean. I was glad not to hear another 'talk' about Sam's problems.

    So, although I find S6 to be really weird and have no idea what they are trying to do this season,or where the storylines are leading, or what the alpha storyline is all about, SPN remains the best program on TV.
  • A fair and consistent episode.

    I didn't do a review about the previous episode, "Weekend at Bobby's", because I didn't know what to say at first and didn't think it would fill a review. I thought it was a bit risky for it to be the fourth episode in season who's credibility was still dicy, but I loved the episode itself and it had an affect I hadn't foreseen at first; it moved the question beyond "is this a good or bad season?". I loved the episode, it established the new season, and since this week, I'm about the question "is this a good or bad episode?", just like I would in every season.

    I found the episode entertaining, but it was not my favorite. Maybe because I don't like the vampire storyline; every time Supernatural handles vampires, I can't get into it. The plot wasn't shocking, and the only real fun I had was when they were in the bedroom of the girl - filled with bad Twilight-references.
    Up to now, I have not seen history of the monsters. I assume we can count the 600-year vampire as one, who heard the voice of his "master" above, but to me that seemed just like a vampire who is too old not to go crazy. It was a bit of everything we had seen before and no new introduction of material that we have been craving.
    I am glad that they went back to a more episodic storyline. After the emotionality of the huge story arc of last season, I need the basicality to fall in love anew with my favorite show. But I do want new twists and things to think about. Last season I thought about the theories behind the episodes, it lingered in my mind for days - sometimes weeks after, all the "big questions" one can ask. Maybe we are just spoiled, but I'd like that in here as well. It is not as if it can't be done (I'm going to reference Buffy again): Joss Whedon had storylines that had to do with magic and slayers, but it had real relatable problems underneath that made you realise that the person you were watching could be you - only in real life.
    I can't get into the problems the brothers have this season. They haven't come alive yet, although they do have potential.

    Sam in particular. I find new ways to dislike Sam every new episode, but that is not a bad thing. I've never liked Sam very much. At first because he was a do-gooder and always spoiled the fun, and now because he's gone off the deep end into some abyss where they have absolutely no morality at all. As I've said in earlier reviews, Dean had always been all about the business, but he has very clear limits that he draws and they always have to do with his intrinsic feel of right and wrong. It may differ from what we consider it to be, but he has always had a clear sense of self. Sam just offering Dean up as bait shocked me (in a good way!). I just want Dean to figure it out and have an all out stand off between the brothers. They never resolved their issues of distrust in my eyes, and Dean almost co-dependently saying "You always got my back, right?" just feels wrong to me. As soon as he knows, the sooner we can explore all that wonderous shouting they do so well.

    Again, I have issues with how Lisa is portrayed. If you aren't going to use her, then get rid of her. I'm at the stage where I just wanted Dean to kill her and/or the kid so that he had to struggle with the guilt of it for the rest of the season. Ofcourse he couldn't because he would have become a true vampire, but it seemed like the better storyline here. Lisa has been the one to propose this coming-and-going arrangement, has never been stopped by his monster hunting, not even when he told her to use a gun or when he met her and her child was the one in danger. And because he came by in the middle of the night with a bit of a weird attitude, but leaving before he hurt anyone, she is willing to take the proverbial break? Please. Just place her on the ceiling and light it on fire.

    In conclusion, I did like the episode, I just feel a bit underwhelmed. Part of it is me disliking the vampires, part of it is - I think - that the writers seem unwilling to clash the brothers over something that clearly needs some clashing. Just put both of them in the strongvault and close the door, with a map of evidence on the floor between them.
    I like the new direction of the more episodic, going back to your roots monster hunting, but I don't feel the writers are committed to it yet. Ofcourse, we are still very early on, but monster-history must really start to be introduced right about now. So, a fair episode, and a consistent one, but nothing to mull over to ease the wait until next week.

    What do you think? Tick agree/disagree above.
  • A good parody turns into a great episode

    As pop culture targets go, the Twilight franchise is practically the gift that keeps on giving. It's hard to imagine that everyone, from original author to film cast to fans, would be so devoted to such bland and derivative material. Worse, there seems to be an amazing lack of awareness, especially in terms of the messages being sent to young women.

    So when "Supernatural" was slated to mock and/or spoof the Twilight phenomenon, along with its own derivative works, I had mixed feelings. It would be fun to see what these writers and actors could bring to the table, because the emo characters of Twilight are about an antithetical to the "Supernatural" mythos as it gets (lest we forget the excoriation of Criss Angel). But at the same time, it's almost too easy, and I wondered if the mockery could sustain itself. After all, it would only succeed if the Brothers Winchester were up against a situation that was worthy of their attention.

    I needn't have been concerned. Granted, the teaser and first act were full of gentle (and not so gentle) stabs at Twilight. But as soon as Dean was infected with vampire blood, with Sam watching with obvious satisfaction, it was clear that the thematic joke had been more inspirational than anticipated.

    Dean's struggle with his newfound vampirism took some very deliberate parallels with elements that were mocked earlier in the story. In a sense, it delivered a surprising message: it's not that the underlying emotions and concepts of Twilight are bankrupt, but rather, that the execution undermines its potential strengths. What seems trite and silly in the Twilight context suddenly works and resonates when applied to a character of undeniable depth like Dean Winchester.

    But this is only taken as far as it needs to go, serving as a reminder that a familiar story doesn't have to be a plodding, emotionally-stunted derivative one. Once Dean's personal conflicts are established, and the issues are raised, the direction shifts again. And this is where the genius of the writing room becomes clear.

    The vampires in this episode have recognized that Twilight and its descendents have generated a subculture of ready victims: young men who want to be the seductive vampire, and young women who want to be swept off their feet by one. So why wouldn't the vampires use that to their advantage? They turn attractive young men, who lure in attractive young women to be turned, and the cycle progresses logically. By minimizing the killing, they use the subculture to swell their ranks, and apparently, build an army. And they're not afraid of hunters anymore.

    It's a credible threat, and it plays into the notion that the monsters are acting out of character and organizing in strange and deeply disturbing ways. It justifies much of the attitude we've seen from the Campbells this season. Of course, that doesn't mean they can be trusted, given how they've apparently been hording secret lore (like cures for vampirism). Yet it's abundantly clear that Sam's machinations in this episode were not authorized by Samuel, and would not have been well-received.

    And that was the final key to the success of the episode. This wasn't an hour devoted to cheap-shot mockery of Twilight. It was a stealth prelude to the next episode, firmly establishing that Sam has a plan and is happy to manipulate anyone and everyone to achieve that goal. This would appear to validate all the suspicions that Sam was responsible for setting up Dean in previous episodes, and now that Dean is aware of just how casually Sam will lie to him, it's going to get ugly.

    There are a number of possibilities, but it all comes down to what we've seen. At certain points, the lights have flickered around Sam. He's manipulated everyone around him without a hint of remorse or hesitation. He has a keen interest in finding the "alpha monsters" that have emerged in the post-apocalyptic world. Yet Crowley and others haven't recognized him. So just what is going on with Sam Winchester. It's clear that when the truth is revealed, it will not be pretty.
  • I'm really impressed by the cleverness and continuity of the storylines they are pulling out of the previous five-season arc.

    I'm really impressed by the cleverness and continuity of the storylines they are pulling out of the previous five-season arc. They didn't just say "okay, enough with the angels and demons, let's switch our focus to the other monsters." They found a brilliant segue between the two with the premise that the angel-demon apocalypse opened the door for the other monsters to break all the rules and rise up like they never have before.

    In this episode, we see that premise play out to its creepiest potential, with vampires that are acting in new and frightening ways. Instead of feeding off people, they are turning them so they can build an army of fangs. Their purpose cannot fail to be horrifying.

    Another storyline that has risen from the ashes of the apocalypse is Sam. There have been hints that there is something off about him. But in this episode, we see how off he really is. It was chilling to see him stand by and watch with an evil smile on his face while his brother is turned. I am very intrigued to see what is up with Sam, and Jared does such a great job of playing Sam as evil I'm hoping we get to see him go all out before the problem--whatever it is--is resolved.

    Finally, Supernatural has again done what it does so well: poke fun at real life phenomena (in this case, how so many young women are enamored of the vampires of Twilight) and yet incorporate it seamlessly into the Supernatural world (in this case, the vampires were taking advantage of the pop culture trend to lure Twilight fans--called "Twihards"--into their nest.)

    I'm very intrigued by all this, and I'm really looking forward to finding out what the vampires are up to, and what's wrong with Sam.
  • Awesome!

    Okay. So I thought this episode was amazing! I loved everything about it. Jensen and Jared were amazing as always. I love the humor they through in and I found myself laughing hysterically when they were poking fun at the Twilight/Vampire craze. and I cant wait to find out what is up with Sam! I couldn't believe it when he just sat there and watched Dean get turned. It made me so sad and I just wanted to scream at him! The vampire idea is pretty great too. I really like the monsters this season and I cant wait to see where the rest of this season goes.
  • Something is seriously wrong with Sam

    The arc they are developing here has got me extremly interested. Unlike last year, where it was all about Lucifer yet he barley showed up, each episode brings something new to the complex mythology that they are building for season 6. It feels different, but a show that cannot grow and develop its charactors is a show going nowhere fast (Heroes, Eastenders). This show is not scared to take risks. The evil Sam plot is very interesting. They have been teasing us with it for a while now and it really showed here. No way in hell would old Sam have let Dean get turned, regardless of whether or not he had a cure. Dean knows that he let him as well, which is creating a very interesting dynamic. Sam has changed. Is it Lucifer, or something else? Surley its not something pretending to be him? We're five episodes in!!

    As for the episode, it was very good, building on from the superb Bobby one last week. I really didn't like the sound of it; how could an episode spoofing Twilight be any good and not just silly? Thankfully, the spoofing was kept to a mimimum while Supernatural told the story it really wanted to. I guess the writers couldn't resist making fun of the Twilight madness, and who can blame them.

    The show is definately back on track. The pacing is superb and now I think its time that they looked into just why Sam is evil.
  • Vamps are back and riding the Twilight Train!

    I was so incredibly reticent about this ep! Mostly because of personal feelings of antipathy re: Twilight so I sat down hoping against hope that someone would firmly stick their tongue in their cheek for this ep and Thank the PTB's ... someone firmly did!

    The writing was clever and detail oriented, from the initial pair being named Robert and Kristen, to Sam's attempts to find her computer password... Lautner (sp?), and Dean's knowledge about the whole pop culture phenomenon just completely cracked me up! Then of course the moment outside the ultra cheezy/gaudy emo pickup joint with, "Are you wearing glitter?" just friggin perfect! The most important thing about this ep though is this; Sam used Dean in a way he never would have before he went to hell. So yes, we now know for certain that something is seriously wrong with the youngest Winchester. (Personally I think he left his soul behind... but that's just me). And I have to say that Samuel just popped up a notch in my esteem. (Beautifully written little detail about a snippet of conversation between Sam and Samuel re: how to change someone back from being a vampire...) Sam's denial, "Musta been Christian or someone... wasn't me" because he knew Samuel would easily see that Sam probably even set Dean up to get turned. Now there's a couple different schools of thought here; did Sam let/or set Dean up to get turned because he knew Dean could resist feeding (cause when has Dean ever been able to resist a pleasure of the flesh right?). Did Sam care whether or not Dean would be able to resist? And since when do we use our brother for canon fodder? Did Sam draw Dean back into hunting just to use him like a worm on a hook to attract various alphas? Which begs the question... did Sam point some of these monsters at Dean just to draw him back? Waaay too many questions about Sam and his humanity right now. I have to say I am loving season 6, loving how the first five seasons are NOT being tossed to the side as if they didn't happen, the continuity's been better than ever and Jensen and Jared themselves have ramped up their performances like crazy, and it's superb!

    I think marriage agrees with our beloved boys. Once again, Kast and krew... beautiful job. and as always, special love and gratitude to Jensen and Jared.
  • The people that score these episodes low have no idea what they are talking about. Seriously if you don't like the show then freaken stop watching it it's a simple as that but people need to stop being so critical. This was a great episode.

    Also am I the only one who thinks that Dean makes one hot Vampire? Kind of makes you wish they would have kept Dean as a Vampire just to see where this story will go after that. You know not a bad Vampire but as a good vampire. He could have been those vampires that survive by eating Animal blood like those other episodes. Anyways I have a feeling that Dean isn't entirely cured which i would be ok if he was. What if Sam is a warewolf? Vampire Vs Warewolf. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.
  • This wasnt

    This wasnt as good as i expected it to be but still it was a good episode.The humour never fails in spn and i just love when they are making fun of stuff.Sams behavior was a big shock and it sure got me even more intrigued about why hes acting so strange.The end with Dean asking Sammy if he can count on him was heartbreaking.Now what i dont like about this episode(and this season)is Samuel.I just dont like him.His come back doesnt even make sense and its completely unnecessary it seems.I wish they would just write him off the show.The boys already have Castiel and Bobby to help them out.Castiel is a big plus for the show,his adorable and much more useful than Samuel!Also i didnt like how Dean got back to normal just like that,the cure seemed way to simple.Cant wait to see whats wrong with Sam in the next episodes.
  • wow can I say another great episode few things though one we all want to know whats the deal with sam will we find out hope so. this episode was awesome acting was great can't wait for more next week looks fantastic we hopefully will the truth about sam!!

    wow can I say wow what an episode Jared and Jensen fantastic as always. what will we expect in the next couple of episodes before the christmas break which is soon this was a awesome episode thankfully dean is alright and the cure worked but i have a feeling he is beinging not to trust sam look what happen sam just stood their and watch he would never do that he would have his back something definently feels off about sam just can't put my finger on it I do have a couple of ideas but their just speculations can't wait for more.