Season 4 Episode 22

Lucifer Rising

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 14, 2009 on The CW

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  • sam and dean last chance to stop Lucifer.

    The end is near, its sam and dean last chance to stop lucifer from rising. I thought this episode was very well done I believe its probably the best season finaly so far. it kept you on the edge of your seat wanting more. even if you has never seen this serias once you watch this episode you would be hooked. its scary supenceful and funny all in one. I cant wait for season 5 i wondering what sam and dean is going to do to save the world. I believe this was the best season to date and this episode is one of the reasons for it.
  • What Ruby said to Sam and being killed by the knife

    It was an up and down episode. I didn't want Ruby to die even if she turned out evil. Some things didn't add up Like Ruby being killed with the knife when Sam couldn't move her with his powers. Alister couldn't be killed with it and he had the same powers as Ruby. Ruby telling Sam that the demon blood didn't make him strong. So why did she make him drink it. With Sam drinking all that demon blood and him killing all of the demons when Dean wasn't around his way of thinking would have changed. Know he is acting like Same from season one.
  • [Dean & Sam] vs [Michael & Lucifer] ;), two brothers, one father each. I thought I might give you some tips on how Season 5 might turn out, with Lucifer Rising and all that. There's a catch here, and plenty of clues.

    Ever since Castiel was introduced, Supernatural's pretty much taken stuff out of both Christian and Islamic mythology, with the Apocalypse, God and the Angels, to go with the already introduced Demons. Now the brothers have finally realized why Sam was chosen by Azazel in the first place.

    The way the Angels and the Apocalypse are, aren't completely accurate to the Bible or Quran, but it's based on it. So seeing as Lucifer is obviously coming out of the beam of light at the end of the episode, there's some stuff you should know that relates to all that mythology about the Apocalypse that's there...

    I'm guessing that the Archangel protecting "The Prophet Chuck", is the Archangel Michael, and he's the one that's descending to Castiel on this episode. According to mythology, he's the "commander" of the Army of God. Apparently Archangel Michael fought Lucifer and eventually imprisoned him in Hell. In other words, Michael's the most hardass Angel of em all. Lucifer defied his Father, God, a long time ago by not showing respect to Humans. For this reason, he was banished. Now here's where it gets interesting...

    Archangel Lucifer and Archangel Michael are BROTHERS! (I don't think he's gonna be called "Satan" in this series, because the name's one-sided. It might even be the unchanged Archangel that's being freed from imprisonment, see when Lucifer's portal opens in the end, it looks like the light seen from an Angel in their real form. The noise when it opens is almost the same as when the Archangel is descending to help Chuck ;]).

    =D So yeah, they're brothers just like Sam and Dean. The rest really should be self-explanatory. Notice how the relationship between Sam and Dean in Season 4 was very 'Heaven and Hell'-like, how Dean (generally thought of as the badass) seems to side with Castiel and the Angels, and Sam veers more towards Hell with his trust of Ruby and his demon-blood powers? Dean makes remarks that Sam's turned into a "monster", and that Sam always disobeyed their dad's orders. Dean always follows without question, while Sam tends to disobey a lot. Sam's been 'chosen' by Azazel for something and he's falling more and more into his fate. He seemed to be becoming more and more demonic. Dean and Sam eventually fought each other in "When The Levee Breaks". ...These are similar to the tensions between Michael and Lucifer, and their dad: God.

    You know what I think? There's gonna be two pairs of brothers in Season 5: Sam and Dean, with the new pair Lucifer and Michael. This would make sense as to why this sorta 'heaven' and 'angels' stuff was thrown into the series. Sam and Dean somehow see themselves in the fact that Michael and Lucifer fight each other, with their FATHER who seems to be somewhere far away (ring any bells??).=P

    At the very end of the episode, Sam stops Dean from running as Lucifer is rising. When you literally see an Angel, your eyes burn out, so what the hell? I think there's a clue here. We already know that Sam's not JUST chosen to kill Lilith, but somehow LEAD the Apocalypse. Sam stays where he is. Lucifer has probably chosen Sam's body to possess! I doubt they'd get a new actor for this guy. After that, different events would occur, and somehow Dean will be possessed by Archangel Michael (Dean was 'chosen' by the Angels to be the one to kill Lucifer)!

    Think about it... it makes so much sense ;P.
  • "He's coming...."

    Last year's finale was beyond awesome, but it doesn't hold a candle to this one! Basically, everything that has happened over the course of the year has lead to this point. And what a thrill ride it was. But alas - it's far from over.....

    I'm sorry, but I just gotta get the mother of all shocks outta the way first. Ruby! Ruby, Ruby, Ruby. *sigh* Baby, you just so brilliantly played Sam and Dean - and us - like a Stradivarius, honey. All this time. All of what she has done from last year and this year was to lead to the rise of Lucifer himself. Yet it makes perfect sense, which is why it's so brilliant. I was right to be suspicious of her in the last episode: she DID have an agenda of her own! After all, uh...DEMON! So it shouldn't be any surprise, really. But let this be a lesson to Sam, especially given last ep's events about trust: NEVER trust a demon, no matter how good they may seem. Dean was right the whole time. But all this sheer cleverness is why I still love the girl. Damn, you just can't get much more better than this! Girl totally rocks...for an evil chick, that is. But, now she's gone. Dead at the hands of the ones she played the most. Poetic, and still nicely done as her story has apparently come to a close given the events here. R.I.P., Ruby, loved your terrific stage presence, but it's time to move on, sweetie.

    My second major shocker was the death of Lilith. Totally did not see that coming. Her death was the final seal, to result in Lucifer finally being freed upon the world. What's even scarier was that this cements Sam's destiny - which turned out to be evil after all. He was the one to kill Lilith, which would break the final seal, which is why Ruby groomed him to enhance his powers. But Dean will be the one to stop it, so it's just now starting to get great. Yay! Speaking of Dean, whoa! Dude's getting a little feisty with his angel pals. But it's understandable given the parameters of his dilemma. For starters, I guess he really did mean what he told Sam last week about no returning if he walked out the door. But he truly expresses remorse for it this week. But on the other hand he also has to deal with the apocalypse, in which Zachariah and Castiel are gearing him up for, so to speak. It's so touching, however, that even in the middle of all this end-of-the-world hooplah, add to that his friction with Sam, Dean still manages to put his feelings toward Sam first. And as for Zachariah, it was a little disturbing as to what was going on with him. We learn, through Zach, that the angels actually didn't want to stop the apocalypse from happening. For a while there it seemed as if Zach was teetering on the thin line between good and evil by the way he was talking. But he is an angel and we've now seen that angels don't always follow the "white, fluffy" rep they've been given. Take for instance Castiel. Once again he has rebelled against the garrison and helped Dean by deceiving Zachariah and sending Dean to Sam, which is what Zach warned Dean was "ill advised". Not only that, Cas apparently caused a disturbance in Chuck the Prophet's...well, assisting Dean's way to Sam, since Chuck said that this wasn't written. As a result, Castiel was left to fend off an advancing archangel while Dean was teleported (via Cas) to Sam. And since we don't get to see what happens with Cas and said archangel, I suppose this leaves us with our first cliffhanger for the season. It will be interesting to see what consequences Castiel will face after his latest disobedience here. And now that I think about it - what has/will become of Anna?

    Gotta comment on my man Bobby. Dude just more and more awesome every time he's on the tube. You can tell he really loves Dean and Sam, and will do anything to protect them, even if it means going against what they stand for. His remarks to Dean about John were slaps to the face, but true nonetheless. Dean IS a better man than John was, and to agree with Bobby, John was a bit of a coward. Look at everything that happened with John's son Adam a few eps back, for example. Bobby knows that Dean's love for Sam will overcome in the end. And sure enough....

    By the episode's end, Sam must feel like the world's biggest sucker. Suddenly, everything he's fought so hard for that he thought was for the greater good all came crashing down on him in a steaming pile of badness. At least now, after he and Dean exchanged 11th hour apologies, they can both begin to heal and move on since the worst of their own fights have hit and run, but now face the greatest threat of all: Lucifer is rising......

    And they're gonna need to keep each others' backs for this one, for sure!

    Bits and Pieces:
    - That was so funny of Zachariah offering Dean pleasures such as the cheeseburgers and beer, and Ginger and Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island".
    - It was pretty wild, but cool, to see Azazel return - if only in flashbacks - to explain his part in the apocalypse by breaking the seal of killing those nuns. Poor nuns, though.
    - I don't know why, but it really got to me when Sam and Ruby kidnapped that possessed nurse from last week's ep - the baby eater/Lilith servant - knowing that Sam was ultimately gonna drink from her once she revealed Lilith's location.

    Once again, for the 4th year in a row, a perfect 10 finale to end what was yet another excellent season. With the arrival of Lucifer and everything else that hangs in the balance, I absolutely cannot wait for season 5.
  • An awesome season finale

    Beautifully plotted, scripted, filmed and acted throughout, could not have asked for more from an episode. It hit just the right balance, tied up a few loose ends while opening up the story for the next season. Some wonderful moments - Bobby giving Dean a piece of his mind about family, Chuck putting his hand on Castiel's shoulder and then quickly taking it off again, and the burgers. Was there a hint that the burgers and the drinks were meant to be like a reverse version of the apple in the garden of Eden though, or was that just me? And the most hilarious use of the word 'sorry' I have ever seen on TV. Brilliant.
  • Worst one yet

    i love this show i will honestly say i have never seen an episode i did not like until tonight, this was lame, very soapy in terms of dean winning and sam upset, maybe the greatness of the lost 2hour finale the night before made me raise than bar for this one but even then this one still sucked, the only part i liked was when Cas decided to help dean and the went to chucks things were getting faced paced then Cas sent dean away and didnt go with him, killing ruby was the only positive about this episode, i hate that actress and the character was just i little stupid to be gin with. over all very disappointed, the cliffhanger was Lucifer? did we not no that was going to happen because of the episode title.
  • Worst episode ever!!!!! All in captials in order to shout it!!!! W T F was Kripke and the gang thinking with this abysmal episode. Not only did it end exactly how we all thought it would, it was boring and self righteous in its stupid content.

    Where has all the good writers gone????? This was in upper case but the stupid server would not accept it. But yes I do want to shout it!!!!

    This episode was predictable due to its title, plus we all knew that Sam was the key to the last seal and Ruby was going to do "the dirty" on him anyway. Totally boring and predicatable. It used to be that I would hang out to watch Supernatural, but for the last so many episodes I have copied them and maybe watched them a few days later. Who cares??? The show is becoming tired and predicatable. Don't get me wrong - I used to enjoy it. But since the writers have moved from what is written in ancient texts and moved on to the "bullsh*t", you can take the show and shove it. Hopefully Season Five will be better. Season four started out real good, but as soon as they killed off Uriel (as if an archangel can be killed that easily), and bastardised the storyline, the show became crappy. Its time the team at Supernatural rethink where the show is heading. I could not care either way whether it came back for another season, or what any of the other idiots that write on this site who fawn over the show or its actors think. After all it is only a TV show and nothing of real importance. Total crap! This episode was the worst one every!!!! Once again all in upper case if the stupid server would let me.
  • While Sam and Ruby prepare to battle Lilith, Dean is whisked off to protective custody by the Angels. We find out the origination of old yellow eyes and the place where the final seal of the 66 must be broken to release Lucifer.

    I waited a few days to review this. I was honestly a little disappointed with this finale versus the last three seasons. This is one of the three current shows on TV I have rated a 10! Before you revolt let me explain.

    Here are the things that I was disappointed by: Sam triggers the Apocalypse? The Angels wanted Armageddon to happen because "we like our odds of winning"? The Angels actually assisted in the breaking of some of the seals all the while letting Dean think they were helping him? Two of the most important characters for the last few seasons(and there aren't that many) were just willy nilly dispatched at the end of the episode as if they were not relevant at all(Ruby more than Lilith). In the end Castiel's betrayal was for nothing unless they make things right at the beginning of the next season. Finally the Angels don't care what happens to the human beings at all?

    I am a Buddhist myself, but the comment that GOD is out of the building was a little weird as if he has checked out? On the positive side I thought the acting and the action were both great. Dean is in the right place to dispatch Lucifer back to HELL if it is going to happen in the Season five opener. Sam is there as well and you have to wonder how long it takes for him to regain his strength. I believe the revelation that he doesn't have to drink the blood will make it easier for Dean and Sam in the long run. There are a tremendous amount of things to resolve during the final season this next year.

    Yes, anyone who was not aware, this show was originally scheduled to run for five years only. I have not heard any plans to change that but I would be all for continuing it on beyond that time. Thanks for reading...
  • Lucifer rising is still off of the mark of the big picture.

    Where is the antichrist in all of this???? The bible is pretty clear about the stages in events that will ultimately lead to the apocalypse and so far these episodes haven't even touched on any of it. The funny thing is that these episodes, as scary at they are, could be so much more if the writers would take into consideration what the bible has to say. The rapture for one, will lead to a global crisis in the like that the world has never seen. Many in the media will try and describe the event in many ways each that could be used in the show. One way is an evolutionary shift, another is alien abduction. None of which are the truth, and yet they will be put out to cover-up the fact that all the Earth's Christians have disappeared. I will be interested as to whether the writers will contact someone who is sound in biblical doctrine in order to gain any new perspectives. Again, this has to be someone who is a true Christian, not some liberal hack. Of course nothing has to precede the rapture. The beginning of the end-of-time, however, is the introduction of the antichrist.
  • It will be a hard time for the writers, to go out of this predicament.

    Warning: some things could be a spoiler. Ok, here we go. It will be hard to explain how to face the principal demon, and no have even a scratch; the argument was excellent, principally how to explain the participation of the all crew, specially Ruby, was an excellent episode. I think it will be hard to go out of the point when the brothers face, finally, Lucifer; its going to be a hell ride or simply another filling cap...we have to see this. But at the end, it acomplish the goal, entertaintment. I think the series go up and down some times but in all picture, the series are one of the best out there.
  • Though it doesn't feel like a season finale, it's an excellent character episode.

    I have to admit I was initially very disappointed in this episode. I am so used to the finales being edge of your seat and exhausting but this episode went in a completely different direction and did it as a Sam/Dean character study instead. It took me a while to get over the shock of the change but once I got over it, I began to appreciate what a remarkable episode it turned out to be. The entire episode consists of fantastic back-to-back angsty confrontations and great character work all round.

    Dean: The biggest relief in the first section of the episode is that despite the horrifying fight at the end of Levee, that Sam is not angry with Dean. In hind sight, it would have made him one hell of a hypocrite if he had been given that in his hallucinations he referred to himself as a monster several times. I loved that Sam understands Dean's reaction, doesn't blame him and his actual reason from walking away from Dean was to protect him, not as a consequence of Dean's rash ultimatum. That settled, the opposite is actually where the concern lies: Dean has had enough, refusing to contact Sam and I was torn between wanting to hit him or hug him when he brokenly said "I'm not even sure if he's my brother anymore… or if he ever was." Sam may be acting like an selfish idiot right now but I wished then that Dean could have heard Sam's conversation with Ruby because that would have told him how much Sam still loves him. Most of the times they fight is due to misunderstandings and how they bottle up their emotions rather than just talk it out - this is another case in point. I nearly cheered when Bobby lashed out at him, it's what Dean needed to hear. I loved John but Dean was more of a father to Sam than John ever was and John did push Sam away when Sam went to Stanford. Bobby was right to say it because it's true – Dean is a far better man than John ever was. Dean is so easily hurt (particularly by Sam) and it's not like him to just give up without a fight, especially where Sam is concerned. Sam doesn't deserve it right now but Bobby was right, "Be good to him anyway."

    I am overjoyed that Dean was vindicated in everything AND his destiny (though somewhat altered) is still critical to the fight. (And Dean thought the Apocalypse was too big…) The writers have always seemed to pander to Sam, make it look like he's the hero and Dean's the unstable damaged one. Looks like this is what they've been building to all along, a good old red herring that indicated Sam was going to triumph over his dark side and Dean was just along for the ride. Now the cards are on the table: Sam has fulfilled his destiny in spades and Dean is the hero that we've always hoped he would be. Honestly, I was starting to wonder if the writers would have the guts to make Sam the bad guy (however misguided) and I am impressed that they did it. I also take no small pleasure from seeing Sam knocked off his high horse. He's been an arrogant, selfish, condescending schmuck for a while now. I look forward to watching Sam make amends to Dean and there's a lot to make amends for: he has done and said so many things since Dean returned from Hell that it will take a long time to repair this relationship. Given how much Dean has sacrificed for Sam his whole life, I have been shocked at the way Sam has been treating Dean, such ingratitude. I'll forgive him but Sam'll have to do some serious groveling first.

    Azazel: Chilling scene with the nuns, "My father, not yours…" (I liked the parallel between the Christian use of 'our Father' and Azazel's use of the term) and then the super-creepy talking dead nun. Very cool. It makes sense that Azazel'd resurface with this being the big reveal on his grand plan and what he wanted the psychic children for. Opening the devil's gate was just step 1, it was all intended for the sole survivor to break the final seal. Ruby says that it had to be Sam but most likely she meant the last psychic child. She wasn't joking about what it took to get Sam and Lilith together in this place at this time. When you look at everything that happened in between, it really is amazing that it all fell into place the way it did. Of course, a massive amount of the responsibility for it lands on Sam – if he'd refused Ruby, if he hadn't accessed his powers, if he'd listened to Dean!, we wouldn't be here now. Cas said that Sam would do it to himself and it's sadly true: without his co-operation, Lilith's plan never could have succeeded, no matter how hard her little spy tried.

    The Angels: It's amazing how Zachariah's been manipulating Dean from the beginning, with the unwitting help of Castiel. Making it look like they were actually fighting to save seals and we've known for ages something was wrong: In 'Pumpkin', they were willing to destroy a town to save a seal and then disappear for months at a time, seals being broken left and right. "Do you really think we'd let 65 seals get broken unless senior management *wanted* it that way?" Zach's arrogance about winning the war is frightening, it's going to be Heaven vs Hell with the humans caught in the middle. His complete disregard for human fatalities gives new meaning to 'holier than thou'.

    The only thing Zachariah admitted to was letting the seals get broken, he never said a word about killing his own soldiers. I think Uriel and his crew were just renegades. Not to mention, if Dean believed it, he would have said so. Then there's the most obvious reason: Castiel. When Castiel found out the truth, he was taken home and disciplined! Disciplined, not killed. If Zach had ordered the death of 7 of his own soldiers, through Uriel, why would he hesitate to kill Cas? Then there's Cas himself – would he ever work for Zach if Cas knew he ordered the hits? Not in a million years.

    Castiel: He is the one I feel sorry for in all this, one of the 'grunts on the ground' and exactly what Zach mentioned happened: Cas found out the truth and rebelled, trying to warn Dean, and they had to reign him in hard. Don't know what they've done to him but he's literally terrified to go against his superiors which is not the Cas we know and love. It's heartbreaking to see Cas forced to lie to probably his only friend in the world and he absolutely hates it, he positively squirms! It's disorienting to see Cas so timid! I loved all of Dean and Cas' exchanges (then again, I always do!), there are some really great ones here. I loved Cas' apology and "We've been through much together, you and I…", actually *loved* that entire conversation as Dean tries to persuade him. Dean was cruel, it was so unfair for him to ask Cas to turn traitor and he almost reduced my beautiful angel to tears! Bad Dean! I was so proud of Cas when he picked Dean's side and actively helped him escape. Great to see Chuck again and how Cas sent Dean to Sam, "I'll hold them off, I'll hold them all off!". Hilarious when Chuck puts his hand on Cas' shoulder and Cas just stares at him until Chuck takes his hand away! I found that scene far more nerve-wracking than the Dean/Sam finale, Cas and Chuck left behind to face the wrath of the angels! Dean and Sam can look after themselves but poor Cas…!!

    Sam: How the mighty has fallen. I adored this boy once and it's a relief to have Sam know what's what because now he can stop acting like such a jerk. I found it fascinating that when Sam (actually has the nerve to!!) get self-righteous about Ruby 'poisoning' him, she immediately says it wasn't the blood, he had it inside him all along. I loved her Dumbo comparison! That makes sense (though I would definitely say that Sam is addicted to the demon blood, he couldn't fake those physical withdrawal symptoms), Ava had Sam's powers and all it took to activate them was accepting her powers and lots and lots of practice. I think her implication was supposed to be that the blood was not the source of his power but to kill Lilith Sam did seem to need the blood to boost his powers to a sufficient level. It was an ingenious plan, "Not even Alistair knew!" and all of Ruby's actions make sense though I did cringe at Genevieve's "I'm awesome!" – thank God Ruby's dead so we're no longer subjected to Genevieve's acting.

    Speaking of the little spy, Ding Dong, the ***** is dead! How long has this season felt as we waited for It to be killed and the fact that Dean was the one to do it was just perfect. It was a great indicator of how Sam has realized what he's done, and far more importantly – that Dean was right all along!!! that Sam actually holds Ruby to let Dean kill her.

    Ruby's words do raise an alarming possibility which seems to be reinforced by Sam's terrified reaction – demons usually don't have physical bodies and they have to possess someone, it seems very unlikely that Lucifer would somehow have a body which makes me wonder if the real need for a human/demon hybrid was to give Lucifer a body!! I wonder if that's occurred to Sam too because he looked scared to death as the gate started to open, not even letting Dean pull him away!

    Despite Castiel's dire warnings about how the demon blood would change Sam, once he realizes that he has single-handedly released Lucifer from Hell, the horror and remorse is so painful to watch. You see it on Dean's face after he kills Ruby, his expression said he expected another death match with Sam and he looks completely astonished when Sam gives him a heartfelt, heartbroken apology. A massive relief to Dean I'm sure.

    In season 3, Casey stated that belief in Lucifer was taken on faith, as is Christians' belief in God, but here we actually see Azazel talking directly to Lucifer… and yet not a single angel has ever met God. I am always impressed by Zachariah's flippant "God has left the building." We already knew that, it's been obvious for months that angels are running the show and giving the orders, we just didn't realize how bad the situation really was.

    This episode certainly has the most astonishing ending to date: it's not even a cliffhanger, it's like they just stopped filming in the middle of a scene. I've not spoken to a single person who liked how it ended, it was too abrupt and felt incomplete.

    Last thoughts:
    - 'Wayward Son' is used for the third time for the final episode, (no, it was not used for season 1!), and as always, is the perfect theme for the series. No mistaking the 'hero shot' of Dean in the sequence, that stunning shot where he turns and looks at the camera – everything else is there for a reason, with that marked exception. If you interpret it like that, then they are implying that Sam is obviously not therefore he's the 'villain'. Very subtle visual clue.
    - Lovely to see 'Crazy Eddie' from First Wave as Azazel, loved him in FW so this was a wonderful surprise.

    One of the most impressive character episodes to date and the next season should bring the brothers back together and hopefully start repairing their relationship. Now we're into the usual long wait until season 5.
  • The finale manages to keep the same quality the entire season has had.

    After the awesome opening recap to the usual season finale tune "Wayward Son" the episode got right into it. That they tied the yellow eyed demon from the first two seasons into this plot to raise Lucifer was great and makes me think that maybe the show was genuinely all planned out from the start. It was a great little scene and had the perfect balance of humour and terror that Supernatural does so well. Azazel's outburst towards one of the nuns was perfectly within character and the realms of believability within the show and so worked great.

    Fast-forward to the present day and Dean was still reeling from his fight with Sam. While you could see Dean's point in wanting nothing more to do with Sam he wasn't fooling anyone and fortunately his moping didn't last very long. In fact it was over in a matter of seconds when Bobby had a great moment with a superb tough love rant. While it was important that the big bust up between the brothers at the end of the previous episode wasn't just quickly fixed the episode needed Dean to get over it quickly.

    What made both of those things work so well was that while there was no real lasting effect for the two from a personal perspective, it was used as a major plot point. With the Angels kidnapping Dean it meant he couldn't reunite with Sam, which in turn meant that he couldn't stop him from taking more demon blood and killing Lillith. While the scenes between Dean and the Angels were mostly exposition rather than action it all worked brilliantly as the three actors are a joy to watch. Combine that with the fantastic characters of Dean and Castiel in particular as well as the superb writing and it was all a joy to watch. That said I have to mention Dean's use of the phrase "screw this noise". While they obviously couldn't use the F-word on Supernatural sometimes attempts at slightly altering offensive phrases just doesn't work, and this was one of them.

    On top of that they're still insisting on doing the cheap off screen teleportation effects for the Angels. However they did use some pretty cool camera tricks to get around it here so I'll let it slide. The reveal that the Angels were ordered to let Lucifer rise works fine, I can't help but feel that it was only thought up near the end of this season and hadn't been their end game all along. While Castiel may have been out of the loop the many threats the Angels made to Sam don't really make sense in light of the fact they needed him to kill Lillith.

    While Dean was with the Angels Sam was with Ruby trying to get Lillith's location out of one of her minions. Sam's battle against what he knew was wrong and what he needed to do for the greater good was played very well. While not hugely original his scenes were done well. The demon he was torturing for information was handled well but I had a few issues with when she let the person she was possessing come out. Firstly possessed people have always remembered what had happened when they weren't in control and yet this girl didn't. Also there had been no real indication before that the amount of blood Sam would need from her would kill her. While you could probably argue explanations for all of these things I felt it could've been handled better on the show.

    So the final showdown was coming and the first one to make a significant act was Castiel who chose to go against his orders and help Dean. While it was obvious what choice he would make it was still a little cheer moment. The return of Chuck the profit was also nicely done with a hilarious moment. Chuck ordering as many prostitutes as he could was hilariously acted as well as being exactly what your average Joe would do if they new the end was coming.

    The final fight between Sam and Lillith was finally here and it did a serviceable job of things. Despite being the big ending fight it hadn't really been built up that way and so Sam grimacing at her to death worked. Then it appeared Dean was going to make it just in time to stop Sam, until Ruby closed the door on him, confirming the suspicions I'd had all episode that she was now a bad guy. Ruby's reveal to Sam after he killed Lillith worked enough to be a good moment but there were a few flaws with it. Firstly the girl who plays Ruby now isn't the greatest actress. While she'd done a fine job through season 4 up to this point she couldn't quite pull off the final monologue. Also it's not hard to see a few plot holes in her story. Firstly if Lillith had the foresight to send Ruby to Sam at the start of season 3 then why did she try to kill him at the end of that season? She was clearly genuinely surprised when her "demon ray-gun" had no effect on him.

    I also doubt that they had planned on Ruby being a bad guy all along, but I guess after she didn't fair too well critically in season 3 using her character like this made sense. I doubt there are many Supernatural fans out there who were sad to see her turn out to be evil. I always felt having a good demon was pushing it on this show. While it worked on Buffy this is a completely different type of show despite being in a very similar genre. Still it was executed well enough thanks to some very well written dialog that managed to at least address all the major plot holes without being long-winded. Also her death scene was brilliant. As soon as Dean got in the room I wanted him to just instantly kill her. There was no need for any dialogue or even a fight scene, just a straight stabbing. And not only was that what I got but Sam holding her steady was the perfect visual way of establishing that the brothers had made up again. Fantastic stuff.

    Despite a few minor quibbles throughout this review my only real issue with the episode was the lack of action. Similarly to Smallville a TV show like this is bound to a relatively small budget and so despite the epic stories they have to tell they aren't going to be able to show what a Hollywood movie could. Even so I really wanted to see Castiel taking on an Arc Angel (or many as was implied) rather than just a bright light outside the house. Also while it made sense that Lillith had sent the demons outside Lucifer's exit point away, it still would've been nice to see them return and give Dean a bit of a brawl.

    Still even with those problems this was still a great episode. The ending was very unexpected and has me very curious as to how the next (and possibly finale) season will work. I feel that Lucifer will need to be shown as more than just a human, at least when he first exits the pit, but again am unsure how that will work on this show. But that's for another episode to deal with. As for this episode we got a satisfying and very successful end to what in my opinion has been the best season of Supernatural. Even if the ending shot with the exec's name being on a white background rather than black was (coincidentally) the exact same way the poor Lost finale ended the day before!
  • A little too much waiting, but worth it for the killer ending.

    First of all, we can start with the bad (but in an episode like this, the bad is only relatively so):
    1) A little too much speachifying. I could have done without the monologues from many of the characters.
    2) The sense of waiting. I'm not sure if anyone else felt this way, but personally, I feel like we have spent all season waiting for something big to happen. Luckily, we get the big bad, but it took a little too long to get there.
    Now the AWESOME:
    1) Yay, Kansas! I'm glad that the show has kept the tradition of playing Carry On Wayward Son alive. I think we've all come to associate the song with the season finales. Plus, it's pretty kickass on its own.
    2) Bobby yelling at Dean. Dean has been pretty whinny lately. Between that and the parting words to Sam in the last episode, he had been unfavourably reminding me of his father. I think he really needed a good kick in the pants, Bobby Singer-style.
    3) They brought back Chuck. The Prophet Chuck was one of the best additions to this season, with both humour and plot-advancing capacities. I would have been pretty disappointed without him in the season finale.
    4) The end of Ruby. I think the character had been getting pretty old. It's good to know that she won't be back for more annoyances next season.
    5) The plan revealed! And it's good, too. I appreciated knowing that as vague as this season has been, there was still a plan in the end.
    All in all, a good episode. Have a good break and see you in the fall!
  • this episode was wicked. one of the best

    but what I don't get the fact that if lilith had to die for the final seal to be broken, why get sam to kill her as she possesses the colt which she got from bela in season 3. she could've just gotten one of her minions to shoot her and break the final seal. this possibly shows that Lucifer had another purpose for the special child, ie. sam. I'm also wondering whether John knew what azazel's plan was regarding sam and the whole breaking the seals saga cos in the opening episode of season 2, yellow eyes says John knows what the plan is. maybe that's why he never broke in hell and didn't torture cos he knew it would bring the apocalypse.
  • Great, but not quite as electrifying as expected

    This was pretty good. This show is always good. But as a finale, it was a bit less thrilling than I thought it would be. I think it was because nothing surprising happened. I was going to blame it on the ruby actress, and yes i do think her acting was a factor taking the edge off the ending a bit but i also blame myself for watching the previews - which in my opinion showed way too much. The green room scenes were some of the best in the episode but TBH they would have been so much better if i hadn't seen big chunks of them in advance. Also, I willingly read a spoiler that turned out to say what the final seal would be. That was a dumb move on my part! I'm making a vow for next season that i'm avoiding all trailers and spoilers. If it's the last season i'm not letting anything scale down my enjoyment. It is the best show on tv!
  • An amazing episode, with one of the biggest cliff hangers this show has ever seen. Warning, spoilers contained below.

    So early on we see that the Yellow eyed demon is back, which I really didn't get since they shot him with the colt. Guess he wasn't dead after all? The scene where Lucifer talks to YED is pretty messed up, they did a good job in making it pretty creepy. So Sammy has something to do with the last seal, and it seems Lilith really is the only one who can break the last seal. We finally see that Ruby has been against Sam all along, and when I heard that Liliths death by Sam is the last seal, I was shocked, but it made sense. Ever since YED said Sam had a special part to play, I knew there was something I was missing. Seems like this was it, and Sam doesn't even know what he is doing. This was an epic episode, but the end of it, has to be the biggest cliff hanger I have ever seen in this show. Dean's death was a pretty big cliff hanger, but this? Releasing Lucifer and then ending the episode without letting us see or know what is going to happen. Damn. Next season can't come and sooner. I am really looking forward to what is to come now.
  • What can I say... Just Perfect...

    This season final episodes, converging in this one, were absolutly perfect. A big standing applause for the actors/actress, writers, directors and so one. For me was the best season final ever. It had it all humor, action, drama, suspense, supernatural stuff, all thing that make this series my favourite.
    I have however to highlight some of the points that I find worth mention:
    The huge lecture of Bobby at Dean, truly, badly, deeply awesome... 5 Stars. He was deserving it and thanks to that we got Dean back as he true self.
    The angels, wow, amazing stuff. The way they played Dean and Sam, and of course Castiel and the other angels that were out of scheme was very good. Castiel was great, first he was telling everything to the brothers, than he was beatten by the other angels (:p) and chinkened out but in the end did the right thing. YAY to him.
    Sammy was deserving a punch on the face but the way he was played by everyone, including himself was very well done. And because of that the revelation of Ruby's true colors at the very end was fantastic. As of course was the way she died. Hurray to Dean, he had to have that at the very least...
    Storyline was pefectly handled by the writers and I'm utterly eager to see the next season...
  • Another great season finale has Supernatural at the top of my list to watch again next year

    THis season finale had everything. Dean finally learns what the Angels end plan was all along, Sam learns that Ruby has been playing him since season three when she first showed up. Neither one of these was surprising because I expected as much, since the Angels seemed to appear weak when the real truth was (SPOILERS!!!) they weren't even trying to stop the Apocalypse. THis makes much more sense, but I didn't understand what they meant by God has left the building. Guess will find out more about this next season, which will be the show's last by all accounts.

    Since season one, we've all wondered what the yellow eyed demon's plan was and how it involved Sam and the other children with gifts. THe plan all along was in the making since 1972 when yellow eyes talks to Lucifer and is told to find a special child because that's what it will take to free him from Hell by destroying Lilith. Sam, since "All Hell Breaks Loose" is the last left standing, and is the chosen one to complete the task which was started by Dean when he broke the first seal. So in this episode we learn that both brothers are the cause of the Apocalypse. It must suck being them right now. THe season ends on a nifty cliffhanger with Lucifer making his way up out of the bowels of Hell with our two heroes standing their watching as they make an ultimate choice on what to do after dispatching with Ruby of course. Yep, RUby's gone, and maybe now Sam will realize to never trust any demon. Overall, the entire episode was a perfect way to get me hooked next year.

    THe action scenes were nice, and the acting as usual was top notch. BOth Padelecki and Ackles are of course in fine form, but Misha COllins as the angel Castiel is up there with them. His small sacrifice to get Dean where he needs to be was great. NOw he knows he will himself be hunted by the angels as Sam and Dean will, along with all the demons. Ole Nellie. We also get a small Cameo from the prophet from a few episodes ago, and his lines were rather hysterical as well.

    THough not perfect, this episode, along with this entire season, comes very close. I would have to say that Season 4 has been the best so far, and it's looking as if 5 will be even better. Can't wait to see where the writers take us.

    LUCIFER RISING-it sounds already great LUCIFER RISING god itw as last satan came into this world and I hope Sam and Dean will be able to kill him....but I don't know how they are going to do that because as far as I know Lucifer is Master of Death and he is Undead so this is cool.....they will have to came up with something to defeat will be tough...and that Biatch Rubby how could she betray Sam....I am glad that she died that son of a biatch....and Castiel is the man...I love him Angel of The Lord.....i'm looking forward for the 5th season
  • Just AWESOME !

    what i can say an eposide ! really the best one this season ! and what a choikng momneets happend. the angles are bad ! so is ruby ! and lillth wont to die ! and LUCIFER rising ! . it's really one of the best in all the seasons ! and supernatural is goin GREAT every season ! another flawless season ender !

    - lets see last one Dean Died, which made you mad and yet pumped for the next one and and now.. what can i say this one is just as perfect! how they ended it made you want more. DAN performance is just AWESOME !! he should really cosider for an emey awared ! * well see you all next season * and damn it am ganna miss SUPERNATURAL !!
  • Carry on my wayward son...

    When I heard them playing that song, I just knew this was going to be a sick episode, and it was. I didn't see this coming. Really. Right from the start of this season, the writers did a good job of handling the story. They didnt screw up. Words cannot describe how good this episode was. I don't want to spoil anything, which is why im going to keep this review short. But you should watch it, really!

    CW keeps pimping Smallville as their major show, when Supernatural should be at the forefront. Smallville has nothing on this. The writing, the acting, the casts, everything - perfect.

    I cannot wait for the next season. Damn why does this show have to be so good? I'm going to go crazy waiting!
  • This one keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way, you'll cry and even laugh at the same time. This is what Supernatural is all about, a great finale after the best season.

    I honestly don't know where to start, there is just so so much. Thank God, I mean thank Kripke! So first of all throwing in Carry On My Wayward Son in the beginning is just the perfect move, you know you're in for a hell of a ride.

    The roles switched again with this episode, Sam again became the one to be saved and Dean was back as kick-ass brother. Yes he was locked up for some time but his actions in the end were exactly what'd you expect from Dean Winchester. I love the fact that Bobby put things back in perspective for Dean, he was right. Dean is more the man than his father ever was and he and Sam are brothers, family should count for something.

    Did we like that Ruby turned out to be the evil witch behind the whole apocalypse? Oh yeah, we like!! Though many of you might have seen it coming, I knew she was evil, I just didn't expect it to manifest like that. There's a lot of stuff to ponder about during the summer because, well the four horsemen are here (I just hope they are bare-chested)
    I have some theories about Zacharian's speechs but haven't quite figured it out yet. Of course I still need to watch the episode a couple of dozen times before I can really make up my mind.

    I have said in my previous reviews that I only longed for one thing from this finale/Kripke. I wanted some indication that the brothers would be all right, that they will reconcile... And I got it. Not only once but at least three signs that it was going to be okay.
    So for me this finale was a succes and can stand proudly next to AHBL.

    One last thing, Dean and Sam killing Ruby together was just the highlight, they are back were they were supposed to be.
  • Didn't see that one coming

    First of I really want to praise the writers for delivering this mind blowing season final. Thank you!!!

    You know when a show is good, when it's all over and you're still on the tip of your seat waiting for more, just to realize this was the end of the season. Then you know that you've been hit by a fantastic season final. Dean tricked (in my opinion) by the angels, Sam getting darker and darker when at the end he becomes so evil even his eyes turned black.
    And the biggest surprise off course: Ruby wasn't helping Sam but tricked him to raise lucifer (ok...that was a bit sarcastic - everyone knew she had a second agenda). Still, what that agenda was, was anyones guess.

    And the end? It kept me sitting alone in the dark craving for more. I really want to see what happens in season 5. And that's the whole perpise of a season a job well done.
  • Wow. Wow. Wow.

    What a great episode. It is amazing how much this show has grown from the days of hunting shape-shifters, ghosts, scarecrows and boogy-men. (Don't get me wrong - loved that too). Although not all episodes have been 'tens' (some have crossed the 'nine' territory for me), but this one truly merits it - a BIG FAT 10. Kripke and crew - hats off to pushing limits and overstepping boundaries in the latest installments, and really going for it in this one. This is not your run of the mill weekly show - and thank goodness for that!

    Can't help but wonder how these last episodes can possibly be topped!
  • Carry on my wayward son

    I have been a truly avid fan of supernatural for a long time now and this has to go down as one of my all time favorite episodes.
    Four things stood out in particular for me :-
    1. Castiel - A truly epic performence by Misha and his scene with dean was literally jaw dropping, in terms of acting you don't see much better
    2. Azazel, Lilith, Ruby and their end game. For four years we have been waiting for this to come to pass and we finally dicovered it. Also the flash backs of Azazel were a nice addition
    3. Dean - his development in this episode was brilliant. The scene with Bobby was a long time coming as Dean finally becomes the man he is meant to be and climbs away from his fathers shadow.
    4. Sam - the acting by Jared at the end was brilliant with the heartfelt sorry and even though Lucifer has risen im happy that the brothers are reunited.
    All around brilliant episode if i could give it more than 10 i would. Bring on next season ....Dean, Sam and Castiel for the win.
  • amazaing, amazing, amazing!

    God, I don't describe this amazing eps!

    Let me starting to the end for beging.

    Firt: ruby revelecion her real face, that we konws she's a **** but we don't konw that she be togther witn lilith. Sam face sadir sorry, that really bad, and dean awalys pure heart he ' s real for dad for sam!

    Second cas is awesome! s
    he's desobed now he's a angel renegate, but he choose the rigth side.

    Tthid: the azazel flas-back it's the best part, oh my! all the plan by azazel is to be freedron lucifer.

    Four: Zacariya it's a sucks! he'll be a problem in the future, what hapeen with ana? she' die or do a prison? however I don' like that she come back!

    So anthoer hiatus, I'm so sad because Dont' see may boy!

    kiss you and see in the nest seasson!
  • So, finally Sam "went" darkside and ended up breaking the last seal all by himself by killing Lilith and rising Lucifer.

    Best season finale EVER (since no rest for the wicked All Hells Break Loose II and Devil's Trap, anyway). It had everything one could ask for, Dean sorta confessing he watches The Disney Channel, Sam learning he was painfully wrong and Dean was right since the very beginning and then telling him he was sorry with tears in his eyes after he realized what he had really done, Castiel being a real badass, Bobby is alive and the boys reunited again and killing Ruby. FINALLY! (I'm sorry but she HAD to die a long time ago).
    It was amazingly epic. Can't wait for season five.
  • painfully awesome!!!!

    como siempre otro final de temporada genial pero a la vez doloroso!!! se la bañan!!!
    siempre acaba y te deja como NOOOOOO que sigue!!!!! jajaja
    pero fue supernatural... digo supergenial!!! =)
    vdd?? XD

    yo pense que sam y dean iban a estar peliados toda la temporada cinco, al parecer cuando dijo sam lo siento al final, creo que si van a estar juntos de nuevo jajajaj
    aun asi el apocalipsyps ya esta aki y ami me gustaria que la 5ta temporada fuera la destruccion total de la ciudad, y fuera una guerra entre demonios y cazadores!!!! un verdadero apocalypsis!!! todo el mundo en ruinas y los cazadores escondidos y lo demonios caminando en la calles!!!
    seria genial no?? sobres!!
    no puedo esperar
  • As always an incredible finale that will having me waiting for September on the edge of my seat.

    When I sit down to watch Supernatural and I hear "Carry On Wayward Son" begin to play, I immediately know two things. 1) This episode of Supernatural is going to be packed with incredible reveals, great conflicts and an amazing conclusion and 2) This episode of Supernatural will leave me with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that will have me writhing over the idea I have to wait until September to continue the story. This season 4 finale definitely lives up to and shatters the high standard set by previous finales. Going into this episode I knew the fate of the world was at stake, and, in keeping with finale tradition, a main character was going to meet his (or her) end. Even knowing all this, 'Lucifer Rising' provided one incredible end of the season, perhaps the best yet in leaving us at the very edge of the apocalypse. (spoilers begin) Azazel's plot is finally revealed, Castiel's intel becomes known and the most god-forsaken betrayal are just a fraction of the excitement to be had in this episode. If you're a Supernatural fan, if you have wondered about watching the show, or if you're as die-hard a fan as I (in which case you've probably already seen it and know I speak the truth) you MUST watch this episode. You will be left, awe-stuck in front of a white screen, still full of excitement over the brothers' reconciliation with each other and long-overdue tag-team kill, hoping with all your might "Please don't be over, PLEASE don't be OVER!" only to see the credits begin to roll. September, you can't come soon enough!
  • Everything goes to a good way!

    A number of people had predicted much of what is revealed in this episode, so I suppose they should be congratulated for their insight. (Either that, or they read the spoilers.) I was hoping that the story wouldn't take that particular direction, but I suppose that it makes sense within the premise of the series. This is not about angels vs. demons; it's about the Brothers Winchester. And that's the point made throughout the episode, first by Bobby, and then by Dean.

    A lot of people are going to object to the characterization of the angels, and the notion that the angels would want to bring about the apocalypse and release Lucifer. Making the angels no better than the demons is a bit dodgy. It's consistent with the characterization of some of the angels, who had little concern for humanity as a whole or the cost of the coming war to the human population, but it still seems a bit too much to have Zachariah tempting Dean with beer, food, and virgins.

    Yet I imagine that an angel might fall without realizing that's what they've done, and that it could happen on a fairly widespread basis if that is part of the master plan. It occurred to me when Zachariah said that "God has left the building" that it may only seem that way from his point of view. It may be that God wanted the angels to feel that way, because the resolution to the conflict was always meant to be in the hands of humanity.

    Normally, when something so wrong is revealed, it means that it will somehow be circumvented. When Castiel was convinced that Dean was right, and that the "plan" should be rejected and stopped, there was every reason to believe that Dean would arrive in time. That's what made it so crushing that Sam couldn't be stopped. Sammy had no idea that his best intentions were literally going to open the road to Hell.

    I'm not sure whether or not all the details of the mythology support the notion that Azazel's plan was to facilitate the rise of Lucifer. This episode implies that the Antichrist Superstar competition was designed to produce the most promising candidate to break the final seal, but wasn't he producing children with demonic blood long before 1972? That didn't quite track for me, even though I love the idea that all of these continuity elements are finally coming together.

    It also seems a bit too easy for Ruby to be working for Lilith. I liked it better when she seemed to have an agenda of her own, apart from the plan to release Lucifer. That said, I think her time had come. Ruby served her purpose as the temptation for Sam, drawing him to the dark side. Besides, I don't buy this claim that Sam chose the darkness based on his own choices, however; the demon blood clearly had a drug-like effect, given that he suffered from withdrawal.

    I'll give credit to the writers for going much further than I had anticipated. I was sure that Sam would prevent the breaking of the final seal, and then Dean would be forced to bring Sam back from the brink. I never anticipated that Lucifer would actually be released. Frankly, if they are going full out apocalyptic, I don't see how they're going to pull it off well on their current budget. Hopefully the final season of "Supernatural" won't be an example of biting off more than one can chew.
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