Season 8 Episode 15

Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • lol.. dean`s expressions!!

    Funny episode really. Not as funny as yellow fever or mystery spot. But it sure had its moments.
  • Potential Spinoff

    Interesting character development. Cop who is a witch... female familiar with love interest. Sounds like a setup to put feelers out to introduce a new show. Ties to a succesful series. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see this in the fall lineup on its own.

  • Woof Jokes

    While I liked the idea of a witch falling in love with a familiar it did kinda lead into the idea of "what happens when they are in animal form" and consequently there was some call for a bit of delicacy in managing the "rough edge of humour" that can darken that doorway.

    Even Sam made the comment to Dean - in summary that not making dog/person jokes indicateed that Dean was improving - shame the script writers couldn't show a bit more restraint...

    Anyway, tho a fun episode and ceratinly tongue-in-cheek (dog slobber!) I wouldn't put it down as an unmissable episode of Supernatural.
  • Man's Best Friend with Benefits

    Man's Best Friend with Benefits was a superbly entertaining episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because there was s lot of great character development and plot progression. It was interesting to see the varjous character conflicts. I liked the humor regarding Deans standpoint on cats and dogs. The story was well written and I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!!
  • Just like a Witch, this feels all too familiar

    The dog stuff in this episode was not that great. While they did continue the story and thread of Dean not liking the idea of Sam being the trial person for God's tasks. What worked for this episode was the concept of James Frampton (some guy we've never seen before in the series but Sam and Dean have worked a job with) have dreams about murders that come true. James is a cop turned witch who uses his powers to solve crimes. His "Familiar" a Doberman turned human Portia, is bound to him (much like a maker and progeny are linked in True Blood) but the relationship isn't supposed to be sexual, but in this case it is really really creepily. The brothers come to town and suspect that it may be another witch and James' jealous companion on the police force seems to be guiding the investigation towards him with an eyewitness statement from the familiar of a fellow witch. The twist here with it not being his old cop buddy was clearly a misdirect with the guy simply being jealous of his relationship with Portia. The witch fight was kind of cool along, but Sam and Dean's molotov of blood to kill the other witch was too conveniently used. However, the beginning of the episode had promise which it dropped all too quickly. Portia showing up as a dog and then Sam asking if it could stay the night and then turning into the beautiful Portia was obvious but fun and very typical of typical Supernatural funny moments. While seeing the Witch community be fleshed out a little more since we have seen quite a bit of them in the show before and the concept of Familiars obviously taking a page from Blade (who use Familiars as humans who are addicted to and serve vampires for blood and sex and Blade does it much better). James and Portia feel totally flat for me as did the forced angst of this episode. The only positive note on the brothers' development was nice to see Dean admit that he did trust Sam just in time Sam to conveniently have something weird happen with his body (coughing up blood) and then hide it from him. Not the worst episode but I expect stronger especially when this show has been on such a winning streak since the time travel episode. Hope it gets better next week.
  • Screwed the pooch on this one! (sorry bad pun)

    I am a huge Supernatural fan and there are very, very few episodes that I have disliked. Even if they're bad I always try to see the good points of them. But I really disliked this episode in too many ways.

    - a very poor script which gave lots of awkward dialogue and scenes

    - a [black] woman in a collar as a slave to a [white] man, calling him master (I'd feel urked by this if it wasn't even between a specifically black woman/white man but that just added to the disgracefulness)

    - bestiality/sex scene, ugh

    - predictable storyline. So predictable.

    - the extreme dumbing down of both Winchesters, Dean especially (even the "comedic" moments with Dean were at expense of his intelligence, so they weren't funny for me)

    - more keeping secrets (Sam, I'm looking at you. When will you learn?)

    I'm sure the next episode will be at least better than this.
  • An episode that only needs to be watched once..

    I was optimistic that the season would pick up, after the injection of the Men of letters storyline, and the Demon Tablet, and subsequent closure of the hell gates... And then came this episode...

    What kinda drugs were they taking, when they sat around and drummed up this episode...

    I love Supernatural, and it just breaks my heart to have an episode of this fiasco ridden storyline, with no depth, no plot and aimlessness, under it's belt.

    Writers... You can do better than this.. we have seen brilliance and glory bleed out from your pens.. Do a better job please...
  • I was expecting more

    its been a while since this duo do thing and act as "FBI" so I kinda miss it.

    the looking for something more...

    the part I like and hate the most is the 'talk" they had in this episode. I mean, wasn't even the complete talk. I mean, THAT WAS IT? I wish they just continued doing and finding the last 2 deals they have to do or whatever...

    but then again, I still like the jokes so Im going to give them a 9 here.

  • Is that the best you can do??

    My husband and I recently discovered Supernatural on Netflix and watched all the seasons and were excited to be caught up to watch season 8 in real time. We love the show, but other than a few episodes, this season has been terrible. What is going on? Have the writers left the building? They have certainly abandoned their characters with episodes like Bitten where Sam and Dean where hardly in it. Man's Best Friend With Benefits was almost unwatchable. For a show that has been smart, clever and humorous- episodes like this are hugely disappointing. I understand there needs to be conflict, but it doesn't even seem like Sam and Dean even care about each other any more. The chemistry between the two characters and how they play off each other is one of the reason the show works well, but the writers aren't giving them anything to work with and it's falling flat. With a giant thud. I hope it gets better, I don't want to hate a show I love.
  • Really, writers?

    This episode was--bad. I've never minded predictable plots/bad guys on Supernatural, but this was just awful. Fanfic writers come up with better stuff than Ross-Leming/Buckner. (I am never one to suggest people should be fired, but maybe some hand-holding would help these two as their other episodes haven't been great either) The "investigation" the brothers conducted barely had legs and a lot of the "humorous" dialogue felt very forced. Especially the scene when S&D first find out that the witch and dog are sleeping together. Poor Jensen, he tried so hard to do what he could with bad material.

    The worst part of this episode is the return to the "Let's trust each other! Okay, but I'm lying to you right now!" conflict. Seriously? After all this time and all the speeches? Really writers? (And that applies to all of them) If this isn't immediately addressed with Sam confessing to something in the next episode, this is an epic fail in characterization and creativity. Especially since we finally established last week that Sam doesn't have to be the pathetic screw up anymore and can be the one to take care of Dean for once--now we're given Sam making stupid choices. Again. I seriously don't get how people think this is once again giving Sam the spotlight--it's only just now giving him a position other than weak secondhand fiddle to main character Dean. And yes, if anyone had ever asked me if I had to pick one or the other as the main character of this show--it is Dean. In fact, Jensen is the only one who has been given the opportunity to carry entire episodes before, ie: In The Beginning & The End. Which is fine because he's awesome.

    Returning to this disappointing episode, it perpetuated the Cas-sized plot hole that has hollowed out the middle of this season's story arc. Yes, they've introduced new mythology (Men of Letters, JI, Thule, which is great to expand the universe rather than shrink it to S&D only), but if they're going to abandon a storyline after an episode like Torn & Frayed for so many episodes, the least they can do is have good one offs. Though I did like Spencer the Witch's comment in regards to his dead familiar: He was always spineless; now he is literally. (Though I do wish someone had told that actor that when you play dead, your leg doesn't stay propped up on the bar.
  • guys?

    This episode just made me cringe and shudder. The part about dog is 'love' with her master, or the fact that she had a collar most of the episode. I mean I am open minded and stuff, but a 'forbidden' romance between a dog and a man is where I HAVE to draw the line. The episode was boring, there was nothing ground breaking, the witches fight was stupid and frankly it wasn't even funny.
  • Uhh that kinda sucked

    Alright. So i love Supernatural to death ... but this one was a bummer.

    Beside some funny moments with Dean and his weird thing with dogs

    and their love for "the master", i was ... cant believe i am saying this - bored.

    I already hate myself but the truth sometimes hurts.

    Damn. Really? Dogs?

    The only thing missing was frigging Cesar Millan.

    Please, the storyline was so bad - i almost watched an episode of Revolution. Just to see how bad it was.

    Uh almost forgot: gotta end in a good mood. how awesome was deans nosebleed. cant wait to see what the hell is happening to him. freaking teasers.

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