Season 8 Episode 15

Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • Just like a Witch, this feels all too familiar

    The dog stuff in this episode was not that great. While they did continue the story and thread of Dean not liking the idea of Sam being the trial person for God's tasks. What worked for this episode was the concept of James Frampton (some guy we've never seen before in the series but Sam and Dean have worked a job with) have dreams about murders that come true. James is a cop turned witch who uses his powers to solve crimes. His "Familiar" a Doberman turned human Portia, is bound to him (much like a maker and progeny are linked in True Blood) but the relationship isn't supposed to be sexual, but in this case it is really really creepily. The brothers come to town and suspect that it may be another witch and James' jealous companion on the police force seems to be guiding the investigation towards him with an eyewitness statement from the familiar of a fellow witch. The twist here with it not being his old cop buddy was clearly a misdirect with the guy simply being jealous of his relationship with Portia. The witch fight was kind of cool along, but Sam and Dean's molotov of blood to kill the other witch was too conveniently used. However, the beginning of the episode had promise which it dropped all too quickly. Portia showing up as a dog and then Sam asking if it could stay the night and then turning into the beautiful Portia was obvious but fun and very typical of typical Supernatural funny moments. While seeing the Witch community be fleshed out a little more since we have seen quite a bit of them in the show before and the concept of Familiars obviously taking a page from Blade (who use Familiars as humans who are addicted to and serve vampires for blood and sex and Blade does it much better). James and Portia feel totally flat for me as did the forced angst of this episode. The only positive note on the brothers' development was nice to see Dean admit that he did trust Sam just in time Sam to conveniently have something weird happen with his body (coughing up blood) and then hide it from him. Not the worst episode but I expect stronger especially when this show has been on such a winning streak since the time travel episode. Hope it gets better next week.
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