Season 7 Episode 1

Meet The New Boss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • Insane Sam

    I was wondering how they would portray Sam's experience in hell. I must say they did a great job in making his expieriance into insanity. I loved how well this entire episode was done. Lucifer getting into Sam's head and messing things up was genius. I enjoyed the entire episode thoroughly.
  • Amazing episode

    This was a awesome way to start the season off
  • There is no word that can describe how i feel about this episode. It was more than awesome. It brought back the Supernatural that i loved all these years and it made me not regret watching the 6th season because it was bad. (Beware Spoilers!!!)


    The episode began where the last episode ended with Cas (The New God) standing and telling Dean, Sam and Bobby to bow down before him. Bobby bowed and told Dean and Sam to bow down 2 but Cas didn't want them to bow down because of fear and he didn't kill them. After that we saw Dean fixing his Impala (one of the best scenes in my opinion because i love this car and Supernatural cant be Supernatural without it) and we see Cas going into a church and declaring himself Godin frontof some people there and proves it to them by killing the minister (i think). Cas starts experiencing somethings with his new power and his body starts dissolving.Dean decides they should find Death and order him to stop Cas from all the wrong he is doing, meanwhile Sam struggles with the visions from hell and tells Dean and Bobby that he is ok. When Dean Sam and Bobby summon Death they use some ritual to make Death under their control like whatLucifer did back in season 5, Death reveals that Sam isstrugglingwith the memories from hell,Cas comes in and tries to kill the boys and Bobby this time but he cant because Death is under their control. Death reveals that Cas is not a God and that his body will explode because there is a creature called theLeviathan that is older than all the creatures that God created and that God createdpurgatoryto put theLeviathans in it and Cas has all of them inside him, after that Casfrees Death and goes leaving Death with the boys. Death tells the boys that they should persuade Cas into giving all the souls back topurgatory and that he willcreatean eclipse for some time so that the boys could open the door to purgatory. Dean gave up hope in helping Cas but Sam did not and calls Cas to help him (this was a great moment because Cas destroyed Sam's wall and put him in pain). Cas comes in and asks the boys for help they all go to the same place where Crowley tried to open purgatory, they tell Sam to go and bring the blood of the purgatory native and when Sam is there he sees Lucifer who tells him that he didn't truly escape from hell, and is still in the cage and that this is just his own ultimate torture. After that Sam disappears and Dean and Bobby open purgatory and Cas returns all the souls after that we get the old Cas for like a second and then it was revealed that he couldn't leave all the souls and that theLeviathans are still in him after that theLeviathans take over Jimmy's body and tell Dean and Bobby that Cas is dead now. Leaving us with a cliffhanger and an amazing season premiere the best i have seen.

  • The best premiere of Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SPN is back and its more awesome than ever!!This premiere was easily the best premiere of supernatural.It had everything great visual effects,great acting(especially from Misha Collins),great writing and great directing.Everything on this episode were awesome especially the season 7 big bad the leviathan.I suggest u watch this episode cause it is awesome a must watch

  • An amazing begining to what appears to be a great season. Brilliant acting, humour, violence and best of all the brother bond is back.


    People had concerns over what would happen to Castiel, infact they down right hated the idea of him being the new bad guy, and I will admit I had my doubts, especially after the mess season 6 had been (still loved it but I'm just saying) but I think after this episode, all the doubts should be gone.

    They were empathetic to his character in the end, and made it so he's still the Cas we know and love, but he's just taken over. It's like Sam and the demon blood in a way, the power went to his head but it was never really Sam.

    On the topic of Sam, does anyone else notice that he's gotten hotter? Maybe its because the dog eyes are back in full force. When he was talking to Lucifer about how none of it was real and he was really in the cage being tricked by Lucifer I almost cried at the expression on Sam's face. It was heartbreaking. But I love how, despite the memories, Sam is still Sam. He was willing to try and save Cas regardless of what Cas had done to him, his sweet and caring nature is still there, and after watching him for half a season with no soul, you can totally notice.

    Dean and Cas were amazing also. Cas's switching from one personality to the next was flawless and unbeliveably amazing. Dean, who is slowly breaking, was heartbreaking to watch. How he had given up on getting the real cas back. Though I am kind of sad that he didn't look for Sam and instead helped Cas. I would have loved to see that part of the bond.

    This also had it's humorous moments, the porn, the conversations with death and the expression on crowley's face as he was waiting for Cas to kill him. Priceless.

    All in all I cannot wait for the next episode.

  • A hell of an episode. More creepiness in the bag. Cthulhu Mythos and the Old Ones, this could smash everything to oblivion.And the hellrais-ish chains in Sam's illusions... "Whats you pleasure sir", also the leviathan(s) is mentioned..


    So, whats next?
    A big, evil, ray-emitting diamond in the center of detroit?
    I hope for that but i doubt because ...em of special effects.
    But surely the "leviathans" inside Castiel are something MUCH bigger than everyone here, ex-cluding michael and lucifer (but im not so sure..)

    A god castiel couldn't keep them easily, an angel cas just threw in the towel in 2 secs. But there is something bothering me..
    In the church, it was real God that talked to him? Based on his reaction, i think he was.

    Im also expecting CHACKIE to come back, because he is no doubt the god and also spoke to cas.

  • The new beging!


    Spectacular beginning is what can be said from the beginning of this new season. Congratulations to Misha for his role cas and "Leviathan" now itundrestanswhya is not as frequent as the CAS is out of the game for some time. The death was triumphant hope to see him more often. Hallucinations sam though not treated in the 1st plan will be scary, even I was wondering if Sam left the cage or not?

    The emotions are only beginning and I hope that season until the end begins

    kiss cau

  • Welcome back boys!


    Well, Igenuinelycannot fault this episode. I think it even tops "Sympathyfor the Devil," which was my favourite seasonpremierso far. Up until season 6, the first episodes where always superb, yet last year's felt like a bit of a let down. The story was slow and focused too much on Lisa and Ben (at least. now, they are gone.) But season 6 developed and became brilliant. Many say it's the weakest. I disagree. Sure, it didn't live up to the high of season 5, but it certainly comes second best. I really enjoyed the story arc of monsters and the Mother of All, and the fact that the show introduced loads of new things and developed while still remaining, at its core, Supernatural, is the main reason why it got a season 7. And wow... what a season this is shaping up to be.

    I think this episodebenefitedso much from who was in it. Castiel, Crowley, Death and Lucifer; my favourite supernatural creatures all in one episode, each with their own agenda and their own story. Castiel's story is very tragic. He's been through so much in the name of a God who never answers his prayers, so has decided that its his job to sort out the wrongs in the world. It was clear from the start it would not end well for Cas. He was only an Angel and not even an Archangel at that. I hope that he comes back in some way. The fact that my favourite character is no longer a series regular has disappointed me, but again I saw it coming. Last year, with no Lucifer storyline, the writers seemed strained to find a way to include him. Thankfully, they rectified this in the season final, and I hope this isn't the last we see of Cas.

    I also liked how the show is continuing its trend of introducing new things; Levianthans. Neither Angel or demon, yet so bad that God locked them away (why didn't he just destroy them? Or Lucifer for that matter?) Obviously the big bads of this season, I can't wait to see just how evil they are.

    The other major storyline was, of course, Sam. The wall has come down in his head, and his hallucinations were fun. It was fantastic to see Lucifer again, even though what he's saying does not make any sense. If Sam's still in the pit, then the whole of season 6 is kind of confusing. His body was brought back, then his soul, except it wasn't? We know that everything that happened last year can't be all one big hallucination... so what's going on? Did Lucifer let Death think that he had Sam's soul? Lucifer has outsmarted Death before. Anyroad, with Sam seeing visions of Lucifer it opens up a Michael return as well, and Adam. Nobody seems to care about Adam. Poor guy.

    So... overall. A brilliant start to what is shaping up to be a brilliant season. Supernatural isdefinitelyone of the best shows on TV. It keeps changing, keeps evolving, and keeps impressing. Bring on a season 8!!

  • A premiere that is awesome AND doesn't resolve everything neatly like other shows are inclined to do. How am I going to wait a week for 42 minutes of television for more than 30 weeks?? You certainly can't call it formulaic!


    I'm the first one to hate when someone says they saw something coming all along, but my first thought at the end of last season, when everyone was so pissed that Cass "was" God was "Why can't Cass just be so power-crazed that he's declaring himself God?" I mean he was out of his gourd! Death said that Cass was no God. Did Death mean that he just wasn't acting like God would or he just plain wasn't? The synopsis of next weeks episode on this site has me confused again.

    I think if last season had been spread out over, like, 2 more episodes - the whole deal with Lisa and Ben and Grandpa Winchester - then it wouldn't have felt so rushed and was actually incredibly awesome storytelling. But perhaps I'm just in the minority there. *shrug*

    What's worst of all is having Misha Collins removed from the main cast... tragic is what it is. I'm shocked to see so many people expressing joy in his leaving. I'd never seen a word of it before! And is Misha gone or is Cass just gone? Did the cast and crew screw with us by using misleading wording in addressing that question? Is the Leviathan in Cass' body going to stick around? Nothing gets any better than a good guy gone bad if done right - and Misha has the acting chops, from benevolent angel to fallen angel to trainwreck human to insane wannabe God and now Leviathan! Sooooooo awesome!

    And like the whole "Cass being God is stupid" complaining at the end of last season being addressed, the whole "Sam is suddenly fine now" complaining also is being addressed in the sense that, well, he's not. Big shocker there! This is what happened at the beginning of last season where everyone was annoyed that everything was "fine again" when Sam showed up out of nowhere and everyone was so pissed. Yikes, guys, give it more than one episode in a season for a story to develop. So many shows resolve a finale in one episode and everything is back to normal. I think that's what people come to expect from these shows. When it doesn't happen, they revolt. Seems this season as opposed to last, the writers found a way to make the premiere awesome AND not resolve everything. Smallville, I'm looking in your direction...

  • Meet The New Boss


    Meet The New Boss was a perfect episode of Supernatural picking up right where the last season left off. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as Cas now God makes himself known, Sam and Dean and Bobby try binding Death to force him to kill Cas, and Crowley even had some a few good scenes. This was a fun episode and the ending was pretty interesting and exciting. I wonder where this new season is going to go. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • That sure put my emotions through the ringer.


    Oh no, Cas is evil! Oh good, Cas is redeeming himself! Oh no, Cas is dead! Oh good, Cas is alive! Oh no, Cas is dead and evil again! I don't think a tv show has ever made me feel so many different feelings in a rapid-fire minute. I certainly hope the Leviathan was lying about Cas being dead in there.

    Misha did a great job acting out all the different powers inhabiting him. It's a testament to his talent that what was supposed to be only a role for a few episodes turned into a role for a few seasons so they could keep him around. As Sera said, it is because he is so good that they thought up such a challenging new role.

    Jared also did an amazing job with the Mother of all PTSD. And we had some of the most powerhouse characters and guest stars in this episode with Crowley and Death. Seeing them face off with Cas was like the Clash of the Titans.

    I particularly enjoyed the scene where the Dr. and Mrs. were tied up in their chairs watching God and Death having a pissing contest in the their living room.

    I can't really blame Dean for wanting to just stick his head under the hood of the Impala. After everything they've been through, to have your best friend turn into an evil God must've felt like a trillion last straws. It made for a slow start to the episode, but a very realistic one, character-wise. And once it got into gear, it went from zero to sixty.

    Speaking of evil, leaving us on that cliffhanger of a missing Sam and Leviathons on the Loose, was, well, evil. I'm really looking forward to next week.

  • wow what a way to start the season loved it jared jensen and the rest of the cast fantastic job dying for more what will happen next is sam still in the cage hope not can't wait for more what a big opening to this season what will happen next to our boys.


    wow can I say wow great opening for season seven jared, jensen, misha and jim and to the rest of the cast fantastic job can't wait for more what will happen will dean help sam though his rough time since castiel brought down sam's wall what will happen to sam and dean for the rest of the season guess will have to watch to find out go supernatural you rule.

  • wow, what way to start off the premiere. I'm loving it, loving it, loving it. This was well worth the wait. I can't wait to see what happens to Sam and Castiel. Could the yellow demon be back in Castiel??????? It seems like Castiel is more for hell now...


    Then we have Sam, who's going through who knows what... Great way to start off the season! :) Gooo Supernatural! I hope it just gets better and better as the weeks go on. I'm hoping for a Season 8. I just purchased Season 6 the other day..

  • Plenty of ups and downs - but one hell of a ride. Quite literally.


    Supershort recap:
    Cas is God. Cas does what he thinks God ought to do - smiting hypocrites (you know, preachers drenched in sin and such), disobedient angels etc.
    Dean is disillusioned and down-to-earth. Sam isstruggling and secretive (as usual). Bobby is bewildered. (And I'm making alliterations. ;) )
    Cas is starting to fall apart, andlooking like sh*t.
    He drops in on Crowley,reminding him that he's Cas' bitch.
    The boys call on Crowley, making him whine and snark andhelp them conspire.
    Theycomeup with the only plan they can think of:Make Death their bitch and have him snuff Cas.
    Death pwns them, but gives them a few useful tips and a favour to save the day - seems he has a soft spot for humanity, or perhaps just our favourite boys. (Well, he claims it's because God-Cas is a douchebag, but one thing doesn't exclude the other.)
    A serious attack of "Oops, did I do that" makes Cas "see the light", and a timely prayer from Sam brings all of them together to nerf the new God by sending all the extra souls and "Elder gods" back to Purgatory.
    Unfortunately, it seems Elder Gods are kind of like lice or STDs - easy to contract, not so easy to get rid of.
    And voila, one newly posessed Cthulhu-Cas is ready to have some fun.

    Ok, bad stuff first - pretty much my only complaint about the episode; they cut the whole Cas-is-god storyarch short.
    On the other hand, they replaced it with Cas-is-a-vessel-for-the-Elder-gods, which is pretty awesome too. :D

    So, on to highlights:
    Dean watching Asian cartoon porn. *snickersnort*
    Cas' equal opportunity, non-denominational smiting.
    Death being über-cool as usual.
    Crowley being his usual snarky self - "you giraffe", "You DO want to conspire?", and being perfectly willing to stand there and look pretty.

  • A disturbing but powerful episode to lead us into season 7. (Warning for spoilers!)


    This episode is possibly one of the most disturbing episodes of the series so far, and I loved every minute of it.

    Misha portrays Castiel extremely well in this episode as a prime example of absolute power corrupts absolutely as he delivers his brand of righteous judgement throughout heaven and earth. But I believe his most powerful performance came at the end when the Leviathan's take over. The manic glee as he throws Dean and Bobby around and happily proclaims Castiel is dead is creepy but brilliant and as much as I hope Castiel eventually returns to redeem himself, I am looking forward to Misha portraying our Season 7 big bad, the Leviathan's, a bit more.

    Of course, on the other side of the episode we have signs of Sam's hell memories resurfacing. Despite trying to protect Dean from more disappointment by telling him he's fine, Sam is silently suffering hallucinations like seeing hooks with bloody chunks in them and having chains wrapped around his throat like a noose. Extremely disturbing but for someone who's been to hell and back, it's to be expected.

    Dean's powerless in this episode, unable to heal Sam and unable to get through to Castiel and so he focuses on fixing the Impala as it is one of the last, few things he is able to fix. It's heartbreaking to see such a strong character reduced to such a state and there's something very bitter in his every action as he moves about this episode and especially when he refuses Castiel's apology.

    The guest stars in this episode were outstanding, three of my absolute favourites all rolled into one. Mark Sheppard returns as Crowley for a brief but enjoyable few minutes showing how far he has fallen since Castiel took over as god. Julian Richings returns as Death and I always adore the interaction between Dean and Death as he is one of the few beings terrifying enough to make even the great Dean Winchester shake in his boots.

    However it is Mark Pellegrino's comeback as Lucifer which was possibly my favourite performance of all because he is perfect as Lucifer and whenever he and Jared Padalecki are in a scene together, I always love it. Sam's fear and Lucifer's glee are so well done and I look forward to seeing them together again in the future.

    So all in all, a fantastic season opener and it makes me very excited about the rest of the season.

  • God is dead???!!!??? Not lol

    Loved this premiere. Plus the casting of death is the best he is dignified graceful and has dry sense of humour as death should
  • supernatural

    I like it alot
  • Supernatural is back with a bang!


    I'm someone who actually really enjoyed season 6, i think a couple of episodes in that season will be looked at as the best in supernatural's history when the show ends. The season premiere of season 7 should also join that exclusive bracket.

    Spoiler alert:

    An episode that felt like it had 4 episodes worth of material in it. Castiel turns evil, then turns good (sort of) and then ends up evil again (although not at his own free will this time).

    Dean has been pushed to the limit, as can be seen by the way he treats death and also Cas (he did deserve it though) in this episode.

    Sam turned into somewhat of a love/hate character in season 6, although i loved his soul less character. He continues to redeem himself here, although the writers seem to be pushing him a bit to the point where he is too good right now.

    Great start to season 7, and i'm looking forward to what should be an entertaining and unpredictable season arc.

  • The Last Temptation of Castiel


    Cass, now juiced up with all the souls of purgatory compels Bobby, Sam, and Dean to bow before him or be destroyed. When they comply he says they only do it out of fear, not love or respect and offers to let them live if they don't get in his way. While Cass cleanses his "followers" and smites the angels who opposed him in Raphael's rebellion the brothers try to figure out a way to beat down Cass. They figure that Death is the only person who can kill Cass and Crowley, now indentured to Cass, gives them a spell to bind Death. They get a lightning struck piece of sand that is an "Act of God" frozen and bind Death and Cass shows up who unbinds Death before he gets killed. Death warns Castiel that there aren't just souls in purgatory and that the Leviathans are in there with him and that Purgatory was created to keep them in. As ever Supernatural expands its own mythos even further giving it more of a supreme purpose. When Sam experiences hallucinations of his time in Hell now that the Wall's down in his head, Lucifer appears to him and tells him that he never left the cage but that's obviously not true in this case and he disappears right as Cass approaches the brothers to put the souls back into purgatory.When the souls go back Cass promises to redeem himself but Cass says that the Leviathans held on inside of him and they kill him and take over his host. With a declaration of "This is going to be fun" and the celebratory throw the main characters around the room trick that Supernatural loves to do we are in the same situation and location we were an episode ago just with new villains. Now that we have a solid baddy going straight into the season this could be some really good stuff to come. Dean's unwillingness to forgive Cass is understandable now that he's been bitten way too many times. Maybe the Leviathans will split off and wreak havoc as individuals to give them a season long arc of fighting against for the brothers. Goodbye Castiel, it was good knowing you. His 180 turn was satisfying and that the writers didn't back down from his arrogance was a tour de force and of course the consequences are there plainly to be seen. Hopefully Season 7 will continue to deliver prime episode real estate for all.

  • I loved this episode.


    I think Death must be my favourite character right now. He's hilarious in a very subtle way.

    I like the new plot lines and I'm definitely going to tune in to see how they unfold.

    But the new Road So Far song,seriously? It was horribly annoying. I still miss Carry On Wayward Son. I guess it might be time for a new song,sinceCarry OnWayward Son technically doesn't apply to them anymore because their father is dead,but still.I loved it. It suited the boys.

    I love the new intro though, the whole black and white leaking ectoplasm thing they've got going on, at least that's what came to mind.

    So definitely a goodseason premiere episodefor this great series.

  • The Power of Castiel

    Castiel on a power trip, very scary. Quite frankly I was very scared of him and this episode we loses a lot of trust between Dean and Sam. Especially Dean which considers him family. Castiel believes himself god goes to gain control of heaven with the all the souls he absorbs which turns out he will not be able to stabilize that amount of power especially we learn later the special creature he absorb as well which is why he lost control. Great episode don't miss out.
  • The boys are back in town!


    The first ep of season 7 started off where the finale of season 6 left off. This is a good thing even though the finale of season 6 thoroughly dropped the ball.

    However, with a new season, we have new potential. (I've waited until the second ep was done before commenting on anything).

    This ep was pretty fair. There were some really good moments, like when Cas told our beloved boys (yes that means you too Bobby) to bow to him, then kinda huffed saying, "Forget it, it doesn't mean anything if you do it out of fear"... that is a PHENOMENAL commentary on fear based religious belief as a whole and I thoroughly applaud the writer (was it you Sera?) for that! Beautiful subtext, absolutely beautiful!

    Then of course there was the "Trenchcoat on a tortilla" comment Bobby made (The dialogue for this ep was what brought it up to an 8! Everyone was in character and those characters were written "spot on") followed of course by Cas's changing the stained glass window from Jesus to himself... utterly priceless! I actually laughed out loud at that! Brilliant!

    So... in spite of the fact that when Death mentioned "Leviathans" (Love that he appreciated fried pickles... I haven't had any yet, been in Austin for 2 years and still ain't had a fried pickle... sigh... ) it was a glaring neon advertisement for what was coming (foreshadowing? no, this was "Signpost Up Ahead") it was kinda blatantly obvious what their new "big bad" would be.

    Now... redemption.


    Finally we get the beginning of some repercussions to his wall being torn down. (Yes it wasn't hard to figure out after the lame ending for season 6 that, THAT was going to be a big issue at least in the beginning of season 7)... I'm not sure if I want them to fix this or to let it go on... frankly, personally... if it's done right, they can play this out as a struggle throughout the whole season unless the whiners start in with the "enough of the sammy storyline" garbage. I mean this is the kind of thing us ficcers have been wanking since the first season so truly folks, suck it up and enjoy it instead of bit***ng about how you're sick of sammy storylines okay? please!

    So, we got some delicious shattered Sammy-bits for our friday night cereal with the hopes of so much more to come!

    Now... having season ep 2 of this season... I've said all I will say about ep 1 except, it was a good solid intro to the season. How the rest of it all plays out, I'm reserving my faith after last season, but, I'm still watching our boys Live and saving Fringe for over the weekend so hopefully that says something.

    Kast and Krew, Welcome back, and thanks for your hard work!

    Jensen, Jared, Love and gratitude to you both. Jim, you too.

  • I had the pleasure of being on set when this was made


    I had the pleasure of being on set when this was made and I was blown away at how well written this episode is and how fantastic the boys were at acting. Jim, Jensen, Jared, and Misha were all good, but I feel like Misha and Jensen deserve a Grammy for their performances. I'm not an emotional guy but this episode and Jensen and Misha's acting was so mind blowingly good that I teared up. Yes, I admit it!Of course, Jared wasn't at all bad either. He has a lot to deal with in this first action packed episode. He has to play many different scenarios and he does a convincing job on all of them. And, I can't forget Jim. He also nailed all his lines and had me cracking up when things became too emotional.I'm certain fans will love this episode, except for maybe the small minority that don't care for Castiel.

    You can watch it online at

  • There's A New God In Town


    Supernatural-Castiel spares Bobby and the Winchesters and goes on his way to set right the wrongs of the world. However, when the brothers try to bind Death and use him to stop the new God, they discover that their former ally is one step ahead of them.

    Hard to believe Supernatural isenteringit's 7th season, I remember when it was just that new little fantasy show about twobrotherswho hunt demons when it premiered back when the WB was still on the air. Since then (or more so Season 4), the show has evolved beyond the basic demonic creatures/ghosts villain of the week format and into richstory-linesthat explore (even re-image) the Christian mythology. So far we've seen angels, angels gone bad,Lucifer, Michael,Raphael, arch angels, Heaven, Purgatory, even God himself (well, we haven't REALLY seen him, they're just assumptions and speculation) But it's been fun seeing the writers put their own spin on the Bible and the borderlinesinister,merciless approach to the angels has especially been interesting. It all continues here, just moments after the end of Season 6. Castiel has just killed Raphael thanks to sucking all the souls of Purgatory from within him, not to mention ordering Bobby and the boys to kneel before him or he dies. It was a shocking cliffhanger and luckily, "Meet The New Boss" is solid premiere that not only resolves the cliffhanger of last season's finale but introduces a new big threat for the boys' this year.

    Misha Collins seemed like he was having fun playing God, especially during the end of the teaser where Castiel arrives back in Heaven andseemingly massacres what appears to be every angel in Heaven! The scene in the Church were Cas unleashes his wrath on a cocky preacher was brutal. I loved how we got to see Castiel literally losing his mind from the all the souls, not to mention seeing his body slowly deform was creepy. But the scariest scene was definitely the souls pushing their way out of Castiel's stomach. It made sense for the first half of the episode for Dean and Bobby to play it safe, also, Dean has to worry about Sam's wall continuing to break apart. Sam's hallucinations throughout were effectively disturbing like the scene of the chain ripping through the ceiling and chokes Sam. The ending with Lucifer telling Sam that he was still in the cage was also horrifying and the way Sam simply disappears make you fear what exactly he might do. I loved seeing Death again, I don't know what it is, but he is just frightening without even sayinganything. It's great hearing more about Purgatory and the creatures in there, like the Leviathans. Another biblical creature yet to get the Supernatural treatment, the Leviathans are sea monsters and it seems they will be a more than a match for the brothers are the episode ends with Castiel appearing to be freed from the souls of Purgatory after Dean and Bobby re-open the door toex spell. It's too bad the leviathans stayed back and now they have control of Castiel's body. All and All, a great start to the new season that will leave a lot of anticipation and excitement for fans!

  • Season 7 premiere.


    It seems that everybody had a different idea of what Season 6 was. To some, it was a highly uneven effort that had moments worth praising but had no focus whatsoever. The problem was that the season started off focusing on Sam having no soul and quickly jumped over to Death putting up a wall and then onto Sam, the brothers' grandfathers looking for Purgatory and Castiel teaming up with Crowley to get souls. If you split those things into three different seasons, you have a pretty good show. Cram them into one and you have a fustercluck of massive proportions.

    I'm not sure I'm convinced that the show is going to attempt to straighten things out here because the show was moving a mile a minute at times tonight, but there's still 21 episodes left of the season and a really good chance for it all to slow down and focus on some good ol' fashioned Monster of the Weeks.

    The premiere picks up precisely where we left off: Castiel as God and the Winchesters and Bobby freaked out. Castiel ends up letting them live but takes off to begin smiting those who anger him. I think we need to give Misha Collins some respect: he did a great job here and has done an even greater job of adding multiple dimensions to the character of Castiel, which is difficult for what is supposed to be a character with only one personality.

    Sam, Dean and Bobby spend most of the episode hanging around, listening to news reports about religious leaders being murdered by a man in a raincoat and Castiel goes even more off the reservation. He visits Crowley and lets him know that he'll be controlling the influx of souls into Hell. Finally, the group comes up with a good idea: harness Death and force him to kill Castiel.

    I'm not one to spoil everything in reviews, as I think there needs to be some element of surprise, but let's just say that we get our new villain for the season and it's... a bit lackluster. I'm not sure who this guy is, but Misha Collins plays him perfectly.

    Also, we get some development with Sam, and a pretty cool cameo by Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, as he claims that maybe Sam is going crazy and that he hasn't been let out of Hell yet. It's a haunting idea but obviously not true. It would just render everything that's happened the past season or two moot. Either way, it's a weird development for Sam.

    I think the season has a chance to rebound and have some great Monster of the Weeks. At one point, I would've complained about it, but there needs to be a balance. Seriously, imagine if the X-Files focused only on aliens all the time. We'd be burned out from the mythology. I feel that way about Supernatural. Since Season 5, we haven't had a decent string of Monster of the Weeks. Let's make that change.

  • Solid opener to the seventh season.


    So Supernatural is back. The cliffhanger from last season is (unsurprisingly) quickly resolved. The new god Castiel does a bunch of god-like stuff, realises that it's wrong and regrets. The new big bad, Leviathan, is revealed. Dean fixes the car, Sam gets hellish visions and Death makes another appearance.

    I really hoped Supernatural would go back to the roots this year, instead of all this larger-than-life stuff, but it appears there's no turning back any more. I just wonder how this new big bad can feel original after the last two seasons; hopefully they'll come up with something satisfactory.

    I did like this episode, but it wasn't anything special.

  • Borriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing


    Ok i've been waiting all this time for the comeback then suddenly bang :S:S, i couldn't finish the episode straight like always every 10 mins or less i paused and say d'oh, but i'm gonna wait to see the rest of episodes to see what's wrongexactlymaybe the problem was just this episode