Season 7 Episode 1

Meet The New Boss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • A premiere that is awesome AND doesn't resolve everything neatly like other shows are inclined to do. How am I going to wait a week for 42 minutes of television for more than 30 weeks?? You certainly can't call it formulaic!


    I'm the first one to hate when someone says they saw something coming all along, but my first thought at the end of last season, when everyone was so pissed that Cass "was" God was "Why can't Cass just be so power-crazed that he's declaring himself God?" I mean he was out of his gourd! Death said that Cass was no God. Did Death mean that he just wasn't acting like God would or he just plain wasn't? The synopsis of next weeks episode on this site has me confused again.

    I think if last season had been spread out over, like, 2 more episodes - the whole deal with Lisa and Ben and Grandpa Winchester - then it wouldn't have felt so rushed and was actually incredibly awesome storytelling. But perhaps I'm just in the minority there. *shrug*

    What's worst of all is having Misha Collins removed from the main cast... tragic is what it is. I'm shocked to see so many people expressing joy in his leaving. I'd never seen a word of it before! And is Misha gone or is Cass just gone? Did the cast and crew screw with us by using misleading wording in addressing that question? Is the Leviathan in Cass' body going to stick around? Nothing gets any better than a good guy gone bad if done right - and Misha has the acting chops, from benevolent angel to fallen angel to trainwreck human to insane wannabe God and now Leviathan! Sooooooo awesome!

    And like the whole "Cass being God is stupid" complaining at the end of last season being addressed, the whole "Sam is suddenly fine now" complaining also is being addressed in the sense that, well, he's not. Big shocker there! This is what happened at the beginning of last season where everyone was annoyed that everything was "fine again" when Sam showed up out of nowhere and everyone was so pissed. Yikes, guys, give it more than one episode in a season for a story to develop. So many shows resolve a finale in one episode and everything is back to normal. I think that's what people come to expect from these shows. When it doesn't happen, they revolt. Seems this season as opposed to last, the writers found a way to make the premiere awesome AND not resolve everything. Smallville, I'm looking in your direction...

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