Season 7 Episode 1

Meet The New Boss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • There is no word that can describe how i feel about this episode. It was more than awesome. It brought back the Supernatural that i loved all these years and it made me not regret watching the 6th season because it was bad. (Beware Spoilers!!!)


    The episode began where the last episode ended with Cas (The New God) standing and telling Dean, Sam and Bobby to bow down before him. Bobby bowed and told Dean and Sam to bow down 2 but Cas didn't want them to bow down because of fear and he didn't kill them. After that we saw Dean fixing his Impala (one of the best scenes in my opinion because i love this car and Supernatural cant be Supernatural without it) and we see Cas going into a church and declaring himself Godin frontof some people there and proves it to them by killing the minister (i think). Cas starts experiencing somethings with his new power and his body starts dissolving.Dean decides they should find Death and order him to stop Cas from all the wrong he is doing, meanwhile Sam struggles with the visions from hell and tells Dean and Bobby that he is ok. When Dean Sam and Bobby summon Death they use some ritual to make Death under their control like whatLucifer did back in season 5, Death reveals that Sam isstrugglingwith the memories from hell,Cas comes in and tries to kill the boys and Bobby this time but he cant because Death is under their control. Death reveals that Cas is not a God and that his body will explode because there is a creature called theLeviathan that is older than all the creatures that God created and that God createdpurgatoryto put theLeviathans in it and Cas has all of them inside him, after that Casfrees Death and goes leaving Death with the boys. Death tells the boys that they should persuade Cas into giving all the souls back topurgatory and that he willcreatean eclipse for some time so that the boys could open the door to purgatory. Dean gave up hope in helping Cas but Sam did not and calls Cas to help him (this was a great moment because Cas destroyed Sam's wall and put him in pain). Cas comes in and asks the boys for help they all go to the same place where Crowley tried to open purgatory, they tell Sam to go and bring the blood of the purgatory native and when Sam is there he sees Lucifer who tells him that he didn't truly escape from hell, and is still in the cage and that this is just his own ultimate torture. After that Sam disappears and Dean and Bobby open purgatory and Cas returns all the souls after that we get the old Cas for like a second and then it was revealed that he couldn't leave all the souls and that theLeviathans are still in him after that theLeviathans take over Jimmy's body and tell Dean and Bobby that Cas is dead now. Leaving us with a cliffhanger and an amazing season premiere the best i have seen.

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