Season 7 Episode 1

Meet The New Boss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • Plenty of ups and downs - but one hell of a ride. Quite literally.


    Supershort recap:
    Cas is God. Cas does what he thinks God ought to do - smiting hypocrites (you know, preachers drenched in sin and such), disobedient angels etc.
    Dean is disillusioned and down-to-earth. Sam isstruggling and secretive (as usual). Bobby is bewildered. (And I'm making alliterations. ;) )
    Cas is starting to fall apart, andlooking like sh*t.
    He drops in on Crowley,reminding him that he's Cas' bitch.
    The boys call on Crowley, making him whine and snark andhelp them conspire.
    Theycomeup with the only plan they can think of:Make Death their bitch and have him snuff Cas.
    Death pwns them, but gives them a few useful tips and a favour to save the day - seems he has a soft spot for humanity, or perhaps just our favourite boys. (Well, he claims it's because God-Cas is a douchebag, but one thing doesn't exclude the other.)
    A serious attack of "Oops, did I do that" makes Cas "see the light", and a timely prayer from Sam brings all of them together to nerf the new God by sending all the extra souls and "Elder gods" back to Purgatory.
    Unfortunately, it seems Elder Gods are kind of like lice or STDs - easy to contract, not so easy to get rid of.
    And voila, one newly posessed Cthulhu-Cas is ready to have some fun.

    Ok, bad stuff first - pretty much my only complaint about the episode; they cut the whole Cas-is-god storyarch short.
    On the other hand, they replaced it with Cas-is-a-vessel-for-the-Elder-gods, which is pretty awesome too. :D

    So, on to highlights:
    Dean watching Asian cartoon porn. *snickersnort*
    Cas' equal opportunity, non-denominational smiting.
    Death being über-cool as usual.
    Crowley being his usual snarky self - "you giraffe", "You DO want to conspire?", and being perfectly willing to stand there and look pretty.

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