Season 7 Episode 1

Meet The New Boss

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW

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  • There's A New God In Town


    Supernatural-Castiel spares Bobby and the Winchesters and goes on his way to set right the wrongs of the world. However, when the brothers try to bind Death and use him to stop the new God, they discover that their former ally is one step ahead of them.

    Hard to believe Supernatural isenteringit's 7th season, I remember when it was just that new little fantasy show about twobrotherswho hunt demons when it premiered back when the WB was still on the air. Since then (or more so Season 4), the show has evolved beyond the basic demonic creatures/ghosts villain of the week format and into richstory-linesthat explore (even re-image) the Christian mythology. So far we've seen angels, angels gone bad,Lucifer, Michael,Raphael, arch angels, Heaven, Purgatory, even God himself (well, we haven't REALLY seen him, they're just assumptions and speculation) But it's been fun seeing the writers put their own spin on the Bible and the borderlinesinister,merciless approach to the angels has especially been interesting. It all continues here, just moments after the end of Season 6. Castiel has just killed Raphael thanks to sucking all the souls of Purgatory from within him, not to mention ordering Bobby and the boys to kneel before him or he dies. It was a shocking cliffhanger and luckily, "Meet The New Boss" is solid premiere that not only resolves the cliffhanger of last season's finale but introduces a new big threat for the boys' this year.

    Misha Collins seemed like he was having fun playing God, especially during the end of the teaser where Castiel arrives back in Heaven andseemingly massacres what appears to be every angel in Heaven! The scene in the Church were Cas unleashes his wrath on a cocky preacher was brutal. I loved how we got to see Castiel literally losing his mind from the all the souls, not to mention seeing his body slowly deform was creepy. But the scariest scene was definitely the souls pushing their way out of Castiel's stomach. It made sense for the first half of the episode for Dean and Bobby to play it safe, also, Dean has to worry about Sam's wall continuing to break apart. Sam's hallucinations throughout were effectively disturbing like the scene of the chain ripping through the ceiling and chokes Sam. The ending with Lucifer telling Sam that he was still in the cage was also horrifying and the way Sam simply disappears make you fear what exactly he might do. I loved seeing Death again, I don't know what it is, but he is just frightening without even sayinganything. It's great hearing more about Purgatory and the creatures in there, like the Leviathans. Another biblical creature yet to get the Supernatural treatment, the Leviathans are sea monsters and it seems they will be a more than a match for the brothers are the episode ends with Castiel appearing to be freed from the souls of Purgatory after Dean and Bobby re-open the door toex spell. It's too bad the leviathans stayed back and now they have control of Castiel's body. All and All, a great start to the new season that will leave a lot of anticipation and excitement for fans!