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  • It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, It Matters What You Do

    This was a real heart-wrencher (and a nail-biter). I don't think I've ever related so much to one of the freaks/victims before; maybe it was his wife, or Sam. Not only did they deal with secrets Sam had been keeping and ran into an old hunter friend, which I thought was a good, realistic touch (although wouldn't he have heard about Dean dying?), but they also had a great story. Sam has not lost his morality, which I was worrying about in some of the later episodes of season 3, but then we don't know what those months without his brother were like. I want to know more about what Ruby's like these days. I like her character a lot, but being in a new vessel, I feel like I need to relearn her; it doesn't help that she's only ever there to hover around Sam so far.

    I don't think the next episode will be one as close to the heart as this, but then, I'm usually wrong. Didn't see this one coming.
  • I'll be honest with you... I half expected 'Metamorphosis' to be something of a let down after the giddy highs of the past three weeks.

    I'll be honest with you... I half expected 'Metamorphosis' to be something of a let down after the giddy highs of the past three weeks. I surveyed the synopsis with minor trepidation: not, you understand, because I expected the episode to be bad, but simply because it seemed to lack the extra ingredient of over-arching narrative significance that the others had. In other words, it looked to be more of a 'stand alone'. Of course, I'm sitting here trying my damnedest to eat my words now (literally, they're on a plate and I'm reaching for them, I really am) because Cathryn Humphries' script (I should've known! It's her!) is bloody marvellous. Sure, this is more a 'supernatural event of the week' instalment and it is not seemingly tied to the '66 seals' that Lilith seems dead set on breaking, but we've all learned by now (or, well, since mid-season two anyway) that Supernatural can do 'fantasy metaphor for character conflict' as well as the best of 'em... well, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer at any rate. It's the only one I can think of. Sue me. Anyway, the gentleman unable to control the previously dormant creature inside of him works well as a counterpoint to Sam's current condition and, leading straight in from the cliffhanger ending of last week's episode, 'Metamorphosis' actually explicitly addresses this particular plot point and moves forward with it... which can only be a good thing. The 'supernatural' narrative has its relative merits too: the concept is enjoyably sickening and the sequence in which the poor guy gets his first full human meal is one of the most gruesome, and hence, most freaking awesome, moments in Supernatural history. Not quite the lofty highs of the last three episodes but excellent all the same.
  • After last week's "to be continued" I had higher expectation towards this episode. The main story in some way followed the plot but the twist into the rougarou thing spoiled everything a bit.

    After last week's "to be continued" I had higher expectation towards this episode. The main story in some way followed the plot but the twist into the rougarou thing spoiled everything a bit. The episode reminded me The X-Files episodes "Hungry" (S07E01) which also tells the story of a human brain hungry thing that morphs into some sort of a creature. Such episodes serve as a lesson for the main characters but every time they are just food for thought and in overall joy there are rather week. "Metamorphosis" is no different. A bit of a shame but let's see how it is progressing... The weakest episode so far.
  • While the 'monster of the week' didn't completely satisfied me, the brothers drama makes up for an hour of great TV.

    After the three wonderful episodes that opened Season Four, 'Metamorphosis' is a necessary episode, dealing with Dean and Sam relationship, and with their unspoken (and sometimes way too spoken) issues. This dramatic tension started in Season Two, when Sam realized he was one of Azazel's Special Children, and heightened in Season Three, when Ruby sneaked in and tried to convince Sam that he was the one capable of saving his brother by destroying Lilith. After Dean's death, it was obvious that the two brothers had to confront this issue, and they do in this episode written (rather smoothly) by Cathrin Humphrys and directed by Kim Manners, here at his last work for the show.

    While the 'monster of the week' - the Rougarou - didn't completely convinced me (it was both too obscure and too expository, with few shades of gray to it), the way it served to highlight Sam's inner struggle was certainly spot on and it provided for some really interesting drama between Sam and Dean, recreating a dynamic that reminded me of Season One, where Sam was depicted as the tactful, 'talk-first' type and Dean as the 'direct-approach' kind of guy. It's is really nice, in hindsight, to see how much Sam changes throughout the season the more he gets attached to Ruby, while Dean, on the other hand, dropping the cocky attitude of Season Three, starts to reveal his inner richness and torment. While the resolution of the episode felt to me a bit rushed, I nonetheless liked it and I want to devote a closing thought to Kim Manners: Kim, we will miss you.
  • Rev

    Sam and Dean find a man called Jack, who's becoming a Rougarou, a creature which turns from human into a monster that eats human flesh. Sam believes that Jack can learn to control himself, but Dean thinks that the only thing to do is shoot him dead. Dean also discovers Sam is using his psychic powers under Ruby's guidance. Jack eats a hunter but only to protect his pregnant wife which the hunter threatened to kill. Jack's wife is disgusted and scared at what her husband has become and yells at him and runs away. Later Sam and Dean show up and kill Jack. This was probably the worst episode so of the new season. I like the part where Dean and Sam stormed into that womans house it was hilarous. Thought the man eating dude was annoying and Sam and Dean talked for like half hour about the same thing it got pretty boring.
  • Another great episode, maybe not the best so far, but awesome none the less.

    This episode really made me worry for Sam because more and more we see how much he has changed for the worse, and Dean finally catches him using his powers against demons. Later on in the episode we get a nice little side story about a new type of enemy that Dean and Sam have to deal with. Nothing big like we have seen before, just something like we had seen in the past episodes, which was nice. Although most of the episode was not so information heavy like the last episode, it was good to have a small break (so to speak) from the information overload. The episode ended with a little talk between the brothers, which was nice. Somehow though I still don't think Sam is in the clear yet, I think he is in danger because of what he is, and I hope that he stops it before it's too late. Great episode, not the best so far, but not bad either. I think the only let down of the episode is that it felt sort of similar to some of the episodes in the past. The story of this new type of creepy crawly didn't really feel fresh.
  • Sam gets busted.

    This episode was really good. Ruby finally got some more airtime as the story continues with Dean spying on Sam pulling a demon out of a human with his own mind. I like how Dean hates what Sam is doing. Something else to get mad about from time to time. I like Ruby & Dean's showdown. Reminded me of the season 3 finale when they were fighting. The Rugaru plot was quite horrifying and now a Rugaru baby is going to be born which is also pretty horrifying. I like how finally there back to real cases. Like 22 episodes "I have enough time to do this" cases. Great episode!
  • Very important Sam/Dean stuff but really it's an episode to make Sam face his demons.

    A almost great episode but basically it just serves to make Sam face his dark side and make a choice. Except for some great scenes that are way overdue, the back story is a little boring. There's nothing really wrong with the episode, just not as much attention was paid to the back story as the far more important Winchester one. The Winchester scenes are truly excellent though.

    Of all the ways this could have gone down, I didn't imagine this. Turns out Sam's deep dark secret involves sending demons back to Hell (not killing them) and saving those who are possessed. All Hail the King of Darkness… or not. This kinda derails our whole theory about the buildup to the Antichrist – I'm not exactly getting a whole 'evil Sam' vibe. I'm a little disappointed but it is actually in line with Supernatural's treatment of the Winchester family drama so it fits perfectly. Dean, who I thought would be enraged, was more hurt than anything else. No surprise that his first reaction is to try to kill Ruby. Of course he'd blame her for Sam. (The new Ruby just cannot pull off the threat, they need a stronger actress.) There are several wonderfully written Sam/Dean scenes and this definitely counts as one of them. I totally agree with Dean walking out on Sam, I would have done the same thing.

    Watch Dean's body language as he enters the motel room, looking away from Sam, then watch Sam's reaction in the background as Dean starts to pack his clothes – the entire scene is utterly brilliant. Such a touching moment when Sam explains how he had to keep fighting without Dean, a glimmer of tears in his eyes. Sam tries to justify his actions but is very far from convincing, it's like Dean finding out has opened Sam's eyes to exactly what he's doing and it scares the Hell out of him.Then Dean tells Sam what Castiel said – when an angel says you're turning evil, that's when you have to stop and pay attention. Heartbreaking how Sam had to try to steady his voice when he answers Trevor's call – though given he was in the middle of a very personal talk with Dean, I would not have answered at all. If I was Dean, I would have walked out on him right then. But this is Dean, and he's never given up on the kid, no matter how Sam acts.

    Dean fills Sam in about their family history and now Sam knows that Azazel's plans for him went back to his grandparents, must make him feel so special. As if Dean hadn't learned enough secrets for one day, Sam lets it slip that he knew about the demon blood. But after the rest of the revelations, that one is pretty minor. For me, the most important scene was Sam demanding Dean stop the car. This is a talk they should have had a long time ago – people have commented on it before, e.g. Crossroads Demon, and it's about time that Sam stood up to Dean and tells him how he feels – that Dean treats him like a kid and a freak. This has been bothering me for a long time too.

    This is an awesome scene. Sam's psychic powers have always been a touchy subject and it always ends with them shouting at each other. Sam's so tormented, scared and confused and he can't talk to Dean about any of it because Dean gets so worked up, so with no-one to talk to but Ruby, how could he not start to trust her? No matter how much time Sam spends with Dean, Sam feels so alone and even now, just when he starts opening up to Dean, he shuts down again. Damn it, he should just tell Dean everything, no matter how upset Dean is, he loves Sam desperately and will really try to listen if he realizes how badly Sam needs to talk. But every time Sam starts to tell Dean how he feels, he backs off, not wanting another fight – if he doesn't start talking about this, he's going to explode. Some truly fantastic character work here, probably Sam's best scene *ever*, it's not often we get to see inside Sam, and Jared and Jensen do their usual amazing work bringing the characters across.

    Sam always bottles up how he feels and it's wonderful to find out that he's not just blindly walking into his destiny, that he has given it a lot of thought and is trying to find a good use for his powers. It's Sam's way of dealing with this 'curse'. Problem is that Sam's right. Dean can never understand what Sam's going through and Sam is so tired of trying to explain himself, and no matter how much Dean loves him, Sam really is alone on this. There's nothing Dean can actually do for him. There's a rift between them that nothing can cross.

    Sam swears he won't use his powers again… but how many times have we heard that before? It's easy to say now but get him together with Ruby again or in a demon situation and his resolve will weaken and the whole vicious circle will start all over again.

    Last thoughts:
    - Is it a coincidence that the last cannibal – the Wendigo – also had to be killed by fire? This episode actually was a little too much like 'Wendigo'.
    - Sam was locked in the closet again and resisted using his powers like last time. Interesting that he can control demons like Ava but his other power, telekinesis, hasn't shown up again. Half expected it to resurface here.
    - Really, the writers don't have to beat us over the head with this – the parallels with Jack were unnecessary, we get where Sam is coming from without it being so obvious.
    - Jack's eating habits are *really* disgusting. I mean, really!
    - Yet another Hunter bites the dust. How many Hunters are even left now?
    - With Jack's wife pregnant and the boys ignorant about it, it'll happen again in 30 years, history repeating itself.

    Not a bad episode at all, just a bit lackluster after the brilliant last three episodes. But very important because it deals with issues that have been festering. Not to mention, some of the most powerful Sam/Dean scenes in the series and possibly the best Sam scene ever.
  • awesome

    In a two-hitter, Supernatural has made an awesome, amazing, and well-paced episode. If the last Supernatural episode was a bit Dean-centric, this episode is all about Sam. Dean figures out exactly what Sam has been doing for four months and boy, is he pissed. It's not surprising, Dean's always had demon/psychic issues, especially with Sam. In comes a shockingly brutal and physical confrontation between Sam and Dean because Dean is pissed that Sam is using these powers behind his back, lying to him about what Sam actually knows about Y.E.D.'s methods, and hanging around one of his least-favorite people, Ruby and scared over these powers, especially since Castiello warned him to stop Sam or the angels would. And Sam, Sam feels that his powers can be used for good. Their little botherly battle will have to wait because an old family friend needs their help. A man in his town, Jack, is turning into a rugaru, in Supernatural terms, a flesheating demon, and needs to be put down before his transformation takes place. It was an interesting take on a rugaru although a bit of research say that in actuality, a rugaru is closer to a werewolf than a demon. However, I understand the monster change to fit this episode better. Sam and Dean are torn over how to deal with Jack. Jack's a nice guy and he doesn't mean any harm. Dean understands that but still wants to finish the guy before he becomes a monster and Sam feels Jack can control his powers if he has a chance to. Of course, the Jack-story serves as a parallel to what Sam's going through because he may or may not be completely human anymore. My guess is not. Sam knows this, knows a little of what Y.E.D. did to him, and knows he's turning into something undesirable, scary, and freaky, and he's trying to fight whatever he will turn into and he's right in that Dean doesn't understand what's going on with him. It's an episode loaded with complicated questions: Are you born a monster? Do you automatically become a monster? Or, are you doomed to be a monster? The answers are left hazy, ambigious, and unanswered, as in this case, poor Jack wasn't given the chance he deserved to decide his own fate. And it was painful in the end that Sam was forced to do what he always needed to do. Sam is still Sam, for the moment. And he'll fight to be Sam as long as he can. He promises Dean he's done with the psychic powers but something tells me it won't last. A great episode. I liked Jack and was sad with what happened to him. I felt for Sam as he's going through a similiar ordeal, I cringed with Dean hit him, and just how do you deal with the fact that your own brother doesn't trust you and knowing even God and the forces of heaven are worried about what you're becoming? It was a
    wonderful, exciting, and sad turn of events. As much as I like Dean, it was great havig an episode about Sam again. What will Sam become? What role does he have in the oncoming Apocalypse? Will Dean and Sam be forced to fight each other? I can't wait to find out.
  • Dean finally finds out what Sam has been up to.

    Finally Dean finds out what Sam has been doing behind his back! I'm hoping Ruby just stays away from the Winchesters from now on because she is practically shoving Sam to be the "Leader of the Demons" which I'm now thinking is going to be Lucifer's role. Since Dean was saved by an angel, he's probably going to play God in the whole 'Ultimate Battle' up in heaven. I'm really looking forward to that.

    I am glad Dean made a big deal out of what Sammy is doing. I kept replaying the scene where Dean goes "That means that God..." Cute sad face "...doesn't want you doing this."

    I love this episode (as I do all of them). Keep up the good work cast and crew! And as always great work Jensen and Jared!
  • Sam and Dean are off to a crazy start. It seems like Deans got issues and I can see why. He may have to at all costs stop his brother or the angels will do it. My spidey sense is telling me I can see Both Sam and Dean fighting anything good and bad and.

    This episode bugs me alittle. Dean already knows Sam is differnt. It just seems like Dean has gone soft or something. I know Sam has to face whats at hand and what hes dealing with but it seems like Dean doesnt care if innocent people are killed. If anything Deans character has forgot saving people and hunting things big time. I dont know how an angel can tell Dean to stop Sam or they will do it for them. It makes no sense to me. Its like there not supposed to save lives and it goes against the whole show itself. I dunno if its me or what but I see them hunting angels next. And the million doller question is how in the hell do you kill angels now? Cause I know Deans not gonna let anything kill Sam if hes around to stop it.
  • Hungry, Hungry Husband

    Metamorphosis-Sam and Dean find Jack who is changing into a rugaru, a flesh-eating demon that preys on humans. Sam and Dean have a disagreement on how to deal with Jack.

    Wow, Supernatural is really on a role this season with these episode getting deeper into the character's arc and developing them in a believable ways while maintaining a good quality of storylines. Unlike a certain TV series about some guy growing up to be the world's most well known hero which has over stayed it's welcome a while ago! Anyway, "Metamorphosis" works by giving some quality time for both the storylines of the episode to develop and the writers succeed here.

    The episode opens ups with 3 excellent scenes, first with Dean spying on Sam and Ruby as he uses his powers on a demon, then there's Dean attacking Ruby, and finally Dean and Sam fighting about Sam's hidden agenda. I can't give Jared and Jensen enough credit as they continue to show that their 2 of the most talented young actors on television. There scenes together were as intense as ever, especially when Dean punches Sam twice! I love how throughout this episode there's a little bit of a rift between the brothers, which is refreshing to see, since for the past 3 seasons, the brothers have built an unbreakable relationship while fighting demons, ghosts, etc together. It's very strong development to see them not really trusting each as much anymore and even though Sam saying he'll stop using his powers at the end, I really hope the writers continue to develop a rift between them as it's really creating some gripping drama on the series.

    The main storyline was also quite solid with the Rugaru. In fact, it's actually one of Supernatural's creepiest storylines as watching Jack eating everything in sight before eating human flesh was disgusting enough. Guest star Dameon Clarke was great as Jack, especially when displaying Jack trying to fight his demonic urges. He's complete transformation into the Rugaru was quite terrifying and him biting into Travis' skin was...well...I just can't belief TV censors let the writers get away with that! Other guest stars Joanne Kelly (Michelle Montgomery) and Ron Lea (Travis) were also good, I just feel bad that Michelle is carrying rugaru inside her and the boys have no way of stopping the birth. Hmmm...maybe she'll get an abortion? "Metamorphosis" is a great episode with some strong performances, surprisingly intense graphic violence, some scary scenes, and fine development of the ongoing storylines.
  • this was wonderfull

    this episode is realy one of a kind away from the bloody scenes it is a very powerful episode cause the scenes between sam and dean the the reaction of dean on sam using his powers was fantastic ....realy jensen is a very talented actor he made me feel that sam was his real brother and that he was shocked and sad that his little brother didn't tell him such a huge secret.....the disappointment jensen had on his face was priceless and erick kripke is one of the writers that is well aware of the brotherly situations and how something like sam did to dean in real life really hurts and the boys did it so well 2 thumbs up for them
  • Such an amazing episode.

    well...the new supernatural episode is such an amazing episode and another one of famous supernatural hits...i was absolutely amazed from the wonderful performance of jensen ackles and jared padalecki..i mean the hotel room was amazing...they didn't miss in that scene.. not once which we are used to from the talented jensen ackles and the promising jared padalecki...this scene was such a master scene it's the kind of scenes that get awards like an emmy..i'm sure if an expert eye watched that scene it would give supernatural a whole new's gonna be on the map..this kind of episodes is the reason why a tv show like supernatural with its bad luck between other tv shows and with its not so big budget and its very very very low rate of promotion it has all those fans behind it because simply the fans are the true measure of success of a tv show because fans don't lie about wether they like the show or not and if they don't then nothing easier for them than turning off the tv and never go back and watch that show...but they did they always do and that's why we're having this fourth season and we're gonna have more i'm sure of that.
  • Sam and Dean hunt a man named Jack that is about to chance in a creature named Rugaru. Meanwhile, Dean discovers that his brother has some secrets to reveal.

    that was a disgusting episode. I'm vegetarian you see, and when that rugaru open the refrigerator and start to eat that bloody piece of meat I had to close my eyes. For real. I hope that Sam and Dean don't fight more but I had to agree that those punches were necessary. Sam needs to choose if he will be with Dean or by himself otherwise he will always be a easy target for things like Ruby.
    And I do not believe that he is done with the "powers" for me he is trying to avoid conflict with Dean or with Castiel, maybe...
    The fact is that I love both and I don't want to see then fighting with each other.
  • The Long Pig.

    Wow. Another blinder, and we have the record set straight immediately with where Sammy stands vis a vis his powers and Demon blood.

    Sam/Ruby: Oh dear. Seems like the word has spread a long way before Dean finally gets in on it. His face off with Ruby was back to the good ol days, but there is some real menace lacking in this latest version. She looks too damn cuddly.

    Dean mopes: The demon-vanish trick and the Ruby affair after Castielle really got him riled up. But I think number 2 was much, much worse for him. He does what all older bros do - and screws up trying to tactfully explain the situation to Sammy. But like all older siblings, he is there for him till the end.

    The monster inside: Sammy once again is dealing with the powers he had no say in acquiring. But the Jack parallel felt like deja vu. So writers: please stop hammering the point home, okay? We get it that Sam needs examples of "good monsters", but cannot find any. Boo hoo. Come on! He is smarter than that. Let him evolve.

    WWSD?: What Will Sammy Do, indeed. How long will he be able to stick to his promise of not using his wonderous powers? And if he does, where will he draw the line?

    Question: What exactly happens to the Demons exorcised Sammy-style? Do they go to the normal Hell, or some special Sammy-army holding ground? Only a question, but wouldn't that be something, if Ruby was using him for her own Demonic ends?

    Open Loop: What will happen to the pregnant woman? Will the boys figure out that their friend was not totally nuts, and kill her child too? Please, please show us how that one ends.

    Either way, this was a darned good episode. Dean learnt a new word, we had some decent humour and a good dollop of horror. The story is poised with the Brothers back in action and facing some interesting challenges with Castielle, Lillith and YED weighing on their minds. Not to mention Ruby, pregnant woman and Sam's dire need to get a new hairstyle (Dean's remains the only true measure of uber-cool).
  • Nature vs. nurture

    The writers for "Supernatural" love to use the monsters as a metaphor for human frailty, particularly when something related to the Brothers Winchester can be illuminated in the process. The action in the episode is all about the "monster of the week", but the subtext is all about Sam and his current path. It's a familiar situation for devoted fans of the show.

    Generally speaking, the idea harkens back to episodes like "Bloodlust", where Sam and Dean argued over the possibility that something demonic in origin might manage to live without causing harm. It's the old nature vs. nurture argument with an Antichrist spin. The monster in question in this episode (don't ask me to spell the name!) had the potential, however remote, of controlling its hunger and remaining within society.

    Even before learning the full extent of his abilities (and we may not have seen that yet), Sam would champion the more humanitarian approach to hunting. This makes a certain amount of sense; Sam was outside the Hunter world for a while, so he gained a bit more perspective. Dean has normally taken the hardline approach, with the primary exception being Sam.

    Now Sam has even more reason to want to believe that someone with demonic blood can control the temptations and instincts that come with that dark territory. He wants to believe that the abilities granted by Azazel can be applied to save people and fight demons. And there is the distinct possibility that Sam could trend that fine line on the basis of his own conscience.

    Two things get in the way of that assumption, however, and they are Very Big Things. First, there's the small matter of Ruby. She may be possessing a horrible actress at the moment, one that makes me question Sam's taste in women, but she's a demon with an agenda. And she's never hidden that fact, either. Her influence on Sam is hardly something to be taken lightly. Besides, true evil never seems to be quite so bad at the beginning; in fact, it often seems ideal and "too good to be true".

    Second, there's the Travis factor. Given a choice between right and wrong, despite much internal pressure to do the wrong thing, simple humanity and conscience can override instinct. Applying too much external pressure can disrupt that delicate balance in the worst possible way. Jack was under enormous pressure to give in to his hunger, but he was fighting himself off the ledge. Travis came along and disrupted the balance, driving Jack to follow his instinct.

    This lends credence to the insight offered in some of the comments for the previous review. Castiel and the angels could stop Sam if they wanted to do so, but it would sacrifice the opportunity to figure out what Azazel was trying to achieve. Also, should Sam survive the initial attempts (which I suppose the Antichrist Superstar could do), the sudden and harsh opposition from an external source could drive him completely to the dark side.

    Dean, on the other hand, represents the perfect tool for defusing Sam and uncovering Azazel's plan. Dean circumvents, for the most part, the "external trigger" problem. Sam may fight with his brother, but he'll also listen to Dean more readily than anyone else. It's not a sure thing, of course, because Sam still offers resistance. But clearly it represents the best chance for success from Castiel's view (assuming he's being honest in his intentions).

    As for what Sam is meant to do, it's hard to tell. According to Azazel and Ruby, Sam was meant to lead a demonic horde to some unknown purpose. Lilith stands in opposition to that; could Lilith and Azazel have been at odds for control of Hell, or the forces necessary to release Lucifer and become his second-in-command? Sam's powers seem uniquely designed to protect him from certain demonic attacks and assert control through the ability to punish. I think the fact that the hosts are saved from death in the process is a mere side effect that Ruby is using as a pretext for Sam's benefit.

    At the end of the day, though, the character-based elements of the series remain top priority. Sam makes the choice not to use his abilities anymore. Even if he's lying, he's making the choice to lie. What this episode strongly suggests is that nature will not rule the day for the sake of the story. Sam will rise or fall based on his own psychological strengths and weaknesses. The pain inflicted by the non-use of his ability (perhaps withdrawal symptoms of a sort) will be an enduring pressure, as might be any future body count, but it all remains in Sam's hands.
  • Dean discovers Sam has been keeping a little secret from him. As they join in on a hunt with an old friend.

    This was an interesting epsiode. Dean finally finds out that Sam has been using his powers and Ruby isn't exactly gone for good. I was glad to see Dean's reaction to Sam using his powers again and him being worried for his safety. Back to his normal over protective big brother atitude. Little worried Sam now and how he's changing so dramatically. Hopefully Dean can protect him as he says he will. Interesting story line. Definitly different than what were used to. Can't wait for the next episode. Season four is kicking but. Nice job Supernatural and keep on keeping on.
  • Good stuff.

    Sam and Dean are put on the trail of a rugaru, a demonic being that eats human flesh. Only this rugaru isn't exactly a monster yet. He's a man named Jack Montgomery, living a quiet life with his wife in a Missouri suburb. Sure, he has a few quirks, such as a suddenly insatiable appetite that finds him gorging on steak and chicken. But Travis, another hunter, warns the brothers that Jack's hunger will continue to grow until he is forced to eat human flesh, and once he does, he will be forever morphed into a murdering demon. Sam and Dean are at odds over how to deal with Jack, as well as another, more personal circumstance that has begun to strain their relationship. Sam, we learn, has the ability to psychically rip demons out of their human hosts, leaving the humans unharmed. (If I have the correct understanding, this power derives from Sam's having demon blood in his own veins.) Dean fears what Sam is turning into, and that he may be forced to act against his own brother. He wants to kill Jack before Jack harms anyone. Sam wants to try to save the budding monster. All of this leads to a grisly, thrilling confrontation that even manages to squeeze in a couple of hilarious one-liners. You have to admire writers who can make a demonic cannibal sympathetic at the same time he grosses the hell out of you. Things aren't wrapped up neatly at the end, despite the concession that Sam makes to Dean. It seems that somewhere down the line, Dean will find himself facing his greatest fear.
  • well, to be is not to be,is the question?

    Everething time when I saw superanatural, I've seen a metafore for everthing. Now the boys are huntnig a moster(gururu) that's supost to be a evil, so sam is a evil too?

    Hi guys anotther great time of our boys don't you konw? Whatever in this time it's not a revelacion or scared action , but this episode we learn the we have a choices and sam choice come away a good siny.

    So firts: the sinces in the boys confront each others break my heart, oh my! ruby still a sucks, really the producers have to find anothers actress to play the excelent character ruby, mabey they need bring back "cassidy"( don't ask me how) but I dont't like that new ruby!

    Second:the moster is to be a mosterin this the end! but I'm curisous the wife's of the gururu it's pregant so probaly her son becomes a moster one day, poor woman.

    Third: the hunter travis I like him, it so pity he comes to die!

    Four: Do you think sam leaves his power forever? I don't think so , there's more surprise for us!

    see you guys!

    kiss cau!
  • This was a well crafted, thought out episode.

    This was a well crafted, thought out episode. I say that because of the way the case paralleled Sam's internal conflict. A lot of the things that Sam tried to talk to Jack about was like he was saying it to himself. It's can be dangerous to do an episode like this because it can easily become very contrived, but not so with this episode.

    The dialogue for this episode was as good as it has ever been in this series. In a way, the writing of Supernatural reminds me a lot of the way Buffy and Angel were written. A scene will be emotional or intense, but then the next second something funny is said or happens. The writers pull that off so well, the timing is perfect.

    This episode also showcased Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles's acting abilities. It was really top notch in this episode as they had to show a wide range of emotions and stay on top of the sharp dialogue. I think some people take the acting in TV shows too lightly sometimes. It really can make or break a show or episode. A poorly cast guest star can ruin an entire episode.

    So far this season is shaping up to be some of the best stuff ever put on television. All of the episodes of the season so far have rated above a 9 on, with two of the episodes already in the show's current top ten on
  • The bros take on a new kind of creature - and each other

    Metamorphosis is about change, more or less, right? Well, then this episode is perfectly titled as there were loads of changes going on. And not just with the new nasty - which was a supernatural creature that morphs from human into something...less human, but it also - and more importantly - deals with MAJOR changes going on with the brothers.

    Things are getting seriously darker. From the very moment Dean saw Sam exorcizing that demon, I knew all Hell was gonna break loose. And sure enough....

    The brothers have now had their worst fight to date. It even went so far as to having Dean threaten Sam by leaving him behind and even hitting him twice! But this is more than just Dean finding out Sam lying about his secret. It was mostly Dean's fear about his brother's powers - and that that realization has finally come to fruition. And from that realization comes the change for Dean. Once upon a time, Dean would've been like, "No, Sam, you're not evil. Nothing's gonna happen to you while I'm around." and blah blah blah, etc. But now, things are different. From what everything that has happened to Dean in the past few months - his time in Hell, his return from the dead, his connection to Castiel, his little back-in-time trip last week - has certainly put a whole different perspective on him. A lot of his confrontation with Sam here upon finding out Sam's secret activities stems from Castiel's warning last week about Dean better "stop it, or he (Castiel) would". While this was made clear about being a mission for Dean, it also did more by heightening his fear. Dean now has to face the ugly truth that he will have to deal with Sam's powers and whatever will come of this - one way or another. And, of course, what makes it worse is that it is Sam, after all - his little brother who he swore to look after and protect. Of course, Dean has every right to be pissed at Sam. I mean, not only did he find out about Sam's secret extracurricular acts and Ruby, but he now also knows about Sam having demon blood inside him via Azazel. All the secrets and lies now out in the open, at least now Dean can begin to deal. But this time, without being a martyr. No, it'll be different now because Dean's involvement with Castiel will undoubtedly play a huge role in how he will handle things from now on. But all this is a two-way street. Sam, for his part, finally admits that he feels that he has to lie to Dean because of the way Dean treats him - like a freak. Just as Dean has every right to be mad at Sam, Sam also has the right to be angry with Dean. Dean really let it out of the bag when he threw it in Sam's face about Sam being able to relate to someone evil who has demon blood inside him. In the past, Sam was afraid of becoming something monstrous and evil and tried to suppress his powers and by going out to save as many people as possible in hopes of doing good so he might be able to save himself. A lot of times that failed, and when Dean died things changed big time for Sam. Now, he's using his ever-growing powers in hopes to utilize them for doing good. This act alone seems to be that he has, like it or not, on some basic level accepted what he is. Dean still doesn't want to accept it because it scares him. And it still seems that Dean is trying on some basic level of his own to try to retain Sam to a simple way of thinking, hence the moment when Dean remarks that "nothing's more important than family". Hint, hint. Both Dean and Sam are entitled to their opinions and own ways of doing things, and both are certainly each right in their statements as such, but their differences are what lock horns on the matter and this will most assuredly culminate into who will ultimately win out in the end, and will probably likely escalate in the overall war in good vs. evil.

    But that's not to say that they will necessarily turn on each other completely. Not yet, anyway. For now, they still yield some of their same ol' lovable traits. Dean still busts out the humor and still lightly picks on Sam while Sam still seems to go Rambo-times-10 when Dean is in danger, and Dean still wants to be there for Sam as he struggles to deal with his "curse". And for the record, surely we know that Sam isn't done with his powers, his choice or not. So there will still be complications to come. But any case, for now they will stay together and look out for one another - always the bread and butter of this show.

    One thing minor, yet sorta important, is the tiny moment when Sam was interrogating that demon in the beginning and the demon accuses Sam of "slutting around" with Ruby. I like Ruby, and that's Sam's business anyway (although I don't like the thought of Sam and Ruby together like that), but that's not the point. It's a moment that kind of goes to show the reckless side of Sam that has emerged of late. Forgive this incredibly bad analogy, but in a way it (Sam and Ruby together, IF that's the case) seems to be a metaphor of Sam being seduced into the dark side. Yes, Ruby is a friendly demon, but still a demon. Again, not that it's Sam's fault entirely, but he did choose to go down - as Dean calls it here - a "dark road" by rejoining forces with Ruby. But can you really blame him? I mean, Ruby is (as far as we know) the only one who has the most knowledge of Sam's powers and how to use them, so it's only natural Sam would want to pursue this, especially after a traumatic event (such as Dean dying) that would trigger the impulse for him to do so. On the other hand, Ruby's motives are still a mystery. Who knows? Maybe she really is a follower of Sam's and wants to empower him as such, or - and as she's stated in the past - she really wants Lilith dead because she's one of those demons that that Casey demon told Dean about in last year's ep 'Sin City' - lots of demons all jockeying for power for the crown, and Ruby happens to be one of them. You know, she may be "testing" Sam out, learning his powers, how many he has, how powerful he is, etc. and maybe trying to find a weakness in them. Like I said, who knows? It's just a thought. But it's not far-fetched.....

    Whatever higher powers are at work here sure seem to be taking quite an active role in the brothers' lives. Both Dean and Sam have now each died and been resurrected on the show, and their lives have each been dramatically altered because of. So it naturally makes one assume if these two particular hunters were chosen for more substantial reasons other than the obvious. My guess? Hell, yes!

    As for the week's ghost story, I gotta say it really didn't do much for me. It was good, but seemed to overshadow some of the brothers' moments at times. And it seemed a little too dramatic at times for a secondary story, so... I'm gonna take a wild guess and assume that this rugaru thing was the new species that Kripke said they would be introducing this year. I mean, it makes sense when Dean said "that sounds made up" in a joking manner, but I took as a clever underlying hint that it was indeed the new creature Kripke and Co. cooked up for us. If it was, the SN team did a good job, but parts of it and the lore behind it reminded me too much of the wendigo the bros faced in season 1. Hello, only killing it by burning it? Kinda derivative. Yet the effects and gore were great, fitting appropriately with the context of this show, as usual.

    And how about that new hunter friend of ours intro'd this week? Travis. Really cool guy, but bit the dust in the end. He reminded me a little of Gordon Walker only in the sense that he seemed to have a specialty. Where Gordon's was vampires, Travis's was these rugaru creatures. And like Gordon, Travis suffered a similar bout of irony here. Gordon was turned into a vamp, the same things he dedicated his life to hunting and destroying, but was killed by Sam. Same thing with Travis - only he was killed by the same kind of thing he hunted the most. Diff circumstances, but same irony. I'd wager a guess and say that these are examples of part of the obsession of hunting getting you killed rather than just the monsters. Still, it was neat to see yet another new hunter added into the mythos.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - HIGH-larious moment when the bros busted in on that poor half-naked chick. Priceless!
    - Still miss Katie Cassidy, but Genevieve Cortese is really starting to grow on me.

    I'll give this ep a 10 strictly for the brothers and their revelations. That was some really great emotional stuff there. Next week, we get a black and white ep, looks like. Dipping into the classics such as Dracula and the Mummy. Still, looks like it'll be a lot of fun.
  • The boys are on the hunt for a rugaru, a monster that eats human flesh.

    I thought this was a pretty nice episode of Supernatural. We saw something we hadn't seen in awhile in the fact that Sam and Dean met up with another hunter (Travis) instead of just Bobby. I know its a minor point but there is got to be other hunters out there. Anyway besides that little rant, I loved the banter going on between Sam and Dean once again. I know Sam promised Dean that he wouldn't use his dark-side powers again I think we will see Sam use them in some way to either save Dean or save himself. I thought the rugaru monster was ok, it seemed to be there really for more yuk moments vs scary moments, but that is fine too.
  • Dean and Sam's bro-fight was extremely well done.

    This episode was exactly why I watch the series. Dean and Sam's fight after Dean found out sbout Sam's powers really showed how great of actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki really are. They really used a wide array of emotions in this episode. I had no idea how far these actors were, but after this episode, they really proved themselves to be top quality. I cried when I saw Jensen's eyes start to tear up. He was so convincing and cute. I felt so bad. But then the 2 of them made me crack up again when they burst into that poor girl's room. "Long-pig" was my vocab word of the day too, so I thought it was hilarious when Dean was so proud of himself for using it in context when talking to Jack.
    Overall, I believe this episode was EXTREMELY well done and the writers did an extremely good job mixing just the right amount of comedy with really intense drama. This episode proves that Supernatural is on its game and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the boys.
  • Dean catches Sam in the act. The brothers join Travis in a hunt.

    Wow. WOW. What an episode! WOW.

    Can I just say. Two punches.. and death to an innocent lamp. awsome!

    Okay, so down to buisness. I loved how we as viewers got so much out of those first few scenes! Secrets and lies were exposed, and emotions ran high! What amazing brother moments! So Sam is raising some pretty big questions. No one seems to know what side of him to beleive. He seems to be truely battleing with what is going on with him, and yet at the same time, all that power is hard to turn down, hard to ignore. Now that he has tasted it, I am not sure he is going to be able to just turn back.

    I would also like to say that it was nice to get another decent monster! Feels like its been forever since we have gotten a new myth to enjoy! It was a very welcome thing!! GROSS!! but welcome! It was interesting how Sam related himself to the 'monster' in the episode, and he truely looked pained when he had to.. uhh.. set him on fire..!!

    Episode had quite a few funny moments too, even through the tension, the Winchester brothers manage to make me laugh!

    The tension between the brothers has really given the show the boost it needed (not that it needed much of a boost in my books). Its shaken things up a bit, makes things interesting. Okay I think I am done review/ ranting now!
  • Dean sees what Sam has been up to and he's not very happy. Meanwhile they track down a man undergoing some unpleasant changes and the brothers are divided about what to do.

    With the information that Castiel had given him, Dean tracks down Sam and witnesses first hand what his little brother has been keeping a secret from him. Suffice it to say that Dean was none too pleased. As they argue in the most serious and angry way that I had ever seen then fight, they get a call from Travis asking for help with what seemed at first to be a normal, boring guy. They find out soon enough that there is some serious weirdness under his surface.
    The caliber of the writing and the acting in conjunction with the stories this season has been consistently amazing. It was another taught and tense episode, with a few good one liners sprinkled in for good measure. The fight between the brothers actually made me cringe because of the ferocity of Dean's anger at the ramifications of Sam's actions and his apparent naivete towards them and the underlying fear due to Castiel's threat. Dean also, for the first time seems to be taking God and Castiel seriously. He even mentioned them when he was trying to drive home the fact that what Sam was doing was wrong.
    This week's episode was of course mirroring Sam's predicament. Sam identified with Jack Montgomery in that he also had his dark fate decided for him before he was born. With Jack, the solution to his problem was clear, though anything but simple. If he didn't give into his cravings, the brothers didn't have to kill him. On the other hand, it was becoming increasingly difficult to fight the hunger. It was for Sam the same with his abilities. In the end, Sam, knowing that he had to figure out a way to deal with what YED had given him and what to do with it, he realized that even though he liked that he was using his abilities to help people it set him on a slippery slope that even he would be unable to stand up on. The thing is, would he be able to stick with this decision?
    I am absolutely loving this season of Supernatural and I am craving more!
  • The title of this episode,Metamorphosis, says alot about what is happening to Sam and Dean's relationship and what is happening to Sam.

    Well another great episode. Metamorphosis is definitely what is happening with Sam and Dean's relationship. We got not one but two punches...oh so good! Finally Dean finds out what Sam has been up to. Or more importantly what he has been lying about and with whom. This episode says a lot about Sam and what he is turning into. That like the rugaru he has something inside him that he can't control. And that the longer it goes on the darker it gets. Sam wants to believe that the rugaru, if he understands what's going on, can control his behavior. But in the end he can't control it and Sam must kill him. You can really see Sam and Dean's relationship changing in this episode. Even though there is still brotherly love we are at a whole new level. This season is gonna be so good!
  • Before Sam and Dean reunite with Travis, an old hunter pal, Dean sees Sam vanquish a demon back to hell using nothing but his mind, and finds Ruby at his brother's side. This makes for a nice parallel in the storyline between Sam and the Rugaru.

    Metamorphosis was written with a nice parallel between the "monster of the week" format and delving deeper into Sam's own inner monsters through which he must work.

    Dean is none too pleased to find Sam working his mental-mojo with Ruby at his side. Sam is able to cast demons back to hell, thereby preserving the human host and saving many lives. All in all, this sounds like a good thing, and helps Sam rationalize his powers. But Dean is horrified to find that not only has Sam explored his dark side, but that he lied to Dean about it. Lies and secrets now abound between brothers. Besides creating a deeper rift in their relationship, Sam's own journey is a mirror for the Rugaru storyline.

    Each was born to be different...born with evil coursing through their veins. Both want to believe they can control their inner demons, and Sam desperately wants to save Jack (the rugaru), because in doing so, it might just prove to be possible that he can save himself.

    But when his brother's life is threatened, Sam rises to the occasion and realizes that the monster inside is too much to control and he is forced to kill the rugaru.

    This has dire, emotional circumstances as Sam realizes that the path he is going down is indeed dangerous and potentially harmful territory; and perhaps he has already lost control but doesn't want to slip so far that he can't be saved.

    Dean makes it clear to Sam that Castiel has warned him that either Dean is to stop Sammy from following a path to ultimate corruption (at least this is what we are to believe), or the angels themselves will do it. Ever protective of his little brother, yet without the ability to understand Sam's circumstances, Dean is pleased when Sam admits that he will give up what makes him such a freak in his brother's eyes.

    This was an emotionally heavy episode that seems to set up future episodes for even more brotherly angst, delving into how Sam survived without Dean for the time he was in hell, and how Dean deals with, and responds to, his new (possible) ally in Castiel.

    However, next week's black and white episode looks to be a fantastic homage to the B horror movies of the 40's through 60's. I can't wait for a little more humor, and anyone in Leiderhosen puts a smile on my face.
  • Sam and Dean face off about the nature of evil, choices, and Sam's nasty habit of lying about his powers.

    Wow first I'm shocked as **** that they actualy followed up last week's ep Directly with this one! Great job Cathryn. Awesome Awesome Awesome Opening!

    Talk about emotionally riveting! Man she does a great job with emotionally saturated eps. The parallel was about as subtle as a sledgehammer, just the way I like my subtleties but I really did want to hope that the guy could have fought that base nature of his even though we all knew it couldn't happen. I'm also really glad that Sam "Picked" the closet door lock rather than 'powering' it open. It's one thing if the ability is reflexive like at Max's house vs. his use of it. I almost thought Dean was gonna walk out on Sam even though he would've turned around five minutes later. And once Dean laid out his fears, (I was surprised at how quietly he spoke... musta been Supremely pi$$ed!... I wonder if J's more of a yeller or a 'walk away and cool off' kinda guy... hmmm *shakes head* anyway) it was really good to hear him listen to Sam's points too, that he's saved more people in 5 months than they do in a year and how he's trying to turn this curse into something positive, all definitely things we would have *snork* (sorry "long pig" flash... does anyone else remember the cartoon... I think it was a Fleischman cartoon that was very scary actually... I think it wassomething about a volcano and "long pig the sailor"... and there was a guy on a platter roasted like a pig... I think that actually kinda made me a little sick... cause that's eating man-meat and NOT in a good way...eeeew.... hee hee man-burger helper... Dean...) Anyway... all definitely points and things that would keep Sam actualy working to control the powers. And you could see the look on his face when Dean told him, "even God doesn't want you doing this!" it looked like Sam was gonna say, "Oh you believe in God now?" and I woulda had to cuff him upside the head. The sad thing is that I think because Sam opened the floodgate or "flipped the switches" as Ava said, he may be bound to continue sliding down that slippery slope or keep finding it harder to resist the slide... which means Dean will have to be his anchor, but of course we Know that. Jared did a great job conveying just how much this 'hunt' hit home for Sam, the hope that this rugaru could change (yes it does sound made up... but we know it's not...) and I Loved at the end when he made his Choice to stop using his abilities (I wonder how that'sgoing to affect his headaches? Now that the gates are open he might find himself in need of a psychic pressure release once in a while that could cause problems for both him and Dean if he goes 'spontaneous' at a bad time.. oh man I smell angst potential as thick as the dirty clothes hamper full of 3 day old jock straps, in a men's locker room! (okay that's a little ripe even for me!) but holy moley! I love the change in the dynamic between the boys, just like we knew was coming, some growing pains happening here but underneath it all at least at this point, still that unswerving dedication to one another. Going back to Sam picking the lock on the closet door rather than using his abilities to open it, it was a really excellent indicator of kinda already having made the choice especially after he knew they were going tohave to put Jack? down. Personally I'm gonna love watching Sam walk the tightrope this year, he's already indicated several times that while he likes saving people, and has saved more people in the last 5 months than he and Dean do in a year... that he's Still not sure that using his abilities is the right way to do it. (also a great touch that his eyes were Open this time... not so much concentration needed anymore eh Sam?) I was almost scared for a minute at the end that Castiel would swoop in and save the day ( a literal deus ex ) and though I'm thrilled he didn't... I did miss his presence... though I guess it was supposed to be the continuation from last week's ep which again... Shock Awesome Shock! Hmmm that's all I got for now... All the brother moments were Beatufully written and acted, (so was the rugaru stuff but it wasn't really the Meat of the ep for me)... so as always, Huge props to Kast and Krew. And as always, special love to Jensen and Jared. Beautiful job boys... (Looks like Bobby's the charmed one now doens't it? Seems like all the Other hunters they meet up with wind up dead.. and Dear KRip.. please do Not take that as a challenge! We sa Loves Bobby! No makey de hurt on him... well not the dead kind of hurt anyway... please?)
  • wow can I say wow what an episode this was the best Jared and Jensen did a fine performance what will the winchesters do next this season has been unbelieveable and awesome what can we look for next can't wait for more well written such talented actors!!!

    wow what an episode i can hardle believe what took place dean find out what sammy has been up to getting mad at him forcing dean to hit his brother because he's so upset. Jared and Jensen did an unbelieveable job. I met Jared two weeks ago in person he was so nice sweet very friendly meeting him was the best experience of my life and will remember for a long time. I hope to meet Jared again and to eventually meet Jensen supernatural is an awesom show special and can't wait for more of the season go supernatural your awesome
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