Season 6 Episode 19

Mommy Dearest

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2011 on The CW

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  • Great Season Beginning Episode!


    What a great beginning to this season. The actors and writers are still going strong! Cass now says that he is God and the brothers must try to find a way to stop him from the destruction that he is doing. I can't wait until next week!

  • Mother's Day

    Mommy Dearest-The brothers track Eve to Oregon and discover that she's converted an entire town into a new breed of monsters... and has taken the form of Mary Winchester to torment Sam and Dean. A solid episode full of twists yet the only downside is Eve gets a rather abrupt demise. Considering the writers have built her up to this point as the main threat of Season 6, it's kinda anticlimatic to see Eve go so soon. Sure we've had Crowley, Rapheal and Bethlazar as other threats but there were pretty much leftovers from Season 5. Despite all this commotion about the Civil War in Heaven and Purgatory, Eve's been was the most intriguing development out of this season and the fact that she won't even make it too the finale is a shame. But like I said, the episode is full of some great twists, especially the opening teaser when Eve wrecks havoc in the bar in Oregon.

    The other twists I never saw coming was the sheriff and deputys turning out to be "jefferson starships" (as Dean hilriously calls them prior to this scene), Castiel beheading one of the starships to get the info on Eve's location (even without his powers, Cas proves he's still a badass), Eve impersonating Sam and Dean's mother (Samantha Smith was actually better as Eve than Julia Maxwell) and for a second you believe the brothers as well as Cas and Bobby won't be getting out, but then the reveal of Dean drinking the ashes after Eve bites him was classic! The ;ast 5 minutes are so make for a great cliffhnager after learning not only that Crowley is still alive, the boys go after the two little boys they saved, which one of them turned out to be Eve's mewest monster hybrid. But it seems Crowley's demons might have gotten to them first. Not only that, but it appears Crowley and Castiel are wroking together!? Wow! Overall, a strong episode leading into to the last 3 episodes of the series.
  • Mommy Dearest

    Supernatural really knocked it out of the park this week. It went all out by having an intriguing story, tying up some story arcs, and opening up some new ones for the final payoff which will be the season finale. What I really didn't like about this season is the lack of direction.

    With season 5, we had the five-year-plan, the end of the word, Apocalypse, the end... right? But this year, it's all been quite random with soulless Sam and Eve, I really didn't know what to think. But this episode did give us a sense of direction. We know that Crowley is alive and Castiel had something to do with it.

    Tonight, it looked like Supernatural was going back to it's roots on what made the show good. It definitely succeeded. Now I'm pumped for the final 3 episodes of the season. Hopefully we get a huge payoff. By the way things are going, it sure seems like it!
  • Sam and Dean, alongside Bobby and Castiel, make their final stand against the mother of all monsters, Eve - however things take an unexpected turn when they final come face to face.

    This episode centers around Sam and Dean's first and final meeting with Eve, the mother of all monsters, and their efforts to take her down. It was nice to see them team up with Bobby and Castiel as they travelled to a town which is overrun by mysterious monster hybrids which Eve has created. The humour in this episode is great and extremely reminiscent of earlier seasons, the Jefferson Starships name well definitely stick in my mind. However, I did adore more than anything, the scenes between the two sets of brothers in this episode - the Winchesters quietly seeing themselves in the young brothers was incredibly touching and very enjoyable.

    The actors were once again spot on with their portrayals of their characters however, one of the most powerful and inspired performances was Samantha Smith as Eve impersonating Mary Winchester. Her performance as Eve was disturbingly good and she carried herself very well, giving an appropriate creepy feel that the final confrontation. Although I am a little disappointed to see the Mother of All monsters taken out so quickly but using her as a red herring to divert attention from the real "big bads" of the story was a clever move by the writers.

    Of all the characters in this episode, it has to be said that Castiel's appearance was the most interesting. Throughout season 6 his actions have been incredibly suspicious and it has been repeatedly hinted that he's working on something terrible, the biggest red light of which being shown at the end of this episode - Castiel did not kill Crowley but is in fact working alongside him.

    The storyline of the episode has swiftly pushed Supernatural into the final hurdle with a number of questions about Castiel's intentions, his quest for souls and his part in Heaven's civil war, which has led him to work alongside Crowley. With Eve out of the way and the coalition of these two major players, this episode has led the way to a very interesting final three episodes for season 6.
  • as a standalone episode its a 10. as a part of the season arc? a weak 2

    I like the episode as a standalone. it was pretty suspensful and had its funny moments as well as typical dilemas that come whenever the Winchester boys are involved. though i have to say given how much fuss was made about Eve they did get rid of her pretty easily. almost too easily. personally I would have liked to follow that story way more then the Battle for Souls 2011 that Season 6 is serving us. I mean, I liked Crowley in Season 5. he was fun and the actor is great. but his role in this season is just ... or better siad this whole season arc is just bad bad bad. and dont let me even start on what they are doing to Castiel. after the really intense Season 5 this one is mostly just a bitter disspointment. and this episode is the prime example. the show obviously still has it, because as I said, the episode was very well done on all parts but the idea with the souls is so very weak and badly executed. I both cannot wait for it to be over and done with and am dreading the end
  • wow can I sat major wow have so much to say for this episode first of all was shocked that crowly was still alive and that castiel and him struck a deal but why we all know its about the souls and cas wants to win his angel war well down to everyone!!!!!!

    wow can I say wow another great installment shocking revoluations. first job well done jared jensen jim and misha. second crowly's alive very shocking and that cas and him struck a deal and its about the souls cas has alot to explain to sam and dean and appoligize for being so secretive sam will not understand but dean won't be so forgiving he'll feel so betrayed for what castiel has done wonder what will happen the next episode and the final season two hour final can't wait for it gotta love supernatural it rocks go supernatural best show ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mommy Dearest...

    After spending most of the season holding the cards pretty close to it's chest, Supernatural came out all guns blazing this week with some reveals that bring a whole new light on everything that we've seen this year. After acquiring the ashes of a Phoenix last week, Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel continue their search for Eve, the mother of all evil. Unable to find any real clues, the guys call upon an old friend Lenore, a "good" Vampire from way back in season two when the brothers first learnt that maybe everything in their world wasn't so black and white. Lenore gives us the first of several big pieces of information in the episode when she tells the brothers that Eve is connected to all of her children - that she can literally see the world through their eyes - and that she knows that they're coming for her.

    With a rough location of their target in hand, the hunters head to a small Oregon town and begin to track her down. Following some leads, they quickly come to realize that Eve is not only in the town, but that she is experimenting whilst she is there. Coming across a series of people that have been turned into familiar monsters by her, as well as new creatures altogether, they're are then captured by some of the newly coined "Jefferson Starships".
    After escaping their captor's clutches and getting an exact location on Eve once and for all, Sam and Dean head into a small diner to meet the maker. The best part of ten minutes of the episode is then devoted to Eve explaining exactly what it is that has been going on throughout this entire season and why she has risen to Earth once more. Essentially, Crowley, the king of hell, a demon that we have believed to have been killed by Castiel half way through the season, is alive and well. Much as he had been at the start of the season, he has been continuing to find and torture all creatures bright and deadly. However, his motives are, according to Eve, not what we thought they were. Crowley explained earlier in the season that he was capturing all of these creatures to try and discover the location of purgatory, a place between all others, a place that neither God nor Lucifer could reach. In contrast, Eve reveals to the brothers that his plan is in fact to gather the souls of his victims along with millions of others to boost his power and make his reign as King absolute.

    Demanding that the brothers help her to find and kill Crowley for what he has done to her children, Eve threatens to turn them both into monsters if they don't comply. Possibly the cleverest and most literal use of the words "bite me" by Dean then lead to a fairly shockingly abrupt conclusion to Eve's life. Anticipating that their plan to confront her wasn't exactly foolproof, Dean had swallowed Phoenix ash with a shot of Whiskey when he envisioned what Eve would do. Considering that she was set up as the main antagonist in the later half of the season, I was assuming that we would at least have to wait until the finale to see the end of her, but the twists of "Mommy Dearest" have sort of turned the whole season on its head.

    The episode concludes with the brothers coming to the realization that Castiel doesn't make mistakes; that he must have intentionally left Crowley alive and that something is amiss. The theory is confirmed when we see the king of hell and the challenger for the throne of heaven meeting in the same diner that Eve died in. Where the writers are going with this is beyond my comprehension, but this out of left field turn is the kind of thing that Supernatural has done well in the past. (Up until season four, angels were a thing of myth in the show and look how far they've come!) Given how much the idea of the power of souls has been played on over the last five or six episodes, Castiel and Crowley's mutual interest in them is obviously what is driving this alliance, but is this all going to end with Castiel going too far and having to be put down by the brothers? Who knows? We'll wait and see...
  • I feel sorry for those who bailed on season 6.

    Occasionally I have come across a comment from a Supernatural fan saying they aren't watching season 6 because they're afraid it will ruin everything. That's too bad for them, they don't know what they're missing. The last three episodes have made me love this show even more. One hilarious episode, one wish-fulfilling episode, and tonight one deliciously plotty episode.

    The story arc this season has all kinds of intriguing twists and thought-provoking turns. I was thrilled first with how so many hints and clues dropped throughout the season are now coming together to form a picture: how this is all about acquiring the power of souls, how all the monster weirdness was Eve searching for the perfect monster, how it was the torture of monsters that brought back the mother of monsters, and how Cas being up to shady stuff is related to all of the above. And secondly I was thrilled with the revelation that the Big Bad wasn't really Eve after all, but Crowley who is not dead! And I'm so happy he's not dead! I love Crowley, he's my favourite bad guy.

    And I love how the Supernatural writers are the type of people who will have deep thinky thoughts about writing season 6 in a film noir style on the one hand, and on the other hand give us such comic gems as "Jefferson Starships!!"

    Speaking of which, I'm also really enjoying this ressurection of Sam and Dean. What with Hell, Demon Blood, the Apocalypse, and Hell again, both the characters and their relationship had gotten very heavy and dark. It's nice to see those parts of their personalities shine through again that are no longer buried under mountains of crap. Like Dean lighting up like a five-year-old because he thought up "Jefferson Starship" or Sam saying under his breath to Dean "You hurt his feelings." And now that their relationship is mended (FINALLY!) we have such moments as Dean and Sam sitting in the front seat while big brother Joe comforts little brother Ryan in the back seat. I love it when there is no dialogue, no action, and yet you know that it speaks to them, that they share the memories of being in that back seat just like Joe and Ryan. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.
  • the end is come...

    the eps is amazing! The eps was almost perfect, but not by a flah tecnical, but because our cas going to the dark side and we know how that ends well sam is the most alive example of this. But back to the eps like much considering that eve's death was instantaneous premaura eve of thought for what it represented the end it was the last eps of the temp, but in the end she loved being vaporized. Dean as always hilarious and cas too. But the most intereting is that our favorite bad ass the crowly this more alive than dead and only for one thing and he and cas are together in what I fear, after all not all the means justify the ends. Bobby always bright and sam kinda off, but maybe intentional because his end that it will be memorable! kiss cau
  • the Devil you Know

    Great episode. Shifters, wraith, hybrids and one demon to top it off. almost a little too easy, though. Eve led them right to herself; and she went down too easy. Somehow i expected a lot more from the 'mother of all'; oh well, i guess momma ain't so tough. at the very least, we understand more why souls are very valuable to demons; they're quite literally power to those who can control them. And the part at the end i did not see coming one bit at all: Crowley, alive and well. He probably orchestrated the entire 'Caged Heat' scene to get the Winchesters of his back and he didn't want any trouble from Castiel. The only question remains is why Cas wants him alive at all.....
  • Mother Knows Best (Spoilers Ahead)

    Encasing the Phoenix ashes in 5 shell casings to take on Eve the brothers and Bobby call on a monster from their past who tells them where mother is. Castiel shows and they move quickly to an Oregon town where people all get sick and turn into hybrid creatures. The brothers rescue two young boys of the town doctor and take them to a relatives home in the midst of the battle much to Castiel's dismay. Eve turns out to be in a diner in the center of town where Dean and Sam walk in to confront them but her intentions are not what they seem. She tells them that she wants Crowley dead and has been turning all humans into monsters to prevent him from getting souls from finding purgatory and using it as an engine for some sinister means. Eve wants Sam and Dean to find Crowley and bring him to her since he is so hard to find but Dean refuses and tells her to bite him and she does and he has put Phoenix ash in his neck area or something and she is done away with rather quickly. Supernatural broke its own formula by killing the big baddie before the season finale but things get infinitely more complicated when Castiel may know more about Crowley's "non-death" than he did before and the two might be in league. I like the direction of Cass doing whatever it takes to win the War in Heaven and it gives us an enemy that the brothers don't just see as evil and need to kill it's more complicated than that. Should be an interesting couple of episodes left with the War in Heaven and Crowley I must say is a much better enemy than Eve as he's entertaining to watch and has a clear sinister plot at hand.
  • Baby in a trenchcoat, that's hilarious!

    Finally, the supernatural that I've loved is back!!
    Intense and hilarious at the same time.
    And Crowly is not dead!! The character is interesting and the interpretation is nothing but perfect.
    And not to forget our 'baby in a trenchcoat'is fighting dirty now, not shocking but very interesting story line and I can't wait to see next!
    The only disappointing thing is that Eve's dead so easily, cos I thought she'll be very difficult to fight and she's dead just like that... boring.
    Now I wonder what will be like for season 7, who will the boys be fighting this time? Castiel and the army of bad angels?
  • Sam and Dean go after Eve in a very messed up town.

    Supernatural is at the point where they've covered about as many bases as they're going to cover.. they've done all sorts of episodes, all sorts of themes, parodied all sorts of different horror and sci-fi shows and movies, so in terms of creativity, perhaps this episode isn't right up there with some of the classics.. but it's a pretty darn good way to advance this story for Season 6, which has been a mess for most of the time.

    For a season that started off focusing around Sam losing his soul, the show has come a long way. We've had the writers hint at a lot of different plot points or awhile, including the importance of Purgatory, the Alphas, Crowley and his little schemes and Castiel's war with Raphael in heaven. Up until this point, we've barely heard anything of Cas' war in Heaven, so the fact it's coming back so late is a bit disconcerting, but I'm confident we'll get a good story out of it.. and with the show coming back for a Season 7, I'm sure we'll get resolution at the very least.

    The episode focuses almost entirely on the brothers, with the help of Bobby and Cas, finding Eve. They reach a town that Eve is hiding in and discovers that she's using it as a testing ground for her new creatures. The scenes where Eve turns the town on each other and makes them go crazy reminded me a lot of older episodes of the show, but it was still highly entertaining. Things get better the closer they get to Eve, and when they finally do, that's when everything changes. We learn that Crowley is still alive and that Eve isn't necessarily planning on killing anybody, just doing stuff to annoy Crowley because of the fact that he's messing around with Eve's Alphas.

    It's a random bit of story adjustment, but it's actually piqued my curiosity more than the rest of the season has. I'm excited to see Crowley back, because Eve just wasn't that good of a villain.. and the fact that Castiel is working with Crowley? That ought to be interesting to see unfold.

    Just a good episode overall of the show here.. and we had one of Dean's best lines in a long time: naming the new Wraith/Vampire combos "Jefferson Starships." I hope they bring that name back in future episodes. It's a great one.
  • Mommy Dearest

    Mommy Dearest was a really superb episode of Supernatural and I enjoyed watching this episode because there was action, intrigue and monsters along with plot and character development. It was interesting to see Eve and learn of her plans. I thought it was great how she changed form. Sam and Dean are made an offer they can't refuse by Eve who bites off more than she can swallow. Castiel has some secrets he is keeping from the brothers and Bobby which seem to be getting more in depth. Eve gave more insight into the importance of souls. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Eve tries her hand at hybridizing some of her best successes, drawing the boys to a small town where her experiments have gone awry.

    Now this was a little more of what I tend to expect from the Krew. A lot of intrigue, interesting puzzle pieces... but please god why did the writer have to come up with Jefferson Starships? Puhleese you're turning Dean into a caricature of himself. And yet... again, a supposedly ancient and powerful evil that was way too easy to kill. This particular aspect of the ep was very disappointing, and frankly I think Crowley's a punk. Mark Sheppard is fantastic as a bad guy, dont' get me wrong I love him in everything I see him in. But I am not a fan of Crowley. That being said... I love how all the bad guys try and get the Winchesters on their side, get 'em to work for them. I was pleasantly surprised by the method Dean used to dispatch Eve. I'm looking forward to tonight's ep. Thanks to Kast and Krew for all their hard work. Special love, as always to Jensen and Jared. Thanks guys.
  • Awesome twists! As only supernatural can!

    This episode was soooooooooooo amazingly awesome and sooooooo epic! I don't think anyone would have seen the twists that happened in this episode, they were simply amazing. And not only was this episode a big big serious mythology episode, it had some great comedy moments, mostly from Dean and Cas, but this episode sets up the next 3 episodes beautifully. This season has been awesome, just like the 1st 5 seasons, and with this season finale that's meant to end on a huge huge cliffhanger that will set up season 7 perfectly, and with season 7 possibly gonna be the last season, it looks like supernatural will go out with a bang, and I can't wait!

    Supernatural rules!!!!