Season 4 Episode 5

Monster Movie

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on The CW

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  • Fun!

    Okay, so I'm a little late to the game on this show. I really loved the style of this one - it was a pretty fun deviation from the ongoing storyline in season 4 so far. I do love old monster movies, so seeing a Supernatural take on one was a delight. And taking a little break from the storyline built up the suspense even more for the next episode. I wasn't sure about this show at first - would have classified it more as a "guilty pleasure" type of thing, but season 4 seems to be the best so far.
  • A town is attacked by monsters from classic horror movies.

    Mind blowing. Magnificent. Just perfect. This episode has just outranked Bad Day at Black Rock as the funniest Supernatural episode ever made. I was laughing like a madman when that mummy showed up. I also really loved the 50s feel. They reproduced the style with an amazing precision. It was filled with old-style cinematography techniques, it just looked so much like these old horror movies. And the music was just as perfect. At times, I couldn't believe that this was newly recorded music. It sounded like they just took the soundtrack of a real old-style monster movie and put it in there.
    I have to admit that this episode is a bit out of place, like it's getting in the way of the whole coming apocalypse thing, but I really don't mind about that. To me, it's a magnificent episode, and I don't need any more than that.
  • Good, but one of the worst.

    Supernatural Season 4 Episode 5 Monster Movie
    Sam and Dean investugate a town where monsters from old horror movies are appearing: Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, the mummy, etc...

    1st of all I have to say it is not bad, it is good actually. It is just that was one of the worst episodes of the show. Its not the fact that it was in black and white, I rlly liked that. It was the fact that it didnt seemed to be taken seriously. I would rather have this episode not done evr, no ofense. I did liked it, though. I just didnt liked the thing with the monster from classic horror movies. I dont know, it just didnt felt right...
    But it was good, it was good.
  • CLASSIC.. classic horror movie type of theme.. this one was funny and an AMAZING break from the last few episodes.. a must watch

    Vampire, with the cape, the fangs and the accent. Warewoolf, like in the movies. Mummy, raped in bandages. Everything this show is NOT about.. Sam and Dean visit a town and find a strange string of murders, which seem like killings from an old movie. they track down the killer and find out that it's a shapshifter gone crazy.. crazy about old classic movies, he assumes the vampire to get the girl he loves, and the warewoolf and the mummy. This one was such a funny episode and is a must watch for sure. i just love the guest star doing vampire with the accent.. and the ending was so typical and refreshing.. compared to the other endings on this show :D
  • Wonderful. Simply. Amazing.

    Ben Edlund is a genius, there's no way around it. First he brought us 'Bad Day at Black Rock' and now he delivers 'Monster Movie', which is, simply put, one of the cleverest, brightest, most entertaining hour of television I've ever watched. Not only the script is amazing - pop culture references, movie trivia, biting sarcasm and melancholic atmosphere - but the direction, by Robert Singer, is so mindful of the old Universal monster movies that it really feels like watching an old horror flick by Tod Browning or James Whale. And the cinematography, in a luscious black and white, is just the perfect icing on the cake. I really could watch this episode over and over again and it is a testament of how deeply brilliant 'Supernatural' can be!
  • Classic black and white monster movie - i love it!

    Supernatural in classic black and white horror movie images? What a brilliant idea the writers have come up with! From the beginning of the show with the old-school Warner Brothers logo and introduction credit scenes, i knew it was going to be one helluva cool episode. Sam and Dean, both dressed in super sharp suits and looking particularly gorgeous, arrive in a small town which is just in the midst of celebrating Oktoberfest. Pretending to be Feds, they're trying to investigate a series of strange killings apparently made by famous movie monsters - Dracula, Werewolf, Mummy etc. I loved this episode, i thought the dialogue was fantastic ("I have been re-hymenated."), the scenes were damn funny (Ed Brewer playing horror music on the organ in his underpants), and the villain with his sob story was almost too pitiful to kill off at the end ("Real is having your Dad call you monster"). It seriously takes me back to the good ol' monster episodes of The X-Files. I hope Supernatural makes more shows like these!
  • Ben Edlund and comedy go together like peaches and cream.

    Ben Edlund and comedy go together like peaches and cream and his latest effort, a pastiche of American science fiction B-movies from the 1950s, filmed entirely in black and white for added effect, is no exception. The Supernatural production crew excel at this kind of intertextual tomfoolery: from the opening music to the particular typefaces and positioning used in the introductory credits to the intermission during the ad break, this is a homage executed with the noblest of intentions and the most finite attention to detail. It pays dividends too, lending the overall production a cohesion that would perhaps have been lacking had the episode simply been filmed and presented in the usual manner. In essence, 'Monster Movie' is a simple tale about shape shifter wackiness that has a number of very fine points to make about the nature of identity and the importance of the Self (particularly in relation to masking it) and it does so without ever seeming too heavy-handed. This is largely thanks to Edlund's satirical brush strokes, which lend a gentle sheen to the more allegorical aspects of the narrative and allow the viewer to swallow the 'moral' and have a good chuckle at the same time. The episode is not without fault, however - the pace is perhaps a little slow and it takes a while for the essential narrative drive to get going. Still, this is by no means a weak instalment; quite the opposite, in fact, as it makes for a refreshingly different Supernatural viewing experience.
  • A really funny episode. The story line is that monsters from old movies, like a werewolf and Dracula are killing people, and the boys go hunting. Also, Dean is on a mission to lose his virginity.

    I gave it only 7.5 because it was all wrong and out of character for Dean. I did like the episode, it was really funny, and I would have given it 9 if it wasn't for how dumb it made Dean look for not knowing who Mina and Harker were.
    I don't expect Dean to have read the book Dracula, but there are at least a dozen movies, and he's supposed to be the movie encyclopedia. There is no way he didn't know about that. It just doesn't fit.
    They always make him look so stupid. I find it odd that he's been hunting all his life but doesn't know a thing about the monsters he's hunting. Sam always has to give him a long lecture in every episode. I realize the fact that the writers have to let the viewers know what is going on, but do they really have to spoon feed it to us? Some of us DO have a clue. And so should Dean.
  • I liked it!

    I liked it a lot actually. The whole black-and-white movie feel right down to the credits and intermission was a really nice touch. Much better than last season's risque "Ghostfacers" fiasco. This 'special' episode was done a lot better and had an actual main plot.

    So the shapeshifter thing was good even though I knew from near the beginning it was the bartender. I didnt get the whole napkin thing but te shapeshifter actually had backstory which was a little unusual but added to the quality of the episode. It also, as Dean said, gave us a break from the season storyline of heaven and God. However, next episode better bring that storyline back into focus.
  • Review.

    Sam and Dean face off against a shapeshifter with a serious liking for classic black-and-white horror movies.

    What is a good word for silly, well yeah thats what it was a silly episode of Supernatural, which is good because they always make you laugh with Sam and Dean acting like idiots on a stupid case like this one. I love the scene where the "Vampire" drove off on a bike it was hilarious. Still not as good as the brilliant season 3 episode "Bad Day At Black Rock" which was a laugh fest but this was a decent episode and was very refreshing after the darker episodes the weeks before.
  • Let us remember the good times...oops sorry quoting Southpark. But that is what this episode reminds me of, a homage to all those old horror movies and to earlier seasons of Supernatural as well. A welcome, if brief, respite for our boys.

    Okay I gotta say I loved this episode, not because it gave US a break from the heavy emotions and drama of the first 4 episodes of Season 4. Because even at the risk of me exploding from pure joy at the way the season started, I could cheerfully continue lapping up such wonderful moments. No, I loved Monster Movie because it gave Dean and Sam a tiny respite from all that tension. A 'heaven sent' break which Dean sorely needed and duly embraced wholeheartedly. Sam, of course, is a little less enthused by the detour but by the end I think he appreciated the break as well.

    It was like God (or the writers!) knew the brothers needed a little time out to reconnect with a good old fashioned type hunt. He (?) even supplied a beautiful, understanding heroine who didn't freak out at the thought of the whole 'Supernatural world existing' thing. And who sympathised with Dean, and Sam, about the loneliness of the life they live.

    I really liked Jamie, she was the perfect leading lady, beautiful, feisty enough to be interesting but not b@&chy and pretty smart (except for the whole 'walking home alone in a deserted street when there is a monster on the loose' thing!). Most importantly she supplied Dean with a sympathetic ear when he really needed! And allowed him to explain exactly how he felt about his life and how those feelings have changed since he was resurrected. Him actually verbalising the whole 'Mission from God' scenario was a huge step. Even if he had already admitted it to himself to actually open up and express his feelings to someone else was big! As well as being a breakthrough, it was gorgeously funny as well (stirring up memories of 'Phantom Traveller' 'I look like one of the Blues Brothers')
    It seems a little sad to me that Deans confession was laced with a movie reference but considering Deans interest in pop culture and the content of the episode it is understandable and cleverly cute. As was Deans worry that he had returned from Hell 're-hymenated' cute and hilarious! Did he think that Jamies initial rejection meant that he had lost some of his sexy 'Deanness!' Sams reaction to Deans logic is priceless. Then at the end when all his concerns have been laid to rest, for anyone else the 'happy ending' quip would have been a bit sleazy (as Sams face showed) but man, Deans been through hell, literally, and if ever anyone deserves a warm, welcoming body to cling to, its him. (heehee maybe you can tell I would forgive Dean ANYTHING!) I wonder if it is too much to hope for Jamie to make a reappearance? I guess in the context of the episode it is, unless there is a sequel on the horizon? Besides Jamie served her purpose well, it just seemed like she had more to give (um...maybe not to Dean, but she may have made an interesting hunter.

    She reminded me a little of Sarah (Provenance) who I really liked as well, so I guess in keeping with the Season 1 style 'old fashioned hunt' that WILL be the last we see of Jamie, can't have any spunky human chicks upstaging our boys now can we?

    Okay back to the beginning, and it was almost like that, the beginning I mean, with some great classic rock reference aliases, Agents Angus and Young! The vague 'Phantom Traveller' ref. And Deans description of the monster as 'Whole new buckets of crazy' updated from the similar line describing Meg in Season 1's 'Shadow'. And a nice placed movie reference with Dean commenting that they had to see the new Raiders movie. Sam 'already seen it', Dean 'Without me?' Sam 'You were in Hell' Dean 'Thats not the point' The casualness of this exchange, especially on Sams part, made it all the more heartbreaking. I know I'm a sook, but the thought of Sam sitting alone in a darkened cinema watching a movie he knows Dean would have loved and that they should have been enjoying together is really sad!

    It was a great idea to film the episode in black and white, a wonderful way to reinforce the old monster movie feel. Loved the cheesy credits and the welcome to Pennsylvania/Transylvania road sign, nice 'illuminating' lightning guys and spooky storm. And having Dean turn off the spooky music saying ' the music around here sucks was a nice touch.

    And how fortunate for the writers that the timing of the ep. allowed for an Oktoberfest backdrop. It reminded me of so many old horror movies as well as the glorious 'Young Frankenstein' (Draculas stagey looking props could have come straight off that set!) The whole place looked like a film set what with its quaint buildings and cobblestone roads, (gee fancy that) As well Oktoberfest has the added attraction of comely beer wenches, beersteins and huge pretzels! Just about heaven for Dean! Except for the Leiderhosen! Oh man that shapeshifter has a lot to answer for, the killings were bad enough, but sticking Dean in those funky shorts is a whole new low! ('Honey I don't do shorts! Yay! Another Season 1 ref, Wendigo) Its like old home week or something. And its nice to have another Shapeshifter episode, I have very fond memories of the previous ones, especially 'Skin' which had all the well loved Supernatural elements, and the most awesome music accompanying key scenes (mm and a shirtless Dean which was very hot until he started ripping off his skin! OMG AWESOME scene!)

    The shapeshifter was the usual self pitying worm hiding behind his disability as an excuse to kill people. Gee am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Maybe if the deaths weren't so gory and random I could appreciate HIS appreciation of old monster movies. On the other hand his lame sob story was told with some wonderfully cheesy dialogue in keeping with the B grade movie feel and as his most urbane choice for monster, Dracula , the shapeshifter was pretty hilarious. The sight of him escaping on a moped/scooter after his altercation with Dean made me laugh out loud. And his conversation with the pizza boy was funny and once again cheesey (groan heehee sorry!),Just loved that hammy look of alarm as he asked the boy if there was garlic on the pizza and his frugal 'I have a coupon'. Lol

    Lucky for Dean the shapeshifter cant cook, saved by the bell once again (a la A Very Supernatural Christmas), maybe not a very old reference but appreciated nonetheless. Not so lucky though that Sam got to see him in his nifty new threads! 'Hey there Hansel' hehe nice one Sam.

    And loved the shapeshifters final line straight from the script of King Kong 'It was beauty that killed the Beast', the ultimate Horror Love story. Pity he didn't go all King Kong on the towns a!s, now that would have been something to see! But a nightmare for special effects lol! His turn as the wolfman was not bad though, such an iconic scene, with young lovers parking, the girl hearing strange noises from outside and the boy scoffing, more interested in making out...the girl insisting she hears something, a howl, a look of fear and bam! Its too late the wolfman drags the boy out and rips him to pieces....eek...suspenseful and gory, with great screaming too! You gotta have great screaming and this girl was awesome.

    Monster movie is one of those Supernatural eps that is just a lot of fun, easy to watch with a couple of scary bits thrown in for good measure. I loved the movie references, the Acca Dacca aliases, the old fashioned stagey feel to the locations.

    Looking back on the episode the 'true' identity of the shapeshifter was very obvious. Escpecially if you know the characters from the Dracula movies. 'Lucys' trademark 'lipstick on the napkin' started the alarm bells ringing, and as it was Sam who first noticed it you knew he was going to know to follow her trail when he found Dean and Jamie missing. I liked Deans role in the shapeshifters fantasy, John Harker the brave lovestruck suitor, there are definite parallels except maybe lovestruck should be lust struck and Dean is much cooler. And Sam is the perfect Van Helsing, a brave hero who is fiercely intelligent and inquisitive.

    Thank you to writer Ben Edlund, always know I am in for a groovy episode when you pick up a pen dude and to Robert Singer, always a great director.

    And as always thank you Jensen and Jared. No one can pull off 'I'm a Maverick ma'am' 'A rebel with a badge' and that wink quite like Jensen and Jared, Sams reactions to Dean are always perfect.

    It was nice to have that nice simple Season 1 feel back again. Of course there are things about the Winchesters that don't ever change and others things that have to. One thing I am wanting is a little bit more classic rock. Not that it is appropriate in every scene and it should never just 'be there'. But when it contributes to the power of a scene it can be magic! (eg Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter (Skin), White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane (Hunted), Look at You by Screaming Trees (Heart) and many more) Whoever chooses the songs does a great job, so I trust them to continue and look forward to more amazing moments.

    Can't wait for next week, haven't checked the spoilers for Yellow Fever at all, save to get the name that is, but I always look forward to Supernatural so I know I will love it.
  • This episode is very interesting indeed. A nod to old horror films with a Supernatural twist. I said it was silly, but by that I mean in the good way, as this episode was one of the funniest this season.

    The episode starts off with a very classic feel to it. The episode starts in black and white, and rightfully so as the hunt is on for a more regular type of foe. The brothers start the episode on the hunt for a vampire, something we haven't seen in a little while now. The episode sure doesn't disappoint in the humour aspect as it proves to be one of the funniest episodes this season. The episode was very entertaining as it was a spin on old horror stories, but with the twist of supernatural of course. I won't give away the details of what kinds of things you can expect to see in this episode, but it was nice to see these old stories being re-told in supernatural. It's just interesting to know that way back when these now funny stories were once scary. Overall a very funny episode, and it's good to see the return of these silly humour type episodes, but I think this was one of the better "silly" episodes we have seen.
  • A goof-off episode.

    Okay so October just started, and this isn't a Halloween episode. But it is filmed like a 1940s horror movie. Black & White. Which annoyed me after sitting through it after an hour. My eyes kind of burned actually. It turns out just to be another Shape shifter but this time he turns in to horror monster characters. A big twist in the end, it turns out to be the bartender's friend. When I found out it was a girl, it would be pretty gay if she wanted Jamie. So yeah a great way to change things up a bit. Take the weight & drama off for a while, especially with all that angel business.
  • It was different but in a usual Supernatuaral way.

    Alright I will be the first to admit that the Winchester boys in black and white is really odd. Not to mention I am not a fan of black and white movies or tv shows. But, this episode was awesome. I mean come on yes it was a filler. And as we all know when there is a Supernatural filler this is when the writers and creators try new things. Again I say this was awesome. There was the usual Dean humor. As well as brotherly bickering. They also did a great job in making it look like an old black and white show. When Sam pulled out some remains from the guy who was demolished by the werewolf, it looked like it was film. Which is what they used to use in some old tv shows. How you could not enjoy this episode is beyond me.
  • An awesome episode. Definitely one for the fans!

    So I was skeptical at first, but I loved this episode. It was different and out of character a little bit, but it is what Supernatural is about. I thought it was really well executed, and it was a nice break from the usual formula and end of the world drama. It really goes to show how that characters can tell a story, but still be funny and comedic about it. Maybe not THE episode to watch if you've never seen the show before, but for someone who has been watching the show since the beginning, it was really a gem. It's definitely one that I'm going to go back to and watch again, if only for the bit when 'Dracula' opens the door for the pizza guy.
  • This episode was really cool, I loved the all black & white thing.

    Dean and Sam investigate several murders at Oktoberfest. The first victim was found with bite marks on her neck, much like a vampire would leave, while the second victim has wounds that look like a werewolf attack. After a mummy rises from his crypt, Dean determines that a shape-shifter is terrorizing the town as iconic monsters from the old Hollywood movies. I loved the part when the shapeshifter gets the pizza at the door, and he goes through his whole thing, then he's just like "I have a coupon." Loved it :o) I also loved when they're first driving into PA and it says Transylvaina, classic, let me tell ya.
  • Supernatural's tribute to the old black and white horror movies.

    I love the old B&W horror classics, with their melodramatic music and dreadful acting and SN does the tradition proud with a very charming tribute to the genre.

    The episode is also an interesting throwback to 'Skin' as we have another lonely, tragic, seriously deranged Skinwalker looking for love. He actually picks up where 'Dean' left off, describing much the same upbringing and prejudice. Where 'Dean' at least could tell the difference between reality and fantasy, this Skin chooses to create his own dramatic storylines, complete with happy ending, and with several dead bodies to spice things up.

    There are hysterical scenes galore – Ed's description of the killer, complete with accent and cape-like gestures; Dean's declaration that he has been 'rehymenated' – is that even a word?; Jamie macing 'Dracula' then Dracula's daring escape on a moped; Ed's 'Phantom of the Opera' recital and then breaking into happy 'Casio' music then Sam trying to pull his ear off, "It's supposed to come off…" "No, it's not!; The whole pizza boy scene, "But I have a coupon."; Dean dressed in his peasant costume, about to be Frankenstein'd (the outfit actually looked cute!); the fake castle with our Skin calling Dean and Sam 'Harker' and 'Van Helsing' respectively.

    I did think it was odd that Dean let Sam go after the shapeshifter by himself – both shapeshifters we've met have been seriously insane! Then Jamie saves Dean's life – does that make Dean the damsel in distress?

    There are a couple of serious moments: Sam admits watching the new Indiana Jones movie… while Dean was in Hell!!! I find that profoundly disturbing. Then there's Dean discussing the job with Jamie where he has finally realized how important the job is and that he's not just killing monsters, but is actually saving people. It's wonderful to see he's finally figured that out. It's a heroic and dirty job, but someone has to do it.

    All in all, a very funny episode.
  • Black and white horror movie spoof, funny and original!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! I should have figured it out before they spelled out the answer right after "intermission", being like the 3rd or 4th time over the years they used a shapeshifter. The Halloween cliches were excellent, right down to Bella Lugosi's moonlit eyes. Loved the black and white effects/titles/intermission. There were lots of laughs, from the opening credit music ("the radio around here sucks!"), to the organist playing dramatically then jumping into goofy Casio synth lol. The writers had a field day with Dean's dialogue! "You saw Raiders without me?"
    "You were in Hell..."
    "That's no excuse!"

    "...and The Dude will not abide!"

    "Oh he doesn't drink - Christian Scientist. Doesn't even take an Aspirin."

    "My virginity is intact; I have been re-hymenated!"

    A great episode overall )).
  • This is the greatest episode of supernatural ever!

    It was great from the beginning when they they showed all the credits like they use to do in the old movies. The writers really out did themselves with this very funny episode! I thought that they might eventually change to color but they didn't. They stuck with it to the end and I loved it. This whole season has been the best since the first season. I really look forward to each weeks episode and I haven't done that for the past two seasons.
    The vampire character was over the top and it worked very well.
    When it was over I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
  • Well, it is not that it wasnt a good episode, but I was a bit disappointed

    I really liked the idea of black and white episode, that was fun.

    But I guess the high moment was when Dean talked about his new life with Jamie.

    I guess after many GREAT, reveling episodes, this one was a bit too boring.

    I know sometimes they need to give a break, but in this episode nothing happened, not even the fight was exciting.

    They didnt give any information... It wasnt even a funny or really mysterious episode.

    I guess it was probably the first episode I watch that doesnt make me fully watch it.

    I am always jumping over for a new episode and this totally disappointed me.
  • Monster Mash!

    Monster Movie-Sam and Dean face off against a shapeshifter with a serious liking for classic black-and-white horror movies.

    For one of the very first experimental episodes of the series, "Monster Mash" was very well executed as the writers pay tribute to the classic monster movies of the 20s, 30s and 40s. From the black and white sceneary to the vintage opening to the errie background music to the old school editing to utter campiness, even irony of some scenes, the whole episode worked perfectly. Jensen and Jared looked like they having so much fun throughout this episode, especially with their hilarious dialogue like Dean being a virgin again since being brought back from hell and Sam's "this doesn't amke any sense." I even like the classic staged monster attacks like the girl and her boyfriend being attacked by the wolf man and the mummey attacking the cop. They were so over the top and cheesy, I love it! The shapeshifter has to be the funniest villain the writers ever came up with, especially when he masquerades as Dracula. Just watching Draclua ride off in a scooter was priceless! Then there was the scene with pizza delievery guy and him being afraid of the garlic pizza, not to mention the "I have a coupon" line. You also really feel bad for the shapeshifter, as his just trying to live up to monsters he idolizes and even his over-dramatic demise was kinda sad...ohh well! With some hilarious scenes, effectively cheesy moments and stunning directing, "Monster Mash" is an excellent homeage to the gold era of hollywood cinema'd horror movies. Also, any episode with Dean dressed in that swedish get up is priceless!

    I love this episode so much...because it was different and so funny...I was started to get tired with the action...anger...sadness...demons and angels...we had to take a break ....It doesn't hurt to make such a fun light episode every once and a while....don't know why other reviews hating this's one of my favorites....if that episode was another one about the yellow eyed demon or Sam's powers or Castiel then it would be predictable..this episode was a surprise for me and I loved I just want to tell Supernatural viewrs...don't hate this episode coz it's an awesome ...different...great style...and totally fun....don't be afraid of the new things....that's exactly why Supernatural is such a special show..not like anyother show...coz when you start trying to predict what's going to happen next episode..with Sam and Dean ...Lillith and hits you with even a better... episode....go Supernatural...go Kripke.
  • A silly episode but great none the less.

    I wasn't sure about this episode when I first heard it was going to be in black and white but the end result surprised me.

    I thought it was a fun episode with some great humour which breaks up all the seriousness of the show. Don't get me wrong I like the show the way it is and I wouldn't want an episode like this every week but as a one off I can't complain.

    The whole episode is very cheesy and corny and it never pretends not to be. It had me laughing out loud quite a few times.

    There were so many things I liked about this episode but mostly that it was just fun. I really did feel like I was watching an old horror movie. I really hope they don't do another episode like this otherwise this one won't be so special. It's definatly one I'll watch again when I need a good laugh. Just need to go find myself a bar wench now :)
  • A laugh-out-loud treat!

    This is my favorite of all the off-formula episodes (Tall Tales, Ghostfacers) that Supernatural has ever done. It's creatively made and obviously a lot of effort has gone into making it. It's so rich in its shout-outs to the classic horror films that you feel you were just given an opportunity to go back in time. (That "intermission" card just had me rolling over!)

    The guest cast was brilliant--- I love Jamie, Dracula and yes, even that crazy witness Ed! Jared and Jensen are amazing and hilarious! I wouldn't have been able to utter "Brother, I've been re-hymenated!" with a straight face so kudos to Jensen for that. But the charm of this episode is that it brought back the Sam and Dean we knew from season 1. We saw how much love Sam ---and tolerance--- Sam has for his crazy bro; his expression as he watched Dean buy those giant pretzels say it all. We also saw Dean minus his inner drama. Season 2 was filled with Dean dealing with Dad's death and Season 3 denying his impeding demise. It was nice to see Dean happy for a change. My favorite scene of all? Dracula running from his makeshift dungeon basesment to his normal looking corridor with his cape over his eyes, right before he opened for the pizza guy. It was so stupid and incongruent that it was hilarious!

    HT to Ben Edlund and Robert Singer. You guys rock!
  • The Winchester brothers investigate a series of strange murders in Pennsylvania.

    Ok, so I can't really get why people don't like this episode. As for me, I totally agree with master Kripke and this episode is officially in my favorite, ok maybe not top 5 but definitely top 10 SN episodes.
    Knowing that the episode was originally designed to be aired after "Are U There God...", I do believe that they should have kept it that way. But if CW says so...Well back to my point. For me, this episode was a pure delight to watch, especially after last week's angst. Usually, I'm a huge fan of emotional and heavy episodes and I tend to ignore the funny and light ones, but MM is an exception. I guess the writers' idea for the episode was to be all funny, but they managed to make it emotional as well-I absolutely loved Dean's conversation with Jamie, though it sometimes looked like he was mostly talking to himself and that he has just accepted his "mission from God" (that's another reason why the episode should have been aired third). Speaking of Jamie, I do have to give the actress (sorry don't remember her name) a credit-she and Jensen looked awesome together. The actress managed to have chemistry both with Jensen and Jared (and even with Dracula, LoL), but it only looked sexual attraction with Dean, so bravo Jammie!
    Jared and Jensen were as usual amazing. I loved all Jared's looks and smiles towards Dean. There were none of the usual eye-rolls or frowns and I do appreciate it :) He was able to show us that Sam was indeed happy to be back on the road again with his brother, without even saying a word about it. So bravo Jared! And of course Jensen was as usual amazing as Dean. I have absolutely no idea how he was able to say all his HILLARIOUS lines without even a single smile. I mean... "I've been re-hymenated" or "X files is a TV show, this is real"? Come on guys! This was AWESOME!
    I also enjoyed all the others guest stars, especially the pizza boy :) The whole conversation between Dracula and this guys was an absolute chef d'oeuvre. "I've got a coupon" LoL
    And last but not least-the Black and White. I must say that Kripke&Co sure have to be really brave to pull something like this on a network like CW (no offence, it just doesn't look right for CW). But I loved it! It made me want to re-watch many of my favorite old movies and I will definitely do it soon. Oh and Robert Singer did a great Job at directing!
    So, I've given this episode 10 points. Just because it's different doesn't make it bad =)
  • The worst episode in the whole series.

    That episode was a total filler-in and it looked more like a parody of horror B-movies rather than a Supernatural episode. The shapeshifter was a completely ridiculous character and so was the whole atmosphere. I never thought I'd say this about Supernatural but that was the worst episode in the whole series. Those scriptwriters and directors need to get their stories straight and bring back the mystery and suspense that this series was born with and not ruin it with such mediocre nonsense. Supernatural has always been a suspense action thriller series with a touch of humor, not a comedy with a drop of mystery in it.

    And I'm sucker for such old B-movies! This is an even bigger bummer for me! Let's hope for better episodes in the future...
  • it kinda like reminded me of Ghost Facers

    I don't think it was a bad episode
    it was pretty much like the episodes from the 1st season when they only hunted evil. I just think that if they wanted to make another episode of hunting evil they should be a little bit more creative. I'm not sure about it, but I'm almost sure that it is the 3rd episode with a shape shifter.
    not that they weren't creative, like the way they made the opening and the directing was pretty cool. The black and white, the werewolf, the dracula and the mummy had horrible special effects and it was awesome because it really did look like a monster movie.
  • Incredibly silly, but being a tribute to those silly B-monster movies, it made perfect sense it'd be as it was.

    A nice change of pace, to go back to the basics, and give us the show we started watching on the 1st season, with a main storyline and some random monster killing along the way. It was great to get out of the Hyper-religious plot (even though I love the fact that after 3 seasons, angels have finally taken part on the fight, that is, if "Casiel" is really an angel) and the black and white episode was hard to get used to at first, but after a while I hardly even noticed it. I'd define this episode as mind candy. Good one. I actually enjoyed it
  • Going back to a black and white case - no shades of grey. Really enjoyable episode.

    This episode was actually fun to watch… and informative at the same time. I am not a connoisseur of old horror movies (neither of the new ones really) so I actually had to watch this episode twice to get most of the allusions. Of course, besides the big ones – the Dracula, the werewolf and the mummy. I did laugh more the second time. This one seems to be more of a chuckles episode –'oh, that what they meant by this' than a laugh out-loud one. Even though there were a couple of scenes that went directly into classics – starting with the 'Dean being re-hymenated' or Dracula's escape on a moped. And Dean in knee-high lederhosen (piece of trivia for you – they are called kniebunde) – that one would stay with you for a while. They must have had some fun filming this episode. Bottom line - I liked this episode: the boys didn't take themselves too seriously and I think they tried to make us (the audience) share the fun. And it's cool to breath a little until the next angst filled episode.
  • Series classic!

    The writers become adventurous with this one and the fans are given an awesome opportunity to relive elements of the classic horror era of the 1930's. The 'original' Dracula Bela Lugosi himself would have shivered in his grave at the delightful re-enactment of the character he made famous in the theatre and the subsequent movie. The resemblance of the actor to Lugosi himself was uncanny! We are in for a treat in this one with appearances by the werewolf, mummy and to top it all off our very own Dean seconds from being turned into Frankenstein! The episode takes a relatively lighter turn despite the world coming to an end as Sammy points out and the brothers are back to the good old days of 'chopping the head off some Vampire'. The temporary deviation from the major plotline of Angels of the lord and god's will did not come across as a threat to the momentum of the season but as an extremely entertaining cleverly written little episode. I applaud the writers for their creativity.
    From the classic black and white imagery amidst the fog-shrouded alleyways to the scene changes the cinematic techniques of the horror era were on full flow, where it was not so much the special effects but the acting that provided the scares! The brothers are in search of an alleged vampire who kills a girl during Oktoberfest. Dean's flirting with the bar girl was simply hilarious more so was his claim to being revirgnized! Dracula makes his first appearance as Jamie waits for Dean to pick her up. The inevitable dead end street as she is being chased was thrilling but Dean saves the day by fighting him off (the fangs were bloody fantastic!!) and tearing his ear off to reveal a shape shifter. More like Winchester territory! The self proclaimed bad guy hero, Dean, pouring his heart out to the lady was once again classic and reminiscent of the storylines of the horror classics. Clever!
    Loved the scene of Sammy walking into the theatre in search of Ed as organ music haunts his steps. Also from the second we see Dean in his Frankenstein outfit (at which I had to stifle laughter) we know that we all wait with bated breath praying for Sammy to see him purely for the imminent comedic onslaught! And his simple reaction of 'Hey there Hansel' did not disappoint! Brilliant stuff.
    Good production overall. Was a nice side track from the main theme of this season and was received with much delight. I expect them to get back on the main quest next episode as we do not want too much deviation. We do not want to lose the momentum of this awesome season!
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