Season 3 Episode 11

Mystery Spot

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on The CW

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  • coool

  • Great epidode with great acting

    This is a great episode and it shows what a amazing actor Jared Padaleki is. The amount and range of emotion that he shows is incredible. This episode also shows what great writers Supernatural has. They are able to take a concept that has been used many times, turn it on its head and make something new. Funny, suspenseful and very entertaining.
  • Haha amazing and tummy hurting funny and freaking trippy

    Damn this was the craziest episode of Supernatual.

    It had everything.

    The comedy, the storyline, the suspence.... it was all just one hell of a trippy ride!

    i`d watch this episode again.
  • HEATT...OF THE MOVEMENT.....rise n shine SAMMY...

    HEATT...OF THE MOVEMENT.....rise n shine SAMMY... oh love this episode soo much....i can watch it over and over as many times as you want and still laugh as i laughed the first time i watched it.

    Some element are really wonderful about this episode espically the parts where you see the ethusiasm of dean and the grumpy sam who is unable to withstand the pressure of time loop.

    i reallly wonder how they the cast is able to bring such twists in each episode....there are some dialouges like the ones when dean tries to prove that they aren't caught in a time loop arguing with sam:

    Dean Winchester: [after Sam caught the falling hot sauce bottle] Nice reflexes.

    Sam Winchester: I knew it was going happen, Dean. I know everything that's going to happen.

    Dean Winchester: You don't know *every*thing.

    Sam Winchester: Yeah, I do.

    [in unison with Dean]

    Sam Winchester: Yeah right. Nice guess. It wasn't guess.

    Dean Winchester: [in unison] Right, you're a mind reader. Cut it out Sam. Sam! You think you're being funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears make-up. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchesters keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up- okay, enough!

    THIS EPISODE TOTALLY DESERVES A 10.....TOTALLY DUE TO THIS DIALOUGE Barney's terms....legenDARYYYYYYYYY.....OR IN MA TERMS....epiDARY....(derived from barney stinson of HIMUM)...:)

  • groundhog day, supernatural style. sam lives through the same tuesday over and over. he watches his brother die time and time again, the same day but a different death. funniest ep ever.

    this is definately my favorite supenatural episode of all time. i can watch it over and over again, hint, hint. sam and dean visit a town to investigate the disappearance of a scientist investigating the town's "mystery spot". they plan on visiting the landmark and dean dies tragically in an accident. sam wakes up the next morning, to the tune of asia'a "heat of the moment" and is shocked to see is brother still alive! sam is going through a kind of "groundhog day", reliving the same day over and over again, and each time dean dies a different death. how can he stop it and save dean? we find out it's the trickster and he wants to see how far sam will go to save dean from fullfilling his deal with the crossroad demon. although this ep doesn't have the usual dark tone the series is known for, it's a great change of pace and funny as hell, no pun intended. as someone who grew up in the 80's, hearing heat of the moment played about a dozen or so times was awesome. and even though i don't want to see dean die, some of his deaths in this ep were just outright hilarious. getting squashed by the piano and sam accidentally killing him. once the hilarity ends, we realize the lengths sam will go to save his brother. this is one you can't miss.
  • An unusual episode that is, first and foremost, incredibly funny (and, near the finale, heart-breaking)

    I must admit that the first time I saw this episode, I didn't quite like it. At least not as much as I do now. Back then, I loved the first part (until the meeting with the Trickster, the always awesome Richard Speight Jr.) but felt that the last one - set six months after the previously recounted facts - was pretty weak and off. Nevertheless, after seeing Season Four, I couldn't help but to come back to this episode and enjoy how faithful to Sam is his after-Dean depiction in this episode. The first half of "Mystery Spot" is hilarious: Dean is being killed off in many creative ways, and each and everyone of them is undeniably fun. The acting is really top-notch, both from Jensen (as usual) and Jared: the scene where they speak in unison is without a single doubt one of the most accomplished scenes this season. But it is what happens after the encounter with the Trickster that it's really important for Supernatural own mythology, because it shows how Sam will become after Dean's death: obsessed, revenge-driven, capable of anything to get his vengeance. This will be of pivotal importance in Season Four arc and it's incredible to have an episode in Season Three that so incredibly and strikingly well anticipated what was in store next.
  • Supernatural with a dose of Groundhog Day!


    The allusions are everywhere. In Groundhog Day, the kid wakes up to the same song over and over again, just like Sam. But even if you've never seen that movie? You can still love this episode for all that it is- hilarious and shockingly intense!

    At first we get a blast of confusion when Dean dies at the beginning of the episode. No pact needed here because, magically, Sam wakes up and Dean is okay! Sam realizes once Dean dies again that he is reliving the same day over and over. And Dean HAS to die, each time.

    The way they killed Dean each time was hilarious. You could guess what was coming. My favorite was Sam trying to prevent Dean from getting killed by going out for tacos instead of to the diner for breakfast, and then Dean asks Sam if the tacos taste funny... and then Sam is waking up again. Killed by a taco! And a piano, and a car. And a shower.

    The episode turns mighty serious when everybody's favorite trickster is found to be behind the time loop, to teach Sam a lesson. Eventually, Sam goes insane with the number of times he has to see Sam die, and he pleas with the trickster to let the next day (Wednesday) come. And when it does? Dean dies... and there is no longer any reviving him.

    Overall? This episode is sure to take your breath away (partly from laughing so much!).
  • Time-loop episode. Fun, but somewhat disappointing.

    There isn't a single episode of Supernatural that I didn't like, but some episodes were worse than others and I think that Mystery Spot in particular really didn't live up to its potential.

    The drama and the humour got in each other's way. Making an episode in which Sam has to watch Dean die over and over and over again at all comic was a bad move on the writers' part, in my opinion. This could have been one of the biggest tearjerkers of the series, but the comedy took most of the emotional impact out of it. At the same time, while there was enough comedy to mellow out the drama, there wasn't enough to make the episode especially funny overall.

    There were also some major pacing issues. Much of the beginning felt too repetitive and drawn out to me, while the ending - the part where Sam spends a few months without Dean - was way, way too hurried.

    So while it wasn't a bad episode by any means, it did leave me feeling somewhat disappointed and frustrated.
  • This one was an extremely good episode. Excellent approach to show "Groundhog's day" in Supernatural style.

    This one was an extremely good episode. Excellent approach to show "Groundhog's day" in Supernatural style. We have humour, we have drama and we have trickster guy! All together it gives us the great mix of a really awesome episode. I also noticed that the third season of the series is far way intriguing and builds the complexity of the show. Except for "Bedtime Stories" there were no episodes that I could consider as boring or not having the influence on the whole show's story. I am looking forward to seeing what's going to be next and how the brothers are going to get away with their lives in front of the evil surrounding them more and more.
  • Starts of being funny and then slowly turns very dark!

    Sam and Dean go to a town to investigate the disappearance of a reporter. Dean get's shot and Sam wakes up realizing it is Tuesday again. It turns out that he is reliving the day, like the movie groundhog day, and the end is that dean dies. At first when dean dies it is really sad but slowly it turns more and more funny (does this taco tastes funny to you?). Sam is getting more desperate about finding out what happened. In the beginning he thinks it is the mystery spot. But that turns out to be hoax just like dean thought. Sam doesn't know and it is starting to irritate him. The funniest moment of the epi to me is when Sam is literally able to repeat every line that Dean says!!
    Until he finds out that it is the trickster (who we have seen before). He tells Sam that it is his way of showing Sam that he has to face to fact that Dean is going to die and Sam can't stop it from coming. He gets the trickster so far to stop the time-loop, and finally it's Wednesday. Dean walks out of the motel room and he gets shot for real this time. Then something disturbing happens. Sam goes on a witch-hunt to find the trickster months go by and Sam in my eyes is a little creepy serial killer like (folding the bed nicely, trunk of the car!). In the end he finds the trickster (who is in the form of Bobby) and we go back to Wednesday. It's really heartbreaking to see Sam getting his brother back, at the same time realizing that you don't know for how long. I really loved this episode and because of episodes like this I watch Supernatural.
  • Sam is stuck in a time loop!

    The Trickster-(Tall Tales), played by Richard Speight Jr., is back, and he's having the time of his life, from kicking a jerk into a worm-hole, to killing Dean over and over in a time loop that Sam seems to be stuck in. Half the people I know that watch Supernatural have this as their favourite episode. Dean's first death was sad, as we didn't yet know it was fake and time-looped. When Dean is shot at the end of the episode, it is also sad, as Sam doesn't wake up to Heat of the Moment like he normally does. The Trickster's big speech about how Sam must prepare for how life will be when Dean's time has expired will, I hope, be of some importance to Sam.
  • Supernatural meets Groundhog Day

    The fact that Groundhog Day is one of my favorite comedy movies of all time sort of makes me biased towards this episode, so I'm trying to look at it with open eyes. This episode was funny, tragic, intense, mysterious.. and yeah, funny again. It had a little of everything, something that Supernatural does best, and it made for one entertaining ride.

    Having seen the movie that this episode was based on, it was fun to look at all the of the little comparisons. Using Asia's "Heat of the Moment" song in place of that Sonny and Cher song was great, and watching all of the different and ridiculous ways in which Dean dies was awesome. It was also cool to see the Trickster from a couple seasons back make a return. Very cool, and shows that Supernatural is very in-tune with their supporting characters and is not against having them return for a guest spot.

    The one thing I didn't enjoy as much was the complete focus on comedy towards the middle. Even the movie Groundhog Day had a lot of tragedy inside of the comedic parts. Also, even though it could be explained due to time constraints, it was weird how Sam only woke up after Dean died. If he would've lived out the day, it would've been better.

    This was probably the funnest episode of Supernatural yet. I loved watching it and making comparisons to the original. Seeing Sam after Dean dies was also a good twist and made for a compelling reveal.
  • "Do these tacos taste funny to you"

    This episode was very hilarious. Not to be mean or anything. But watching Dean die like that over & over is just funny. He gets poisoned, choked, smashed, killed by Sam. It is just hilarious. Sometimes he didn't die and the day was re-winded. It was just too funny. The Trickster! I knew he was going to come back! I just knew it. That big cliffhanger in "Tall Tales" I thought he was going to come back in the second season. The six months without Dean is very disturbing. Watching him heal his wound was terrifying. After this episode, it shows he knows more.
  • Sam relives the same tuesday over and over.

    ***Plot spoiler***

    I can't decide if this is the best or the second best episode...Ok it is the best episode of the series. Sam gets a chance to excel. Yes it is very much like "Groundhog Day", but so much more. I had good, no great, acting, exceptional writing and a good lesson. I liked the homage to Kolchak and the X-Files. Kudos to the writers for penning such a thoughtful and honest episode teaching the value of sometimes not being able to change anything. This episode is kind of a mystery wrapped up in a drama. The Trickster returns. Hopefully not the last time.
  • A fantastic homage to Groundhog Day, only better.

    I absolutely loved this episode. The nods to Groundhog Day were perfect, but Supernatural did something really great with the idea and having the Trickster behind it all was a stroke of genius. I loved some of the more subtle bits, like the hint that one of Dean's deaths that we didn't see was caused by the waitress accidentally shooting him while practising archery. And I don't think I've ever (guiltily) laughed so much while watching a character die over and over again, but it was done with such comic skill, especially the quick cut from the dog snarling to 'Heat of the Moment' :) Beautifully written, wonderfully acted, fantastic.
  • At first glance this seems like a rip-off of the film 'Groundhog Day,' but the extra elements actually make it a lot more interesting than that.

    In 'Groundhog Day' the idea was to get the day "right," or at least, as "right" as Bill Murray's character could manage, given who he was. In this episode of Supernatural the idea is to show a Sam without a Dean, both while the day is repeating without Dean's knowledge, and then later when things get even worse.

    It's interesting to get a preview of what Sam might do if Dean does die at the end of season 3. It's also interesting that Ruby isn't featured at all: he's completely alone, rejecting even Bobby's help. The way the trunk of the Impala now resembles John Winchester's trunk shows how Sam on his own is much more like John - something that would no doubt disappoint his brother.

    The Trickster shows his colours in this one. Although he started messing with Sam just because the boys came to town, it seems that he really is trying to teach him something: he can't save his brother, but life will go on afterwards anyway. That the lesson is lost on Sam is not a good sign for the future.

    A rushed montage showcasing Sam's time without Dean bothers me. I feel like it could have been developed much more, though perhaps at the cost of some of the gags at the beginning of the episode.
  • The best episode ever

    In this episode there were a hole lott of humor. It was a very funny episode even if Dean died at least a miljon times. Dean were the person that made this episode a ten. It was also funny to se Sam to tray to handle the situation. evry episode with the trixter is funny. he is evil with class. I like those kind of bad guys. the episode is very well written. as i said before i laughed thru the hole epesode. It felt like a long epesode. the part when Sam was alone were very skary. is that what he vill bekom when Dean is gone. I do not hop so.
  • This episode was my favorite ever! This was amazing! I had to watch it over and over again it was so good

    This episode was my favorite ever! This was amazing! I had to watch it over and over again it was so good Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean's death. Determined to stop the time loop, he repeatedly tries to alter the day or otherwise prevent from his brother's death from ever occurring. Sam is literally able to repeat every line that Dean says!!
    Until he finds out that it is the trickster (who we have seen before). He tells Sam that it is his way of showing Sam that he has to face to fact that Dean is going to die and Sam can't stop it from coming. He gets the trickster so far to stop the time-loop, and finally it's Wednesday. Dean walks out of the motel room and he gets shot for real this time. Then something disturbing happens. Sam goes on a witch-hunt to find the trickster months go by and Sam becomes a little creepy the way he is haunting. finally Sam catches up with the trickster and asks him to make it become Wednesday before anything happened. and then Sam wakes up and it is Wednesday again.
  • This episode was my favorite ever! This was amazing!

    Sam relives the same day over and over, continually having to deal with Dean's death. Determined to stop the time loop, he repeatedly tries to alter the day or otherwise prevent from his brother's death from ever occurring. After repeated failures, a slight change in how the day plays out tips Sam off on whom the culprit really is. He confronts the man and it is revealed to be a Trickster, whom the brothers believed they had killed some time before. Sam attempts to kill him, but the Trickster ends the loop and allows the brothers to leave. The day after, Dean is shot by a mugger and dies. Distraught, Sam turns dark and dedicates his life to tracking down the Trickster. Eventually, they meet once again, and Sam begs the Trickster to fix things. This episode was one of the best ever in the whole world!
  • I did not get it.

    Supernatural is one of my favorite shows by far and even though I liked this episode I did not get the meaning of it. The trickster is back but why does he care if Sam lives without Dean. On top of that if he was back because they tried to kill him then why does he let Sam out of the time loop and give Dean back? I just did not understand the meaning of this episode but the rest of it was great as usual. Dean is his usual funny self, I at least have one good laugh per episode from him. Not my favorite Supernatural episode but the show is still one of the best on television.
  • Best Episode ever

    i love this one because each time little Sammy wakes up, dean is on the bed singing to the same song again. i never expected sam to be dumb enough to believe that he was dreaming because dean always ordered the same thing. one thing i love though is how he decided to change the outcome of their day, but something wrong happens each time. i love the way dean went and got the ladies number, it was one of the best and funniest part of this episode. they definitely keep the show fun by adding humor to horror that is why supernatural is one of the best shows on television especially cw. if every other show were like it, then i have no idea which one to watch then.
  • Someone dies a lot of different ways...

    In this episode of Supernatural, Dean and Sam are out and getting ready to kill some demons and monster. when they wake up they go out to eat and then go to a pass called "Mystery Spot". when the go there, someone sees them and starts shooting them. the Dean dies and then suddenly, it the beginning of the day again...

    After over 100 times of going through Tuesday and watching Dean die each time. he goes out and finds who's doing that. Then it's finally Wednesday, but then when Dean dies, he's dead for good. but through deals and stuff, he comes back to life and the episode ends.

    Overall, this is a really funny episode and the first one that i ever seen. just remember, "Beat of the Moment!"
  • Groundhog day with a difference!

    Stonkingly good episode!!! Supernatural does Groundhog day. A succinct start leads to a shocking third scene where Dean dies. Not once, not twice but hundreds of times and in different ways! Hilarious! Just how many ways can one person die? This episode tries to answer that!

    However, the point of the story is not Dean dying. The spot isnt the main point of the episode either. It is created by the existance of a Trickster, someone with the power to replay a day in time. The true point of the episode is to show Sam what will happen when Dean is dead. The trickster taking his time to repeat the pain caused to Sam is just a red-herring. A good plot device and well done. We discover however, that the real point of the episode starts when the Trickster is sounded out and lets time carry on. Sam becomes the revenge-pent up loner that may occur in time - he even kills Bobby!

    The finale is somewhat anti-climatic but by then you wont care. Youll be too busy pickup your emotions from the floor!

    Excellent episode.
  • This was a really great episode. It shows you that Sam really does not want Dean to die, and will do anything to save him.

    This episode was really confusing at first. Like, Die, after die after die. But, yoou know, it showed a really good point. Sam has to learn to live without his brother. Like the "Trickster" said. I mean, it was really mean to pretend to be Bobby and see if Sam would kill him, of course SAm knew though. This episode should of taught Sam and all of the veiwers and important lesson. It is really sad to see Dean go, but their is very little you can do. Obviously Dean isn't going to die, but, whatever. All I'm saying is that this episode makes a strong point, and proves a poiint.
  • This episode was one that you could see whats coming in the near future. And Sammy can't safe Dean from whats coming on him.

    I'd loved this episode. It made Sam realize that he can not safe Dean from going to hell, that Dean isn't going to be there for him forever and if they wan't to win, he has to become more like Dean. It was kind of funny and serious at the same time. "Clowns or midgets ?" Dean dying is scarry but Sam has to live with and go on with the battle. This one is a classic and it makes you think. I hope there will be more episodes like this. I hope to see a Sam like the one in this episode when Dean died. It was incredible. Sammy being crazy. I'd loved it.
  • Supernatural meets Groundhog Day!

    I had to re-watch this one over and over and over as I laughed so much I kept missing bits! Even Deans dying over and over and over was hilarious.The scenes in the diner were sheer brilliance, getting funnier with each passing or in this case not passing day! The show is by its very nature mostly dark and these episodes of light relief now and again give us a chance to see the 'lighter' side of Sam and Dean, whilst never really detracting from their ultimate path. This was an excellent light relief episode in an absolutely great season so far.
  • It's Groundhog Day!

    I LOVED this ep... i particularly loved the miming sequence, the first few deaths and the sequence in the diner with the mimic... Both: "Sammy Winchester cries during sex"
    Cracked me up... in fact, if anyone has the exact lines from that sequence, i'd love to have them

    I also loved seeing sam go off to the deep end... i felt the sinking feeling he did when he realised Bobby wasn't the trickster... amazing.. all up, one of the best episodes i've seen yet, and it's this kind of episode that includes humour and darkness that makes me love this entire series
  • I didn't think I'd like this episode, but I did.

    Dean is a dead man. Dean is a dead man. Wait, was that like totally deja vu? Woah. Anyway, this episode is actually really interesting. I didn't expect to be in to such a gimik-e episode of Supernatural, but then again, it was well thought of, the plot was nice and it overall gave us a very clear view into Sam's future, the one without Dean by his side. The episode gets a little dark near the end, which ironically isn't a common thing in this show. Other than a great plot, this episode was also really funny when it came to conversations between the two brothers.
  • Like the last episode involving the wasn't one of the best!

    Sam enters some kind of time loop where he keeps reliving the same day over and over again. Not only that no matter what he does Dean always dies, and there's no way to stop it. To start with the scenario is unique, then a little spooky, then really funny, then pretty samey, and then just plain annoying!!! They seem to ware the idea down too much and although its funny to start with they drag it out for too long and it just becomes stupid. After watching the smae clip around what seems like a thousand times, Sam realises that the trickster (a creature that can make you see excactly what they want and put you in alternate realities) from the previous episode, that was ten times more stupid and annoying, has come back. After Sam tries to kill the thing, just when you start to think its all over Dean dies yet again and this time he doesn't wake up! six months later Sam is becoming increasingly evil, looking and acting more like dean and still hell bent on finding the trickster. As expected Dean isn't really dead its just the trickster screwing with Sams head again! The only good thing that comes out of the episode is the humour and it is interesting seeing what Sam would be like without Dean. Which i think was the whole point of the story line anyway. Although the idea is there Unfortunatly it is just exshausted and becomes very tedious very quickly. It is nice to have a humourus episode now and then but the writers tend to take it too far and at times its like your watching a sitcom just without the canned laughter. Despite some funny moments this certainly isn't one of the better episodes!
  • They Keep Killing Dean

    Mystery Spot is yet again another highly entertaining Supernatural. Using the classic Sci-fi plot of the day restarting things could get predictable and tedious very quickly. Luckily this is Supernatural and like always everything works well. First off the wake up scene with Dean singing along to the radio and pointing is just freaking great. The first two deaths of Dean are truly heartbreaking and then the rest are laugh out loud outrageous. When Dean is shoot and the day dose not re start my heart just sank into my stomach the pain on Sam's face was intense. The whole part that follows is a grim insight to what will happen to Sam if Dean does in fact die this season. Mystery Spot is an episode that will you make laugh out loud and maybe cry.
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