Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on The CW
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The Winchesters investigate a series of crimes where robbers with no criminal past commit suicide after the hold-ups.

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  • I liked this episode!

    In this episode Sam and Dean are investigating bank robbers. Turns out they are shape shifters.

    Enter Ronald (lazer eyes) and he holds up the bank while Sam and Dean are inside trying to find the shapeshifter.

    It all turns bad after a while when the police find out that Sam and Dean are inside and them Agent Hendrikson shows up. Ronald gets shot before Sam and Dean can find the shapeshifter and then it looks like Dean takes over the hold up. They (Sam and Dean) eventually find the sahpeshifter and then it's all about getting out of the bank without the FBI arresting them and yay the way they do it is awsome. I also like the song at the end of theis episode, Renegade, when they are running up the stairs to the Impala.moreless
  • Shapeshifters

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 12 Nightshifter

    Sam and Dean investigate cases of bank thefts. They're told by Ronald that they were commited by a half human, half robot. As it turns out, it was a shapeshifter. FBI Agent Victor Henricksen enters the case.

    This one, Nightshifter, was so great. Full of suspense, with twists and turns here and there. Amazing. The writers did a pretty good job. Henricksen shows up in the case, and now Sam and Dean are screwed. This was incredible, so great. Was awesome. Supernatural Season 2 Episode 12 Nightshifter is so amazingly good! You'll like this one, I'm sure of it.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural there are series of crimes being commited but the people have no crimal past and there just commiting suicide after they do the crimes so sam and dean are investgating and tring to find what happeing when they think its shapeshiffters that are causing it and they must find what to stop them this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and very suspencful and intense at some parts of the ep and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower i did not give any higer because i thought its not a full 10moreless
  • This is episode was good but they already had an episode that dealt with a shapeshifter

    Another episode with a shapeshifter. Don't get me wrong this episode was good but I did not understand why they chose to focus on another shapeshifter. By the end of the episode it was never clear why the shapeshifter was robbing the banks. Was it just for the money or was there some other reason? Now both Sam and Dean are wanted men. That will just make their mission to help people ten times harder. Since they are both wanted men, when they do help people from now on they are going to have to keep a low profile. I did like how Sam and Dean outsmarted the cops by dressing up as SWAT to get out of the bank. Hopefully next week episode will be good too.moreless
  • The mandroid, oh noez!

    Unintentionally hilarious. When a case in Supernatural isn't so much supernatural like the shapeshifter here, you gotta come out with some creative writing and the writers for this episode did exactly that. Ronald for his short time with us was just awesome. He brought a great sense of comedy to this episode and made this episode what it is; the whole mandroid gag was amusing and it really set the tone for the episode that even rubbed off on the other characters, like Dean when he liked the security guard for saying "okey dokey."

    Although Ronald will shortly be remembered as a hero to all of us fans, this episode was still being supported on the strength of its case. The Winchester brothers had to find the shapeshifter, and were in a really tight bind doing so with the feds all up on their asses. This episode really offered us something new and refreshing and was far from predictable; the entire time you were thinking to yourself how exactly Sam and Dean were going to escape the situation, in fact more than how they were going to catch the shapeshifter.moreless
Charles Malik Whitfield

Charles Malik Whitfield

Special Agent Victor Henricksen

Guest Star

Stephen E. Miller

Stephen E. Miller

Okey Dokey Guard

Guest Star

Alison Matthews

Alison Matthews

Frannie Wandel

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • At the 34:47 mark, the Sherri "corpse" is clearly breathing.

    • When Ronald goes to the bank and locks the doors, he then shouts "This is not a robbery!" and shoots some shots into the ceiling. His shots are at about a 70 - 75 degree angle and there is no way that the debris would have fallen right on him from above, not with the vaulted ceilings.

    • When Sam and Dean are showing their badges to Ronald they are both holding them with their left hands but when the camera angle switches, Dean is now holding his badge in his right hand.

    • There is no way that ordinary ceiling tile will support a human body.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Henricksen: I know about your dad.
      Dean: You don't know crap about my dad.
      Henricksen: Ex-marine, raised his kids on the road, cheap motels, backwood cabins, real paramilitary survivalist type. I just can't get a handle on what type of wacko he was. White supremacist, Timothy McVeigh? Tomato, tomahto.
      Dean: You got no right, talkin' about my dad like that. He was a hero.

    • Sherri: (about Dean) Who is that man?
      Sam: He's my brother.
      Sherri: He is so brave. (Sam rolls eyes)

    • Dean: Are you nuts?
      Ronald: That's just it, I'm not nuts. I mean, I was so scared that I was losing my marbles, but this is real! I mean, I was right! Except for the Mandroid thing, thank you.
      Dean: Yeah, don't mention it.

    • (Dean opens vault where hostages are being hidden)
      Sherri: Oh my God! You saved us. You saved us!
      Dean: Actually, I just met some more. (ushers more hostages in)

    • Lt. Robarts: (about the Feds taking over the situation) Let me guess. You're lead dog now, but you would just love my full cooperation.
      Henricksen: I don't give a rat's ass what you do. You can go get a donut and bang your wife for all I care.

    • Ronald: This is not a robbery! Everybody on the floor, now!

    • Sam: Shapeshifter. Just like back in St. Louis. Same retinal reaction to video.
      Dean: Eyes flare at the camera. I hate those freaking things.
      Sam: You think I don't?
      Dean: Well, but one didn't turn into you and frame you for murder.

    • Ronald: Chinese been working on 'em for years, and the Russians before that. Part man, part machine, like the Terminator, but the kind that can change itself, make itself look like other people.
      Dean: (enthusiastic) Like the one from T2?
      Ronald: Exactly! See, so not just a robot, more of a... a... a Mandroid.
      Sam: A Mandroid?!

    • Ronald: The thing I let into the bank... wasn't Juan. I mean, it had his face, but it wasn't his face. Ah, every detail was perfect but too perfect, you know, like if a dollmaker made it, like I was talking to a big Juan doll.
      Sam: A Juan doll?

    • Dean: Well, thanks, Frannie, I think that's all I need.
      Frannie: Really? I mean, 'cause I've got more. You know, if you wanted to interview me some time, in private...?
      Dean: Yeah... Yeah, I think that's a good idea. You're a true patriot, you really are. Why don't you write your number down there for me, that'd be good.

    • Frannie: So, what's it like, being an FBI guy?
      Dean: Well, it's dangerous, yeah. And the secrets we gotta keep, oh God, the secrets. But mostly it's... it's lonely.

    • Ronald: Get on the floor, now!
      Dean: Okay, we're doing that. Just don't shoot anybody, especially not us.
      Ronald: I knew it, as soon as you two left. You ain't FBI. Who are you? Who are you working for, huh? The Men in Black? You working for the Mandroid?
      Sam: We're not working for the Mandroid!
      Ronald: You shut up! I ain't talking to you. I don't like you!
      Sam: Fair enough.

    • Henricksen: It's my job to bring you in. Alive's a bonus but not necessary.
      Dean: Whoa, that's kind of harsh for a federal agent, don'tcha think?
      Henricksen: Well, you're not the typical suspect, are you, Dean? I want you and Sam out here, unarmed, or we come in. And yes, I know about Sam, too, Bonnie to your Clyde.
      Dean: Yeah, well, that part's true... but how'd you even know we were here?
      Henricksen: Go screw yourself, that's how I know.

    • Dean: Well, looks like Mr. Okey Dokey's... okey dokey.

    • Dean: I'm not just gonna walk in here naked!

    • Dean: We are so screwed.

    • Dean: I like (the bank guard). He says "okey dokey."
      Sam: What if he's the shifter?
      Dean: Well, then we follow him home, put a silver bullet in his chest plate.

    • Sam: What, are you pissed at me or something?
      Dean: No, I just think it's creepy how good of a Fed you are. I mean, come on, we could have at least thrown the guy a bone. He did some pretty good leg work here.
      Sam: (laughs) Mandroid?
      Dean: Except for the Mandroid part.

    • Dean: Friggin' cops.
      Sam: They're just doing their job.
      Dean: No, they're doing our job, only they don't know it so they suck at it.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: February 18, 2007 on TV3
      Portugal: May 28, 2007 on AXN
      Germany: March 12, 2008 on Premiere Serie
      Italy: August 5, 2008 on Rai2
      The Netherlands: February 22, 2009 on NET5

    • The episode opens with a "Breaking News" television report, which actually breaks into the opening recap, just as a real "Breaking News" report would.

    • In-joke: The "ManDroid" on the cover of Fortean Times is a Cyberman from the new series of the British science fiction show Doctor Who, shown on BBC1 in England and Sci-Fi in America. The issue is FT 209 from May 2006.

    • Jared Paladecki's cast over his wrist and arm has been taken off.

    • Music: Renegade by Styx, Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions


    • Dean: I don't think he likes you, Agent Johnson.
      Dean is referring to Sam as Agent Johnson from The Matrix Reloaded, the second installment of The Matrix series, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers.

    • FBI Badges
      When Sam and Dean present their fake FBI badges for Ronald to inspect, Sam's badge reads "Han Solo," and Dean's reads "Jack Ryan." Han Solo is the character played by Harrison Ford in the Star Wars films, and Jack Ryan is a fictional CIA officer created by writer Tom Clancy. Harrison Ford also played Jack Ryan in Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994).

    • Ronald: the Terminator, but the kind that can change itself, make itself look like other people.
      They are referring to the 1991 film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The Terminator that can change forms is the T-1000, played by Robert Patrick, who is the antagonist of the film.

    • Ronald: I knew it, as soon as you two left. You ain't FBI. Who are you? Who are you working for, huh? The Men in Black?
      Referencing the 1997 movie Men in Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as government agents dedicated to dealing with alien menaces.