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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on The CW

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  • I liked this episode!

    In this episode Sam and Dean are investigating bank robbers. Turns out they are shape shifters.

    Enter Ronald (lazer eyes) and he holds up the bank while Sam and Dean are inside trying to find the shapeshifter.

    It all turns bad after a while when the police find out that Sam and Dean are inside and them Agent Hendrikson shows up. Ronald gets shot before Sam and Dean can find the shapeshifter and then it looks like Dean takes over the hold up. They (Sam and Dean) eventually find the sahpeshifter and then it's all about getting out of the bank without the FBI arresting them and yay the way they do it is awsome. I also like the song at the end of theis episode, Renegade, when they are running up the stairs to the Impala.
  • Shapeshifters

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 12 Nightshifter
    Sam and Dean investigate cases of bank thefts. They're told by Ronald that they were commited by a half human, half robot. As it turns out, it was a shapeshifter. FBI Agent Victor Henricksen enters the case.

    This one, Nightshifter, was so great. Full of suspense, with twists and turns here and there. Amazing. The writers did a pretty good job. Henricksen shows up in the case, and now Sam and Dean are screwed. This was incredible, so great. Was awesome. Supernatural Season 2 Episode 12 Nightshifter is so amazingly good! You'll like this one, I'm sure of it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural there are series of crimes being commited but the people have no crimal past and there just commiting suicide after they do the crimes so sam and dean are investgating and tring to find what happeing when they think its shapeshiffters that are causing it and they must find what to stop them this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and very suspencful and intense at some parts of the ep and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower i did not give any higer because i thought its not a full 10
  • This is episode was good but they already had an episode that dealt with a shapeshifter

    Another episode with a shapeshifter. Don't get me wrong this episode was good but I did not understand why they chose to focus on another shapeshifter. By the end of the episode it was never clear why the shapeshifter was robbing the banks. Was it just for the money or was there some other reason? Now both Sam and Dean are wanted men. That will just make their mission to help people ten times harder. Since they are both wanted men, when they do help people from now on they are going to have to keep a low profile. I did like how Sam and Dean outsmarted the cops by dressing up as SWAT to get out of the bank. Hopefully next week episode will be good too.
  • The mandroid, oh noez!

    Unintentionally hilarious. When a case in Supernatural isn't so much supernatural like the shapeshifter here, you gotta come out with some creative writing and the writers for this episode did exactly that. Ronald for his short time with us was just awesome. He brought a great sense of comedy to this episode and made this episode what it is; the whole mandroid gag was amusing and it really set the tone for the episode that even rubbed off on the other characters, like Dean when he liked the security guard for saying "okey dokey."

    Although Ronald will shortly be remembered as a hero to all of us fans, this episode was still being supported on the strength of its case. The Winchester brothers had to find the shapeshifter, and were in a really tight bind doing so with the feds all up on their asses. This episode really offered us something new and refreshing and was far from predictable; the entire time you were thinking to yourself how exactly Sam and Dean were going to escape the situation, in fact more than how they were going to catch the shapeshifter.
  • "Oh mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law" … absolutely LOVE this episode.

    The most fun I've ever had watching a TV show, it was such an entertaining episode in every aspect. Sure it had some plot holes (if they were so sure Sherri was the shapeshifter why take her to see the body? Why not kill her right then and there once they've secured the vault's door? Of course it all led to a brilliant confrontation so who's complaining…), but it was extremely clever and amusing. I absolutely love everything about it, it was so funny without relying too much on jokes or physical comedy … it was just naturally hilarious, this is the type of subtle comedy I enjoy the most. The concept, the plot, Ronald, the shapeshifter's diversion strategy, and of course agent Henriksen … everything was perfect. And what could be a more appropriate song for such an ending than Styx' Renegade? Ben Edlund's best.

    Dean couldn't have said it better … "we're so screwed!"
  • A great episode and Ronald Reznick (Gauthier) is just amazing!

    The second episode written by Ben Edlund is tightly plotted, action packed and literally filled with suspense and drama. Plus, it has a few laughs and one of the greatest comedic sidekick I've ever seen in TV show: Ronald Reznick (Gauthier) manages to be both endearing in a tender sort of way and extremely funny. And his X-Files spoof-like house is priceless!

    What's even more important, "Nightshifter" features the first appearance of one of my favorite recurring characters of the series: Charles Malik Whitfield as FBI Special Agent Victor Henriksen, Dean's nemesis. This sub-plot (the boys chased by the police and the federals) started with "Skins" (1x06), continued with "The Usual Suspects" (2x07) and it now reaches an apex with "Nightshifter" (And there's even more to come): it's a brilliant sub-plot, a clever gimmick to lavish some realism (so to speak) onto the Winchester brothers' misadventures and, first and foremost, it set up the stage for a recurring setting that I really missed in Season Four (a season otherwise perfect).

    The direction by Philip Sgriccia is awesome as always, and so is the cinematography. Actually, I think that Sgriccia and Ladouceur even enhanced Edlund's script, giving at the episode a distinct feature film ambiance (the scenes outside the bank), and a nice diversion for the usual grim, dirt, blue-collar, often rural, always disturbingly (Southern) gothic atmosphere.
  • Another great episode. The show just keeps on laying down twists and turns.

    Supernatural reminds me of Breaking Bad in the sense that they both tend to start off episodes near the end of the plot, and they then go back and show how it leads up to that. Supernatural has done a great job with that lately, and in fact, it's become hard for me to criticize the show as of late because each episode seems to have a format it sticks to, and it makes sure it never sticks exactly to it. There's always some changes that the writers put in to keep it fresh. The show isn't necessarily like Buffy, where there's cases that needed to be solved each episode.. it's more a character study of the brothers (I'm writing a blog about this soon, so I'll just stop with the ranting xD)

    Once again, the writers bring back the shapeshifter plot after they discover nice people are robbing banks and killing themselves afterwards. Sam and Dean suspect a shapeshifter and soon enough, without warning, they're trapped in a hostage situation in a bank with a crazy conspiracy theoriest named Ronald who's positive it's a "mandroid" responsible for the attacks. Ronald ended up being a cool character, regardless of how insane he came off as. In just twenty minutes, they were able to give his character a background and enough of a personality to elicit an emotional response after he's shot. That, plus the fact that this is the third time Dean has gotten screwed over because of that shapeshifter back in season 1, made this episode one of the better ones of the entire series.

    Some people could see it as a filler episode, since it didn't focus too much on the rest of the plot points (yellow eyed man, Sam's power), but I found it to be a perfect way to tie up the ordeal with Dean and the shapeshifter.
  • Conclusion the whole prison plot.

    This episode was pretty good, It didn't get the reception it needed though. I mean in the promo, the episode didn't look very interesting. I love how the episode started with the "Breaking News" thing. That was clever. Ron died midway. Another shape shifter. I love how it changed characters throughout the whole thing. And how it tricked Sam & Dean to make it think it was Sherri. That was also clever. Plus I loved how they escaped. In reality, Sam & dean would be in jail now. Who could beat up a swat team? A very well thought out episode.
  • An excellent step forward for tension in the series.

    Aside from the usual wonderful witty remarks and cheesy interactions, this is a great episode to increase the stakes for the Winchester boys in the "real world." Henricksen steps up the antagonism for the season, and Ron Resnick is actually sweet and likable for a one-off character.

    I love the way it's being developed that everyone in the normal world thinks Dean is a monster and Sam's misunderstood, and everyone in the supernatural world thinks Sam is the anti-christ and Dean's an all right guy. Good juxtaposition.

    After the disappointing police interaction in The Usual Suspects (kind of a dud of an episode, with a few great lines and a lot of forced, bad acting) this is a big improvement and a great slip into the latter part of the second season.

    ...also, it's fun to watch Sam take out two SWAT guys while Dean gets beaten up by a girl. But hey.
  • The boys investigate strange killings by the familiar Shapeshifters.

    This is truly the finest episode of the series. Perfect in every way. Exciting, frightening, and affecting. The character "Resnick", who seems nutty but, becomes the catalyst in a doomed mission is a very unlikely but likeable character. Chasing the shapeshifter was exciting and interesting. I love all the sidebar comments that they make regarding other shows and movies. The music they choose is very good and fitting for that particual scene. The ending in the car before they drive away is absolutely the finest scene.

    One change, stop having the boys fight every episode. That gets a bit tiring after awhile.
  • Sam and Dean encounter another shape shifter as they are held as hostages in a bank. Dean makes national headlines as a wanted man.

    This episode is both humorous and sad, mainly due to Ronald. The Mandroid theory was too funny. I loved everything about this guy, he was just so much fun. Nice nod to Fortean Times and the Dr. Who Cybermen, by the way. Is it just me or were Dean and Sam a little too convicing as FBI agents? Sam was a total jerk to Ronald. He said that it was better for Ronald to stay in the dark, but when you leave people in the dark they can't see the monsters even though the monsters can see them. Sam does this throughout the series – he let's people believe that there is nothing to fear and it ends up meaning doom for them.

    "This is not a robbery!!" What a great line! Did I mention that I LOVED Ronald?

    It just sucks that the feds know all about them. Hendrickson is a scary dude and I have a feeling that I am not going to like him much in the future – and I have no doubt that he will be recurring as a thorn in the boys' side.

    The episode was a good one, full of humor and suspense. Big time tension throughout the episode. The Winchesters prove that they are indeed clever and slick. Sam always impresses me when he fights. Maybe because I see him as the "younger brother" I forget that he is badass, but this episode brought a nice reminder to the fact that Sam is awesome in a fight and he is good at off the cuff plans.

    I don't like plotlines where the heroes are hunted by the law. However, this is so well done in Supernatural that I love this episode. The music at the end of the episode was simply fantastic – Renegade has never been used so well before or since. "We are so screwed." Yeah, that sums it up.

    This episode is indicative of why Supernatural is such a great show. It has style. The universe, the feel of the show, the music, all make for great story telling. There is a certain Supernatural sensibility that I cannot quite put into words that is imminently appealing – the entire mentality of the show is just wonderful. The human reaction to situations unhuman makes the unbelievable believable. The show is so well written that even stories I think I won't like because they are cliché or because they have been done before end up being completely absorbing and entertaining because they were done so well on this show.
  • Sam & Dean find themselves on the wrong side of the law again, setting a realistic thread to their supernatural lifestyle.

    I have watched Nightshifter more than any of the other episodes in both seasons. Not because it's necessarily the best episode ever, but because it touches every nerve and answers a string of questions and ponderings along the way.
    I loved the eccentricity of Ronald, and the reversal of Good Cop/Bad Cop: Sam/Dean. The humour in this episode is extraordinarily simple and beautifully written. The involvement of the FBI put a realistic spin on their delinquancy and introduced a potentially pivotal character in the form of Agt Victor Hendrickson, who will not give up on putting Dean away for the St Louis murder,along with a string of other felonies, mentioned in earlier episode The Usual Suspects.
    This is a fabulous episode, that reprises an old foe, has witty, humourous dialogue and just the right amount of suspense and thrills.
  • Sam and Dean hunt yet another shape shifter.

    As always, very well acted. Jensen is looking really hot at the beginning of this episode. He brought his character into a whole new sexy! I think it's cute how the two Winchesters put their badges up to the window at the exact same time. I love how Dean makes so many comments that crack me up. He is always so funny when he starts another case. I think many of the things Dean said will be used as display pic banners so people will laugh. It's always funny that Sam gets picked on by someone at all times. Especially Ronald when he goes, "I don't like you" to Sam. Made me laugh. Once again, GREAT ACTING! Good job!
  • Winchester’s 11. ‘Nuff said, as the kids say these days.

    These past few episodes have been quite enjoyable for me because Supernatural, having found its footing as a series, is playing with style and content from different genres than just being the episode horror movie. Thus we get, for example, the stylistic opening to “Crossroad Blues,” Law and Order: Supernatural Victims Unit from “The Usual Suspects,” and now the Winchester Rat Pack. It’s an exciting change of pace and opportunity to see different aspects of the Boys’ acting chops.

    I wrote a note following the teaser that said, “could always go for the ‘twin’ thing – no complete files, right?” Obviously the rest of the episode beat me to the punch; I doubt the Feds would accept a lie of Dean quadruplets.

    After watching the episode, I went to twop and there saw that Demian, the reviewer, theorizes that the Inspector is possessed by YED. It’s an interesting thought, and certainly not one that I would ever have come up with (like the imaginary friend from last episode, it probably would have taken me until we are hit upside the head with expository evidence that I understood), but I don’t think it’s true. As exemplified by the Styx playing at the end of the episode, I think the Powers that Be at Supernatural are driving for a conflict in which the Boys are caught completely in a corner, friendless and escapeless. They are quickly approaching said corner – their enemies include: the legions of Things that Go Bump/el que no es humano, Hunters searching for the Children of the Corn, and the Feds. Basically we’re going to need to get a Presidential pardon and an act of God or two going on in here.

    I’ve already written about my thoughts on how I’m leery of the Boys being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list because it comes dangerously close to breaking the fourth wall. We’ll just say that the things I’ve said about that go double for “Night Shifter.”

    (Oh, and I particularly enjoyed the complete *lack* of repetitive angst, just for the record. It was nice to get a change, with Dean catching on to the “Okie-dokie” and Sam utilizing his gigantour-ness to easily disarm and dispose of two S.W.A.T. members. Speaking of S.W.A.T. – I know a girl from my college who swore that her parents live next door to a man who works in the “Squat Team.” Let’s just picture the team from “Night Shifter” going about their anti-heist business, but while performing walking squats…I love it.)
  • Nightshifter. These are the kinds of episodes that I would like to see more of. One of my favourite episodes of the season. Dean: "How did you know we were here?" Hendrickson: "Go screw yourself that's how I know." 'OUCH!'

    Sam and Dean come across yet another shapeshifter. But this time it is stealing goods and robbing banks. Nightshifter is close to my favourite episode of this season. It has life to it, and it is exciting every step of the way. You know, no flat spots or sissy boring parts. Man I almost feel sorry for special agent Hendrickson, I mean, he was so close to catching them. Sam and Dean are just too good. My favourite part is when Dean and Hendrickson are having the converstion over the phone, this is a very meaningful part to the episode and you can tell that Dean is very hurt by what Hendrickson said. Sam is also great in this episode, he plays big tough guy, and takes a bit of responsibility. This is when I like the Sam the most. When he speaks for himself.
    Overall, a great episode! I loved every second of it.
  • "I like that guy, he says Okey-Dokey" -Dean Winchester

    This episode was much more than okey-dokey for me.
    The past comes racing up after Dean and Sammy in this action packed episode which see's the return of a supernatural beastie that first gave them grief in Season 1's Skin episode.
    A strange series of robberies are taking place in Milwaukee. Strange because the crimes are being carried out by the least likely suspects. Long time, trusted employess are committing the crimes before apparantly killing themselves. With help from Ronald, a frenzied former bank employee the boys realise another shape shifter is on the loose.
    This episode also highlights the extreme situation that Dean and Samy are in. They have been alluding the authorities for quite some time and that time is quickly running out.
    Beside the obvious monsters and supernatural beings they fight, they now have to deal with the human element (FBI) if they want to remain free to continue hunting the demon that started their quest. All of which is very hard when your'e locked in a bank, surounded by cops and still have a shape shifter, that could be anyone, on the loose.
    In my opinion this has been the best episode of season 2 in regards to the fact that the Shapeshifter ie. the monster is the main focus of the storyline and the additional back story (the FBI) though still very much present is in the back ground.
    All of Supernatural's classic elements were in this episode. Action, scares, humour and great music.
    Also a great follow up to Skin which was one of Season 1's best episodes.
    Beware the mandroids!
  • Array

    wow, by far one of the best episodes of season 2 so far. a great script!! :D i loved ronald he was funny and strange, i loved that he figured it out, but even more i loved how he went off at same after same pretty much shot him down. lol :D i think the FBI agent had a major role and for a moment i thought he was a hunter, but he really pushed dean, just as he was getting better.
    this episode was important but also one where they could muck around abit it was funny but serious. :D
  • Beware... the mandroid!

    The only episode I've missed so far this season is The Usual Suspects which seems quite intregal to this plot but since I've seen the previous shapeshifter episode, I do know why Dean is wanted. One of the reasons I think the second season is better than the first, is not only the aftermath of John's death and the secret about Sam but how the Winchester brothers are slowly climbing the most wanted list which adds tension and back plot to make their heroic adventure even harder as they are framed criminals, as Dean says "we are so screwed".

    This episode is great, the bank holdup, the shifter twist, the mandroid and of course the cops and the vigilantes game of wits and hostages, not exactly clearing Dean's name. Overall, Nightshifter is fantastic and really shows just how hard supernatural fighting may become, the feds may even ruin a chance of killing the yellow eyed demon.
  • Intriguing turn of events

    This show gets better and better doesn't it?

    I was intriguied at the plotline of this episode, bringing the shape-shifter back into focus and the beginning with 'Breaking News' was a nice touch to start the turn of events that unfold. I liked Hendricksen because he knows what he's doing, he doesn't take any crap and his opening line of: 'I don't care if you bang your wife' had me in stitches. Anyway back to the story. Better than last week's, definetely. Ronald kind of annoyed me but he shouldn't of died. Dean always delivers with his sarcasm and Sam always being the sensible one. They're like The Hardy Boys.
  • another great episode

    You know, one day I will spell episode right the first time and not have to delete it. Anyway onto the review.

    So there's another shapeshifter and it's robbing banks under the guise of other people. Sam and Dean try to stop it from robbing another bank but unfortunately this is hampered by a slightly mad man called Ronald who decides to take everyone hostage to try and prove his 'mandroid' theory.

    I liked Ronald. He was funny and sweet in a mad way. 'Twas sad to see him die.

    The rest of the epsiode was great too. It really turned up the heat on Sam and Dean because now the Feds are after him. Dean's observation of "We are so screwed" may turn out to be pretty accurate.

    Also, loved the picture of the Cybermen on the cover of the magazine. That really appealed to my Doctor Who geekiness.
  • In this episode, the Winchester boys investigate a series of odd robberies. Though the villain is one that we have seen before, it is not some plot being redone. In this episode we are introduced to an even more prevalent antagonist: the FBI.

    For me, this was the best episode to date. I watched it upwards of ten times. Yes, even though we are dealing with a creature we have already seen, it was by no means a seen it before plot.

    What really grabbed my attention was the fact that this is how the boys would be perceived by the FBI if they were ever to be investigated. The song at the end, "Renegade" by Styx, is one of my favourites and all the more perfect to end one of my favourite episodes. Great character-interaction, great plot, great new villain, great episode.
  • Brilliant episode!

    This was one of the best Supernatural episodes so far. It was exciting and I feel that the characters developed a lot. The shapeshifter was very active and that caused troubles for Sam and Dean. Too bad Ronald died, but snipers do not miss a clean shot like that.

    I thought the shapeshifter would turn into Sam or Dean, but luckily I was wrong. The only reason to why I didn't give this episode 10 out of 10 is that the start was somewhat confusing and that the first ten minutes of the episodes could have been narrowed down to five.

    Look forward to S02E13. ;)
  • Not bad! Been many better episodes than this.

    Episode's like faith, asylum, home, and roadkill are much better than this one. I would've like to have seen a bit more reality involved. It seemed to fake! Sam's starting to get on my nerves in this one. They need to start implementing a nice twist in most episodes, to keep people guesing..
  • If you aren't sure if this show is for you - start out with this ep. Everyone who loved Skin is going to fall weak at the kneew after watching this episode, which has been by far my favourite *ever* Supernatural ep.

    Every once in a while I wonder why I love Supernatural so much - or if maybe I just love the idea of Supernatural. Then an episode like "Nightshifter" comes out and I ride an unnatural high for a week. I am not joking. The episode gave a fantastic twist on the usual bank heist movies we are used to, and set you up to me stunned in the very first minutes. I loved the idea of these amazingly good soldiers being on the run from the people they are trying to help. The thought that not every criminal is out for himself is unrealistic but stupidly reassuring. Furthermore, this ep had one of the biggest geeks I have seen on tv since X-files - seriously, this is a classic.
  • sam and dean face the shape shifter again except now it has a little more tricks up its skin. action packed suspense throughout, this is an episode you wont wanna miss.

    i felt this show was exactally why i watch the seris i mean oh my goodness it was so amazing and i felt the writters did a great jod an same with all the people who make the show shine. Everything needed to keep you on the edge of your seat was in here and i will most deff. buy this episode. it will leave you with all emotions. the music choice (one of my personal faves about the show) was suuuperrb! If you missed this episode then it was deff. your loss so make sure you get it since important info was presented and dean really shines.
  • WOW all i can say is WOW .. AMAZING EPISODE!

    One of the greatest episodes they have made. It had it all funny, sad, suspence, mystery twists. it was soo good because threw the whole episode you were never really sure who the shap shifter was. the only thing that confused me was.. was this the same one that tryed to frame Dean for all the murderes.. cus it seemed to be realy pissed with him. and when the guy who figured out something was up got shot by the police i was soo sad. i almost cryed alittel .. i knew it would never happen but deep down i wanted him to become a hunter.. or some thing like that.
  • one of the best show they did on this series

    They throw the house the window the writers and director. In this episode the encounter yet another shape shifter and is doing some bak roberyes. They also encounter a wanna be hunter that gets kill in the middle of the episode. Ther brothers have to find the shape shifter in the middle of a crow of hostages. The evil shape shifter has to go trow several changes until sam kills him. They also encounter another problem when they find out that the FBI has a task force looking for them since before their fathers death. THis series is good for real and i enjoy every eposide that i see
  • The Winchesters investigate a series of crimes where robbers with no criminal past commit suicide after the hold-ups.

    The Winchesters investigate a series of crimes where robbers with no criminal past commit suicide after the hold-ups. this is one of my favourite episodes from the 2nd season!it's got everthing! and it's great to see how great the boys are even in a NONrobbery!..i luved how dean says he likes the guy cause he says okey dokey..and i love how flirty he is even if he didn't really notice this...see for yourself:

    Dean: Well, thanks, Frannie, I think that's all I need.
    Frannie: Really? I mean, 'cause I've got more. You know, if you wanted to interview me some time, in private...?
    Dean: Yeah... Yeah, I think that's a good idea. You're a true patriot, you really are. Why don't you write your number down there for me, that'd be good. Frannie: So, what's it like, being an FBI guy?
    Dean: Well, it's dangerous, yeah. And the secrets we gotta keep, oh God, the secrets. But mostly it's... it's lonely.
  • WOW!!! return of the shapeshifter

    This episode was brilliant. Sam/Jared was a rather good fbi dude and poor ronald i felt so sarry for him when sam was all like 'no, it wasnt a mandroid-just a camera falre' or something like that. I was curious how the brothers would react becasue they have history with a shapeshifter. Dean again at his best with the okey dokey lines i laughed alot. What really made me laugh was the girl in thw vault with sam, she totally was obssessed with dean and all sam could do was listen HA!! The one bit that made me jump was when the brothers didnt know with sherri was the shapeshifter or the dead sherri. When dead sherri moved i was freaked out! Dean always seems to get hit in his nose, and nearly got his butt kicked by a girl (well sahpeshifter really). I loved the ending. First when the swat were following sam i though CRAP!!!! but he kicked ass! and then when the light was on dean after he killed the shapeshifter i was again like 'oh crap, sam better hurry' only for it to be sam. And the song at the end -Renegade- was brilliants. It was all slow and sad sounding, they got in the car-that silence was weird, and dean just simply put 'we're screwed' or something like that. And then the song came back on all jumpy and jolly. The acting again was awesome-supernatural really has been amazing me since the hiatus, all i can say is WELL DONE and one of my favs!!!!!
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