Season 2 Episode 6

No Exit

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural dean and sam are on the lookout and turns out they come acrross another case and they think its the first serial killer in american history is responsble for the killings and dean and sam must figure out away to stop it and that is why i gave the show a 9 for being very interesting and intense and it shows that season 2 is very intersting and it keeps getting better and better ep after ep i think the show is going some where there was alot of intense parts in this ep with the killings
  • Pretty cool

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 6 No Exit
    Sam and Dean investigate the disappearence of blonde woman in a building. But Jo, who disobeyed her mother's orders and followed them to the case, is captured by the ghost of the first known serial killer.

    Superb episode. It was amazing and grt. The plot is awesome, the writers did an amazing job. Fascinating episode. And Jo, whos rlly hot, made an interesting part for the episode. Dean seemed to be wanting Jo, and that would have been interesting. And at the end, Ellen was rlly pissed, and we then discover that John Winchester screwed up and got Jo's dad killed (that apparently, John killed the guy, said by demon Sam in Born Under a Bad Sign)
  • Damn, excellent!

    Eerily follows the same exact set up as the last episode, yet it feels very original and hardly a rehash. What particularly stands out is the character development of Jo; really presented her eagerness and ambition to become a hunter well, yet also shows her inexperience and that her desire can't replace on the job training. That was brilliantly executed. The case itself was also nice; using a real life murderer, one of the worst in American history nonetheless, gave this episode of Supernatural even more authenticity. It was thoroughly entertaining right down to its very ending which didn't end in typical "dig its grave and burn its bones" fashion. As if that weren't good enough, even after his death we're discovering more and more about John Winchester and his relationship with other hunters. It's character development galore in this episode! While an excellent episode that fires on all cylinders, the minor fact that it copies almost to the bone the same set up kind of sets it back, but only by a small increment. Nonetheless, awesome watch!
  • Worst episode EVER!!! The totally worst pile of junk they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve ever done, the only episode where I rooted for the ghost and kept my eye on the clock begging for the pain to stop.

    This episode started out ok with a so-so Scientology joke then quickly went downhill with fan unfavorite Jo taking most of the screen time and forcing poor Sam (a main character mind you)into the roll of coffee boy. To make matters so much worse she comes off a pushy, childish and irritating (instead of just the normal bland tart)THEN gets caught and it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a race against time to save her. Personally I would have gone out to lunch and let the ghost kill her the SHOW and the CHARACTERS would be MUCH better off paticularly if Ellen and Ash could join her in her dirt nap. Truelly, HATED this episode which is something I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t say about any episode before.
  • This episode looked better in the previews but turned out to be a dud.

    This episode was for the most part very boring. It was better than Smallville was this week but not by much. Sam and Dean going after the first serial killer was an okay idea. I still do not understand how the spirit was able to get women down into the sewers but just reaching his hand through the grate. Is it just me or does Jo look young enough to be Dean's younger sister instead of a potential love interest? I found her to be really annoying in this episode. There was something missing in this episode and I just could not put my finger on what it was. At the end of the episode I just was not buying the story about John Winchester messing up and Jo's dad getting killed. I think that either Jo is lying or there is more to this story than the writers are letting on at this point in the season. Well I hope that next week's episode is better but judging by the previews I have my doubts.
  • Jo and Dean? Yeah right!!

    Sam and Dean run into the first seriel killer in Us history, H.H Holmes and he's hunting and killing blonde women. Enter Jo and they use her as bait. Well you can see how thats going to go down with Ellen. I liked that they pured the cement down with him and the salt so that he will never get out. (Enter Blooper too)..

    I don't see Jo and Dean together, basically because Ellen would kill Dean and she just isn't right for him. Would make a terrible couple. As for John and Willian Harvelle, thats sad. Poor Ellen having to raise her daughter alone, but then I'm sure John would of felt guilt too. He isn't a total mean guy.

    I liked this episode, but I'm not too sure on Jo. Ellen is funny. I liked the car ride at the end. Awkward silence all the way home!! =)
  • Solid episode after solid episode makes this season even better than Season 2.

    What a stride Supernatural hit in the first half of the second season! While I liked the previous two or three episodes a little more, this episode shows that Supernatural can consistently make a great episode week after week, even if it's considered just "average" or "nothing special" by other people.

    It was really cool to see Jo and Ellen take a bigger role. Initially, I was skeptical to how she would be as a main character and how she would interact with Sam and Dean, and I have to say, I was impressed. I was expecting just another random side character, but the writers are doing a great job giving Jo and Ellen a background. I actually could see Jo becoming a third hunter with them, if they ever decided to do that. Also, another of their fathers secrets is revealed at the end, which could affect the way they remember their father. It'll be interesting to see how this reveal comes back to haunt them (if it even does).

    The monster of the week wasn't anything special; just an old serial killer who was executed and is back for vengeance. The monster didn't matter as much as the attempt to find it; Dean was hesitant to let Jo hunt with him and leave her on her own. Watching Dean fight as hard as he did to get Jo back was interesting. Dean's slowly becoming a better character. The fact he shows emotion more in these early episodes makes him more enjoyable.

    Another great episode, and after watching it, I've finally come around to the idea of Jo and Ellen being regular characters, or people that could help them on a regular basis. I only wish Ash could've been in the episode. He was referenced, but not seen, which is too bad. His hair is just too cool to NOT be included.
  • I'm not a particular fan of this episode, but it has some good moments.

    I think that, alongside "Everybody loves a clown" (2x02), this episode, "No Exit" is the worst of Season Two, which isn't saying that it is a bad episode (I still rate it a fair 7/10), but the rest of the season is way, way better.

    First of all, I'm not particularly fond of the writing for this episode, since there are some major plot holes, like Dean banging out walls without anyone noticing; like a sewer system gone unnoticed for three quarters of the show; like Ellen revealing such a painstaking secret to Jo in a moment when I felt it was totally unnecessary. This last thing opens up another question: if Ellen was so dubious about John Winchester, why did she call him in the first place, leaving him that message about a possible help? I don't know, this seems to me like a late try from the writers to correct some earlier inconsistencies, mainly motivated (as Eric Kripke says in the companion) by the network's requests: it's hard to write a roadhouse full of hunters in the show, without John ever mentioning it to his boys (even before Season One)and without Sam and Dean stumbling upon it during the first twenty-two episodes. I may be biased, but I really think that we're best without the Roadhouse itself, even if I really like Ellen, Ash and Jo (not as much as Bobby, though).

    Now, the good moments: Jo and Dean telling each other their first memory of their fathers; Ellen's reaction to Jo's intemperance; the final car drive back to the Roadhouse, a long and silent trip.
  • Such an exciting episode, I always have a lot of fun watching it, a great stand-alone.

    I like this episode, one of the great stand-alones IMO. Tons of fun, a lot of exciting twists, never got the appreciation it deserves!

    My favorite aspect of this episode was the relationship shift between Dean and Jo, she had a crush on him when they first met, but now they're more like siblings, and he makes one hell of an older brother. I mean he is a great older brother for Sam but with Jo things were different, he was sweet and affectionate, I especially like the way he smiled at her when he gave her the big knife, it was such an adorable brotherly smile, she was lucky to have him watching out for her, the entire scene was cute, and how he opened up to her … it was really sweet. I also think he was a little envious of her, you could see how he wished his life was different when he told her she should appreciate the options she has in her life.

    She gave him a lot of trouble though, she's stubborn and thinks she can do it all by herself, she's lucky to be alive. Ellen was pi**ed! She definitely had a right to be. But she shouldn't be so hard on the boys, whatever their dad did wasn't their fault. You can't really blame her though, she was just scared.

    Our MotW was special, but what's more special was the way they eliminated him, with no bones to burn trapping him like that was a genius idea, very original. A great stand-alone, smart and subtle.
  • The end was pretty sad.

    Jo tags along in this riveting episode, it kind of seems like Jo is Dean & Sam's little sister, when she tags along in this intriguing mystery, ectoplasm everywhere, attacks blond girls, & Jo is a victim, it's in the walls, what is this thing, you wonder that all the way to the shocking ending, It was a spirit from prison. Scary, an also it turns out, that Dean & Sam's father had something to do with Jo's fathers death, which leaves her walking away from everything, Will Jo return? Find out as the season continues, amazing episode with an amazing turnout.
  • Great episode. Too much Dean and Jo, not enough Sam.

    I thought it was another great episode. The only things I would change about it would be less Dean and Jo scenes. Less Jo, period. And more of Sam. This show is about two brothers in search of evil supernatural beings. Even though I'm not a fan of Jo, she did do a great job of holding together when the spirit got her. On her part it was a character development. I think this season is doing a great job so far it just needs less of the Roadhouse crew. I would like to see character developments from the two brothers. Overall, this was a pretty great episode.
  • Jo gets in a case with dean and sam. Finnaly jo finds why john never talk for dean and sam about jo and helen.

    This episode is great!I Like the helen/jo scenes very paintfull to watch helen its really worried about jo begin to hunt but jo dont get it but late Helen tell jo and she get angry with dean and sam because of bill´s death.

    The story about the blond girls and the serial killers its fine for me but i think it could be better.

    the dean/jo seces are great i really think that they have chemistry and chances to have a romantic relashonship on the show,i love the scene when they talk about their fathers.

    i really dont like the attitude that helen have on dean,its like dean is the one that do what john did in the past.
  • Sam and Dean get a case from Jo about blonds going missing. She shows up to work the case with them.

    This was an interesting episode both for the monster of the week and because of the interaction between Jo and Dean. Dean does not want Jo on the case, as Ellen is vehemently against Jo hunting. If this episode is anything to judge by, Ellen is right about not letting Jo hunt. After all, she ends up in need of rescuing by Dean and Sam.

    She accuses Dean of being sexist because he doesn't want her hunting either, but he tells her that while women can hunt he is against her hunting because of her lack of experience. He also tells her that she has a chance for a normal life and she should just take it. I think more to the point, Dean likes her and that is why he doesn't want her hunting. Sam is experienced and good in a fight and Dean is still overprotective of him, but someone inexperienced and female?

    The ghost being H.H. Holmes was really cool and more than a little creepy. Sam's excitement about it is very fun and cute. Now to the bad part, which is the very end with Ellen. Did not like her in this episode at all. The attitude that Sam and Dean are responsible for her husband's death just because they happen to be Winchesters is total crap. What their father may have done or not done isn't their fault and both Jo and Ellen acting as if Sam and Dean are somehow culpable seals in my mind that they need to stop associating with these batsh** crazy broads. For all of their cool moments, because they can be likable, this streak of crazy is a deal killer on likability.

    Poor Dean. Between Cassie and Jo it is no wonder he doesn't get involved with women on more than a physical level. The ones he likes kick his teeth for no reason.

    Overall a good episode, but Jo and Ellen brought it down from greatness.
  • Great storyline.

    First off, I really loved the storyline for this episode. I love the idea of a serial killer, and I love all that stuff with the hidden chambers inside the walls. The only bad thing was the fact that there was al little too much Jo. Some of her is ok, but for her to be a main character in an episode is just too much. Ok, back to the storyline. Young blonde's are getting kidnnapped from this one apartment building, and getting kept alive in little hidden chambers inside the walls. Some would starve to death, and others would get suffocated. Sam, Dean and Jo get on to this case, and discover that the spirit responsible for all of this is 'H.H Holmes' himself. So after searching around inside the walls, Jo finally gets kidnapped. Then Ellen gets thrown into the mix, and decides to fly out and bring Jo back herself. Ok, so now it is chaotic, Ellen is majorly pissed, Jo is no where to be seen, and Sam and Dean are crawling through a wet tunnel. So let's cut to the chase, Jo gets out ok, Sam and Dean get out ok, and Ellen is still mad. Maybe not such a great ending. But I said it before and I will say it one more time... Love the storyline!!
  • I love the storyline, but maybe just a little too much Jo.

    First off, I really loved the storyline for this episode. I love the idea of a serial killer, and I love all that stuff with the hidden chambers inside the walls. The only bad thing was the fact that there was al little too much Jo. Some of her is ok, but for her to be a main character in an episode is just too much. Ok, back to the storyline. Young blonde's are getting kidnnapped from this one apartment building, and getting kept alive in little hidden chambers inside the walls. Some would starve to death, and others would get suffocated. Sam, Dean and Jo get on to this case, and discover that the spirit responsible for all of this is 'H.H Holmes' himself. So after searching around inside the walls, Jo finally gets kidnapped. Then Ellen gets thrown into the mix, and decides to fly out and bring Jo back herself. Ok, so now it is chaotic, Ellen is majorly pissed, Jo is no where to be seen, and Sam and Dean are crawling through a wet tunnel. So let's cut to the chase, Jo gets out ok, Sam and Dean get out ok, and Ellen is still mad. Maybe not such a great ending. But I said it before and I will say it one more time... Love the storyline!!
  • Jo teams up with the Winchesters to hunt a Serial Killer Ghost.

    This episode was okay. Great acting as always. Not a fan of Jo sticking around. Maybe it's just jealousy. But, either way, she doesn't seem to fit into the whole "Winchester" equation. She isn't like them at all. I'm not saying she has to be like them to hang out with them...but she seems more of an annoyance than a helpful hand. She got herself into trouble by going behind that wall and then she got trapped and the boys had to save her and use her as bait to kill the ghost...and then she gets mad at them? She followed them in the first place. That's not right. Whatever. The Winchesters are better than her anyway.
  • Not Very Accurate

    On watching the episode I don’t think the research had been done very well and it wasn’t historically correct.
    If they are going to use real events then they should make it accurate.
    In the scene where they discover that the spirit is that of H H Holmes they show pictures of his house and a picture of a victim which is a real picture, I have seen many time's. It is not a victim of H H Holmes but of another infamous serial killer. It is a victim of "JACK THE RIPPER".
    It is in fact Elizabeth Stride (Long Liz). In a program that is normally very accurate I found it amazing that they had made such a big mistake.... If they are going to use real serial killers they should be careful because there is a big difference in the two!! One American and one British!! One known and one unknown!! Come on lads someone directing such a program should really be aware of such vital details.
    Apart from all this I am a big fan of the program and love everything supernatural, I think the writer is amazing and every episode keeps me on the edge of my seat. Keep up the excellent work!!
  • The Boys + 1 (sounds like a wedding invitation) take on a case in Philadelphia – I wonder if Sam was off grabbing a Philly Cheese Steak while the episode was happening.

    For some reason, every time I look at the title of this episode my mind automatically translates it into Russian – I think because it’s a line of a very famous poem I studied this year. (Night, Street, Lamp, Apothecary – when I see the title, I automatically think ‘isxoda net.’) Just in case you’d like to read an example of the Silver Age of Russian poetry.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who wasn’t impressed with the performance by the actress portraying Jo. I tried, I really did. I am not claustrophobic, but I really don’t like any situations where I feel like I won’t have enough oxygen (e.g. watching a character drowning, or, say, in an underground coffin with but one slit). In this situation, however, there was no real suspension of disbelief/her sequences lacked a certain je ne sais quois/I disapproved of the mise en scène – whichever way you’d like to put it. There was something lacking.

    “No Exit” still gets a pretty high score from me (and the classification is rather tongue-in-cheek) because the idea is there – an irrational serial killer with the additional “benefits” of being a ghost, no remains to salt and burn, and a creepy old apartment building with lots of walls to prance around in. If someone were to describe that to me, I would definitely forecast such an episode to be one that I would find truly spooky. I don’t know if I can pin all of the blame for the fact that I didn’t have emotional involvement with “No Exit” to Jo, but having an empathic relationship with your characters is obviously a necessity of watching any type of performing art.

    Overall, I would just say that this episode was necessary. “Necessary,” even. Why not throw in the quotes? Necessary in a couple of ways, also. I think it was necessary to have an episode that was primarily stand-alone to combat against the immediately previous “Simon Said,” which obviously was dealing with the show’s mythology, as well as with the rest of the beginning of Season 2, which has been extremely chronological. While one of the draws of Supernatural to me is that it is intellectual and thus quite chronological, with previous episodes affecting the evolution of The Boys’ relationship, I think the previous episodes were starting to have too much emphasis on the overarching, the impact of John’s death on them.

    It was also necessary from what I’ll call the literary standpoint. It’s a necessary evil in the drama that you have to put your characters in bad situations in order to cause the drama. We as viewers would all love it if the Winchester Boys could just join up with Ellen, Jo, and Ash and start rampaging across the country to defeat the Things that go Bump, but that would be boring as a narrative. Thus, we needed this episode in order to separate them. The problem I have with this is that I think it was too contrived, as evident from the fact that I can just coldly analyze it. The drama should come first, thus fulfilling the necessities of the narrative; a piece of folklore fits into Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces, but not because someone took the analysis and created a myth thereof.

    One final observation on this highly arranged conflict – the saving grace that makes me feel ambivalent to it rather than upset; it really shows the extent to which humans are irrational. The car ride home, it was just gloomy silence. When Ellen (whom I adore, it’s really only Jo...) asks The Boys to go outside, it’s interesting to note that Jo doesn’t correct her mother about whose idea it was to use Jo as bait for the ghost. (While I’m talking about this penultimate sequence in the episode – I’m happy to note that I knew Jo’s father was important, but I’m sad that it was because of this and not because she was also a Child of the Corn.) There are further extrapolations that Jo and Ellen implicitly made from what went on between John and Ellen’s late husband and apply to the hunt that just occurred in order to explain why Jo reacted the way she did to Dean, and the analysis of that could go either way. One could say that she’s out-of-character in that she ought to be able to understand that there is a difference between what happened with the Boys and what (appears to have) happened in the past. The choice I have made is to say – humans are primarily irrational creatures. I love it.
  • Very predictable, very unsatisfying.

    Jo came across as both too bitter and too rebellious. This episode lacked a memorable mystery and the witty delivery which I've come to expect from this show - not to mention it had a weak and very linear plot progression. Last season had two very obvious dips in script quality and this is the first dip of this season. I'm hoping there won't be any more of them, and thankfully, 'The Usual Suspects' leads me to believe that these dips should be few and far between.
  • I only give the high score for the boys.

    It's taking me a long time to write a
    review for this episode because I had nothing nice to say about the characters
    Jo and Ellen I hate them they spoil any
    of the shows that their in. I gave a high
    score for the boys because after all their always great. the story line was fantastic
    if they only had met a blonde in the bulding
    that could have went missing instead of (you
    know who) And when dean put the radio on and
    the song came on she is as cold as ice that was pretty funny.And at the end why be pissed
    at the boys they saved the brats life she should be thankful.
  • Darn. The plot for this eppy is really good. So why oh why did they have to bring in Jo to ruin it?

    Who is worse, Cassie or Jo? Heavens above Kripke.

    I refuse to see Jo as a Dean love interest purely because she's too young, too annoying, and too goddamn wrong. I will however tolerate her as a little sister role, so could someone go and tell her that? Grrr .. she goes on a hunt as an immature act of rebellion against Ellen (whom I love) and then gets herself caught. As soon as she walks on screen the wonderful brotherly dynamics we love so much disappears in a poof of Jo shaped smoke. John is allowed because he's their daddy, and he just strengthens the brothers' relationship (plus he's damn cool), but everyone else is BANNED from joining them on the road.

    Loved the plotline. Bringing in one of the most famous serial killers of all time really helps the show to grow into something bigger. *sighs* such a darn shame.
  • Guy has a thing for blonde chicks!

    I can't say i saw this episode coming... but i'm glad it came!
    it was high time for dean and Jo to part on bad terms. She was getting a little too cosy around him. But since she now thinks that his dad was the reason for her dad's death...then i doubt she will forgive him anytime soon!
    Which as far as i am fine by me!

    On a side, how blonde[stupid] of her to disobey her mother's wishes, track the Winchester's down and get kidnapped! That's like so typical blonde! (no offense to blondes!).

    Yep...this episode was bad!
  • Sam and Dean go off to hunt the ghost of H.H. Holmes--America's first serial killer. Jo, feeding the "dumb blond" stereotype tags along in a very mature act of teenage rebellion. Other than Jo, the premise of the hunt is intriguing.

    Honestly, this show was a big downer on the character front. Jo...Hmm what can I say about everyone's new favorite character?

    1. She's trying way too hard, and it's just painful to watch. It just clashes horribly with the very subtle and sincere preformances by Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles.

    2.She looks all of twelve years old.

    3.What the hell happened to Sam in this episode? Jo totally jacked all of our Sam-Time. It was like a game of where's Waldo? Sam was no-where to be found.

    4.This same actress was on Veronica Mars and sucked there too. And this was way before I even knew she was gonna be on Supernatural. Plus the character she played there was a polar opposite of what she is scripted to play in this show.

    5.I know this has been said many a time now, but seriously-->I could've sworn they were gonna make Jo their half-sister. (But I guess we all should've known better, especially with Jensen Ackles saying his character was getting a 'love interest' this season in just about every other interview-->Blech)

    Seriously, this character just buggs me out. The writers are trying so hard to worm in a 'love interest' for Dean this season (Good grief I hate that term) it's pretty much going horribly. I mean come on-->The guy's dad dies, his mother is already dead, and his baby brother is the new 'psychic wonder' on the block. The last thing this character needs is a trailer park trash girlfriend who is gonna get him a criminal record--because Dean will get arrested for preying on prepubescent girls, no matter how much the kid says it was love at first insult. Good Grief. And seriously, the whole attempt at creating sexual tension between the characters? Real subtle: "Sit Down"--Jo to Dean, "Stop twirling that knife"--Dean to Jo banter. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

    Oh and the whole "Here Jo, take my big manly knife--It's better than that little steak knife you keep twirling around." What the hell? Is that like some sort of promise ring, hunter style? And how could we all forget the, "I hunt because it makes me feel close to my daddy"-thing--> IOW: "See Dean, I'm just like you"-->Look audience we're being real subtle-->She's just like him!-->"Love ME!"-->Please, please, please like her character! Vomit once again entering my oral cavity.

    If you haven't picked up yet, I really don't like this character. The whole thing with, "I don't belong at school. I don't fit in cuz all the kids know I'm trashy." and the, "They don't like me cuz I have a knife collection--please let me be a hunter mom?! Please?!" Ugh, give me a break, maybe when you get out of your training bra.

    The hunt finishes with Sam and Jo in the backseat of the Impala with an irate Mama Ellen and Dean in the front seat. This bodes well, the image of the four in the car just seems to further support the idea that Jo is much to childish for Dean.

    However, I really enjoyed the premise of the Hunt--the whole H.H. Holmes thing was very very cool. America's first serial killer, eh? Well, you learn something new everyday. It was a good episode, I think, on that front. It was entertaining, and I actually Googled it after watching the show. Very interesting, and well executed. Def a thumbs up on this at least.
  • 7.9
    this one wasn't the best, prob the worst in my eyes. i didn't like the fact that they are ditering from the main plot. i didn't like jo hunting and the way she acted about it, it seemed to fake and like her character was trying too hard, she acts likes she knows soo much.
    although i liked everything else and i thought the parst about john was good, the whole jo hunting thing ruined it all for me, and there were some parts were i thought their acting wasn't that good.
    anyways i hope this is the only one like it.
  • Sam and Dean investigate the slayings of blonde women and find that the ghost of the first known serial killer in US history is responsible. Jo disobeys Ellen's wishes and follows them along, and is captured by the ghost.

    Sam and Dean investigate the slayings of blonde women and find that the ghost of the first known serial killer in US history is responsible. Jo disobeys Ellen's wishes and follows them along, and is captured by the ghost.

    awww..who thinks that dean& jo would make a great couple? well i do even if i want dean all for myself!!!but hey..he's hot, she's cute and they look adorable together and they even have a bit of chemistry!!
  • Jo goes on a hunt!

    This episode is a very great one, with revelations and twists at every point. The fact that what happened to Jo was something a lot less timid than what happened to Jo's dad as a result of John, is a very interesting moment that may become important later in the series.

    The spirit of the very man that coined the phrase "multiple murderer" was a very cool one and the plot of Jo being taken shows great depth to her character and how she deals with the situation.

    Overall, this is another fantastic episode and Supernatural certainly hasn't lost any of its spark.
  • kinda creepy but i loved it!

    ok i liked the episode but the girl who played Jo, or Ellen are not in any of the other episodes after that!thats totally lame.I mean Dean has only had like 1 relationship with a girl in this series that lasted more than 1 night, and he and Jo had chemistry!i mean you could totally tell they were into eachother.They should totally bring Jo and Ellen back on the show.
  • good episode but it could get better

    like i said in other reviews, this series has 1000 and more stori line to pick from, in this one they bring the spirit of the first serial killer in the US and they find them selfs with a guest that will help them cacth the spirit. Since they need to fill the hole left by the fathers death the directos and writers have to do a very good job doing it. I think that in this episode they need it something more to delivered to us
  • I really like it, It was kind of spooky, and the fact that the brothers and a new partner in ghost hunt were after the first serial killer.

    The scene where H.H. Holmes reached into the tomb to stroke Jo like you would a pet was supremely creepy. The lines were funny too.
    We found out a little bit more about the Winchester family. As always the music was awesome: cheap trick's surrender and foreingner's cold as ice. The thing a missed the most was the brotherly banter. I really prefer Dean overprotecting Sam to another person (in this case Jo). I like Jo and Ellen, but to me you need to insert as much as Sam and Dean sarcastic banter as you possibly can.

    Other than that, I loved the way the whole thing ended. I knew there was something up with Ellen's unwillingness to let Jo go track down the serial-killing spirit. Apparently, John used Ellen's late hunter hubby for bait, resulting in his death. When Dean used Jo as bait, it didn't go over so well. Having it all end with Jo telling Dean to go was unexpected, and provided some decent drama. I wasn't sure about the whole Jo factor, but Alona Tal did step things up and kinda won me over. Not as a love interest for Dean, mind you, but more in that sisterly or friendly fellow-ghostbuster way — someone they can count on in a pinch. She did seem to fit into that world, whether she was a little overzealous or not.

    Other thoughts:

    — Sam got another laptop — all is right with the world. Sure, he had to do research with that huge cast on, but everything seems A-OK as Sam Googles the latest urban legends. (How did he got it?)
    — Loved the part where Ellen called, and Jo had Dean lie to her mom. It was cute. Also, Dean's being afraid of Mama Ellen continues to be funny.
    — We're learning more and more about John through Dean. I'd like to hear some of Sammy's memories — scratch that — some of Sammy's good memories. He had to have had some, and I'm sure he's thinking about every single one of them now that his father's gone.
    — However, hearing Dean talk about how Big Daddy Winchester took him shooting when he was six or seven shouldn't have been a really good memory, even though it was for Dean. The man was teaching a toddler how to shoot. It was actually kind of sad that that was one of his favorite memories of his dad.
    — When Sam and Dean broke into the apartment to look for signs of paranormal existence, I was half hoping they'd break out another uniform. You know, much like the lab coats from "Bloodlust" or the alarm-company outfits from "Shadow."
    — Dean stealing the cement truck rocked.
    — How weird was it to see Sam riding in the backseat of the Impala?

    Favorite Lines from "No Exit":

    — "It's ectoplasm. Look Sam, I know what we're dealing with here. It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."
    — "You love the job." "Yeah, but I'm a little twisted."
    — "She's gonna have to call you back. She's taking care of feminine business."
    — "That's not the first time I've heard that from a Winchester."
    — "So, is this job as glamorous as you thought it'd be?"
    — "You ripped off a cement truck?" "I'll give it back."
    — "This is going to be a long drive."
  • basic and silly, what happend? did they change the writers or their neurons are on vacations?

    if this chapter was the first episode of supertural that i ever seen, it would be the last one too.

    what happen, Kripke? what happen with all that beauty relationship between Sam and Dean?
    it looks like Sam was on holidays, and dean had to babysits Jo.
    I know she\'s 21, but she looks like 13.
    and what\'s all that about John and Jo\'s father? this is a very stupid reason to stay Jo away from the Winchesters, Sam and Dean have no fault of that. and just how it looks, John neither, thats the prize of the Job.. anyway, the only smart about that was that we wont have to see Jo in the next chapter. i hope that i dont have to see her never again.

    think that with this history about Holmes, you could have make a better chapter.

    i\'m very dissapointed.
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