Season 3 Episode 16

No Rest for the Wicked

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • perfection!!

    I love Supernatural more n more!
  • This, in my opinion, is one of the best moments in television history.

    I will never stop loving this episode. I have seen it 84652498649 times. The way it begins and gives you hope, and then just snatches it all away in the end. The emotions of the characters. Everything was just perfect. You actually feel their loss, not only that, it feels like YOUR loss. It is definitely one of, if not the, best, moments in television history.
  • One word: Wow!!!!

    Where to begin, here? Well, I suppose we can discuss the irony. In the series premiere, we were introduced to Sam Winchester attending Stanford University, in an effort to live a life that did not involve monster-hunting. And, yet, now that he's reconciled with Dean, he's once again alone. Then, there's the issue of Sam's mystery heritage. Bobby stated that the concept of "family" does not end with blood. But, we now have to ask: was John Winchester really Sam's biological father? Because, in one of the pre-strike shows, there was a flashback scene that seemed to hint at Sam's mother _knowing_ her demonic killer! And, Lilith was quite obviously frightened of Sam being immune to her death-whammy. In any event, Sam now has a new dilemma: does he resign himself to Dean's "death?" Or, does he seek out some new solution for rescuing his brother's soul? Only time will tell. One thing I know for sure, though: I am definitely tuning in for Season 4!
  • Ehhhhh, I'll give it a 9.0

    Okay, so I just watched this episode. Started watching Supernatural a couple months ago, and finally got to the end of season three. Maybe it's because I knew ahead of time that Dean was going to be dragged to hell, but I was a little disappointed. I wanted more. More shabang, shabam, shaboom. I understand that this was when the writer's strike, infamous event that it is, was taking place, but still. I wish there could have been more. And maybe even a two-parter.


    1. Lilith. She didn't freak me out. Azazel, old Yellow eyes, scared me more. Heck, even the creepy little kids in "The Kids Are Alright" (freaking dang episode that it is) scared the bejeezies out of me more than Lilith. She was a total disappointment. After "Jus in Bello," I was expecting some huge, scary mother. But no. Oh, well. I guess Katherine Pierce will have to remain my favorite villainess.

    Um... yeah. That's it. Haha. It pretty much was all about her, so it was jut a gigantic complaint. In itself. Oh, well. Even though I was disappointed in this season finale, I still think it was extremely well-written (love that Ruby!!) and the acting was superb. Oh! R.I.P. Bela. Bela was my favorite character of this season... well, new character. Dean is my number one. So I was devastated when she died. And in that manner! I'm still a little choked up. Okay, not really. But I will miss her. :(

    Can't wait to go on to see season 4!
  • A powerful season finale, that is even more breathtaking after the revelations of Season Four. Plus, the Hell's imagery - as concocted by Eric Kripke - is astounding!

    I'd state it right away. I have a single complaint about "No Rest For The Wicked" and it is the reason why I didn't rate it with a full, 10 points score. After the momentum built in Season One by the couple formed by "Salvation" and "Devil's Trap" and after the magnificent climax of "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1 & 2", "No Rest For The Wicked" feels too short. It lasts only thirty-eight minutes and it could have easily lasted for another thirty-eight. Maybe without the Writers' Strike, the episode would have been different - much consistent and longer -, but as it is it feels, particularly near the end, a tad too short. Aside from this minor quibble, the episode is perfect: we have a great fight (between Dean and Ruby), we have a bunch of genuinely frightening scenes (Lilith's vacation's pleasures), we have an ominous and menacing atmosphere oozing from beginning to end (i.e. when Dean hallucinates on Demon!Sam) and we have a couple of very intense, emotional moments between the two brothers, where Dean desperately asks Sam not to make the same mistakes all over again, to live his life at the fullest, to take care of the Impala and to not meddle in with demons, because they will only try to corrupt him. Dean - in a scene reminiscent of what John said at the end of "Shadows" (1.16) - realizes that Sam is his weak spot and viceversa and the demons will never stop to use this against them. After Season Four, Dean's words are nothing but prophetic and they nicely sum up Azazel's masterplan of scheming and tweaking with the Winchester weakness to manipulate them in releasing Lucifer. He asked for John's life for him to be the one who would break the first seal, and Dean after him, knowing that Dean would have done anything - even selling his soul - to bring Sam back. And, what's even more important, knowing that Dean's death would have brought Sam right in Ruby's arms. It's a testament to Eric Kripke's genius to see how perfectly all the pieces fall right into place, and the mythology of the show is rich and deep thanks indeed to this well-oiled clockwork. The final moments of "No Rest For The Wicked" are deeply powerful and the brief glimpse we caught of Hell is extremely disturbing and it even reminded me of the Chenobites' dimension from "Hellraiser", a gentle nod that I, as a horror fan, can't help but utterly adore.
  • a wonder season finale

    Since the writer's strike cut Supernatural shorter than it could have been, I was worried the writers were going to blow the season finale off. I'm happy to say this is not the case. In fact, this is one of the best is not THE best season finale Supernatural has ever had, topped off by a short but stupendous season. Dean is running out of time until his contract is up and he is whisked off into Hell. Not to mention that during his final hours, he gets embued with "Hell-sight", where he can actually see the demons wandering around. Desperate to save his brother, Sam goes to both Bobby and Ruby to track down Lilith and stop her once and for all. There was never a dull moment in this episode, as the suspense only grew and the stakes too grew higher. It was so tense, you were literally glued to your seat to see what happened next. As usual, the acting is brilliant. Bobby was brilliant being by the brothers' side until the very end, and a great thing about Season Three is that it utilized Bobby a lot more. Ruby was a wonderful addition to the cast and unfortunately, the way the episode ended with just her, it's hard to say if she'll return in Season Four. It was hard watching Sam going against the odds to help his brother even when he realized there was heavy odds against him, and it was hard for Dean to admit he was scared to go to Hell; at first, he was shrugging it off and then at the final couple of hours, wanting desperately to get out of the deal. The ending was shocking to say the least and was a serious cliffhanger for everyone involved. The finale also raised a lot more questions: What will happen with Dean? How will the demon war finally play out in the end? What's with Sam's powers? And what was the creepy vision that Dean saw when he looked at Sam? All these questions have yet to be answered. If you want to see how the next part plays out, look for what's sure to be an exciting Season Four in September.
  • this is the best episode i've seen so far

    This was the saddest episode ever. Who did not sob from Wanted dead or alive to the ending. Dean is so wonderful but at least he comes back to life! *spoiler*. I loved this episode and have watched it over and over. Supernatural as a whole is not comparable to any TV season I've seen. It is mind blowing. I think that the writers have taken this season and put into motion what the general public have wanted to see throughout all the series they have watched, the hero (hot as well or as hell) dies at the end. This may be subconscious but it is a thought none the less. FANTASTIC!!
  • Struggling to bring this challenging season to a close

    This season of "Supernatural" has struggled against a number of impediments, not the least of which was the writers' strike that cut nearly a third of the story out of the season arc. The entire production did everything possible to make up for the loss, but only so much can be done. A lot of the subtlety and depth of previous seasons, especially the run-up to the season finales, simply didn't exist.

    Because the writers had to jump to the end of the intended story, the careful foreshadowing felt like predictability. There's a fine line between the two in any given story, but my personal rule of thumb is very simple. Foreshadowing is done correctly if the plot elements over the course of a season all point towards a conclusion, but the ground work is layered into the story in an organic manner, making it inherently particular to that single story. Predictability is the lethal application of cliché, usually in such a brash and obvious manner that the story could have been stolen from any production.

    I could say that I predicted much of what happens in this episode, at least in terms of the only viable solution for Dean's survival, but I think it's closer to the truth to say that I anticipated it. The writers simply did everything necessary to take every other option off the table. The only way to save Dean, in the end, was for Sam to take on the mantle of Antichrist Superstar (now destined to become his nickname) and lead Ruby's demonic faction against Lilith.

    The big shock is not that Ruby brings up that particular solution, but that Sam doesn't do it before the hellhounds come calling and Dean descends into hell. I never saw that coming, because who honestly thought they would pull that particular trigger? On the other hand, I respect Kripke all the more for it. It's similar to the end of the second season of "Twin Peaks", except in this case, we'll get to see how the surprisingly dark cliffhanger is resolved.

    That said, I still think Sam's solution to the problem will be embracing his Antichrist Superstar potential and taking on Lilith on her own field. The end of this episode strongly suggested that Lilith cannot touch Sam, and now that he knows it, it's a question of whether or not his darker impulses will take hold. All season long, Dean was shown as the one holding Sam in check, especially in the second half of the season, and "Mystery Spot" provided a solid look at how far Sam could fall into inhumanity.

    Of course, the best thing about this episode is that it tells the audience not to expect the obvious direction. It looked like Sam would turn in this finale, but he didn't, and the consequences were horrific. The next logical step would be Sam's decision to lead the demonic horde to release Dean from hell, but that may not be the direction taken. After all, the rules regarding Dean only applied before his descent; new rules may apply now that he is technically dead. The key would be making a new solution work within established continuity.

    Frankly, I hope Sam does go dark side, because I want to see more out of Ruby. Others have been less than complementary to Katie Cassidy (in fact, some have been outright obnoxious and cruel), but I thought she pulled off the duel role in this episode beautifully. Yes, it helps that I find the actress attractive, but I also recognize the inherent aspects of the character. Ruby is a demon who has chosen to take over a hot young woman as a lure to Sam's base instincts, and that has always made since to me as portrayed. The writers certainly had a more capable grasp of Ruby than they ever had of Bela.

    Every season of "Supernatural" has managed to escalate the story to a new level, and this is certainly true in this case. It's going to be very interesting to see how the writers manage to tell the story of the anticipated war between Sam and Lilith (the only real way to quantify the war at this point) with yet another reduction in budget. Then again, I personally believe it all comes down to the story, and with this finale, the writers have confirmed that story is still king on "Supernatural".
  • Dean goes to hell.

    This episode came over the top. It had the perfect element of every main character, well except Bela of course. Ruby's lines were once again hilarious. I love how she really seems to hate Dean in this episode. I don't like how Sam followed Dean though. Then I find out this is Katie Cassidy's last episode. Which totally sucks! So Lauren & Katie only had six episodes. Anyways... the boys face Lillith counting the fact that Dean is going to hell & all that tension between Dean & Ruby. I started wondering how Ruby really looks like. After Dean said that. Dean goes to hell & they show hell which I didn't know you could do. Cannot wait for next season!
  • A beautiful, beautiful season finale!

    This episode was incredible in more ways than one. I personally, unlike a lot of other fans, loved Ruby and Bela since I first saw them on the show, though like all others I didn't like them when I first heard them. So, when Bela died and Ruby died I was quite sad! I didn't want either of them gone from the show. Of course, it's pretty much been confirmed that Ruby is gone for good, but the way she died... it's still up in the air. BUT the best part of this episode HAS to be Dean's death and Sam's tear-fest. It was incredible. The way Dean died, with the HellHounds, and the way his body was left afterwards, poor, por Sammy to have ot see his brother like that. I literally teared up when I saw it. This episode was a perfect way to end the season. It's sad that it was only 16 episodes, but with this season finale, I know next season will be AWESOME!

    Dean visits hell! Holy crap!

    Amazing finale, easily the best out what they could make of a shortened season. Well done Kripke!

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. The rush to find a way to help Dean avoid hell, the suspense of capturing Lilith, and the stubborness of Dean... Almost too much to digest.

    I've to say that Dean was really stupid to just disregard Ruby completetly, but I guess, that's who Dean is. Ruby's comments about Sam are interesting.

    There are 2 more seasons left, so if what she said was true, I can totally see Sam as the "savior" who single handedly kills all evil. His powers sound extremely intriguing and well... extreme.

    The confrontation scene was amazing, Sam's hesitation to stab the little girl was more suspensful than anything, I honestly couldn't believe that after what she's done he still hesitated!(Though, it turned out to be a good thing...)

    Fantastic cliffhanger too. Maybe predictable, but they did it! They sent one of the main characters down to hell. NOw I hope they won't just bring Dean back instantly, let him and let US see what hell's like.

    I got a theory that despite maybe that in the 4th season premiere he'll be brought back, he'll experience his time being in hell much longer(years). That should be a cool twist and further develop Dean's dark side which we got a glimpse of earlier this season.

    In conclusion, fantastic finale to a fantastic season.
  • I was hoping for a happie ending

    I know before i saw this episode that there whould bee a fourth season so i that that Dean whould survive before i watch the show. So i sat and wonder how i hell the road to my ending were going to be. But there where no hapie ending. Dean died, and strange things happining to Sam. What will happen to him? Is he still human? I can not wait for the next season. I will also whont to know more about Ruby. She is a strange good demon. And what do Lily realy whant. As i said i can not wait to the next season.
  • The season finale ends with the loss of two characters and a possible new turn for the series.

    Season ends with something that we all knew might happen, but never wanted to happen- the death of Dean. Lilith, who is currently on vacation torturing the family of a little girl she has possessed, pulls a trick out of the hat and fooling the Winchesters. By posessing the already possessed host body of Ruby, she forces Ruby out and banishes her to parts unknown. She traps the Winchesters and unleashes her hell hounds on Dean, fulfilling his contract and thwarting the Winchesters attempt on her life.
    Cleverly written with brilliant acting by Katie Cassidy, this episodes deserves a perfect ten.
  • I have read the reviews of Brad loree's latest TV episode Supernatural(No Rest For The Wicked). I gave it a neutral score of 7 because the movie was never aired in the US, so I had to be objective until I could see it somehow. I know Brad has potential.

    My objective review is based on what I've read, not watched. Until I can see this episode I can really figure the movie out. Since Brad Loree seems to be an international actor, I cannot keep track of his acting record. I can only say that for Halloween The Resurrection, Timecop, Futuresport and Turbulence 3.
    I really like this actor/stuntman and I wish some of these movies could be aired in the United States. I've also seen him in person too and wished him the best. So, if this movie can be downloaded to my laptop, I'll watch it definitely. May that be a possibility?
  • No Rest For The Wicked

    I actually watched this episode on line as I couldn't wait to watch it on the sunday, as I live in england. I cried all the way through this one, did not see this one coming, Dean meet an absolute nasty, gory death, so we are to believe, Dean will come back, methinks either Sam/Bobby will find the power to bring Dean back from the hell hole he is suffering. Will be very strange not to see Dean on screen with Sam together, nevertheless there is still the war the boys are still fighting, I hope & pray we have many, many more seasons to come, faithful English fan RachDP XXXXXXXX.
  • The best season closer Supernatural has ever done...and very gory!!!

    The reason I prefer this season finale to the other two is because there is actually a proper cliffhanger to end the season.

    Season 1's 'Devil's Trap' was a powerful episode yet the cliffhanger personally didnt do anything for me as the two lead roles: Sam and Dean can't die that easily and John was indispensible back then. Season 2's 'All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 1' was a brilliant cliffhanger but Part 2 was just the gate opening. Again not very dramatic. But Season 3's 'No Rest for the Wicked' is perfect. A dramatic hour left me wondering 'how the hell are they gonna get out of this one?'. Who liked my pun? Seriously this was nerve-wracking and seeing Dean being torn to shreds was painful to watch and I look forward to Season 4 and curious as to the season opener title: Lazurus Rising...
  • Dean's Last words: "So this is your plan, huh? Send me to hell...Kill Sam...Then what? Become Queen B-tch


    There's something very appropriate about B-tch being Dean's final word...

    This was a fantastic episode. Only a couple hours until Dean's deal is due and action is ensuing. Of course, we get another brother moment in the 'Pala when Sam and Dean sing Bon Jovi's song Wanted: Dead or Alive... Apparently Kripke realized what a hit Jensen was in "Simon Said." What sucked about this scene is that we all knew Dean's inevitable fate... so it was kinda painful to watch...

    Dean's death scene was played out perfectly by Katie, Jared, and Jensen. Jensen gets torn to shreds and Jared has a moment of Antichrist power... Katie plays the executioner....And of course the tears come....lots and lots of tears... *sob* Dean, goddammit! Come back!!!
  • Nooooooooooooooo!

    With only 30 hours left before Dean's deal is up, Sam and Bobby search for Lilith, who holds the contract. After locating Lilith in New Harmony, Indiana, Sam summons Ruby for help. They decide they can't trust her and steal her demon killing knife and depart for New Harmony to kill Lilith. No No No not Dean this was really sad episode I nearly cried, but dont worry he back next season and I cant wait, I'm so excited to see what happens next on the show and season 4 coulld be the best so far. Agreat series finale and season overal best so far.
  • An amazing finale, horrifying, dramatic, stirring, inspiring and exciting, opening up all sorts of possibilities for next Season.

    OMG!!! (Expect gratuitous use of OMG!, sorry, I'm seriously hyped!) Thankyou Eric & Kim and everyone involved in creating this wonderful episode! Kim is my favourite of all the wonderful Supernatural directors (bar Eric!) he has this amazing knack of bringing out the best in all the actors, and he really gets the family dynamic. And, I always love the episodes written by Eric. He, naturally, knows every nuance of these characters and always stays true to them.

    The way Dean faced his fate and never once put himself before Sam, was beautiful! He sees the pattern of self destruction as well as the manipulation by the demon world. He is petrified that if Sam embraces whatever Supernatural power is inside him, he will lose his soul or humanity. If that happened because Sam wanted to save him, he would never be able to forgive himself. It would be like all the years of protecting and guiding Sam were worthless.

    I love the way Dean holds true to his beliefs and is steadfast in his role of big brother and mentor. I'm not saying that he is 100% right about Sams powers being a road to evil. We all know that whatever Sam eventually does to save Dean will probably involve him embracing some kind of Supernatural power and Dean will in turn need to reconcile himself with the changes in Sam. But it is how he gets these powers and the circumstances which unlock them which will determine their proclivity.

    Therefore Dean is 100% right in the way he has approached his final days and the example he has shown Sam. He has been true to himself and shown a strength of character, and depth of love that is inspiring.

    OMG!! How amazing were the brothers deep & meaningful scenes. You will have to forgive me if I drop large chunks of dialogue throughout this post. Erics way with words and Jensen & Jareds interpretation of them is perfect. Not to mention Jim, Katie and little Lilith (Sierra McCormick).

    Can I also add (again) how amazing is Dean! Like I've said many times before, he is the BEST character on TV, and this episode made me love him even more…….okay, maybe that's impossible, but it definitely reinforced why I already love him. Underlining all the reasons he totally rocks! And Sammy! He is pretty damn awesome too! Check out his power over Lilith, even when he didn't know what he was doing. He wasn't even trying and he shut her down! Woohoo! Take that you b@!ch!

    Back to the beginning, loved the way the intro was put together. Starting with a clip of the brothers bursting through a door together, it gave a pretty comprehensive picture of the ongoing storyline. As much as something that short can anyway. Loved the next to last image when the camera lingered on Deans smiling face, beautifully poignant, followed by that shocking 'Demon' Dean moment "And this is what you will become!" This effective imagery set the tone of the episode perfectly. And the return of 'Carry on Wayward Son', yess! After hearing this song in each amazing finale it always gives me the chills.

    The we get a glimpse of Deans fear, via his nightmare. We already know how scared he is and his dream reinforces this. How many times has he imagined a possible scenario for his final moments. This fear makes his bravery, both past and to come in this episode, so much more inspiring.

    He wakes to find Sam there, you just know that Sam would have been there watching over his brother while he slept (Just as Dean has done throughout their childhood and when Sam was plagued with nightmares of Jessicas death and the visions that came later). I loved the way Sam tries to comfort Dean (a role Dean is more used to taking on with Sam), and the determined, loving look on Sams face when he promises Dean that he won't let him go to hell. Such a touching moment, tried and true Sammy. Then to have it corrupted and twisted with Deans hallucination, how shocking and creepy! I loved that effect the first time I saw it in Crossroad Blues and I love it now! And I love that Dean hardly flinched. He doesn't want Sam to know about the hallucinations, it is just one more reminder of how his time is running out and what the future holds for him.

    It is always nice to see Bobby, his love for Dean and Sam shines through in this ep. He has know them since they were children and with John gone he feels a certain fatherly responsibility as well as respect and friendship. He has been searching for a way to help Dean ever since the day he found out about his deal. (OMG! AHBL2 will always be one of my favourite episodes and a huge part of that is the heartwrenching scenes that Dean and Bobby shared!) There is no way that he would ever stop fighting to find a way to save him, right up to the bitter end.

    As Bobby is performing the location spell, you can see Dean thinking over what will happen if they actually find Lilith and go after her unprepared. He can't have that and argues with both Sam and Bobby to convince them he is serious. 'Just because I have to die, doesn't mean you have to! Loved Bobbys line 'Ain't you just bringing down the room' and Deans reply 'It's a gift'.

    The memorable 'comic' lines in this episode are understandably a lot less flippant, but the more subdued, sarcastic humour works well with the tone of this episode. There is also some poetic imagery as well as some tough, uncompromising language. Like I said the Krip rules, I love his style of writing. Btw, nice choice of 'holiday' destination for Lilith too, 'New Harmony, Indiana'. It works on so many levels. Including Sams future possibilities.

    Dean continues trying to reason with Sam, he is worried that Sam will put his own life at risk.
    'We are not going to make the same mistakes again.' and then Sams pause and questioning look at this remark. He registers what Dean says and wonders what he means, but he is preoccupied with what he is planning to do next. And Dean doesn't see the need to elaborate yet, he has other things on his mind as well. He knows Sam is too desperate not to summon Ruby 'the Miss Universe of lying skanks', so he has to get things ready in accordance.

    Nice, neat little summoning scene, a little reminiscent of Johns in IMTOD (best ep, ever!!!!) not quite as powerful (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Fredric Lehne seriously rocked!) but reinforces the line Dean says later 'What we'll do for each other'.

    Ruby got there so quick on her 'Superbowl Jetpack' Cute. She's probably been itching for Sam to call her, she knows Deans time is running out. And as Dean says later, the demons know how far He, Sam and John will go to save each other. She knew Sam would call her and she is anxious for Sam to be desperate enough to 'turn to the darkside' and embrace his powers. When she sees him she recognises that his powers are ready to be expoited. But I'm not convinced it is solely demonic power as she implies to Sam. It is a clever manipulation ploy to firstly say 'God Given Power' and then correct herself out loud. Bringing up suspicions Sam has had about himself and then steering him firmly toward the fact that the powers are naturally demonic.

    She is a very convincing liar, I had to laugh at her heartfelt 'I never lied to you Sam' especially coming after admitting that manipulation is 'kind of in the job description' for a demon. She lies to, and manipulates, both brothers expertly. She may choose her words carefully and she may be right that only Sam can save Dean, but at what cost, she has a hidden agenda and no matter how good an actress Katie Cassidy is it is impossible to trust Ruby.

    I have no doubt that she sees power in Sam, but I believe it is God Given and that from the time he was born (or maybe before, through prophecies), demons have known about it and been determined to exploit and manipulate him into believing he is meant to be some sort of evil messiah. And I think that John and Dean were chosen by God to protect Sam from these evil influences. And to guide him through life, teaching him and giving him the tools he would eventually need when the time comes for him to embrace his destiny. All intelligent beings have free will, drawing on their life lessons and experiences to make important choices. Sam has the potential for great good or evil, and has both sides vying for his talents. The fact that demons are aware of his potential and either want to use him or destroy him depending on their own agendas is a nice contrast to Deans natural selfless love. His influence on Sam is huge, but there is no ulterior motive that drives him and the example he sets Sam at the end would have to be the ultimate unselfish act. A true show of strength and love. Hopefully this act and the words Deans speaks to Sam at the end will resonate with Sam when he has to make his choices.

    Of course this would be a huge change for both characters, so if Eric wants to hold back these revelations until after we find out more about Mary and her connection to the YED, Sam would have to find another way to drag Dean out of hell.

    Alternately (and it is not my preferred scenario!) Sam could turn out to be Azazels son. Which would be one explanation for the reported 'major changes to key characters' and the 'new supernatural being' to be introduced next season. The Griogori's (of which Azazel was one) had a lustful obsession with human women and they sometimes indulged this lust, creating a subrace of beings called the Nephilim. The fact that these beings were usually thought of as warlike, vicious, evil giants wouldn't deter Eric. He has taken bits and pieces from legends and mythology before and adapted them to create ongoing and stand alone stories for Supernatural (altering Vampire lore, 'borrowing' Azazel and Lilith for his own purposes. Eeeek! Sam a Nephilim (or evil giant, admittedly I have also read of them described as wondrous, but not often) That is something I would not want to see. Unless God knows there is a chance to save him from the potentially evil side of his nature by giving him John & Dean as mentors/protectors to reinforce his humanity. I'm really enjoying Erics take on demons and the mythological and theological influences in his stories. The fact that we do not know everything there is to know about Mary, means I am assuming she is human, but I also have an idea that she is connected to angels somehow, either that she was chosen by them to bear a special child or that she used to be one and became an earthbound angel after falling for John. Woah! So many questions and possibilities, sorry I'm getting a little carried away, lets get back to the episode.

    Okay where was I, oh yeah, then Dean turns up and responds to Rubys suggestions with 'Our slutty little Yoda' observation and then 'I just couldn't see it before but you are one ugly broad', youch! I love Dean and Rubys exchanges, so sarcastic and b@!chy. I always feel like slapping Ruby hard when she speaks to Dean like that ' You dumb spineless d!ck!' Double Youch! How dare she talk to Dean like that, but then she sees him simply as a tool, a means to an end. A way to unlock Sams power. Ever since they knew about each other he has thwarted her attempts to tempt Sam. He's her 'fly in the ointment, pain in the ass, monkey in the wrench' (hehe sorry went all 'Die Hard' then). She doesn't respect him or understand him, and like a lot of other supernatural beings, she underestimates him. I guess arrogance and evil go hand in hand.

    He made sure a fight would start and was willing to take a beating to steer here in the right direction. Working her into such state that she wouldn't feel him take the knife from her or realise she was being led into a trap. She really kicked his ass, and Sams, even though Dean got a couple of good shots in. She was seriously p#ssed at being played so easily and had her little rant. She may contend to have human emotions (and she probably does, after all there are a lot of not so righteous ones to choose from!), but she just can't understand the more nobler ones that drive Dean to do what he does. I loved Deans reply to her vicious tirade, through a mouthful of blood and in considerable pain "And I wish you'd shut your pie hole, but we don't always get what we want.'

    I loved the next scene with the brothers sombrely readying themselves for a fight. Both worried about each other. Sam is willing to do anything to save Dean and is keen to find out what Ruby knows. Dean on the other hand can't accept any risk to Sams soul. With Rubys and Deans words (Hell, she probably wants you to become her little Antichrist Superstar.) still ringing in his ears, Sams fears, that his brother is somehow repulsed or disappointed in him or doesn't think he can handle the powers within him, are brought to the surface. Sam 'Don't look at me like that' I like that Dean rehearsed the coming speech. His time is running out and he needs to be sure Sam understands everything he has come to realise and is wary of 'people' like Ruby.

    Dean: 'Dad's deal, my deal, whenever one of us is up the creek, the other is begging to seel their soul.' 'Rubys just jerking your chain down the road, you know what its paved with and you know where its going' (Probably my favourite line, love it, very evocative and raw. Beautiful Eric)
    Sam: 'What are you afraids going to happen, I can handle it and if it will save you' (exactly, 'if' Dean is thinking, 'if' Sam does something supernatural what will the consequences be!)
    Dean: Why even risk it.( Oh Dean :( )
    Sam: Because you're my brother, because you did the same thing for me.
    Dean: 'Sam all I'm saying is you're my weak spot, you are and I'm yours'
    Sam: 'You don't mean that, we're family' (simple, one of the most important lines in the ep.)
    Daean: 'I know & these evil sons of bithces know it too. I mean what we'll do for each other, how far we'll go. They're using it against us'
    Sam: ' So what? We stop looking out for each other?'
    Dean: We stop being martyrs, we stop spreading for these demons, we take this knife and we go after Lilith our way, the way Dad taught us to, and if we go down, we go down swinging, what do you think?'
    (*sigh* Dean, I think I love you dude!)
    And Sam (and Erics!) subtle way to avoid the scene becoming too maudlin 'I think you totally should have been jamming 'Eye of the Tiger' right there'
    Dean: 'Bite me, I totally rehearsed that speech too!'
    Sam knows he can't talk Dean into changing his mind so he decides to go along and hope that it works. He has too much respect for Dean not to give it a go at least.

    I know you all watched it and remember the words, but forgive me, they mean so much I just had to repeat them.

    And this wonderful scene was topped off beautifully by Bobbys determination to be there to help Dean and Sam 'Family don't end with blood boy' great line, gives me chills! And the simple love when he calls Dean 'Son' later on.

    It was nice that the brothers had that brief moment of fun in the next scene and that it happened in the Impala. Bon Jovi (Yeh! Jack, I was ready for this after hearing your C10 question, I'd been trying to imagine which song Dean would choose and it was a choice between WDOA or Blaze of Glory, soI was on the right track!hehe!) Love Deans qualification 'Bon Jovi rock, on occasion' It was a bitter sweet scene, Dean picking a song he knew Sam would appreciate (remember Richie Sambora alias in BUABS or was that a demonic choice?...hmmmm). Even if it was because Dean was trying to avoid any 'socially awkward' moments, it was nice to see Dean and Sam smile and goof around, if only for a short while. A brief escape into one of the few things that he loves, his music, and to take his little brother along for the ride and share a moment that could become a treasured memory for Sam later on. For Dean it was mostly for Sams benefit, and in turn, for Sam it was mostly for Dean. :( I loved how they both got right into it and how Sam carried on even after Dean had stopped. The look on Deans face as Sam & the music went on singing 'Dead or Alive' over and over was so sad.

    There are so many closeup shots of Dean in this episode, ranging from heartbreaking to inspiring and just plain breathtaking. Jensen conveys so many different emotions with just a raise of an eyebrow, a hint of a smile or frown. (Yeah, I know its called acting! But he is so damn good at it, and obviously is committed to portraying his character with honesty and integrity)

    Meanwhile the scenes in beautiful 'New Harmony', Indiana showing Lilith on holiday with her new family were intensely creepy. Poor mean, old babysitter lying dead on the floor with flies crawling over her face! And even worse was the way Grandpa just walked past her, terrified to acknowledge anything was wrong lest his sweet little granddaughter kill him with a single thought. What a great little actress, she nailed creepy, malevolent and psychotic very well. Lilith was having such fun playing with her new toys (family). How disturbing was it that the things she wanted to do were so innocently typical of a young child. 'Her Birthday everyday' (accompanied by happy little claps 'goodie!'), 'her daddy to push her on the swing', 'just one more bedtime story'. Lilith sure has a sick sense of humour. And poor Freckles! I really appreciate that the first image we have of 'little' Lilith, is that of a sweet little girl in a party dress drenched in an unseen pets blood. EEEk! We don't even know what sort of pet it was, but from the amount of blood I'd go with puppy or kitten over say a gerbil! Aaargh! Creepy to the max! Eric you really are a sick man, hehe, I must be sick too because I loved it!
    'You silly, I love you daddy' eek and the look of absolute terror on the fathers face as she hugged him. And poor Grandpa! I was waiting for Lilith to make the mother slit his throat with the cake knife, but I suppose that would have been too obvious. Instead she sounded like a petulant child 'You're a mean old man, I don't like you anymore'. And even worse after killing her grandpa that chilling command. 'Nobody scream, okay, screaming makes me mad.' Freakin' hell.

    I just loved the way Eric took so many innocent treasured childhood moments and twisted them into moments of sheer terror. The bedtime storytime got to me (how many times have I sat down and enjoyed this quiet time with my kids. And what they turned it into was truly perverse. The bedtime story itself was pretty gruesome, but not really that different to a lot of fairytales (and I have to admit when Billy was little he always wanted me to read him stories from the 'Goosebumps' series!) Eric loves to point out the bloodthirsty nature of these stories, doesn't he, most notably in the cheerily frightening 'Bedtime Stories')

    Back to the Impala and Deans encounter with the policeman. Nice Classic Rock alias 'Mr Hagar' (Sammy Hagar, most notably from Van Halen). Lilith has surrounded herself with a small army of demons to keep away any annoyances while she has her fun. And even with the hex bags that Ruby gave them, there is a helluva good chance that Lilith knew that Dean and Sam would come looking for her now that Deans time is almost up, and she was probably counting on Bela spilling the beans about her holding Deans contract as well.

    Even after his hallucinations, this new 'ability' of Deans has him shaken up. But to his credit even when confronted with this unexpected horror he keeps his cool and wastes no time killing the demon before it knows he is on to it. Even before Sam brings it up he knows this new skill will come in very handy. But he can't resist a quick self deprecating quip 'I'm glad my doomed souls good for something'

    I liked Bobbys 'Yanni style' explanation 'Piercing the veil, glimpsing the B side' and Dean 'A little less new agey please'
    And Deans face and 'Thankyou' after Bobby gives him the blunt version 'You're almost Hells b**ch and you can see Hells other b**ches' (It reminded me a little of Deans exchange with Tess in IMTOD, in that Eric obviously doesn't want Supernatural to be all airy fairy new agey, he loves the mythology etc. but wants it to be real and raw and gut wrenching)

    By the time they reach Liliths holiday home they are seriously pressed for time. Even so all three never lose sight of the fact that they are hunters and protectors first. They have a job to do. 'Damn it' Dean says knowingly, they must save the family first, no matter what.

    Ruby turns up and is p!ssed at Dean, big surprise there! I think she is still Ruby at that time, mainly because of her animosity to Dean, Lilith has even less use for him than Ruby does. And also I think Lilith is still in the little girl at that time. Although the fact that she got out of the Devils Trap and asks Sam for the knife (as Lilith does later) raises some questions. Personally I think Lilith possessed her after Ruby split from Sam and disappeared into one of the upstairs rooms when they were searching for the little girl. Lilith definitely would have sensed their presence by then and acted accordingly.

    Nice to see Sam is sick of Rubys games and getting angry at her, and big brother Dean stepping in telling them to 'finish this cat fight later', they have work to do, save a family and save his soul. Deans new found special sight comes in very handy and he and Sam quickly despatch the most obvious demons before Ruby reappears. Unfortunately Lilith has a mini army at her disposal, luckily Bobby has thought up another ingenious way of utilising holy water. Holy Water sprinklers, woohoo! Go Bobby! But unfortunately for Bobby he is stuck on the other side of the street when all this is going down and knows that his part in saving Dean is over, for now.

    Once inside the Fremont home Dean wastes no time getting the job done, starting with the dad (pow! No arguments, mo time!) Thank God Dean got back to Sam in time to stop him killing the little girl. The mothers increasingly desperate pleas to Sam beforehand almost had him doing it. Imagine if he had, he would never have been able to forgive himself.

    Once the family were safely taken care of Sams attention turned back to saving Dean. With hardly any time left to do it, his desperation leads him back to Ruby. Who of course is now actually Lilith, she doesn't seem to know what he is talking about at first, then after either searching Rubys memories or working it out for herself when Sam says it something he has to do, she recovers by telling him its too late.

    Sam: What do I have to do to save Dean
    Ruby: What do you mean? (ignorance or stalling?)
    Sam: To save Dean, what do you need me to do
    Dean tries to stop him, 'What the hell do you think you're doing' Sam shrugs him off 'Just shut up for a second'
    Ruby: 'You had your chance, you can't just flip a switch, we needed time'
    Sam: 'There's gotta be something, there's gotta be some way, whatever it is I'll do it' Dean is desperate to stop Sam and Sam is desperate to save him.
    Sam: 'Dean, I'm not going to let you go to hell'.
    Dean: 'Yes you are, Yes you are, I'm sorry this is all my fault, I know that, but what you're doing its not going to save me, its only going to kill you!' :( Sam: What am I supposed to do? :( (OMG Sammy!)
    Dean: Keep Fighting, take care of my wheels, Sam remember what Dad taught you okay, and remember what I taught you (OMG!! Dean :( & :) )

    OMG!! Beautiful speech, feels like Erics just reached in and squeezed my heart! Feel so proud of Dean at that moment its ridiculous! (did that sound patronising, because it is definitely not meant to, it was the only way I could describe the feeling!) And the next part of the scene!!!!!!! The moment when the clock strikes twelve is beautifully restrained. It makes you wish time would stand still, you hold your breath in dreadful anticipation of what is to come. Knowing these could be their last moments together the brothers stare at each other helplessly. Sams eyes filled with tears, Dean trying desperately to hold it together for himself and for Sam. That last smile he gives Sam! OMG! It always brings tears to my eyes (even just remembering it and that scene now) it said so many things 'I love you Sam, I'm sorry, I'm so proud of you, you'll be okay, keep fighting' it was so purely Dean, OMG! Jensen you nail it every time, thank you so much!

    Love Deans simple 'hell hound' (did the flicker in that scene mean that we missed Deans vision of the hellhound? It looked like something was cut out, or was it just my TV?) Even without seeing it this time, the picture in the book at the beginning of the episode was enough to show how monstrous it would have been. It is a credit to Dean that he hardly even flinched, of course he has seen many horrific sights while hunting over the years, but this is the beast that is going to drag him off to hell and away from his beloved brother forever!! Even after coming to terms with his fate Dean is not going to give the hellhound and easy kill. He is all for one last stand, showing Sam that you never give in, you fight up to the bitter end.

    Unfortunately now Lilith has them right where she wants them and tries to get the knife off them before they realise she has taken over Rubys body. Once again Deans 'special sight' saves Sam from making a huge mistake. Love Deans, oh so racist quip 'I should have seen it before, but you all look the same to me'.

    Loved Liliths delight at her new body 'It's all grown up and pretty'. She looks like she is still getting used to a grown up body with her eerie stilted movements and her newfound sexual curiosity, coming on to Sam 'Your lips are soft' She says she has been eager to meet him, I think it is more the power she knows is inside him that is turning her on.

    Poor Ruby, it's the first time I've felt sorry for her 'She was a very bad girl, so I sent her far, far away'. I know Katie Cassidy isn't coming back as part of the main cast in Season 4, but I wouldn't mind seeing her back, now and then. But since Rubys human body looks like it might be dead, they would probably use a different actress.

    Love Deans last words of defiance before Lilith opened the door and let the hellhound in. I think I was screaming as much as Sam as Deans body was being ripped open. Aaargh! :(

    Then Lilith's attempt to kill Sam (ugh, whose bright idea was an ad break at that moment!! Bad choice guys!! Sorry Channel 10 I do appreciate everything you do and your commitment to Supernatural, it was just not the best time for an ad break, okay?) Sams newfound power is pretty impressive, working on Lilith even though he wasn't aware of it. She was terrified when she realised she was powerless.

    I think that Deans final totally unselfish act, sacrificing himself like that was the thing that unlocked Sams powers (or maybe just the power of the act protected Sam from Lilith?). This was the way he was meant to gain his powers, with Deans pure, unconditional sacrifice. Dean had to die or at least be totally prepared to die for his brother.

    Sam may have been able to access his powers another way. The way Ruby wanted, but I think that would have resulted in his powers being tainted in some way or made them more vulnerable and susceptible to evil influences. That is why Ruby was so insistent and it would explain why even though she disliked Dean so intensely she still wanted Sam to save him!

    When Sam realises he has some kind of power, and considering Liliths reaction to him you'd think he would have some suspicions, he may be able to use them to save Dean. Perhaps healing is one of his new abilities. If he heals Deans body he may be able to bring him back. Bobby is sure to know more about this and may be able to help Sam realise what is happening to him and how to use it. After all he was the one that gave Sam the amulet to give to John (which of course we know ended up with Dean) so he must know more about Sams destiny than he has let on.

    Speaking of the amulet, I wonder if it will come into play (or already has?), if it is somehow protecting Dean from descending deeper into hell. Or is it purely a symbol that Dean is the one chosen to be Sams mentor/guide and ultimately the key to his power? Nicely ironic, seeing as Dean went to great lengths to stop Sam from embracing the supernatural side of his nature, but I guess that is the whole point.

    Then again, perhaps there is another way to save Dean, and the question of the extent of Sams powers and how he, and Dean, will to terms with them, may take up all, or part of, Season 4 and/or Season 5. Eric did say that he has a 5 year plan. (Which personally I would like to see extend to at least 7!)

    Even though a hellhound ripped Dean to shreds and he appears to be in Hell, perhaps the effect of zooming in through Deans eyes was a hint that he is not actually in hell, but in a hell like place that is in his mind? Which would make it easier for Sam and Bobby to bring him back. Even if his body is dead, he would not be the first person to be brought back from the dead. Perhaps his amulet has protected him so that he is not totally out of Sams reach. OMG! I'm trying to reason this out calmly but that final image of Dean suspended on chains with hooks through his flesh and blood coming from his mouth is stuck in my head. His screams for Sam tear at my heart, especially that last one echoing through the blackness as the credits began. I mean, we all know he will be back, Supernatural would not be Supernatural without both Dean and Sam. I am looking forward to finding out how Sam (and Bobby?) will be able to bring Dean back. And consequently the dramatic possibilities for both characters are very exciting. With everything that has happened and the changes in Sam, how will he handle them and the question of where they came from and what they mean for his future. And for Dean, he is bound to have been changed by his experience in hell, or what he thinks is hell, and how will he reconcile himself with the changes in Sam.

    Revelations about Mary are apparently coming in the first half of Season 4 which will surely rock both brothers. Knowing Deans deep love for his mother and his dependence on the strength of her memory, we can only imagine the effect any revelations, good or bad, will have on him and his relationship with Sam.

    I know Sam loved his Mum too, but except for the moment he met her spirit, in 'Home' he would have little real memory of her. Speaking of 'Home' it will be interesting to find out why Mary apologised to Sam.

    Okay I guess we could speculate forever, there are endless possibilities for Eric and co. to explore. (that's why I can totally see 7 or more strong, viable Seasons!) It is exciting to think that filming is about to begin on Season 4, I can't wait to see the next Season, I just hope that Dean won't have to wait too long to be brought back from wherever he is! What an amazing season, Season 3 turned out to be. Thank you Eric, Sera, Kim, Ben, Phil, Robert, Jeremy, Cathryn, Mike, J. Miller, and all the rest of the crew. And thank you Jensen, Jared, Jim, Katie, Lauren, Sterling, Charles Malik, Steven, Michael and all the wonderful guest stars.

    Roll on September/October (or at least I hope that's when Channel 10 Australia will begin airing Season 4, please don't make us wait too long!

    Just one more thing…Supernatural Rules! :) Long Live Supernatural! :)
  • A shocking and emotional end to an inconsistent third season of supernatural.

    If i'm being honest i haven't enjoyed season three of supernatural as much as the first two. I found some of the story lines to rediculous and far fetched and the show was being filled with too much comedy and silly moments that i was just unable to take it seriously. Having said that the season has had some very strong episodes and some of the best moments out of the entire show. Some high moments was 'dream a little dream of me' 'the kids alright' and 'long distance caller'. The lows coming from ' a very supernatural christmas' 'mystery spot'and ghostfacers'. So overall it has been a mixed bag and this maybe due to the writers strike as other series have been affected by it but either way there will be a fourth season and that comes as great news. Mainly because the last episode ends on such a brilliant cliffhanger it makes you phisically sick wanting more! This has to be the best episode of the series as it returns to what it does best. Filled with tension, suspense, action, speacial effects, brilliant acting and story line. If only this could have been achieved from the very start of the season. So it appears the writers and producers have finally pulled there act together and have realised what the viewing audience wants from the show. Indeed it try's to pack everything great about it just in this one epi. so the hunt is on for Lilith and the quest to save Dean from the pit is drawing ever closer. Now Bella is dead and sent to hell and although she wasn't well recieved with the majority of the viewers i did kinda like her but i won't miss her a great deal, but Ruby is still about. Sam summonds her and she informs him that he has power he is unaware of. A great idea that can and no doubt will be expanded on in the future seasons - just two left. However Dean does not trust her one bit and after obtaining her knife and trapping her he, Sam and Bobby set off to kill the evil Lilith who is currently possesing a little girl much to the dismay of her family. This is well filmed and acted and brings back memories of the Exorcists. There's something so creepy about an evil little girl. Then the action and suspense kicks up a gear with plenty of Demons and special affects to keep everyone glued to the screen and well and truley satisfied. The writing and script just seem much more safisticated just like it used to be as there are so many great ideas bundled into forty minutes of top notch supernatural. I hope that season 4 continues in the same light. As for the final well what can i say. The best and most shocking cliffhanger i've seen in a while. I have to be honest i thought that all would end happily with Lillith being killed and Dean and Sam driving off into the sunset. But this is not the case. Dean is viciously and violently attacked by the hellhounds meanwhile Sam apparently can not be harmed by Lillith. Another amazing moment and an exciting prospect for season 4 - just how powerful is Sam? Deans death is shocking not just because it is violent but because it is unexpected and rather emotional. I have to admit i did shed a tear or too due to the exceptional acting of course. So i really was surprised just how great this finale was. It has to be an all time high of the show and it looks promising now for the future and for next year. Without a writers strike season 4 can really improve and hopefully make up some of the damage of season three. Having said that this episode makes up for it all by itself. I wonder whether or not Ruby will make a return but personally i like the new characters as i felt it brought new life to the show and i can't imagine season three without them as most of the main storyline is based around them. If Ruby does return i for one will certainly welcome her! So in conclusion one hell of a finale for a topsiturvy season. I just can't wait to find out now what will happen to Dean but i certainly have high hopes.
  • They lied to us! They lied to us through song!

    **SPOILER ALERT** "Carry On My Wayward Son" is a totally awesome song and I know that it's Supernatural tradition to play it as a recap before the last episode of the season, but it's not fair to promise "peace when you are done..." to a man going to hell. Anyway, I can't wait for the new season to start. How will it go on? I think that they'll pull a Buffy and resurrect Dean. Actually, they better. This show will not be as good without Dean and his shirtless scenes.

    In short, amazing episode, devastating ending. See you all next season!
  • Sam and Dean find Lilith, Dean refuses to accept Ruby's help for fear it will destroy Sam and sets of with Ruby's knife, writers strike starts. Fizzles out with hell hounds getting Dean, Liliths spirit vacates its vessel leaving Sam holding Deans body

    Disappointing to say the least, like many of Americas TV productions this season falls victim to the writers strike resulting in a below par finale lacking the imagination and substances I'd associate with supernatural. It leaves a bit of a cliff-hanger with the audience questioning what Dean's fate is, surely they can't kill of the main character?? Although in my opinion this doesn't come anywhere near to matching expectations for the final episode in the series. Hopefully with the strike settled and a few happy writers back for season 4 they can resurrect what has to be the most disappointing season finale of the show so far. A big let down, but saying that I'll still be tuning in next season.
  • With only 30 hours left before Dean's deal is up, Sam and Bobby search for Lilith, who holds the contract. After locating Lilith, Sam summons Ruby for help despite Dean's protests. They decide they can't trust her and steal her demon killing knife.

    I loved this episode! I still can't believe that Dean was still sent to hell even through it all! In the next season I'm sure that Sam will find some way to get Dean out of it by, perhaps selling his soul to the devil? Even though that, this was a great episode with my twists and turns. I never would have thought that they stole Ruby's knife and they she got under a star thing. Sam and Dean will always be an amazingly, awesome duo no matter how far apart they are from each other! I cannot wait until season 4!
  • Well its supernatural and once again another season finale with a cliffhanger...

    Well it was a really good episode and very well plotted i personally didnt see that ending coming however i was a little frustrated because of how it ended. I know htat many people might agree. This is gonna be a long summer before we see Supernatural again and that cliffhanger was killer. krpke knew that fans werent gonna be too happy about it. Haha well this episode was interesting because of how things came to pass besdies the fact of how everything kind of falls into place. Its been a long road for the brothers and it seems to be longer and longer... now with Dean in Limbo?
  • Sam and Dean raise against time to find Lilith and save Dean.

    It is an episode like this that makes me love the show. There is the brotherly love, Sam trying everything he can to save Dean. Dean knowing deep down that he isn't going to make it, but fighting to the very end. We see Lilith on "vacation", in the body of a young girl terrorizing the girls family, in a scene reminiscent of a Twilight Zone episode, but still very creepy. We had our music, even if it was Bon Jovi, all though the scene with the boys singing along is a great scene. It made me laugh until the end and seeing the look on Dean's face broke my spirit that he wasn't going to end. Dean being able to see the demon's real faces under the "meat suits" that they are wearing, comes in handy for getting to Lilith. Then the ending, Lilith jumping in Ruby's body, Dean getting attacked by the hell hound, Lilith attacking Sam and failing to kill him, all speed by quick and I was biting my nails. Then the heart break at the end Lilith gets away and Sam goes to Dean's dead body, crying, put me in shock that Dean would die. And did he go to Hell? A glimpse into a Hell Raiser-like Hell shows Dean, with chains and hooks in him and screaming for Sammy to help.
    Now we have to wait until season 4 to see how it all ends, so far away.
  • Sam and Dean go after Lilith who holds Dean's deal to save him with only 30 hours to go!

    The best eppy in their 3 year history, it was jam packed with excitement, angst, character development, and supernatural wonderfulness!!!

    The begining dream sequence was fantastic, although i did know it was a dream, i thought it was Sammy's dream. For some reason i thought Sammy was going to start having dreams about Dean going to hell. TJ run joke was hillarious and classic Dean. I love that Bobby wasn't willing to let Dean deal with his deal alone. The little girl who Lilith possessed was absolutely adorable, and played the "innocent" "evil" perfectly. The dilemia of what to do with the little girl, kill the demon, kill a child, and I have to admit i was wondering and worried about this issue, but it was dealt with very well. And I like that it was Sammy who had to deal with this dilema, and for some people (who've i've talked to) say this answers the question about whether or not Sammy is 100% Sammy, but to me I still need a little more,

    Lilith possession Ruby's host was ingenius, forcing the boys to trust her, and ultimately making a fatal mistake for Dean. Sammy's screaming, begging the hell hounds to stop, and the ending when he goes to Dean and can hardly say Dean's voice, absolutely heartbreaking!!!

    Dean's in hell, Sammy is immune to Lilith's powers, and Lilith running scared!! A great ending, and I can't wait to see how they are going to resolve this one next season!!!
  • Confusing but amazing.

    Wow I was so mad at Dean for being such a jerk to Ruby when she could have saved him. I know that he must have been feeling all wierd from the whole "I'm gonna die" thing and really couldn't a trust a demon but geez... you're gonna die anyways, why not try Ruby's idea? Lilth is a wierd and questionable character as of now for me. I know that she has the mind of a younger girl. Is this because she's been possesing little girls for so long or because she really was created as a demon with the mind of a demon? Because, honestly, she seemed to have snaped out of it a bit when she took over Ruby's body and kissed Sam. I'd still love to know what demons and hell hounds look like but I'm guessing that they arn't busting the budget for that one. I guess it's good though because CGIs arn't really my thing. I'd rather imagine. I'm so prepared for next season. Is Dean coming back as a demon? Is Lilith to d=be dead by the end of next season? If she does die does that mean that deals are gone forever or does someone else take her place? Overall, this episode made me reminise of the season 1 finale... came close to killing the main enemy but it got away. I also want to know more about Sam's powers and I'm sure that they'll be coming back soon. Although I'm not sure how having visions is going to lead to Liltih's dismiss. Maybe if he had the power to disinagrate demons by just staring at them or something...
  • I loved this episode.

    I loved this episode because it was better than I expected, I really thought that Dean was going to be saved at the last moment, even though I thought it was not going to happen; I'm talking about Dean's dead, it's a bit similar to the last season finale, this is because last time one of the stars died (Sam) and now the other star died (Dean). Despite this, I really liked the episode plot and I think next season will be truly amazing since we will see how Dean gets out of hell (I'm sure he will) and we may get to see Sam's powers for the first time.
  • Wasn't what was expected...

    After two amazing seasons and finales where you just couldn't stop crying the season 3 finale was such a let down. The only part of it which made me want to cry even a little bit was when the brothers were having that whole Bon Jovi moment but apart from that there was nothing there.
    I hate the idea of Dean going to hell, obviously as he's part of the main cast, so it was even more of a let down at the fact that both the way he was put there and then the actual hell seemed very feeble and unexpectedly bad.
    The show has tons of amazing moments where they get the music amazing, or the camera angles, or the lighting, or the right balance of humour and sadness. In this episode the only thing I felt was bored.
    The epiosde wasn't completely bad but for a season finale especially compared with the last two season finales this was just not an episode which showed all the hard work the people put into it.
    A season finale should be, like all the others were, something that hurts to watch as it is so sad and almost unbearble, has memorable moments and something you'll spend weeks saying 'Oh my god' at and not believeing this could happen or the way they done it...
    I felt that in this episode the only hurt that happened to me was how bad the show appears to be getting, how this finale doesn't compare to a normal episode let alone a finale and the only thing I wanted was for it to be over and when it was I had to watch it about 5 times before something from the episode even got stuck in my head unlike usual when one episode watch makes me quote veerything and remember the storyline.
    I felt that this just didn't show the amazing potential Supernatural has. This is one of the very few Supernatural episodes where you can understand why a person seeing it for the first time might not want to watch it again.
    I thought it was a big let down and I'm desperately hoping season 4 will be a lot better and the original, good Supernatural episodes will be back.
  • Thrilling and eventful.

    As the season comes to a close, you'd expect nothing less from Supernatural but to deliver an action packed season finale with the worst demons and the biggest twists out there.

    The whole portion where they go after Lilith was a tad bit longer than I wanted. I'd rather get more closure than get to see them get prepared in the beginning, but that's fine.

    After what happened here, I'm guessing Sam will be spending a few episodes alone in the next season. Most likely with Bobby, who somewhat annoys me, but that's fine. The scene with the "dog" in this episode was killer.
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