Season 7 Episode 19

Of Grave Importance

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2012 on The CW

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  • Amazing!

    Spoilers contained in this review!

    I really loved this episode! I love that Bobby is finally back, and I know some people don't get it, but I am pretty sure that when Bobby was being killed by Whitman, there was an energy transfer of sorts going on from Bobby to Whitman. What I figure happened is when Sam and Dean kill Whitman by burning his bones, the energy went in reverse, thus giving bobby more ghostly powers without the need to really learn them for as long as maybe some ghosts need to. What I really enjoyed about this episode was gaining a different perspective on ghosts and their nature in the Supernatural universe. I really can't say I look at them the same way anymore, it was very interesting to see things on their side! I get that the boys are having some trouble with this, but man this is the coolest way to bring Bobby back! I really love the potential for this to be a big help for the boys when facing Dick and the Leviathans! Can't wait for more!
  • Haunted Mansion

    In a surprisingly pleasant way this episode gave us a continuation of Bobby after Bobby. The case of a uber-powerful ghost killing other ghosts to make himself stronger is clever writing to be sure but it was Bobby and recently deceased hunter Annie that sold the episode as believable and him learning the up and mostly downs of being a ghost. Sam and Dean finally learned that Bobby was tied to his old flask and the reversal of the fat guy who supposedly killed the real villain's wife in life and is actually trying to warn people was a particularly effective twist. The creepiest part being Bobby's ability to see all these evil lost ghosts hanging around while Sam and Dean can't see any of them looming. The other ghost's unwillingness to help was understandable. Certain parts bothered me but the pacing was one unusual to most Supernatural episodes and having Bobby stay behind because they've "still got work to do" makes sense since he has to see Dick Roman burn before he can pass on. But how will he pass on since he ducked his Reaper, he should've gone with them. At least they finally answered the question of why he's still around beyond just the how. But now that they know we can finally focus on finding a way to kill the Leviathans and get Dick Roman out of the picture and give Bobby some peace finally.
  • a great eps

    making a 2 recap liked very much and I also felt in the 1st season when the ghosts still scared. The Annie reminded me ellen, type achi she too old to make out in cats hahahhaa laughed a lot when fiocu beast because the dean sam hahhhhaa also stayed with her. As for Bobby NVE it was super, but hey the dean could be more sensitive to him will never forget the day that the pro bobby dean said he was not his father. I know Bobby back or have meat or bone, or will have to do, from the dean (who suffered the death of Bobby) whatever emotion thought emails from him But anyway it was a good eps.

    PS: let me touch on the fan: well who could have left the dean out towel hahaahaa
  • Of Grave Importance

    Of Grave Importance was another perfectly entertaining episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development as Bobby played a prominent role in the story line. It was great to see Bobby and finally address his presence. I also liked the story of haunted house and how that story played out. It was awesome to see Bobby again in Ghostly action. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Great but.....

    I liked the episode but to be honest, i hoped for more, now there's something I don't get, if in this episode Bobby learns to move things, how in hell he did before to drink beer or toss the sword to Dean if in those episode he didn't knew how to do it ?! I just hope that in upcoming episodes writters find a way to bring Bobby back to life, if not he will end up becoming a mad spirit and all, certanly Cass will have to help... can't wait for next week's episode.
  • another great episode

    wow another great episode loved it can't wait for more. fantastic writing and congrats to jared, jensen and jim go supernatural you rock
  • Wonderful classic ghost story with a couple of fresh twists

    I love how they find ways to keep it fresh by adding new angles and spins. We've seen countless ghost episodes, and yet it never gets boring because there's always an interesting twist. In this case, it was really cool we got to see things from the ghosts' point-of-view. And, one ghost was becoming more and more powerful by preying on other ghosts he was creating and holding captive. It really upped the ante, giving us a superghost scarier than the rest.

    And on top of all that, we have the quandary of Bobby. It's great that he wants to keep helping, but as Dean said, how can this end well? The boys' emotions are in a real tug-of-war, they're so happy to see Bobby again, but so afraid of what will happen to him. That was really moving, I got goosebumps when they were hoping to see "Bobby" appear on the mirror.

    Annie was so kickass, I thought it was really awesome we were getting a woman hunter. And I thought crap, she's going to die. And sure enough, she was dead two minutes later. At least she got to be a kickass ghost for a bit longer. (I really hope we get to keep Sheriff Mills!)

    Yep, that's why I love Supernatural: no other show makes me laugh, cry and cower behind my hands like it does. And this episode had it all.
  • The Supernaturals-Of Grave Importance

    1st time I've seen this show. totally amazed! It's an awesome show with great characters and wonderful sets filled with haunted and dead ghosts and surprises around every corner! I really look forward to watching older episodes and keeping up with all of the new ones now that I've seen this! We (my husband and I) both thoroughly enjoyed this! Great!