Season 4 Episode 16

On the Head of a Pin

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on The CW

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  • Dean is stronger than you think Sammy.

    I've always preferred Dean over Sam. Sam's personality just irritates me I guess, but this episode just annoyed me as far as Sam's arrogance went. I feel like he really doesn't know Dean sometimes, nor does he care (Demon Blood I suppose) but as usual, Sam thinks he's the best and brightest. Which is why the end annoys me, I hate that it was Sam that got the information, and got to look all perfect.

    Alastair was perfectly creepy in this episode. Perfect actor and perfect script!

    I feel like this moment really reflected Deans actual strength, that everyone seems to doubt exists! And that torture scene was just beautifully done.

    Loved Cas, as usual, he's always written amazingly well and acted just as perfectly.

    Always hated Ruby probably because I know their story line, but Sam just pisses me off with how he's so infatuated with her, even from episode one that she appeared. And watching him do this to himself, just... ah I have to wonder what John would say.

    One of my favourite episodes though. That's for sure.
  • Angels' Fight Club !

    This episode was just great, funy how in Supernatural, awesome/badass episodes came out of nowhere. We moved from surprises to surprises (even though I knew who was behind the pipe trick right away !). Dean and Sam are really taking the bad road, and I can't stop feeling sorry for Dean, who hasn't got any self respect. I think he's awesome and noone can ever say that he/she would'nt have broken.

    I really REALLY liked how they showed Angels' bodies, with the black wings, that was so wonderful.

    But there's something I quite don't understand, something that already bothered me with Ruby in the previous season and that is just not cool with the Angels: WHY ON EARTH DO THEY FIGHT WITH THEIR FISTS ??? I thought Angels' fight would be more...epic: flashes of light, super effects, but not trades of blows and blood. I know they're using human bodies but still...

  • OK! First of all? The score indicator is still slightly out of whack.

    Venting over; now on to the review proper. I found this episode to be pivotal for many reasons. For starters? There was the plot twist about Uriel. Here, I thought Castiel might be the angel who was turning into Darth Vader. But, Uriel, himself?? Holy Chris Walken! Then, there's the Nietzchean aspect to what's been happening to the Winchesters. Sam, sucking demon blood from Ruby during sex? Dean, trying to give back to Alastair twice as bad as he got? Talk about becoming a bigger monster than the ones you fight. The biggest shock of all, though, had to be the confession made by Alastair (in that hilarious Marlon Brando-style voice of his). Dean was Broken Seal Number One? As the poor guy, himself, might say: "Whoa! Major Bummer!" I almost can't wait to see how the writers resolve this not-so-little dilemma. But, it looks like I'll have to; the previews indicate next week's episode is apparently going to be another "Ground Hog Day" pastiche.
  • Supernatural is so far ahead of the game with this one, the competition needn't even show up.

    What was I saying about it not getting any better? Jeez Supernatural, you're so far ahead of the game with this one, the competition needn't even show up. Where to begin? 'On the Head of a Pin' is probably just about as perfect a marriage of emotional investment and narrative progression as you are likely to get. The developments here are colossal, changing the face of the forthcoming battle considerably by exposing Uriel's betrayal, which is a shocker in itself, and opening Castiel to the possibility that blind obedience may not be the most optimum course of action. In this, Misha Collins gets a chance to step up and boy, does he. Every word, every nuance, is loaded with the pain of his struggle between head and heart, and the subsequent inclusion of the still-excellent Julie McNiven as Anna only accentuates matters. And then, of course, we have the other gargantuan revelation: that Dean initiated Lillith's plan, that his was the first step along the rocky road to Armageddon. This is an exceptionally clever plot device as not only is it a completely logical explanation for the angels' choice of the Winchester boy, but it also gives Jensen Ackles the opportunity to play some of the most complex emotional beats of his career. The scene at episode's end in which he rejects his destiny is so well written, it almost hurts to watch... which, it must be said, is something that characterises about 50% of the rest of the episode too. The torture sequences between Dean and Allister are positively horrific; so much so, in fact, that there are several incendiary critiques in reviews online from offended viewers who 'no longer have the stomach to watch the show'. This is a shame, of course, as the violence is never gratuitous. It almost always cuts away at the gory details, stopping short of showing the actual event, but then, it is the implication that we receive from agonising screams, short spurts of blood and facial expressions that makes it all the more harrowing. And, at the end of the day, it is completely necessary for the progression of the plot: when faced with the man that made him maim innocents for thirty years, would Dean really just sit down and chat? No, he'd gut the b*****d. It helps, of course, that the guy that plays Allister in his new form - Christopher Heyerdahl - is deliciously weird and eerie, giving the discourse between the two parties an extra lick of horror. All this and I haven't even mentioned Sam's little secret, his dirty demon blood fetish, which continues to linger in the background, threatening to explode into a game-changer the likes of which we have never seen, and is responsible for one of the best deaths we've seen all year in Allister's 'comeuppance'. Honestly, I thought Supernatural had reached its peak with that phenomenal season opener but this? This is actually better. In fact, 'On the Head of a Pin' is probably the best Supernatural episode yet produced. A near perfect example of what this show can be. Unrelenting, harrowing and f-ing brilliant.
  • Death of an angel...or 2...or 3...

    There have been some really great episodes this season, some may argue it contains some of the best in the series so far. But absolutely none (again, so far) have come close to this one. From the sheer brilliance of writing from the SN team, we get an episode so full of revelations (funny how that seems to really fit in this year) it’s not even funny. Hands down, this has to be one of - if not THE - best episode this season. Possibly the series, and I again stress the ‘so far’.

    The first revelation that got me was the stuff going on with Alastair. And it was the whole ordeal with him that gives us some very shocking facts about Dean, especially his time in Hell. We get an indirect glimpse of Dean’s torturing tactics from Hell as he is called in by the angels to torture Alastair in order to find out who is behind the murder of angels from Castiel’s garrison. And I have to say, that entire scene was quite disturbing. Dean’s demeanor here was so frightening and dark, while Alastair maintained that mega-creepiness about him that makes him so enjoyable as a supervillain. But other than the vile torture acts themselves, the real shocks came from what was revealed during this sequence. According to Alastair, and later Castiel himself, Dean actually started the breaking of the seals by shedding another soul’s blood in Hell. As if going through the very experience of Hell itself wasn’t bad enough, as well as all the stuff he has to deal with regarding Sam, now Dean has this new burden on him that is undoubtedly way too much for his own soul to bear. He even admitted this at the end in the hospital to Cas. Cas tells him it’s his fate to be the one to stop the apocalypse since he was the one to start it off, and Dean doesn’t want to hear of it. He finally breaks down, and rightfully so. And another thing to note was Alastair’s taunting Dean over John being tortured in Hell. Being compared to John has never set well with Dean, no matter how much he loved his dad. Whether he was lying just to get Dean’s goat or not, Alastair was really doing nothing more here than driving a nail into his own coffin by ribbing Dean about John and especially labeling him as inferior to John. That makes for a dangerous Dean.

    The second shocker of the ep had to be Sam. So no wonder he’s been getting stronger. He’s been doing more with Ruby than we thought - he’s been drinking her blood - demon blood - in order to strengthen his powers. And it was shocking enough to learn he was actually sleeping with her episodes back. This was truly a curve ball. And what’s more, Sam’s the one who kills Alastair. Even Cas looked shocked at this fact. But this is also gonna throw a HUGE monkey wrench into the already-fraying relationship between Dean and Sam. Just last ep Dean busted Sam on treating him like an idiot for keeping secrets and once more Sam denied it. Gonna be scary when this one comes out.....

    Next we have the angels. NOW comes some truly shocking stuff. First, Anna shows up again and has some really nice moments with Cas, who admits he is starting to have feelings of sorts, due to his attachment to Dean. The humanity is rearing its head inside him. It was interesting to see him go from still wanting to kill Anna to asking for her help. This shows monuments of change in the character’s progression through the season. Or, more to the point, descent. But Cas hasn’t lost sight of the good fight. Enter the final episode shocker: Uriel. No pun intended, but There’s NO one that could’ve seen that coming. Turns out Ur had been in on the breaking of the seals all along, and was the one murdering the angels! His blasphemous reasoning was a severe slap in the face. He was a follower of Lucifer yet played the “good guy� to sheer brilliance in order to achieve this goal. And this betrayal will shed even more doubt for Cas and probably Anna as to who they can trust in the garrison. All the “angel� actors involved were above par in their performances here, strictly excellent. And, of course, Jared and Jensen, but that’s always the case with them. But somehow, I felt this ep belonged mostly to the angels. Robert, Julie and Misha were awesome in their roles.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - It’s interesting that Sam killed Alastair and Anna killed Uriel - the very ones you didn’t expect when it should’ve been Dean and Castiel, respectively. Just made it all the more better.
    - Ruby’s spell to find Dean was cool. Nothing close to meeting Willow Rosenberg standards, but still just nice to see her work a little mojo.

    Anyone who doesn’t rate this ep a 10 should really rewind their tape, tivo, or whatever they use and watch it again. Seriously. This was one of those beyond brilliance. Oh boy. Next ep looks as if the brothers have to deal with an alternate life or versions of themselves. Can’t wait...
  • This episode has just reminded me why I love this show so much. It completely summed up everything that's great about it and it was probably the best episode of this season, if not the entire series.

    It really brought home the changes between the characters now and the first season, how Sam's becoming increasingly corrupted and Dean's becoming more and more worn down by all the responsibility and guilt. I love how they actually deal with incidents rather than just sweeping them under the carpet, such as Dean's time in hell. That's one of the great things about this show; they have a way of dealing with issues in a way that's interesting and develops the plot. On the whole this episode was just heart breaking. A lot of people have already said it, but Jensen was fantastic, especially in that final scene but throughout the whole episode. Everything he did and said just showed how much strain he was under and how close he was to breaking.

    This show has got some fantastic actors and Eric Kripke knows how to use them. It was a smart move to make Castiel the focus of this episode. Without showing too much emotion, in keeping with the character, Mischa was great at showing how much his character's evolving, having his faith tested by orders he doesn't completely agree with and trying to figure out what he should do. On the whole, just fantastic. I loved every minute and I'm looking forward to next week.
  • This episode, one more time, shows how great this series is!

    Castiel makes Dean to investigate who is murdering Angels. He goes on and tortures Alasatair to get information.

    Supernatural Season 4 Episode "In the Head of a Pin" is one of the best episodes of the season. Season 4 have become one of the best seasons (after season 2, which is my personal favorite). In this episode, Alastair reveals that was Dean the one who broke the first seal by torturing souls in hell; Sam goes again with his powers; Uriel turns out to be a traitor and he is the one who is murdering the angels. For all these reasons, and more, this episode is one of the best in Supernatural season 4.
  • Oh Yeah!

    Just when I thought this season couldn't get any better they give us this episode. What they are doing in the writer's room is magic and they should continue to do so. We get so much stuff revealed to us in this episode but The most surprising would be that Dean broke the first seal, I was totally shocked at that sudden turn of events, and I know Dean will do everything he can to stop it. I however wasn't surprised that Uriel was the bad guy, ever since his first appearance I said, there was something off with him. I liked the Angels kicking butt and taking names Castiel first fighting Alistair and then apparantly Angels can be sent back to heaven? Talk about a twist. Then castiel and Uriel fight. This episode also gets the Angels questioning whether ot not God is calling the shots anymore, and Castiel seems to be furiously troubled by this, but with a little help from Anna he may see the way. What the heck was that with Sam and Ruby? Does Ruby's blood give Sam stronger powers? Anyway this season is shaping up veru nicely, and I can't wait to see what they give us for a finale.
  • The angels need Dean's help to get information. And Sam has been toning up.

    UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME!!! This eppy is hands down my favorite in the season so far. I've been terribly spoiled and yet I still found every frame captivating. In fact, I don't think I can capture in one review everything I love about this particular installment, so let me just give you my top 5.

    1. Alastair's awesomeness.

    I bow down to the great writing of Ben Edlund and Christopher Heyerdahl's acting. Those interrogation scenes could have been really boring but the script and the actor made it work. Alastair is honest-to-goodness creepy. And you believe that he's a black belt in torture, given how he's all tied up and yet he still knows which of Dean's buttons to push. 2. Castiel!!!

    From the first scene at the parking lot to the last scene in the hospital, Cas has proven why he's our beloved angel. Great acting from Misha! Specially love the whole "Uriel is the funniest angel in the garrison." But I like how his character progressed in one episode. He's starting to think for himself and experience all the feelings that went with it. Executed himself better in the fight scenes (though had to be rescued again. twice!). And his chemistry with Dean? So palpable!

    I like the idea that at the end of the episode, Cas doesn't know if he can trust the other angels still. Cause if he can't trust anybody else, and he knows Dean is humanity's only hope, then more Cas-Dean in the coming months!

    By the way, as one of the few who started looking for Cas-Anna fanfic after Heaven and Hell, I enjoyed all those Cas-Anna scenes too. (Somebody should tell her though that only Dean can call Castiel Cas.)

    3. Tortured Dean

    Somebody get Jensen Ackles an Emmy already!

    Poor Dean. Like he hasn't been through enough, he had to deal with such an earth shattering revelation: he broke the first seal. Dean is really broken this time (you evil writers!). The whole thing is wrapped around Dean's daddy issues too...tragic. 4. Uriel as a Lucifer supporter.

    This is a twist I didn't see coming, but it makes great sense. Chuckles has never liked the mud-monkeys, which makes him no shade different from Lucifer. His allegiances revealed a greater threat to the boys: yup, evil angels. Who knows who's friend and who's foe now. I will miss Uriel, I love to hate this angel. But he went down in great fashion so he will be remembered.

    5. Sam and his Twighlight-y ways.

    Oh, and that Sam Winchester? He deserves a sound thrashing! Love to see Sam's great power; it foreshadows the things to come. Love his interaction with Cas too: "Miracle, Now." This 5 points doesn't even do the show justice. But for sure, I can't wait for the rest!

  • Wow......

    Ok....its obivious that I luv the show and follow it very well...there writers are so cool but the would have never thought that Uriel was the angel killer.....interesting stand. You know I never really thought about the what ifs of religion. What if some of the angels actually missed their brother Lucifer..they didn't rebel but they actually missed him..hmmmm....and doubt what a strong emotion. It like faith can move mountains. Wow....good job with the character break downs..although I'm a little disappointed with the way Dean stepped into his role and the tourmentor she should have been ripping away flesh and...well i can see he was supposed to have a problem with it...nice...and Sam drinking demon blood....wouldn't that make him a full demon... and his power to actually destroy a soul...whoa and for you to do it in front of Castiel cool did ya see the fear....they are going to have to put a leash on that I would have to say that I was not looking for Anna to be back but I'm glad she is...its cool and for her to be the one to lead Castiel to his final decision, so cool. Can't watch a grown man cry so don't do that Great show guys!!!!!
  • On THe Head of A Pin is the best episode of season four of Supernatural. In fact it might just be the best episode of the entire series.

    At first I was going to classify this as classic, which it is. I also thought about character development and exciting, but chose to go with this episode being very special. So much happens, and a lot of questions as well as some revelations are answered, and in some quite shocking ways. SO this is definately a very special episode indeed.

    First lets start of with Alastair. Last week he was captured as you recall. This week we discover that angels are being killed, and the angels, Castiel and Uriel, ask Dean to torture the demon to find out who's behind the deaths. Dean reluctantly does so, but soon discovers some things about himself when Alastair gives him some shocking news involving the seals. I won't say any more. WHile Dean is providing his own form of torture on Alastair and learns some surprising things, we learn more about Sam and how his powers have increased. It of course involves Ruby and a little blood letting. You'll be shock had who is doing the blood letting, and be even more surprised when you discover where that blood is going. And we all thought it was just sex with RUby. Woah, better not say anymore, but I will say that this week Sam's powers are much stronger than at any other time this season. WHat he does with those powers will be shocking as well.

    THe girl Anna, who was the fallen angel in Heaven and hell, returns as well, and she couldn't have picked a better time to show up. Many things happen involving the three angels, Castiel, Uriel, and Anna. In fact this episode gives us more time with the angels then any other time this season. It's amazing that the writers were able to fit so much in to a forty four minute episode. BY the end of the episode you will be stunned at what is revealed. You will also know who has been killing angels, and you will also see two surprising deaths to two important characters instead of one like last week. Of course, I'm not going to tell you that surprise either.

    On the Head of a Pin was well paced, and the acting was just as great by all. This episode was the most important one this season because it's the one that will lead us as the viewers forward into the big season arc which is bound to be incredible.
  • Excellent television.

    Supernatural delivers. Again. Now I'm not the biggest fan, and I found season 4 to be a little random. It started amazingly, then had (i think) one too many comedy episodes, and then it was amazing again.... then when it returned from the first big hiatus, it got way too standalone. But now, that it returned from it's 2nd hiatus, it simply blew me away.

    This and the previous episode have been simply excellent, especially this one.

    Clearly, one of the show's best offerings. It's clear from the get go. I don't know what I enjoyed more, the Sam scenes, or the Uriel & Castiel scenes. Dean was pretty amazing too.

    There's just something about this episode; the atmosphere. The incredible darkness of it. Especially on Sam's part.

    All considered, nearly flawless.
  • Amazing. Simply amazing. Has everything a classic Supernatural episode has, and then some.

    Oh my God. I cannot emphasize how much I loved this episode. My jaw was on the floor throughout. This is definitely on my top five, possibly even may be my favourite episode. And I can give many reasons for this (not in any particular order):

    Finally, Castiel gets in a fight! Or, I should say - two fights! Misha Collins did this very well, and from what I could see, most of the fighting was him, and not a double. Kudos, I loved the Castiel/Alastair and Castiel/Uriel fights. It's brilliant to finally see the powerful angel in action, as the first Castiel/Alastair fight was rather small.
    Also, his character development within himself and with Anna is looking great too. I can't wait to see what happens. Will he fall? Will he and Anna escape the clutches of the potentially misled garrison? The wait is killing me!

    Ew! Sam drinking Ruby's demon blood? I grimaced, but was also quite excited at this turn of events. His new powers are amazing. I love his telekinesis and manipulation skills, and gosh - he can kill now? He's more than juiced up to off Lilith, but will he?

    Holy mother of GOD, this guy is creepy! Hats off to both Christopher Heyerdahl's fine acting and Ben Edlund's brilliant scripture. And don't forget Mike Rohl - his directing has pulled off an amazing episode.
    But seriously, he really creeped me out. He's a fine actor, and I hope Supernatural has shown many, many people that fact.

    Talk about shattered mind... First WE find out that John was tortured by Alastair for 100 years (a fact that, from what I gathered, Dean already knew), AND that the first Seal broke 'because' of Dean? I can't imagine how bad the poor guy feels.
    In addition, getting his face smashed in by Alastair and ending up in hospital won't bode well for him either. After Castiel's little talk with him at the end of the episode, I'm sure that Dean feels both mentally and physically tired and broken. I really hope that something good comes his way, and soon.

    I seriously did not see this one coming. Uriel, killing his own kind, and working for Lucifer? I guess I can see his logic - wanting his brother back - but still. He needed to be stopped, and the ensuing fight was awesome. I for one am glad that Castiel wasn't the one who had to kill who may have been his only friend. Anna didn't seem too upset, though.

    So yeah - most kick ass episode ever. So much happened in it, and I've already seen it twice, hehe.

    Keep them coming, Kripke & Co! Amazingly spectacular work.
  • dude, angel fight.

    Omg, omg, omg! Definitely the best ep of the season thus far. SAM, wow! His powers are amazing! More on that later----

    castiel and uriel need dean's help. Someone or something is killing angels. And they think alastair knows who and why. They need dean to use the torturing skills he used in hell on his former mentor alastair in order to get the info out of him. Dean is reluctant. He still remembers how he felt when he tortured all those poor souls and he doesn't want to go back to that place. Eventually cass convinces him it's what needs to be done and dean faces off w/his enemy.

    Dean admits to alastair he had dreamed of this day while he was still in hell, being able to torture his nemesis/mentor. Although alastair is in agony, he continues to taunt dean. He reveals that dean's father john was the first choice in the plan to open the seals and bring on armegeddon. He also reveals that dean accepting alastair's offer in hell was the first seal to be broken.

    Meanwhile, anna returns. Castiel is doubting his mission and whether or not GOD is giving the orders. Anna encourages cass to think for himself and do what he feel is right. Elsewhere, ruby and sam cast a spell to find out dean's actual location. Ok, here's the shocker-----the source of sam's increasing power is ruby's demon blood! (although, if you think about it, demon blood is what gave sam his power in the first place-yellow eyes bled into his mouth when he was a baby.)

    Back to dean. Somehow, the devils trap is broken and alastair kicks the crap out of sam. Cass tries to help, however, alastair starts an incantation to send cass back to heaven. Sam to the rescue! He barges in, pins alastair to the wall telepathically and demands that he tell who is killing the angels. Alastair is broken and admits that he has no idea who it is but he knows demons aren't doing it. He dares sasm to send him back to hell but sam tells him that he can kill demons now and does so ad cass watches in shock. Dean is in bad shape and sam demands a "miracle now" from cass.

    Cass returns to the warehouse and sees that the devils trap was broken from a leaky water pipe. Uriel arrives and tries to convince cass to come over to his side, he is in league w/lucifer! The two fight and anna sneaks up behind and kills uriel. Dean asks cass if he was really the one who broke the first seal and he says yes. Dean is broken and weak and tells cass to find someone else to fight this war.
  • Castiel and Uriel ask Dean to torture Alastair.

    The best Supernatural episode so far of what allready is a great season! With great preformences by Misha Collins as Castiel, Rovert Wisdom as Uriel and especially Christopher Heyerdahl as Alastair. His Alastair makes the other look like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hopefully he will return. It was also nice to not see Dean and Sam so much. This episode was the perfect balance of gore, thriller and drama. Can't wait wat the future will bring us sinds the season is allmost over. Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules! Alastair Rules!
  • Major reveals for Dean, Sam, Castiel and Uriel, plus the entire Apocalypse storyline. Wow!!

    This episode wastes no time and gets directly into the action – the aftermath of a battle where an angel died. Stunning overhead shot showing her wings!

    Castiel and Uriel show up (unsurprisingly) but the reason is astonishing: they need Alistair's student and Dean's the best interrogator they've got!!! When Dean refuses, they kidnap him! Uriel is being his usual charming self but Cas understands what he's asking Dean to do and it's all over Cas' face: they're desperate. Cas confirms what we noticed before several times – he was getting too fond of Dean and was developing emotions, not to mention expressing doubt.

    Dean naturally resists what they want him to do – he spent 10 years as Alistair's apprentice, he knows exactly what he is capable of if he opens himself up to it. What if he can't switch it off afterwards?

    Sam's reaction is surprising – instead of being worried about Dean going dark, he thinks Dean isn't strong enough to get the job done! I'm really starting not to like Sam. He's the Antichrist!! He's got no right to judge Dean!! Then we find out Sam's big secret: he's drinking Ruby's blood. Which means that Sam is actually becoming a demon, black eyes and all. We should have realized – it's how Sam got his powers in the first place! His power is now terrifying – he is able to kill demons. The horror on Castiel's face! But what scares me more than what Sam is becoming is the look on Ruby's face when he drank: triumph.

    Alistair elaborates on John's time in Hell – almost 100 years and never took the deal… unlike Dean. Then the biggest reveal of them all: Dean broke the first seal. It was supposed to be John but he never broke, then Dean comes along and poor Alistair thought 'here we go again' but to his pleasant surprise, Dean 'broke in 30'. Cas finally explains Dean's role in the Apocalypse – to break the seal but he is also the only person that can stop the Apocalypse. Makes complete sense, prophecies usually work that way. Just when we think Dean cannot get more wounded, something tears him to pieces all over again. How much more can Dean take?

    Dean tells Cas that he can't do it but that's not how prophecies work. As much as my heart broke for Dean, the other part of me was telling him to drop the self pity and get back to work. He might not believe it but if there's a prophecy that says he can, Dean should work all the harder to get there, to be worthy of the responsibility on his shoulders. The angels believed it enough to break Dean out of Hell. Yes, he broke and because he did, the seal broke too but this is his chance to make up for it, to fix it. This is called redemption.

    In another in a series of major shocks, we find out that it wasn't just some decision to save Dean, the angels were laying siege to Hell to get him out before he broke, they were just too late. We had speculated Dean was broken out of Hell to stop Sam, but for the first time, Dean is important in his own right, not just as Sam's brother. Plus this confirms that the angels believe that Dean is the future savior of mankind, reinforcing the growing evidence that Sam is going to live up to his title.

    As if there hasn't been enough stunning revelations, Uriel turns out to be a renegade, working to overthrow Heaven and release Lucifer!! Loved how they did it, Cas at the warehouse: examine the 'crime scene', review the evidence, confront the suspect. CSI: Supernatural! I thought for several horrible minutes that Uriel was actually going to kill Cas, (always loved him but after this episode, I completely adore him) and though I never thought I would be glad to see Anna, I am deeply grateful to her for saving him. Since Cas actually rebelled against his 'superiors' (there seems to be a major problem with the chain of command!), maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of him. One can only hope.

    Makes you wonder how many of the orders Cas & Co have been getting are even true orders, given that clearly some of the 'superiors' are dirty, they could easily block orders coming down while issuing their own. Uriel and Cas discuss Lucifer as if they've met him (when even demons like Casey had to go on faith) so Lucifer's definitely real, but the opposite side of the equation doesn't hold true: Uriel, Cas and Anna have never met God and Uriel goes as far as to say He doesn't even exist. Whose to say that any of the orders ever came from God in the first place? Frankly, it looks like the angels are running the show. As Uriel pointed out, if God was really watching, wouldn't He do something about the renegade angels? Something's definitely going on Up There, we'll have to wait to find out what. Fascinating.

    It was adorable when Castiel found out the truth and clueless how to think for himself, he goes automatically to his former boss, Anna, for instructions. I really don't like Anna but she did him a favor by refusing to guide him, Castiel must learn by himself to be a person rather than an automaton. Will he stop obeying his 'superiors' orders? Will he team up with Dean? Is that too much to hope for?

    Other note-worthy events:
    - Alistair nearly kills Dean and puts him in hospital. The first time we see Dean, Sam is by his bedside but the second time, Cas is. Sam was pointedly absent. Off with his… (I'm not allowed to use that word)… Ruby, I assume. I hope the writers continue to build the friendship between Cas and Dean. Dean's going to need a friend when Sam turns.
    - Cas takes on both Alistair and Uriel and survives, though he had to be rescued both times. He's just not a soldier! He is far too gentle and sweet, but he tried hard. Awesome moment when he threw Uriel through the wall, way to go Cas!!
    - I think Uriel's been down here too long, both he and Anna have started calling Castiel 'Cas'. Only Dean's allowed to do that!
    - What's this 'revelation' thing? Uriel talked about it as if it was an object rather than information. Castiel reacted too noticeably when Uriel mentioned it. At one point I even wondered if it might be a person or angel?
    - Anna was getting all touchy-touchy with Cas, she's been down here way too long! Liked how she referred to Dean: "Stop him, Cas, before you ruin the one real weapon you have."
    - The demons have their own 'exorcism' ritual which works on angels!
    - Kudos on the casting of the new improved Alistair, he's super creepy and he does a magnificent job here. He almost outshines Jensen, which is not easy to do. Jensen goes above and beyond as usual, explain to me why he hasn't gotten an Emmy?!
    - Best line? "Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison, ask anyone." Did Cas just make a joke?!

    What an episode! I'm still in shock. We suspected Dean was very important or why would angels bother rescuing him, but we never saw this coming. A truly mind-blowing episode.
  • Uriel & Castiel come to make Dean intarigate Alister. The whole thing was a set up by Uriel to kill Dean and make Castiel join his group of angle killers. And we see just how darkside Sam has gone. He's drinking demon blood and he's able to KILL Alister.

    First of all thank God Castiel finally killed Uriel! I hated that guy. That jerk set the whole thing up just so he could kill Dean and get Castiel to join his stupid little angle klling club. I felt so bad for Dean having to go back to that deep dark place in his psyche where he like to torcher people. Then the poor guy finds out that he set the apocalypse in motion! Also finding out that Sammy is just a step away from going dark side had me screaming at my TV. That witch Ruby has some kind of evil plan, that look on her face when Sam was drinking her blood said it all! These two are in a steep down ward spirel fast, they need help NOW!
  • Best episode of the show ever!!!!!!!! Warning, spoilers contained below.

    Back with yet another amazing episode of this show I love so much! This episode starts off with a bang as we see a dead girl who appears to be a slain angel. This episode has to rank up there with one of the most amazing; as early on we see some of the best acting from Dean as he has to relive some of his worst nightmares. This episode was also very revealing, as we finally see what Sam has been doing with Ruby, and I really didn't like what I saw. I think this episode has to also be one of the darkest the show has ever seen, as we see both Dean and Sam's darkest sides. This was my favourite episode of the whole show, not only was it exciting and informative, but it was just plain jaw dropping.
  • wow can I say wow what an episode dean torturing alastair sam drinking rubys blood to become stronger show we trust ruby maybe wonder what will happen next few episodes of the season jared and jensen have done a fantastic job this show what will happen !

    wow what an episode and it keeps getting better what is sam up with ruby he's drinking her blood dean torturing the demon who tortured him in hell and alastair mentioed he tortured their father for a year which is one hundred years. Alastair told dean that he was the first one to break the first seal this devastated him now sammy is way strong he can moved things with his mind now he can kill demons permanently is sam and deans being brothers hanging by a thread hope not I can't wait to see what happens next can't wait for more
  • Someone has killed seven angels, and Castiel and Uriel recruit Dean to interrogate their prisoner, Alastair, to learn who the killer is.

    Sam is druggin' on Demon Juice!! :O!!

    And poor Dean! I felt so bad for him and how he ended up being the first seal broken, bringing on the end of the world. I wonder how he's going to stop it and I think I know how Sam is going to play a part in it.

    Is it just me or is Castiel getting hotter and hotter? I thought for sure Uriel was going to kill him, but thank god Anna saved him in time. And I'm still trying to figure out what she meant when she said that thing to Uliel as she was killing him. Is she God? Or his right hand man or something?

    Anyways, Great job cast and crew. I'm really excited for next week's episodes :)
  • Warning: Review contains spoilers! This episode develops the relationship between Castiel (Cass) and Dean, and gives us more info about the seals. All this and we find who is killing angels and why.

    What an episode! So much happened. It left me with my mouth open and wanting to give Dean and Cass a huge hug.

    We find out that Sam has started drinking Ruby's demon blood which has given him the ability to permanently kill demons.

    We find out that John Winchester, the boys Dad, was the one the Demons originally planned to have break the first seal, but having been tortured for 100 years didn't break.

    Castiel brings in Dean to use the torture methods he learnt down in hell on Alastair against his better judgment.

    We see the developing relationship between Dean and Cass. It's a cross between friendship and the way Sam and Dean used to be. What great actors these two men are. The scenes between these guys pulled at your heart string as well as developing the storyline. In fact the whole cast pulled out their A-game for this episode.

    This episode is very important as it sets up the rest of the season and fills in some of the blanks. I want everyone to watch this. It's amazing!
  • Holy CRAP!

    This is probably, if not the first, one of the best episodes of Season four. I founf myself thinking last night whoa, this is an amazing episode. I am so glad that this season isn't filled with filler episodes. This would of been a good season finale without cliffhanger. Looks like Dean caused a domino reaction in breaking the seals to release Lucifer. I like this episode cause anyone who is anyone in Season Four is in this episode, Anna, Urial, Castiel, Ruby. If only Bobby was in it. The fact that Sam had to suck Ruby's blood to get stronger was kind of disturning but I still love Sam getting all powerful. It's really great! Looks like Sam & Ruby are not finished with making out just yet. Dean torturing Alaister was perfect, dude, he was so annoying. I hated how he talked. Anyways, turns out Uriel was a bad guy. I'm really glad Anna killed him off cause he was starting to bug me. Amazing episode overall. WHOA!
  • wat the hell/heaven??

    i wish i could vote for this episode as infinite, but no: the thing only goes up to 10...
    this was the best episode of all series i watch, and i gotta tell ya, i watch a LOT of series.
    one episode focusing on Castiel, Uriel being the emperor recruiting a bunch of darth vaders??? that couldnt be anymore freakin awesomer!!
    i loooved the part when Uriel died, with the wings drawn spread on the floor... when it was revealed that dean broke the 1st seal and that it was supposed to be John.. omg!! i am sorry i can't even find words to describe this episode, but if u watch it u can understand y
  • Angels starting to rise against God's will

    My O My this is going to be fun - Sammy boy drinking demon's blood while Dean losing hope. What is going to be next? How are they gonna stop Lucifer n Apocalypse. But one thing is clear that it ain't gonna be easy as some of the Angels like Uriel are rising against the Will of God and killing their own kind. This episode was quite revealing the hidden agendas. Still long way to go as Sam might get controlled by Ruby. (Her agenda is still unrevealed) She might be interested in killing Lilith and to wear the Queen of Hell's crown for herself.
  • Dean is asked by the angels to torture Alistair.

    What an absolutely fabulous episode. Thrilling, exciting and completely moving, possibly the best episode of the entire show so far.

    It was heartbreaking to see Dean realise that he was expected to use the lessons in torture given by Alistair on Alistair, he had started the apocalypse, he had given in to torture whereas his dad has resisted temptation and he may be the only one who can stop it.

    On the other hand, seeing Sam sucking a demon's blood was completely disturbing yet the power it gave him was put to good use.

    A theological debate started by an episode of Supernatural. Is using evil to do something good, evil or good???
  • So long Alastair..

    Wow, this episode is by far the best of the season so far.

    Dean trying to hold back and still hung up by all the stuff he did back down there in hell. The revelation that Dean was the one who started this whole thing to begin with.

    Well, well, what the hell is Sam doing? Sucking demon's blood, aren't you naughty boy? lol.. when Ruby went on top of him I was like "Oh ok. Sex to become stronger. That seems alright.." rofl!!

    Castiel is finally thinking for himself. His scenes with Anna were very interesting and set the tone for what the character was feeling through the whole episode: doubt.

    The outcome of the showdown between Castiel x Uriel in the end was not a surprise. I thought either Sam or Anna was gonna save Cast.

    Anywyas, Supernatural is 1st on TOP Tv shows list.. for sure.

  • Angels and demons and torture, oh my!

    From the moment this episode began, I knew it was going to be a game-changer. On "Supernatural", that means a lot of darkness and a lot of angst. That's certainly the case for Sam and Dean, though Dean certainly gets the lion's share of the self-loathing. Surprisingly, this was also full of Castiel Angst, which was a good bit of continuity. I'm not sure how some of the angel mythology in this episode is going to be received. I expect more cries of "blasphemy!" from the usual corners.

    Let's start with how this episode changes the mythology. So it's not enough that Lilith and her ilk decided that it would be a wonderful idea to unleash Lucifer and wipe out the human race. (Despite the fact that demons used to be humans, so no more humans means no more demon, which means no future siblings.) Now we have a contingent of the angel population, stretching up to the highest levels of the celestial choir, deciding that following Lucifer would be a great idea. Which amounts to fallen angels and demons banding together to wipe out humanity and help Lucifer overthrow God.

    The implications in terms of the narrative are staggering. Uriel was just the tip of the iceberg. His rampant anti-human commentary now makes a lot more sense, of course, but one could have interpreted that as a result of his role within the angelic hierarchy. Castiel (and Anna, for that matter) was closer to humanity for longer, so of course he would have greater sympathy for them. Now Uriel's detachment becomes, in a sense, the basis for his conversion to the dark side.

    Taking out Uriel doesn't solve the overall problem, because Uriel was getting his orders from others much higher up the food chain. Which means that all the orders that Uriel passed down to Castiel, maybe from the very beginning, are in doubt. This alone makes it hard to know if Castiel's explanations for Dean are valid. And one might also wonder how long this rebellion has been brewing.

    It sounds like it might have been going on for a little while. If so, this places Anna's comments about the reasons for her fall in context. It may not be that God isn't communicating anymore; it sounds more like one of the highest ranking angels has chosen to rebel, and has been blocking the communication. And we can see the effect in angels like Anna and Castiel. More with Castiel, of course, because his arc this season has been one of increasing doubt.

    Whatever the case, Uriel's little plan backfired. Leaning the truth seems to have only strengthened Castiel's resolve. Even if he's not sure about his faith in the system anymore, he does know that the rebelling angels are wrong. And now he's going to set things right. (And for those thinking that this is all incredibly blasphemous, it's not hard to assume that God knows exactly what's happening, and doesn't feel the need to intervene, because it's going to work itself out according to plan. Isn't that the understanding when all horrible things happen? That it's part of the grand design?)

    Another matter cast into doubt is Dean's deliverance from Hell. Was that truly God's command, or was it something the rebellious angels wanted? And if the rebelling angels wanted it, and if they insisted that Dean deal with Sam, does it follow that Sam's growing power is not just a problem for the demons? It might be that the rebellious angels and the demons alike see Sammy as the one threat to their common goal of releasing Lucifer.

    That doesn't mean that Dean's role isn't to prevent Sammy from going all-out Antichrist Superstar, because that would make general sense. How else would Dean resolve the problem of the angelic civil war and the Lilith's demonic horde? Dean doesn't have the power, but Sam might. Dean, though, might have the control than Sam lacks. Which would mean that only together can the Brothers Winchester save the world.

    Even if that's true, it won't stop Dean from feeling horribly responsible. His role in the breaking of the very first seal makes sense of his central role in the current conflict, Knowing that he broke, when his father didn't, will strike him right at the heart of his daddy issues. It's going to be a tough road for Dean, and that's after wondering if he could take much more as it was.

    Sam, on the other hand, is sliding even further into the abyss, and it's clear that Ruby is getting exactly what she wants out of the deal. I had wondered if sleeping with Ruby was part of the process of increasing Sam's power. Apparently not, but one can't deny that Ruby's method of enticing Sam with the bloodletting wasn't sexual in context. I still think she intends to convince Sam to take down Lilith and take the throne himself, even if it doesn't involve unleashing Lucifer. Dean's role, I believe, will be to prevent that from happening.

    The past two episodes mark the end of the complication phase for the season arc and the beginning of the resolution phase. Mysteries are being revealed, conflicts are clarifying, and the story is getting darker by the minute. It's sad to see Pamela and Uriel go, but it feels like those recent casualties are only the beginning.
  • The gloves are off... someone's killing angels... huh. Go figure.

    Dean + syringe + holy water + alastair on a poke = sifi's heart begins to beat again... (bless you Ben... supernatural CPR .... )

    holy... freakin orgasmic biblical bliss! Dean... I'm guessing Alastair ain't exactly gonna be lying about something like that, especially not when it's so juicy and chock full of apocalyptic awesomeness... (tis okay Dean... I wouldn't have made it a day.... you're a far better man than I gunga din).

    Damn water...

    mmm Sammy... somewhere in the back of my brain I'm hearing Spike, "Blood... it's always got to be blood" so props to those who thought ruby was giving Sammy some kind of head... even if it was a demonic heads' up... (excuse me if she's not goign to use that downstairs head to her satisfaction can I?... did I just say that? mmmm love you Sammy... ... ahem... what? nevermind... ) so point is... yeah I'm loving the confirmation of oru sweet boy's eyes changing cause he IS empowered! Sammy... go save your brother, he needs you. and yeah... hell took something from him... go save him sweetie!

    From the instant he was called to heel for his near blasphemy against God's creations... well so far it's not that far of a stretch to believe that Uriel is the one wielding Lucifer's sword... the most faithful of soldiers, upon finding a flaw in their most beloved commander is a potential enemy to be warily held. The exact reason for Sun Tsu's admonishment, "Keep your friends close adn your enemies closer". Angelic smackdown? Bring it. My money's on Cas.

    Ahhhh God bless you Anna! Ahhh the bliss of choice... a little Deanism here... joyful relief for the idea of even an angel or angels having the ability to choose... (we were enlightened to the fact that we're allowed to choose... Angels, being God's first creations were NOT enlightened to that fact... I am glad the few have realized it!) And on that note I have to say, for the first time, I actually respect Uriel. And for what it's worth, if I'd been among the first and told to bow to the next generation... if they weren't worthy of fealty... well... who's to say huh?

    It IS too big Dean ... that's why next week's ep is what it is...

    Absolutely freakin incredible kudo's to Kast and krew... and as always my beloved boys, special love to you both Jensen and Jared.
  • Dean is called on by Castiel to get information from Alistair using the knowledge of torture he learned in hell. Sam tries to get more power. Anna returns to convince Castiel to work with her.

    Holy cow, this was one of the best episodes I've yet. Dean is called on by Castiel and Uriel to get information on who has been killing angels (cool note when they die leave a shadowy imprint of wings on the ground around the body) from Alistair. Dean doesn't want to, but Castiel and Uriel take him away from Sam to do the job, and he starts. Sam tries to find Dean, calling on Ruby, and they figure out where he is so Sam can interrogate Alistair, believing Dean can't. But first, Sam drinks Ruby's demon blood to gain more power, creepy. Alistair reveals that Dean was the one who broke the first cell, being the righteous man who shed blood in hell. Hell of a revelation for Dean, like he's not bad off enough as it is. Anyhow, Alistair gets loose and pounds on Dean until Castiel intervenes, but he's down for the count and Sam shows up, now powerful enough to kill and not just send back to hell. While Dean is in the hospital Castiel realizes it was Uriel killing angels, in service of Lucifer and Anna returns to save Castiel from Uriel, killing Uriel in the end. Castiel goes to Dean, and reveals what Alistair says was true, and adding it means Dean's the one who can stop Lucifer and the Apocalypse.
    This episode was one of the best I've seen, and I'll be watching it again when I can online. I hate that Sam's going so dark, even Castiel is afraid of him. But man, Dean just about broke my heart. As if he didn't have enough guilt already. In the end he was telling Castiel to find someone else, that he wasn't strong enough. If you get the chance watch this episode. We've still got episodes left, and things are just going to get better and better.
  • This was a fantastic episode 10+. It was well written, acted, etc. Anna came back. Castiel started to have doubt. He had the free will to think for himself. Uriel was evil. Dean was the first 1 to break the first seal. Sam became more powerful.

    Angels are being killed. Uriel and Castiel caught Alastair. They cannot torture him. Dean was chosen to torture Alastair. Anna told Castiel that he cannot make Dean do this. Anna knew that Castiel started to have doubts like her. She was still being hunted. Uriel set it up for Alastair to escape. Dean was beaten by Alastair and almost killed. Alastair almost killed Castiel, too. Sam arrived to save the day. After Sam drank Ruby's blood, he became stronger. He killed Alastair. Dean was in the hospital. Uriel and Castiel fought. Uriel almost killed Castiel. Anna arrived and killed Uriel. Uriel wanted to follow Lucifer. He killed other angels. Castiel told Dean that since he broke the first seal, he has to stop Lucifer.
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