Season 7 Episode 16

Out With the Old

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2012 on The CW

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  • Out with the old, more like out with the new!

    After witnessing last nights episode I have one word on my mind. Fatigue. No I'm not talking Sam's choice of a "Triple Red-Eye" to keep him awake and away from Lucifer's torments. I'm talking the episode and series at this point.


    First we have ballerina who spins her self into oblivion her feet explode and faux blood (more than what could be in the human body) is sprayed all over the place, yet the shoes remain blood free. I would think maybe her brains would have turned to slush first and she simply would have dropped dead but whatever, more gore the better. With our heroes driving into town to investigate we see two kids in no real danger as Sam and Dean save them in typical last minute fashion. One girl has the cursed ballet slippers and another boy has his mother's antique Gramophone posess him into killing his mother. Why? We'l get to that later. So let's follow the girl first.

    After her father drags her into an evidence locker (Bringing unauthorized persons into an evidence lockup even if it's your kid is wrong and I believe is against rules and regulations plus it's wrong period! Kids are unpredictible and if something catches their eye and they take it this could very well mean Johnny rapist goes free.) she is stricken by the shoes she then goes into the bathroom and finds the shoes are mysteriously there. She then puts them on and the shoes magically shrink to a perfect fit. Just then the boys rush in and pry the shoes off her, as she starts having an uncontrollable urge to dance her feet off. Put in some kicks to Dean's face for added comedy and you have a more humorous situation rather then terrifying. This leads Dean and Sam to an old antique shop where shocker shocker the man unknowingly sold cursed objects his mother had collected over the years. So we have two more on this list the gramophone, a cursed tea kettle and a "gentlemen's magazine".

    So Sam and Dean split up to find each object after they fail to save a woman who decided to pour some hot cocoa in her mouth straight from the kettle and without the cocoa. Sam finds a boy about ready to kill his mother with a large butcher knife, while Dean finds his magazine in use. NUFF Said! This plot is no more than a lead in to what's really going on in Portland (yeah the story takes place in Protland sorry folks about not mentioning earlier.)

    The big L are in town taken the shape of relators and buying up all of main street for some unknown purpose. In the middle of this buyout a store proprietor has the urge not to sell so what does Joyce (the boss) do? Well give him the handshake of typical Leviathan fashion one that spells DEATH! Then we see her assume his form and well use it to sign the deed over to her. GENIUS! So what to do with the body well they could eat him since that's what happened in the first few episodes or after monolouging on why the head honcho simply known as Dick doesn't want them eating his corpse simply lay him out as if he had a heart attack. They choose the later. Oh and not explain the purpoe for main street's buyout. Uggggh really cmon Sera and Co. in order for your Leviathan to be the least bit threatening at this point you have to give them a clear motive, or at least be terrifying have them eat people or torture them or something not seen in the show as of now. It's season 7 for crying out loud!

    So with the help of Frank; the Bobby clone, who's more neurotic than surly, and cynical rather than witty and a real pill hacks into some datbases finds the real estate and everything over the past couple of months is in fact Leviathan related since it can all be traced back to Dick Roman as he owns it all. Sam is spotted by George the other bad guy and traces him back to the antique stand and notifies Joyce, who then insists she come along for the feeding. The L force the store owner to call our boys to lead then there, they follow the bait. Insert a pointless scene involving the owner and how George will kill then assume the form and misdirect our boys into a trap, and you have a setup to an interesting action sequence. One where George actually let's the boys win.

    A tub of borax is under a desk which George has Sam dunk his head into. To distract Joyce who is pummeling Dean. Sam then slices and dices poor Joyce and George reveals how they are going to build a research center in the heart of main street to cure Cancer. Wait these murderous fiends are going to help us in the end now? WTF!!! Not believing it one bit. I know better however our heroes shutter to think what it could mean other than good. Let's not go into that one for too long though, let's not have this episode end on any satisfactory note. George asks to be let go and to keep Joyce's remains as he wants to eat her. Ok? So we then jump to the owner thanking the bros for saving him and with a uhaul with all the cursed objects Sam and Dean ride off to Frank's where they find his trailer empty in disarray and blood all over. End Scene!

    This was a boring routine episode with no real danger to our heroes nor to the victims they did save. Mostly cause they were children. The Leviathan's themselves Joyce and George seemed more like comedy reliefs than actual threatening supernatural beasts. When I see Joyce and George I see Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers. The overall Leviathan plot thus far has been a total waste. Sera has been trying to build an arc with a mysterious motive but when your Leviathan baddies are simply Demons with more teeth and capitalist sensibilities without throwing something interesting to diversify them from demons, you dont care about the mystery. Plus do not give a twist that relies on misdirecting the viewer into thinking the Leviathan's are good that they only want to help. If a person is eaten by one of these creatures early on I doubt they are here on good intentions. Plus if that was true why the aquiring of Biggerson's resturants which have turned countless people into freaks of nature, if they are only here to help us. It's my guess that they plan on turning us into Leviathans or something better suit to their liking and killing the rest.

    Also you should realize that you are in season 7 to keep the die-hards happy you have to push the envelope. Show a boy stab his mother or at least write in a scene detailing an attack before Sam comes in and saves the day. Detail some real danger here. Put children in real peril show the audience that even children arn't safe in this show, KILL one. It used to be in the first couple of season but afterwards this has stalled. Stop throwing in comedy to the action or fright sequences. How am I supposed to feel scared for a child in danger if I'm laughing at Dean getting kicked in the face repeatedly. Plus I feel the IQ of the characters has gone down 100 pts since they are not intelligent to realize how paper thin this plot is. Remember when the characters used to be self aware of their surroundings? Well not no more. The show has been growing old and stale and I fear the writers are suffering from fatigue. Not only that but more Die-Hard fans find themselves drawn away to other programs. They find it hard to watch these days. So it's fatigue on both parts.
  • Out With The Old

    Out With The Old was an awesome and perfectly entertaining episode of Supernatural because it had a classic story intertwined with the Leviathan agenda while Lucifer still taunted Sam. I enjoyed watching this episode because the horrific death scenes by cursed objects were done perfectly according to series standards. The plot development for the Leviathan story line was interesting and it was nice to learn a little more. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Out With the Old

    Back from hiatus and a ballerina who dances herself to death, Sam and Dean look into a series of cursed objects unleashed upon the general public by the son of a recently deceased woman who had them in her safe and he sold them. While the premise of the episode is intriguing at first I thought it would be that the other dancers were jealous of the ballerina and one of them cursed her slippers and Sam and Dean had to find out who. But the other approach works even better. As they quickly round up the other objects; a gramophone and a deadly kettle, Sam is having sleeping troubles so he stays awake as long as possible and this doesn't seem to worry Dean so much. We also get a look back at Frank looking into Dick Roman and the Wisconsin property that Bobby's numbers led to. A connection is made to the season arc when a real estate mogul who's been buying up local family owned businesses killed the mother of the cursed object releasing son. The real estate operation is run by a Leviathan and her assistant George who while out getting her coffee sees Sam. They lure Sam and Dean to the antique shop the guy owns and they have a brawl. George decides to help the brothers and has Sam cut off his boss's head and put it in the safe and they refuse to let him eat her. He tells them that Dick is up to curing cancer at the Wisconsin property and it will be a research center and that the corporate real estate buy outs are on a much larger scale than Portland. While the look into the bigger picture was good for a sense of what Sam and Dean can do to defeat Dick Roman by season's end was positive, the total tonal shift of cursed object finding to Leviathan story was way out of the left-field in the worst way. I like Sam's disgruntled-ness at Lucifer and his Stairway to Heaven comment when he tells Dean that Lucifer's singing it to him. "Oh good song." "Not fifty times in a row." Frank's disappearance was unfortunate as I rather like him and Supernatural has a nasty habit of killing off likable secondary characters (like Balthazar from last season and Rufus too long of a list) but I hope he is in fact not deceased. But I like more what is forces Sam and Dean to do, take the training wheels off and fight a Big Bad all on their own with no Bobby or anyone else to back them up and that isolation is what makes this season stick out from the others because they can only rely on each other. Also a note on the cliche Sam falls asleep and then wake up just in time to swerve out of the way of a semi truck has been done to death please get another way to tell us that a character is burning the candle at both ends without delving into TV tropes.
  • so....

    I think I was bad girl in my first comment, after all eps returning from a hiatus is not primior nor the 4th season (the best one in my opinion) had their returns from hiatus with a soft spot eps. But even with this median was 6.5 scale. The return of the epic leviatans was bland, despite the clone of "Teresa Cristina" stealing the scene. And the cure for cancer? I think with the same tone of the story virius Crowton, remember? I do not believe Frank is dead, he forges his death several times (pure schizophrenia). And yes Dean and his tastes, he died laughing when he is tempted to use the pair sneakers (the tamnho ahahhaha his foot). As to the right spot sam madness is coming ..... only one thing remained unexplained the mother of the boy who sold the artifacts was what? hunter, witch? pq is one of only two to put fetios to prevent those things saisem.

    Well now expect the return of the double: meg and cas!

    kiss cau!
  • Out with the old, in with the new

    Good start off I though and pretty gruesome kinda of funny in some ways lol. This episode had a lot of gruesome scenes and in some parts the writer did a pretty good job of putting us off what is obvisously could happen but didn't instead they do a full 360 and leaving you saying I didn't see that coming which is why I love supernatural. You never know what their going to do and they show their superior writing skills by showing you smoke an mirrors. Sam and Dean help out a town that have mysterious deaths and ofcourse Dick has something to do with it and we learn that its happening everywhere much bigger than in that town. The ending leaves a mystery a cliff hanger what happen to Rick?
  • A split episode

    I didn't realize it, but I realllly love cursed object Supernatural episodes. Makes me miss "Bad Day at Black Rock," plus evil inanimate objects freak me out more than demons/leviathans. The first part of the episode was a scavenger hunt with lots of humor and brutal deaths. The second part was a leviathan down-trodden employee revenge with a bit of weird reveal (*spoiler alert*). Leviathans curing cancer? Eh? Overall each half would have made a decent episode.. I definitely think there was more to fit it an it all felt a bit haphazard, particularly the end. What exactly happened to George? And Frank? Oh well, we probably won't get answers for a while considering the next episode promo.

    Overall: decent episode that moves fast, has some good funny moments, but felt a bit haphazard to be really good.
  • another great episode

    wow awesome episode can't wait for more jared and jensen fantastic job go supernatural you rock as always it was awesome
  • SPN just keeps getting better and better.

    Wonderful episode, as they all are.

    However, it is very unfair and dishonest that a handful of people here give a low vote to ever episode before it's even aired.

    This is very unsportsmanlike, as you cannot judge an episode if you haven't even seen it yet!