Season 7 Episode 16

Out With the Old

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2012 on The CW

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  • Out With the Old

    Back from hiatus and a ballerina who dances herself to death, Sam and Dean look into a series of cursed objects unleashed upon the general public by the son of a recently deceased woman who had them in her safe and he sold them. While the premise of the episode is intriguing at first I thought it would be that the other dancers were jealous of the ballerina and one of them cursed her slippers and Sam and Dean had to find out who. But the other approach works even better. As they quickly round up the other objects; a gramophone and a deadly kettle, Sam is having sleeping troubles so he stays awake as long as possible and this doesn't seem to worry Dean so much. We also get a look back at Frank looking into Dick Roman and the Wisconsin property that Bobby's numbers led to. A connection is made to the season arc when a real estate mogul who's been buying up local family owned businesses killed the mother of the cursed object releasing son. The real estate operation is run by a Leviathan and her assistant George who while out getting her coffee sees Sam. They lure Sam and Dean to the antique shop the guy owns and they have a brawl. George decides to help the brothers and has Sam cut off his boss's head and put it in the safe and they refuse to let him eat her. He tells them that Dick is up to curing cancer at the Wisconsin property and it will be a research center and that the corporate real estate buy outs are on a much larger scale than Portland. While the look into the bigger picture was good for a sense of what Sam and Dean can do to defeat Dick Roman by season's end was positive, the total tonal shift of cursed object finding to Leviathan story was way out of the left-field in the worst way. I like Sam's disgruntled-ness at Lucifer and his Stairway to Heaven comment when he tells Dean that Lucifer's singing it to him. "Oh good song." "Not fifty times in a row." Frank's disappearance was unfortunate as I rather like him and Supernatural has a nasty habit of killing off likable secondary characters (like Balthazar from last season and Rufus too long of a list) but I hope he is in fact not deceased. But I like more what is forces Sam and Dean to do, take the training wheels off and fight a Big Bad all on their own with no Bobby or anyone else to back them up and that isolation is what makes this season stick out from the others because they can only rely on each other. Also a note on the cliche Sam falls asleep and then wake up just in time to swerve out of the way of a semi truck has been done to death please get another way to tell us that a character is burning the candle at both ends without delving into TV tropes.