Season 8 Episode 20

Pac-Man Fever

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2013 on The CW

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  • Thin - not a proud supernatural moment

    Enough with the Neurotic geek already. The only thing worse than the "Charlie Bradbury" storylines are the actress herself. Wooden, unattractive and try-hard blow-hard.

    The only creature I can imagine that would even want to identify with this non-actor would be exactly the sort of thing that the winchesters would hunt as monsters.
  • Charlie of Letters

    Sorry for late addition... but I am also all for Charlie being a Lady of Letters!

    Like Sam she can pull her weight as regards mixing it up and holding the line but she is also smart as a whip and has a genuine interest in the background...

    .... and her relationship with dean ("my Man's Man") is really cool as well - the little sis he has always wanted LOL
  • You're a Good Woman, Charlie Last-Name

    Sam is recovering from the more adverse side effects of the second trial while Charlie pops up near them in Kansas and decides to stop by. Also cool to learn that the Men of Letters bunker is a dead zone for tracking at the hands of enemies. Charlie gives them a case involving the liquefied insides of people caused by an unknown supe of some kind. Her little app of elimination was totally geeky and should be used by the brothers over the whole old fashioned books thing (even though that's what solves it in the end). Dean's test to make sure was ok was brilliant and Sam not being able to hit the target (I guess they have a range in the compound too) shows how off his game he is. Dean leaves him behind to take a sick day basically while Charlie and he pose as FBI agents to get into the morgue and see the victim. The coroner gives them something about chain of custody or something so they are left to lie and break into the morgue to see the remains. Two kids find another victim, a fat guy whose gut explodes on them when they humorously poke it with a stick, which leads to the revelation that the supe is a bastardized cousin of a Djinn, as seen in Season 2's excellent What is and What Should Never Be, that feed on fear and put people into loops of misery to gain their power. Charlie gets grabbed by the Cousin Djinn and put into a fear loop and Dean goes into her head while Sam deals with the Cousin Djinn. Sam kills the coroner (should've known something was up when she wasn't prey to Dean's charms or Charlie's) while Dean goes into a video game like place out of Call of Duty Black Ops where Charlie is and has been through it a hundred times, as she claims. Dean tells her that she has to break the loop by not trying to beat the game anymore which works and gets her out of the loop but not before we learn that there was two Cousin Djinn, one a boy whom the mother was obviously covering up for, and Sam ganks that one too and the day is saved. Seeing Charlie in action was great, especially the little "Walking on Sunshine" montage as she tries on outfits in the clothing store. That along with her growing pains of learning how to pose as an FBI agent were almost as funny as when Castiel tried hunting earlier in the season where cartoons came to life. I was a little worried for Charlie, being a secondary character and female, since Supernatural has the worst timing when it comes to killing people off that are great world rounding backdrops to the world of hunters. But I hope Charlie, and her great backstory with the vegetable mother in Kansas which really fleshed her out a lot more, can make more appearances in later seasons with Season 9 right around the corner. But most endearing is her brother/sister relationship with Dean as he talks her down in the video game loop in her head that things are going to be all right and their charming hug and "I love you" "I know" Empire Strikes Back exchange at the end. This was a very great episode of Supernatural and one that I wish more monster of the weeks could aspire to when we're not seeing the main arc getting service.
  • Pac-Man Fever

    Pac-Man Fever was an excellent, exciting, and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I liked the story and how events unfolded. Any episode with Charlie is worth watching a few times as she is an ultimate nerd girl. I loved how Dean was looking out for Sam. The Djinn and it's glowing blue eyes and tattoos were visually awesome! I liked how everything played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Charlie!

    Charlie's back once again with another great episode. Charlie is cute and smart and this episode they also delved into her background. That introduced a great pathos to the episode and explained why Charlie is who she is. The monster story line was decent but to be honest not that scary or threatening, not like some episodes are. It was actually a bit boring from that perspective. But Charlie saved the day and made it a great show despite the short comings. Her and the guys really bounce well off each other. I hope to see more of her in the next season, along with Garth.
  • A Woman of Letters

    It was an excellent episode, if a tad heavy handed at moments. some scenes felt as though they were written by fandom and I loved it. I enjoyed every single reference and throwback. (especially the "that's why we can't have nice things" one). it is always a delight to see Charlie and I love the relationship she has with the boys. the case was good enough but this episode was mostly about relationships. And as always, they mentioned Cas and I was glad. I only hope we get to see him bofore the season ends.
  • What happened to Croatoan

    They should just jump on the zombie band wagon and make the Croatoan virus appear and go with the old story where Dean and Castiel are in the future and the world is zombied-out because this stuff is crud!!!!!!!End this show ASAP before I lose all interest in watching old Netflix episodes even. I'm not a writer but it would seem that the boys need to save the world again from something apocalypse-like, duh?
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