Season 7 Episode 18

Party On, Garth

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2012 on The CW

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  • Bobby is Superman.

    The title may be misleading to some but to others if they think long and hard on the comparisons will fit naturally. Flashback to the year 1992. The offices of DC Comics under pressure from Warner Bros. put off the wedding o the century Clark Kent and Lois Lane and flustered for stories decided to kill off Superman, and throughout the next year thw wheels were set in motion to bring him back to life. The story was a ploy to boost sales and prolong a wedding issue.

    Bobby's situation is pretty similar When Superman died protecting those he loved from an unstoppable menace he couldn't even hurt, Bobby died protecting his surrogate sons from Dick Roman the so far unstoppable Leviathan leader. Superman came back to life mere months after falling in battle, Bobby returned last night months after he died to a GSW to the head.

    It seems to me that the writers pulled of what I call a "Death of Superman" moment. When the writing staff flushed for ideas kill off a major or supporting character in a way to boost ratings. Only to use that character's demise as a catalyst to fuel stories that will evetually brinag about his return the same year. Much like Superman the writers always planned to bring him back in some form ultimately leaving his monumental death and sacrifice sour. The impact and meaning is lessened.

    For that ending alone I give this episode a 7 rating. It's convienient and ruins a monumental episode just months after it aired. Despite how I felt about this urban legend season 1 throwback (which was good) this ending will always leave a sour taste in my mouth.