Season 1 Episode 4

Phantom Traveler

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on The CW

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  • It's A To Hell

    One of my favorite, first season episodes. A demon is possessing people, in order to crash airplanes. Our two heroes bravely (foolishly?) board a plane in order to find the demon - who is going after survivors of his previous crashes - and send him back to hell.

    This episode is the first time that we see Sam and Dean fight a demon, and, impressively, future episodes don't stray from the rules established in this, first season episode.

  • Awww, their first demon!

    I think this is the first Supernatural episode that really and truly scared me. Well, the first one not connected to a self-inflicted childhood trauma, that is. This is also the episode that has left me incapable of using public bathrooms without taking a stash of holy water with me. I think my grandmother has a bottle I could borrow.

    I'll just 'fess up right now and admit that, like Dean, I have a fear of flying. A lot of people do. I think it has less to do with the height and close quarters and more to do with the loss of control. It's the same phobia that makes it impossible for some of us to ride in the passenger seat of a car whenever someone else is driving. What makes it far worse, though, is the thought of something supernaturally going wrong on that plane ride. I may never fly the 'friendly' skies as long as I live...

    No, I exaggerate, this episode didn't scar me that deeply or anything. (Although, I have yet to get on a plane after watching it, so we'll see) But it definitely had its moments of utter terror. The story centres around a call the boys get from one of their Dad's old acquaintances (the elder Winchester is still AWOL at this point) asking for the hunter family to come down and help him with a potential case. Ends up that a very low-level demon had been possessing people who were open to its influence (Those nervous about why I'm never going into an airport unarmed again?) and then using their bodies to crash the plane whenever it was en route to its next destination, killing all the passengers and crew.

    This episode is very creepy, full of dark atmosphere of the sort that only hell's citizens can inspire in us. It is also the first exorcism that the boys perform together. But in addition to all of these things there are plenty of funny moments to balance out all of the doom and scariness. I had actual fun watching it and it's definitely one that has a good rewatchability factor to it.

    This was a great episode. It was full of humour, dark ideas, and lots of suspense. It tore out of the opening gates like a triple crown racer and never let up its pace until the end where it left you panting and high on adrenaline. It advanced the season arc of the search for John Winchester, as well as introducing vital mythos elements such as holy water and the existence of an afterlife in this universe.
  • why not just call in a bomb threat?

    They're used to breaking the law and impersonating people - why not just try & get the flight cancelled? Getting on a plane you know is going to crash is pretty silly.

    Also not checking the pilots (the person most able to crash a flight) also seemed like lazy scriptwriting
  • Fear Of Heights

    Yeah... I know exactly how Dean feels. I would never set foot on a plan if I could help it. But the look on his face when the plane started to go down was priceless. He was paranoid from the plane took off. I know I shouldn't laugh at him for it, but I couldn't help myself. Anyway, a demon taking down planes???? Well, that's a new one. But it was interesting to watch the boys do an exorcism in mid-flight. Great episode!!!
  • Phantom Traveler

    God, I just love this episode... I got scared and I laugh a lot with it. Seeing Dean screaming his lungs out of his body when the plane is going down is one of my favorite scenes ever in SPN.
  • 104-"Phantom traveler"

    The brothers are asked by a man whom Dean and his father had previously rescued to investigate the mysterious crash of a commercial airplane that left only seven survivors, with signs pointing to a demonically-possessed passenger causing the accident. When they realize that the demon is now eliminating the survivors one by one, Dean is forced to face his fear of flying by following its next target (Jaime Ray Newman) aboard an airliner. He and Sam manage to get the demon into a restroom on-board, but it flees its host during the exorcism. Despite this, they continue the ritual, sending the demon back to Hell.

    Written by: Richard Hatem

    Directed by:Robert Singer

    My thoughts: this one not as good as last but overall very good deans fear of flying was hilarious.

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    2.)"Dead in the water"

    3.)'Phantom traveler"

  • Review

    A friend of Dean's calls him up when a plane crashes under mysterious circumstances. Dean and Sam soon discover a flight attendant who was on the plane but they do not realize her full connection to the crash until they are on board another flight with her.

    A step up from the previous two episodes since the pilot. The case in each episode is going to heavily weigh into how good the episode is, given the structure of the show. I did like how the Phantom Traveler mentioned something about Sam's late girlfriend to get him going a little bit again. I feel like that storyline won't be explained for a while, which is why I want him to really show that it still bothers him. About 3-4 months have passed now since the start of the show, which means the show takes big leaps in between episodes (which I find interesting).
  • Fight or flight, what's it gonna be?

    It's funny that Dean is the one afraid of flying and his reaction to the turbulence was brilliant. I have a friend or two not so comfortable with flying, so I related to Sam's smugness about being calm and collected. The episode itself was just okay, with a weak start it failed to hook me into the storyline. The last quarter of the episode picked up some steam, and how the demon mocked Sam about his late girlfriend, telling him that she's still burning, highlighted briefly how dark and chilling the show can be. I found it a little odd though that Dean could hold down a demon who we saw previously open a two ton pressurized door. Oh well, maybe the holy water had something to do with it. The episode looked sharp, it had Supernatural's usual sprinkle of humorous dialogue and Eastwick's Jaime Ray Newman gave a great performance. A step up from previous episodes.
  • Dean gets a call from a guy he and his dad once saved during a case. He is the lead mechanic on United Britannia Airlines, and one of the planes went down under mysterious circumstances.The brothers agree to see him at Pittsburgh Int. Airport.

    There were seven surviors. But going over the recording stated "No surviors." They talk to a survior who checked himself into a psych facility, and the man tells them he saw a passenger with black eyes open the plane's pressure sealed hatch..and fall to his death. How about that? Next they talk to the widow of the man who caused the crash, and leave with the impression that he was likely possessed. Okay long story short, Sam and Dean board the plane and try to exorcise the demon. They do of course, and we learn something about Mr. Tough: Dean is terrified of flying!! The screaming had me laughing so hard. This tough guy afraid of flying?? LOL. I love that Dean made his EMF meter out of a busted up walkman and IS so proud of it. Go Dean!
  • Pretty good.

    A pretty good episode, but what this is missing that made just the episode before it a step up to the first two episodes is the great character development. Here no new characters were really introduced and the writing and dialogue between Dean and Sam wasn't all too interesting. However, this episode is engineered by the intrigue of the case that it is based on. Demonic possession is kind of a tricky case, and this episode handled it pretty well. What in particular made this so intriguing is how the demon would sabotage the plain at exactly 40 minutes after take off. And then there's also the info on how the demon has Intel on Sam's girlfriend's killer. Overall a pretty good episode.
  • this was another good ep for the first season

    in this ep dean and sam get a phone call from a old friend and he wants them figure out what happen on a flight that crashed and killed people on board. supposively the cargo door was ripped off and everyone died. they go inpersanate the fcc which is very funny. and then sam and dean find sulfer on the door of the plane. it turns out there is a nother plane that goes down at like 40 mins just like the first one did and everyone died it was a smaller one. and it was one that was flying the plane dean and sam due reasearch and find out that it is phantom travler that is going around trying to kill everyone that survide the first flight and that it has been a pattern over a number of years. and they are onboard a plane trying to find the perso that is going to bring down the plane. and it is the captain sam and dean stop the flight and save everyone and at the end they ask the old friend how he got incontact with them and he says i called your father but it says just to call dean.
  • Polterguist? I love that movie! - Random extra How funny is that line? Welcome to Superatural 101. The platform test flight ( yeah clever I know?) for the SN special fx. You will be watching people near the emergency door after this one

    4 episodes in and we get our first taste of demons.

    For what is to come with demons. We see the SN team experimenting with the demon smoke. which will come to be the SN trade mark. i know alot of you have written reviews already but if you knew what was install you would appreciate this one even more.

    There was a little character development in this one. Every episode has a little bit of info in it. You have to pay attention and it's great leaves people wanting more. that's what makes it so addictive.

    Sam with sleepless nights over his girl.

    and also the funniest thing ever. We get to see Deans weakness. Flying.
    "Why do you think I drive everywhere Sam?" I guess that's a good thing or we would never get to see the car right? And what is Supernatural without the Impala. and Sam trying to calm Dean on the flight - 'Stop treating me like I'm for the plane is going to crash.'

    Also get to see one of the SN toys - Deans self made EMF reader - How proud did he look?

    Another X-files moment - when Dean is talking to the flight attendant - "we don't have time for all of that 'the truth is out there cr.p'" LMAO

    And we get to our first hint John Wincester is alive.
  • This episode was awesome!

    I loved this episode! I never liked planes very much, but this just makes them seem so much scarier then they already are. Just ask Dean lol. It turns out he's afraid of planes. He went anyway though so that Sam wouldn't have to go alone. I love how Dean takes care of Sam. He's a great older brother. Anyway, this episode was suspenseful and funny (although most of the episodes are :D). The whole scene on the plane was just... WOW. Some of the people on different planes got possessed by spirits. Kind of creepy. Hopefully more episodes will be as awesome as this one. :)
  • Another very good episode

    I like this episode a lot, not only because it managed to tell a frightening story full of suspense but also because it showed us a new, frailer layer of Dean's personality, an hint of fear beyond is confident look. Moreover, in "Phantom Traveler" we get some great scenes between the two brothers - pretty much everything on the plane, and especially Dean humming Metallica and Sam yoga-ing Dean - and, at the very end, we finally get to know that John is alive, out there somewhere, and that he wants his two sons to really carry out his legacy.

    The plot about the plane crashes and the demonic possession was entertaining and adventurous and keeps me really interested from the very beginning: it was the first time the show dedicated an entire episode to demons and I felt that it was a right move. They gave us three very different episodes - one about urban legend, one about monsters and one about ghosts - and then they finally presented us an episode centered around demons, which are the overarching nemesis of the Winchester family. From a storytelling perspective, it was a great move.
  • One step back.

    I can't believe that I'm the only one writing reader reviews for this show. It's too good!
    Yet, this episode seems to be a step back, for me. Not a big step, but a tiny one. It's just not as good as the last one.

    The whole episode starts with a nervous man on an airport, who gets some flying black dust in through his eyes (not very convincing computer graphics), and makes him possessed. He manages to somehow open one of the emergency exits during flight, about 40 minutes in, depressurizing the plane. Only 7 passengers survived.

    The Winchester brothers are recruited by a former client of Dean and their dad, whom they helped with a poltergeist problem. This guy thinks there's something fishy with the crash, after getting his hands on the cockpit (lolcock) voice recorder, which displays some rather weird sounds. There are a few very weird scenes in the episode, mainly during the flight of the crashing plane. There is another airplane (a small plane) that goes down, which honestly looks much better. Why they had problems making the first crash look realistic, I do not know. And holy heck, I never expected to see Dean in a fricken suit. The brothers look like Mormons or something. It's kinda hot. And I'm a straight dude. Really.
    Either way, they dress in suits so they can impersonate Homeland Security. This is where Dean shows his smart side, which managed to make an EMF-meter out of an old Walkman. Who wouldn't be impressed by that? It even works!
    Sam isn't impressed.
    Oh, also, the real Homeland Security shows up. What are the odds?
    Considering this is a TV-show, pretty high.

    They eventually find out that the only way to get rid of this spirit-thingy is getting on the plane, and find out who's "infected" while on the plane. Did I mention that Dean is terrified of flying?
    Dean is terrified of flying. Which kinda turns out to be a switch of rolse. Instead of Dean comforting Sam, it's Sam comforting Dean. This is a SERIOUS condition, and the writers should be ASHAMED for mocking it. Because it's obvious that they're going for making fun of Dean. It's hilarious, though.

    Oh, and the dad is kinda brought back in. He changed his answering machine (on the phone) to contain Dean's number, which is why they were contacted in the first place. He's still alive and around. So, even though it might sound like I loved the episode, it never really... caught me.
  • An old aquaintance calls the boys and seeks there help. A plane has crashed and there is a possibility of some supernatural activity!

    HURRAY for this episode! Dean, afraid of FLYING! wow! I so wished they would have shown his white knuckles when he was gripping that seat for dear life! many many funny moments. -Dean being proud of his homemade EMF meter, and Sam laughing at it, awesome!
    -Dean huming metalica to 'calm his nerves'
    -Sam feeling the need to remind Dean first that he must say the name of god, second that it must be in latin, and third that in Latin it is Christo!

    The real action scenes were awesome, with Dean screaming in a corner while Sam steps up and gets the job done (of course the journal keeps getting bumped out of his reach)!

    I really enjoyed this one!
  • The first attempt at comic relief, our first introduction to demons, and one of my all time SPN guilty pleasures.

    Apart from the fact that the boys could exorcise a demon with all that screaming without anyone hearing them or wondering what the hell was going on behind that curtain, it was a pretty good episode all around. Good plot, interesting MotW (monster of the week) and a guideline for future demon presentations. Nice dynamic between the brothers and regarding the job itself, more depth to Dean, and Sam too, to a lesser extent. I liked Jerry, hope to see what's become of him, don't want them to bring him back just to kill him off though. It was a good humored episode, not ha-ha funny, but you know, amusing, this is the beginning of the more comedic SPN setting that makes this show even more special.

    Scenes to go back to: that full length sleepin!Dean pan out scene, where he's in no more than boxer shorts and a tight t-shirt :D. The "plan B" scene where we first find out that our hero is actually afraid of flying! The whole "on the plain" scene -minus the exorcism- was particularly entertaining. And last but not least, the look of total confusion and abandonment on the boys' faces when they realize they're a lot farther from finding their dad than they thought.

    I keep telling myself it's kind of a silly episode, but I still find myself going back to it, even with more classic -and more epic- SPN stories.
  • Dean plus flying equals me laughing my butt off!

    This episode was really good. It was the first episode (besides the Pilot) that we see a demon. It's the first one Sam and Dean hunt, at least since the show started.

    I find a few things pretty hilarious. One being that Dean thought that one demon was too much to handle on their own. Boy, if only they knew what was ahead of them! Haha!

    Another is Dean flying. I share this fear and I fully understand the man's discomfort. I'll have to remember to hum "Some Kind Of Monster" when my plane takes off!

    The demon itself was pretty interesting. I think it was a different kind of demon then, say, Meg, or the Yellow Eyed Demon. It was a Japanese demon who caused plane crashes (though I'm sure it was just a new tactic it used to kill more people all at once. Pfft, lazy ass.) Oh, and it's also the first time we get to see them dress in suits! Good times! Oh, and Sam's not the only geek! Dean made his very own EMF meter with a busted up walkman, which Sam, the know-it-all, scoffed it...

    Okay, my favorite quotes are as follows:

    Sam: What is that?
    Dean: It's an EMF meter. It reads electromagnetic frequencies.
    Sam: I know what an EMF is. But why does that one look like a busted-up walkman?
    Dean: (proudly) Because that's what I made it out of. It's homemade.
    Sam: Yeah, I can see that. Dean: Yeah, it was a poltergeist right?
    Co-Worker: Hey, Poltergeist, I love that movie!
    Jerry: Yeah, no one's talking to you. Keep walkin'.
    (LOVE the ad-lib! haha)

    Dean: I look like one of the Blues Brothers.
    Sam: No you don't . You look more like a seventh grader at his first dance.

    Sam: (very calmly) You need to calm down.
    Dean: Well, I'm sorry I can't!
    Sam: (still calm) Yes, you can.
    Dean: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help-yoga crap. It's not helping!
  • Fabolous episode!

    I absolutely loved this episode, it's defiantly one of my favorites. The storyline was well written and had enough adventure in it, to keep it exciting. This episode was also very hilarious. I mean who knew that Dean would turn out to be afraid of flying. How he acted in that plane was super funny and also very cute. We also saw our first demon possession, which is quite important for the rest of this show. I felt bad for Sam when that demon started to kind of taunt him with the death of Jessica. He obviously is still dealing with that, and it brakes my heart.

    All in all another great installment.
  • The Winchester's fly the unfriendly skies.

    Dean faces his fear of flying as he hunts demons on the high. This episode had some very funny parts. I loved when Dean was humming Metalica on the plane to calm himself down. I also liked Dean's face when the plane was going down.

    They finally get to hear from their father. Too bad it's only on papa Winchester's answering machine. It looks like papa Winchester is doing fine, but doesn't want to be found at the moment. The homeland security scam was kind of fun. We got to see the boys dressed up. It was nice to see the air Canada plane flying over their head.
  • Our first possession!

    This is an important episode because it is the first time we really deal with a demon who isn't in the recap at the beginning. This is also where we settle into the standard routine of Sam being the smart one who does the research and Dean being the one who handles all the firepower. The plot is interesting enough, a demon haunting anxious airplane passengers and personnel and causing them to cause crashes forty minutes or so into flight time. Dean's fear of flying is made known in this episode, and it is quite funny to watch a character who to date has been so cool sweat a bit at the sight of a 747. Like all of the episodes thus far, save for the pilot, the story isn't as scary as it is intriguing. You wonder how they will get out of there situation, but the sense of overwhelming far reaching danger hasn't been established yet simply because we have little knowledge of the overarching mythology and storyline of the season. It is a good effort on their part, and certainly would keep audiences interested in the show and willing to watch the next installment.
  • Final destination, anyone?

    After a plane crash with only seven survivors, including the pilot and a stewardess, Dean and Sam are called by the friend of their father Jerry Panowski, who also works in United Britannia Company and shows the last message from the cabin scrambled with an eerie voice saying "No survivals". Dean and Sam interviews a survivor in a psychiatric hospital, who believes that had seen a passenger opening the emergency exit of the plane, which would be impossible for a human being. They investigate the wrecked plane and find sulphur on the lever of the emergency exit and conclude that a fiend had possessed a passenger and caused the crash. When the survival pilot dies in another plane crash, they track the other survivor, the stewardess Amanda Walker, and convince her help them to exorcise the demon from the co-pilot of the flight.

    The plot of "Phantom Traveler" partially recalls the movie "Final Destination", where the survivors of an accident are chased by The Reaper. In this story, actually is a demon that possesses weak persons to provoke the plane crash that chases the survivors. My vote is eight.
  • This was the funnest thing ever!

    I watch Phantom Travelor and laughed so hard this was one of my favs this episode was great, the fact that Dean is afraid of flying just makes it cooler to watch,why? Well his the one tat's always togh and now we see that there's something that does make him scared to hell and that's the fact of him getting on a plan and flying to somewhere.This episode was great it showed us a bit more about Dean and how is really is at times and not what he makes out to be,that is what makes it great to watch the show, you never now what will happen till it happens.
  • Exorcism on the plane!

    The story is about a plane crashes and there is an evil sound in the plane's recorder saying something. Dean's father client, who worked in the airport call them and asked for help because he knows something not usual is going on.

    From 200 passengers, only 7 survivors in the crashes. Lately they found out that the survivors are dying one by one. There are something that chase them to death, and both of them will find it out. They found out that one of the survivor wants to take abroad again, so they get into the plane too and looking for a possessed person. It's cool to see the exorcism on the plane and people get freaked out while they doing the exorcism using bible and holy water.
  • Gives me the chills.

    To be honest no show has ever scared me like every episode of supernatural does. It's something about the music along with the settings and how everything is put together and 'Phantom traveller' is a perfect example of that. In this episode Dean and Sam get a call from a man who Dean has helped before. Apparently there was a plane crash which had recorded more than just the screams of the passengers. Like in all my reviews I go to the storyline and the storyline of this episode is fantastic. I liked all the special effects and the plane crashes were done very well and scared me to near death. The exorcirism near to the end of the episode which caused an electrifiying demon to get destroyed was rivetting. The emotional ending added to the greatness of ' phantom traveller'. Loved it.
  • On TransNational flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only five survivors left alive. Sam and Dean must exorcise the angry spirit before it attacks the survivors.

    Airport- we see a very nervous man named George go into the airport bathroom to wash his face to calm himself before flying. Another man enters and also tries to reassure him flying is safe. When this man leaves, a strange black entity emerges from the nearby air vent and goes into George through his eyes. Boarding Plane- The now possessed George gets on board his flight. The welcoming stewardess notices his eyes are all black, but shrugs it off. After 40 minutes into the flight, George asks the passenger beside him the time. He then comments 'Time really does fly' before saying he's going to stretch his legs. A young man near the exit notices George heading for the emergency release handle and shouts for him to stop, but somehow George manages to open the door and it blows off, hitting the plane's tail. The plane goes into a dive and we see everyone screaming in fear and panicking.

    Early Morning- MOTEL- It's 5.45am and Dean is awakened from his slumber by Sam. Sam hasn't slept for a while now. He says what they do preys on his mind. Dean says he's never afraid like that, but Sam pulls a huge knife from under Dean's pillow and isn't convinced. Dean's cell phone rings, interrupting their conversation. It's a man Dean and their dad once did a job for in the past. He says he needs their help again. Airport- Dean and Sam meet the man from the phone call in some kind of aircraft workshop. His name is Jerry, and apparently he had some kind of ghost problem once before at his home. This time, though, his problem is more work related. He plays them the voice recorder of the downed airliner and they all hear a horrid noise. Jerry says he doesn't think the plane had mechanical failure, which is what the authorities think. Apparently, there were 7 survivors, including the pilot. Sam and Dean ask for access to logs, flight recordings etc, as well as the wreckage. Jerry says he can get them everything but access to the plane's remains. Store- Dean goes to a copy shop and fakes two 'Homeland Security' ID's. Sam is waiting outside, and in the meantime has checked out the noise on the voice recorder. It's clear now that something is saying 'No survivors.' Psychiatric Hospital- Dean and Sam go visit the young man who last saw George trying to open the plane's emergency exit. He's one of the 7 survivors and has admitted himself to the psychiatric hospital because he's afraid of what he saw. He tells the brothers he knows it is impossible for George to open the exit as it had 2 tons of pressure on it and yet he did. He tells them George had strange black eyes too. George Phelps Home- Next, Sam and Dean visit George's widow. They find his address and name from the flight manifest. George's wife tells them he was just an ordinary guy going to a dentist's convention. This disappoints the brothers as they had assumed he might be some evil creature masquerading as a man. Outside- The boys decide they need to check the wreckage to get any kind of clues and for that they need suitable attire. They go shopping and come out of the store dressed in black suits. Dean says he feels like the 'Blues Brothers.' Warehouse- Sam and Dean gain access with their fake ID's and go check out the plane's remains. They find residue what's left of the emergency exits handle, but then the real Homeland Security agents appear and the boys have to make a quick exit, taking a sample of the residue with them. Airfield- Chuck, the downed plane's pilot is about to take his first aircraft up since the crash. It's only a small prop plane, but he's still very nervous as he waits. We see the strange black entity appear and seep into Chuck's eyes…

    Jerry's Office- The boys find out the substance from the handle is sulphur and conclude they're dealing with some kind of demonic possession. Airfield- Chuck takes the plane up, his nerves are strangely gone. After 40 minutes he deliberately crashes into a field near a place called Nazareth. Motel- Sam and Dean look up demons and possession on their laptop. Sam finds Japanese item stating that disasters are caused by certain demons. Dean says this is something bigger than usual and he wished their dad was there. His cell rings- it's Jerry with more bad news about Chuck's plane going down. Jerry's Office- The boys have visited the site where Chuck crashed and have found more sulphur residue. They realize the demon is using some kind of biblical reference because it is crashing planes after 40 minutes in flight. (It's crashed several over the years) 40 minutes apparently signifies death. They also figure it is going after all the survivors from the flight because they shouldn't have lived. In Their Car- Sam rings the rest of the survivors to see if any plan to fly. Apparently, only one does, Amanda Walker, the stewardess. Their only problem is, they can't contact her and her flight leaves soon! Dean floors the gas and prays… Airport- The boys arrive and Dean has Amanda paged. He tells her her sister has had an accident to try and stop her flying, but the ruse doesn't work. She goes to board the flight and we see the black entity lurking. Sam says they have to get on the plane with Amanda and exorcise the demon or everyone on it will die. Dean suddenly confesses he's very afraid to fly. On Board The Plane- Dean has given in and boarded the flight, but he's not a happy guy. He's obviously pretty scared. Sam tells him he has to stay calm. They only have 40 minutes to find who the demon has possessed. Apparently, it's most likely to be someone uneasy or under pressure/stress. They think it might be Amanda so Dean goes to talk to her. He says God's name in Latin but it doesn't freak her out- she's not the one!

    Dean goes back to Sam and hits panic mode again. Sam calms him and explains they have to be careful. The exorcism is in two parts. The first one makes the demon leave the body it has possessed, but it also makes it more powerful- it can survive without a human host! They must make sure they read out both parts of the ritual to banish it back to hell. Dean doesn't like the sound of this, but uses his home made, 'Walkman spook detector' to check out the passengers- he finds nothing. They now have 15 minutes and are getting nowhere, then, suddenly the meter picks up on something. The demon is in the co-pilot! Sam and Dean enlist Amanda's help (I love the 'No time to do the truth is out there speech' line from Dean here) They tell her the plane will go down if she doesn't lure the co-pilot to them. She admits something was strange on the original flight and tells them she saw George's 'black eyes' too. Eventually she goes to get the co-pilot still not really understanding what's going on. He arrives and the brothers try to subdue him. Sam recites the exorcism while Dean grapples with the demon, tossing holy water on him and fighting him down. The demon screams it knows what happened to Sam's girlfriend Jess, but then is forced from the body it's in and the black entity vanished into an air duct. Immediately, the plane starts to take a dive and people begin to scream. The lights flicker and Sam drops the diary he's been reciting from. In the darkness and mayhem he has to grapple to retrieve the book or everyone will die! The plane plummets and Dean is pinned to a wall panel, obviously terrified. Somehow, Sam manages to grab the book at the last minute and finish the exorcism. A huge electrical discharge flares around the plane and it levels out. The Winchester boys have saved the flight. Airport Lounge- People are being tended to by paramedics or questioned by the authorities about what happened on the plane. Amanda mouths 'thanks' to Dean and Sam and they walk away. Sam talks to his brother and is obviously upset that the demon knew about Jess. Dean says the thing knew his fears and probably lied. Outside- As the boys head for their car, Jerry thanks them for all they've done. Dean asks Jerry how he got his cell phone number, as he hasn't had it long. Jerry tells them their dad's voicemail points to Dean's number. This is a surprise as last time they checked their father's number wasn't working. Dean rings and hears the voicemail. This means their dad could still be alive somewhere, but why hasn't he contacted them directly? The two drive off in their Impala as the screen fades to black… -Shocking resemblance to Final Destination.
  • This one touches on a fear that many people have, being on a plane when it crashes. But in this episode they don't crash due to technical problems, but a demon who is hell bent on bringing them down. And now it is up the Winchesters to stop it.

    Being a person who is deathly afraid of heights and flying, this episode was more than a bit creepy to me, big time creepy.

    The episode starts out with a demon possessing a man and then causes his flight to crash. Then Dean gets a call from a man he and John had helped in the past, he needs help figuring out what is bringing the flights down. Well as the case moves forward, the brothers pretend to be Homeland Security, to gain access to the crash wreckage, where they discover a sulfuric residue. Now they know they are looking for a demon, and not only that, but they have to get on the next flight, literally risking life and limb to save the passengers. This of course leads to a rather humorous revolution that Dean, Mr. Hardcore hunter, is petrified of flying. It is kind of nice to see that the writers gave him a weakness, rather than having him really fear nothing. Once they are on the plane they are on a strict timetable, exactly 40 minutes, or they all die. At first they are sure that the flight attendant that survived the first crash is going to down this one, but she is clean. Then they discover it is the co-pilot who is possessed. Talk about a scary though, that one of the people in charge of keeping the thing in the air could be the one who is going to drop it. The exorcism scenes were good, and Dean's reactions were funny, with him holding on for dear life. And Sam getting the knife twisted just a bit more, when the demon taunts him about Jessica. But in the end the brothers triumph over yet another in a long line of evil villains, and they save the day. Before they go back on the road they are informed that John had given Dean's number out. Well he didn't directly talk to anyone, but he had updated the message on his phone. The brother's finally get proof that John, for the time being is still alive. And apparently during the original broadcast of this episode, viewers were able to call the number given by John to hear a voice message.

    I enjoyed this episode. It went at a good pace, the story was good, and we get to see more when it comes to this family. We discover that John would talk about his boys to people he saved, Dean's fear of flying, Sam is still sensitive about and missing Jessica. And that the brothers are willing to break some rather big laws when it comes to working a case.
  • Dean y Sam van tras lo que está provocando accidentes aéreos matando a cientos cada vez. Además, ambos tendrán que enfrentar sus mayores temores (Dean tiene miedo a volar y Sam recibirá cierta información sobre su novia muerta). Un excelente episodio.

    Dean recibe una llamada de alguien a quien él su padre ayudaron hace un tiempo, él les dice que hubo un accidente aéreo, un hombre repentinamente enloqueció y abrió la puerta del avión estando aún volando lo que provocó varias muertes.
    Dean y Sam descubren que puede tratarse de posesión demoníaca y que este demonio ahora está yendo tras los sobrevivientes. Ellos tratan de advertirle a una aeromoza que sobrevivió pero no logran que ella no tome el vuelo, así que ambos deciden tomar el vuelo, descubrir al demonio y exorcisarlo antes que estrelle el avión.
    Dean odia volar pero acepta ir, ambos descubren al hombre poseído y lo exorcisan justo a tiempo de evitar otro accidente.
    Es un episodio muy divertido, sobre todo cuando Dean manifiesta el terror que sienta por volar.
  • Fantastic episode!! Loved it!!

    This has got to be one of the best episodes in the series. Usually Dean isn't afraid of anything. But soon we learn that he is afraid to fly. This episode was awesome. I loved it so much. I thought the conversation about Dean's fear of flying was hilarious. I loved the look on his face when Sam said they had to get on the plan. Another thing I thought was funny was the part where there was a little bit of turbulence on the plan and Dean say, "Come on that can't be normal." I also liked the comment about them looking like the Blue Brothers, when they got the suits. I really enjoyed this episode. It was very well written and Jensen and Jared did a fantastic job.
  • dean... afraid of something?! never!

    well! i loved this episode (i say that every time) but its told you something about one of the this episode deans fear of flying. this made a great extra to the episode as it gave it more humor and funny bits (especially when dean talks back to sam and sam always trying to help him calm down) but it also gave the episode a challenge....for dean to overcome his fear of flying he knew if he didn't do this then a whole plane full of innocent people would die.
    my favorite quotes in this episode where- Sam: What is that?
    Dean: It's an EMF meter. It reads electromagnetic frequencies.
    Sam: I know what an EMF is. But why does that one look like a busted-up Walkman?
    Dean: (proudly) Because thats what I made it out of. It's homemade.
    Sam: Yeah, I can see that.
    (dean looked so sad when sam dissed his work of art...)

    my other favorite was-
    Dean: Sam, this plane is going to crash, okay? So quit treating me like I'm freakin' four!
    Sam: (very calmly) You need to calm down.
    Dean: Well, I'm sorry I can't!
    Sam: (still calm) Yes, you can.
    Dean: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help-yoga crap. It's not helping!
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