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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2005 on The CW

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  • Excellent pilot to an excellent series!

    That first episode was perfect!

    It sets the story (basically: Sam and Dean are two brothers, haunted by their mother's death, and when their father goes missing, Dean begs Sam to join him in his quest to find him) and describes the different characters in a few minutes, so that we can focus on Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) first hunt.

    That story of the "Woman in White" was very interesting. And even this episode didn't just focus on the "horror" side of the show, it also depicted the relationship (quite chaotic at first) between the two brothers. Moreover, Dean and Sam were so funny!

    And the last scenes... Oh my God! Poor Jessica and poor Sam! His last sentence was perfect!

    Yet, I can say that the pilot had one flaw: I don't think it was really... scary (except for the first scenes). The only scary moments were not really related to the ghost story (for me, at least).
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    Is this site wasn't supposed to let me watch the episodes? If not, where can I watch this? Please answer :3
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    How does one watch the episode? ._.
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  • Pilot

    I had put off watching Supernatural for ages. I knew of its existence, of course (if you're on Tumblr. it is practically impossible to avoid the fandom with a gif for and I had watched a couple of excellent superwholock videos on YouTube, but that was about the extent of my experience. But then my friends got to work on me and one thing led to another thing which led to me starting my journey through the world of the Winchesters.

    And of course I was hooked. There is just something irresistible about this show. The characters are alive and real, the writing is witty and very tight, and it deals with themes of friendship and family and sacrifice - all the sort of thing that I really seek out in my television. I don't have a lot of time to spend watching the I'd better make sure that that time is well spent! Supernatural just kept me watching. It plays to my interests (mythology and legends) and is just so smart with the writing that I have yet to find anything predictable.

    Favourite Moments & Random Thoughts:

    - This episode's title is rather boring. They should have named it "The Woman in White" which would both have been more interesting and descriptive.

    - I wasn't sure at first whenever I started off watching. I'm NEVER a fan of female characters (or any characters, for that matter) being killed off just for the sake of giving someone motivation. Revenge stories tend to get old rather fast, so whenever I saw Mary Winchester getting burnt alive by whoever it was that was standing creepily by Sam's crib, I groaned to myself. Probably not the reaction they were going for...

    - "Dean, take your brother and run outside. Don't look back!" Pay attention to this, folks, because this will become Dean's modus operandi: take care of Sammy.

    - That shot of the family huddled together on the hood of a car while their world literally crumbled around them really got to me. Maybe it was the way John was holding a crying Sam and nearly catatonic Dean so close - like a drowning man reaching desperately for a lifeline.

    - And then the credits began to roll. I was a bit surprised to find that Supernatural apparently doesn't have a theme song. There's just a title card, a bit of static, and then someone whispering "Supernatural" as the words flash away. It took me three listens to figure out what they were saying. It's a bit like the Torchwood less hokey.

    - Flash forward twenty or so years and we get to see Sam, now all grown up and with a full head of hair. I was so confused right here the first time I watched this episode. You'd think that after years of Doctor Who I would be used to time jumps...

    - Notice the picture of John and Mary on the dresser? One thing Supernatural does very well is continuity.

    - So after Sam and Jessica (Hello, Nurse!) get home from a Halloween Party and settle down to sleep, a shadowy figure breaks into their apartment and wrestles Sam to the floor. Oh but not to just big brother Dean come for a visit and a beer. Why he couldn't have just knocked, I don't know, but that's Dean for you!

    - Dean is four years older than Sam and yet he's at least three inches shorter (see the header pic). That threw me off at first.

    - "When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in the closet he gave me a was nine years old!" What the - ?

    - So we're given a bit of exposition as to what happened in the years since the fire. John Winchester took his boys on the road with him as he hunted down the trail of whatever supernatural thing had killed his wife. He trained the boys like warriors, making sure that they could defend themselves against anything they might need to, and gave his youngest son a gun instead of reassuring him that there is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. We also get the hint that John being missing on a 'hunting trip' might have more to do with his life being in danger and less of a stint with Jim, Jack, and Jose (though those have the danger of alcohol they?)

    - I am quite annoyed with the young man who picked up the hitchhiker in white. Haven't you ever read any ghost stories, sir? Seen any horror films? You should NEVER stop and pick up creepy girls in torn, pale dresses by the side of the road!

    - Thank goodness for discretion gore shots. I really don't want to know that the ghost did to have a weak stomach.

    - Can I just say right now how much I appreciate the fact that Dean still listens to his music on cassettes?

    - Dean pretended to be a federal marshal. And yes, I'm quite certain that he did look too young for the job. Both he and Sam are so young and adorable here, now that I'm jumping back from their Season 9 selves. It's hilarious the way Sam stomps on his foot to shut him up and he cuffs the back of Sam's head in response. If that didn't blow his cover, nothing will.

    - Dean called the officers "Agent Moulder" and "Agent Scully". I looked it up and there are a bunch of X-Files people working on this show. That can't be anything but a good thing.

    - Dean also uses the names of rock stars for his alias'. How hasn't someone called him out on that yet?!

    - Daddy Winchester's hotel room is awesome. I'm assuming that the salt and shells mixture spread around is to ward off ghosts? I'm not quite certain why Sam and Dean are so alarmed by it, though. If I was a hunter I'd be spreading salt everywhere I went. its a bad sign that there is a ghost who can come and get you in your hotel room.

    - Of course the ghost of Constance Welch possesses Dean's beloved Impala. I'm not sure what's look of horror or Sam's laughter at his brother's mud-caked state.

    - No chick-flick moments!

    To a Winchester that's practically a declaration of affection!

    - And Dean gets arrested. Have I mentioned that half of the fun with this show is listening to the Winchesters snark and banter? I'm beginning to notice a pattern in the shows I watch. They're usually sci-fi/fantasy genre shows and tend to contain sarcastic, reference-filled writing. That probably says something about me...

    - So Constance Welch killed her children because her husband cheated on her. Overreacting, much?

    -- Fun Fact: There is a real-world ghost story that fits the description of Constance. La Llorna is a Mexican folk tale about a woman who drowned her children to be with the man she loved, but when he was unfaithful and rejected her she was consumed by grief and guilt and drowned herself in the Rio Grande. It is said that forever more she wanders the banks of rivers and empty roads, searching for her children and unable to return home. The tale is used as a cautionary one for parents to tell their children to be in before dark because La Llorna isn't picky about which child she picks up and takes home with her. One little boy was nearly taken by her, escaping at the last moment when his mother called for him. Folk didn't believe his story until they saw the five bloody fingerprints on the shoulder of his jacket where La Llorna had gripped him tight.

    - I love the way that this show takes mythology, folk tales, and urban legends and plays with them. I've always been a bit of a geek about that sort of thing (blame my mother for buying me a cleaned-up kid's version of The Odyssey & Other Greek Myths as a child) and so it is such fun each episode to see what new piece of that rich cultural heritage from around the world they are going to delve into next.

    - I'm not entirely certain why Constance thought that she could make Sam unfaithful by forcing him to snog her (to be honest, I don't know why she didn't go for Dean) but maybe that's just proof that a vengeful spirit doesn't play by the rules of logic we humans subscribe to.

    - "I can never go Every time I hear that, Gollum's Theme starts playing in my head.

    - So Constance is taken home by Sam (who dramatically drives the Impala right into her decrepit farmhouse) where she is confronted and destroyed by the ghosts of her dead children. The first time I watched this, I was horribly confused. I had missed Sam's comment earlier about Women in White having killed their I didn't know where the creepy kids came from. Fortunately, on the second viewing for this review, I was able to say that it was not in fact a plot convenience like I had originally assumed. Props to the writers for tying up all loose ends! Except for the missing John Winchester, of can't clear that up because if they did we would have no story arc!

    - Dean takes Sam home and sets off towards Dad's coordinates. Sam finds some home-baked cookies in the flat and hears the shower running, flopping down on the bed with a contented sigh. And then the dripping blood starts. As soon as the drops hit his face, I knew what was coming. I'm a know about the use of symmetry, and so I knew that he was going to look up and see Jessica pinned to that ceiling just like Mary.

    This is an excellent start to a show. Here we have one of the best pilots I've seen (and, given my policy about picking shows, I've seen quite a few) and a story that draws in the viewer and gets them attached to the characters right away. That is the vital thing for any story. You can have the best writing in the world - the most poetic prose, dazzling plot twists, and vivid descriptions - but if your characters aren't relatable your story is going to bomb. Thankfully Supernatural has excellent characters in droves. Sam is loveable, Dean is wonderful, and even John garners sympathy. Granted I'm never a big fan of killing off female characters just to give motivation to the blokes (and here it happened twice) but something about the rest of the show just kept me coming back again and again, which means that the pilot did its job.
  • We got work to do.

    Let me start by making a statement here : I love this show. I really do. In fact, while this is my first review of any "Supernatural" episode, I have been watching and revisiting this series for years. So, if this is your first contact with it, let me give you a bit of background information : "Supernatural" is the brainchild of creator Eric Kripke and is basically the story of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who, after the dramatic death of their mother caused by an unknown evil entity (don't worry, I won't spoil it for you), were raised and trained as hunters of supernatural creatures by their grieving father. The show stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the Winchester boys, and co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as their father, John. So the story goes that Sam Winchester, a promising, young, soon-to-become law student is approached by his older brother, Dean, to go on the road in search of their father, who has "gone on a hunting trip" and "hasn't been home in a few days". Sam unwillingly decides to aid his brother on his mission, but only under the condition that he is allowed to come back to Stanford in a couple of days and move on with his life, leaving behind his past as a hunter and all that comes with it. As it happens in many other TV shows, it all goes according to plan until trouble comes knocking on the door, which brings the Winchester brothers back together again. So what makes "Supernatural" so special? Well, for one, the main cast is awesome. Jensen and Jared have been perfectly cast. There is chemistry between them and it works beautifully. In fact, Sam and Dean are so cool that they've actually become pop-culture icons. And so has their 1967 Chevy Impala -- that is one sweet ride. The "greatest hits of mullet rock", as Sam calls them, are a welcome addition, as they set the tone of the show, which is well-balanced and filled with both light and heavy moments. "Supernatural" takes itself seriously, but not to the point of becoming ridiculous. And the humor in this is fantastic : every joke works, every one-liner is quotable and every pop-culture reference is immediately recognizable. I don't know what else to say, really. If you haven't watched it, you need to start immediately. I can't recommend this enough.
  • Someone got some 'trivia' wrong!?! The death of Mary Winchester

    Someone said that Mary Winchester was bleeding into sam's crib but that is NOT the Case, Azazul was bleeding into Sam's Crib Making Sam ingest demon blood.
  • A clever title goes here!

    amazing show gorgeous men who sacrifice there lives and personal connections to kill supernatural beings and protect man kind, a show definitely best watched in the dark, im lovin it lol
  • 2 Brothers Working Together

    I love the Winchester Brothers. One is the sexy hard a**, and the other is the adorably sensitive one. It's always the main characters who, I think, are the most important, and I have to say, I can definitely see Sam and Dean walking in a dark house to fight a ghost. And, on top of that, the two brothers go out to look for their dad. Now that is a great reason for 2 brothers to come together!!!!!! You GO boys!!!!!

    So, it took me a year or two to finally finish watching the first episode. It was pretty good, but Idk about all the weirdness that it had. IDK !
  • 101- "pilot"

    I love the pilot for SPN. matter of fact its 1 of the best pilots ive seen, but anyway plot: When they were young, Sam (Padalecki) and Dean Winchester's (Ackles) mother Mary (Samantha Smith) died a violent and unexplainable death, which in turn led their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), to teach them skills which they might need in the search for whatever it was that took her life. Years later, while attending Stanford University, Sam is forced back into the paranormal world by his older brother, who has come to tell him that their father has mysteriously disappeared. The two travel to Jericho, California, to find him, but their search is put on hold when they discover that a ghostly Woman in White (Sarah Shahi)the spirit of a woman who drowned her children and then killed herselfhas been taking male victims. They investigate, but Dean is soon arrested for impersonating a federal agent. However, he manages to escape custody, and saves his brother from the vengeful spirit. The Woman in White is finally put to rest after the brothers force her to confront the spirits of her children. Sam later returns home, and discovers his girlfriend Jessica (Adrianne Palicki) pinned to the ceiling. He is then forced to watch as she is killed in the same supernatural manner as his mother. Jessica's death prompts him to return to the life of hunting with Dean.

    Written By: Eric Kripke

    Directed by: David Nuttrer

    my thoughts: i thought the 2 guys were introduced nicely and i love the snappy dialogue mr ]. Kripke wrote the only part that was meh was the woman in white story it fell a little flat but other than that its great love it.!!!!!!!!
  • this was a really good pilot

    in this pilot for supernatural it tells how the story of the winchesters . by showing something that happened back in the day how there mother died. and it fast fowards to today time were sam is about to get a college interview and has a girlfriend name jess . and they are happey but at night the night before the interview dean shows up and tells sam that dad is missing from a hunt . and sam decides to go with him if he is back in time for the interview they go and find a case that he was working on a lady in white. that kills men that are traving down the road . dean and sam get into trouble dean breaks out of jail by getting help from sam. and sam is traviling when the lady in white vists him but he wont let her and drives the car into the house and the kids kill her . the thing with this story is she was mad at her husband for cheating and killed the kids and then killed herself for it. also its time to go back and sam goes back but goes into the room and jess is dead on the sailing and decides to go with dean to the next hunting trip and so it begins the show supernatural.
  • Sam Winchester left for Stanford to try and lead a normal life outside of the "family business". When his father goes missing, older and cool bro Dean shows up and convinces Sam to look for him. Also, they solve a case of the woman in white.

    What can I say? Cool car, great guys, urban legends, and Rockin' music!!! Okay, so we meet Sam and Dean, John and Mary Winchester in the first few minutes of the opening. It's Nov. 2, 1983, baby Sam screams and Mary rushes to his aid. Only to find that there's a stranger there. Suddenly, Mary is pinned to the friggin' ceiling!!Ablazed no less!!Great eye catching stuff. John and the boys escaped but at a terrible price. Present day, Sam and Dean have reunited to find their missing dad. While also solving the case of "a woman in white." The urban legend!! Love that they hide their identities and run credit card scams. Love "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole." Also "Agent Mulder, Agent Scully" speaks to my X-Files childhood. Supernatural just has everything cool music, hot car, horror/mystery and good old family drama for good measure. A great series opener.
  • Two brothers go on the hunt for family, answers, and one HELL of a good time.

    Dean and Sam Winchester begin their search for their father John. After almost two years Dean comes crashing into little brother Sams newfound life. Ripping away the girlfriend and law degree dreams and throwing himself back into the "hunt", Sam follows in the family footsteps, bearing the responsibility to protect and defend all else unaware of various "supernatural" fiends. Add in some personal vengence and an apparently missing father we get a sock in your mouth backstory and one rare piece of pilot goodness, which never happens anymore. On this crazy road-trip the brothers encounter a case involving a Lady in White. Which juices up the script a bit 'cause turns out the woman, in jealous rage drowns her children and then throws her crazy arse off a bridge. Why? Her husband cheated. This nutted wench catches up to the brothers for a pretty sweet but kind of a anticlimatic showdown. Here said showdown ends with her drowned babes dragging her down to hell, where she well belongs. The inbetween we find that the father jacked out of town without finishing the job, sending Sam and Dean out across state lines again. Still with his head in the clouds Sam does return to school for that interview, only to find his girlfriend Krugered to the ceiling engulfed in flames. This happend to be the same way Mrs. Winchester met her death. This spins the audience spinning for more and panting to see what goes on next week. On a happier note JA character as elder brother Dean seems to have the light comedy stream down. Black Sabbath cassette tapes; 1967 black Chevy Impala, and an eye for the ladies Dean W. will be our broken comical mans man. All in all I liked it.
  • This wasn't bad. I'm surprised.

    Against my better judgment I tuned into this pilot tonight. Turns out my better judgment was wrong. The pilot of Supernatural at least was ok. Not bad. Sure, I had my doubts. After all it was on WB--or THE WB and so I expected teenie horror. And there was that--in the gotcha special effects in particular. But there was more, too. It was part road movie (and, hey, do I love road movies and series), part Rockford Files, and, in its biggest theft, er, uh, I mean "homage", part Friday 13: The Series, the syndicated 1980s horror series, with "Robey". I'll look in again next week to see if things hold up.
  • A good start, with a fun and simple premise, but there's still room to grow

    “Scary stories” don’t scare me very much. Beyond the typical instinctual reaction of jumping at a sudden noise and visual flash, scary stories don’t get a rise out of me at all. “The Exorcist”? Didn’t bother me at all. I was more fascination by the psychological side of the story than frightened by the concept of demonic possession. It’s easier to disturb me through unnerving concepts than to scare me with ghost stories.

    That said, I have a deep and unending interest in the “paranormal”. I love exploring the possibilities that lie outside of what many consider to be “normal”. It’s not so much that I buy into the typical explanations for these phenomena, because much of the time, it comes across as an artificial construction of “fact” designed to give order to the unexplained. But what I find interesting is the very fact that these anecdotal experiences are so prevalent. One can pass it off as purely psychological, but if something is unexplained, is that really a conclusion that can be made?

    The old adage is that there is no such thing as the “supernatural”, only those things that science cannot yet explain. These anecdotal stories evolve into urban legend and arcane lore as time passes and the line between reality and fantasy blurs. Unlike a lot of series out there, where phenomena are questioned or analyzed to death, this series revels in the idea that these urban legends and stories are all grounded in some basis of fact.

    I have to say this: the writers don’t try to make this series too deep, and they emphasize their hunt for their prized demographic. For all that, this is very entertaining escapism. The world of “Supernatural” doesn’t have to be convincing from a “real world” point of view. The hook is that there’s the “real world”, and then there’s all this other insanity that is kept nice and quiet, handled by semi-professional outlaw “hunters” who use conventional weapons to combat supernatural threats.

    The two leads make for convincing “brothers with issues”, and part of the fun is working out how deeply screwed up these guys are. Given their history and father, it’s no surprise. When Daddy disowns you for wanting to be a lawyer instead of outlaw paranormal hunter, there are perhaps some psychological matters to be dealt with. The pilot gives me hope that this will be explored somewhat as the series progresses. Once the “coolness” is established, there’s no reason to avoid a little reflection.

    For a pilot, there’s a minimum of intrusive exposition, which is a nice touch. The back story is shown, not explained, and that’s always a good way to start. While I’m sure that many will be unnerved by the deaths that bookend the episode, I found it more interesting in terms of how this unknown entity might eventually be tied to the family. Clearly, it’s targeting these people directly; it seems way too coincidental otherwise.

    It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve had a thing for Sarah Shahi since she was Jenny on “Alias”. She’s gorgeous, without a doubt, and she pulls off this role well. The producers were going for the hotness, and they got it. Clearly men and women both had something to enjoy. I wish the effects were a bit better, since they weren’t always convincing, but this was a pilot and the effects may not be typical of the series as a whole. But that’s a minor area of improvement.

    I’m usually hard on pilot episodes, because they tend to serve two very different functions and don’t come together well as a result. This is an example of a very good pilot. I didn’t need to know much to get into the concept, and the producers convinced me that the series is worthy of being at least a guilty pleasure, should it be devoid of anything more than style. Not everything can be “Lost”, after all, and sometimes, that’s enough.
  • Another Warner Brothers juvenile series.

    I was eagerly looking forward to this pilot. Ever since "American Gothic" shone brightly and disappeared quickly on CBS ten years ago, I've been chomping at the bit for a horror series.

    This is a horror series but clearly geared to a juvenile audience. Disappointing!

    On the off chance that anyone involved with this show reads these pages..."Give us adult horror lovers something we can use! We're starving out here!"

    Thank God for Jared Padalecki! This is a young man with a wonderful screen presence and I've been hoping he'd get a series ever since first seeing him on "The Gilmore Girls". For him alone I will watch this show one more time.

  • The Brothers Grimm

    I was worried that Supernatural would be a flashy, hollow and lifeless series which only serves audiences who are too dumb for Buffy but with enough of an IQ to understand The OC. Though Supernatural is extremely flashy (well, what would you expect from a show backed by McG's production company?), the pilot does have an intriguing storyline as well as immediately likeable characters.

    The pilot episode introduces us to bookish, career-driven Sam and his older, wisecracking, ladies man brother Dean. The Winchester brothers are still haunted by their mother's murder at the hands of an unknown monster when they were younger. When their father goes missing, Sam and Dean hit the road to follow his trail, getting embroiled in an investigation into the disturbing Woman in White, who haunts the highways, killing cheating men.

    The storyline is very effective, with a suitably creepy bad guy, but the family dynamics between Sam and Dean is definitely at the core of the show. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are very convincing as the Winchester's and though Dean is the brother who makes the better impression in the pilot, both are engaging characters and neither annoy. They do seem to have known each other for years and it was nice to get a paranormal show which doesn't have one of the leads a Scully-like skeptic or which spends ages with both brothers being shocked a lot by the otherworldly events which they are experiencing.

    Sarah Shahi, one of the stars of The L Word, gives a creepy, but slightly brief, appearance as the Woman in White. Though her character is well evolved on, she hardly appears and her demise is extremely quick and slightly disappointing. Hopefully the monsters in Supernatural will appear slightly more than Shahi's bad girl as it's probably going to be more interesting seeing the brother's battle monsters than battling their inner demons.

    There are many shock moments and I can count at least three times during the episode which made me jump out of my seat. The final moments, in which Sam's girlfriend is revealed to of been murdered by the same monster responsible for his mother's death is a big shock and the special effects are awesome as the camera pans up to see Jessica hanging from the ceiling, which then erupts into flames.

    Though Supernatural does need some fine-tuning, it's an interesting premise with some engaging characters. I'll definitely keep watching.
  • Generally good, with a few rough edges.

    This pilot promises an interesting series, very much in the vein of 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker'. After his wife dies under mysterious circumstances, a man dedicates his life to putting an end to spirits and ghosts, and trains his sons to do the same. By the time the pilot episode begins, they are grown men and have been doing this for some time, and therefore have some basic knowledge. This is a refreshing change from the usual formula, which tends to place the protagonist into the perilous supernatural situation with little or no knowledge on his side. During this episode, there's an edginess to the characters; Dean, the older, will clearly follow in his father's footsteps, while Sam, the younger, wishes to divorce himself from that life. But they love their father, so when he disappears, Sam reluctantly teams up with his brother to discover who or what has been killing men on a lonely stretch of California road. The answer is interesting; in a world where horror shows tend to recycle at least the types of villians, this one offers something a bit different. The scenes where the ghost is defeated seemed a little bit rushed, and the defeat occurred more by accident than by good planning, but it worked. In the final scenes, the brothers' are cemented back together by what happens when Sam returns to his dorm: his girlfriend has met the same horrible fate his mother faced two decades ago. Clearly, something supernatural is interested in this family. It's too soon to predict a trend with any accuracy, but this series seems solid.
  • Yaaaaaawnnnnnnn...

    I have so much to say on this on this, except I just watched the worst opening of the EMMY's EVER! It's was like Lawrence Welk or perhaps something even worse. Oh! Any bets on how many times Ellen D dances? Why is she also dancing. Whay is that considered funny? Anyway... won't watch this one again. Really stumbled out of the blocks and never got up.
  • Actors should be able to mimic and act

    Unfortunately for this series, one of the two actors, Jared Padalecki seemed to be unable to move the muscles in his face in more than two or maybe three different masks. He was either annoyed, cool or angry. As the pilot mainly showed two actors Padalecki did little to cover the plot's dramaturgical holes and give the whole thing a decent impression.
    Supernatural is the kind of series/movie, where people stumble around in the dark when every normal human being would switch on the light. Of course, the dark should scare the viewer, but instead it became annoying soon.
    I missed a proper introduction into the goal of the series and also its triggering moments. The father is hunting the supernatural murderer of his wife, and it becomes clear that Sam has to do with them, too, when his girlfriend dies the same death as his mother. This alone does not explain Sams behaviour, or why the father has disappeared, or the remains of his scrapbook. Too much is left in the open. Why I gave the episode 5 points anyway? Because it made me so curious that I will watch one other episode before I decide to dump the whole thing or watch it another time.
  • Go Ghostbusters!

    Might be reaching here but i definately thought there was a clever reference to Ghostbusters at the begining of this episode when the "Ghost" was standing over the baby and said "Shhhh" when the mother walked in. Moments later running back in to a light blast and screaming! woooo. Not enough character development! how were they trained?, where did all the equipment come from? very distracting indeed. The intro led me to believe the show was going to be on the serious side, but the characters are way too laid back considering what is going on, which suggests to me some definate holes in the story. Especially when these two so called "pro-ghost-killers" where trying to SHOOT a dead girl. COME ON!!! I could ramble on all day about other stupid occurrences, but who has the time these days!
  • This pilot episode sets a good tone for the rest of this series. Some promising story ideas, great spooky atmosphere and decent acting are the positives, while there are some problems.

    The pilot episode for 'Supernatural' proves that the show is off to a good start. It seems that the majority of TV critics and publications have been giving the show their nods of approval, and for the most part I agree with them. The main leads play their parts well, and although pretty-boys can be bought pretty cheap it seems for tv shows, they offer enjoyable performances. The subject matter, investigating popular urban legends and battling the real evils behind the myths, is a fantastic idea and provides a lot of great stories that can be told. I personally can't wait to watch the Bloody Mary episode. There is also a story arc regarding the protagonists missing father that will thread each "monster of the week" episodes, and if they can keep the tension tight it showed do a good job of gluing the series together. Another positive for the show is the little details, like the black car and classic rock the characters listen to, giving depth to their personalities and character to the show. The only negatives I found were some of the jokes scattered about that came off a little flat. Other than that, I am looking forward to following this series.
  • Two brothers search for their missing father and come across a mystery in the process... Ghosts and local legends... GREAT TV!

    This show started here in ther UK this past weekend, (Jan 22, 06), and I LOVED IT!! I had difficulty taking my eyes off the screen, it made me jump several times. I\'m looking forward to watching the rest of the season... with \'Charmed\' possibly on it\'s last year, I may have found something to replace it with! I hope the rest of the season is as good... 5 Stars!
  • Good start to the season

    Well it was a good start to the series, I enjoyed this pilot more than the invasion one, I think this might become one of favourite sci-fi shows, I tired my best finds flaws in this episode but I ended up enjoy it, whole episode wasn’t enjoyable, it’s what happened at the end, that’s what really grabs you, I knew Dean brother would somehow join Dean for the hunt for their father but I thought he would catch his girlfriend cheating on him, I didn’t expect that his girlfriend would end up like his mother. I was wondering whether Dean arranged this but that’s absurd because he was busy elsewhere.

    However there one thing I don’t get which I doubt anyone thought of, let me just get this straight so I can understand, 22 years ago a woman dies in mysterious circumstance caused by a fire, her 2 boys and father escape, we then learn the father has hunting for these supernatural being to find the one that killed his wife and he has taken his 2 boys for the ride?, does this make any sense to anyone, think about it on a normal show a woman died, usually husband become an alcoholic and kid look after their father, they don’t become demon hunters.

    The woman in white, I hardly call this scary it was amusing anywhere a ghost killing unfaithful man, I think a woman wrote this part who has been burnt by ex-boyfriend. Still they managed to figure out a way for her sprit to move on.

    The special effect are brilliant, seriously I enjoy the special-effect espically the fire one
  • I thought that this ep was good.

    When seeing the adds for this new program i thought that dean was a drop dead HOTTIE so i started watching it. and i love it!!!!
    now i watch it every week and i haven\\\'t missed an ep. and I can\\\'t believe all my friends think that Sam is betta lookin! pft- Jensen Ackles is way way WAAAYYYY betta.
  • The brothers meet back up for an exciting/hilariour/scarey season!

    This episode was a great way to start off the season. The brothers being all ...well brotherly was awsome! i loved it! and it was beleivable too. The history of their past was showed where they came from. And mini Dean and Sam were sooo cute! In this episode they also gave us a taste of what the charcaters are like and how they kind of came to be the way they are. The story about the women in white was really cool...and it had so much history and really scarey too :)I really liked this episode, really great pilot and great storyline too:D
  • The first episode in the series that starts Sam and Dean on the hunt not only for their father, but for the demon that killed their mother and Sam's girlfriend.

    A brilliant episode and a great way to start off the show. I was captivated from the moment it started, and it left me waiting in eager anticipation for every episode thereafter. The pilot episode is a wonderfully created masterpeice starting off a whole line of such masterpeices that make up the show that is Supernatural. Seemlessly blending equal parts humor, horror, and unique insight into the world of the supernatural, the pilot established the show as having something that will appeal to just about anyone. The combination of great acting, great directing, and a brilliant script makes this one of the more unique and best shows on television.
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