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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2005 on The CW

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  • Pilot - A great start to the best show on TV!

    Pilot was a great way to kick off the greatest show to ever grace TV. It allowed the viewers to peer into the childhood lives of Dean and Sam, and to understand how the Winchesters' hunting careers came to be. The window into Sam and Dean's childhood is very essential to understanding the people Sam and Dean have become in present time. The lost of their mother, and John's wife, was very tragic to the Winchesters, but this episode is the rock upon which the show will grow. I found Pilot to be very exciting, informative, and scary. Supernatural can only get better from here.
  • the first episode of the best tv show!!!

    Two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki, "Gilmore Girls") and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles, "Smallville"), witness their mother's paranormal death as children and grow up trained to fight by a distraught father who wants nothing more than to hunt down the thing that killed his wife. Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but gets pulled back in after Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing. Following clues from their father's eerie phone message, the boys travel to a small town and encounter a violent and vengeful spirit called the "Woman in White."

    Eric Kripke wrote the episode directed by David Nutter.
  • scarry in a good way

    i love how supernatural begin. this is the very first episode and i already love this show. what i like about this episode, is that it's a realy good way to begin a's funny a bit scary , it's evrything i like about a show.i want to watch it over and over.
  • Great way to get the series going!

    This pilot episode was exceptional. It showed me that the series was going to be much better than I origianlly thought it would be. It begins Sam and Dean's very close relationship as brothers and their exciting and dangerous job of killing evil creatures. It is fast-paced and a little bit creepy and it stays on course. It does not veer away from the plotline to deal with pathetic relationships like many TV shows nowadays. Also, it is very well written. There is a little bit of humor thrown into the dialogue (mostly by Dean) which evens out all the creepy and action scenes. All-in-all it was a great start to a great series.
  • holy crap these guys are HOT!!!! like oh my gosh I'm sooooo i love. the hole episode i spent debating how was hotter Sam or Dean well I can tell ya i still havent made up my mind. I have high hopes for this show

    k basically loved this one. The two brothers are soo cute together and this episod was sooooo scary!
    And their car is amazingly wicked awesome!
    well im kinda done but my review has to be longer soooo someone thought i was being rasist
    or something like that in one of my reviews and
    got it deleted
    that sucks becasue the only thing i write reviews for is Supernatural and how can u be rasist when your talking about Supernatural
    anyways it is basically messed up
  • This pilot is like a sneak preview of the series, it starts threads that unravel all the way throughout the seasons. It's good. Believe me ;)

    Watching the pilot episode two and a half years after it originally came out.. I can see what a long way they've come. That is, in the way of storyline, character development, the cast..
    Man! What a long journey it's been. And I've just been sitting in front of the TV!
    So what hasn't changed?
    Plenty. And good thing too.
    Still, we have witty lines, allusions, jokes, action, awesome special effects, extensive research and a riveting storyline.
    Snaps for Kripke. Good work son. :)
    What really stood out was Sam. After becoming used to him being all 'let's hunt this thing' and 'the demon's plans for me and children like me' in season 2, it was a real change seeing him in season 1.
    Innocent little Sammy who thinks he's normal. Aww...
    I see why Supernatural got picked up in the first place. This show is like everything rolled into one. Kind of like rocky-road. :P It's got science fiction, drama, humour, action, adventure...
    I'm content. :)
  • When Sam was a couple month old while Dean was 4 after Mary got killed the Impala is different cos the 2 spotlight is not on the Impala in the year 2005 the 2 spotlight on the Impala on the Pilot.

    my sister & I was thinkin' about the Supernatural car we thought it was a 1967 Caddalic DeVille but my dad think it was a Chevrolet or somethin' but i search on the net it say a 1967 Chevrolet Impala but my sister want a Impala but i no she say why i said it a V8 and i might a get a Impala like Supernatural licnese plate number KAZ 2Y5 if able and i wondering wat type of rim on the Impala.
  • This was one of the best episodes ever!

    This was a very fufilling episode, and I'm glad that I, for once, didn't listen to my normal self and not watch it. Normally, I would not watch a programme that no-one has watched, that i know of, before. But my dad brought the first series after watching half an episode of it -Not like him- and i watched it and loved it!

    It starts really great and continues to do great (more than great) through-out the film. I felt really sorry for Sam because of what happened....

    But my favourate part in the episode is when Dean's car starts up and tries to run them down, but they jump over the bridge where the woman commited suicide, and Sam looks down trying to find Dean, and you see him crawling out of the water, muddied.
  • Strangers and adulterers aren’t welcomed in a small town, people burn, and Sam can’t become a lawyer. And no, it’s not The Crucible.

    And it’s back to the beginning of the series for me. Now, the last (well, only) time I watched these season one episodes was Memorial Day weekend, when I’m pretty sure I watched the whole season in four days. I obviously can’t pretend that this is my first time watching, but I am going to try not to spoil anything too horribly just in case there is someone who (God forbid) is reading this and (even more God forbid-ing) hasn’t seen past the episode.

    Perhaps any for whom that applies should skip this paragraph. The reason that Mary gets out of bed is because the EMF makes the lights flicker and static on the baby monitor, right? But since Yellow-Eyes is a demon possessing a human, he should only be leaving a sulfur trail. I fear what kind of unholy rituals might be taking place over the Child of the Corn for the EMF to be happening.

    Even when I was watching this for the first time, entranced by the story (it was quite easy to suspend my disbelief, let me assure you), I caught myself marveling at the production. It’s something that I usually only note in passing, if at all, but it plays a huge part. The physical labor behind all of the old photographs (such as the picture under the light in the hallway in the teaser), John’s journal and hotel room, etc., are wonderful touches. One “complaint” I’ve heard is that while reading the cassette tapes, Sam says “Metallica” for the one Dean puts into the player – at which point AC/DC starts playing. As something of a slob myself, I can easily picture the cassette simply being in the wrong case – I mean, look at the state of the box. Objection overruled.

    In terms of editing, I am usually leery of jump scares because they seem to be used by bad (read: bad bad, not good bad) horror movies. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – let’s think, for example, of the remake of The Omen. Julia Stiles is in a white bathroom brushing her teeth, and then she shuts the mirror and there’s a weird looking dude behind her. Jump scare, cool. But then she wakes up from the dream, and the scare doesn’t continue, and without an overarching atmosphere of creeptastitude, the audience feels like the jump scares are just cheap shots. Not so in Supernatural. The timing on the bat for Constance’s first victim, Amy’s boyfriend, was perfect; I felt the cut for Sam “running over” Constance was equally beautiful.

    This may be straying back into foreknowledge of the rest of the season, but I am now wondering if there was any validity to John “getting into trouble.” The evidence for him truly being in trouble: the sheer amount of material on the walls, plus the length of time he booked the room. Seeing how quickly the Boys figured out the situation, he must have had multiple jobs going on. The salt and shells could also indicate that he was truly afraid. However, that could be incriminating evidence to be included with the coordinates in the journal, as could the long booking. Who could say that John didn’t purchase the room for so long just so the Boys would have time to catch up to him, and plant the salt and shells to ensure that they would hit the road? He obviously is not and never had been near the Wendigo.

    Why does this matter? I think it’s important not for the “logic” of the series, but for the character of John Winchester. Is he as master a manipulator as Dumbledore, orchestrating his entire disappearance to reunite his boys, or was he really in trouble? At what point did he learn about the Colt? I think these are questions I’d be more fully capable of understanding if I hadn’t powered through the final four episodes as I had, so I’ll leave them off here for now.

    Now I know I complain about Sam needing a haircut in season two, but I definitely laughed at the sight of it at Stanford. I guess it’s supposed to be sufficiently “college-y” but…I can’t think of anyone with that haircut. Or anyone who wouldn’t make fun of someone with that haircut (I can hear the “altar boy” comments already. Another thing about the “college-ity” of Sam that made me jealous and/or laugh was the house that he apparently lives in alone with Jess. That’s ridiculously awesome and indicates to me that I need to go ahead and transfer to Stanford. No more of this sharing a house with five other people!

    Continuing to lampoon on Sam, he’s obviously been a part of the lying before, hasn’t he? I guess I’m still confused as to the extent the Boys helped in the hunts. They traveled around the country with John while he was hunting, and they were trained to recognize and defend themselves against el que no es humano, but I suppose it would be rather out of character for John to allow his boys to go hunting. Or would it? Sam’s comment – “He let you hunt them alone?” Maybe they just aren’t allowed to cross the street without John holding their hand. Even if they do hunt, though, I doubt that twelve-year-old boys can really lie and cover as journalists or officers of the law...medical doctors, yes, but that would only help in hospital episodes. Along with Sam being uncomfortable with lying, I was surprised when he was speaking to Constance’s husband. The acting in the scene was superb, the performance by the guest star one of the most compelling in the entire episode, but while I can understand the plot logistics of Sam needing to find out if his hunch was correct, I can’t believe that “Captain Empathy” would be willing to scalpel open scars twenty-years old.

    I’m going to start a count on the White Dress of Doom™. “Pilot” gets two: Mary and Constance. If only Jess had changed out of the Smurf outfit for the hat trick...alas. Levity aside, revisiting this episode I think the choice to have the very first el que no es humano be the Woman in White was crucial for the series as a whole. The Boys set out to try to find John? Yes. But more so, their fight against el que.../The Things that Bump has always been and always will be because of their mother and the Children of the Corn. Right off the bat, we are shown as viewers the utter discrepancy between a mother who, intentionally or not, dies for her son, as opposed to a mother who kills her own children.
  • Sam is hiding from his family. His brother Dean shows up to report their dad is missing. Sam reluctantly agrees to help him search for their father. Upon returning home Sam finds his girlfriend dead just like his mother and goes out on the road with Dean.

    This has to be THE BEST pilot episode I have ever seen. I've seen pilots for a lot of Supernatraully themed shows but this is by far the best one. Kudos to Kripke. It sets it up nicely giving background about Mary and introduces Dean and Sam nicely. It doesn't play it safe, it lays on the mythology thick right off the bat but uses a story everyone knows. The show is hilarious (and so is Jared's hair) and the music is the best. I was raised on this music so it's great to be able to say "Dad, this song was on Supernatural!" I also have a newfound love for Kansas. So if you have never watched the show, watch it! The absolute best.
  • What can I say? i love the pilot. Brilliant season opener.

    This is the episode where it all began. Where everyone watched and and fell in love witht he show. This episode has eveything it needed to begin this wonderful show. It had a great beginning, love, humour, family matters, urban legends, horror and a really great ending!! I think the Pilot aired three times in Australia first before they actually moved onto the next episode! So if you missed the first time, you had two chances to catch up! I knew as soon as I watched it the first time, that I was going to be a Supernatural addict like I am today. After the Pilot I barely missed an episode, and I thought that the season was just getting better and better as it went on! To this day, I still love the Pilot, and I still watch it whenever I can. All I can say now is this is the best season opener of any show I have ever seen! Well Done Supernatural crew, and Jared and Jensen!
  • This was a very good episode.

    This was a very god episode. It was one of the best pilot episodes that I have ever watched. The plotline of this episode was very good and well written. I liked this episode a lot because it introduced the characters very well and it also showed how the show was going to be like. I hope that there are more like it because it was very good from the begining up to the end. I think that Supernatural will be on for a long time because this was a very great pilot and it has a lot of good episodes.
  • Well, what can I say? The opener to season one and what a magnificent opener it was! (Although, I do believe they played the opener too many times on Australian tv.)

    Season one started with a bang with this beautifully made episode. I really enjoy this episode and it got me hooked from the very moment Sam realised there was someone in the house…and at the time they weren't really welcome…lol.
    First Sam is an a-grade law student then, BANG!, Dean comes in and tells him that their dad (John Winchester) is on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few days. This is the moment it all begins. Sam comes along for a hunt then goes back to his place with Jessica (his girlfriend) and gets killed right in-front of his eyes by the same demon that killed their mother. This is when it really starts and they set out on a 'quest' to find their dad and kill anything that gets in their way to finding him. "Saving people, hunting things, family business." Is what its known as in the Winchesters lives and man do they do it well!!! Wouldn't anyone want to be rescued by two hunks with salt guns?!? Bring on the demons!!!
  • The pilot of "Supernatural" is quick paced and packed with backstory without being overly expositional.

    In one of the most chilling openings to a pilot I have seen, the creepy nature of the show draws you in. When Mary sees a man in her nursery and thinks it is her husband, only to go downstairs where her husband is asleep in front of the television, it was horrifically frightening.

    Fast forward 22 years where Sam is at Stanford complete with a girlfriend and a prestigious interview for law school set up. His "whole future on a platter." Dean's arrival in the middle of the night and the shadow fight that ensues is awesome and exciting. One of the best things about this show is that these men were raised as warriors and their skill set is already in place by the time we meet them. No origin story crap.

    Their father is missing and Sam reluctantly agrees to go with Dean to search for him, but needs to be back in time for the interview. The ensuing ghost hunt is appreciably creepy and humorous, as Dean's smart aleck behavior, and mudbath is fun to watch.

    I knew from watching this episode that this series would become a favorite. Normally a pilot episode does not draw me in quite like this. Normally pilot's are rough around the edges as the actors find their footing and writers figure out the actual characters. Not the case with "Supernatural" as the characters are already well drawn and the writers knew what they were doing right off the bat.

    For me personally, I think that given the opening bit with the nursery fire, the fact that their Marine father raised them as warriors is hardly any surprise. I love how true to life and human nature this is (if you've been raised by a Marine, you'll see a lot of realism here). I also love that when Sam was afraid of the thing in the closet at age 9, his father gave him a gun to protect himself. Totally awesome. This episode simply rocked.
  • This is exactly how a pilot episode should be.

    The episode starts with us seeing what happened 22 years ago, this had me curious right away and I wanted to find out more. Later on the episode we know what exactly happened and how this affected the Winchester family. I was really interested in the woman in white, I couldn't, can't understand how a woman could murder her own children. So I found it logical that she was afraid to come home and to be confronted by her children. The brothers really worked well together even though there were a few arguments. I found it really sad to see that when Dean dropped Sam of you could just see that it made him sad. When Sam comes 'home' again, his girlfriend Jess, dies the same way as Sam's mother and I felt really sorry for Sam. But luckily for Sam, Dean came back and saved him out of the fire. Then the brothers go haunting together.
  • What would you do if you had to pick between the life you love and the life you left behind. When that life was hunting down the things that go bump in the night. Well 22 years after his mother's death, Sam Winchester has to answer that very question.

    Supernatural starts out with a bang, literally. On the night of Sam's six-month birthday, his life would change forever. His mother, father, and big brother, Dean, come to say goodnight, such a loving family. That very night a visitor made an appearance in his nursery, with deadly consequences. As Marry discovers the shadowed man, he turns, his Yellow Eyes glint in the light, and suddenly she is slammed against the wall, screaming. John runs to find Sam safe in his crib, but suddenly he sees his wife stuck to the ceiling, blood dripping from her stomach, and then bursts into flames. As he yells for his wife, he grabs his infant son and hands him off to Dean, just before the room explodes. One has to love a show that starts off with the death of a character.

    It jumps ahead 22 years, where we now find Sam, off at school, loving life and his girlfriend Jessica. On the eve of gaining a full ride to law-school. And again there is a sudden visitor in the night. Sam wakes when someone enters his apartment, this leads into one heck of a fight scene, between him and the intruder, Dean.

    Dean is there asking for help, something that he hasn't done in 2 years. John has gone missing while on a hunting trip, and Dean thinks something bad has happened. At first Sam refuses, because it was John who said stay away, but he gives in and asks for more info on what was going on. We are given more back story as Dean and Sam talk over the weapons trunk of his car, a car fans of all ages have come to refer to as "Metallicar". Sam reluctantly offers to go, for a couple of days, to find him and bring him back, after hearing the EVP on a phone message. We also get to know how they make most of their money; pool hustles, darts, and credit card scams. And not to mention one of the best TV show soundtracks, of oh, ever. This show is responsible for me listening to Classic Rock again.

    They run across a crime scene, that was also rather interesting, oh yes there was blood. And we get to see how each of the Brothers Winchester do their jobs, Sam fully respectful, Dean a smart guy. And you got to love the X-Files shout out.

    One thing leads to another and they are on the track of The Woman In White, Constance Welch. Though this character is based on two urban legends; The Vanishing Hitchhiker, and La LaRona, each holding their own special stories. They discover their dad was already on her trail when he took off. When Dean is arrested he learns that their father had left his most prized possession behind for them, his journal. A journal that now holds the key to where they have to go, and what they have to do.

    Well before the brothers can regroup, Constance forces Sam to drive her home, a place she can't go. As she tries to kill him, Dean shows up just in time to "Shoot Casper in the face" with a rock-salt filled gun. The visual effects they used for her character worked just great with the wonderful makeup, demon face, that they gave the character. Once they finally get her into the house, it is discovered that the reason she couldn't go home was because she had killed her kids, and their spirits were there to drag her soul to hell.

    There dad still MIA, Sam has Dean take him back home. Only to witness his girlfriend being killed in the same fashion as his mom. And this was the event that forced Sam to take back the life he left behind, to find his father, find the evil demon, and kill it once and for all.

    Oh, I loved this episode. There were many, many great jokes. The characters were very well described, and the actors, Jared and Jensen, were great as them.The story was strong, and had a good flow to it. This show takes my top spot in my fav shows on TV, well just behind The X-Files, the all time fave show, of mine.
  • 22 años despues de perder a su madre de un modo sobrenatural; Dean, Sam y su padre han estado cazando seres sobrenaturales alrededor del país. Sam decidió dejar esa vida e ir a la universidad, pero ahora Dean ha ido en su busca pues su padre está perdido.

    Este increíble capítulo empieza mostrándonos una familia feliz compuesta por John y Mary y sus hijos Dean y Sam Winchester. Siendo Dean de 4 años y Sam de 6 meses un ser sobrenatural los visita resultando en la muerte de la madre. John, que vió a su esposa morir pegada al techo y envuelta en llamas, desde entonces se ha dedicado a "cazar" seres sobrenaturales y ha entrenado a sus hijos como guerreros.
    Sam, aparentemente, no gusta de esa vida y quiere tener una carrera y una familia, así que deja a su padre y hermano para ir a la universidad, con excelentes notas y una hermosa novia Sam cree estar logrando su objetivo. Pero entonces una noche su hermano Dean va en su busca pues su padre ha desaparecido y él quiere que lo acompañe en su busca.
    Es así como ambos terminan yendo al pueblo donde su padre pudo haber estado por última vez y en lugar de su padre lo que encuentran son pistas sobre una mujer fantasma que aparece en el camino y termina matando a aquellos hombres que tratan de ayudarla.
    Esta mujer, en vida, había descubierto que su esposo la engañaba, y enloquecida por ello mató a sus hijos y luego se suicidó. Ahora su espíritu va tras todo aquel que sea o "esté por ser" infiel.
    El capítulo termina con los hermanos Winchester deshaciéndose del espíritu (la hicieron entrar a su propia casa donde los espíritus de sus hijos asesinados se encargaron de ella) y Sam regresando a su cuarto con su novia, pero al echarse en la cama y ver hacia el techo, ve a su novia pegada al techo (tal como pasó con su madre aunque él no pueda recordarlo pues sólo era un bebé) y otra vez el extraño fuego la envuelve y él puede escapar a duras penas.
    Dean, que todavía no se había ido, vé el fuego, y en la última escena podemos ver a un Sam consternado por la muerte de su novia y decidido a ir con su hermano en busca de su padre y de "lo que sea" que haya matado a su madre y su novia.
  • Raised like warriors, after the death of their mother, the two have fought evil since they were kids. Yet, when Sam went off to college everything changed. But, now that their dad is missing the brother's are back in action.

    Sam and Dean Winchester aren't your average guys...

    This is the finest example of a pilot episode I have ever seen. It was freaking fantastic! It firmly establishes the characters and their histories and then proceeds forward to the action without missing a beat. This episode truly does capture the heart of the series and is easily a standard by which future episodes can be judged.

    Jensen and Jared's chemistry is awesome, they really rock the screen with their brotherly love/hate relationship. And their acting has only gotten better with time.

    Overall, a great start to a great series, I couldn't have asked for more!
  • 2 Brothers, Sam and Dean, go searching for their missing father.

    Sam is about to graduate from college and has an interview set up to join one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. His brother Dean, whom he has not seen since he went to college, shows up in the middle of the night and tells him their father is missing while on a hunting trip. Sam joins Dean in an effort to find their father in a little town called Jericho, where unmarried men disappear without a trace. At the end of the episode, Sam returns home only to see that his girlfriend has been murdered. This show is amazing! Great Pilot.
  • Creepy and compelling.

    Ohhh this new sci-fi show has all the elements. It's creepy and compelling, at times funny and witty. Sam's seriousness against Dean's frivolity is a striking contrast, as is Sam's reluctance and Dean's gung-ho determination to find and fend off supernatural entities. I thoroughly enjoy the chemistry between the two characters. I think the writing is above par and the acting is charismatic and compelling. One of the things I love about the Sci-Fi genre and having a show dealing with supernatural beings is that it can really shift in any direction. It leaves the storyline open to all kinds of interesting dimensions. I certainly hope the writers imaginations are big, this show can only get better and better.
  • Missing father

    Wow, this new TV-series seems to be created especially and entirely for me ... as well as for all you other fanatics of horror, occult, monsters and suchlike types of evil, of course! "Supernatural" finally is a properly budgeted and professionally scripted TV-series revolving on two young brothers battling all kinds of malevolence they encounter during the search for their vanished father. Sam and Dean Winchester aren't easily shocked, as they literally grew up fighting monsters. When they were little children, an unidentified evil force burned their mother alive and ever since their father raised them to search & destroy evil all around the United States. This pilot-episode merely just introduces the characters, but still there's room for an intriguing type of malice, namely the Woman in White. Dean – the oldest brother – comes to visit Sam at university and informs him their father is missing. Sam is reluctant to join Dean on his search, as he finally hopes to live a normal life. Of course Dean convinces him and the brothers soon confront a beautiful white appearance in the dark night. The Lady in White represents the restless soul of a deceived woman, forced to commit murder and suicide and forever doomed to dwell around to kill unfaithful men.

    The first episode of "Supernatural" is excellent, but not entirely flawless. The two main characters are introduced as likable and identifiable guys, but the inevitably remain stereotypes. They're brothers but with severely opposite characters. Dean is a witty daredevil, always fearlessly facing danger and providing the show with the obligatory sense of humor. Sam on the other hand is a shy guy, happy with his girlfriend and his anonymous life as a student. Probably because this is the pilot, and most of attention went to the character drawings & theme-introduction, the mystery surrounding the Lady in White remains rather vague and unsolved. That's a crying shame because it's a fascinating topic and it could have resulted in a petrifying little horror tale. The rushed finale also immediately exposes what presumably is the series' biggest weakness. Less than one hour of playtime isn't always suffice to resolve a supernatural case and/or to defeat a complex & powerful enemy. Hopefully this will be different in the next couple of episodes, when it's no longer necessary to show flashbacks about the boys' childhood. I already saw episode two – The Wendingo – and it definitely showed improvement. Even so, the pilot episode is hugely atmospheric and often chilling. The special effects are pretty amazing and far better than the visuals used in the majority of nowadays released horror movies. The creative mind behind "Supernatural" is Eric Kripke. He didn't really impress me with his "Boogeyman", but this TV-initiative is more than promising.

    Without revealing too much, the pilot's ending assures the collaboration between the two brothers and even offers Sam a morbid motivation to carry on exterminating evil. Now I just hope the TV-stations in my country don't decide to prematurely cancel the airing due to disappointing viewer ratings....
  • Muito Bom ...

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  • good episode

    A mother and father are tucking in their two sons Dean and Sam. The mother, Mary, gets up and finds her husband John standing over Sam's crib. Noticing a flickering light, she knocks it into place and sees the TV running downstairs. Her husband is asleep at the TV and she runs upstairs and screams. Her husband hears her and goes up to find Sam alive and well, but blood is dripping from the ceiling – Mary is dead and sticking to the ceiling, and bursts into flames. John grabs Sam and gives him to Dean and tells him to run outside – he goes to get his wife but fire consumes the house and he barely makes it out.

    Stanford University – Present Day

    A now college-age Sam is preparing to go to a Halloween party – Sam is set up for law school and has an interview the next Monday. Back at his apartment he spots an intruder and they fight – it turns out the intruder is Dean, his brother, who is here to talk about private family business. Dean reveals their father has disappeared during a "hunting" trip. Dean wants Sam to take off with him to find their father, who goes "hunting" for supernatural creatures – the brothers have as well in the past but Sam's given it up. Their father John was looking into disappearances of men along a specific stretch of road. John left Dean a voice-mail message warning of danger and containing EVP. Dean's analysis of the EVP reveals a woman saying, "I can never go home". Dean appeals to Sam for help and he reluctantly agrees as long as they're back by Monday.

    Jericho, California

    A boy, Troy, is driving along when he spots an oddly-distorted woman in white along the side of the road as his radio goes out. He offers her a ride and she asks him to take her home. She comes on to him and asks him to come home with her. Troy agrees and they drive up to an abandoned house – he turns to her and she's vanished. He approaches the house and something leaps out at him and he drives away, unaware she's in the back until it's too late and he drives onto a closed bridge where he dies horribly in a flurry of blood.

    Dean and Sam arrive at Jericho when they spot the police checking out the dead boy's car on the bridge. Dean has a Federal Marshal fake ID and passes himself off as an investigator and takes to the police, who are looking for Troy. There, they find out have been other disappearances and they head out as the FBI arrive. They meet up with Troy's girlfriend Amy, who reveals there's a local legend of a girl who was murdered, and her ghost hitchhikes and the person picking her up disappears. They find a 1981 record of a woman, Constance Wells, who committed suicide off the bridge after her two children died in the bathtub. That night they go out to check the bridge and spot Constance on the railing as she jumps – then their car starts up and comes after them on its own. They dive over the side and Dean ends up in the water with Sam holding on to the side.

    They check into a hotel and find their dad's room – he used mystical wards to keep spirits out of the room. They figure out their dad found out about Constance and conclude he would have dug up the corpse. The police catch up to them and Sam escapes while Dean gets arrested. The sheriff knows about their father John and has his journal, but Dean doesn't say anything. Sam links up with Constance's husband Joseph. Sam reveals that there are legends of such women who take revenge on their cheating husbands, kill their children, and then kill themselves. Then they come back as ghosts to kill unfaithful men.

    When the sheriff is called away for a 911 call (which Sam faked), Dean picks his handcuffs and sneaks out of the police station. Dean is sure that their father is alive and has left town – Sam's on the phone and drives right through the Woman in White, who then appears in his back seat. When he refuses to take her home, the car doors lock and the car drives itself to the abandoned house. She comes on to Sam and plans to ensure he's unfaithful so she can kill him. She starts to reach her hand into his chest but Dean arrives and opens fire, driving her off. Sam drives the car into the house, "taking her home". The two brothers confront the spirit, who slams them into the wall with a dresser. But the lights come up, water starts dripping down the stairs from the two children as their ghosts appear. They embrace her and they all three disappear in a flash of light and a smear of black fluid.
  • This episode in my opinion is one of the best episodes of this show. Sorry about my English. ^_^

    The presentation of the characters, the first introduction,... all the episode in general is perfect, we know the past and the present of the principal characters of this show only in 10 minutes, then the action of the history introduce us to the two brothers life, their father disappear and his mother died.

    Then we see to the Sam's girlfriend and her mysteries died, the same form that his mother murder. This is the begging of the end.

    The best character in my opinion is Sam, but Sam is like that because the relation whit his brother Dean. This type of relation is very nice to see, their complicity and conversations are very very funny.
  • The series start with a mixture of current and passed information, thus allowing all of the audience to understand the reasoning behind the supernatural exploits of the hunters. Thus allowing us to understand the drive behind which the brothers operate.

    In the past: A man and lady are each putting a child to sleep. The mother, who has sorted out the elder boy, gets up and finds her husband John standing over Sam's crib. She knocks a flickering light place and sees the TV running downstairs. Her husband is asleep in front of the TV and she runs upstairs and screams. John hears her and goes up to find Sam alive and well, but blood is dripping from the ceiling – Mary is dead and sticking to the ceiling, and bursts into flames. John grabs Sam and gives him to Dean and tells him to run outside – he goes to get his wife but fire consumes the house and he barely makes it out.

    Current day: A now college-age Sam is preparing to go to a Halloween party – Sam is set up for law school and has an interview the next Monday. Sam battles an intruder, his brother, who turned up concerned that his their father has not returned from a hunting trip. Sam's girlfriend, doesnt see a problem, but Sam explains that he'll only be gone a couple of days.

    Their father John was looking into disappearances of men along a specific stretch of road. John left Dean a voice-mail message warning of danger and containing EVP. Dean's analysis of the EVP reveals a woman saying, "I can never go home". Dean appeals to Sam for help and he reluctantly agrees as long as they're back by Monday.

    We get introduced to this EVP as we see a young man, stop and give a young lady a lift back to her home, something doesn't seem right as she comes onto him and asks if he can give her a lift home, but when there she says she can't go home, disappears, he gets closer to the abandoned house and then something jumps out, he drives away only for her to appear and cause him to drive into a deserted bridge and kills him.

    Sam and Dean do their homework by speaking to the dead guys girlfriend, they examine the legends and folklore of the location and then go to investigate the bridge once more. This time their own car starts and chases them on the bridge. They later drive through her on the road, she then forces the car to take her home, but just as she is about to kill the boys, but knowing that she can't go home, they take the car into the house, thus ending the circle of death.

    Sam insists that he must go back in order to make his interview, so Dean drops him off, Sam finds his girlfriend dead and pinned to the ceiling, just as his mother was. The apartment bursts into flames and Sam is rescued by Dean, who then realises that his place is by his brothers side, fighting the supernatural and trying to get the supernatural creature.
  • WOW! I love it!

    The pilot episode had me hooked from the beginning. It set the tone with the dark shots right from the start. It also did a great job of establishing the characters. It quickly establishes how they grew up and why they do what they do, instead of living a "normal" life like Sam wants.

    I especially liked the relationship between the brothers. It is believable and real. This relationship is the cornerstone of the show and the writers and actors have done a great job of bringing to life this relationship as though it is a third character in the show.

    The show also delivers on the scare. I love the genre of the horror shows and rarely do I feel scared once the TV is shut off, but this show has given me many nights of turning lights on in the house to make sure nothing is there.
  • The adventures begin...

    I'm not really much into horror and stuff (yea, this episode was kinda scary for me), but this serie is promising and interesting, expecially since there are two main characters that you can't take your eyes off! The lady who killed her kids and then herself- humm, they made it look scary, but it is nothing new... And I don't understand- why did their father suddenly tke off without telling anything? Well, he did leave Dean a note, but how come the boys didn't see their father's diary sonner when they were in his motel room? But still, love the beginning. Hope it gets even better.
  • A way to go!!!

    Excellent start to the series, setting the scene perfectly and leaving you wanting more. This is definitely one of my favourite shows, offering humour, thrills, and the odd jump here and there, not to mention Dean Winchester!! Guess I just like the Bad Boys out there!!
    The pilot gives us a promise of whats to come, the quality of the production is excellent too, no cheap sets, with walls that shake when the door slams.
    I have watched this series time and again and find it entertaining on every occasion, I hope this show has stamina cos I don't want it to stop!! Love it, Love it, Love it.
  • The beginning of the journey!

    This episode was so great. Not just because it's the pilot episode, but it's just great in its own right. I love the woman in white. The story is interesting. It's clear that Sam and Dean are trying to find their footing with each other. They're not sure of the other anymore. And, as always, we meet Dean with him being his normal smart-ass self. Sam's a bookworm, dreaming about his future with Jessica and with becoming a lawyer. It's so great, and also kind of unsettling, watching how different their characters were back then. Dean didn't seem like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders just yet, and Sam still had hope.
  • Awesome.

    At a young age, Sam and Dean Winchester witnessed the unexplainable death of their mother, which in turn led.. their father to teach them skills which could be of use in the search for whatever it was that took her life. Years later, while attending Stanford University, Sam finds himself brought back into the paranormal world by his older brother, who has come to tell him their father has mysteriously disappeared. The two hit the road in Jericho, California, about 2 hours' drive from Stanford to find him and are soon sidelined in a small town where a ghostly Woman in White (Sarah Shahi) has been taking male victims. An awesome way to start for Supernatural. I loved this episode. I really can't wait to watch more. The storyline was awesome, and I think Dean and Sam are soo hot. Which makes it even better.
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