Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on The CW

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  • Hoodoo...

    In this episode Sam and Dean meet a single mother who appears to have two daughters. They are moving out of the hotel their mother runs because she is selling it.

    Tyler goes to put her dolls away and when she turns to look at her dolls house which is a replica of the hotel she notices that a male doll has it's neck twisted. Tyler hears a scream and goes to see what happened. Turns out a man broke his neck...

    Sam and Dean investigate the hotel and find Hoodoo symbols and assume that the Grandmother is responsible but soon realise they are wrong.

    After another couple of deaths they figure out who is really responsible and it is Maggie who is a ghost that Tyler can see. Tyler ends up in the pool because Maggie doesn't want her to leave and she makes it so that Tyler can't get out. Sam, Dean and her mother try to get in to the pool house to save her and finaly Sam does. While this is happening Maggie goes up to see the grandmother because she called her and she makes a deal with Maggie.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatual sam and dean go to connectcut after they come across this inn where people are dieing and they must figure it out they think its hoodoo and they must figure who is causing it and i thought this ep was just filler to keep you wainting for the the good stuff to happen and i thought it was still a good ep and it was intense but i cant wait to see what eles happens in season 2 and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower and it was intence
  • So disappointed!

    I just started watching Supernatural about a week ago and just got to this episode. I'm sad to say that I thought it was pretty darn bad. I didn't find it creepy... I found it cheesy and a little too weird. Yes, I know I'm talking about Supernatural, but this was just too weird. I think it could have been better if they had gotten rid of the grandmother plot (how cheesy was that?). Just a bad episode, in my opinion, which is really disappointing because I love this show. Oh, well... Hope the next ones are better! We'll see.
  • Some good and some bad, but overall pretty great episode.

    At first I had mixed feelings about this episode, cause at first I thought we were finally getting around to concentrating on the demon and we were left on a high note with Ava's fiancee mysteriously murdered, and what do you know, filler! The fact alone that this is filler is an immediate turnoff, but still if you take this episode for what it is as an episode, it's pretty damn good. Here we are following Sam and Dean on another case possibly involving hoodoo. For the entire episode we were led to have believed this, and then it pulls a twist on us; the hoodoo may not be as evil doing as Sam and Dean though. The case is well constructed with a nice plot twist here, but even more excelling is the acting of the little girl that plays Maggie. It's almost chilling how such an innocent looking girl can surround herself with a sense of murderous intent. A pit stop of the main storyline, but a stay that makes a very nice impression on its short welcome.
  • Something always felt wrong about this episode, many things seemed forced including the humor, but it was good nonetheless.

    Something always felt wrong about this episode, many things seemed forced including the humor, first time around the gay jokes" were hilarious, this time they were redundant and forced. The pacing was off and the plot itself wasn't that exciting, almost everything seemed artificial from the minute they took the job. Still it had some good parts, the drunk!Sam scene was good, even though it seemed to come out of the blue, great job by both actors. The doll collection was effectively creepy, and the ghost of the young girl gave more spookiness to the whole setting.

    I rarely go back to watch this episode, but the one thing I remember the most about it …
    "She could be faking"
    "So what, you're gonna poke her with a stick? … dude you're not gonna poke her with a stick!"
  • Doesn't really develop the way I though it would.

    This episode looked really awesome from the preview, but I do not think this developed like the other two episodes did, Mostly I thought it was a filler scary story, that they hunt. Well I like the twist in the ending, that little girl was so stupid to jump in that pool, a 2 year old would have common sense not to do that. The old lady dying and playing with the ghost was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. That chick was nuts! Anyways Sam saved the little girl in the end of course, pretty obvious, just a filler I would say.
  • A nice filler with a great atmosphere

    The thing that stays out the most about this episode, "Playthings", is the atmosphere, a thing that Dean himself notices just at the beginning, when he says "Old school haunted houses, you know? Fog and secret passageways, sissy British accents". It's true that the old, woody Hotel has a typical Victorian flavor, a really great Gothic vibe that I wholeheartedly liked, something in between "The Others", "The Shining", "The Turn of the Screw" and Edith Wharton's ghost stories that grabbed my attention from the opening sequence.

    "Playthings" is a very creepy episode, wonderfully directed by Charles Beeson, one of the finest directors on the shows, and it also has some wonderful brotherly moments between Dean and Sam (Sam drunk, the final conversation between the car... not to mention the lines about the brothers being mistaken for a gay couple), a powerful ending (the shots at the pool were just awesome) and a great cast of supporting actors.

    The script from Matt Witten is good and effective: nothing excessively ground-breaking, but good nonetheless. The dolls and the dollhouse are really eerie and the menacing atmosphere is just unique. While not complex and challenging like other Monster of the Week episodes (that's saying the wonderful "Houses of the Holy"), "Playthings" is entertaining and engaging and quite frightening!
  • Sam and Dean investigate an old hotel where mysterious deaths are taking place.

    Jensen and Jared's acting was absolutely amazing like always! I loved the boys conversation/deal about Sam's future and hearing how Sam is feeling about what is going to happen. It made me kinda sad to see Dean in pain, from worrying about Sam and having his father's words haunt him. Also how torn up Sam is from not being able to save people. Sam's rescue was really cool, he did an awesome job. The dolls were kinda creepy, but the show is called "Supernatural" so it is to be expected. I really really loved this episode. Excellent job you guys!
  • Amazing episode!

    This is one of my top favorite episodes this season. I thought this episode was very well written. There were a few scenes that I found hilarious. Like the scene where Dean was telling the hotel owner about Sam loving and collecting dolls. Another scene that I thought was funny was when they were checking in and the lady asked them if they were antiquers. She also said they had that look about them. I don't know why people think they are gay Either way Dean's reaction is priceless. Another scene I thought was funny was when Sam asked Dean if they should hit the old lady with a stick. That was hilarious. The last scene that I thought was great was when Sam was drunk. That was so out of his character. I know Sam doesn't want to turn evil. And I know we all don't want that to happen because if that does Dean might have to kill him and nobody wants that. Overall if really loved this episode. I never expected Maggie to be an imaginary friend.
  • Average episode in which I felt like I was watching the beginning of the first season where too much influence was drawn from existing horror films.

    As i'm sure you are aware, this episode finds Dean and Sam going to a supposedly haunted hotel to investigate strange deaths. Unfortunately, this is the most predictable episode since the first few in the first season. The show has really branched off into its own territory starting about half way through season 1 all the way into 2, which made for some very entertaining and original storytelling. This episode, however, two things struck me immediately and i'm sure any horror film fan were strucken by the same things as well.

    One- The Shining, I forgive this due to the obvious and intentional reference by placing Sam and Dean into room 237(actually was kind of hoping Dean would have joked about the bad luck in getting that room since he has referenced other films and/or tv shows in previous episodes). Two - The unforgiveable one, A Tale of Two Sisters. Immediately, I knew one of the girls was actually dead. Despite the fact that they try to sway the viewer by having the mother draw attention to Maggie by talking to her as if she was real, it is easy to notice instantly that she only actually *talks* to one girl.

    This is clearly a return to form for the show, a filler episode full of little to no plot development. While it is almost nostalgic to witness a standard, comfortable hunt, without all the heavy drama that is tearing the brothers apart and threatening a destruction of Sam and the world, I feel they could have done a better job with it. Just my own opinion, but if you're writing a horror story, you should have an extensive history of watching horror films, and knowing the popular ones so you never write in the same plot as an already existing one.
  • mm.. daphne. love her.

    Not exactly my favorite episode, but I dont hate it. It is ok. I mean, it was very funny and all, but I didn't really like the kids in it. They were kind of annoying. Sam was cool when he saves the day though. That was awesome. It had some great quotes! Like the greasy pork sandwich, and the your bossy and short, and all that. That was hilarious! Maybe dolls are just a little too creepy for my liking! lol. So I am all for the episode storyline with the hoodo, but I dont particularly support the idea of kids.
  • They boys investigate a series of murders at a closing B&B.

    This is a strange episode for me. I thought it was well written, except for 2 scenes. The acting was very good, particularly by the supporting actors. The bad part was the blatant anti-gay attitude shows in 2 scenes. I have a lot of gay friends and I found that very offensive and a disturbing trend in the series. After the scene in the boys room, I changed the channel. I watched the complete episode later and found the ending to be very good, a bit predictable, but good none the less. Writers...Please stop the anti-gay slurs in your show.
  • After a month of looking for Ava, Sam and Dean move on to find out about recent accidents at an old hotel.

    This episode has scads of atmosphere, including a not too subtle homage to Kubrick's "The Shining" complete with creepy little girls.

    While this episodes antagonist is pretty obvious from the very beginning, it is still an enjoyable return to the monster of the week format. The previous episodes revolving around Sam's destiny and all were good, but too many in a row is tiresome. They need to be broken up with something a bit more fun, like this episode.

    Sam thinks that if he saves as many people as possible that he can avoid his destiny. The scene with him drunk was funny. "You're bossy. And short." he says to Dean.

    There is not much more to say about this episode, it was good, the acting was top notch and it had a bit more levity, such as Dean wanting to poke the old woman with a stick.
  • Sam and Dean check in to a creeptastic New England hotel.

    The first throwback I got from the mise en scène and direct references from this episode was to The Shining, of course. The second, strangely enough, was to an episode of First Wave. I watched perhaps a total of four episodes of that show, can’t even remember the plot of this specific one I’m referencing, but there was a tone it shared with “The Shining” and with “Playthings.”

    I have to admit because it’s rather intrinsic to my treatment of this episode – I didn’t realize that Maggie wasn’t a real person for most of the episode. I got confused when Tyler told her mother that Maggie said the naughty words first, resulting in Susan saying, “You watch your mouth too, Maggie.” I saw that she had a strange expression on her face, but I thought it was indulgence towards Maggie, whom I thought she considered to perhaps be old enough to say such words (?); obviously, it was because she thought Maggie was just an invisible friend.

    I watched this episode on the cwtv site, not during a rerun airing, so I didn’t have any foreknowledge of what was to come – if the previews revealed what was happening. Because of that, and because I thought Maggie was a real if rarely-seen person, I thought initially there would be Chuckie-esque dolls running about. That was quickly dispelled as my thought, but I still wonder if the Powers that Be are trying to explore more false leads and wild goose chases so as to refrain from exposition of the Things that Go Bump causing trouble. Perhaps they are wanting to have the pace of the overall season slower. Speaking of Things that Go Bump, I’m tempted to move into Spanish for that phrase after learning from the Pan’s Labyrinth soundtrack that the way to say “not human” is “el que no es humano.” That just sounds awesome to me, primarily because I only know Spanish through studying Latin years ago, so it looks like “the who that is not humanly.” The Boys hunt “el que no es humano.” Hehehe. Well – that statement may or may not be true, very shortly.

    The Boys clearly aren’t batting as well as they have in the past. Sure, they out-smarted Gordon, but Sam’s visions were influenced by old Yellow-Eyes enough for him not to have the possessed man killed in “Croatoan,” resulting in a whole town apparently going straight to hell, literally; Ava went over to the Dark Side; and this week Rose deals with Maggie in order to call her off. (It was REALLY hard, by the way, for me to focus on what was happening in that scene as all I could think about was how Sam’s cast was soaking wet...the biggest no-no in cast-wearing EVER. Well, besides grabbing a kitchen knife and taking the cast off yourself. Since the cast is a result of real-life injuries Jared sustained, I wonder what happened during production.) There was a ghost, but no remains were salted and burned – indeed, the Boys ended up with a two-for deal of earthbound spirits.

    I had something of an “aha” moment when Maggie was revealed to be Rose’s sister, asking for someone to love her. Coupled with the promise raspy-voiced Sam extorted from Dean (that drunk scene made me laugh and vaguely jealous – I need to do some behavior adjustment so my friends become less the rowdy and violent drunks and more the ridiculously emotional, apparently. Then I’ll need to invest in a camcorder...) we the audience are seriously getting hit over the head with the theme of siblings’ love. I personally am ready for the angst to move on to bigger and badder things. Can you imagine it? Dean’s dead-pan expression. “You seriously just tried to kill me, Sam.” The puppy dog, raspy-voiced response: “Didn’t you promise you’d kill me before I could?”

    Perhaps it was just my personal feelings on the matter, but I thought the attempt at a punchline when Dean mentioned Sam surfing porn seemed forced. Hopefully that’ll be dropped soon enough. The sequence where Susan mistook the Boys for lovers didn’t bother me, but again, the resulting discussion seemed slightly forced/tired. However, we all know that I’m too much of a godless liberal to be allowed to spout off on my thoughts on feminism and bigotry subversively inherent to mass-media, so I’ll limit myself to those notes.
  • The Winchester Brothers continue their hunting in a Hotel that seems to be killing the last of it's guests.....

    As in all of my reviews I always mention that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki do a phenomenal job. Well this review is no different. Excellent acting! I have to say that the dolls are creepy in this episode. Those are not normal dolls. They need a proper excorcism it looks like. Tyler, the daughter, did EXCELLENT in the acting department as well. I think she is my favorite child star. Extremely weird that the mother thought the Winchester's were gay antiquers. I wouldn't have guessed. I would have past them off as hetero's right away. Kinda sucks that Sam keeps bringing up what John said to Dean and throwing it in Dean's face all the time. Also, Love the rescue that Sam did with Tyler. Great Job you guys!
  • Scary dolls and creepy imaginary friends...

    I think I have a new appreciation of the not so freakishly creepy doll collection I have in my bedroom. This episode was skillfully created. The writers took a classic scary story but twisted it into a beautifully crafted story line. Plus the underlining plot of searching for Ava. This was lovely written and I'm loving the shared brother angst so visible in this season. Even though I prefer Dean as my favorite character I still understand and love how Sam is so tore apart because of Ava's disappearance.

    P.S. Aren't cast not supposed to get wet?
  • The Winchester brothers investigate a series of strange deaths at an old hotel about to close down.

    This is yet another classic Supernatural episode, containing everything we have come to expect from this amazing show. While arguably perhaps not the most suspensful episode, it is nevertheless imensly entertaining and brilliantly done. While the story in this episode is interesting, it is the advancemnt of the main story line that occurs during this episode that makes this such a memorable one. Prior to the death of their father, Dean was told that he might have to kill Sam if Sam turned evil. In this episode, Sam forces Dean to promise him that if that happens, that Dean will kill him. This is a very important yet sad moment in the main story line. It is clear that after protecting Sam all his life, Dean is probably incapable of ever doing something like that. By forcing Dean to make such a promise, viewers are left to wonder what the outcome will prove to be if a situation forces such a promise to come into effect. This particular moment made me more than a little angry at Sam for forcing his brother into something like that. Dean has spent his whole life protecting Sam, to make him promise to do anything against that is cruel. Of course, I can see why he did it, being afraid of turning evil and hurting others, but at the same time, as if Dean didn't already have enough to worry about, he forces him to take this on as well. Coming from their father, it was warning, while Sam has now turned it into more of a demand. All in all, another great episode.
  • Predictable.

    From the start of the episode i realises that the girl was imaginary and it turns out i was right. Sam and Dean investigate a hotel when two people mysteriously die. On arrival they final out that the hotel is going to be demolished. As the episode progresses they work out at Voodo is involved. Anyway the ghost girl wants someone to die so she can play with them forever. Sam and Dean realise that one of the girls was a ghost because when they first enter the hotel they see two girls but the mither reveals she only has one child. Now Sam and Dean have to save the girl before it is too late... Overall a very good episode, should hav been a little more scary but other than that it was enjoyable and intresting. Hope they next episode is good.
  • A haunted hotel... not an original idea but an original execution

    This episode has a great plot with both good twists and hilarious moments aswell. Supernatural is becoming more intriguing with the role reversal, Sam trying to save enough people to stop his destiny and Dean tagging along, even though he's tired of hunting.

    The old woman warding off the spirits before her stroke was quite clever, though I saw the imaginary friend coming. The dolls being used as voodoo was quite a good idea for a plot device within the haunted hotel plot that quite a few movies have done before.

    Overall, this episode is a very good one and another great continuation of the brothers' journey.
  • i loved this epiosodeasefsdkgjsfdg k i watched it twice and it still was beautiful. i even got my family to watch it and the enjoyed it very much so.

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. i thoguht this episode was very cleverly plotted and had just about everything, a good laugh, scary/ intense parts *deanness*. this episode totally satisfied me but i have like a super phobia of dolls so yeah this just mmakes me fear them more especially the one that looked like maggie URGGh. scaray. i also like it when dean was all like "ill protect you" to sam and.. sam... getting drunk???!? WHAT? ajaja. good humor and enjoyable the second time around and i also saw some key things i missed the first time around. PERFECT. two words. PERECT AND AMAZING.
  • Beware of dolls and your child's imaginary friends....

    Sam and Dean decide to stay in a Connecticut Inn that has been having some strange deaths lately. I thought it was funny how the staff thougth they were "antiquers" and therefore, gay I have a few gay friends and I don't see it. Besides, none of my gay male friends ever traveled to find antiques. (Outlet malls, however, definitely!) I knew that eventually Supernatural was going to do an episode featuring a room full of creepy dolls because there are so many horro films featuring them. I was never a "doll" person and I would visit my friends homes sometimes and I always thought that having THAT many porcelin dolls was weird.

    So the daughter has an imaginary friend who turns out to be the spirit of her grandmother's sister (Maggie). Luckily, the daughter didn't drown but the grandmother sacrificed herself so Maggie's spirit wouldn't be alone.

    Sam gets drunk in the episode and his fear of turning evil and Dean having to kill him. Even after the hangover is long gone, Dean reassures Sam that he will do whatever it takes to protect him.

    Overall, it wasn't a surprisingly creepy story to solve, but it still well done.
  • Sam and Dean investigate an Connecticut inn run by a single mother where mysterious deaths are taking place. They find evidence of Hoodoo, and try to figure out who is causing the chaos.

    Sam and Dean investigate an Connecticut inn run by a single mother where mysterious deaths are taking place. They find evidence of Hoodoo, and try to figure out who is causing the chaos. again what's with obsesses ghost kids who only think of killing?! they're just kids!!!It's not that when u're 7 u think of killing your grandma!!!

    Dean: (as Sam is leaning over the toilet) You know there's a really good hangover remedy, it's a greasy pork sandwich served up in a dirty ashtray.
    Sam: (groaning) I hate you.
    Dean: I know you do.
  • not the best of episodes but goos none the less

    this episode was not to die for but it was a good one none the less. In this episode they have investigate the murder death of some guests at a local inn hotel. I have always said that this serias has great material to last them a life time of broadcasting. Here we see how that writers gives us some clues on the posible transformation of one of the brothers into an evel human. We will have to wait and see hoy this seasson ends.
  • Dean and Sam go to a hotel that has unexpected guest exits happening.

    The whole dollhouse thing is such a clishé but still this episode manages to entertain. The "why do they always think we are gay -joke is getting tired though. There could have been some kind of an explanation about hoodoo, what it is and how it works. Now it was passed quite lightly. The doll that looked like the spirit girl was a good historical object. People used to make dolls that were the image of a child that had died. Kind of creepy that it was kept with the other dolls though. And why was there a clown in the shelf, it seemed to be there just to make the dolls look more creepy, it did not seem to be where it belonged.
  • Transitional moments

    I had very mixed feelings about playthings, but like every great show or book we need these transitional moments that allows us to see the characters reveal more of themselves and thoughts without the gut wrenching emotion that keeps us on that rollercoaster.

    Jared pulled off his ‘drunk’ scene with just the right touch, as well as Jenson, when he ‘tested’ the waters of Sam’s memory. The teasing between the two, showed how they were trying to get back on an even keel, after all they had been through, looking for that ‘healthy’ balance in their relationship which they will continue to struggle with in the future.

    The ‘sisters’ relationship appeared to have an allusion to the relationship of the Winchesters, in that ultimately, they love each other and will sacrifice for each other. It made me wonder how hard had it been on the younger sister to keep the hoodoo spell over the years going to keep her older sister away….and to follow that thought…could Dean do the same if he had to……

    Hard to imagine, but then again……
  • OMG this eppy was awesome and totally creepy and it had a hint of SAM GETTING DRUNK Woo hoo. lol anyway this was a funny emotional episode.

    First of all I really gotta say that it really was totally cool and emotional to see Sam drunk. Not even about wut they said but more just about the reason he was drunk and wut he is feeling about the secret. Then of course he made Dean promise that awful promise that he shoulkdn't have said. I mean of course Dean would never ever do that but it is just the thought that Sam would make his brother kill hoim. Actually put him through that. Then there is the creepyness of this eppy. I mean i totally think all those dolls were creepy and then there was Grama Rose and all the accidents that we dont know how they were happening. Then there was the mystery. I mena really if I chose to think I probably would have figured it out but really it took me all the way through the show who was actually doing it and how. I mean first I thought it was the girl then I thought it was grama then it turns out it was the girl. Then there is the fact that Sam and Dean didn't even need to kill this spirit which was really cool because in the end it was all good and everyone got along. Though then the shot came about the one doll that looked like the ghost in the corner. That was really wierd and creepy. But anyway I really loved this eppy and I cant wait for more. GO SN!!!!
  • Another amazing episode of Supernatural.

    In this episode, Sam and Dean's hunt involves the spirit of a girl who used to live in the house years back who had drowned. The girl, Maggie, wants the living girl, Tyler, to jump into the pool so she will drown and can join her in the afterlife. In the end, Sam and Dean save Tyler and Maggie's spirit is no longer haunting her. I thought his episode of Supernatural was amazing! It had to be one of their best ones yet! It seemed so different from the rest of their episodes, like it was the only one like it. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat and waiting breathlessly to see what happened next. And the thing with the dolls? That added so much to the episode. Definetly a 10/10.
  • A great reason to watch Supernatural as not everything is as cut as dry as it seems.

    I loved the interacts between Sam and Dean this episode. Of course for anyone, it would be hard to accept they may turn into a monster like that they had been killing most of thier life. So what does Sam do, he gets drunk!

    Not to mention weighs a bit more on Dean's shoulders that he wants him to kill him if he ever changes. It understandable why Sam would want this, he doesnt want to hurt people and its so depressing this is weighing on his future. But another person you really dont want to buckle is Dean under the weight of what he may one day have to do.

    But anyway, can I say those dolls were too creepy, old dolls and modern day dolls, something about thier eyes to me.. not to mention there were so MANY!
  • The hotel is haunted. A few people have recently died in it, so Sam and Dean go to investigate!

    The hotel is haunted. A few people have recently died in it, so Sam and Dean go to investigate! So with the huge doll house that is a model of the hotel, it shows what is going to happen to people with the dolls. Like one guy falls down the stairs with his head in a 180. And that is what happened to one of the dolls too. Dean is his usual self! :D Poking the old lady with a stick and telling Sam's secret 'love' of dolls. Also a drunk Sam! A very exciting episode! Definitely one of the best this season!
  • Creepy doll collection

    After a week of searching for Ava with no luck, the Winchesters decided to take on another case to kill time and take their minds off of Ava.

    As Kripke has already mentioned in numerous interviews, this episode is very The Shining-esque right down to the creepy little twin girls.

    I love The Shining and was really excited about this episode because it had little details of the movie incorporated into the plotlines and dialogues. My favorite scene was when Dean had that conversation about the Hotel/Inn's past with the butler down in the bar, so perfect. And Sam's doll collection, hilarious. Dean never misses a beat. I can't stand dolls so every shot of them really scared me. I was actually waiting for one of them to move... or blink.

    Sam getting drunk was out of character but well done. Jared did a surprisingly good job with that scene. The audience finally gets to see Sam lose a little bit of control and release all of that repressed anger. The brothers have been through a lot this season, but they never stop and reflect or talk about what's bothering them. So it was good to one of them finally being honest for once.
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