Season 7 Episode 14

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • One of my new favorite episodes

    Poor Sam - the same Sam who marched up to a Horseman of the Apocalypse and demanded his brother back, the same Sam who took on the most powerful incarnation of evil on the planet and won - almost has a full-frontal panic attack when terrorized by a couple of evil clowns. Remember his little clown problem? Dean actually tries to be supportive and not laugh his ass off, but you know how well Dean does supportive.

    In spite of, or maybe because of, the heartbreaking episodes, season 7 rocks! Maybe my favorite part is that this season, Sam & Dean are really acting like brothers again. After all the angels and demons spending seasons 4, 5 and part of 6 trying to tear them apart, it's so great to see them with their "us against the world" attitude back. They actually both laughed in this episode!
  • I love this episode for two reasons

    This episode was a stand alone pure fun that reminded me of the old days of Supernatural.

    It was also a bit adorable - you can't see Sam's face mentioning clowns or seeing them, or Dean's playful jokes on him without thinking of that. I loved the writing too, like how it was going back and forth from "now" to "earlier" and how Sam's fear of clowns isn't just because, and in fact it goes way back in the brother's relation.

    But.. more importantly the fact that it was care-free.. no mess between the brothers, fights, or secrets whatsoever, which is something I really miss nowadays.

    Second reason I love this episode for is that It's a good way to pause from what's going on in this season.. From the early beginnings they started potential great arc stories: the leviathans and Sam's problem but they keep dismissing them - until the end of the season apparently - and dealt with Dean's emotional problems, that's fine with me though IMO it went a bit much so unless they resolve his issue this season, this all will be meaningless.

    Back to the episode, I really liked the actress who played the manager and how the two "evel" clowns attacked Sam didn't say a word, they just kept laughing and jumping and pointing and yet managed to beat him badly (>o<<)o------(^o^)o

    Great work 2J and every one else
  • Hilarious

    This episode definitely reminded me of the first few seasons, back when they battled the weird and unexplained. I liked the fat that Sam was running away from the clowns after him. Especially, since a few episodes earlier, a hunter's daughter said he was as big as a car.
  • While eating a clown, one cannibal asks the other: Does this taste funny to you?

    Even though Supernatural is my favorite show, when an episode is sub-par, I have no problem rating it appropriately, as less-than-stellar.

    This episode was anything but.

    It was fantastic!

    It was awesome!

    It was superb!

    It was Supernaturally good.

    The action was great, but what really stole the show was the genius writing that produced non-stop banter and just plain FUN. The acting too was perfect all-around; the little nuances right on queue ... again, pretty much perfect overall. Added to the mix were a couple of gory deaths and - yup! - this was a nice reminder of the Supernatural that I grew to love in the first seasons.

    Give me more please! Just like this.

    Edit: Those that have rated it low should really re-read (and hopefully edit) your reviews and ratings. To me, while reading these low-rated reviews, it seems as though you are basing the rating on Cas and Bobby being gone, on episodes from the past, etc., etc. Note that this thread is only for THIS episode, and should be rated as such. To complain about the arc or storyline this season, do it on threads that deal specifically with that.
  • One of THE MOST HILARIOUS episodes ever!

    SO much awesome to list:

    -Exploding clown make-up title card! LOVE!

    -Sam: "We've got dick on Dick." The Dick jokes will just never get old! (Yes, I'm 12. Or at least my sense of humor is.)

    -Dean: "Octovamp? Vamptopus?" Sam: "That's crazy even for us."

    -Sam: "I thought you'd sworn off hot chicks." Dean: "We don't know she's hot." Well, that didn't last long, Dean. Let's see how long you stay sworn off the booze.


    -ICYMI: UNICORN!!!!!!!!!! (Come on, a unicorn is worth more than one bullet point on the List of Awesome! In fact, it should have its own List of Awesome!)

    -I didn't think it could get any more awesome than a unicorn, then there was the *tink* off the horn and the Farting of Rainbows. I not only laughed my head off, I was also clapping my hands in gleeful delight. (This may have occurred more than once during this episode. Like maybe many, many times.)

    -Farting of Rainbows, people! How often do you see Farting of Rainbows on television?

    -Sam's Many Expressions of Fear at the prospect of facing clowns were indeed awesome.

    -I loved that Dean called him "Sammy" when he realizes why his baby brother is freaking out. You can just see him going into big brother mode, simultaneously protective and relishing the opportunity for teasing.

    -Just when you think they can't possibly come up with an entirely new and original way to gank someone, they give you a shark in a ball pit. Their homicidal creativity knows no bounds.

    -Sam: "The ball washer" Dean: "The what?" Sam: "The ball washer" Dean: "The what?" Sam: "The[huff of annoyance at being made to repeat 'ball washer' for Dean's juvenile amusement.]"

    -Dean: "Vamptopus, Seabiscuit the Impaler, Land Shark. Seriously, what next?"

    -How about a Giant Killer Robot with Laser Eyes?

    -Throw Dean into a kid's paradise, and what do you get? A Dean-sized kid. It's always fun to see Dean channeling his inner five-year-old, and watching his face light up at the sight of a giant slinky will never get old. Much like Dean's inner five-year-old.

    -Dean chasing and tackling a plushie and trying to catch a lion by the tail. I think there's nothing in this episode that wasn't funny!

    -RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW! Even the time stamps were hilarious. (By the way, Right Friggin Now and #ClownsKill trended worldwide on Twitter during the ep, even making it to first place.)

    -I was both laughing and cowering while Sam was being attacked by clowns. It was creepy as hell, but also hilarious the way sparkles kept flying like confetti!

    -Dean: "You look like you were attacked by strippers on PCP."

    -It was really good to hear Dean laugh again. And it looked like Sam felt the same way, because he was about to protest his brother's teasing, then he just looked at his brother laughing and smiled. And even fueled more laughter by sharing that he had been sprayed by the clown's lapel flower.

    -Dean: "I'm sorry for psychologically scarring you." Sam: "Which time?"

    -And Dean finally got his giant slinky! (Sam, if only you were as good at procuring pie as you are at giant slinkies.)

    -And Dean can just not let up with the big brotherly teasing. "Think of it as a clown phobia sobriety chip."

    -Speaking of sobriety chips, Dean stayed sworn off the booze for the whole episode! Good for you, Dean!

    -ARRKGH! The creepy clown doll winked at me!!!
  • This episode tickled my funny bone from beginning to end!

    It is hard to make me laugh out loud, and few TV shows manage the feat. Supernatural takes the prize for making me burst out laughing, at times so hard I have spilled my drink. I just love the wacky, irreverent humour. No other show gives me unicorns shooting rainbows out of its ass, or suicidal porn-addicted giant teddy bears, or Sam the Knightrider car. There are so many examples of how they have pushed humour to incredible limits, and yet made it all believable in the Supernatural world.

    And I just love that they fill every nook and cranny with humour. Every aspect of an episode like this is pumped full of colour and comedy, from the multicolour glitter goo of the title card, to the tiki-themed motel room, to the 24-style countdown and the "Right Friggin' Now, to the recreation of the iconic Jaws scene in a ball pit with a land shark, to the 70s cop show music during the foot chase with the lion mascot. From set dcor to sound track, they pay attention to every detail to make it all as fun as possible. And man, was it fun!

    A big part of the comedy in this episode was watching fearless 6-foot-5, 220-pound Sam in varied states of anxiety, fear and terror as he dealt with his phobia of clowns. (And that's the thing about phobias, they are completely irrational and overpowering and can turn even the bravest and toughest into quivering puddles of anguish.) Jared's myriad facial expressions here are a sight to see, he has really stepped it up on the comedy front, and those mobile facial muscles are his biggest asset.

    For his part, Jensen excels at physical comedy and comedic timing. He tends to use his whole physicality. My favourite example is what I dubbed the "full-body WTF" in What Is and What Should Never Be, after he wakes up back in Lawrence next to a girlfriend he has no memory of. As soon as she turns her back, he wildly looks around and his whole body staggers. There's another example in this episode, when he sees Sam covered in glitter and he does this full-body laugh.

    I also have to single out the writing of this episode. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin really hit it out of the park, they wrote a funny, wacky episode to rival Ben Edlund at his very best.

  • Good Episode

    I thought it was a great episode, about art that comes to life. Turns out whenever kids draw their worst fear on paper becomes alive. I love the comedy in this episode I thought it was well done, and the chemistry between the two brother is just amazing like always. Even though it was a filler I enjoy watching it, thing about supernatural they can make fillers and it will still be good. Well done episode a definitely must watch.
  • filler

    First and foremost I am a supernatural fan and I always will be. However I cannot continue to say that it is great. I love supernatural however season 7 episodes 1 and 2 and even 10 were great episodes. However the rest of the season has just been nothing but filler episodes. Castiel dead was a big hit to the show and even doe it is about Sam and dean, castiel became part of that their family so it was just a big hit when he died. Bobby dead or maybe not dead took a hit as well .I have never been bored with supernatural but season 7 I am very bored for the first time ever. Nothing but filler episodes. However I am very hopeful about the remaining episodes I am just annoyed because I know every episodes for sure from episode 16 onwards will be excellent but then it ends on episode 22 which will be 7 excellent episodes out of 22?
  • A filler. Really!!! IDJITS...

    This episode was a perfect example of a filler. But a filler in Season 7; that too after bobby and caz were killed off!!! I have only one thing to say to the directors: guys show us some real shit that supernatural is famous for........

    PS: I miss bobby.
  • Refreshing..

    It's not the best episode, but it's a decent one. The method of storytelling is refreshing and I find it oddly entertaining as usual. Many say Supernatural has lost its way in this season. But you don't know that. I say it's important to be patient because the end is probably the most rewarding. Stop being critical and sarcastic. Sit down, relax and enjoy the show which has a genre like no other!
  • Fantastic

    Felt like an earlier episode.... always loved the Monster of the Week episodes. I'm looking forward to the long awaiting return of demons next week too...... I'm missing the Impala though (and of course Caz and Bobby).
  • Send in the Clowns: Or Not

    This week Sam and Dean must deal with kid's worst fears coming to life and wreaking havoc and murder upon their parents. Death by giant squid and unicorns are on the menu. The trail leads them to Pluck Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, a blatant comment on Chuck-E-Cheese like establishments and their really sucking at existing-ness. When they suspect employees of doing it Sam plays bad cop and in the funniest part of the episode they chase down an employee in a lion costume after they say that they know he did it and it turns out he thought they were talking about something else entirely. The whole sequence of Sam fighting off two clowns was played up and unfunny except for the bleeding glitter, however I found the 24-esque time sequence countdown rather enjoyable. They save the day and one of the employees blamed his parents for letting his brother drown when he was a kid so he naturally, and psychotically connected that with granting parents temporary anger at their parents into a homicidal clue of total guilt and parental negligence, but he drowns so it's cool. The clowns just inexplicably disperse as a plot hole, since Sam's stuff was already put in to the fire. Yes they killed the practitioner of the spell but the magic itself should've stayed intact, something that the writers just saw fit to gloss over. Recycling fears from old episodes is kinda lazy but Dean's comment of being an observer of the employees while there in "A guy in his 30's hanging out at Plucky's, that's not pervy at all." A lazy episode really but it'll hopefully lead up to something better next week.
  • Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

    Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching as Sam was confronted with a childhood fear, Dean helps a young kid see his mother in a different way, and some serious magic was being used. The story was creepy, poetic and just an all around great take on the subject matter, Supernatural style. The characters were perfect, the scary scenes were scary, and the end was funny. I look forward to watching the next episode of Supernatural!!!!!!!!!
  • Stop the filling please

    This is by far the worsed episode in this season, this entire season is bad enough as it is, the leviathan arc, which is already weird and unexplained needs to progress faster, we were left with bobby's death as a mid season break, which was good to wait for, but the episodes following that, sucked, period. not only had they already done a clown one in season 2, this one was yet another hoodoo priest doing things for selfish reasons. please move on with the leviathan arc in my opinion, explain more of the leviathans in the fillers instead of conjuring an unicorn with rainbow stuff coming out of it's but, move toward the story of the leviathans and stay away of filling the season with season 1+2 like episodes, which were independent like shows, now that they've given it a twist and put in a descent story line since season 3, either stick to that and progress accordingly in your season, or go back to the way it was in season one: there is a plot in here somewhere, but only god knows where i put it.
  • go back to season 2!

    seeing for the 2nd time the eps until it was good, but the laugh of the clown (and his wink that neither had seen) was scary. But as everything has its supernatural explanation, now we know why Sam is so afraid of clowns. The monster of the week had nothing else, but we did move us to first seasons so when you had monsters and more monsters and nothing else. See more relaxed dean was good because not only lives a man of sorrow. Given this episode left me so nostalgic now wait for the return of these demons pq rather scary.
  • A feel-good ep harkening back to earlier seasons

    All in all this ep was thoroughly enjoyable. The brother banter and wit was really well done! The storyline meh, but the reasons to watch this ep are many and myriad.

    There's a lot of fun here that goes all the way back to season 2, with the Unicorn, Sam's Clown phobia, and lots of fun visuals (the ball pit) etc.

    All in all it was a nice little vacation from the weight of the majority of this season and I'm not typically one who enjoys the so-called humorous eps. I did however get a couple giggles here and there.

    I also really liked that Dean acknowledged last week's 'demon seed' ep and is taking a hiatus from bars, booze and bimbo's. Nice.

    As usual, thanks to Kast and Krew for their hard work on our behalf.

    And as always, special love to Jensen and Jared for their hard work. Thanks boys.

    Oh - Edited to add: it WAS great to hear Dean laugh and watch Sam enjoy it! That's Brotherly Awesomness, and that's what makes this show everything it is!
  • Oh uh, errr, huh! wheres the money?

    This episode was... well it was... ok it sucked except for the clown parts. Did anyone notice a major budget drop for this episode. The entire episode, practically takes place at plucky's pennywhistles. Notice how pennywhistles is only one small room with a few people standing around and only 1 skeeball maching with one lane. Not just that but the unicorn which had rainbows coming out of its butt, looked like a 2 year old animated it. And we only see the unicorn because everything else was absurd and the budget couldnt take it. While watching this episode I felt cramped, clausterphobic, and the episode felt cheap and i just couldnt get into it. Also, not much interaction between the characters.
  • great to see the boys back....if only for a short a while!

    This episode def reminded me the good ole days! it was great to see Dean genuinley laughing again and I think Sam felt the same way. Sam was hileraeous with his fear of clowns. Both Jensen and Jared did an awesome job and you can tell that they had fun. Bringing up past episodes with the unicorn and clowns was just an added bonus. I also liked that the foreshadowing of Sams condition seemed subtley long with he be able to put up his front? AWESOME Episode! A good much needed laugh!
  • Like the good ol' days

    Totally for the fans! it's fun to see the cast and crew have fun.. little jokes about rainbows out of unicorn butts and the toy clown wink. Best of all, dean's amazement over the giant slinky. Great episode!!
  • awesome about clowns

    wow tonights episode was funny . sam facing his fear of clowns fantastic job to cast and crwe of the show. can't wait for next weeks episode go supernatural u rock as always.