Season 7 Episode 14

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • One of THE MOST HILARIOUS episodes ever!

    SO much awesome to list:

    -Exploding clown make-up title card! LOVE!

    -Sam: "We've got dick on Dick." The Dick jokes will just never get old! (Yes, I'm 12. Or at least my sense of humor is.)

    -Dean: "Octovamp? Vamptopus?" Sam: "That's crazy even for us."

    -Sam: "I thought you'd sworn off hot chicks." Dean: "We don't know she's hot." Well, that didn't last long, Dean. Let's see how long you stay sworn off the booze.


    -ICYMI: UNICORN!!!!!!!!!! (Come on, a unicorn is worth more than one bullet point on the List of Awesome! In fact, it should have its own List of Awesome!)

    -I didn't think it could get any more awesome than a unicorn, then there was the *tink* off the horn and the Farting of Rainbows. I not only laughed my head off, I was also clapping my hands in gleeful delight. (This may have occurred more than once during this episode. Like maybe many, many times.)

    -Farting of Rainbows, people! How often do you see Farting of Rainbows on television?

    -Sam's Many Expressions of Fear at the prospect of facing clowns were indeed awesome.

    -I loved that Dean called him "Sammy" when he realizes why his baby brother is freaking out. You can just see him going into big brother mode, simultaneously protective and relishing the opportunity for teasing.

    -Just when you think they can't possibly come up with an entirely new and original way to gank someone, they give you a shark in a ball pit. Their homicidal creativity knows no bounds.

    -Sam: "The ball washer" Dean: "The what?" Sam: "The ball washer" Dean: "The what?" Sam: "The[huff of annoyance at being made to repeat 'ball washer' for Dean's juvenile amusement.]"

    -Dean: "Vamptopus, Seabiscuit the Impaler, Land Shark. Seriously, what next?"

    -How about a Giant Killer Robot with Laser Eyes?

    -Throw Dean into a kid's paradise, and what do you get? A Dean-sized kid. It's always fun to see Dean channeling his inner five-year-old, and watching his face light up at the sight of a giant slinky will never get old. Much like Dean's inner five-year-old.

    -Dean chasing and tackling a plushie and trying to catch a lion by the tail. I think there's nothing in this episode that wasn't funny!

    -RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW! Even the time stamps were hilarious. (By the way, Right Friggin Now and #ClownsKill trended worldwide on Twitter during the ep, even making it to first place.)

    -I was both laughing and cowering while Sam was being attacked by clowns. It was creepy as hell, but also hilarious the way sparkles kept flying like confetti!

    -Dean: "You look like you were attacked by strippers on PCP."

    -It was really good to hear Dean laugh again. And it looked like Sam felt the same way, because he was about to protest his brother's teasing, then he just looked at his brother laughing and smiled. And even fueled more laughter by sharing that he had been sprayed by the clown's lapel flower.

    -Dean: "I'm sorry for psychologically scarring you." Sam: "Which time?"

    -And Dean finally got his giant slinky! (Sam, if only you were as good at procuring pie as you are at giant slinkies.)

    -And Dean can just not let up with the big brotherly teasing. "Think of it as a clown phobia sobriety chip."

    -Speaking of sobriety chips, Dean stayed sworn off the booze for the whole episode! Good for you, Dean!

    -ARRKGH! The creepy clown doll winked at me!!!
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