Season 5 Episode 18

Point of No Return

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2010 on The CW

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  • Just had to give this episode a Ten!!!

    Sad to see Zach gone, but ecstatic to see Dean back to his Normal self again!!! Hooray!
    Would have liked to see Michael kill off Zach though, that would have been wonderfully horrific!!!!! We finally get to see some action between Cas and Dean too. It's about time those two got talking! Any episode with Cas in it makes me burst out laughing...he's just too hilarious~~~~~

    The Lack of Michael appearances is also a Pain in the Ass, since there is only three episodes left of the final season of this apocalyptic battle, we expect to see some Michael action and just to see what he is up to....but once again...I had too much expectations! Can't blame them though - this is a low budget I understand the problems they are facing, so with that in mind, they've done the best they could. It's frustrating, but I trust that the Final two episodes will blow our minds away! Hopefully~