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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on The CW

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  • The Winchesters must deal with a dangerous spirit bound to an old family portrait that brings misfortune and death to anyone who buys it.

    The Winchesters must deal with a dangerous spirit bound to an old family portrait that brings misfortune and death to anyone who buys it. This was my favorite episode of the season and series so far. The female counterpart in this episode was the best that we have seen and hopefully she will come up in a future episode. I can see that going different ways. The storyline itself was very good and I thought the ending was a fantastic representation of a "twist". I never saw that coming and was really surprised at how good the writing was. Sam had some deep moments with Sarah and the banter between Dean and Sam aout it was funny and didn't take away from the episode!
  • A picture can say a hell of a lot more than words

    I really, really liked Sarah! It's a pity that we never get to see these women again…she definitely had spunk!Moving right on, the twist that it's the daughter who is dealing out those close, close shaves is a good one. I also loved the brothers' motel room, certainly a change from the norm (great music, too!). As you can probably tell, I'm finding it difficult to point out the goods of the episode overall. That's 'cos it's Supernatural on auto-pilot, simple as. It's watchable, but not very memorable. Dean enjoys one night stands, while Sammy wines and dines, that's the meat of this episode.
  • Freeeeaaaakkkyyyy!

    This episode gives the Bloody Mary one a run for its money. The fast movements of that little murdering girl, it's like those pop up ghost movies your friends trick you into watching that jump out at you. Not to mention she's a little pale girl; pale little girls are always scary as hell. The best ghost case in a while, but that isn't even the highlight of this episode. The relationship between Sarah and Sam was a grammy winning awardee. Okay maybe not THAT good, but the execution of it was just absolutely brilliant. Here we have Sam who has bottled up his affection towards other women because of what happened to his mother and Jessica, and then slowly Sarah chips away at his shell. Great acting, great pacing, great story and character development, there is just too much to love about this episode.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural sam and dean must go and investgate this supposivly family portrait that is causing people to die or anyone who buys it it has alot of death around it or involed with it and sam and dean must stop it before its to late or more people will end up dead . thsi was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting and it was centerd around sam instead of dean and it had its funnyness like any other supernatural ep and tha is why i gave it a 9 instead of anything lower
  • Sam gets hit with furniture again.

    I really liked Sarah. I also liked how this ep was centered on Sam instead of Dean, that was a plus. I gave it an 8 basically beacuse it wasn't all that memorable even though it had some good comedy in it. Thats one of the creepiest ghosts i've ever seen. Kid ghosts creep me out.The haunted portrait thing was definetly a change from other eps ive seen and i think thats a good thing. It needs variety. One thing i don't like is that we'll never see sarah again. i think she was perfect for sam and even dean thought so.
  • A good, scaring, Sam-centered episode.

    Masterfully and atmospherically directed by Philip Sgriccia, "Provenance" is one of those Monster of the Week episodes that, in this masterpiece of a show, are usually synonyms with an in-depth character study and development. If the whole haunted painting plot is entertaining but certainly not ground-breaking or original, the script manages to add yet another layer to Sam, showing his tender face and eventually challenging him both with the memory of Jessica and his fear of being cursed. Sarah Blake, perfectly portrayed by Taylor Cole, is just the perfect romantic interest (let alone often sarcastic sidekick) for Sam: strong, confident and yet frail and wounded, but motivated enough to pursue Sam, who shied away from her due to his still alive feelings for Jessica and for fear that Sarah could get hurt, like Jessica did.

    All in all, a good episode with a great supporting cast, a clever script highlighting Sam's struggling self and Dean's most tender, ironic side, heightened by a powerful direction, a spell-binding cinematography and... (the perfect icing on the cake) the Disco Motel!
  • Dean tries to "pimp" Sam to this girl he likes … the banter was hilarious. And we got one of the creepiest ghosts ever.

    An emotional episode for Sam, he really liked Sarah but he didn't want to get close to her, the poor guy feels like if he ever gets close to someone they'll end up dead, just like Jessica. He misses her, you can see it in his eyes when Sarah asked why he wasn't dating anyone, he didn't have to tell her the story, he just thought about it and it got him all worked up. It's amazing how this guy can tell you so much about himself without saying a single word! Again, no matter how many times I praise these wonderful young actors it's not enough, they're brilliant.

    Sarah on the other hand was very … uh, so … I hated her! Don't know why, I just didn't like the way she was played, I mean theoretically the girl was supposed to be sweet but still energetic and bold, but she came off really annoying and insignificant … just blah! I do think Sam needed a love interest at this point but she wasn't a good match, and I think it's the actress' fault, not the character itself.

    A lot of good brotherly moments sparked from this potential love interest, it was funny and sweet, the way Dean was trying to "hook him up" with Sarah and encouraging him to make his move. He did eventually … not that I approve, but I guess it's the American way of life.

    Our MotW was the ghost of a little girl who murdered her entire family, was adopted, then murdered her adoptive family by giving them "Colombian neckties"! It can't get any creepier than that. One of the best MotW the writers could come up with, she's even on my top 10 list.
  • Not disaapointed

    Dean and Sam read on the newspaper about a young couple slashed in New York and they decide to investigate. They disclose that the victims have just bought an antique painting of 1910 in a beneficent auction and when they check its provenance, they find that three other families that owned the painting had been killed in the past. Further, the head of the family had murdered his wife, sons and stepdaughter with a razor blade. When the painting is sold to a local and she is also murdered, Sam and Dean with the support of the daughter of the auctioneer, Sarah Blake, disclose the truth about the killer.

    "Provenance" is another great episode of Supernatural. The creepy and gore story finally shows a romance of Sam with a girl, and the killer is really scary
  • Sam and Dean encounter one of the creepiest ghosts ever as Dean's harasses Sam about his lack of fun.

    There is so much great about this episode it is hard to know where to start. The main plotline follows a haunted painting. While investigating the painting the brothers meet Sarah, who is one of the best characters to appear in only one episode. She is funny, intelligent, compassionate and brave. She and Sam develop a rapport, but Sam is still gun shy after losing Jessica. When he tells her that people around him get hurt, she tells him he is sweet but "archaic" because she could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Too true and a great way to put Sammy's angst into perspective.

    Even Dean liked Sarah saying at one point, "Marry her" when she tells Sam she is scared but going to help them out anyway. Dean is trying to get Sam to move on a little and integrate some fun into his life. His antics in this episode are pretty funny.

    The ghost is excessively creepy, but I don't want to say too much about it. Sarah helps them figure out how to destroy the ghost, which is another huge point in her favor. I know that this won't happen, but it would be great to see her again in a future episode. This is another great installment in the series.
  • Sam and Dean investigate deaths connected to a painting, which is haunted by the creepiest ghost in the history of ever.

    Seriously, the ghost in this episode? Six thousand kinds of creepy. Yeesh. And episode itself is one of those rare Supernatural installments that actually shows some gore instead of cutting coyly (and wisely) away.

    But again, this is one of those episodes that would be nothing without the brothers doing their thing. Because Dean in this is an awesome, awesome big brother, being an obnoxious boor at the party and then teasing Sam and pushing him to go after Sarah, and underneath all the sly innuendos and overt 'hey go get laid' comments is this wonderfully gentle concern for his little brother and the worry that he isn't moving on with his life.

    And Saaam. I love when Sam's around girls. He gets all big and awkward until he actually goes for the kill, and then he just engulfs them with those huge hands of his and kisses and... yeah, I need a moment...

    Anyway. Sarah is wonderful. I really enjoyed her, and she brought Sam's snark out to play which is always a wondrous thing to behold.

    The scene where the boys are breaking in to steal the painting is just incredibly done - shades of season 2 episodes in this one. The music is a perfect accompaniment to one of the best-shot, best-directed, best-blocked scenes in the entire season. That's my show, baby. Everyone knows what they're doing, and they do it DAMN well.
  • The Boys track a haunted painting and Sam discovers, if not "twue wuv," an opportunity to progress after Jess's death.

    When creating believably flawed characters, there's always a line that has to be finely tread between allowing characters to make mistakes and making the audience think that they are stupid. "Provenance" stayed on the good side of that line, but I did find it rather entertaining that the Boys, who will go to such lengths as to dress up as Homeland Security, security guards, FBI, etc. etc., are incapable of dressing up for a high class auction. Funny – and the opportunity for bravado was entertaining in and of itself. (On the humorous front – I also liked the Kripke reference on the license plate.)

    The awkwardness in this episode was also nice. It captured the insecurity inherent to Sam first dating following Jess's death – it also emphasizes how out of character it is when Sam starts in with the porn, but I'm not going to get into that here. Especially not, because Sarah's character was strong enough to make up for the ridiculous objectification of women that filled the first scenes of the Boys' airtime.

    Sarah. If any of the victims from season one were to become hunters, Sarah would be that person. It is completely illogical to me to think that the guest stars can just go on with their lives – can just, after going through all that they have, simply close the door to the outside door and lean against it in hopelessness until Sam pulls it back open. I mean that with all of the literal and figurative meanings you can draw from it. I can't believe that there is no guest star who refuses to become at the very least an "armchair hunter" – maybe not traveling across the continental US like the Boys, but looking out for strange occurrences, etc.

    And now for something completely different. Thematically, I thought it was interesting that the episode dealing with the repression of impulses and Sam releasing himself from such repression pits the Boys fighting against el que no es humano in picture form. Picture of Dorian Grey, anyone? ...not that I really expect a nineteenth-century novella to really be in the forefront of anyone's mind as a direct allusion. I would rather posit that there was some subconscious inkling in Kripke's head when writing "Provenance," or some thought upon pictures reflecting the true thoughts of people (I have a picture of my great-great-grandmother scowling at the photographer – an Irish immigrant, she was sure her soul was going to be captured by the apparatus. What a sweety). Speaking of scary pictures – check out the "Inside the Legend" section at for "Provenance." The tale of the eBay haunted picture, "The Hands Resist Him," if you just allow yourself some suspension of disbelief, can be deliciously creepy. And then you say "nah, can't be" and go back into the real world where el que no es humano stays where you can turn off the images when you don't like it.
  • Absolutely perfect! It is so great! A really good story with some great spin and surprises and wonderful visual effects...

    What a good episode! It has all that a episode should have!

    The camera job is great, they did a lot of exiting scenes and memorables ones (The final vanquish, the scene when we see the reflection in the glasses, etc...) The photography was dark trough all the episode, anyway Supernatural always shows dark photography to make us not forget that we are seeing a terror show!

    The two stories in the episode are fantastic (The painting in one side, Sam pain in another side): The whole painting story was so original! I loved it. The story itself is great, it has a quick theme and make us don't get bored. Besides it has some special things, like the little "surprise" at the end when we saw who is the one (I don't wanna tell too much, in case someone has not seen it yet) The idea of the doll with the hair was very original aswell! The whole story is well connected, so it is a very good episode since the beginning to the end! In the other hand, Sam story was great aswell. I know that is logical what he feels so it is good dedicate a episode to that fact, and show Sam with a great girl like this one.

    I have to talk especially of the visual effects in the episode! This episode has some great effects (I loved when the painting was burning and turning to normal in the other side, and the final effect when some flash of lights out of the painting)

    To finish... The scene when Dean talk with Sam about Jess was so touching. It had this family touch that make those scenes great! And the final scene was beutiful, they really look like brothers! So, this episode has a 10 in the ranking! The story has no boring times, we have a lot of original stuff and some great suprises in the story. The camera was good too. So this is a great episode.
  • Sam goes on a date finally! What a great episode!

    A series of murders occur, and they are all linked to this one painting. But since the murders are all so spread apart, no one bothered to look for a connection. Except for Sam and Dean of course! Posing as art dealers with Connors Ltd. They find out as much as they can about this one painting. While working the job, Sam meets up with a girl named Sarah Blake. A nice girl, who wants to help work with them, to find out why this creepy painting is doing all these killings. They go on a date, and Sarah really begins to like Sam. Sam however thinks that if they get too close that something will happen to her. Like it has with other women involved with him. He is scared that she will be killed also. With no time to think about it thoroughly, Sam and Dean, put things straight with the painting, and leave town. Sarah understands, and lets them go their own way. I really like Provenance! I cannot exactly explain why. Maybe it is because it is quite scary (which I LOVE). Or maybe it is because Sam has a thing with a girl…
    That is probably it! It is good for Sam to get involved with somebody once in a while.
  • A painting that comes to life and kills people who buy it

    The episode begins with a couple who have bought a creepy painting and hang it on the wall. The woman goes to bed but the razor blade is missing from the painting and the wman gets her throat slashed. When the husband finds his wife has been murdered he sees someone and gets killed. Dean and Sam go to an art auction in order to find more Sam meets sara and she is interested in him. Sam and Dean break into the building at night and destroys the painting but somehow the painting has recreated itself. A woman buys the painting but gets the razor blade to the neck. Sam and Dean find out that it is the little girl who has been killing everyone and destroy her by burning her hair that is in the moseleum. Sam kisses Sara at the end of the episode.
  • lovely!! finally sammy gets the girl... jejeje

    Pilot Wendigo Hook Man Dead In The Water Phantom Traveler Bloody Mary Skin Bugs The Journey Home Asylum Faith Scarecrow Route 666 Nightmare The Benders Shadow Hell House Something Wicked Provenance Dead Man's Blood Salvation Devil's Trap In My Time of Dying Everybody Loves a Clown Bloodlust Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Simon Said No Exit The Usual Suspects Crossroad Blues Croatoan Hunted Playthings Night Shifter Houses of the Holy Born Under A Bad Sign Tall Tales Roadkill Heart Hollywood Babylon Folsom Prison Blues What Is and What Should Never Be A young couple is murdered in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait circa 1910. Upon reviewing the painting's provenance, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learn that everyone who has ever bought the painting has been murdered and race to discover how the portrait is causing the deaths before it can claim its next victim. The episode was written by David Ehrman and directed by Phil Sgriccia.
  • Super episode the kid would have scared the crap out of me too.

    Another good episode of course can we
    expect less. I caught the mistake as well
    when sam and dean were looking at the picture
    and jensen called sam jared I have to admit
    didn't catch it at first until i read the
    trivia's I had to watch it again and then
    i listened I don't know why I did't catch it the first time I guess i was so in to it to notice. Finally sam got the girl she was
    very pretty and sweet just like him sweet that is. I loved the way dean asked the champagne from
    her father that funny and the way he sniffed it and raised his eyebrows god he's so cute.
  • The Winchesters must deal with a dangerous spirit bound to an old family portrait that brings misfortune and death to anyone who buys it.

    The Winchesters must deal with a dangerous spirit bound to an old family portrait that brings misfortune and death to anyone who buys it.

    ok what is it with ghost kids and killing?! i'm not gonna write a real review but i'll just add my fav quotes!!

    Dean: (mumbling to himself) I'm the one who burned the doll and destroyed the spirit, but don't thank me or anything! Sam: Alright, so I think I got something.
    Dean: Oh yeah, me too. I think we need to take a little shore leave, just a little, what do you think, huh? I'm so in the door with this one.
    Sam: So what are we today, Dean? Are we rock stars, Army Rangers?
    Dean: We're L.A. TV scouts looking for people with special skills. I mean, hey, it's not that far off, huh? Sam: What kind of house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks Sarah: So this is what you guys do for a living?
    Sam: Not exactly. We don't get paid.
  • awwwwe Sam finally gets the girl!!!

    I like this episode is was scare funny and every thing i love about this show
    K so theres this cursed picture that keeps killing ppl Sam meats a girl that he takes an interest in and Dean well Dean is having fun setting them up.
    but every thing gose rong when they thought that they had distroyed the painting but apperently not and it comes close to killing sam and the girl he likes but of course Dean comes tothe rescue and saves them.
    My favorite part of the show was when they were getting ready to go Dean is heading towareds the car and sam is saying good-bye to the girl when he suddenly kisses her and he is like smilling and the girl is smilling and Dean says to himself "thats my boy" as he too is also smilling omg soooooooo sweet and cute!! extra browny points for that one boys!!!
  • one of my favourite episodes !!!!!!!

    in "provenance" , sam and dean investigate the murders of a married couple who were found with their throats slashed , and they discover that their murders are linked with a mysterious , creepy old painting of a victorian-age family . this was one of the best episodes of the series in my opinion . there was a great twist in the end , the acting and storylines were both absoloutly superb , and you just couldn't tear your eyes away from the screen until it was over . you were given forty five minutes that were full of suspense , laughs , and a little bit of romance as well . overall , brilliant .
  • fianlly sammy kisses another girl!

    loved this episode.. but what episode dont i love? love supernatural full stop. I liked how sam finally kissde abnother girl and dean was all smart arse about it and all. And i loved when dean walked off and left sam and sarah together then when he was out of hearing he was mumbling on about how he killed it and saved their lives but no, he doesnt get a thank you lol. i didnt find this episode as scary but thats okay coz all of the other episoded makes up for it. Except at the end, that was pretty scary. i seriously jumpde when sarah looked up and that little girl was there.. didnt expect that lol.
  • Love for Sammy...throw in a ghost and it's all good...

    Wow a haunted painting really is a good idea. That was pretty cool how everyone thought it was the dad and yet it turned out to be the little girl who evidently murdered her whole family. Sad. And also.... LoVe FoR sAmMy!!!!! Yaaaa. But how could be let her go. She was sorta excepting what they do and he lets her go, just because he's afraid she will get hurt and he will lose her. But very funny how Dean was all happy his little bro finally found someone and Sammy was all shy. Also it was pretty cool how a twist was added because all the bodies were cremated and they had to find out how to kill the spirit. And Sammy was trapped in a house with an angry spirit and a girl who he likes and doesn't want to get hurt. Very sweet. A great episode with the regular mixed with a little romance.
  • Out of character for Sammy!

    Omg this episode was like wiked awesome!!
    One Sam had some of the best lines and THE best freakout I have ever seen on television!
    "What kind of a house has no salt? Low sodium freaks!" And Then there was the freakout! He sees that the painting has been restored after him and Dean burnt it he almost jumps out of his skin and goes "oh my god!" Sarah was like WTF?! For once Dean didn't get the girl! I was like Yes!! Dean walked away at the end hanging his head...And then the Make Out session! I was like Sam you turn around and go back and kiss that girl right now! lol and He listened to me! Yes!! Sam should actually take Deans advice on Sarah! "Dude marry that girl!!" mhm!! And then that little girl from the painting was like the second creepiest girl I've ever seen! And the first one was Missy from the episode "The Benders" *gets a chill* I actually screamed when Sam turned around and the little girl was right there with that razor!! *gets another chill.*
    So the little spirit biaotch was behind it the whole time! She killed her birth parents then her adoptive parents then herself! Some people are just born with evil that little boy in that one Angel episode that they thought was posessed...
    Then there but the makeout scene with Sam and Sarah! I cheered! lol He deserves a girl! Dean had someone but he let her down...And didn't tell her the truth...Girls need the truth Dean or you lose us...Sam on the other hand thought Jessica wasn't ready but he would have told her eventually. Sam needs someone besides his bro right now and i dont mean his dad!...I hope Sam goes to see Sarah again...That would be awesome!
    A good idea for an ep would be to have Sam have a vision of Sarah in danger or something like that and have him and Dean go save her...The heck with their dad! Maybe something like what happened in the episode "Home" But while Sarah's on vacation in like Salem, Mass or Rhode Island (with the Exeter vamps) or something like that and Sam will see the name of the hotel she's staying at and go rescue her...Romantic for Sam mmm! Dean romance just gets gross after awhile...that sex scene with Cassie in "Route 666" was just ew... Dean needs to think with his upstairs brain more often... I like a guy who tries not to be gross...
    This episode is a must watch try!! Or buy the DVD's September 5th! yay!! Hurry though the next season starts September 28th!
  • This episode has it all--a ghost, murder and mayhem, and romance.

    I fell in love with this series a few months ago when I happened upon it while flipping channels. I've been riveted since even though it scares me out of my mind at times. All the episodes I've seen so far have been well-done and snappy but I was inspired to write a review because I loved the fact that we got to see some romance for Sam who is still trying to recover from Jessica's murder.

    The chemistry between Sam and Sarah (played by Taylor Cole) felt real and very sweet and I loved the ending. I also enjoyed the fact that Sarah was vulnerable but spunky--really a perfect girl mate for two brothers in a sometimes terrifying line of work.

    I also related completely to what Sarah said about being in a warm cozy cocoon following her mother's death--that she had closed herself off from feeling and from other people because she was hurting so much and how she felt moved to live again because of her attraction to Sam. I lost both my mother and sister a few years ago and Sarah's words moved me tremendously.

    The whole plot of a haunted painting surrounded by mystery and murder was bone chilling and the ending was an absolute surprise to me. As usual, I love how the brothers combine research with charm, instinct and good old fashioned detective work. I always learn something watching this show even when I'm watching with one eye peeping out from behind a pillow.

    I've already got my order in with for the season one DVD and I plan to watch and re-watch every episode. I highly recommend it to anyone with a taste for the terrifying as well as two totally yummy guys.
  • Wow!! Very Creepy!

    So a couple buys a picture of a family, there are going locking up the house and going to bed. Then you see the picture of the dad move. Then there is a shadow going up the stairs. To where the woman is. Then there is gore!
    Wow! This episode is way good and very desturbingly creepy. There are funny parts in it too!! A great episode! WOW!
  • Scaaary!

    Sam is turning into such a girl! God! He just whines and whines, Jesus!
    The episode was actually pretty good. The ghost was scary as hell, the chick was hot and I mean HOT! There was even a bit of gore, which is always nice.
    One of my favourite episodes of the season. It’s just a shame Sam was the centre of the story. His character is getting boring, preachy and just plain uninteresting. If it wasn’t for Dean, the show would be a mess. Now Dean is a smooth guy! I like it! He's fun! He's a player. He's cool. Sam... is just dull! Bah
  • One of the creepiest episodes of the season.

    Evil kids are the creepiest and the little girl in this episode is enough to give anyone nightmares. For the large part of this episode you think the father is the killer. He's the one you see moving in the painting and he is as scary looking as can be. When the brothers realize who the real killer is it's even creepier. The scary little girl with the doll is enough to put anyone of having a child. It's nice to see Dean concerned with Sam's broken heart. The show ends on a good note with Sam giving Sarah a hot goodbye kiss.
  • I really liked this episode.

    I watched for the first time last night and I thought this episode was hilarious, yet very creepy. I hate demonic kids and that little girl is at the top of the creepy list. I am also glad that Sam found some one after the whole Jessica thing, he deserved some one new. I just wish Dean could do the same, other than Cassie... her character annoyed me. Anywho, the storyline didn't disappoint, when I read the premise I was a skeptic but in the end the episode rocked. I also loved the scene where they walk into the disco motel, their facial expressions where classic. Overall, I have no complaints about this episode, well-written and well acted.
  • OMG, i think someone said Jensen to him!

    In the end right after Dean says I'm gonna wait in the car, he doesn't go right away. and if you listen closely you can hear someone (a woman) say something that sounds like "Jensen" and he says "Yeah", and then walks away. Did any1 else hear this? O.o Like he forgot to go away or took too long time :P

    But I thought this whole episode wasn't that great. Dean is my favorite and this was kind of Sam-centered.
    But this episode was one of the very few i was a bit scared in. When we can hear the little girls laughter, and when her heads starts to spin or whatever :P realy creeped me out.
  • I loved this episode!

    Wow! One of the scariest yet! This episode was incredibly suprising. When a painting seems to be linked with the deaths of the people that buy it, Sam and Dean decide to investigate. Sam meets Sarah, a the daughter of the auction house owner and is totally smitten. When we find out who is actually behind the deaths, it was incredibly unexpected. This episode was spooky and totally in the fashion of the show, but with a great romantic twist. Sam finally found another gal. I loved the different pace of this show. The relationship between Sarah and Sam was fun to watch and gave this episode a uniqueness that the others don\'t have.
  • The painting of evil

    This is, for less of a more technical term, an awesome episode of Supernatural, with twists throughout the episode all the way to the end, from the destruction of the painting to the cremation exception to the wrong suspect.

    This is also a big step for Sam, as he tries to get over Jessica with a girl that’s not a demon.

    The plot of the episode is a very good one and quite original, an evil painting, which has been involved in the slaughtering of every household it entered, with great additions such as changes to the painting once it’s killed again, the horror scenes in the episode played extremely well in the instalment, causing this episode to be one of the best episodes of the year.
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