Season 7 Episode 21

Reading is Fundamental

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 04, 2012 on The CW

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  • Ben Edlund never ever lets me down!!!

    Ben Edlund is such a great writer. I love his loopy sense of humour, but he is also capable of writing very smart, intense and dramatic episodes--with bits of loopy sense of humour thrown in. This episode was a great example of that. It kept me at the edge of my seat, and was intricately crafted besides.

    They have really been pushing the dramatic boundaries, which I know some fans have found difficult--they have not been going easy on us. But one of the rewards for that is that the characters never stagnate because they are constantly pushed into new territory, whether it be Sam dealing with soullessness, or Dean dealing with domesticity, or Bobby dealing with ghosthood, or Cas dealing with a God complex. In this episode, we see yet another facet of Cas, and Looney Tunes Cas was very well played by Misha Collins.

    Kevin was also well played, and an interesting new twist. And it was great to see an Asian character. In just one episode, I really cared about him (never has hyperventilating been so endearing) and after that last scene, I was like Oh no! Kevin! Don't end it like this, Kevin has fallen into the hands of the Leviathans!

    Two of the best scenes in the episode were Cas playing Sorry with Dean, and Sam forgiving Cas. I'm glad they are now including more moments between Sam and Cas--I think the trick to incorporating other characters in a way that will not bother some of the fans is to not exclude either of the brothers.

    It looks like it's going to take Dean longer to forgive Cas, which is understandable. Dean was closer to Cas, and so felt the betrayal more deeply. Also, if Cas had hurt Dean, he would forgive much more readily. But it was Sam Cas hurt when he tore down the wall, and if there is one thing Dean can't easily forgive it's hurting Sammy. It goes against his prime directive to always protect his kid brother.

    Furthermore, Sam can more readily understand how the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, because he too was lured down that path by a demon. Sam was tricked by Ruby into thinking he was averting the Apocalypse and he wasn't thinking clearly because he was hopped up on demon blood. Cas was corrupted by Crowley and thought he was preventing Apocalypse Redux and he wasn't thinking clearly because he was superjuiced on souls. If Cas did more direct damage, well, he's more powerful.

    There are a lot of parallels between Sam and Cas's mistakes, not the least of which is that it took Dean a while to forgive them.

    The Leviathan storyline is really heating up, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out over the last two episodes of the season. Don't forget there's a bonus 23rd episode this year, and if it ends on a cliffhanger, don't worry, Supernatural was officially picked up for season 8!