Season 3 Episode 6

Red Sky at Morning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • One of the best episodes in the series

    This episode has to be one of the best if not the best episode so far in the Super Natural series. While adding Belle as a semi regular character didn't seem good at first (she is almost like a Lora Croft) It did work really well in this episode and really brought this episode together. I think you are starting to also see cracks in Deans defenses about not caring about his end of days. Its good that they haven't solved his plight yet and it would be a really good move to wait til the last episode of the season or the first episode of next season to see him make it out of the contract and have both brothers live, and maybe Belle can play a big part in that. This series only seems to be getting stronger, and this episode says it all. Also great special effects at the end of the show with the two ghosts colliding.
  • A ghost ship terrorizes a small coastal town.

    So so episode. Nothing to wright home about. I like Bella but as a guest star not as a regular, although the same can be said about the Dean character, his lines are basically the same each and every episode. As with many episodes close but no banana, the writers are too converned about getting as many young girls in tight clothes in each and every episode, even if they add nothing to the overall story, when most times they detract from the plotline. There is so much potential in this series, and I really do like the stars...but the writing sometimes borders of the silly.
  • Hands down the worst episode of the show.

    This episode was just really weak, and for only one reason: Bela.

    Honestly, her character is almost completetly useless, and almost everyone hates her(the fans)

    Next to Ruby I dont even see why the writers felt the need to add another cast member.

    Another problem this episode had was the episodic case. It was just really dull. Ghost ships are cool but this episode really made it feel... boring. It wasn't creepy, there wasn't any scares or overall story arc progression.

    And on the top of that, we had a horny lady who got a rather long scene int he middle of the episode for no reason, and Bela turning the show into some sort of soap opera. In the end, a weak attempt to make her character intriguing,.
  • A strange episode, but I liked it.

    Eric Kripke vowed his disappointment with the episode in many occasions. In the Season Three Companion, we can read: "I would certainly put Red Sky at Morning on my list of worst Supernatural episodes". While it's true that the frenzy ghost wasn't that much scary and that the whole plot seems a little too far fetched, I really liked the episode: the script is sassy and smart, the ball scenes were hilarious and classy and, most importantly, the relationship between Sam and Dean, and their struggling about Dean's deal, is believably portrayed and very well written. In addition, I must admit that I really adore Bela Talbot: not only Lauren Cohan is an amazing actress, but the role is also really fascinating - a cat-burglar with a penchant for rich clientele, spicy talk and expensive outfits is somehow the perfect fit for the two Winchester Boys.
  • Weak monster plot, but strong character development

    I never thought I'd think this, but Ruby and Bela are both decent additions to the show. It gives Sam and Dean something new to deal with besides the same old demons and ghosts. This episode had the focus on Bela, and once again, she's up to her usual tricks.

    I thought the monster plot this week was very average. The whole haunted ghost ship sailing around the bay and people dying because of it just didn't keep my interest. As I said in my summary, it was the character development that I was focused on. Since Bela is a new character, I'm pretty intrigued about whatever goes on with her. I won't say she's a bad character, because she's definitely interesting and makes me want to learn more about her. I think she's just annoying.. which makes the show good; that they're able to create a character that we love to hate.

    If they could've just chopped the whole ghost plot out and replaced it with something a little more intense, it would've been better. But other than that, not bad.. Bela's becoming a little more enjoyable to watch episode by episode.
  • I'm really starting to like Bela.

    I am very glad Bela got in touch with the Supernatural as she helped the Winchester boys with the ghost ship. But I always knew she still had something up her sleeve,. she was helping for an ulterior motive of course, money. And I thought Bela changed. And after almost dying from a spirit. I hope she has learned her lesson. But Bela does add some spice to the show, With the British or Aussie accent, I can never tell. The plot about the ghost ship, I'm surprised they haven't done this years ago. That would be the first thing that came to my mind. The special effects wee amazing. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Bela.
  • Episode was ok, got to see the character of Bela a bit more. The story of the Ghost ship was pretty good. The twist with Bela was nice. There was some good moments in this episode between the characters.

    The scene at the start in the car between Dean and Sam was great, Dean knows that Sam summoned the cross road demon and Dean is not happy. The best moments in the show are always between the brothers. Dean having his car towed was another great moment and the lines between the brothers and Bela are funny scenes. Later in the episode Dean has his tux on and there are more great lines between him and Bela and also later at the party. Bela is really good in this episode, the only problem is the writers don't give you much reason to like her during the show but the scenes with Dean and Bela are great. The story of the Ghost ship is pretty good. A ghost ship is visible to people just before they die. Dean and Sam have to work with Bela to try and stop it before one of the ghosts on the ship kills again and again. The ending is pretty good, Bela pulls her usual stunts and leaves Dean on the brink of blowing a fuse, then she wishes she hadn't and needs Dean and Sams help to save her life. Overall it was a good episode, the story was good but the interactions between the brothers and Bela was even better. The episode is worth watching for those parts alone.
  • Insanely late, but worth the wait.

    So I haven't written a review in months but I thought I needed to catch up on some of the episodes that stood out as brilliant or not-so-brilliant. And this episode was a little less than interesting to say the least. I admit I was one of te skeptics when creators broke the news that they were adding 2 female characters. Ruby I can live with but in this episode I found myself uninterested in Bela's storyline and really didn't care if she lived or died. I hate to say that, but honestly I haven't seen any redeeming qualities in her thus far. As for the episode itself, you can never go wrong with the Winchesters in tuxedos, Dean's car being stolen/ his reaction to it, and old women getting grabby with Sammy. Overall though, the ghost of the week was just ok, and the episode was just ok.
  • one of the most entertaining and well written episodes so far this season!!

    A jogger spots a spooky looking ship just off the horizon before it dissapears into the night. She then turns up drowned even though she was no where near water, does the ghost ship have something to do with it?. Now thats what i'm talking about! a great plot and the ship looks really awsome and incredibly scary. More bodies emerge all drowned and all saw the Ghost ship before they died and as you can guess Sam and Dean are on the case quicker than you can say GHOSTBUSTERS! Bella shows up again the unbeleivable sexy, stylish female fox with all the attitude of Dean if not more. I think she's a great character and i can't wait to see more of her. The chemistry between her and Dean is electric and the duo work well together. Not as good as Sam and Dean of course no woman can replace Sam no matter how fit but the episode allows Sam and Dean to have some breathing space from each other. Bella wants to investigate the case herself and tells the boys to leave it all to her. As it turns out she needs them a lot more than they need her. They discover the person responsible for the killings is the spirit of a pirate who is choosing victims who have spilt blood in there famalies. The legend says that his hand was chopped off before he was killed by his brother, thats where the famaly motive ties in, and still remains to day in a museum. Cue a James Bond like sequence where they all dress up (dean in a beautiful tux) to attend a public showing at the museum and attempt to steel the hand in order to destroy and effectivley sink the ghost ship putting an end to the drownings. whilst sam is stuck with an old lady that has the hots for him (some funny scenes) Dean and Bella seel the hand and depart ways arranging to meet up at the graveyard to destroy the hand. She double crosses Dean and sales the hand (great twist)and then has to come crawling back to the brothers when she oggles the ship herself. As you'd expect everthing works out for the best when they summond the spirit, both that is, the pirate and his brother whom killed him. They basically destroy each other which shows off some great speacial effects as they are both reduced to nothing but water in slow motion. Bella is saved hopefully to return again in a future episode. A well rounded episode that can be light hearted in places and gripping and suspensful the next. The humour isn't always appreciated in places, Deans remark of 'you smell like sex!' a little odd really and then theres Bella's 'we should meet up sometime and have angry sex!' what those lines were all about i don't no. thats just be picking however as this is a great episode and one of the strongest so far.
  • may contain spoilers

    I must have really enjoyed this episode because my mum thinks I'm a little crazy for talking to the tv. I get so wrapped up in the story and the character developments that I talk aloud. I just loved this episode. I thought that the funniest parts were when Sam was with Gert. I can't believe that she thought he was attracted to her. Sam with a 60+ year old woman ... sure I can see it ... not. I couldn't help but notice that Bela and Dean have amazing chemistry and when did she take the hand, she's good. A great episode.
  • the Bela show.

    There were moments in this ep that were positively wonderful Winchester Brothers moments... Dean hyperveniltating over Metallicar being gone and Sam, knowing his brother well enough to dash to his rescue... Sammy being pawed by Mrs. Havisham... Purely priceless... and sadly makes me feel a wee bit Havisham-ish myself... Sorry Jared but you are really a fully delicious young man even though Jensen owns my heart. ( don't worry I'm not asking anything in return ) And Dean, at least pretending to feel awkward in a tux... is 'smirk' and 'nod', quite beautiful... But seriously Bela... don't EVER insinuate ANY sex with DEan Please... you're Not Worthy... Eveer in ANY lifetime. (point is here... Bela needs to be written off the show and sent to Reaper where she may be able to do some good for THEIR ratings... cause she's only bringing the Winchesters' down). (No offense Lauren). but all in all... though this ep didn't get the knee jerk, Eat S**T and D*e B**tch reaction that bad day at black rock did from me... it still sucked A$$. Loved the FX though.. those were awesome!
  • A jogger girl sees a pirate ghost ship on the horizon. It disappears before she can get a good look.

    Someone follows her home and kills her. Every 37 there is a ghost ship sighting and then a rash of dry land drownings. Seeing a ghost ship is a death omen.

    The boys car is stolen in the middle of an investigation. Supernatural artifact thief Bella Talbot returns. She had it towed for fun. Later in the story Bela IDed the ship. It's actually a merchant sailing ship from 1859 (no pirates :( ). A 37 year old sailor was accused of treason and hanged. They also cut off his right hand to make a hand of glory. Bela wants to find and destroy this hand because that will stop the killings. She wants to do so because she has been hired by the jogger girl's grandma.

    To steal the hand, Dean has to wear tux to a museum shindig as Bela's date. Upon sight of him she says, "You know when this is over, we should really have angry sex." Dean is at a loss for words at first and replies, "Don't objectify me." Good stuff. Dean is so Captain Kirk.
    Dean's date is the desperate old cougar who is the grandma of the jogger chick that is killed early on. She's all over him. It's funny in a sad way. He should take one for the team and give the old hag a toss in the sack.

    Bela steals the hand and sells it for money. As she is counting her fat stack, she sees the ghost ship. She runs to Sam and Dean for help. The ghost is going after people who have spilled their own family's blood; whether it was intentional or not. They cast a spell to get Bela off of the ghosts target. They conjured the ghosts brother; the person that sentenced him to death. The ghosts kill each other and Bela is saved. Instead of thanking them, she pays them 10K.

    She never reveals which relative she killed or why.
  • Potential not carried out

    This episode had a lot of potential, but it really didn't live up to it. Most of my complaints are with the character Bela. I think that she could be an interesting addition to the show, but so far she isn't adding much of anything.
    Things that seem very out of character for the series in this episode: 1. Why is Dean so tongue-tied around Bela? Dean is quick witted (one of his many endearing charms!), but can't seem to even finish a sentence when interacting with Bela.
    2. Dean (and Sam) would NEVER trust Bela with the hand - not after what happened during BDABR.
    3. Bela shot Sam - not something that Dean would forgive or forget.
    Now, I'm not saying that I have any problem at all with the actress herself, just the character.
    On a positive note - I thought that the end, when the two spirit brothers collide and turn to water was AWESOME.
  • great episode with good character development, and some seriously laugh out loud scenes.

    We see the character Bela appear again in this episode, and she is as troublesome as she was the first time we saw her. There are parts in this episode that just made me laugh out loud, as with this season in general. It seems that as dark as the show seems to get, it still has this laugh out loud humour that I have come to love. This episode has so many funny smart cracks I almost forgot I what I was watching, but I mean that in a good way. So Dean and Sam saved Bela from certain death, but in so they also saved many others. The interesting thing was the secret Bela has that the brothers now know something about. I mean she didn't tell them about it, but because she was picked to be killed by the ghost ship, she had a certain connection to all the other victims. I thought it was kind of annoying how she acted after she had been saved by Dean and Sam, she acted kind of snotty and smart. I mean, I know that's who she is, and a person doesn't just change completely because of one event, but you would expect a little bit more of a change then we saw. I liked this episode, it developed Bela's character a bit more, I mean she might be one of the brothers more hated characters, but she isn't exactly their enemy either. She seems like she will stop at nothing to screw over the brothers for her own needs, but she doesn't seem like a killer or anything like that. A great episode, and though it was more of a character developing episode, it was still a great addition to the season, I hope to get a bit more insight into why her character acts the way she does in future episodes.
  • Not one of my favourites, the poorest episode of season 3 so far I think.

    I really like the storyline of this episode, I think the ghost ship thing is interesting and definitely watchable. On the other hand, Bela was featured waaaaay too much in this episode, it almost became "The Bela Show". I really liked the scenes at the party, of which she was a pivotal part but I couldn't help but feel that the episode could have been written without her in it, or at least without as many lines! I quite like her character, but haven't really warmed to her inclusion in the show yet.

    I think this episode was more "filler" than "pivotal" or anything, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It is still very enjoyable and has a lot of funny one-liners and references. Watchable, not amazing.
  • Bella is calling Dean dumb for no reason at all but she's still... "classy" *snort*

    Please, explain to me what's so attractive about a person - be it a man or a woman - who basically calls someone else "dumb as a lamppost"? Because that's what Bella did to Dean. She keeps repeating and insinuating that Dean is a dumb, stupid, idiotic moron, she belittles the Winchesters and generally behaves like a grade A b**** and still, everyone thinks that she's classy and amazing. Please, explain it to me because obviously, I'm dumb as a lamppost too.

    This episode left me totally cold like "No Exit" last season. I don't even feel like re-watching it. The episode was one big hymn of the amazing Bella. Sorry but this is not what I signed for when I started watching this series. My love for this show drops exponentially to the amount of time Bella spends on screen. No wonder that this ep's rating was only 3.01 mil. viewers in the fast nationals. In the final numbers, this will be the lowest rated ep of this season (the ratings of SPN always drop approximately 50-100 thousands in the finals). The writers should really think about dropping Bella because every ep she is in barely breaches 3 mil. viewers. That should tell them something...
  • This could have been better, but it was good enough.

    I really enjoy watching this episode. I think the whole ghost-ship plot is interesting. I always love the interplay between the Winchester boys & Bela Talbot. She is sarcastic, clever, charming, and annoying all at the same time. Kind of an over-sized version of Dean. However she also is intelligent, knowledgable like Sam. I think she is a fun character because you can see her as the anti-Winchester. Kind of what they could be if they weren't who they are. Just as aware and involved but for selfish, material reasons. Her scenes with Dean are always amusing.

    All that being said however, I must now say this. I do NOT believe that she could take & replace the hand in Dean's pocket while he was wearing it. He is too good at sleight-of-hand to fall for hers when it's that in-his-face. For the most part season 3 has not really "taken off" for me yet, but there have been a few really satisfying moments. I do enjoy this new, tougher, darker Sam. He seems to be more at peace with what he is and what he must do. Maybe he's part-demon, maybe not, but for's just right.

    As always, Carry on.
  • Hands down, the worst episode of the series.

    Before I start, I feel I should put in a disclaimer so people don't think I'm bashing the show; I love Supernatural, I love the stories, the actors, pretty much everything about it. Save for this episode. And the character of Bela Talbot.

    I don't think Season 3 has been as strong as the previous two seasons in any area, but it was still fun to watch, "Red Sky At Morning" however, made me want to turn off my TV and never tune in again. The "One Tree Hill With Monsters" Kripke promised us we wouldn't see reared it's ugly head full-force, and we were forced to swallow it and watch as our beloved show went down the drain.

    The episode started out fairly well, with a decent scare (a woman being killed in the shower) and a good premise (a ghost ship is always a good idea, in my opinion). But it went downhill fast with the introduction of the horny old lady, Gertrude, and the ever-annoying but not the least bit threatening, Bela. Bela promptly had the Impala towed, teased Sam about shooting him (an action that even Dean smirked at and obviously agreed with her on, which was totally out of character), mocked the boys, stole from them, then pleaded with them to help her. It was "The Bela Show" guest starring Dean and Sam.

    I understand that I'm not supposed to like Bela, but I'm supposed to LOVE to HATE her, and I don't. I just hate her. She's a pain in my butt, even moreso than the boys, and that doesn't make for good TV. And she twists the boys aroudn so they're horribly out of character whenever she appears. Can someone explain to me how it is possible, that Bela would be able to steal a hand out of Dean's jacket (while he was wearing it), then replace it with a bottle, without him noticing!? Of course no one can, because it's impossible. But sure enough, the brilliant Bela pulled it off. Then we got the line in which Bela suggested to Dean that after everything was over they should "have angry sex", hinting at a possible sexual relationship that should NEVER happen. Again, can anyone honestly say they would bang someone who had shot their sibling a week before? And...again, of course not. The thought is ridiculous. But apparently, Bela has special powers.

    Perhaps the worst part of this episode, was toward the end when we find out Bela has a deep, dark secret in her past, something "no one understood" and she has to keep to herself. Something that, according to the writers themselves, will "redeem" her in future episodes. Antagonist? No, definitely not. Mary-Sue? The epitome of one, indeed.

    If this episode was an accurate representation of what Supernatural was week-after-week, I would quit watching right now. As it is, I hope the writers have learned from their mistakes and won't shovel out garbage like this anymore. Fans of this show are (for the most part) smart enough not to take it.
  • I hate Bela! She is so rude! Sam and Dean were cool as always

    I really liked this episode. I thought it was really well paced and it had all a good episode needs. EXCEPT BELA! Not to be a pain in the butt or anything, but she is very rude and disrespectful. Maybe she should try to be a little nicer, especially since Sam and Dean saved her life! Haha how funny was Gert. She was so in love with Sam. Sam thought it was creepy and I felt soo sorry for him. I love it how he drank the champagne real fast lol. I also thought Dean looked absolutely awesome in that tux! He didnt look at all ridiculous! Lol as i said at the start. I really liked this episode. And how Dean almost lost his car and started hyperventilating! Lol, it was real good.
  • Red Sky at Morning is another wonderful example of the writers attention to detail and character development as well as telling an interesting story with humor, suspense and wonderful special effects.

    I really enjoyed this episode for many reasons. The storyline of the avenging brother, an angry spirit punishing people for acts of family betrayal was very interesting. And it was also interesting to contrast these brothers with 'our' brothers who are going through a very difficult time but who will always love and protect each other. Loved this reinforcement of the Supernatural message of the Winchester families love and loyalty. Also interesting to see a glimpse of humanity in Bela and wonder about her family situation. I'm glad we didn't have to wait too long to get a little info on her, hope her history is not too predictable. Still not all that keen on her so her story had better be good! The subtlety used by the writers as far as Deans changing personality is well played by Jensen. The initial argument in the Impala was very revealing, the restrained hopefulness when Dean asked if he was out of the deal was very telling. When he finds out the deal is still valid he goes on the offensive again, burying his emotions and once again focusing on the danger Sam could be getting himself into. He sounds so reasonable when trying to convince Sam that he has accepted his fate, but we all know Dean is an accomplished liar, and so does Sam. I'm a little worried that holding all his fears and uncertainty in check is causing them to manifest in other ways. The way he started hyperventilating when the Impala went missing was a little out of character (I know he would get angry, but the anxiety attack made him seem more physically vulnerable than usual) plus after Bela stole the 'hand of glory' he was more p***ed off than usual. Is this a device by the writers to show how heavy the burden of the deal is weighing on him and that the denying these feelings is eating away at his mental and physical well being? He is having a hard time keeping his emotions buried, trying to spare Sam any further grief. He acknowledges the pain that Sam is going through, something he of course has experienced first hand, but even in this conversation he tried to keep a lid on what he was feeling, choosing his words carefully. I liked the fact that Sam doesn't want an apology, he just wants Dean to care about what is going to happen to him and not to give up. Giving up is so unlike Dean, and Sam would hate to see his brother, someone he has looked up to all his life just give in. Especially when he feels responsible. That final look on Deans face when Sam once again challenges him to be honest about what's going on in his head, said everything, and nothing, brilliant work Jensen! 'Craps' what a good choice, seeing as everything must be feeling pretty crappy to him at the moment! Can't wait for the time when Dean lets loose and bares his soul to Sam! I have to agree though, that I hate the way they are trying to paint Dean as stupid. This is totally at odds with everything we have learned about him over the last two seasons. Sure he may not know who Mrs Haversham is, so what! But to make out he is not capable of thinking on the spot (at the dance with Bela) adapting to situations is crap. He has been doing that sort of thing, passing himself off as FBI, Police anyone necessary to investigate a hunt, for years. He knows Supernatural lore and artifacts (like the hand of glory) back to front. I know the line about the Thai massage was funny and only Dean could have pulled it off (..oops did I actually say that!) but it seems we are meant to believe he is all of a sudden clueless! Is this another way to emphasise he is not handling the stress or is it just to build up some sexual tension between him and Bela? Either way I'm not a fan!

    Speaking of Bela I hated the way she kept putting Dean down, and she was very patronizing to Sam as well. I suppose it was an effective way to contrast the b***ch she usually is with her more helpless side later on? And it emphasises just how honourable and committed Dean and Sam are to protecting every potential victim, no matter who they are, and how much they dislike them!
    Hated her calling Dean and Sam 'vengeful and obsessive, one step away from serial killers' OMG! What a b#*ch! And so far from the truth it is ridiculous. I don't think she actually meant it, her exchange with Dean had her upset, escpecially when he mentioned her father and thats why she threw his father back in his face. She is the type of emotionally closed off person who would use attack as the first line of defense. Not thinking that she could trust anyone with her true feelings. At least she acknowledged he is a 'legend'(like to know more about that, is she pulling his chain or not), but she is so manipulative, trying to seduce him and berate him at the same time!grrrr!. Dean seems to have her number but is he starting to connect with her damaged personality, can't say that is something I want to see. Just want to see her openly admit that she is wrong about her opinion of hunters, or at least 'our' hunters, who are from all accounts two of the very best. The one redeeming scene with Bela was of course THE scene, loved the surprised look on her face as Dean came down the stairs. OMG!!!! Mmmmmmyum as I've messaged almost everyone on Myspace Dean + Tux= mmmyummmmm!!!!!! Loved the 'angry sex' line but loved Deans reaction even more, shock, confusion, embarrassment, speechless, all in the space of a few seconds. Then crossing his arms in front of himself for protection ..'don't objectify me' hehe! Classic! Gorgeous! and then after he passed her and she couldn't see his face, that cheeky smile, he was lovin' it, he knows he's still got it! Sam was looking mighty fine too! And didn't Gert know it! Hehe! Loved Sam's reactions to her attentions and I really loved the tone of affection in Deans voice when he said 'What a crazy old broad' of course he loved Sam's embarrassment too. The way she ran her finger along Sams finger and the look on his face!hehe! Then at the dance, she really got her moneys worth! 'You're just firm all over!' Loved that whole party scene, very cute, Dean's gorgeous smile when he left Sam with his date, telling him to make sure he told him everything that happened. And his 'You stink like sex' jibe when they left. Funny!

    Also loved Deans little mumbling retort to Bela when he left the room to steal the hand. And I'm sure you all noticed how gorgeous Dean looked in the close up when he was disarming the alarm…sigh…aahhh! I guess I should thank the writers for actually letting him do something competently and not getting caught in the process! Gee am I being too mean to the writers, if so I guess that must mean they are doing their job well, after all stirring up emotions in the viewers is what the would be aiming for.

    I did like the twist of Bela seeing the Ship, her reaction, knowing she had just sold the only thing that would save her was fun, as was her having to bite the bullet and come ask Dean and Sam to save her. I wish that Dean had of been the one to think of summoning the spirits brother, but I guess that would have been out of character with what they were trying to get across in this ep. Maybe Sam thinking the brother was the only one who could release the angry spirit from his cycle of vengeance was a not so subtle way to equate his need to help his own brother. Deans true nature of steadfast protector was nicely illustrated by his change of attitude towards Bela during the summoning. Little touches, such as her gradually moving away and him telling her to stay close and then the way he held her, trying to help her when she was 'drowning' were good to see after the way he was being demeaned earlier. This is the Dean I love, strong, brave, protective a true hero. Thank heaven he is still there behind all that angst!

    Bela truly is emotionally stunted and very cheap, unable to express her gratitude, a simple thank you would have sufficed, but she probably thinks that would be a sign of weakness. Then only forking over 10,000 bucks, is that all she thinks her life is worth or is she just too selfish to part with more money. She probably thinks she can get away with that amount because Dean and Sam don't have a lot of money so $10,000 would be heaps to them. Patronising cow!

    Absolutely loved the water effect of the brothers spirits coming together, great new effect, it must be hard for the Special effects department to think of new ways to destroy spirits etc. and this one was one of my favourites. Also loved the effect of the drowning process in the second rich guy and Bela. The first rich guys death wasn't so good but I did like the hand coming out of the black water. Weird how he just stared into the water looking at his reflection, If that was me I would have been out of there so fast your head would spin! But then we could all see what was coming! I guess the drowning effect, spewing out water, would have looked a little obsolete seeing as he was so close to actual water, but if the hand had of dragged him into the bath it would have been too much like Dead in the Water, so they had to think of something different. Most of the effects were really well done (sorry bug eyed death of rich guy number one didn't grab me as tightly as it did him), loved the ghost ship and all the water effects. Loved the effect when Sheila was in the shower and the spirits fingers pressed against the glass, came through and became water (can't think of another way to describe it, sorry, it was cool though!) Note: The victims hand slowly sinking down the other side of the glass, not a special effect just wanted to say it reminded me of Titanic! If Leonardo was a vengeful spirit that is! Loved the way the episode came full circle, beginning and ending with Dean and Sam fighting about the deal in the Impala, it reinforced the hopelessness and frustration both brothers are feeling and the fact that neither wants to give in. Red Sky at Morning is a fitting addition to Season 3 another very different episode. I have loved them all to varying degrees and I can't wait to see next weeks. I've heard great things about it and I'm sure with everything that is going to happen to Gordon it will be very dramatic. It will also be fun to see Mercedes McNab (Harmony from Buffy) as a vamp again.
  • Probably one of the weaker episodes of the season as far as storylines go, but still immensely entertaining based on the humor and the chemistry that characters share on screen. The ghost story was also genuinely creepy this week.

    This episode felt a little forced, and seemed like it would fit better into season one instead of season three. However, it survives based on the strength of the acting and the chemistry between the Winchester brothers and the character of Bela. I hated her guts when she first appeared on the show, but she is actually shown to have some heart in this episode, and the audience can even somewhat sympathize with her. At least, I could anyway.

    I've always loved maritime ghost stories, and the creepy effects of the ship coupled with the haunting and grisly backstory behind this week's supernatural phantom was a definite benefit. The visual effects were superb, especially in the ending scene where the two ghosts exploded in a deluge of water.

    The interactions between Sam and the old woman were hilarious. Sometimes, it did feel like the joke was drug out a bit too long, but Jared Padalecki has some hilarious facial expressions, and he really portrayed the awkwardness of the situation well.

    The scene near the end between Bela and the brothers was heartwarming as well. Bela has always been so sharp, witty and impenetrable throughout the first few episodes, and this is the first time that we really see any form of vulnerability from her. I'm glad that Sam and Dean decided to help her in the end.

    This episode wasn't quite as good as the previous ones, but was still firmly above average. Ghost ship stories are the best.
  • Waterless drownings...

    This was a cool episode, with a great concept of ghost ships and drownings, aswell as brotherly friction.

    The mystery in the plot was dealt with pretty well and Bella continually screwing Dean over and stabbing them in the back is great. Revelations throughout this episode are good, and the fact that the boys couldn't save everyone but had to save Bella in an unlikely way was a good burden for the brothers.

    Dean not caring about his death and Sam confronting him about it was also dealt with well, but while it's an interesting storylines, the same argument seems to be ending with every episode so hopefully it won't get repetitive.
  • A ghost ship, i was waiting for one.

    Another good episode, though it had Bela in it. Now i am sorry when i say i don't really like Bela all that much. I don't really like Ruby that much either. Now back to the episode. I liked the story line with the victims seeing a ship then drowning (except for the drowning part of course), but i think there was something missing from it. It just didn't seem to flow like the episodes we have had lately. I think there was too much slow dancing with Sam and not enough researching and hunting. The thing i have with Bela is that she seems to be able to pull anything out of a hat, like when Dean goes looking for the water boy's hand, Bela just knew which room it was in. But anyway this is just my opinion. And if i seemed a little crabby it is just that it is 37 degrees down here and i just banged my head.
  • A ghost ship, a groping old woman and the boys in tuxedos.

    As if Sam cold-bloodedly shooting a woman wasn't enough, his reaction is even worse! Smirking and making jokes about killing someone?! And his justification: "She was a smartass." Excuse me?! Who are you and what have you done with Sam?! Loved the first conversation – Dean confronting him about the missing bullet, Sam smirking – this is more like Dean than Sam. "Unless you were shooting at some incredibly evil cans…" Though Dean did show a flicker of interest whether Sam actually succeeded but with no real enthusiasm, then almost completely lost interest. That's progress, I suppose.

    Doesn't Dean clean up pretty?! Even Bela sighed! Then believe it or not – Dean gets embarrassed! And Sam looks wonderful too! 'My Adonis'. Poor Sammy! The old woman hitting on Sam! How creepy was that?! And observe how Dean suddenly can't think of a witty remark around Bela. "Interesting how the legend is so much more than the man." This is a real first – actually seeing Dean deal with a sophisticated alarm system. They showed us when he broke into Bela's but it's a different thing seeing it. It kind of makes sense though – Dean rebuilt the Impala from the ground up, he's clearly mechanical. Wonder where he learned it, John?

    For the second time, Bela needs their help and under similar circumstances. After everything she's done to them – particularly shooting Sam – she's betting on their better natures to help her. I would have made her admit her 'crime' before helping her. It's not fair to expect them to risk their lives while given them nothing emotional in return. Starting the ritual to raise the sailor's brother as the sailor is about to arrive – pretty decent idea, Sammy. It's a method Sam's used before - taking Constance into her house in the Pilot. Special effects department did good all over – very, very cool!

    It's so sweet that Dean's trying to comfort Sam. "You're stronger than me… you are! You'll get over it." And he's right – Sam would survive, he's completely emotionally stable. Dean wouldn't survive losing Sam but I believe that Sam would survive losing Dean. I'm so proud of Sam that he lashed out at Dean, distraught that Dean worries more about Sam than himself… and Dean just changes the subject. It's about time Sam objected to Dean's overprotectiveness, it's always gotten Dean hurt or in trouble.

    Teeny complaint: should have given more info about the clipper ship and how the murder took place, and really stretched out the brother vs brother scene – far too brief. The story would have been far better with more detail. I've gotten this impression with a few episodes this season, the writers aren't balancing the Sam/Dean story with the supernatural one – the supernatural one sometimes gets the short end of the stick.

    Last thoughts:
    - Loved the intro – seeing the ghost ship in the harbour then being murdered by the ghost, very cool.
    - "You are *so* damaged." And Dean smirks – finally found someone more damaged than you?
    - Bela's got some serious secrets – what fun!
    - Dean hyperventilating when he thinks the Impala's been stolen! Poor baby!
    - So Bela's a con-woman too? She's not wrong about someone finding the arsenal in the trunk, they'd call the army! Bela takes the shortcut of pretending to be a reporter only to have Sam and Dean top her by pretending to be cops! Why didn't the boys ever wonder what Bela wanted? She's not into saving innocents so shouldn't it have dawned on them that she was trying to steal something?

    A few little problems with this episode: 1/ Bela: I think we've got a chemistry issue here. She's just doesn't work very well in scenes with the boys. But then, she's competing with the incredible chemistry Jared and Jensen have together. 2/ Pace has always been something beautifully done in the series but it's been a problem in the last few episodes. These episodes are dragging a bit which here resulted in the ghost story being too sketchy.

    An excellent episode, creepy effects, cool story, some truly great Sam/Dean moments and the boys in tuxedos, who could ask for more?!
  • A ghost is killing off people with blood connections that have done wrong with family member. Plus Dean we get to see him gorgeous in a suit. Poor Sam gets groped by an old lady.

    This episode is really funny. Most of this is circumstantial. The episode starts off with a woman seeing a ghost ship then she goes home takes a shower and dies. Turns out she drowned in the shower.
    Dean and Sam go to investigate. There they find Bela trying to con the aunt of the woman that dies. The next time a man dies drowned in the bathtub. The next day Bela comes with an offer to help the brothers solve the mystery and says that the other guy is going to die unless they get rid of the hand of the ghost.
    Bela gets Deans car towed away. Dean is very angry and wants to kill her.
    Dean and Sam stake the deadguys brother but he dies so Sam and Dean decide to take Bela up om her offer.
    They get ready to go to the party. Dean is dressed in his suit looking like a million dollars and go to the party with Bela. Sam is a date for the aunt abd she continuously gropes him. Very funny scenes.
    Bela pretends ro faint and Dean takes her upstairs after the guards lead them upstairs to a room. Dean sneaks out and retrieves the Ghosts hand and they both leave.
    Bela tricks Dean by taking the hand and replacing it with a bottle in Dean's hankerchief.
    Bela sees the ghostship but has sold the hand to a buyer. She goes to Dean for help.
    Sam and Dean help by chanting the ghost to be banished. Turns out that Bela killed a family member os hers which is why the ghost wants her. The ghost sees his dead brother and emerges into him. Story finished.
    Bela gives Dean and Sam a share of the money not wanting to be in their debt.
  • Show is very good. Except for Bela. I don't like her or her character.

    I never liked Bela from the start. Her accent is horrible. Her acting is bad. Her script is mostly bad.

    One thing about this episode.. atleast there was some effort to explain her bad attitude. But it did not help make me comfortable with her.

    I like Sam and Dean's acting and wit a great deal ,, I love the music that is played..almost always a perfect match. If it wasn't for Bela, I'd score this a perfect 10.

    I'd settle for average looking adventure women. ..but for some reason everyone likes to make an extreme action figure out of the likes like Kiera Knightly. I did not watch the last Pirates of the Carribean...since I am fed up with looking at supermodels kicking men's butts. Id rather see more personality and a little rougher around the edge..including the face and body for my vision of a extreme female action figure. Im not looking for ugly..but Im not looking for Victoria secret models either. If the show continues to use Victoria Secret models, Id rather see them as demons that Sam and Dean end up taking care of.

    One of the new Victoria Secret models this season is a demon..but a friendly demon.. But I dont like her and I dont like her script........Sam was eating french fries and she tried to be funny (?) 'deep fried crack' I dont get was not was off the wall just like most of her script and her behavior.

    My two favorite shows are Heros and Supernatural. Supernatural is nice in that you dont have to rememeber a thousand different main characters.
  • Picture this, Dean on a date with Bela, and poor little Sammy with a horny old lady.

    All in all I'd have to say this was a rather good episode.
    The brothers roll into to town thinking they are on just another case, a slightly strange case, but a case nun the less. And Sam finds himself catching the eye of a rather old woman.

    The scene where Dean thinks his car was stolen was absolutely priceless, poor guy looked like he was going to up and die right there. And Bela being the one who moved it and then had it towed, great. The conversations between the three during the episode were rather good. Felt kind of bad for the brothers when they tried so hard to save the man, but he dies anyway. So the three finally decide they have to work together if they are going to stop the spirit from killing anyone more. And seeing Dean come down the steps with that James Bond black on black suite, was like the best moment of these last three years, especially when he tells her not to objectify him. The party scenes were also entertaining. Sam gets stuck with Gert, the old lady, as his date, and has to put up with her being all over him. Dean of course has to rub it in Sam's face. Yet again the boys are somewhat surprised when Bela pulls yet another one over them and she takes the hand to deliver to her buyer. But soon she runs to them for help when she sees the ship. It was nice to see this twist in the character, cause now the question stands of who in her family did she kill. Although I sort of didn't like the part when she gave them the money, I know why she did it, but it made her character sort of soft, for that moment.

    Look forward to the next episode, and seeing where the Bela storyline is going.
  • Not one of the better episodes for this season

    This is the kind of episode that reveals the importance of a solid director and editing crew. 'Supernatural" has a specific brand of storytelling, after all, and if the final product doesn't quite fit into the mold, it's going to be obvious. Several moments in this episode feel like they should be working, but in the end, they don't quite come together. This serves to expose problems in the writing and guest cast.

    The story itself felt uninspired, as if the writers were struggling with a way to bring Bela into the mix. This is somewhat surprising, given how often the Brothers Winchester should run into situations that would be a good fit for her ventures. This episode was designed to push the brothers and Bela into a strained alliance and reveal more about her past. On paper, that sounds intriguing, but it didn't quite play out as well as it should have.

    I'm also not sold on the cast chemistry. As a character, Bela is well-constructed and helps to balance out the idea that women have no business in the business, especially now that Ellen is out of the picture. I'm just not sure that the actress is meshing well with the leads. Perhaps the near-perfect interplay between Sam and Dean is so natural now that the slightest misstep is exposed. I'm not sure I can put my finger on it, but whenever Bela was interacting with the brothers together, something felt off-kilter.

    Another annoyance was the "cougar" subplot. It was mildly amusing at first, but quickly became a running gag that desperately needed to die. This isn't a case of double standard; I have exactly the same level of distaste for dirty old men pawing young attractive women. It's not even the fact that Sam was basically treated like an object, because as I've said on many occasions, the eye candy is nice but boring if lacking in actual character depth. It simply went on for too long and wasn't as amusing as the writers thought it was.

    These issues would have been easy enough to avoid, but in many cases, the editing left scenes too long at the wrong time. "Supernatural" works best when the frenetic cinematic style is meshed with longer horror-inspired sequences. Longer scenes between characters are usually saved for exploration of tensions between the brothers or exposition. The idea is to maintain tension throughout the story. This episode seemed to linger too long on moments that defused the tension.

    That said, the brothers continue to argue over Dean's decision to sell his soul and Sam's refusal to let it be. As noted previously, both brothers are acting out of concern for each other, and neither of them are particularly thankful for the risk and self-sacrifice. The conversation also reinforces the notion that Sam will do anything to save his brother. That adds to the growing suspicion that Sam will choose to take on his "anti-Christ" mantle with the intention of saving his brother and ending the war.

    In the end, this is probably one of the more disappointing episodes for the season. It comes down to a combination of minor problems made more obvious by direction and editing that seemed at odds with the style of the series to date. Bela is still not meshing with the Brothers Winchester as completely as one would hope, and that adds to the effect. As with the previous episode, the strength emerges in the character exploration in the final scene.
  • She's baaaaaaaaack!

    How's that old saying go? "If a red sky at morning, ye sailors take warning", or however it goes, whatever. From what I understand it is an old superstition for sailors that if the sky is red in the early morning hours that stormy weather is brewing out at sea. This week, the brothers Winchester sorta off-handedly deal metaphorically with this superstition as they wrestle with the tale of a ghost ship and a small slew of paranormal murders connected with well as try to survive Hurricane Bela, which seemed to be our theme-featured character this time 'round. Despite this, EXCELLENT episode!

    For starters, I'd like to briefly mention how much I really enjoyed this week's ghost story. It was cool as hell. Not the best I've seen on the series, but very unique. What made it supremely entertaining for me was the ghost ship itself. What only 2 or 3 scenes it was actually in, I cannot emphasize enough at how awesome those shots were. The graphic details were just phenomenal to me. The way the ghost ship would glide slowly but eerily by on the ocean underneath a dark stormy sky lit up by lightning was simply gorgeous. And even though it got just a tad Hallmark moment there at the end, I did enjoy the story of the 2 ghost brothers, the captain and his brother, who was a sailor who was tried and sentenced to death for treason, the captain being Cain to the latter's Abel. Also, it was very cool how they destroyed each other in the end, the vengeful ghost sailor bro who ran big bro Cap'n through and they disappeared in a swirl of water. That was one wicked shot! Not to mention the ghost sailor was creepy anyway, what with his one hand missing and the hateful scary looks on his twisted face and all, especially right before he committed the murders. A great big ol' Kudos once again to our SN special effects team!

    *sigh* I can NOT believe I'm going to say this, but God help me I actually...enjoyed...Bela's return this week. Despite the horrible taste that just left in my mouth, I still have to admit I do not care for the character at all. But after the events of this ep, with learning more about her, I came to realize I am now slightly intrigued with her. Through the bros' investigation of the ghost story this week, we learn that the ghost sailor was killing peeps because of their tendency to kill members of their own family, which was the spirit's M.O. Now we know something similar happened to Bela in her past, which is why she herself saw the ship shortly before she was attacked. And said Bela's past wasn't revealed here, meaning we have yet to learn what it is, which in turn means we get more of her in the future. *groan* Okay, still can't believe I'm doing this, but to give the lady credit, I gotta admit she's one tough gal. The biggest part I really don't like is her "profession", con artistry and profit for the supernatural black market. I just see absolute no use for it other than an annoyance for the bros, hence the way she's always stalling their efforts such as having the Impala towed or forcing them to run from a lead when she ratted on them to the cops while they posed as detectives. I mean, if they want to go this route, why not bring back the trickster from last year's 'Tall Tales'? At least that would be funny, not aggravating like this. But that's me. However, I guess a small part of me understands to an x degree why she is the way she is. One clue being when Dean tells her she's so damaged and she smacks him right back with it, and earlier when they throw barbs at each other over their daddies' love toward them, or rather lack of. Make no mistake, the woman's very intelligent, very beautiful, very rich and very cunning and, yes, she's super at her "job". But, of course, she has a weakness. Whereas Sam and Dean have each other, Bela is alone. This could very possibly be one reason why she's so bitter, her secret past aside. She does very well for herself, true that, but she soon gets a reality check when her life is in danger that she's forced to turn to Sam and Dean for help. This may be a sign for her to turn from selfishness as her self-proclaimed profession has proven a hindrance to the bros since their mission is helping others, not to mention it gives her some insight as to the reality that these paranormal forces are more a detriment than she realizes. Yes, they may make a quick buck, but they are also very dangerous and most of the time life-threatening. For example, she had sold the one thing that could save her life, but of course she was blinded by greed and could really care less. That is, until SHE became a victim herself. Bela, honey, wake up and smell the rock salt! After all, the bros could've just left you for dust, but because they believe in saving others, you might learn a little something about this from them. Moving on, I still don't care too much for her bantering with Dean as it seems as if she's always one-upping him in this area. I love it better when Sam outdoes Dean once in a while because, well, I'm too used to it, and also possibly this is how most tv romances start out, which I am still vehemently opposed to any kind of romance between Bela and Dean. Probably the paranoia talking, but I just outright balked when she mentioned that she and Dean have angry sex after their mission. Please, SN writers, I implore you to not let this happen. And forgive me for this as well, but just a very tiny shout out here, I just gotta admit she looked absolutely stunning dressed for that party. Very elegant, indeed. Bottom line here, Bela has gone in my book from "not needed" to "at least interesting". So she's at least moved up a notch for me. One thing I thought about how she may be redeemed further is, given how pointless I think her con act still is, it might actually come in handy down the road relative to Dean's deal as we now know that the crossroad demon's boss holds the contract for Dean's life. Now, should said contract be an actual object, and since Bela is superb at stealing supernatural objects...hmmm... And also, even though she paid the guys $10,000 for saving her life, she might grow a heart and realize that in the end a life for a life is more a powerful gesture than money for a life. Just a speculation on my part, though.

    May I repeat myself here for just a second and say how much I am really enjoying Sam this year? Although he was pretty much our same lovable Sam this week, his best funny moments in this ep were by far with Mrs. Case [oops, sorry, "Ms." Case]. Poor Sammy, when given the opportunities with women, he always seems to get the shorter end of the stick. But this is okay as this is a trait that makes his character all the more interesting. Another thing I've noticed so far this season is his lack of visions. I'm not ruling anything out about them resurfacing in the future, but for the last two years this has been a main factor on his character, so this year it's nice to have them gone (at least for now) as this gives Padalecki a chance to really experience a wider range of emotion and physicality for his character. As for the more serious moments, they were of course with Dean. Once more, we bear witness to another argument between the boys regarding the Dean's deal. Granted it wasn't near as heated as the one last week, but it was no less powerful. Dean finds out that Sam killed the crossroads demon, and Bedlam erupts. Or at least trembles. Still, both guys are standing solid on their own perspectives of how their sitch should be handled: Sam wants to save Dean, Dean doesn't want him to or Sam would die, still neither one budging, etc. But the new twist is that Dean now hears of the news that the crossroads demon has a boss and said boss holds the contract to the death deal. On the surface, this should at least interest Dean to some small level of hope, no matter what. But he chooses to block it out and stand his firm ground against Sam. However, and even though he doesn't delve deeper into it, Sam does show a very minute slight interest in it. But for the time being, Sam is experiencing something similar to what he went through last year. Last year, when he found out he may turn evil, he went on a superhero's crusade to save as many people as possible in the hopes that this would somehow redeem or save him to lessen or erase his feared destiny. This season, he's doing the opposite by fearing (or realizing?) That he won't be able to save everyone, the most obvious being his own quest to save Dean from the deal. And it's true, he's hit dead end after dead end (the last one quite literally last week) in his efforts to release Dean from the fatal pact, so he's pretty much feeling remorse and defeat at this point, and Dean's own refusal to let Sam do anything about it just makes it worse. If Dean can't be freed, then Sam is gonna have a very difficult time dealing, indeed. Somehow Ruby and the discovery that there's an actual contract to the deal - and possibly Bela now - should (and hopefully will) play into how this will all work out. If only Sam could get Dean to listen at least a little, which is hard now due to Dean's seeming willingness to die. He could use some mega assurance now. I noted last week that Dean was beginning to scare me in terms of his behavior regarding his death deal. The very last scene of this ep confirms my fears. The reaction he had while evading Sam's questions and concerns in the ep's final shots said it all. I literally burst into tears at this and cried for a good 20 minutes after the episode went off, it was that powerful an emotional moment. How could Dean just simply give up on his life like that? Yes, true, he's making it difficult on Sam because first and foremost Dean is trying so hard to protect him since he knows Sam will die instantly if he tries to get Dean out of his deal. That much is obviously the given, but I am concerned about other factors as well. About midway of last season Dean started showing - and even admitting - that he was getting tired of the hunting life. This deal he has going would definitely mark this an easy out, and effectively allow his inner suffering such as his self-hating and low opinion of himself to end as well so that he may find some semblance of peace for himself. But at what price? The fact that he knows that he will be going to Hell via his deal conclusively blows any chance of peace for him anyway, not to mention his suffering in general will continue, and even worsen, so he will be increasing the suffering upon himself by about tenfold and waaaaaaay beyond anyway. However, his protection of Sam is what is the most heartbreaking and yields the greatest crucial point of his character. To be willing to sacrifice himself to horrors unimaginable after death in order for Sam, his brother, someone he really loves and cares about, says proportions of a monumental nature. It's not that different, really, than what John did for Dean, but yet it is. John loved Dean so much that he was willing to lay down his life - no matter what the consequences - so that Dean may live, but in the process he put a tremendous burden on Dean by telling him that whole Big Secret thing about Sam, which eventually came out anyway. Yet in the end, John was redeemed and "saved" from Hell due to last year's climactic events, allowing him to find peace and go to another (hopefully better) place for eternity. With Dean, not so lucky. There's no guarantee that Dean could be saved from Hell like John (unless something wickedly wild happened, just like it did for John) and, because now Sam knows everything and what results will come about, there's no excuse and/or reason for Dean to hide anything, unlike John and his Big Secret. Dean tried to keep it a secret at first, sure, but it was quickly outed and maybe a part of him is relieved since now he wouldn't have the extra worry of keeping yet another secret from Sam and spare himself the look of hurt on his brother's face, which happened anyway. So because his own efforts seem to be failing as well as Sam's, this would seem like the perfect time for both brothers to mesh and come to some sort of compromise, even though we know Sam is more in the right despite Dean's willingness to give up because he's "tired". Dean, sweetie, if you're fed up with the biz, then simply quit, start a new life. Of course, the show wouldn't be the same without you - in fact, it would be almost unwatchable - but do what you gotta do. But since this IS tv, we just can't have that happen. Too many interesting things happenin' here! On a lighter note, Jensen Ackles displayed his own usual awesome performances throughout, particularly while dealing with Bela. He displayed a great mixture of humor and agitation that seemed to change flawlessly and on cue in all the right places. His making fun of Sam over the old lady was priceless. But still, oh, that last scene for him....just perfectly heartwrenching. Add Jared's equally emotionally-tortured performance to this and we get one hell of an episode ending.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Dean in a tux? TOTALLY worth it alone!!
    - Another grateful nod to the spec effects team: great job for making that Hand of Glory thing creepy looking.

    Despite my still-ill feelings toward Bela, I'm rating this ep a 10 because it deserves it for the brothers' scenes alone, and those wild special effects were brilliant too. Ooh! Next week Gordon returns with a vengeance and he's gunning for Sammy again. I already can't wait for Thursday!
  • Sam and Dean go on a double date!

    I absolutely loved this episode. It was funny, well written, and incredibly acted.

    I loved Sam's love interest this episode. It was a nice change of pace. I like seeing him uncomfortable, and not so serious.

    I loved the whole role reversal of Dean coming down the stairs and Bella learing at him. The "Don't objectify me," line was hilarious. Dean and Bella interact really well together.

    We got some background on Bella which was great. She has a deep dark secret about killing a member of her family. I wonder who she killed and why? I cannot wait to find out what happened in her past. It sounds like it could be a good story.
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