Season 3 Episode 6

Red Sky at Morning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • Sam and Dean cross paths with Bela again.

    Excellent episode which again shows that Supernatural can effortlessly switch between horror and comedy.

    The shower scene at the start was fantastic, very gripping. In contrast the bath scene didn't have quite the same impact because you now expected something to happen.

    The comedy aspect of pairing Sam with Gert was very well done. I thought both actors did a great job, Sam being all embarressed and Gert loving the situation.

    Bela and Dean may not know it yet, but sparks are definitely flying. It will be very interesting to discover which family member Bela killed and, more importantly, why, as it's clear by now she's not an evil character.
  • I lttle non-dramatic, but still very good.

    I must say that it wasn't actually that exciting with the whole spirit thing, that's getting old. But I did love Bela hanging around with the boys. She is such a great actor and character and I am so glad that she turned out the way she did. I was so worried, but she did a great job this episode. I can't wait to see more of her and Ruby, but anyway. This episode was cool with a ghost ship appearing and then people drowning on dry land. I also loved the ghost himself. But the way he died was a little under-dramatic in a way that was so boring. Other than that aspect I loved this episode just like any other.
  • A real good episode I love what they did with the Ghost Ship myth and the interaction it lead to with the characters. Bela and Dean had some pretty good one-liners. Sam ended up paired with an old horny cougar but I knew each joke they would tell

    A real good episode I love what they did with the Ghost Ship myth and the interaction it lead to with the characters. Bela and Dean had some pretty good one-liners. Sam ended up paired with an old horny cougar but I knew each joke they would tell so it didn't do much for me. Figuring out the ghost motivation was a nice bit of detective work and the ending with the ghost getting to take revenge on his killer from the time he was alive. Nice episode got some background on Bela as well with her admission of killing a family member. Can't wait to see where that storyline along with a romance with Dean may go.
  • When a mysterious boat appear,people start to die.So the brothers needs to find a way to stop the killing,while dealing with Bella.

    what a great episode! That is exactly why i watch this serie! The ghost story are always my favorites one and this one was a really good one.And oh may god,thank you so much for Dean in a toxedo!!!!That was the most beautiful thing i ever saw on tv! The good thing about this serie,is that they know how to mix fear with humour .And seing Sam with that old lady was a funny thing !!For the record,I really,really dont like Bella at all!She is a cold heart lady and she deserved to die,but I understand that the boys couldnt let her die:they are the good people.
    Would that change her ways??
  • Weakest this season, but still good.

    Well a ship captain demon is killing lives by drowning them on dry land, weird huh? Anyway, the Winchester brothers, along with Bella try to take down this demon before it manages to drown Bella as well. It was pretty hilarious seeing the three of them working together, since there aren't really any sides to take ever since Sam and Dean were quarreling over the fact that Dean would be dead in about a year. This wasn't really that good an episode, the previous episodes were a lot better.

    Episode Quote:
    Bela: You boys should learn to lock your doors. Anyone could just barge in.
    Sam: Anyone just did.
  • Sam and Dean investigate mysterious drownings that follow the viewing of a ghost ship. Bela is there trying to solve the case and refuses to leave when told to because it seems she has another artifact to find and sell to her "select clientele"...

    Overall, I found this episode to be a filler; just another horror story-of-the-week deal, even though it did have its hilarious moments, you learn more about Bela's life, and Dean's upcoming meeting with hell is further argued over.

    This episode devoted its first and last three minutes to discussing Dean's contract, both discussions occurring in the Impala. To me, this seems to have become repetitive, because I believe almost every episode has opened with the boys arguing in the Impala about Dean or related to him. I understand that the storyline has to be implanted somewhere, but I wished it would be changed up a bit. I loved the part where Dean and Sam return to the car only to find that it is not there. I REALLY, REALLY wanted Dean to say "Dude, where's my car?", but alas, he left of the "Dude" part...

    The interaction between Bela and Dean was intense and steamy, but I really do not want them to have a romantic relationship because that would ruin the entire dynamic. Please leave her as a pain in the butt!!!!!
    Dean: "Can I shoot her?"
    Sam" "Not in public."

    One of the highlights of the show: Dean walking down the stairs in a snazzy tuxedo..."Don't objectify me."

    I thought Sam being fondled by the older lady was hilarious/REALLY creepy. I felt so embarrassed just watching her hands ALL over him!!!! *Disgusted squeal*

    I like how we learn that there is much more complexity to Bela and her past, and I really wished we had found out more about it, but I think (or at least hope) that will be for later episodes...
    My Guess: Abusive father...

    Anyway, this show added to the laughs, but did not advance much in the actual plot. Nice filler episode, and it was not the worst episode ever...
  • Scary, hilarious, and touching all around I expected nothing more from an awsome show!!!

    This epy was hilarious I loved the part of Bela and Dean having Sam keep an eye on the old lady. Dean is loving every minute of poor Sam's embarressment. I am unlike many other viewers slowly warming up to Bela. I was laughing so hard on how Dean reacted to his car being stolen. I honestly think the constant bickering between Dean and Bela is funny I like how they had them act as a married couple and Dean's liittle remark to the gaurd "you think she's a pain in the a** now trying living with her." I thought was funny. Sam and the old lady I couldn't stop laughing as well. Very funny for a scary epy good job guys.
  • Bela comes back

    I really can't stand Bela. I'm sure she has a sad and depressing past and all... I still don't like her. I liked how the spirit related to Sam and Dean, how Dean is going to die and all... and the water spirit's brother killed him. I didn't really like how easily the plot of the ghost ship was given, I kinda like it when there's a bit more action and reserch and a bit less Bela. But I do wanna know who Bela killed, I was really hoping that she would fess up. Although I did like her a bit better when she was being nicer to Dean... And when the old lady was feeling up Sam, I felt so bad! It did end up working out to his advantage, though.
  • the guys go to a town being haunted every 37 years by a ghost ship, and when the ship appears people being to die. Had a creepy start, but then Bela turned up - I loathe that character.

    This was a great ep with some really great lines delivered by the guys.

    I confess I laughed aloud at the sight of Sam fending off Gert's advances. Cheeky old biddy!

    And I actually thought there might be a god when it looked like Bela was going to be the ghosts next victim - ah, I thought, we'll be rid of the annoying criminal at last! But alas, Dean and Sam just had to do the right thing and save her. Me...I would have gone for a coffee until the ghost had done his thing and then exorcised him.

    This was a really good episode - - it would've been better if it were just the guys. Or, if we have to have recurring characters with them, why can't we have Jo back. She was great! Where is she? She wasn't killed when Ellen's bar was blown up but there's been no mention of her?

    Anyway, great ep for a standalone. Wouldn't mind some more arc though.
  • Sam and Dean find themselves in a quaint sea-side town plagued every 37 years by a ghost ship and a series of strange drownings.

    Red Sky at Morning, while mostly a filler episode, was none the less an enjoyable installment and quite humorous. Every 37 years a ghost ship appears, as an omen to all who see it, as they will drown under strange circumstances: the shower, a car, and on totally dry land.

    Having been hung on the three masted ship by none other than his brother, the captain, the ghost is out for revenge, taking his anger out on people who had a part in their own family member's death.

    All that remains of the sailor is his right hand, preserved at the local maritime museum. This object, also known as The Hand of Glory is a powerful occult symbol that Dean and Sam want to destroy, but that Bela wants to sell.

    It's only after she sells the relic that she herself sees the ghost ship. Running to Dean and Sam for help, she finds they are a bit hesitant to assist her, since they figured out that she must be responsible for someone's death in her family.

    I thoroughly enjoy the character of Bela, and can feel the sexual tension between her and Dean. She behaves towards him like a little schoolgirl bully with a crush, antagonizing him, making fun of him and relishing in making him mad. This dynamic works and is a nice distraction from the "Dean's going to hell" storyline.

    We're also starting to see a stronger, more independent Sam, willing to state what he thinks and wants rather than remain submissive and silent. The brother's relationship is becoming more complicated and emotions are running high.

    All in all, another great episode of my favorite show.
  • A case of strange onland drownings leads to Dean and Sam into a small town where they meet Bella who makes their job just a little more interesting or frustrating.

    Not too bad, could have been scarier. But the dialogue between the characters does make up for it. It was interesting to hear snippets of Bella's past, even if we didn't get the whole story. The party scene was funny though, so funny how Dean stuck the piece of gum under silver thing. I liked how Dean told Sam that he understood what Sam was going through, and didn't blame him for it. Although that wasn't what Sam wanted I guess. I whole mystery thing in the series fell a little short of what I expected, the confrontation between the two ghost brothers at the end could have been better.
  • It started with potential to be a creepy episode, and they blew it, along with Bela, biggest mistake of all.

    Episode started great, with potential but went straight downhill from there. Sure the humor was nice enough and emotions between brothers were heart warming, but the story itself should be engaging, which it wasn't. Bela is just there to look good, useless character addition if you ask me, this case was nothing that Sam and Dean couldn't handle themselves. People dying by choking on water, come on writers use your imagination, it's Supernatural. Ghost Ship and a ghost man? I think the ship should have been utilized well into the story to give it a mysterious atmosphere to the episode. Sorry, but only minutes worthy of watching were the first two minutes in the beginning and last two minutes in the end.
  • Not as good as the other stand-alones this year, but there's a few good laughs to be had.

    There were a few funny moments, mostly involving Metallicar and Sam's date, but I didn't enjoy this episode as much as the others so far. Some of it just seemed to jar for me.

    Also I found Bela's accent distracting, it sounded kind of false. Although the actress is really English, Bela doesn't sound like any real English person I know, not even those from Bath (pronounced Bauuuuth). The ghost ship idea was interesting, but not as compelling as the fabulous creepy kids of episode 2, or the fairy tales last week. This episode is worth watching but may end up being the 'Roadkill' of this series.
  • Only thing that I hate in this epsode: It's Bela!

    Another good episode! But I still don't like bela, she's snobe, bad person, ans kick an ass, I hate when she invite a dean for a sex what a bich! For me a I'll leave her die, would be a great leson for her!

    I love the boys dean's reaction when his car stolen it's funny, and the old lady get in sam its so cool! I think in this time sam find the true love ahahahahahahaha! But whatever it's a good story, the gosth ship, the mistery, about the captain, and his brother, of couser dean dress with smoking, make jeolus of 007.

    I can't wait with return with gordon in the next eps,

    see you later! kiss cau!
  • Character Development, Humor, Classic Ghosts, Brotherly Angst...what more could you ask for?

    For me, this was the best episode so far this season. Some nice one one one sluething with the boys, a neat old house they were holed up in instead of a motel, funny subplot with Gerta (Greta?) and Sam while keeping the story interesting between Bela and Dean. Nice spooky bad guys - and it was more spook than gore which I prefer. It could have been a bit more scary though so the ep gets a 9.5 rather than 10.
    I had to pause it because I was laughing really hard three or four times. That's always good. (when he's holding Bela passed out in his arms and he shoves the piece of food in his mouth)

    Personally I love the storyline between Bela and Dean. I don't feel a ton of chemistry there but it could be stregthened. Loved Dean's face after she got all hot about him in a tux - he was smiling when his back was turned. Sam was just hilarious. They are really giving him some funny stuff this season. Favorite lines: Dean: "You are so damaged."
    Bela: "Takes one to know one."

    Dean to Sam: "You stink like sex."

    The ending scene was just The writers are really good at giving us those arguments scenes between the boys where I say, "Well, Dean is right." and then I say, "Well, Sam is right too!" And I felt it again last night. Sweet Dean was trying to open up and tell Sam how much he loved him and cared for him but then, he needed to hear what Sam said. It was kinda sad to me though how Dean just completely ignores a situation he doesn't want to have to deal with. He immediately just went to thinking about something fun and closed himself off. Great episode.
  • I liked this episode but not as well as previous episodes

    Gert hitting on Sam and then groping him on the dance floor was priceless. I liked the interaction between Bela and Dean. When Dean came down the stairs in his tux and the James Bond theme was playing, I thought that was a nice touch. I was glad that Dean figured out that Sam had used the Colt on the Crossroads Demon. When Sam figured out the ghost's motive for killing victims, I was thinking I hope that is not foreshadowing what is going to end up happening to the Winchester boys. I found this episode too be slow in parts .Bela is still growing on me. I still don't know how I feel about her character yet. I wonder whether we will ever find out what she did for the ghost to come after her. Will we really even care? I was hoping at the end of the episode that Dean would just admit that he did care that he had only one year left to live but in typical Dean fashion he kept his game face on. I can't wait until the next episode.
  • Dean and Sam run into Bela the Hunting Mercenary while investigating "A ghost ship". They end up teaming up with her and end up getting doped from the huntress. Also Sam gets hit on by someone he would never pick.

    This episode was awesome. Hello I'm Winchester, Dean Winchester rang in my head when Dean walked down the steps wearing a "007" suit. It was so cool. When Bela suggested something after the ceremony, the look on Dean's face when he said "Don't objectify me" was hilarious. I loved this episode. Bela and Dean were awesome together at the party. It reminded me of Mr. & Mrs. Smith always out smarting each other to get what they are sent out to do. The old lady hitting on poor Sammy was hilarious. I felt so sorry for him but he was able to get some much needed info from his old woman stalker. Again the boys did not have to kill anyone or anything and that was cool. Overall another great episode to add to another awesome season.
  • Definatly well written and another great installment of the Supernatural

    The Supernatural writers are doing a pretty good job managing there show and coming up with new and different ideas each show and tonights show was no different. On other shows you will go through a phrase of bad episodes that you don't like and I haven't seen a bad show of Supernatural yet. Now as for this episode Dean was so annoyed by Bela, I was to I thought Dean was gonna finally get Bela back but he worked with her and saved her even after she stole the hand from him, I would of left Bela to rot if she didn't agree to leave them alone but this episode was great.
  • wow what an episode sam still upset about the deal dean find out that sam met the cross road demon the ghostship and bella was cool at the end of the episode sam looked about to cry he doesn't want his brother to die and its hard for him to accept wow

    what an episode sam still trying to save dean and demon finding out what sam did was real cool the ghost ship was awesome bella was great fainting in deans arms so they could go upstairs to look for the hand the part with the brothers was awesome the ending was really awesome sam about to cry because dean is dying and he can't stop it nor can he accept it whats done is done but sam will have to accept it but we know he won't he's upset over the possiblity of being without his brother afraid to be alone poor sammy he's not dealing with this all to well it was a great episode keep them coming
  • The episode dealt with a ghost ship that appeared and soon after the person that saw the ship died a mysterious drowning death. The boys investigate & try to find a way to stop it. Bela was in the episode way too much and for no real purpose!

    I really did not care for this episode.The scenes with the with just the boys were great, but they were far and few between. The episode was way too Belacentric! The cheesy sex lines they threw in with her about rolling naked in money and having anger sex made me want to throw up. I love Supernatural but tonight's episode just didn't feel like the same show.I really like Ruby and I think she adds to the episodes that she is in but Bela just doesn't seem to add anything to the episodes except aggravation to the viewers(at least this one!)
    There were some good scenes with Sam and Dean discussiing Dean's deal.The guys both looked great in tuxes but the whole dance scene got old fast.
  • Dean and Sam investigate a Ghost Ship that drowns victims on dry land. Bela interferes along the way.


    The episode starts off with an Impala argument between Sam and Dean. Dean apparently counts the bullets in the Colt and noticed one was missing. He and Sam argue over the intelligence of killing the CRD. However, the interesting thing about this argument, that Sam seemed to have missed in his anger, is that Dean was really interested in the CRD's boss who holds his contract. This is the first outward sign in front of Sam that Dean has given that he might be interested in getting out of the contract.

    The rest of the episode revolves around trying to save the people who are targeted by the Ghost Ship. Bela is there, interfering and generally being a total mercenary b*tch. She steals the Impala and gets it towed – causing an almost panic attack in Dean (which was hilarious). She also calls them sociopaths, sets Sam up on a date with a MUCH older woman, insults Dean's intelligence, and steals the remains that need to be destroyed in order to save people from the Ghost Ship. All in all, I really wish that they would just shoot her. I don't' care about the moral ambiguity of it, she is evil and deserves to die. After all, how many deaths is she responsible for at this point her career?

    After Bela sees the ship herself, she goes to the brothers for help. They have discovered that the ghost of the ship is killing people who have killed or been responsible for the deaths of a close relation. This doesn't make Bela any more sympathetic to the brothers, but they end up agreeing to help anyway. She does seems somewhat sympathetic when she comes to them. However, considering how she simply doesn't care that people die when she makes money, I don't really care how sympathetic she seems.

    They end up saving her and getting rid of the ghost, of course. She pays them off with $10K because this is easier than saying thank you or being in the brothers' debt. Dean decides that they should go to Atlantic City with their earnings.

    On the way to Atlantic City, Dean tries to apologize for the Impala argument from the beginning. However, this just leads to another Impala argument. Dean tells Sam that Sam will be alright without him. He apologizes for what Sam is going through, but says that Sam is stronger than he is and he will be alright in the end. It was really touching and the closest Dean has come to apologizing for making the deal in the first place. However, this little speech just pissed Sam off. He tells Dean that he doesn't want Dean worrying about him; the whole problem is that Dean worries about him too much. He wants Dean to care about what happens to Dean, which is actually a really good argument because Dean has never cared about what happened to him as he was always more concerned with Sam and their father. The argument ends with Sam asking if that is all Dean has to say, and Dean starts talking about gambling at Atlantic City in typical Dean fashion.

    This episode was just perfect. The arguments between the brothers were particularly well done, both in the beginning and the end of the episode. Part of what is heartbreaking about this season is that the brothers seem to be on opposite sides. The bookending of the episode with a fight in the beginning and then in the end, both fights taking place in the Impala, was particularly impressive writing. Again, these were two arguments where I agree with both brothers – you can see exactly where they are both coming from and they are both right, which just makes it all the harder to bear. Also, the argue before the job and after the job, but are the same kickass team when performing the job. I like that they keep being on the same side during the job, even if they are fighting prior and post job.

    The acting was also just top notch. Jensen and Jared really do a great job in this episode as they play both drama, humor, horror and action really well. The interaction between Bela and Dean is kind of fun to watch, as there is obviously chemistry, but I am not worried about these characters being love interests of any sort. The play off of each other well, and there is a grudging sort of mutual admiration, but there is no way that they are going to be more than enemies. Bela is simply too unconscionable to be an ally, at least for Dean's moral code.

    There is distance between the brothers. This is because Sam is trying to save Dean, and Dean is trying to slowly get Sam used to him being gone. This type of interplay will obviously cause distance, but it makes it really hard to watch. The only thing the brothers have had throughout all of the seasons is each other, and to see that dynamic being messed with is heartbreaking. However, it plays true to real life, which is also heartbreaking. Terminal patients do distance themselves from family and try to get family used to the idea of their eventual demise. It isn't an easy thing.

    So, while I know that they are not going to work out the problem of saving Dean until the end of the season, I really hope that he and Sam can come to some sort of agreement and be partners again before that. I know that they fight throughout the season to various levels, but there never seemed to be this distance before and it is just gut wrenching to see it every week. It would be nice if they could both eventually see that their whole argument boils down to them both having this huge for each other and come to terms where they aren't fighting about it all of the time.
  • Sam and Dean deal with a mysterious ship!

    This episode was SO hilarious! The comments and arguments between the brothers were extremely hilarious! So many good quotes! Bela was definently a totaly BIOTCH in this episode. I'm still ify on her. One minute I love her drive and the next I'm ready to kill her because she's making the boy's work a living hell! But, still. She is a good character. The boys do need a bit roughing up a bit to make the episode fun. Jensen and Jared were definently having their hottness flaunted by the writers this episode! In they're tuxes! OH! And I'm NEVER going to forget that Sam got felt up by an old woman! Great job this episode you guys! Can't wait for more!
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