Season 3 Episode 6

Red Sky at Morning

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2007 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When the third victim "drowns" in his car and Sam and Dean fail to save him, Sam checks his pulse and immediately comes to the conclusion that the man is dead. After such a short time after the "drowning," Sam should have performed CPR first since there is a possibility of saving the person even if he lost his pulse.

    • If Gert and Sam are "already halfway there," meaning to the charity ball, as Bela says while waiting for Dean to change into his tux, then why do Bela and Dean arrive at the charity ball first, while Gert and Sam arrive minutes later?

    • At the three-minute mark of the show the first victim is taking a shower. She has no shampoo in her hair but after looking out the shower door and just before she is choked from behind she has shampoo in her hair but only for a brief second then its gone again.

    • Trivia: In season 1, "Salvation," Meg tells John to "mind his blood pressure" after he threatens to kill her. Bela says the same thing to Dean in the same situation.

    • When Dean walks down the stairs in a tuxedo to a waiting Bela and during their brief conversation, there are several lit candles in plain view. However, when they exit to go to Gert's party, neither one takes the time to stop and blow out the candles.

  • Quotes

    • Dean: So who was it Bela? Hmm? Who'd you kill? Was it daddy? Your little sis maybe?
      Bela: It's none of your business.
      Dean: No...right. Well have a nice life, you know whatever's left of it. (grabs jacket) Sam, let's go.
      Bela: You can't just leave me here.
      Dean: Watch us.
      Bela: Please. I need your help.
      Dean: Our help? Well now how could a couple of serial killers possibly help you?

    • Bela: I sold it. I had a buyer lined up as soon as I knew it existed.
      Sam: So the whole reason for us goin' to the charity ball was...?
      Bela: I needed a cover. You were convenient.
      Sam: Look you sold it to a buyer, just go buy it back.
      Bela: It's half way across the ocean, I can't get it back in time.
      Dean: In time for what?
      Sam: What's going on with you Bela? You look like you've seen a ghost.
      Bela: I saw the ship.
      Dean: You what? ...Wow you know I..I knew you were an immoral, thieving, con-artist bitch, but just when I thought my opinion of you couldn't get any lower...

    • (Sam and Dean are in the car; Dean looks pissed)
      Dean: So, I've been waiting since Maple Springs. You got something to tell me?
      Sam: It's not your birthday..
      Dean: No.
      Sam: (thinks hard) ...Happy Purim?
      (Dean gives Sam an angry look, Sam laughs)
      Sam: Dude, I don't know! I have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Bela: You boys should learn to lock your doors. Anyone could just barge in.
      Sam: Anyone just did.

    • Bela: Do you really think this is going to work?
      Dean: Almost definitely not.

    • (about Bela to the Guard)
      Dean: You think she's a pain in the ass now, try living with her.

    • Bela: What is taking so long? Sam's already halfway there. With his date.
      Dean: I am so not okay with this.
      Bela: What are you, a woman? Come down already.
      (Dean walks down steps, Bela gasps)
      Dean: All right, get it out. I look ridiculous.
      Bela: Not exactly the word I'd use.

    • Sam: Exactly how long do you expect me to entertain my date?
      Bela: As long as it takes.
      Dean: Look. There's security all over this place, all right. This is an uncrashable party, without Gert's invitation, so...
      Sam: We can crash anything, Dean.
      Dean: Yeah I know, but this is easier and a lot more entertaining.

    • Bela: So, how'd things go last night with Peter?
      (Sam gives angry look)
      Bela: That well, huh.
      Dean: If you say "I told you so," I swear to God, I'll start swinging.

    • Bela: Don't you dare look down your nose at me. You're no better than I am.
      Dean: We help people.
      Bela: Come on! You do this out of vengeance and obsession. You're a stone's throw from being a serial killer.
      (Dean looks over to Sam)
      Bela: Whereas I on the other hand, I get paid to do a job, and I do it. So you tell me, which is healthier?
      Sam: Bela, why don't you just leave? We've got work to do.
      Bela: Yeah. You're 0 for 2. Bang up job so far.

    • Dean: There's a bullet missing from the Colt. You want to tell me how that happened? I know it wasn't me, so unless you were shooting at some incredibly evil cans...
      Sam: Dean.
      Dean: You went after her didn't you? The Crossroads Demon, after I told you not to.
      Sam: Yeah, well.
      Dean: You could have gotten yourself killed.
      Sam: I didn't.
      Dean: And you shot her?
      Sam: She was a smartass.

    • (to Dean)
      Bela: Now, I'd get to that car if I were you, before they find that arsenal in the trunk. Ciao.

    • Sam: You shot me.
      Bela: I barely grazed you.
      (Dean rolls eyes)
      Bela: Cute. But a bit of a drama queen, yeah?

    • Dean: A Hand of Glory? I think I got one of those at the end of my Thai massage last week.

    • Dean: This is where we parked the car, right?
      Sam: I thought so.
      Dean: Where's my car?
      Sam: Did you feed the meter?
      Dean: Yes I fed the meter. Sam, where's my car, did somebody... stole my car?
      Sam: Hey-hey, calm down. Dean.
      Dean: I'm calmed down. Sombody stole my c...
      (Dean starts to hyperventilate)
      Sam: Wow, Dean. Hey-hey-hey-hey, take it easy, take it easy.
      (Dean hyperventilating)
      Bela: The 67' Impala, was that yours?
      Sam: Bela.
      Bela: I'm sorry, I had that car towed.
      Dean: You what?
      Bela: Well, it was in a towaway zone.
      Dean: No it wasn't.
      Bela: It was when I finished with it.

    • Dean: What's the next step?
      Sam: I gotta ID the boat.
      Dean: That shouldn't be too hard. I mean, how many three-mast ships have wrecked off the coast?
      Sam: I checked that too actually, over 150.
      Dean: Wow!
      Sam: Yeah.
      Dean: Crap.
      Sam: Mm-hmm.

    • Dean: So what happens? You see the ship and then a few hours later you pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye?
      Sam: Basically.

    • Dean: What a crazy old broad.
      Sam: Why, because she believes in ghosts?
      Dean: Ha ha, look at you. Sticking up for your girlfriend, you cougar hound.

    • Dean: Hey, Bela, how'd you get like this? What, your daddy not give you enough hugs or something?
      Bela: I don't know. Your daddy give you enough?

    • Dean: You can't save everybody, Sam.
      Sam: Yeah right, So, so…what? You feel better now, or what?
      Dean: No, not really.
      Sam: Me neither.
      Dean: You got to understand…
      Sam: It's just lately I feel like I can't save anybody.

    • Bela: What do you suggest?
      Dean: I'm thinking…
      Bela: Don't strain yourself.

    • Dean: (about Bela) You know what? I'm not going to kill her. I think slow torture's the way to go.

    • Dean: I can't believe she got another one over on us!
      Sam: You.
      Dean: What?
      Sam: I mean, she got one over on you, not us.
      Dean: Thank you, Sam! Very helpful.

    • Dean: (to Sam) You stink like sex.

    • Bela: (after handing Dean and Sam money) I don't like being in anyone's debt.
      Dean: So ponying up ten grand is easier for you then a simple "thank you"? You're so damaged.
      Bela: Takes one to know one.

    • Sam: I don't want you to worry about me, Dean. I want you to worry about you. I want you to give a crap that you're dying! So that's it? Nothing else to say for you?
      Dean: I think maybe I'll play craps.

    • Sam: You know, there are limits to what I'll do, right?
      Dean: Ah, he's playing hard-to-get. That's cute.

    • Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
      Dean: (after thinking hard) Don't objectify me.

    • Bela: I think the three of us should have a heart-to-heart.
      Dean: That's assuming you have a heart.

    • Sam: Bite me.
      Dean: Not if she bites you first.

    • Peter: You're not cops. Not dressed like that, not in that crappy car.
      Dean: Hey, no need to get nasty.

    • Bela: I see you got your car back.
      Dean: You really want to come near me with a loaded gun in my hands?
      Bela: Now, now. Mind your blood pressure.

    • Sam: How do you sleep at night?
      Bela: On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.

    • Bela: (to Dean) I didn't want you thinking... you're not very good at that. Oh, look at you, searching for a witty rejoinder.
      Dean: Screw you.
      Bela: Very Oscar Wilde.

    • (about Bela)
      Dean: Can I shoot her?
      Sam: Not in public.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Brazil: December 12, 2007 on Warner Channel
      Denmark: January 20, 2008 on TV3
      Norway: July 13, 2008 on TVNorge
      Spain: September 29, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: October 12, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Portugal: December 11, 2008 on RTP 2
      Germany: February 16, 2009 on Premiere HD
      Finland: May 28, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: February 26, 2010 on Prima COOL
      The Netherlands: March 7, 2010 on Net5
      Slovakia: September 17, 2010 on Markiza

  • Allusions

    • Bela: Very Oscar Wilde.
      Oscar Wilde was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories who was known for his barbed wit.

    • Sam: Tell me I didn't get groped all night by Mrs. Havisham for nothing.
      Mrs. Havisham is a significant character in the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations (1861). She is a wealthy spinster, who has a young man, Pip, as one of her companions.

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